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Sun 2:52 PM BBTJustin: Do you think we're going to do a spelling comp? Jason: Who knows, but that is a BB thing not a BBOTT thing. - delrayfan
Justin: How many letters do they give us?

Jason explains the way the comp works, you get 10 minutes to spell a good word.

Justin: I already got a word. I got at least 3 words.
Sun 2:49 PM BBTJustin is wondering if they have ever been locked out all day on Sunday for a comp on Monday. Jason thinks this could be the - delrayfan
biggest build they have seen.

Justin: I'm just hoping these next comps are things I can really destroy!

Jason: Um Hmm
Sun 2:47 PM BBTBB: Kryssie, please go to the Diary Room. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:46 PM BBTJustin makes a bowl of cereal and takes it to TBR to eat. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:45 PM BBTMorgan are already bored with playing Jenga, and are each building a tower with the divided pieces. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:44 PM BBTJustin asks: How did your banana bread turn out? Girls say really good, we just had to cut the top off. They do not offer him - delrayfan
to try a piece.
Sun 2:42 PM BBTJason hid Morgan's pineapple and plans on throwing it in the pool if LNJ win the veto to send Shelby out. NT - jellyfisher
Sun 2:42 PM BBTJustin: This is so stressful. I just hope it all works out and I win this HOH so I won't be stressed out. If I don't win, I will - delrayfan
be stressed out for all of next week. Worst case scenario is Morgan wins HOH and he Jason and Kryssie have to compete against each other. No matter what Morgan will not win this game. He says he will die, just shrivel up and wither away.
Sun 2:39 PM BBTJustin joins Kryssie in TBR. Kryssie says his hair looks really good. - delrayfan
Justin: Best case scenario is either he or Kryssie win the HOH. Worst case scenario is Morgan wins. Justin says the only reason he wants to win is to boost his stats. No matter what, Kryssie will still be good because Morgan will not want F3 with Jason. Justin says Jason is banking on winning HOH. Justin says he will not even dare talk to Jason about winning HOH, says at this point Jason is only thinking about himself.
Sun 2:36 PM BBTJustin exits the DR and Jason is called to the DR. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:34 PM BBTShelby wins the 2nd Match against Morgan. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:33 PM BBTShelby won the first match and they reset for match 2, not asking Kryssie if she wants to play. Kryssie watches for a bit, - delrayfan
then says: You do know you are supposed to put them back on top don'e you.

They exclaim,: OHHHHHH! but continue playing their way.

Kryssie leaves KT
Sun 2:25 PM BBTShelby is setting up the Jenga pieces on the short table, getting ready for the first Jenga match in BBOTT NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:22 PM BBTShelby is now preparing to make spinach chips NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:22 PM BBTKryssie is aroused and goes to KT to learn about the bread burning. She says you flipped it upside down, that works! NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:21 PM BBTAfter eating their zuchinni boats and banana bread, the girls are not satisfied so Shelby decides to make spinach chips, goes to - delrayfan
the storage room and lets out a big yell.

Morgan: Did we get a pineapple?

Shelby: Come in here

Morgan goes to SR and They yell: We got Jenga!!

Jason from the TBR: Why are we yelling?

Shelby and Morgan: We got Jenga.

Jason: Yay (from his bed)
Sun 2:17 PM BBTMorgan turns out the bread from the pan, and is proud of how it looks on the plate. Morgan: This is what I call domestication! NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:15 PM BBTShelby holds the hacked up banana bread for the camera to see and says: Big Brother, this is what happens when you call me to the - delrayfan
DR while I am baking banana bread.

Morgan: That's what happens when you leave Morgan in charge.
Sun 2:11 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby eating their zuchinni boats. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:10 PM BBTMorgan realizes she forgot about the banana bread and rushes to get it out of the oven, screaming: NOOOOOO! - delrayfan
Too late, it is burnt.

Morgan: I suck

Morgan is cutting off the burned top of the bread.

Shelby exits the DR, Morgan explains she had put the oven on broil.

Justin is called to the DR and he complies this time.
Sun 2:06 PM BBTMorgan dries dishes from the drainer and puts them away. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:04 PM BBTMorgan applies deodorant in the HOH, uses the BR and washes her hands, then goes back down to the KT. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:03 PM BBT1:56 Morgan exits the DR, Shelby is called to the DR. Shelby tells Morgan to keep an eye on the banana bread. It is still - delrayfan
gooey in the middle. Shelby goes to the DR, Morgan snacks on chips then goes to the HOH.
Sun 2:00 PM BBT1:53 pm Shelby takes the zuchinni boats out of the oven and snacks of the fallen crumbs on the baking sheet. Back to - delrayfan
staring at the HG photos.
Sun 1:49 PM BBTOOPs, Zuchinni boats still in the oven, Shelby took a look and decided they are not ready. Back to gazing in the fridge for nothin NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:44 PM BBTShelby rebraids her hair while waiting for Morgan to exit the DR. NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:43 PM BBTShelby takes zuchinni boats from the oven and goes back to stare at the photos, then wanders aimlessly around the KT. - delrayfan
Apparently Morgan had put the bread back in the oven because Shelby takes it out, pokes it with a fork and decides to put it back in the oven again.
Sun 1:34 PM BBTShelby is alone in the KT, she gazes at the HG photos, then into the fridge and back to the HG photos, to the mirror and back to - delrayfan
the photos for another look.
Sun 1:31 PM BBTAfter a restless night, the LNJ appear to be catching some ZZZs and BB does not seem to mind. NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:29 PM BBTJustin does not comply, so BB calls Morgan to the DR. Justin: Thank you BB! NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:27 PM BBTJustin is called to the DR NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:27 PM BBTShelby and Morgan wonder how long to bake the zuchinni boats. Morgan suggests 5 min but Shelby says the zucchinni will take longer NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:24 PM BBTMorgan finally takes the banana bread from the oven and pokes at it a little, declaring that it's done. NT - delrayfan
Sun 1:22 PM BBTThe girls appear to be making zuchinni boats, with mozarelli and ground turkey, accompanied by banana bread that has been baking - delrayfan
for about an hour and 20 minutes now.
Sun 1:17 PM BBT1:06 Morgan and Shelby check on the banana bread and decide it is not ready. They are slicing zuchinni and getting ready to cook - delrayfan
something with ground turkey.
Sun 12:46 PM BBTApparently the bread is not ready and Shelby returns to the HOH. Morgan says she is so bored. - delrayfan
Shelby: BB are we going to get to go outside today??
Sun 12:43 PM BBTShelby goes to check on the banana bread. NT - delrayfan
Sun 12:35 PM BBTShelby (in HOH): This wall is broken! She gets up from the couch to point, "Right here." Asks Morgan: Has it always been broken? - delrayfan
Morgan: No it hasn't.

Both go back to lounging quietly until Morgan breaks the silence to say she doesn't want to give Jason the satisfaction of a speech. Shelby stays quiet.
Sun 12:26 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby lounging silently, but wide awake in the HOH. LNJ appear to be snoozing in the TBR. NT - delrayfan
Sun 11:56 AM BBTAll 4 cams on Morgan and Shelby making Banana Nut Bread. NT - raz0rback5
Sun 11:35 AM BBT3:09 AM the LNJ are discussing BB announcements. Kryssie seems to know all of them, Justin has trouble and he is worried... NT - delrayfan
Sun 11:34 AM BBT3:04 AM LNJ talking about the hidden pineapple. It has been moved to a drawer. NT - delrayfan
Sun 10:13 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Wakey wakey House Guests! And numerous other morning announcements. Krys & Just are first HG to SR for batt exchange. NT - Scott3325
Sun 8:48 AM BBT8:42 AM HOH Fish tank lights go on. All HGs quiet in bed in HOH and TBR. NT - Scott3325
Sun 5:20 AM BBT1:56AM Justin, Jason and Kryssie awake in TBR talking in the dark, Justin doesn't sleep, Kryssie dreams - Dreamer
Justin: This has been the longest most stressful time in my life.

Jason: Umm hmm

Justin: It would not be so bad if I could just sleep but can't.

Jason laughs

Justin: I can not sleep.

Jason laughing: I can't either. I went to sleep before, maybe there is just bad juju in this room.

Kryssie: I fell asleep before.

Justin: We've never been able to sleep in here beau.

Jason: Kryssie has apparently.

Kryssie: Cause I was grouchy. It's real easy to sleep when I'm like pissed off.

Jason: You fall asleep early, is that what y...

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Sun 4:12 AM BBT4:01 AM LNJ in TBR quiet down after a long chat session. NT - Scott3325
Sun 2:40 AM BBT2:36 AM Krys/Just to KT for some OJ then back to a dark TBR. BR lights announcement by BB. HGs ignore. NT - Scott3325
Sun 1:32 AM BBTJustin is awake. And alone. And crying. NT - Dolffie
Sat 11:00 PM BBTLights out for the girls. NT - PartyN
Sat 10:49 PM BBTShelby: When I'm drunk at a bar I'm too busy talking with hot guys to be on social media. NT - PartyN

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