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This is a response to: Can't really happen and Esti isn't even close to Paras' skills and they don't have idiot-Ryan to deceive NT
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paras had no skills. NT
03/15/19 11:26 AM

don't believe anything i say.

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* Let's see if Esti has those same "just before noms" skillz as Paras had when she saved Maddy from going up, let's see if she can do the same for Kiki.. lol. NT
03/15/19 07:50 AM
xx * Can't really happen and Esti isn't even close to Paras' skills and they don't have idiot-Ryan to deceive NT
03/15/19 09:13 AM
xx * paras had no skills. NT
03/15/19 11:26 AM
xx * fingers crossed NT
03/15/19 08:25 AM
xx * I don’t ever remember paras saving Maddy, I know Johnny did and he did it twice. Paras had no influence in that house, she won because she’s “pretty” NT
03/15/19 08:19 AM
xx * Kaela was being called to do noms and was about to put up Maddy when Paras quickly went up there to spin a tale to get Ryan thrown up instead. NT
03/15/19 08:54 AM
xx * Im sure that's not what because I dont really care to look it up but Im sure someone else (probably Johnny) did the groundwork and Paras came in to reiterate. NT
03/15/19 09:12 AM
xx * It sure did happen..I hated that she saved Maddy NT
03/15/19 09:36 AM
xx * Paras had a few good moves. It always seemed like dumb luck when things went her way, but things did go her way a good bit. NT
03/15/19 09:43 AM
xx * It actually is what happened. NT
03/15/19 09:21 AM
xx * Yeah, she won because she was more popular, her social game. Kaela was a far better player. Paras never had any influence on the house. Zero. Nada. Nothing. NT
03/15/19 08:23 AM
xx * emmett, neda, and kaela are the three top bbcan players so far. NT
03/15/19 11:34 AM
xx * I honestly dont think she had this amazing social game, Paras benefited from Pretty privilege combined that with not being a threat in comps and that's why she lasted as long as she did. NT
03/15/19 08:37 AM
xx * Kaela should have won but in public conversations she was pretty snarky to some of the HGs. Don't think it was her looks but that she was the least of two awful choices in the HGs' minds. In...
03/15/19 09:08 AM

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