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Sat 10:37 PM BBTThe girls are trying to get the hiccups. Take a sip of water and plug your ears. Morgan tried it. No hiccups. NT - PartyN
Sat 10:33 PM BBTShelby talking about a road-rage incident with her neighbor. NT - PartyN
Sat 10:26 PM BBTShelby and Morgan talking about their braces and the rubber bands. NT - PartyN
Sat 10:08 PM BBTShelby and Morgan talking about what they would be doing if they were home, as they get ready for bed at 10:00 on a Saturday night NT - PartyN
Sat 10:05 PM BBTMorgan says she feels like there will be one more twist. Shelby goes Probably. NT - PartyN
Sat 9:59 PM BBTShelby headed downstairs, Morgan grabs the headphones for Beyoncé. NT - PartyN
Sat 9:56 PM BBTShelby says they have to get up when they call tomorrow to get ready for the camera for the pictures. NT - PartyN
Sat 9:52 PM BBTShelby said her gynecologist made fun of her acme. Said she would really be pretty - PartyN
with better complexion.
Sat 9:44 PM BBTShelby tries a few shout outs, and feeds switches to J & J again. NT - PartyN
Sat 9:43 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby sitting around the coffee table in the HOH room. Shelby on the couch and Morgan in the chair closest to the - PartyN
bathroom. The fish design in the coffee table is pointing straight at Morgan. Now they are talking about a photo shoot tomorrow.
Sat 9:40 PM BBTShelby continuously playing with her split ends, telling a story about a creepy guy that told everyone in school that she was his - PartyN
girl friend.
Sat 9:36 PM BBTTalking about some guy with two stars on his chest and as soon as it gets "interesting", feeds switch to Jason and Justin. NT - PartyN
Sat 9:32 PM BBTMorgan and her second HS boyfriend broke up when she went to cheerleading camp instead of going to her senior prom and so he took - PartyN
someone else to the prom.
Sat 9:30 PM BBTMorgan calls her first high school boyfriend "psycho boy". NT - PartyN
Sat 9:07 PM BBTmostly the ladies are musing in HOH. Kryssie and Jason musing the bathroom. Justin taking shower. (ED: I am going to sleep. NT - Thunderclap
Sat 9:04 PM BBTShelby says that she wants to know if she will like people in the next house not just two like this one. - Thunderclap
more convo her past hgs, likes dislikes calling Shane 'jesus; again.
Sat 9:03 PM BBTShelby comments about a fruit bar and wonderful it is in detail. Morgan goes off about the pineapple going missing and how it was - Thunderclap
Sat 9:01 PM BBTMorgan wishes the people in the house would know more about current movies and topics not movies she never heard of and bands she - Thunderclap
Sat 9:00 PM BBTMorgan says she will have nightmares about Veto comps in the future. Dreams about the house. She asks CBS to pay for therapy. - Thunderclap
Shelby mentions in house psychologist gets a dont talk about production.
Sat 8:58 PM BBTShelby picks at her split ends while Morgan watches the screen. Justin off camera and Jason getting laundry NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:56 PM BBTMorgan lists the days events, snarks about Jason and the pineapple. Shelby comments about the 'long and eventful' safety ceremony. - Thunderclap
Says she has one more night of peace. other two cameras are on Kryssie in KT alone tossing a bottle of corn syrup back and forth
Sat 8:52 PM BBTShelbly mocking Kryssie and her fashion sense suggesting that jelly beans on clothes are something you do when you are ten and - Thunderclap
she wasnt the fashionista of the house.
Sat 8:51 PM BBTTalk about how things flowed and if any changes could me made. Morgan continuing to vent that she keeps trusting them and it keeps - Thunderclap
falling though. Shelby calls Justin a 'crack addict cocker spaniel'
Sat 8:49 PM BBTMorgan snarks about how truthworthy (or not) the 'hypocridiots' are. Comments on Julie's house division question. Snarks again - Thunderclap
that its never going away. 'We tried!'
Sat 8:47 PM BBTMorgan wants her HOH to be a success. Shelby says: Then you need to win the veto. NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:46 PM BBTShelby is laying on the couch staring at the tv screen and thinking Morgan voicing random concerns NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:45 PM BBTShelby commenting on Kryssie talking about Alex supposedly plotting against her and explaining she hasn't. In the background BB - Thunderclap
warns about talking about production. (directed against Jason's convo downstairs)
Sat 8:44 PM BBTShe is annoyed by LNJ numbers and concerned how this effects the votes and veto NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:43 PM BBTMorgan wondering what the veto will be like and will it be group or individual. NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:42 PM BBTShelby talking about her wins in comparison to Justins she has 2 vetos and a 2 hOH NT - Thunderclap
Sat 8:41 PM BBTMorgan comes back into HOH and is complaining that Justin is drinking the wine and the beers downstairs. She wants him to leave - Thunderclap
wine to her and Shelby.
Sat 8:40 PM BBTCamera 1 currently is on the HOH bathroom tub. Shelby walks out of the toliet with a towel on her head puts on her mic pack and - Thunderclap
Sat 7:29 PM BBTJason says he will leave the BB streets if he sees that Shelby is loved by the public. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 7:13 PM BBTJason about Shelby: Bitch, I'll drag your family name to dirt. Your mom will be filing restraining orders against me. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 7:12 PM BBTJason: Shut the f*ck up Shelby, before I go there and put my dick in your mouth. NT - jellyfisher
Sat 5:05 PM BBTJustin talks to the camera, Hello World! It's 5:01 in the BB house. The camera moves. Jason thinks the time may be wrong and - delrayfan
they don't want anyone to know they lie to them in the BB house.
Sat 5:03 PM BBTJustin: "Oh Maaaaannnnnn" in boredom. Kryssie: "Send us something to do Big Brother" NT - delrayfan
Sat 5:01 PM BBTJustin says he hopes this all works out. Kryssie: Me too! NT - delrayfan
Sat 5:00 PM BBTJustin is up and making coffee. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:56 PM BBTMorgan says she is going to be a miserable human being if Shelby goes home. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:51 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby don't want to eat at 10 again tonight. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:51 PM BBTThe BS say they overheard Jason and Kryssie grumbling about folding the towels and cleaning the fridge but no one asked them - delrayfan
to do it.
Sat 4:49 PM BBTMorgan says the F3 depends on this Veto, the HOH and she doesn't think they get that concept. Shelby said they don't get any - delrayfan
Sat 4:48 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby laughing about what a surprise the Safety ceremony will be. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:48 PM BBTMorgan decides to eat a big red apple. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:47 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby don't think Monte is watching. They agree they like him but he is easy to make fun of. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:46 PM BBTMorgan is eating a snack but doesn't like the flavor, coconut cashew. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:44 PM BBTMorgan passes through the KT on her way to the HOH. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:42 PM BBTMorgan comes inside, acknowledges there is so much food in that fridge, when she sees everything on the counter. NT - delrayfan
Sat 4:41 PM BBTMorgan is folding her clothes, Kryssie and Jason are still in the KT and Shelby and Justin are not on camera. NT - delrayfan

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