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Thu 6:56 PM BBTJeff's dollar store gift for CB is a corn-bread cutter tool for getting cut so early in the game NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:55 PM BBTCB thinks that Jason did Justin a little dirty towards he end, and Justin had a good following and the votes swapped to Morgan NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:55 PM BBTCB confirmed to Jeff that he would never do BB again because he doesn't have time. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:54 PM BBTCB said he was mentally preparing through the day to be evicted but was surprised by the vote and thus the "F*#% you guys" comment - NoleJP
on the way up.
Thu 6:53 PM BBTCB felt that when he was sitting on the block for first eviction he felt he was the strongest, so they took him out. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:52 PM BBTCornbread said his first goal was to not be the first evicted. He said he felt he was very likable and when his name was called - NoleJP
out he was very shocked.
Thu 6:50 PM BBTCornbread up next. He steps up and said it's like walking back to his elementary school because it felt like it's been so long - NoleJP
since he was at the BB house
Thu 6:49 PM BBTJeff's dollar store gift for Justin is an iPhone case with pizza on the outside NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:48 PM BBTJustin said his favorite hits from the BB house was the pizza song and the jam he came up with on Whitney's birthday NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:48 PM BBTJustin said his fans probably voted for Morgan because they seen how Jason was - says, "You reap what you sow, baby" NT - moeopoly
Thu 6:47 PM BBTJustin said his best friend in the house was Whitney because she's a southern belle with a little flair NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:46 PM BBTJustin confirmed that he was honestly homesick on Thanksgiving after seeing the basket with his familys recipe on it, and was - NoleJP
not mad at Jason for not taking him to final 3
Thu 6:46 PM BBTJeff told Justin his favorite moments was Justin playing in the remember what day competitions and it would cut to the DR with - NoleJP
Justin saying "I don't know what days these happened on, ya dig"
Thu 6:45 PM BBTJeff joked with Justin that he might have set the record for timing out of the most BB competitions. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:44 PM BBTJustin feels that a lot of his fans ended up voting for Morgan. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:44 PM BBTJustin is up next with big Jeff NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:43 PM BBTJeff's dollar store gift for Whitney was wheat elbow macaroni with her face on the package. Jeff said it was "Wheat-ney macaroni" NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:41 PM BBTWhitney said she doesn't know why she has such a thick accent, but when she went home she noticed accents a lot more that she - NoleJP
never realized before.
Thu 6:40 PM BBTWhitney said her bf Winston left her a care package for her at the airport, gave her a speech and asked her to be his 'wifey for - NoleJP
Thu 6:38 PM BBTJeff said Whitney had two things to not do in the house -- swearing and smoking a ciggy. Whitney laughed and said she did do - NoleJP
both. She apologized to her mom while laughing
Thu 6:37 PM BBTWhitney said she didn't think working with the other side would be an issue because she didn't think her side would put her up. - NoleJP
She said at that moment when she went on the block she knew her name was being thrown around.
Thu 6:36 PM BBTWhitney up next. Jeff questions her about her alliance and why she changed sides NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:33 PM BBTDanielle said her holiday wish is for a time machine to go back and find a way to get Jason to win. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:33 PM BBTDanielle said if she would play again she would talk less, play a better social game. She said she would stay loyal and would - NoleJP
have to come out of character to stab someone in the back.
Thu 6:31 PM BBTDanielle said she wanted to tell Shane that she loved him before he walked out the door. She said she had to hold it in. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:30 PM BBTDanielle said she felt the girls wanted her gone the first week and ultimately ended her game NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:28 PM BBTDanielle said she was shocked Jason did not win. She said she stuck to the the fact that the best player should win. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:26 PM BBTDanielle said she has no interest in staying in touch with Monte, Scott, Morgan, Alex NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:26 PM BBTDanielle said her and Shane are seeing each other for the first time since Shane left. She said they will stay in CA for a few - NoleJP
days, then head to NC. She said they will be apart for the holidays.
Thu 6:25 PM BBTDanielle up next. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:24 PM BBTScott was given a plastic hand clap toy to celebrate his various hand clapping moments during the season. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:22 PM BBTScott said the favorite part of his season was 1) Morgan winning 2) Winning HOH 3) Sand Trap living NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:19 PM BBTLive BY interviews with Big Jeff have started. Scott is up first tonight. NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:07 PM BBT6:04 PM Screens change to: Big Brother: Over the Top might be over, but if you're not over the season, - Scott3325
relive your favorite BB:OTT moments now via the Live Feeds archive.
Thu 6:05 PM BBTJeff interviews will take place over on FB Live NT - NoleJP
Thu 6:04 PM BBT5:59 PM Black screens then Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Thu 6:02 PM BBT5:58 PM Mike(?) helps Kryssie up off the floor. She either slipped and fell or they were celebrating. They were off cam. NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:59 PM BBTAnd that's a wrap for #BBOTT live feeds. Jeff interviews from the backyard will be coming up shortly. NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:55 PM BBTMorgan has WON BB OTT!!!! NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:55 PM BBTJulie confirmed that less than 20,000 separated Jason and Morgan NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:55 PM BBTMorgan wins! NT - Scott3325
Thu 5:52 PM BBTJulie questioned Kryssie that picking Jason early in the game, and with Jason's large following, that she might not win if they - NoleJP
ended up at the final 2. Kryssie said he was her ride or die and stayed true.
Thu 5:50 PM BBTJulie asked Kryssie why she didn't get as many votes as the other 2. She said it was due to only 1 comp win. NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:49 PM BBTKryssie's memory wall turns grey as she meets Julie live on stage NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:48 PM BBTJason & Morgan hugged and congratulated each other that one of them is guaranteed to win at least $25,000 NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:47 PM BBTJulie has confirmed with 3rd place voting....Kryssie has been evicted. She exits NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:45 PM BBTReplay of the 3 final speeches from yesterday are being shown NT - NoleJP
Thu 5:39 PM BBTJulie polled the evicted HG's who they voted for. - NoleJP
Vote for Jason -- Danielle, Shane, Whitney & Neeley
Vote for Kryssie -- no one
Vote for Morgan -- Shelby, Monte, Alex, Cornbread & Scott

Note :: Justin wasn't give a chance to vote by BB. He said he would vote for all 3. Julie said that's smooth
Thu 5:37 PM BBTShane asked by Julie what the status of Shane and Danielle's relationship status. Danielle confirms that Shane asked her to be - NoleJP
his g/f once she arrived home and they are now b/f g/f
Thu 5:35 PM BBTEvicted house guests are viewing different clips from the season. Justin's kitchen dancing being featured. Laughs from all. NT - NoleJP

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