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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
4:58 AMJozae takes a swig from his massive water bottle, sets a little longer on the sofa, then gets up and heads back to bed. -BBTalking
4:53 AMJozae leaves the SR empty-handed. Back sitting in the living room. -BBTalking
4:53 AMRestless on the sofa, and now on the move again, Jozae ends up in the SR looking at packaged foods and reading labels. -BBTalking
4:51 AMOut of the BR, Jozae stops briefly at the mirror, then strolls through the house to take a seat in the living room. -BBTalking
4:48 AMJozae has been restless in bed, and is now up and to the BR. -BBTalking
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Jun 26 (Special) 2016 BET Awards
Jun 26 (Finale) Sister Wives
Jun 26 (Premiere) $100,000 Pyramid
Jun 26 (Premiere) Celebrity Family Feud
Jun 26 (Premiere) Match Game