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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:16 AM ETThe feeds are back and the HGS are in bed -Dani
1:54 AM ETWill asked Paras did anything more happen that night with Jesse. Paras tells him no & tells him she doesn't want to talk about it again or be associated with that and he should know because he has Parker (his son) again THE FEEDS CUT! -Dani
1:44 AM ETBB : Goodnight Houseguest. Maddy pops in for a quick word with Hamza, she asked him if the votes are the same. He tells her yes. -Dani
1:40 AM ETWill: i have a quick question, was that the first time you & Paras hooked up the other night. Jesse: There was one minor thing before that but I dont think that counts. The Feeds Cut after that. -Dani
1:26 AM ETJesse pops in the HOH for a quick chat. He tells them if they dont have any questions for him they can regroup in the morning -Dani
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