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Wed 12:19 PM BBTShelby went thru 4 producers in the DR today losing her shitt. *feed cut followed by multiple dont talk about production calls & stop thats* NT - Dolffie
Wed 12:06 PM BBTIn HOH, Shelby to Morgan "if Kryssie wins this thing I will sh*t my pants!" Morgan replies "I'll never watch BB again." Feeds cut. NT - Singaling
Wed 10:45 AM BBT10:44 AM Morgan sits up in bed & begins reading her Bible. Shortly after, she enters HOH BA. Shelby not in HOH. NT - Scott3325
Wed 10:25 AM BBT10:23 AM Justin off cam out of DR & back to bed. Shelby again called to DR & heads there off cam. NT - Scott3325
Wed 10:22 AM BBT10:00 AM House lights go on. - Scott3325
10:02 AM BB: Good Morning House Guests! It's time to get up for the day. And numerous other morning announcements. Jason immediately up & to SR to change his batt and quickly back to bed. Kryssie follows with her batt exchange, to WC, & off cam.
10:06 AM BB tries another round of wakeup announcements. Kryssie turns on TBR lights and climbs back in bed.
10:07 AM Shelby, Morgan, & Justin get personalized batt exchange announcements by BB. Justin up & off cam.
10:12 AM Shelby & Morgan up & to SR for batt exchange.
10:17 AM Shelby called to DR twice. Wants to know why Justin didn't have to go. Shelby remains in HOH bed.
10:18 AM Justin called to DR & heads there off cam.
10:21 AM BB plays more announcements. HGs practice "days".
Wed 5:12 AM BBT5:11 AM Justin up & to WC, wash hands, back to bed in TBR. NT - Scott3325
Wed 4:59 AM BBT4:28 AM Justin sits up in TBR bed, lies down, up & takes a long drink. Lies back down but eyes wide open. Plays with facial hair. - Scott3325
4:37 AM Justin continues wide awake in TBR bed. Appears deep in thought with near constant movement.
4:40 AM Justin now mostly still but eyes wide open most of the time.
4:48 AM Justin out of bed and to WC, wash hands, back to bed.
4:52 AM Justin settles down to sleep.
Wed 4:23 AM BBT3:47 AM Kryssie/ Jason/ Justin in TBR beds finally end convo and settle down to sleep. Shelby/ Morgan quiet in HOH bed longtime ago. NT - Scott3325
Wed 1:30 AM BBTJustin showers as Kryssie and Jason lay in bed and discuss their life's passions. NT - Dolffie
Wed 12:32 AM BBTJason reconsiders taking Justin to the finals after Krys tells him that Justin told her that he was considering cutting Jason. NT - Dolffie
Wed 12:13 AM BBTJason says he looks like a turtle in the BB house. Discusses body dysmorphic tendencies with Kryssie, who has her own issues with it as well. NT - Dolffie
Wed 12:06 AM BBTKryssie discusses with Jason how she lost 75 pounds. NT - Dolffie
Tue 10:34 PM BBTKrys says she misses her boyfriend Mike so much. She cried in DR. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:32 PM BBTLNJ back to studying lines said by BB over speaker NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:30 PM BBTKrys wants a timer buzz competition. Jason thinks they won't do it because of potential malfunction NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:30 PM BBTKrys doesn't think Shelby really cares about Morgan as a friend - Morgan was just a member of her alliance - and won't help her study. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:26 PM BBTKrys joking that Justin is back to liking Dani again. Krys says it pained her to vote out Dani but she promised the boys (J&J) NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:25 PM BBTkrys thinks that Scott is not used to big personalities like Justin and Jason. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:24 PM BBTJason thinks Dani & Neeley would be the most active on social network right now. Krys can't wait to follow Dani on Twitter. - scoobydoo
Justin says he doesn't have Twitter - don't follow anyone that says it's him - it's not him.
Tue 10:20 PM BBTJustin says he really liked Cornbread. krys thinks everyone's picture in black & white makes them look older. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:15 PM BBTJustin says Monte's photo making him nervous. Why? Why? NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:14 PM BBTKrys thinks Dani's picture makes her look young - like it's a senior class photo. Jason disagrees. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:13 PM BBTJason - they only like me in short-sleeve bright prints so I look like i'm a raging homosexual. Justin says he doesn't look too - scoobydoo
gay in his photo. Jason - Thanks
Tue 10:12 PM BBTKrys - they made Cornbread wear overalls in his photo. I'd be furious! NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:12 PM BBTKrys likes Shane's long hair but he looks better with it up. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:10 PM BBTJustin says he hates his BB photo. They all agree he looks like he's plastered or loaded. NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:10 PM BBTKrys says she never felt uglier or fatter than when she landed in CA NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:09 PM BBTKrys says if she could get her hair touched up she might be a 6. Jason says in MA he's a 6 but he's a 2 in California NT - scoobydoo
Tue 10:07 PM BBTJason going through all the seasons and saying which final three's were attractive (earlier they were joking they were the ugly ones) NT - scoobydoo
Tue 9:21 PM BBTMorgan + Shelby talk about Kryssie's veto speech. Shelby says she wanted to choke Kryssie because of the way she said "love you" NT - Christopherd29
Tue 8:02 PM BBTJustin and Kryssey are still stressing that Morgan and Shelby followed Jason up to HoH when he asked to listen to Beyonce. Justin - pipper
says he doubts he'd flip. Jason is a better person.
K I'd be such a stupid person if I've protected him this entire game and he flipped.
Ju: This house will make you try to do some crazy shitt.
K: But there's no reason to keep her over me. Take all personality out of it. just game reason.
JU: The only thing is like they try to make a deal that they'd throw competition so he'd win. But that wouldn't possibly work. I'm going psycho man tomorrow. I want this win more than anything in this whole house. More than that damnn tightrope.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Jason and Shelby are alone and reminiscing about past houseguests and competitions. Morgan is in the DR.

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Tue 7:32 PM BBTJason is up in the HoH to listen to music. Girls are getting ready for Live DR. Jason starts to make nice small talk - pipper
with them. Meanwhile, Justin is downstairs praying that Jason isn't doing them dirty and going to evict Kryssie. Kryssie says she hopes not.
Tue 5:52 PM BBTShelby...and then we sent Neeley home. [to camera] Fukk you Neeley. You've probably enjoyed watching me cry the past few days. NT - pipper
Tue 5:30 PM BBTShelby says she will probably call 911 if they don't give her her cell phone. (Tomorrow after eviction.) - Scott3325
Morgan/Shelby talk continues about Thanksgiving.
Shelby: Well you tell can by the shirt they gave me that they expect me to go home, so...
Tue 5:24 PM BBT5:21 PM Morgan apologizes to Shelby for not winning the veto. Shelby says she could have won it herself. - Scott3325
Shelby: It really was fine until they made us film that Thanksgiving thing.
Feeds switch to Justin/Kryssie in KT.
Tue 5:15 PM BBT5:05 PM Shelby/Morgan in HOH - Scott3325
Crying, red eyed Shelby: Yeah I just don't really feel like ... like them f*ckin' me up.
Morgan: Yeah. Yeah, I don't think they should have done that.
Feeds quickly switch to KT where Justin says ....one of us could be alone in a hotel room. That's probably exactly why she is in the predicament she is right now - goin' home.
Kryssie: Karma is a big old bitch.
Tue 5:08 PM BBT4:30 after Fish, Shelby and Morgan are walking to kitchen. Morgan says, "So Connor didn't sign the release. How dare him!" - pipper
Shelby says, "They stopped you when you said Connor?" Feeds cut away.

The others are in the Tokyo bedroom,
Kryssie says, So I was wondering if Shelby could have possibly been a bigger bitch.
Jason: I don't know. She was born into this.
K: God how bitter.
JA: Trust me I would have played along.
Justin: you know what it's so crazy because I would have been in a ***** hotel room, not you.
Ja: She was planning for you to be in a hotel room. That's why she;s mad.
K: She was more than Okay with that.
JU: Fukk that!
JA: No one's gonna be in a hotel room either. I'm the only one that knows what happens the day after and you don't spend it in ...

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Tue 4:58 PM BBT4:55 PM Feeds 1/2 return to HOH. Shelby sniffling & lying on bed playing with her hair. Morgan enters. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:44 PM BBT4:40 PM Morgan down to KT. LNJ continues bashing Shelby. (Possibly about what occurred when feeds went to Fish.) - Scott3325
4:43 PM Morgan back up to HOH. Shelby starts crying again and feeds quickly switch to LNJ in TBR.
Tue 4:36 PM BBT4:35 PM Shelby has been dabbing her eyes. Up to HOH with Morgan and she starts crying. Feeds quickly switch to LNJ in TBR. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:31 PM BBT4:31 PM Back from Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:29 PM BBT4:30 PM Fish for 30 minutes. NT - Scott3325
Tue 4:12 PM BBTfeeds are down so production can shoot something fun for the holidays NT - Camlawnman
Tue 3:59 PM BBT4:00 PM Fish.... NT - Scott3325
Tue 2:49 PM BBTMorgan promises at least 2 more bikini girl shows. The girls give out instagram account info so we can follow them after the show - LiZinTeXaS
for their Vegas and other adventures.
Tue 2:47 PM BBTLNJ in downstairs BR talking end game. Says we can't let Morgan win either of the last two comps. They don't think Shelby is - LiZinTeXaS
helping Morgan study she is)Justin thinks if it isn't about Shelby then she isn't interested. Jason adds that this week is all about Shelby, she gets to see Julie. Says she can pick her hair with Julie. Justin calling their alliance the OG(?) Jamboree and saying plastics don't know it's name.
Tue 2:42 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby are hosting bikini girl in the bathtub talk time in the HOH bath. Game talk, booze and bubbles. NT - LiZinTeXaS
Tue 1:34 PM BBTEverybody outside. Morgan & Shelby playing pool. The others on the couches. NT - nmbeach
Tue 1:04 PM BBT1:01 PM Jason out of DR. Announces it's time for the Veto Meeting! - Scott3325
Jason starts Veto Meeting.
Kryssie says don't use the veto on her - he beat her in Veto comp.
Jason says he is going to use the veto on himself.
Morgan replaces Jason with Shelby.
Jason says this Veto Meeting is adjourned.
Tue 12:50 PM BBT12:50 PM Jason called to DR. (Preparing for Veto meeting?) NT - Scott3325

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