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Tue 10:40 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Good morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day. And several other AM announcements. Krys to SR for batt. NT - Scott3325
Tue 8:51 AM BBT8:43 AM Lights go on in HOH Fish tank. All HGs quiet in bed in HOH & TBR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:23 AM BBT6:17 AM Jason stirs in Princess bed, rubs his eyes & head, talks (in his sleep?), and settles down. NT - Scott3325
Tue 6:11 AM BBT6:04 AM Justin to WC, rinse hands, back to bed in TBR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 3:56 AM BBT2:52AM: Kryssie: Being in here for two months made me realize that I need to not take anything for granted that I've been taking for - Dreamer
granted for 31 years.. That includes not being able to buy my own groceries.
(Justin in the background can her heard saying: I miss smoking grass, I miss laying in the grass. (laughing big)

Kryssie: I miss being able to roll over and tell my boyfriend that I love him. I miss being able to have my boyfriend pull my finger when I fart. I miss......

Jason: I can pull your finger when you fart.

Kryssie:: No, it's not the same. Your not in love with me.

Jason: I can be in love with you if you let me.

Kryssie: I miss choosing to watch one more episode of 'Married with Children' ins...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)
Tue 3:53 AM BBT3:31 AM LNJ continue talking in TBR. BB BR lights on announcement. - Scott3325
All cams switch to a dark HOH with Morgan & Shelby quiet in bed.
3:34 AM Jason called to DR. All cams remain on HOH.
3:36 AM All cams switch to a candy dish and the Memory Wall. Cams quickly switch back to HOH.
3:37 AM All cams switch to candy dish and Memory Wall again, then house lights go off. All cams quickly switch back to HOH.
3:39 AM Cams 1/2 switch to a dark, quiet TBR with all LNJ in bed.
3:56 AM Justin to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR.
Tue 1:55 AM BBTThe LNJ settle down into bed after many many hours of talking and laughing amongst the three of them. NT - Dolffie
Mon 11:35 PM BBTJustin discusses that he has been a victim of police brutality. More than once. "That shitt is real." He doesnt even want to drive anymore. NT - Dolffie
Mon 11:10 PM BBTThe LNJ eats dinner that Justin and Kryssie made full of garlic. NT - Dolffie
Mon 10:49 PM BBTShelby and Morgan are in bed, lights out. NT - Dolffie
Mon 10:22 PM BBTMorgan: Mom, if you are watching, go ahead an schedule a psychiatrist appt. Preferably one who specializes in reality TV trauma NT - Dolffie
Mon 8:53 PM BBTMorgan requests that the HOH be tailored to her. Shelby inflects that the last one was tailored to her. Morgan agrees. NT - Dolffie
Mon 8:07 PM BBTShelby hopes the LNJ look confused when she shouts out to her friends about their bar results. She wants to tell them that she's - pipper
a lawyer in her eviction speech.
Mon 6:55 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby counting how many days they have left NT - scoobydoo
Mon 6:48 PM BBTJustin said he watched two seasons, including BB18. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 6:48 PM BBTJason asking Justin if he remembers what DayVonne looked like when he watched past seasons. He thinks so. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 6:45 PM BBTMorgan in kitchen now. Justin asks her what she's making and she says broccoli. "Delicious" NT - scoobydoo
Mon 6:43 PM BBTMorgan & Shelby want something from home for Thanksgiving. Morgan says Julie Chen was really rude when she made it sound like the - scoobydoo
care package was something from home. Said she was trying to get their hopes up.
Mon 4:08 PM BBTJustin convinced Jason to return the pineapple to Shelby. He took it into the HoH room without - pipper
knocking, placed it on the coffee table and said, "I'm sorry." Shelby said, "Aww that's so sweet of you." and under her breath Who knew Jason was the one who took it. Jason said from the steps that She did not appreciate it and was sarcastic. Justin gave Jason a big ole hug to congratulate him for doing good by returning it. Shelby saw this over the TV and this (or the pineapple or Morgan's crying) might have made her cry while listening to the music.
Jason had said as he was ascending that the girls might keep him in the HoH room and beg him to vote out Kryssey. They did not.
Morgan response after Jason left was something like I have to live with these people for another week!
Mon 4:00 PM BBTShelby crying while listening to music in HOH room NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:54 PM BBTShelby says when she saw the comp, she had a feeling Jason would win. he's a snake and can crawl on the ground NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:41 PM BBTJason says he knows Dani is happy, he loves her and is sorry he had to scheme on her. He knows she'll understand though. NT - starlet
Mon 3:34 PM BBTMorgan upset that Shelby could've beat Justin and Kryssie, & would've loved to see her in finale & feels like she deserved to win. - moeopoly
Shelby says Morgan deserves to be there too, and it doesn't have to be all them 3 in finale.

Shelby says if she won at dominoes, that Morgan can atleast win one of those comps next week.

Morgan says she's going to be talking alot in the DR. Shelby says did the same thing.

Shelby says she's glad Jason didn't do the "eat a d*" thing outside, because she was going to cuss him out if he did.
Mon 3:31 PM BBTShelby: Maybe they'll let me go home for a little while on Thursday. I've got a car, I can drive back. - moeopoly
Morgan starts crying again. Shelby tries to lighten the mood, says it's okay she'll be at the Bungalow before you know it.
Mon 3:30 PM BBTMorgan says she also doesn't want to let everyone down from their alliance that has gone before. Shelby says she won't be letting - moeopoly
anyone down. But someone from their side has to be there, and that's you.

Shelby is excited that she only has to endure the lights for two more night. She says "Thanksgiving's gonna suck" and they both laugh.
Mon 3:28 PM BBTShelby says she wants to help Morgan with her speech, so it'll take her mind off her impending doom. Morgan starts crying again, - moeopoly
then gets mad at herself for crying so much. She says she's got to stay confident. She just hates that she knows that if she loses the HOH she'll end up having a meltdown. Shelby says it'll actually peaceful, when you know you're the one going home, and not to worry about it - repeats that it's peaceful.
Mon 3:24 PM BBTMorgan worried about winning HOH. She says she doesn't want to let down everyone who is rooting for her that doesn't like the - moeopoly
other side.
Mon 3:23 PM BBTMorgan doesn't want to let down Shelby, Alex, Scott NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:22 PM BBTShelby says it feels peaceful knowing she is going home. Would have been less peaceful if Krys had won veto NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:21 PM BBTShelby is giving Morgan ideas to pass her time while she stays in the house another week. Baking, doing nails, etc. NT - moeopoly
Mon 3:21 PM BBTShelby tells Morgan that Jason should be her first priority to get out and then Justin NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:20 PM BBTShelby saying that Jason was dumber than she thought NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:19 PM BBTShelby thought BB would be fun - just vote people out - and not be so stressful NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:19 PM BBTShelby tries to think of how to tell them she's not a waitress. If they say anything about her being a waitress, she'll say - moeopoly
"If you still think I'm a waitress, you're dumber than I was pretending to be."

Then during ceremony she's going to shout out to her friend who just got the results of their bar exam.
Mon 3:18 PM BBTShelby asks Morgan if she knew what LSAT was. Morgan says yes but she thinks she's more intelligent than the others NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:16 PM BBTThe girls go down to get ice cream. Shelby: This will make everything better! NT - moeopoly
Mon 3:16 PM BBTMorgan thinks she can handle being alone for a week but has to win. Doesn't want to disappoint people who are rooting for her. - scoobydoo
She hates everyone else
Mon 3:14 PM BBTShelby offers Morgan to keep jojo the pinata. Morgan is hesitant but agrees to. NT - moeopoly
Mon 3:14 PM BBTJustin proud of his time. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:13 PM BBTJason says he has respect for Shelby as a strong competitor but it's her time to go NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:13 PM BBTMorgan cries, doesn't want to be there with the other HGS for Thanksgiving & doesn't want Shelby to be in a hotel room alone. - moeopoly
Shelby says she'll throw a tantrum and maybe they'll take her back to her aunt and uncle's house.

Morgan wishes she didn't have to do the veto ceremony. Shelby says then she'd be an Audrey.

Shelby says this is going to be the saddest Bathtime with Bikini Girl ever.

Shelby says Morgan has to do her a big favor and not cry at the ceremony - because she didn't start crying until she saw Morgan crying.
Mon 3:11 PM BBTShelby: I made it alot farther than I thought I would. I got two HOHs, a veto, and a CP. I got everything except the finale. - moeopoly
I took out a big target.

Mo: You killed it *sniffles*

Shelby: I'm one of the only people who got to take out a big target. Well... if you counts chances, but he didn't win his HOH.
Mon 3:07 PM BBTMorgan: This sucks *crying* I hate them so much.. Shelby: I hate them so much too, but just 9 more days... Mo: I can't give up. - moeopoly
*repeats it*

Shelby: I want some chocolate, but I don't wanna go down there with tears on my face.
Mo: I know, I want my Ben & Jerry's
Mon 3:06 PM BBTShelby says she's made it alot farther than she expected NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:05 PM BBTShelby says in nine more days, they won't ever have to see the others again. In Vegas, the others will have to wait in line NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:05 PM BBTShelby: At least Jason won and not Krys/Justin so I wouldn't have to beg for my life. NT - scoobydoo
Mon 3:04 PM BBTMorgan says maybe when she gets to the HOHs she'll realize this is it and pull it out. NT - moeopoly
Mon 3:03 PM BBTShelby says that Morgan HAS to get Jason out in the finals. She says they can start working on her speech too. NT - moeopoly
Mon 3:02 PM BBTMorgan: I just feel like I just disappointed so many people. - moeopoly
Shelby encourages her that she's still here and she's not disappointed anyone. Morgan says Shelby really deserved to be here. Shelby says its okay, she's gonna go home and get her bar results, and go be a lawyer, and this is going to be a speck later (in her life)
Mon 3:02 PM BBTMorgan says she's had the hardest time in the house out of all of them NT - scoobydoo

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