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Fri 1:49 AM BBTJustin cooks eggs while Jason watches from HOH & calls him a child w/ arrogant tendencies. He's only ever worried about himself NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:35 AM BBTWhile staring at the fish antics, Jason delivers a soliloquy about Justin. It is not positive. NT - Dolffie
Fri 12:15 AM BBTJason shaves his nipples. NT - Dolffie
Thu 8:20 PM BBTJustin goes to shower, and Morgan and Kryssie discussing cost of living in Austin. Morgan brings up BF and *fish*... NT - Logan26
Thu 8:15 PM BBT(7:39) Justin in BY alone promoting his restaurant and instagram account. He says he got here through his personality and... - Logan26
By the grace of God. He said he BSed his way to final 4 because he sucks at competitions. He proclaims his 3rd comp win will be Monday and he will make the finale.
Thu 8:09 PM BBTJustin joins Kryssie and Morgan in Tokyo room and Kryssie immediately gets called to the DR. Justin says to Morgan, "you're so - Logan26
Beautiful. Morgan thanks him. They think they will have Julie questions on Friday. DR just wanted Kryssie to get something and she returns to the tokyo room in short order. Justin Kryssie and Morgan now chatting about weather and snow in Tokyo room. Jason is still upstairs.
Thu 7:56 PM BBTKryssie talking to Morgan about how she has been calming Justin down about turning on Jason for a long time now.... they are... - Logan26
Talking again about Justin's entitlement. They hear Justin come inside and are worried about him going to the storage room and taking all the wine.
Thu 7:46 PM BBT(7:15 p.m.) Kryssie tells Morgan Shelby's behavior during the thanksgiving video was terrible. Morgan agrees and says... - Logan26
She even told her that people would kill to be there right now, and that there are people behind the wall who would be like "wow.. who raised you.." they say she should've been more graceful in that situation and vented later. Morgan said shelbys biggest problem was controlling her emotions.
Thu 7:14 PM BBTKryssie and Morgan hope there is a studio audience on finale night. Kryssie asks Morgan to do her makeup that night, and.. - Logan26
Morgan agrees. Kryssie says she wants to look great if she finishes 3rd. They talk about what a tremendous accomplishment it is to make finale night. Kryssie can't believe after all this time she would be fine if Justin were to be eliminated.
Thu 7:09 PM BBTKryssie says Justin definitely wasn't grateful thankful and blessed on the day he should've been the most. Morgan laments... - Logan26
Justin didn't put on a chefs hat on or help with the cooking at all. Kryssie again says they will have to drink that wine really late if they're going to do it without Justin. Talk returns to letters from home.
Thu 7:06 PM BBTKryssie/Morgan think they hear people in the storage room and speculate they may be getting wine. They don't wish to share... - Logan26
Any with Justin and think he'll run in to get it if BB makes an announcement. Morgan says Justin took a lot of wine from her and Shelby.
Thu 7:04 PM BBTKryssie says she's has been biting her tongue a lot. Kryssie says everybody in the jamboree had her as their #1. Kryssie... - Logan26
Doesn't think Justin did anything to help her throughout the game. Kryssie doesn't agree that Justin played that great a social game when Morgan brings that up. They say Justin has developed an inflated ego and thinks he deserves to win this game. Kryssie says their side needed to make sure they had the smartest strategists while Justin sat on the sidelines and didn't do anything.
Thu 7:00 PM BBTKryssie tells Morgan she really hope she wins vs. Justin and offers to help her study to win. Morgan says she is confident.. - Logan26
She would win in a mental competition and hopes it isn't a crapshoot. Morgan says again she doesn't appreciate Justin's entitlement, and he wishes he'd respect the rules. They discuss Justin's recruitment and Morgan says he applied to Masterchef. Kryssie says she loves Justin as a human being, but from a game perspective she is tired of him. Morgan agrees he would be awesome outside of the game.
Thu 6:55 PM BBTJustin goes outside to work out and Kryssie and Morgan reiterate they didn't agree with Justin's behavior today. Morgan says.. - Logan26
It was disrespectful to people at BB who prepared thanksgiving for them, and Morgan says people like Alex and Danielle would appreciate being there so much. Kryssie says she didn't know Ju would be a pr#$%k about it. They say they all miss home and they tried to make the most of the day.
Thu 6:52 PM BBTMorgan studying competition names in Tokyo room bed and Kryssie joins laying down in adjoining bed. Justin comes in... - Logan26
A few moments later and reads his letter from home to Kryssie and Morgan (Jason upstairs still). Morgan and Kryssie appreciative and Kryssie tears up slightly saying she's homesick for him. Justin leaves and Kryssie and Morgan discuss that he didn't want to read it in front of Jason. Kryssie doesn't understand why he's mad at Jason. Morgan says he thinks everyone would want him to take him to the final 3.
Thu 6:48 PM BBTJustin goes in KT and Kryssie asks about his letter. He says it is from his mom and she was letting him know how everything... - Logan26
Is good back home. They missed him from gumbo and BBQ festival. Kryssie asks why he didn't want to read it aloud and he says he just didn't .
Thu 6:44 PM BBTMorgan goes to Tokyo room bed and rereads letter from mom and dad. She has a brief convo with Justin about missing home. - Logan26
Justin puts on clothes and may work out. He thanks Morgan for her cooking and she says you're welcome. They comment about it being crazy that it is day 58. Justin leaves and Morgan lays in bed pensive. Jason appears to be trying to sleep in HOH bed.
Thu 6:39 PM BBTJustin wakes up. HGs all doing there own thing. Jas laying in HOH bed watching fish, Kryssie in BR, and Morgan out by the washing machine. NT - Logan26
Thu 6:07 PM BBTKryssie says her biggest problem with Shelby was she was a poor winner and an even worse winner. She didn't like how Shelby ... - Logan26
Always celebrated too loudly and her and J didn't appreciate that. They say Shelby was always the most despised by the LNJ, and Morgan says she was happy there was always a person on her side who was more of a target than her.
Thu 6:01 PM BBTJas and Morgan state that America kept it interesting with their influence and didn't favor one side this season NT - Logan26
Thu 5:51 PM BBTKryssie asks Morgan if she is low key happy that Shelby has left the game. Morgan responds that she knows Shelby had.. - Logan26
A good chance to win the game and she wouldn't have had a good argument against her. She says she is disappointed to lose an ally and a friend, but acknowledges she wouldn't have had a chance against her because she was doing really well. She says she knew Shelby was really disappointed because she realized she would have a shot to win if she made the finale if she would've made it there.
Thu 5:36 PM BBTJustin has returned to bed last 30 minutes or so but isnt sleeping. Jason forgot to feed fish and is now cleaning Kit mirrors NT - Logan26
Thu 5:05 PM BBTJustin comes in from the BY which ends the conversation. They discuss how good their Thansgiving meal turned out NT - Logan26
Thu 5:00 PM BBTJason Kryssie Morgan continue to chastise Justin disrespecting Big brother and the game. Jason and Kryssie say.. - Logan26
They'd rather Morgan make the final 3. Kryssie and Jason say they puppeteered Justin through the the game and he didn't do anything and he has had the easiest ride of anyone.
Thu 4:50 PM BBTHGs minus Justin at dinner table condemning Justin for stating he is going to win if he makes it to the end... - Logan26
Kryssie -- I am getting really tired of his attitude. We have been protecting him this whole time
Morgan -- he is acting entitled, and she is annoyed he doesn't respond immediately to DR summons or DR requests.
Jason -- he is like an arrogant ass and no one can tell him anything.
He doesn't think America will like that. They wonder how America views Justin.
Thu 4:05 PM BBTHGs dressing up for feast. Morgan puts on a thanksgiving sweater and Justin compliments the sweater. HGs pleading for wine NT - Logan26
Thu 4:00 PM BBTJason still talking - calls Justin a poor sport. He wonders if Justin expects him to save him. He says that would be stupid. - Logan26
He says he won't pull a Cody-Victoria and make that move (bringing Justin). He talks some more but Justin comes out to stop the conversation. He asks Justin how he is doing and Justin replies he is fine. He says it looks like everything was made. When Justin walks back in Jason says 'now you wanna get up when we've done all the work.... whatever.'
Thu 3:55 PM BBTJason acknowledges Morgan as a worthy competitor with her twist and that she got more screen time due to the twist NT - Logan26
Thu 3:54 PM BBTJason goes outside to talk to camera. He is relieved to be secure in final 3 and says it was kind of nice to openly discuss - Logan26
The twists and what has been going on all year while still in the house. He says 'I hope you got to go to Arizona Shelby', and he hopes he has his room all week. He hopes Morgan beats Justin but 'no shade' though he thought he was arrogant last night. He goes on to mock all Justin's supposed alliances especially Scott + Justin. He says nobody ran him this year. He apologizes to Scott and Alex for turning on them but days they were competitors. He hopes he has a chance to win and that people campaign for him, specifically bb alumni.
Thu 3:44 PM BBTThe table is being set by Jason for the feast. Justin wakes up and puts on a shirt. Justin sits on bed in contemplation. NT - Logan26
Thu 3:17 PM BBTBB makes another futile wake up call to Justin. Jason impatient with Justin sleeping all day. He says I'm sure.. - Logan26
'He's going through it' but we all are. He thinks his family gave a heartfelt message in the letter and it is sort of disrespectful for Justin not to read it. He relays that Justin told him he would read it later.
Thu 2:38 PM BBTKitchen crew discusses who is most likely to return to regular Big Brother from their cast. They come to a consensus that... - Logan26
The answers would be Danielle Justin and Whitney.
Thu 2:32 PM BBTJustin still sleeping on couch bed wrapped in the comforter with a pillow lying on top of his face. NT - Logan26
Thu 2:19 PM BBTJason and Kitchen crew keeps joking about the Portugese dish they are preparing which is a combo of bread and chicken liver... - Logan26
They compare it to dog food and how Morgan can reminisce about the thanksgiving she had with strangers and eating dog food / chicken livers. They admit they don't know what they are doing with this dish and don't know how it will turn out.
Thu 2:06 PM BBTJason: the evictees do not envy us now. Kryssie partly agrees regarding some of this they do envy. Jason imagines - Logan26
How Alex would react to the chicken livers and humorously suggests she would not react well to them.
Thu 1:58 PM BBTBB gives a wake up call to Justin. Jason says yeah you can't do that... Kryssie says she has been disappointed - Logan26
In Justin today. Jason agrees and says he was also disappointed in him last night. Morgan inquires about what happened. Jason explains of the conversation of last night and how Justin stated he is more of a deserving winner than the others, has played a better game and has been the underdog. Morgan says she didn't know that all this happened.
Thu 1:48 PM BBTKryssie starts cooking the chicken livers and hgs discuss Jason's strange dish that he contributed. K and M say - Logan26
That often the disgusting sounding dishes often turn out to be the tastiest.
Thu 1:16 PM BBTJason says they should be able to sing, cause no one is watching. They say they can now talk about the outfits they had to wear - M3gabyt3
'this morning', for the thanksgiving message that was part of CBS's Macy's Parade show.
Thu 1:15 PM BBTMorgan wonders if they flew Shelby home... Jason says probably not yet but soon NT - Logan26
They discuss Shelby's current living situation and if she lives with aunt/uncle. Morgan says she is looking for an apartment, and they joke that she needs to find one within a week so Morgan has a place to stay while she visits LA once the season is over.
Thu 1:10 PM BBTKryssie asks if they celebrate festivus (from Seinfeld). Jason asks what that is - M3gabyt3
he says he's heard of it but thought it was like a real holiday.
Thu 1:09 PM BBTKryssie is glad they are cooking together (Jason her and Morgan) and bonding like a family in there today NT - Logan26
Thu 1:08 PM BBTMorgan gives shoutouts to Whole Foods. Jason says Whole Foods is a ripoff. NT - M3gabyt3
Thu 1:07 PM BBTJason has a recipe from his Nana NT - M3gabyt3
Thu 1:04 PM BBTKryssie is preparing Neeley's recipe. Morgan gives Neeley props to eating healthy while in the house. Jason is shredding cheese. NT - M3gabyt3
Thu 1:02 PM BBTCooking continues with Kryssie taking the lead giving directions and Morgan and Jason mostly assisting. NT - Logan26
Thu 1:01 PM BBTThere is a fly, Jason tried to kill it. NT - M3gabyt3
Thu 12:53 PM BBTThe HGs have been preparing their thanksgiving dinner, Justin is not taking part in the preparations and lying in bed. - M3gabyt3
They have recipes from some past HGs (and family?), and the can opener problems from early in the season have returned.

Kryssie was preparing the Turkey.

General chatter while they attempt to prepare food this afternoon.

Justin has been lying in bed. (ed. I don't know the reasons behind him not taking part)
Thu 12:53 PM BBT12:51 Jason speculating if a recap will be filmed reminiscing about former HGs... he decides there won't be as no crew is working NT - Logan26
Thu 6:51 AM BBT2:07 Jason about Justin: "I don't even wanna come to New Orleans, f*ck you and your Louis Vuittons, Chantel's never f*cking you - Spygirls
Jason is heated at Justin, it seems to have started from Justin telling them he played a great game and he's not afraid to go head to head with them at F3 where he thinks he can beat both of them. Jason wants Morgan to beat Justin now, he said that even if Justin beats Morgan he hopes Justin gets 3rd place. Jason is also mad at Justin telling Kryssie that he thinks that the only people who he thinks are poor are those who're starving and that everyone is blessed.
Thu 6:34 AM BBT1:56 "No wonder Justin's more in love with the girl he pays to be his girlfriend than the two that want to be his GF" NT - Spygirls

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