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Mon 10:04 AM BBT10:02 AM BB: No napping House Guests! It's time to get up for the day. And numerous other AM announcements. Krys to SR for batt. NT - Scott3325
Mon 8:46 AM BBT8:43 AM Lights go on in HOH Fish tank. All HGs quiet in HOH and TBR. NT - Scott3325
Mon 5:28 AM BBT(12:45) Justin in BR to Kryssie: Kryssiiiie, we need to wiiiin. Kryssie: I know, I'm not going into this as a pushover. - moeopoly
Jason walks in: Is Justin pooping?
Kryssie burps the words: I don't know.
Mon 5:18 AM BBTAround 11:20-ish Justin gets called to DR, Jason/Kryssie plays Jenga. Jason here's the girls upstairs, says "I think those hoes - moeopoly
needs to go to bed, it's past their bedtime.

Justin joins Jenga when he gets out of DR. Girls go to bed around midnight. Justin starts cooking.

(12:05) Kryssie again mentions Jason needing her so he can have a better placement at the end of this.

Jason says she might win favorite HG. Kryssie reminds him that Justin lives there.

Justin tells Jason that Jason will probably win because he's a d***head.
Mon 5:12 AM BBT(11:04) Kryssie wants to know why Lydia got away with all her tattoos showing, & why production didn't try harder to get releases. - moeopoly
Jason says hers would be on regular TV, and they're not as big on getting releases on this version.

Kryssie: No, and they're fine with sweeping me under the rug as much as possible. Can't do it if I win, guys...

BB: You are NOT allowed to talk about PRODUCTION.

Kryssie: Sorry. We know I won't win. It's fine.

BB: Thank you.
Mon 5:00 AM BBT(10:54) Jason. I prolly lost half my fan base now that I don't have cigarettes anymore, actually.. they only liked me cuz I was - moeopoly
the trash bag that smoked and called everyone a whore.
Mon 4:58 AM BBT(10:53) Justin walks over and puts his butt over Jason and farts on him with his holey pants on, after Jason told viewers - moeopoly
that for every fake Justin Twitter page they made out there, he'll send them a free t-shirt.

Justin: SHUTUP!!! Don't encourage that sh**! I hate you, Jason.

Jason: Now I'll send you TWO shirts.

Kryssie: That face, I thought you were gonna punch him...

Jason says he can't smell it because cigarettes made it to where he can't smell stuff like that. Justin says how does that happen. Jason says, "Cuz Jesus loves cigarettes." Later Justin says, "Man, I can't believe you said Jesus loves cigarettes, but ur entitled to ur opinion." Jason, "Why wouldn't Jesus love cigarettes?" Justin, "Cuz they KILL YOU, MAN!" Jason, "Jesus doesn't care what unhealthy things we do, because he's already know which care crash we're gonna die in." .... Justin, "I guess so.." Jason, "Jesus for cigarettes! Now that I've convinced Justin that cigarettes are a religious experience..."
Mon 4:50 AM BBT(10:50) Justin: I don't think I could ever be a HN again in my life. - moeopoly
Kryssie: Remember when they called Morgan Monte tonight? Justin: yeh, that was perfect. That was just a perfect foreshadowing. Cya! *plays with hair*

Jason: Yeh! It's like block pass foreshadowing that Shelby's going home. Her block pass was like aiihh (part of it didn't light up).

Jason: Not that mine's lit up in 3 week, so mine may not work at ALL anymore, but.. *laughs*

Kryssie: Mine literally fell off my neck one night.

Justin: But it still lit uuuup!

Kryssie: Mhmmm.

Justin: Mine lit today - wheeeeeeeeeeee.

Jason to America: Why couldn't you have given JUSTIN the co-HOH (the one Jason got). That w...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Mon 4:41 AM BBT(10:22) Kryssie: I slap you, with my big ole hand. Jason: It would've been better if you said d*. Kryssie: I don't have 1 of those - moeopoly
Jason: I do, I'll slack you with my big ole d*.

Kryssie: No thank you. I'm not asking for it, you are.


Kryssie: Fiona Apple has a permanent scowl on her face. Maybe that's why I love her.

Jason: I love, she got arrested in Texas for weed, made me love her even more..

*Justin snickers*

Jason: Then she on the stage the next day like "F* TX police!!"

Justin: Man, why they tripping on an HERB like that, maaaaan..

Jason: Cuz they're dumb.

Justin: Why?? Man, weed doesn't make you crazy. If anything, it'll make you spend h*lla money at the grocery store... like..


(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Mon 4:32 AM BBT(10:19) Justin: Gosh, I gotta win HOH to get some shampoo & conditioner. (To cam) I want some Diva curl - ya'll don't hafta - moeopoly
buy me the shampoo, just the conditioner. Cuz I don't shampoo my hair... If I win, I neeeed to make sure I have conditioner, becuz..

Jason hollers to cams: If *I* win I need more face wash, because I'm almost out of it, cuz everyone uses it.

Kryssie: If I win, can I get more of Whitney's body wash? *Justin laughs* And a picture of Mike's butt - they're on my phone, you guys can get it. He has such a great butt. He has a REALLY nice a**.

Jason: Ur a pervert.

Kryssie: This is NEWS? We're on Day 54 Jason! *laughs*

Justin: I'm wanna those creepy like... I wouldn't consider a perve... but I like come in the bathroom while you're in the shower or taking a sh** or something and come in and sit with you *laughs*

Kryssie: Idk if that's pervy, I think that's just clingy..

Justin: I guess I'm just extremely clingy.

Kryssie: Mike's like that too.
Mon 4:08 AM BBT(9:53) Kryssie/Justin talk about missing home & taking things for granted. Jason walks in: Ohmygosh, all u do is talk about - moeopoly
everything you miss.
Kryssie: I'm sorry, what's it like to be heartless and terrible?
Jason rasps: It's LOVELY!
Kryssie: Oh yeh, I can tell ur having a great time..
*Jason laughs*

Justin: I do miss pa-choo, but not as much as I miss my mom & family.
Jason laughs: Those two things shouldn't be in the same sentence.

Justin: Ohmygosh, a woman!! *shakes head*

Jason: A woman what?

Kryssie: He wants one...

Jason: There's all kinds in the wall right here..

Justin: I know but I can't touch any of them.

Kryssie: You can stare at my pretty hands from far away and pretend they belong someone else *holds up hands*

*Justin shakes head*

Jason: Her hands are whores!

Kryssie: Do they look like Whitney's - from far away?

Mon 4:05 AM BBT(9:47) Kryssie: We're so close... we're so close. Tomorrow we have the veto, so that's gonna go bay fast. Justin: Yeh, then we're gonna win - moeopoly
that and feel triumphant.

Kryssie: And they're not gonna wake us up early tomorrow, because there's no America's nom..

Justin: Wait so Thanksgiving is this Thursday, that's crazy... Wtf, I hope we have a big feast, they better not be stingy on the alcohol.


Kryssie: There's no one else I'd rather done this with than you two.. you especially

Justin: You're the one that's kept me safe in here.

Kryssie: I think I have a gift for being able to look at something from every possible angle no matter what. And that's not great for me, cuz I often look at worst case scenarios. But... in HERE, I feel like it's been a r...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Mon 3:35 AM BBT(9:45) Justin: This place is actually comfortable... wouldn't be half bad if you could get some action up in here. - moeopoly
Kryssie: You're hilarious
Justin: Something to pass time.
Kryssie: Well, I'm sorry they didn't cast a bunch of girls for you to bang...
Justin: No, I'm not.. cuz... that would've been nuthin but a d* distraction. I wouldn't have been able to play as good of a game as I HAVE played, if I was busy chasing after a**. That was one of the first things my uncle told me too, don't get caught up with one of them girls, all that's gonna do is distract u. Cuz he knows me. And like, sure 'nough...

Kryssie: But like [b]Danielle & Whitney[/b] didn't distract you at all.
Justin: No,.. I knew they didn't. Cuz I knew Whitney had a b/f, and I mean, I really just didn't like Denielle. I mean, she was fine and all, but like.. the more I listened to her talk, the more I was like I'm straight on you. Sorry, D. .... And if you didn't choose me first, you never chose me at all, shawty.
Kryssie: That [i]is[i] something we discussed..
Justin: Belee-dat!
Mon 3:22 AM BBT3:20 AM Kryssie up in TBR & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in a dark TBR. NT - Scott3325
Mon 3:20 AM BBT(9:29) Justin asks if Jason is alright. Jason: "yeh.. just thinkin.. [..] thinkin, worried.." - moeopoly

Justin: Don't worry man, there's 3 of us fighting to get you off the block, boo...

Jason: I know.. but there's been 3 of us b4, fightin against them two, and lost... two times now.

Justin: It's all gonna work out, boo..

Jason: Yeh it is...
Mon 3:08 AM BBT(9:58) Jason tells Kryssie she has the expensive toe nail polish too, he can tell she's a "foot girl". Kryssie says that's part of - moeopoly
the fetish, you have to have nice feet and hands. Says Mike's also into him being her pet...........
Mon 3:05 AM BBT(8:55) Jason snap's his toe. He says he broke his pinky toe on the shoe rack. Kryssie says she heard a snap, asked if he's okay. - moeopoly
He says yeh. Justin asked if it's broke, he says probably, but he does that all the time - he'll be fine..
Mon 2:59 AM BBT(8:52PM) Justin: Oh my goshhh, Kryssie, me & u GOTTA win the f*n... There's no way we can possibly try & convince Jason to f*n throw it. - moeopoly
Kryssie: No, he would never.
Justin: I know he wouldn't. If I can't gonna through, I'm gonna need you so hardcore, boo.
Kryssie: We gotta win this veto first, because we can't go into HOH feelin like losers.
Mon 2:48 AM BBT(8:50-9:25PM) Shelby takes a bubble bath. She says it's time for another Bath Time Bikini Girl, except this time it's with Baby Wrists. - moeopoly

Morgan dons a bikini top over her plaid shirt, and sits on the side of the tub while Shelby gets in.

The girls decide this time they'll do Cody vs. Paulie, Jesse Pectacular vs. Rancy Pants, Monte vs. Beast-Mode Cowboy, Shane vs. Justin, and Shaggy-hair Hayden vs. Nicole's Hayden, Devin vs. Johnny-Mac, and Jason vs. Frankie. They say they can't put Clay against anyone, and declare him ultimate champion.

Morgan welcomes America back to another Bath Time with Bikini Girl, this time with Bikini Girl not in bath, but Baby Wrists in bath. Shelby says Baby Wrists hasn't slept in 4 days and needs to relax her musc...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Sun 10:50 PM BBTA little bit earlier, Jason said that he is going to berate Shelby during the veto comp tomorrow NT - Spygirls
Sun 9:14 PM BBT(8:45) Kryssie: The 3-day forecast is Shelby with a lot of packed bags, and a very awkward Thanksgiving for Morgan. - moeopoly
Justin and Kryssie make a running "Shelby Gotta Go" song... adding different lines. Kryssie adds a line about Shelby's chins.

Kryssie says she can't wait to beat Shelby tomorrow.
Sun 9:10 PM BBT(8:38) Shelby asks Morgan the different ways Mo/Alex kept their secret hidden, how they talked to each other, how they decided - moeopoly
which would make up their last name, etc.
Sun 9:08 PM BBT(8:35) Kryssie tells Jason he almost didn't meet her a**, because she had a meltdown and almost bought her own plane ticket home. - moeopoly
Says she got homesick and was about to say "thanks, but no thanks."
They say Whitney had a meltdown too, so they almost didn't get to meet either of them.

Somehow they get on the subject of Shakira. Justin says Shakira can sit on his face any day. Kryssie says, "Oh gawd, why not just a hug and a high five?? You can do whatever you want with Shakira, but I'm pretty sure she's married."
Sun 8:52 PM BBT(8:27) Kryssie to Jason: I'm ur only hope at winning first. If you end up at the final with anyone but me, ur playing for 2nd place. - moeopoly
Jason: If your there, you're def playing for 3rd, I'm 2nd place period.

Kryssie: I have the least comp wins, and no personality according the cameras.

Jason: Morgan has no personality either..

Kryssie: But she has two comp wins.

Jason: I have two comps wins.

Kryssie: I know, but I'm a better person. She sucks a**. They both do. Proverbially - I'm sure they've never sucked real a**es in real life... maybe Shelby.

Kryssie says if she doesn't win veto or any of the HOHs, she'll go to the end with only 1 comp win.
Sun 8:52 PM BBT(8:26) Justin: I'm going home on my first f*n flight, smokin. I'll see you c*nt faces later. (When he gets out) NT - moeopoly
Sun 8:51 PM BBT(8:06) Jason says if Morgan wins the next HOH, then at least she gets to decide between them, & they don't have to decide between - moeopoly
each other. Justin says he doesn't want to think about that sh**. Jason says Shelby's light is out, period.

Jason: She doesn't even have an inside voice. She just has an inside voice.

Kryssie: Remember earlier when she had a headache? Bring it back. I liked her better when she was grumpier, and didn't speak.

Jason: She certainly sounds more excited than we do. Unfortunately it's not a game about "woooo... woooo" her fire truck voice.


Jason wants BB to bring back Renny (previous BB season). Says Renny was lit. Tells Kryssie she's gonna hafta watch BB now.
They talk about past seasons. They say stuff Zinbgot has said to people. Justin laughs and says Zingbot's a beast! Jason names people who were in their 30s who have played the game. Says old people don't have very good luck in this game, unless the whole cast is older. They talk more about past HGs.
Sun 8:40 PM BBT(8:02) Jason says that they used to watch previous BB seasons in sequester, but he was told that his season's cast lost most the - moeopoly
DVDs, so they decided not to do that anymore. He says he didn't know how that would happen, because they only gave you three at a time, and you had to like check them out and check them back in.
Sun 8:32 PM BBT(7:55) Justin wants wine. Jason/Kryssie say they have a comp tomorrow, they won't get alcohol tonight. Justin said wine and - moeopoly
two beers didn't do anything to them.

Jason: Lucky the girls found 'em first, cuz I would've been like "nope, nope, nope" you don't have nothing..

Justin whispers: That would've been awesome, they wouldn't have even known.

Jason: I know, we could've just hid it in here and drank it.

Kryssie: But they called Shelby to the storage room.

Jason: Why'd they call HER? Because they know that we would do that?

Kryssie: Probably, but she was also the closest to it.

*Jason rolls his eyes & flitters his eyelids for a few seconds*

Jason: Cause she's their favorite. *makes face @ camera*

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Sun 8:19 PM BBT(7:48) Shelby can be heard from the KY saying "Jenga!" Kryssie gives an "Eckk" and rolls her eyes. Justin says it's crazy how - moeopoly
the people they hate the most are still in the house. Jason says when it was time to get Shelby out, she started winning, so they had to start taking out the people around her.

Somehow they get into a convo where Kryssie bring up that her b/f texts her poop emojis when he goes to the bathroom, even when they just parted each other from the KT. Then they go into a discussion about his pooping habits.
Sun 8:11 PM BBT(7:36) Jason is in China room with Justin. They say Shelby is going Day 57, and Morgan Day 64. - moeopoly
Justin want Play-Doh.
Jason says they probably won't get anything past Jenga. Says what they got wasn't even the real Jenga, it was a homemade version someone made in a wood shop.

I guess he hears the girls still in the kitchen...

Jason: All they do is plan meals. Do they think is the Food Network challenge or suh-en? They need start plannin a lot more than meals, like an eviction outfit.

Justin doesn't reply.

Jason: It was nice though, I thought Morgan was gonna come out with a bikini girl sassy speech though. I was prepared to fight everyone.

Justin: I'm glad she didn't do that.

Jason: Yeh, exactly, I'm like keep it cut...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Sun 7:45 PM BBT(7:29) Justin shouts out to the world, his family, & live feeders. Says he's almost finished and misses home so much. - moeopoly
Says, "I'll see ya'll in 11 days, baby..." and wonders if the Saints won.

(7:33) Justin says he hopes the people of the world out there are enjoying their lives. Says you never really appreciated things until you have them anymore... like a phone call from your mom, or just hangin out with your friends... you just take all of that for granted.

Says this experience is the crazy thing he's ever done in his whole entire life. Says he feels like everything he's been through in life as led up to this, and it's crazy.
Sun 7:39 PM BBT(7:24) Jason: I always thought they were never gonna let me on because I've been arrested. Then they looked at my stuff are like - moeopoly
"Oh this is nothing." I think it's more like, as long as you've never been arrested anything violent. That seems to be their main thing.

Kryssie: You were barely arrested.

Jason: Tell that to my court fees!

Morgan: Did you have to do a lot of community service?

Jason: Um, nooo... I mean I did community service for like one thing and that was it. Is that like Texas' go to?

Morgan: Yeh. Like any of my friend who have ever gotten in trouble just did like 200 hours of community service.

Jason: No, Masschusetts just wants your money. They'd rather be like, yep, you didn't do anything but you owe us like $2,000.

Morgan: ...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Sun 7:05 PM BBTMorgan saves Shelby at Safety Ceremony. Justin already safe. Jason/Kryssie are the noms. NT - moeopoly
Her speech:
Well guys, I've nominated you Kryssie and you Jason for eviction.
I mean, at this point I think it's just obvious where everyone's loyalties in the house lie. Ya know, the house division that existed in the beginning of the game, I think basically still exits, and that's obvious. Any new alliance that's formed, basically breaks up a week later.. SOO that's all I got. Yay!

*Then they all go in the KT to eat the pizza Justin made.
Sun 6:36 PM BBTJustin seems to have lots of energy, running around the kitchen, singing Days (the message days he has memorized) NT - raz0rback5
Sun 6:25 PM BBTJustin is putting more cheese and the bacon on a pizza NT - raz0rback5
Sun 6:23 PM BBTKryssie is cutting up some watermelon. Morgan putting on make up in hoh br. NT - raz0rback5
Sun 6:19 PM BBTJustin is up, cooking some bacon NT - raz0rback5
Sun 5:57 PM BBTHGs sleeping their BB lives away NT - raz0rback5
Sun 5:37 PM BBTWant anything from the kitchen? - Dolffie
Kryssie: Do you want anything from the kitchen, either of you?

Jason: A soul?

Kryssie: No, we don't have those.

Jason: OK

Kryssie: Maybe in the storage room.

Jason: Oh, I'll have to look.
Sun 3:27 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby now studying order of happenings in the BBOTT house. NT - delrayfan
Sun 3:24 PM BBTMorgan says they have been trying to work with others, but they keep messing it up. They are up each other's butt holes. - delrayfan
Morgan: What if I'm a hypocridiot?? That's my biggest fear.
Sun 3:20 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby are back in the HOH, talking about what the Veto comp may be. Think Kryssie won't do much but Justin is - delrayfan
physical and Jason is quick.
Sun 3:18 PM BBTLNJ studying all the comps, participants and order they went out. NT - delrayfan
Sun 3:08 PM BBTLNJ studying announcement and Days again. Jason and Kryssie seem to know everything, Justin not so much. NT - delrayfan
Sun 3:04 PM BBTJason thinks the girls won't know that he quit smoking on Day 32. Not sure if BB know that either. NT - delrayfan
Sun 3:02 PM BBTLNJ trying to think of good words if they have the spelling comp. Justin just wants a physical HOH and Jason would die for OTEV NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:59 PM BBTAll LNJ now in TBR, awake and chatting about getting faces from BB. Justin does not want his. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:57 PM BBTShelby and Morgan playing Jenga with Kryssie's rules. Justin washes his bowl and goes back to TBR NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:53 PM BBTJustin studies the back of the cream tube, looking for good words. NT - delrayfan
Sun 2:53 PM BBTJason tells Justin it is good to pick a word that doesn't have that many vowels, because they have less points. NT - delrayfan

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