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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:23 AMEarlier there was a big spider in the main BR. Ashleigh & God tried getting it to go out the front door. It wouldn't go & Ash (Long Post, Read More...)
11:55 PMBrit continues, knows she's a large target. "What are the chances someone wins a triple & a double. And a secret super power!" (Long Post, Read More...)
11:48 PMBrit talks to Sarah in HOH "Ashleigh should evict me. I'll do everything in my power to get to final 2- to beat her in those comps. And not take her. I don't underestimate her... correction. I don't underestimate Zach - who told her not to take me." She starts talking about Zach... and "thanks" him for making the game 100 times harder for her...... "and I still like the guy"
11:02 PMNow it's confirmed, Ashleigh won POV. Brit is currently campaigning to her in HOH in front of Sarah. NT
10:37 PMAshleigh/Sarah speculating when the show ends.They wonder if the whole thing could end on Sunday
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