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Mon 2:02 PM BBTKryssie is up next. Current approx times: - moeopoly
1 - Justin - 1:57
2 - Shelby - 4:24
3 - Morgan - 11:01

Morgan goes to HN room and says she's so pissed at herself, she could've won that. SHe is upset and eating an apple, pacing and saying "Oh my God" through a strained voice.
Mon 2:00 PM BBTMorgan finally find the third ear. M: OMGOSH! I HATE MYSELF! I'm an idiot... *books it to exit, Gets lost again.* - moeopoly
M: Oh my gosh I hate myself... this is my idea of a nightmare.

She finds exit and dings in.

M: Oh my gosh... screw this comp... never freaking again.
Mon 1:59 PM BBTMorgan goes to Ear1 but thinks she reached dead ends so gets ear2 at :45. Ear3 at 1:15. She goes back to Start but turns around. - pipper
to Ear2 and turns around. To Finish and then Ear3 and turns around.She gets back to start line at 2:33 "It's gotta be in here" Again she thinks she reached a dead end and goes back to start at 3:09. "Keep going. keep going. I. Have. already. been. to ALL THESE PLACES!" she continues crawling almost the entire maze again. She's back to Ear3 at 3:58. "I have literally been everywhere in here." back at start at 4:30. "I hate corn. this is bullshitt" she almost gets to Ear1 corner but assumes it's a dead-end and turns around. "Oh my god. There's not a freaking third ear of corn. There's not! Shelby I'm sorry. I'm sucking at this. Where the hell is this? What the Hell! I have been everywhere. Oh ...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Mon 1:59 PM BBTMorgan finish time 2:00:07 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:58 PM BBTMorgan: Oh my gosh, this is the most frustrating thing I have every experienced in my whole freaking life... NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:57 PM BBTMorgan: It's in plain sight my a**! NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:56 PM BBTMorgan: Oh my gosh. Screw this competition! I have been everywhere in here! *keeps searching* Where have I not?? NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:56 PM BBTShe keeps looking down the way to get to the corn, but doesn't go down it because she thinks it's a dead end. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:55 PM BBTMorgan telling BB there is not a third ear of corn in here! NT - scoobydoo
Mon 1:55 PM BBTMorgan feels like she's going to start crying because she feels like she's been everywhere in the maze multiple times over. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:54 PM BBTMorgan still struggling to find the 3rd ear. Morgan: Shelby I'm sorry, I'm sucking at this. What the H*LL. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:53 PM BBTMorgan: I hate corn. *crawls more* This is bullsh*t. NT - moeopoly
She feels like she's been everywhere in the maze, can't understand why she hasn't found it.
Mon 1:52 PM BBTMorgan says she's already been all these places. Can't find the 3rd ear of corn, but knows where exit is. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:50 PM BBTMorgan has passed Justin's time. She's getting frustrated, says "D*mnit!" NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:49 PM BBTMorgan finds 2nd corn. Pep talks herself "cmon Morgan, finish" NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:49 PM BBTMorgan's in maze. Turns around when she see things are dead ends. Find first corn. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:48 PM BBTMorgan start time 1:49:07 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:47 PM BBTMorgan reading rules. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:42 PM BBT2 feeds on Shelby in LBR. Lays back in bed under the covers and put scarf or shirt over her eyes, relaxes with arms behind head; bites lip. - moeopoly
Justin sitting in chair in HOH room. Shouts out to the world and then goes through days/morning announcements aloud again.
Mon 1:39 PM BBTShelby rings in. Current standings (times approx.): - moeopoly
1 - Justin - 1:57
2 - Shelby - 4:24

Morgan is up next.
Mon 1:39 PM BBTShelby gets first ear at :20. second at :50. back to start line at 1:20. Goes to Finish again at 2:39. keeps going - pipper
down previous paths. at start again at 3:23. Finds third at 3:40. "I don't think this veto is mine."
Dings after a couple of wrong turns at 4:24
Mon 1:38 PM BBTShelby finish time 1:39:27 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:38 PM BBTShelby finds the 3rd corn. Says, "Gosh darn, I don't think this veto is mine." NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:37 PM BBTShelby still hasn't found third corn. Says "AAAAH, where is it!??" NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:36 PM BBTShelby slowing down a little it seems. Having trouble finding 3rd corn - says she feels ridiculous. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:35 PM BBTShelby in maze. Going fairly fast pace. Says, "Where's the corn?" Then finds it. Find the next one and says, "hah hah!" NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:34 PM BBTShelby start time 1:35:03 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:33 PM BBTShelby reading rules. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:31 PM BBT2 feeds on Justin in HOH. 2 on Kryssie in SR. She belches. Justin randomly runs through day and morning announcement out loud. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:29 PM BBTmaze pics - pipper
Justin is crawling around.
Mon 1:28 PM BBTJustin's time approx 1 min 56 secs NT - AzBill
Mon 1:24 PM BBTJustin finish time 1:25:25 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:24 PM BBTJustin dings in. Says it was fun & shouts out to New Orleans. His approx. completion time total is: 1:57. SHELBY will be up next. NT - moeopoly
He was not "holding" the three ears of corn when he rang the buzzer, as the rules stated you "must" be doing when you buzz in (two appeared to be still in his pants) - so not sure how that will go...
Mon 1:24 PM BBTJustin has all 3 corns and is trying to find exit NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:24 PM BBTJustin is stuffing the ears of corn in his pants side pockets. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:23 PM BBTthe competition is a maze. race through to find three ears of corn. then exit with all three. - pipper
CANNOT exit without three corn or through the entrance.
Mon 1:23 PM BBTJustin is now going through the maze, and he's giggling the whole time. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:22 PM BBTThe top of the maze has a mesh wire on it, they have to crawl through the maze and fine 3 ears of corn, then race to exit. - moeopoly
You must be holding all 3 ears of corn when they hit the button at exit.

THey will get DQed if:
-They exit the entrance.
-They don't have 3 ears of corn when they exit.
Mon 1:22 PM BBTJustin start time 1:23:27 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:21 PM BBTJason whispers to himself: "Relax Jason"... Kryssie belches in SR and continues pillow scratching noises with her nail. NT - moeopoly
Mon 1:17 PM BBTJustin is outside. He pics up the rules and looks around. Says "Oh God, oh man, this is crazy" and laughs NT - moeopoly
Feeds go back to yoga room and SR..

View we got before feeds switched (it's some kind of maze):
Mon 1:14 PM BBTJason gets up and starts reading the "advice" board left by BB18 F3, throat burping, and wrapping blanket around him. - moeopoly
He reads the advice "Breathe" out loud.

The camera zooms in on Jason's face.

Jason: Are you really all up in my life right? Ur like let's look at how stressed Jason is... he's really stressed. Just wait till he goes outside and sees it's a piano comp.. (he jokes)
Mon 1:12 PM BBT2 feeds on Kryssie, 2 on Jason. - moeopoly
Jason out loud in yoga room: Can we just have ONE comp we do all at once. It's clearly the things I strive at. Things we do by ourselves I always come in 2nd and suck. I cannot afford that this week.. *blows out mouth*

He puts a blanket over him and lays back on couch.

Kryssie is sitting on a chair in SR, drumming on a pillow in her lap and drinking was looks like coffee.

Jason breathes heavily into his mic and swallows.
Mon 1:06 PM BBTThey are putting the waistband mic packs. Shelby hopes it's atleast partially mental. Morgan thinks they'll be climbing something, - moeopoly
because they were building outside. Says obviously it's not the spelling comp. we briefly get FISH.

Justin gets called to DR to read rules (he is first up).
Mon 1:06 PM BBT1:06 PM Justin called to DR NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:05 PM BBT1:00 PM Morgan out of DR with the "bag". HGs draw for Veto comp order - Scott3325
Comp order & waiting location:
1. Justin - HOH
2. Shelby - LBR
3. Morgan - HN
4. Kryssie - SR
5. Jason - Yoga
Mon 1:04 PM BBT(Comp will be played one at a time in the BY) Jason: I wanna arson this bag so badly. - moeopoly
Order they will compete & where they will wait before & after:

1 - Justin - HOH room
2 - Shelby - LBR
3 - Morgan - HN room
4 - Kryssie - Storage room
5 - Jason - Yoga room

Kryssie is peeved that she got the SR AGAIN.
Mon 1:00 PM BBTMorgan comes out of DR, has the bag to draw numbers. Jason: EEEhhhh I hate this bag! F* this bag! NT - moeopoly
Mon 12:53 PM BBT12:52 PM Morgan called to DR. HGs think she will come out with "the bag". (Which will mean they are drawing for Veto comp order.) NT - Scott3325
Mon 10:17 AM BBT10:11 AM LNJ up for batts & back to bed. BB gives another announcement to BS. BS change batts & to bed. BB Elvis thanks all HGs. NT - Scott3325

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