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Mon 3:01 PM BBTMorgan says Shelby deserves to be there more than anyone else. Shelby says she'll get her bar exam results. BB just a speck in her - scoobydoo
Mon 3:00 PM BBTShelby encourages Morgan. Morgan feels like it'll be a long shot now. Shelby says "Team Longshot" - moeopoly
They check HOH room door again, it's unlocked. Shelby says "Yay, we can sulk in peace"

The girls talk about how neither would be there without the other. Morgan feels like she completely dropped the ball. Shelby says she did too but there was no way they were going to beat them - they were just too fast at that. Morgan is upset that she finally got HOH, and has to send her best friend home. And then stay there another week. Shelby encourages her that it's just 8 more days. Morgan says she doesn't want to give them the satisfaction of him staying. Shelby says to take them out. Shelby says she's not dying, she will see them in 8 days when she leaves. SHe hates that she has to spend Thanksgiving in a hotel room. Morgan says she's going to struggle so much without Shelby there.
Mon 2:59 PM BBTShelby wants to call them all idiots and tell them her secret. Morgan thinks that'll be interesting NT - scoobydoo
Mon 2:59 PM BBTShelby says she can throw a tantrum if they don't let her out (on Thursday in sequester). Says they don't like her tantrums NT - scoobydoo
Mon 2:57 PM BBTMorgan is upset because she finally won HOH and now has to send home her friend NT - scoobydoo
Mon 2:56 PM BBTMorgan's upset that she couldn't help Shelby, by finding that last ear of corn. - moeopoly
Shelby says she can still take him out. Win the next HOH. Morgan says Shelby deserves to be here so much. Shelby says she probably deserves the money the least out of everyone there. This makes Morgan look up and cry more.
Mon 2:54 PM BBTShelby: Hey.. we didn't have a chance, they did so fast.. - moeopoly
You have to win the last veto - don't stop - you can take him out. (Note: there are no more vetos that I know of)
Mon 2:54 PM BBTBB has locked HOH room. GIrls sit in sky bridge. Morgan is crying. Shelby says she didn't wanna cry and now she's making HER cry. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:53 PM BBTJason: Guess who's not going home! ANY OF US! *dances with Kryssie and sings any of us any of us* NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:50 PM BBTJason: I love you girls back home. I ain't seein you yet! NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:49 PM BBTJason: Honey he didn't bleed for nothing. I told you he was gonna bleed for it. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:48 PM BBTMorgan is revealing times to everyone in BY. Jason won veto. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:47 PM BBTJason: OH please let me have won this. Oh my f*n lanta. You will not be pushed out by these little children.. by these little girl - moeopoly
s with their luscious hair. FISH.
Mon 2:47 PM BBTUnofficial times: Jason wins - BryanV16

Justin 1:23:27 to 1:25:24: 1m57s
Shelby 1:35:03 to 1:39:27: 4m24s
Morgan 1:49:07 to 2:00:08: 11m1s
Kryssie 2:08:42 to 2:10:45 2m3s
Jason 2:19:09 to 2:20:39 1m30s
Mon 2:46 PM BBT2:46 PM Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:44 PM BBTJason: I atleast have to get in the F4. If I don't win a comp, that's my own fault. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:41 PM BBTJason: Be yourself unless you suck, Shelby. - moeopoly
Looks at the advice board: Paul, you might actually be right about the Friendship. I never thought I'd actually endorse Friendship. Kryssie and Justin have been on it...

Why did I sign up for this stressful game again? You tell me.. Am I TRYING to give myself a stroke? Would I LIKE to give myself an early death? Or do I just love this sh** because I'm crazy? It's the latter.

Oh gosh, this is my last chance to win this Jason. BB is never calling you again - you HAVE to win this.. you have to win this. *blows long out mouth*

I hope you're filming be because I won, and not because I'm the f*n loser and you're waiting for me to breakdown.
Mon 2:36 PM BBTJason: It's okay Jason, you tried your best. If you didn't win, it wasn't meant to be. You just wasted MORE months of ur life. - moeopoly
Says he doesn't want to wait much longer for the results, & he can't take it.
Mon 2:34 PM BBTJason: C'mon, me and Kryssie can win this. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:33 PM BBTJason: Please let me have one, live feeders. I hope u sent me lots of positive energy. For you pray-ers out there, I hope you were - moeopoly

*Says his knees hurt like a son of a b* but he doesn't care. Says he'll die 100 times for veto.
Mon 2:33 PM BBT2:34 PM Morgan continues pacing in HN. Jason pacing in Yoga. NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:31 PM BBTJason says Shelby was fast, but didn't seem too fast. But says he doesn't know how long people take to read the instructions. - moeopoly
Debates whether he took the right way when he first went in maze and if it costed him any time.
Mon 2:30 PM BBTJason is on the ground and praying - need to win this. Can't go home this week. Wants to change his life NT - scoobydoo
Mon 2:30 PM BBTJason: If I can't complete this challenge, there are for sure ppl who are half speed, then I don't deserve to be here. - moeopoly
Please let me have won. I need it so bad. I'm not ready to go yet. I need to win this game; change my life.

*He is on his knees in the floor of yoga room, bent over and face to ground.
Mon 2:28 PM BBTJason continues "oh please" & then repeats "I can't go home this week, I can't go home this week.. I'm still too poor to go home" - moeopoly
*laughs to self with head in hands*
Mon 2:27 PM BBTJason: You got this Jason. You made barely any mistakes. You crawled and ran as fast as you could. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:27 PM BBTJason: I feel like I could vomit. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:26 PM BBTJason: I'm the FOUNDER of the Jamboree. I need to stay here. I need to stay here. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:26 PM BBTJason keeps repeating "oh please let me have won... if you win Jason, just stay humble, the fight isn't over" NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:25 PM BBTJason notices he's bleeding somewhere, says he'll bleed all day if it means he wins the veto. He keeps saying please to camera. - moeopoly
Says he has no other option. Says if Shelby can win every puzzle AND then maze, then what the f* are we all here for, to lose to this b*. Not today, not today satan.
Mon 2:23 PM BBT2:23 PM Jason in Yoga repeats over and over: Oh Please! NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:22 PM BBTJason: I hope that was good enough *pants loudly* I'm bleeding, so I hope that was good enough.. - moeopoly
Jason whisper-chants "please please please let me have won this, oh please oh please oh please... please please please please - please don't like Shelby have one... please please oh please"
Mon 2:21 PM BBTAll players have played in veto now. Approx completion times are as follows (fastest to slowest): - moeopoly
Jason - 1:31
Justin - 1:57
Kryssie - 2:04
Shelby - 4:24
Morgan - 11:01
Mon 2:20 PM BBTJason heads to Ear 1 and gets it at :09. He goes quickly to Ear3 and gets it at :39. "Get in there bitch." as he stuffs it in a - pipper
bag he was given or shorts pocket. Passes by the Exit. He goes down a long dead-end. He gets Ear2 at 1:12 and carries it in his mouth. He goes straight to Exit and dings at 1:30. "I need you suckah"

Ear1 is closest to the Start, Ear2 is about as close, but on way to Ear3.
Mon 2:20 PM BBTJason pep-talks himself to find the final corn. Finds it, puts it in his mouth and crawls thru finish line. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:20 PM BBTJason finish time 2:20:38 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:19 PM BBTJason has two corns NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:18 PM BBTJason starts... he enter maze booking it fast. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:18 PM BBTJason start time 2:19:09 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:15 PM BBTK in storeroom, I think that's first time I've completed in a timely fashion. Hope it was enough. NT - pipper
Mon 2:15 PM BBTKryssie in SR: That's the first comp I've ever completed in a timely fashion. *blows out mouth* Whew, I hope it was enough... NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:11 PM BBTKryssie heads towards EAr1 first. She gets it at :23. She gets back to start at :37 and starts cursing. She gets Ear2 at 1:02. - pipper
She unintentionally skips a long dead end path. She dumps the two near finish line, though she didn't know it was there. She collects Ear3 at 1:35, collects the other two, finds the exit right away, and dings at 2:05. "OK That wasn't so bad. My knees are all gross now."

Ear1 is closest to the Start, Ear2 is about as close, but on way to Ear3.
Mon 2:11 PM BBTKryssie in SR: Hope that was good enough to save Jason. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:11 PM BBTKryssie finishes and says that wasn't so bad. Jason will be up next/last. Current standings (approx): - moeopoly
Justin - 1:57
Kryssie - 2:04
Shelby - 4:24
Morgan - 11:01
Mon 2:10 PM BBTKryssie finish time 2:10:46 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:09 PM BBTKryssie loudly panting... says "yes" when she found another ear NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:08 PM BBTKryssie in maze. SHe said she's ready.. NT - moeopoly
Mon 2:08 PM BBTKryssie start time 2:08:40 PM NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:07 PM BBTMorgan in exasperated frustration, "I'm so pisssed at myself." and paces the HAvenot room. NT - pipper
Mon 2:02 PM BBTHouseguests are sliding the exterior door very shortly after finishing. (Thus waiting HGs know how long it comparatively took.) NT - pipper

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