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Sat 4:40 PM BBTJason and Kryssie are working hard to purge expired food from the fridge, clean the shelves and reorganize the good food. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:33 PM BBT4:02 Jason: "I wanna take a sh*t in Shelby's broccoli" NT - Spygirls
Sat 4:32 PM BBT3:59 Jason: I can't believe Shelby gets dates, what's wrong with men in LA. Shelby's vagina has more users than the NY subway NT - Spygirls
Sat 4:31 PM BBTJason finds brown guacamole in the fridge and goes to ask the girls about it. Shelby said she would toss it. Kryssie says - delrayfan
no, she would walk past it for 3 weeks but she will let you toss it.
Jason is upset that the girls cover everything with tin foil.
Sat 4:28 PM BBTMorgan is still working out, now lifting weights NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:27 PM BBTKryssie tells Jason she is pretty much the reason he is still here. Jason says she didn't have to do too much convincing, the - delrayfan
girls were against Danielle from the beginning.
Sat 4:26 PM BBT3:57Jason talking about Shelby being wrapped up in a blanket, says you won't need it if you put on clothes & not jean underwear NT - Spygirls
Sat 4:16 PM BBTJustin has gone back to laying in bed while Kryssie puts away dishes and Jason cleans out the refrigerator. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:15 PM BBTMorgan is still working out, now doing sit ups and leg lifts. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:14 PM BBTJason says Danielle didn't put enough cheese, Kryssie says or sauce. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:13 PM BBTJason decides to eat some of Danielle's pasta. Justin wonders if it is still good. Kryssie assures him it is fine. She just left. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:12 PM BBTJustin complains about his hair and says she doesn't know why D couldn't just leave him some conditioner. He would buy her whole - delrayfan
family some Diva Curl when he gets out. Thinks it was some devious sh** to just leave him a couple of drops.
Sat 4:10 PM BBTKryssie says they have been parenting these bit**es all along, that alone means they should make it to F3. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:09 PM BBTJustin comes to BR to clarify which day the announcements were heard. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:08 PM BBTKryssie and Jason bring the towels to the BR to fold them. Jason fusses about Shelby being too busy laying on the hammock to fold - delrayfan
Sat 4:07 PM BBTJustin, alone in the TBR, practicing the announcements. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:07 PM BBTKryssie and Jason decide to go outside to fold towels because they are sure the girls didn't. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:06 PM BBTJason says it looks like Kryssie slept on a wet head. Kryssie agrees it looks gross, and decides to put her hair in a ponytail. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:00 PM BBTJason thinks Shelby is wearing the booty shorts to show Justin her butt now that she has the fattest one in the house. - delrayfan
Justin says "I don't want that!"
Sat 3:58 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby don't care what Justin is doing or who he wants to become part of the circle of life. Justin goes inside. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:57 PM BBTJustin goes outside, and gives the deceased mosquito a proper send off, saying may you become a part of the circle of life. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:47 PM BBTMorgan is cycling in the BY. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:46 PM BBTShelby comes to put her clothes in the drawer. No one speaks to her and she speaks to no one. - delrayfan
When Shelby leaves, Jason talks about Shelby's butt cheeks hanging out of her jean shorts.
Sat 3:44 PM BBTJustin discovers the mosquito he had put in the water bottle has expired. Maybe he will burn him and scatter his ashes in the pool NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:42 PM BBTLNJ saying they made a F3 on day 2 and they are still up in here. They all agree they have to win the veto on Monday. Jason said - delrayfan
he will be a problem on Monday. Justin says they all have to turn it up on Monday.
Jason wants a real endurance comp. He wants one of those 9 hr. comps.
Sat 3:27 PM BBTJason said everyone from his season said they were coming to vist but no one did. Justin assures him he will not come to visit him - delrayfan
Kryssie asks how far it is to Martha's Vineyard. She wants to visit where Jaws was filmed.
Jason tells Kryssie if he still lives there, she will have a place to stay and if he doesn't live there she can stay with his mom.
Sat 3:24 PM BBTJason says Becky from BB17 is always promoting Budweiser at various Denver landmarks. Tells Becky to hook him up with some Bud NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:23 PM BBTJason talks about getting and not getting free stuff. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:23 PM BBTJason says maybe 2017 will be great because he will be rich. He tells Kryssie and Justin he knows they are saying "FU" - delrayfan
Kryssie says not really, I am pretty much resigned to it.
Justin does not respond.
Jason says he isn't going to win, a veteran (Nicole) just won.
Kryssie says Jason has 60,000 followers.
Sat 3:18 PM BBTMorgan to the HOH to feed the fish. She quickly empties the fish food in the tank and moves on to feeding herself a snack. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:15 PM BBTDiscussion turns to which competitions they might still get. They are laughing about the egg comp with eagles flying overhead. - delrayfan
They think it would be cheap enough.
Sat 3:14 PM BBTJason talking about Scott making up the story about BB putting 100 dogs in the house, and that never happened. One dog was in - delrayfan
the BB house for one day. Jason said that is the only time they had a pet except for Ophelia the pig, that stayed for 5 days. It was so loud.
Sat 3:10 PM BBTKryssie hopes they aired when she had words with Scott. (Do they still not understand the 24/7 live feeds concept?) NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:08 PM BBTJason talking about HGs that went out early in the game, and wonders how they may have done if they stayed. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:07 PM BBTJustin says he doesn't hate anyone in here, not even Monte. He just didn't like Monte. Jason says he feels like he has to hate - delrayfan
people so he can vote them out.
Sat 3:06 PM BBTLNJ discussing BS laundry habits and how it keeps them from doing their sheets. Jason says Shelby wears the same outfit every - delrayfan
day. She is the female Cornbread.
Sat 3:05 PM BBTJustin says he asked for "Operation" game in his HOH basket. Jason wonders if they have that just waiting for him to win a HOH. - delrayfan
Jason thinks the socks Morgan got were actually bought for Kryssie.
Sat 3:04 PM BBTLNJ begging BB to give them something, wine, games, etc. Jason talks about previous HGs shenanigans with wine, and games. NT - delrayfan
Sat 3:03 PM BBTJustin is out of the toilet and washing his hands. Justin looks into the BY then up into the camera. "Oh my gosh, what to do in - delrayfan
here?" Sings "I'm so bored in the BB House!" Says he is going to work out later.

Justin is back to TBR, dancing. Jason and Kryssie are awake. Kryssie asks what he is doing. Justin says he is doing the worm.
Sat 2:59 PM BBTJustin arises, puts on his mike and heads to the KT, then to the BR. NT - delrayfan
Sat 2:56 PM BBTJustin is "hand dancing" from his bed, with his face still covered. NT - delrayfan
Sat 2:44 PM BBTShelby shows signs of life, eyes are open and she raises her head to check on Morgan who is laying beside her on the hammock. - delrayfan
Morgan appears to be napping as BB camera guy gives us an awesome close up shot of the BB fake wildlife reflected in the lense of Morgan's sunglasses.
Sat 2:39 PM BBTAll HGs appear to be asleep now, BS in BY hammock and LNJ in TBR. NT - delrayfan
Sat 2:32 PM BBTShelby says Kryssie and Justin may have turned on them, but they suck at comps anyway. Morgan says when she went to talk to them, - delrayfan
Kryssie said nothing, didn't even look at her. She was never on board with them anyway.

Morgan tells Shelby about her earlier conversation with Justin.

Shelby says Justin knows he sucks at comps anyway and needs someone to take him there.

Morgan says that's what she told him. She told him there is no point in lying to her and saying they want to take her to the finale. It will depend on who wins the veto and the HOH. None of them are working together anymore.

Shelby says they have the girl who makes excuses every time she loses, and the guy who can't even read. Morgan adds, and their puppet master, they are idiots. If Justin thinks he can beat Jas...

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Sat 2:21 PM BBT(12:56pm cam 1/2) Morgan goes to back yard to join Shelby. She tells Shelby about her conversation with Justin & Kryssie. - Lilbets
Morgan says they just have to win the veto. She says it pisses her off though because Shelby really helped Justin stay.

Shelby says that she is definitely going to call him out in it.
Sat 2:20 PM BBT(12:53pm cam 3/4) Morgan approaches Justin to ask about Jambalaya Gang. (Kryssie is there too, Jason in DR) - Lilbets
Morgan asks if Jambalaya Gang is calling it quits officially.

Justin: probably so.

Morgan responds ok, I just wanted to know just like cause I was taking it seriously but I just wasn't sure if that was the consensus.

Justin: well, it was going quite good but then I realized that I was gonna probably be plan B if this didn't work out so it's kinda like pointless because regardless I was gonna have to go home if Jason didn't so..

Morgan: Not necessarily but I get where you're coming from. I just wanted to check just cause like, I don't know, when I shook on it I really meant it but if it's over now, I mean I'm already in the final 4 and e...

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Sat 2:13 PM BBTMorgan checks laundry, Shelby's done. They decide it is such a good day, they want to sit on the hammock first. NT - delrayfan
Sat 2:12 PM BBTMorgan rinses their dishes and cups and puts them in the drainer. Morgan decides to conserve the one straw she has left. NT - delrayfan
Sat 2:11 PM BBTThe BS girls enjoy their lunch of oven roasted veggies and BBQ chips. Morgan says she is such a domestic goddess. - delrayfan
They are surprised to see the chips are to be eaten by Nov 29. Morgan says maybe by next year.
Sat 2:09 PM BBTMorgan feels like there may be something tonight, says they said "well nothing important" when she asked. BB warns against DR talk NT - delrayfan

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