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This is a response to: Kevin Schlehuber's Dad
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Not sure why the pitch forks all the sudden. You ALL clicked the link, there4 wanted to see Media of Kevin's dad. Family info off limits is BS. (cont)
08/30/17 12:44 PM

These are PUBLIC articles, a PUBLIC photo, and I post family stuff ALL the time - haven't had one complaint. Seems to me it's because of his background.

This was not meant to make freakin Kevin look bad AT ALL. Kevin is the only freakin decent person left in that house, and one of my favorites from the ENTIRE cast. This is just INFORMATION people, CHILL.

If I had seen it before, I would've posted it then. I post stuff when I run across it (no matter WHO the HG). Just like I posted about Cody's brother, Cody's child, Jason's wife and child, Alex nephew, etc. I thought it was cool that I found a pic of his dad, because they have similar features, and wanted to share it. It's not WWIII. If I had ONLY posted his pic, you would have said NOTHING - and things would be okay to post then, right? 100% percent some of you SAME PEOPLE would have been "Aww, they look so much alike" and etc. Hypocritical.

No one said it's "game related". This website is for ALL things RELATED to the current (and past) HGs. I.e. HG info forum, media forum, etc. Just because you may not LIKE the content, doesn't mean it doesn't exist or isn't interesting to other people.

No one also said that Kevin's father or anything else has to do with KEVIN. So don't jump to conclusion just because you're mad about something you dreamed up in your head, that is not reality.

There's allllll kinds of irrelevant information out there about the HGs, their families, their lives etc. NONE of that is relevant, but we still find things interesting about the HGs lives and families - do we not? I think you would agree.

*Gets off soap box*

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* Kevin Schlehuber's Dad
08/30/17 06:12 AM
xx * Not sure why the pitch forks all the sudden. You ALL clicked the link, there4 wanted to see Media of Kevin's dad. Family info off limits is BS. (cont)
08/30/17 12:44 PM
xx * Maybe this is why we can't get quality people on the show anymore because they're afraid of all sorts of BS about their family members being highli NT
08/30/17 02:00 PM
xx * Im a kevin fan, dont see anything wrong with this being posted. Confirms what he talks about. Confirms his family is the real deal not to mess with NT
08/30/17 11:59 AM
xx * Not game or HG related. Doesn't interest me. NT
08/30/17 11:43 AM
xx * Stories about HGs family members should be declared off limits, IMO, even if the HGs make references to them. Such stories only serve to reflect
08/30/17 11:09 AM
xx * Apple does not fall far from the tree.
08/30/17 09:39 AM
xx * Kevin shouldnt be punished for the sins of his father. NT
08/30/17 10:48 AM
xx * It is relevant becuz Kev talks about it openly on the feeds. Kevin said his house was taken bcuz of his father's arrest and it caused
08/30/17 02:53 PM
xx * "sickly. unlikely drug dealer" "former 200 a day drug addict testified against him." come on! this is not a nice thing to put up, poor Kevin NT
08/30/17 09:19 AM
xx * I didn't write the articles dear - the newspapers did. NT
08/30/17 12:52 PM
xx * I can take take off his backstory, if desired... was only intending to post his pic, then added info. Or this can be moved to HG Info. NT
08/30/17 07:04 AM
xx * wow, interesting
08/30/17 07:01 AM
xx * Why is this posted??what happened to leave the Family alone?? this man is NOT a HG on BB .i guess we choose which family deserves privately NT
08/30/17 06:44 AM
xx * why is there an issue with this being posted? Even Kevin has talked about this stuff openly in the house. this is public info-not like it's slander NT
08/30/17 07:33 AM
xx * Thank you - wondering the same thing. NT
08/30/17 01:57 PM
xx * Have no idea why Kevin talks nonstop about his parents drug trade, prison, snitch murders, bookie biz, mob ties & extramarital fantasies... he
08/30/17 07:05 AM
xx * He didn't steal the $25k...
08/30/17 09:36 AM
xx * Why is Kevin's $25,000 "a theft"? It looked to me like he got it fair and square. NT
08/30/17 08:36 AM
xx * What the heck? I was just posting his pic. Then added some bio below it. NT
08/30/17 07:00 AM
xx * why post his picture??he's has nothing to do with BB other then being a parent of a HG.which is suppose to be off limits. NT
08/30/17 07:32 AM
xx * I think it is relevant because
08/30/17 11:16 AM
xx * I doubt he is pretending. His children confirmed he has 7, wld know abt prison bc of dad/lifestyle and does like this it appears. NT
08/30/17 11:28 AM
xx * I agree... this shouldn't have been posted.
08/30/17 06:52 AM

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