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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:23 PM ETParas now only HG not to be OTB yet -scoby61
8:20 PM ETFeeds back- Johnny nomed kaela and derek -scoby61
4:50 PM ETEarlier Daela on the white couch upstairs, talking about a nominated speech Derek wants to give. Kaela asks Derek what he is going to say. Derek says to just have a TV moment. Kaela tells him he might blow up his game, not to do that... -MyBestBud (Long Post, Read More...)
4:23 PM ETFeed 2/3 - Feed down. -MyBestBud
4:22 PM ETFeed 3/4 - Liv & Ali in the shower, Will at the sink. -MyBestBud
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Important Dates
Apr 22 (Premiere) Into the Badlands
Apr 23 (Finale) UnREAL
Apr 24 (Encore) Roseanne
Apr 24 (Finale) Married at First Sight
Apr 25 (Premiere) My Partner Knows Best