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Thu 6:20 AM BBT1:15 Jason ranting about Justin, he's mad about Justin saying he played the best game, he hopes all 3of Justin's girls dump him NT - Spygirls
Thu 4:10 AM BBT4:01 AM Jason & Krys to bed in HOH. 4:03 AM House lights go off. Justin, with his eyes covered, quiets down but is still awake. NT - Scott3325
Thu 4:03 AM BBT3:59 AM Justin starts humming and singing about what he is missing because he is in the BB House. (Family, etc.) Then silence. NT - Scott3325
Thu 3:58 AM BBT3:57 AM Justin ends his monologue with "It's just me and G O D baby - good night."Then again lists his Thanksgiving menu requests. NT - Scott3325
Thu 3:55 AM BBT3:40 AM Justin talking in TBR bed. - Scott3325
Thanks Production for the food that was supplied.
It's like a prison in here.
Wants some wild women in House if he were to be invited back.
Would like to do the OTT thing again - not regular BB. Could not do four months - but two months would be okay.
A thousand dollars a week is pretty cheap - really cheap. But it would be nice to walk away from here with a quarter mill.
Justin starts singing and gets the stop singing announcement from BB. Apologizes for singing - he did not think the cameras were on him. Hopes they did not record what he has been saying. Thought cams were on HOH. But he knows the cams are on 24 hours.
It's all good - G O O D - good.
Asks ...

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Thu 3:18 AM BBT(3:05) Justin in dark TBR in bed talking about what he would like for Thanksgiving. - planetmu
He is thankful and blessed to still be there. He requests some wine. He says it's all love. He says he just likes turkey and macaroni. First TG he has spent away from his family. Never thought he wold make it this far. it is real crazy. He plans to win the next comp and beat Jason in the end. He laughs and says he feels he deserves it more than Jason. Talks about helping the children in NO so they don't pick up a gun. He says the world is a crazy place. Trump is President. He is grateful thankful and blessed. Every day above ground is a good day. Then he goes back to talking to BB production and says he doesn't even need turkey He would be happy with pizza. He tells the real story of Thanksgiving and says it is a terrible holiday if you really think about it. "Terrible. Terrible." On the brighter side of things he is still in the BB house laughing and chillin. Everything is gravy. Which leads to gravy, he doesn't need gravy on TG.
Thu 3:16 AM BBT3:05 AM Justin talks to BB requesting what he would like for Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey & macaroni & bottle of wine for himself. - Scott3325
Never thought he would make it this far in the house. Thinks he deserves win more than Jason.
"The world's a crazy place. Donald Trump's our president. It's all f*cked up."
Rants about Thanksgiving because of it's origins and what happened to Natives later.
Again requests turkey & macaroni. Wants a whole bottle of wine for himself. "I'm a big guy."
Wishes his baby Whitney was still around.
Can't wait for this experience to be over. Probably never going to talk to any of these people again.
Can beat anybody at the end.
Had such a good time (in BB House) - good memories, but ready to get back to New Orleans.
Looking forward to Christmas.
He's had a good run. Appreciates "you all". (America)
Never been away from home for this long.
Thanks CBS Production. "You guys do a hell of a job."
Thu 3:03 AM BBT(2:00) Justin taking a break from working out is sitting alone in the TBR talking to himself saying - planetmu
come Monday "he is going to win this thing." BB asks him to put his mic on. He says he is going to workout and gets down on the floor to do pushups. He gets up and grabs his mic then goes to the SR.

Meanwhile up in the HOH Kryssie tells Jason who is a bit calmer now, that she really thinks Justin doesn't even know what he is saying sometimes. Jason says he knows Justin doesn't know what comes out of his mouth sometimes.
Thu 2:57 AM BBT2:54 AM Justin talking to himself in TBR. Mentions what he has survived - Katrina, been shot at, funerals, robbed. Stares blankly. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:56 AM BBT(1:40) Kryssie heads up to the HOH and tells Jason something about Justin (feeds in mid convo). Jason angry saying Justin is so - planetmu
"arrogant." Jason calls Justin a fuc*ing a**hole. A "fuc*in pri*k" (Justin was being confident when he was talking to Kryssie in the bathroom.) Jason continues to talk negatively about Justin.

Kryssie says she makes excuses for people she likes. Jason continues calling Justin "arrogant" and an "arrogant di*k." An "as*hole."

What Kryssie told Jason when she returned to the HOH after her shower is unknown. (She may have told Jason that Justin said he wanted to beat Jason if he gets to F3.)
Thu 2:53 AM BBT2:50 AM Justin back to TBR bed - wide awake. Jason/Kryssie in HOH switch off Justin bashing topic to more mundane BB topics. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:49 AM BBT2:44 AM Justin to BA, checks out his pecs, rubs lotion on pecs. Jason sees Just on TV. Jason continues bashing game play of Just. NT - Scott3325
Thu 2:49 AM BBTMorgan went to bed in the LBR about 1:15 AM. NT - planetmu
Thu 2:48 AM BBT(1:30) Justin and Kryssie in bathroom talking about F3. Justin in an upbeat mood. Tells Kryssie again it's all good. He knew Jason - planetmu
was not going to take him and he never trusted Jason. Justin tells Kryssie she made it to F3 and has no worries. She is showering during their conversation and she counters by saying nobody will want to vote for someone who had F3 handed to them. (Talking about herself.)

Then Kryssie plays the poor card for her and Jason. She says she and Jason are poor and need the money. Justin says they are all poor; they all need the money. But he says he doesn't like to use the word poor, because people who live off a grain of rice everyday are poor.

Justin heads to the yoga room for workout. (1:35)
Thu 2:42 AM BBT2:35 AM Jason/Kryssie in HOH bashing game play of Justin. - Scott3325
Jason says game play of Justin reminds him of game play of Andy Herren. (That Andy was not part of a "couple" for game play.) (Andy was the winner of BB15 in 2013.) Kryssie doesn't know who Andy Herren is, so Jason explains Andy & his game play.
2:40 AM In a dark TBR, Justin, in bed, continues blankly staring, deep in thought.
Thu 2:31 AM BBT2:28 AM Justin turns off lights in TBR & lies on bed. Jason/Kryssie in HOH talking about Justin, his game play, & game topics. NT - Scott3325
Thu 1:37 AM BBTMorgan confused why Justin seems to be campaigning so hard. Says she is not going to throw the comp! NT - LiZinTeXaS
Thu 1:32 AM BBT1:00 as Ja/Kry rag Justin in HOH Justin rags Jason to Morgan in the BR downstairs. Morgan says she would of taken Kryssie - LiZinTeXaS
Justin tells Mo that he revealed their f2 alliance. Justin is sure Kry would of taken him over Jason. Justin still campaigning to us saying he played a really good game.
Thu 1:00 AM BBTJason not upset about having to do this to Justin. Says Justin is playing America putting a show on the whole time. Says it is - LiZinTeXaS
easy to say I've had a rough life in an ambiguous way without giving any detail as to why the way Justin does. Says you don't say you are homeless without saying how you became homeless.
Thu 12:50 AM BBTJustin is visibly shook but says he understands and he had a f2 with Morgan. Ja/Kr leave HOH and Justin vows to fight for f3 NT - LiZinTeXaS
Thu 12:30 AM BBTLNJ in the HOH room. Jason tells Justin he is picking Kryssie, he's been w/her a day longer. Tells Justin win the comp vs Morgan NT - LiZinTeXaS
Wed 10:29 PM BBTJason out of DR: Who wants to see my HOH room?! NT - moeopoly
His letter is from Nanette, who ever that is...
Wed 10:28 PM BBTJustin shouts out to New Orleans, says he's ready to be outta there and is over this sh**. Says he's gonna stay positive, - moeopoly
but he's ready to go home. Been a h*ll of an experience.
Wed 9:53 PM BBTKryssie to Morgan: Now that you're allowed to talk to me, if you want a workout out buddy for the last week... - moeopoly
Kryssie says she misses the gym.
Wed 9:40 PM BBT(9:33) Kryssie/Jason whisper in BR. K: If Morgan goes against him (Justin), she's got him. Jason: Yeh - that's the only option we got. - moeopoly
Jason: I'm not putting you against him. Not in this scenario - I'm obviously bringing you.
*Kryssie smiles and covers her mouth*
Jason: So, it is what it is, and I don't even think he can be mad about it. Cuz you've always been our connector. Like, I mean, we've (all) had our thing, but like.. we've (K/Ja) had our thing before that.
Jason: Ur safe.
Kryssie: I love you.
Jason: Yeh..
Wed 9:25 PM BBTThe last 2 hrs all HGs have sat in the kitchen share alliance secrets and going over the past game moves.Justin now laying down NT - LiZinTeXaS
Wed 7:28 PM BBTKryssie has everyone say all their alliance names. Jason says "BALLS ARE STILL IN THE HOUSE!!" (i.e. ballsmashers) NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:26 PM BBTJustin walks in SR alone, says "I'm f*ed" NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:21 PM BBT7:19 PM Jason tells the HGs that he was voted in over Jozea. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:19 PM BBTEVeryone congrats Jason NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:17 PM BBTJason asks housepets if they want to know his twist now? He says now that it doesnt matter anymore, America voted him in! TY Am! NT - Tigrress
Wed 7:16 PM BBT7:16 PM Jason tells the HGs that America voted him in. NT - Scott3325
Wed 7:14 PM BBTJason: YES! YES! YES! OH MY GOD! *he curls up and cries, breathing hard - Kryssie comes over and immediately hugs him NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:13 PM BBTJason won. NT - Tigrress
Wed 7:13 PM BBTJason won. NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:10 PM BBTWinner of tonight comp earns spot in Final 3 -and- chooses one person to take them. - moeopoly
Each game board has the same question, you have to maneuver your ball up the board into the correct answer pocket - but must avoid the pitfalls. Incorrect answers you get to redo, if you get them all correct you get the green light and you win.
Wed 7:09 PM BBTThe rules of Uphill Battle. - pipper
Each plays on own game board. Each board has same question. Maneuver ball into answer pocket using a bar and rope to lift one color coded answer ball at a time up the board. There are pitfalls to avoid. Once all answers are in the pockets.
If wrong, use stick to push ball out from behind playing board.
The question is Houseguest HOH winners and the week numbers.
Wed 7:08 PM BBTThey're all playing at the same time, but they each have their own wall. (It's similar to the one Frankie won alone in his season) - moeopoly
Wed 7:04 PM BBTComp is called "Uphill Battle" NT - moeopoly
Wed 7:03 PM BBT703: Its time for final HOH comp. NT - Tigrress
Wed 6:47 PM BBT6:46 Fish music with The Head of Household Competition Is Coming Soon on all 4 feeds NT - Tigrress
Wed 6:30 PM BBT(6:28) Jason asks Justin if they are still building in the BY. - planetmu
Jason thinks it will be an individual comp. Morgan says she hates individual comps. Jason then says, but who knows he is "not God!" "as Shelby said."

Wed 6:28 PM BBTJustin standing in the kitchen drinking some Coke listening to Morgan talking to J/K in the BR. - planetmu
He saunters towards the BR and stops at the camera mirror windows by the YR to fix his stash. He then turns back and walks to the kitchen.
Wed 6:25 PM BBTJustin is sticking to himself right now prior to the HOH comp. He is pacing around in the kitchen area. NT - planetmu
Wed 6:24 PM BBTMorgan and Kryssie have never spent Thanksgiving away from home. Jason says he has. NT - planetmu
Wed 6:24 PM BBT(6:10) Kryssie about Shelby: It's always the smart people who come in & play dumb. Like Matt was in Mensa.. NT - moeopoly
Wed 6:21 PM BBTMorgan told them all that she and Alex are sisters about 6 minutes ago... NT - moeopoly
She also mentioned that she had already told Kryssie her secret two weeks ago (Kryssie never told anyone, because she thought Morgan was lying)

(6:14) Kryssie tells Morgan in the BR that she told her she'd never tell anybody, and she didn't..
Wed 6:21 PM BBTBathroom group asking Morgan questions about Alex. (After Morgan exposed that Alex is her sister.) NT - planetmu
Wed 6:21 PM BBTKryssie, Jason and Morgan are waiting in the bathroom for the HOH comp to begin. NT - planetmu
Wed 6:20 PM BBTJustin is in the YR alone with his head bowed in a prayer-like position. NT - planetmu

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