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Wed 6:01 PM BBTJasn says he told them Shelby was smartest bi*ch in here. Morgan says Shelb graduated from ASU w/ 2 degrees. (NOTE: Jojo remains.) NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:59 PM BBTShelby hugs everyone as she leaves the house. She whispers to Morgan "one more week". Jason tells Shelby she did play a good game - Tigrress
& offers her a bag of candy. Shelby says "thats ok" bc she has "lots of candy from the HOH she won". Says "bye guys!" and exits.
Wed 5:58 PM BBTBy a vote of 2 to 0, Shelby has been evicted from the BB house. NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:57 PM BBTMorgan heads to DR to get the results. NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:57 PM BBTJustin votes to evict Shelby. NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:56 PM BBTJason votes "with much respect" he "finally votes to evict the very logical Shelby" NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:56 PM BBTShelby's speech: Says she already knows the outcome & is not going to beg for their votes. Greets family, says she misses them & will see them soon. - Tigrress
Shelby asks Morgan to win the comps so she has someone to root for in the finale. Tells friends from law school that she hopes they are not done celebrating whether or not she passed so they can help lift her spirits after she gets out of there.
Thats right hypocridiots, nothing gets passed you, I graduated law school earlier this year.

Says thats it for me houseguest & I will see you next week.

To all the viewers out there, told you that I would be using this prize $$ to help sex trafficking victims. You better bet that this (getting evicted) is not stop me. If you have any spare time, $$ or household items or clothing, there's probably an organization near you that could use your help.
Wed 5:55 PM BBTKryssie's speech: She misses ppl at home. Says its astounding to be here at 8th eviction. Greets Jason & Justin and says day 1 to - Tigrress
the end.
Wed 5:54 PM BBT5:54 PM Live Eviction NT - Scott3325
Wed 5:54 PM BBT5:54 Live eviction ceremony begins. NT - planetmu
Wed 5:54 PM BBT5:54pm: Live Eviction begins NT - Tigrress
Wed 5:02 PM BBTBB weekly episode begins. NT - planetmu
Wed 5:01 PM BBTMorgan walks in and Kryssie tells her her hair looks really cute. Jason says Shelby's looks better. Morgan says she doesn't care. - planetmu
Kryssie: Fight. Jason: Well, fu*k yo too. (Jokingly).
Wed 4:59 PM BBTLNJ say they will all try to win HOH. Kryssie says she is quadrupally fu*ked because they all really want to win it. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:58 PM BBTJustin is energized. He was standing, pacing, doing knee lifts, singing, looking for his Chapstick. - planetmu
He says the couch probably ate it.
Wed 4:56 PM BBTKryssie says she is excited to have Thanskgiving with "her boys." NT - planetmu
Wed 4:55 PM BBTJustin says he is about to channel his third eye and shoot lasers from it. - planetmu
Jason says he wonders about Justin. Justin says that's okay.
Wed 4:54 PM BBTLNJ in TBR patiently waiting for the eviction ceremony. Justin says he can't believe they made it this far. - planetmu
Jason tells him they will see all the rest of the comps this season.

Justin thinks the next HOH will be "dramatic." Guarantee "you will be chillin at the end."

Wed 4:46 PM BBTJustin asks Shelby if she has some regular lotion. She says it is in her basket. Justin asks if it smells better than the gasoline - planetmu
lotion he has been using. They say it does. He applies some of the lotion and confirms it does smell better.
Wed 4:44 PM BBTMorgan is doing Shelby's makeup. Justin finishes blow-drying his curls. He says he is good with all of them and - planetmu
has nothing against any of them. He says he is the most loving guy in the world.

Morgan had said she was worried she would only have a pinata to talk to (after Shelby leaves).
Wed 4:38 PM BBTJason tells Kryssie this is not the full BB experience it all. It is the toned down version. - planetmu
Kryssie talks about second-guessing herself in all of the comps.
Wed 4:35 PM BBTShelby says she is broken out around her "f'ng eye" right now. Morgan says "I wonder why." (In reference to all the crying.) NT - planetmu
Wed 4:32 PM BBT(4:31)Justin blow-drying his hair knocks something over and gets called out by BB. "You're the reason we can't have nice things." - planetmu
They laugh. Shelby to Justin: "They always play with you. They never play with me."
Wed 4:30 PM BBTJason and Kryssie in TBR talking about their anxiety. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:25 PM BBTJustin has donned his do good cologne for HOH. "Smell good, do good!" He tells Jason he will put more on before the comp. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:24 PM BBTJason says they are still building something in BY and BB reminds him not to talk about Production. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:24 PM BBTJason joins Kryssie in the kitchen where she is doing dishes. He says he wonders what is making him feels sick and he needs water. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:22 PM BBT(4:17) Jason finishes studying and joins Justin in LBR. He aks Justin to lift the bed so he can retrieve the hidden Krackle bars. - planetmu
Jason says he will try to hand it to Shelby before she leaves.
Wed 4:20 PM BBT(4:15:11) Cam 1 quickly zooms in on Big Meech's discarded hair extensions hanging on a hangar on the BR wall. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:18 PM BBT(4:13) Sh/Morgan and Justin silently primping in the bathroom. Morgan putting on make-up. Shelby curling her hair. - planetmu
Justin puts his locks in a messy bun ala Nicole.
Wed 4:11 PM BBTJason laying in TBR alone is silently mouthing something to himself (possibly practicing days and historical info for HOH comp). - planetmu
Deep sighs and occasionally rolling or shutting his eyes.
Wed 4:09 PM BBTKryssie is in the kitchen putting away or washing dishes (by the sounds of it.) NT - planetmu
Wed 4:07 PM BBTShelby has joined Morgan in the bathroom to prep for Shelby's impending departure. A toweled Justin emerges from the shower. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:05 PM BBTJason has migrated alone back to the TBR. He is laying in silence staring off into another realm of reality. NT - planetmu
Wed 4:05 PM BBTShelby says they might as well start getting ready. Morgan gets up and leaves the YR for parts unknown. - planetmu
As she is leaving she says (sarcastically), "Don't trust the loud girl." Shelby: (loudly) "Fu*k you!"
Wed 4:02 PM BBTJason seems to be in a rather pensive gloomy mood. BB tells Justin to please stop singing (in the shower). - planetmu
Kryssie continues getting prettified for the ceremony and Sh/Mor still in the YR picking at split ends and sitting. The latter two do not seem too concerned with prepping for the eviction ceremony.
Wed 3:58 PM BBTLNJ are in the bathroom preparing for the eviction ceremony in an hour. - planetmu
Justin into shower. Kryssie curling her hair. Jason is sitting quietly.

Justin barks like a dog, then butt moons us as he enters the shower stall. Justin asks K/J if the cameras were on him and Kryssie says they are always on him when he shows his a*s. He sings and impromptu ditty about the whole wold seeing his a*s. Camera zooms in on his face.

Wed 3:47 PM BBTDR told Shelby "Do you really think Julie is going to work on Thanksgiving??" NT - Dolffie
Wed 3:36 PM BBTShelby's says her biggest regret was not flipping and voting Danielle out in the tie-breaker so Shane would - planetmu
have to stick around after that speech he made. She is laughing as she says it and Morgan agrees. Morgan says she wanted to says how dumb Scott was. Shelby says she didn't know how dumb Shane was at that point. Morgan says they have a giant list of mistakes.

Shelby says that "f*ckin DR was rough last night." The question what was your biggest mistake: she says she said said "Well I am about to go home..." and we get FISH because of her talking about DRs.

BB: You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other HGs.

Justin tells J/K he heard Shelby screaming about the Coup d etat. (He doesn't know S/M were talking about Neeley at the time.) Justin tells Jason and Kryssie Shelby said he was a homeless guy who stole somebody's bag. That he was a twist. He tells them he has been homeless before and sang on the corner for money. He says he got massive tips. He had to live on a good friend's couch for a couple of months.

Wed 3:25 PM BBTMorgan and Shelby in YR having a trash-talking sesh. - planetmu
Trashing Neeley.

Shelby changes the topic to Alex never crying. She says if they "punched a baby to death" she (Alex) would not "shed a tear" or cry.

Morgan says Alex cried like 3 years ago when she hit Alex's elbow (?). She says Alex does things to irritate her on purpose and loves to get a reaction.

Shelby apparently feels better now as she lets out a huge sigh.

Silence until Morgan asks about days and numbers.

Wed 3:13 PM BBTShelby called Jason the puppetmaster of Justin. NT - Dolffie
Wed 3:01 PM BBT3:00 PM Morgan re-joins Shelby in Yoga. Morgan says we're done! (crying) Shelby says OK. NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:50 PM BBT2:50 PM Shelby says she doesn't know why she is crying. She doesn't know if she could stand being here another week if not in HOH. NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:49 PM BBT2:47 PM Morgan to KT for water. Justin asks her if she is OK. Morgan answers she is dandy as she can be. NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:46 PM BBT2:45 PM Shelby tells Morgan she can win this HOH since they are in athletic wear. They then practice "days". NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:42 PM BBTShelby tells Morgan, while crying, that she hoped she could temper tantrum her way out of this. She is good at temper tantrums. NT - Dolffie
Wed 2:41 PM BBT2:36 PM Justin gives a pep talk to Shelby. Shelby wants to know if he's a homeless guy that BB picked up off the street. - Scott3325
Justin says no.
2:38 PM Shelby joins Morgan in Yoga and they talk about their periods.
Morgan says they better get it all out now before the ceremony. (Crying) She told Justin to vote out Jason if it comes down to Jason/Kryssie.
Wed 2:41 PM BBTShelby asks Justin if he is really a homeless guy they grabbed off the street who stole someone's luggage. He shakes it off. NT - Dolffie
Wed 2:35 PM BBT2:35 PM Justin hugs a crying Shelby in BA. Shelby says she was okay until she saw Morgan crying. NT - Scott3325
Wed 2:29 PM BBT2:28 PM Shelby ironing in SR. Morgan by herself in Yoga crying. NT - Scott3325

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