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‘Big Brother 19’ Cody Eviction Interview; ‘I Can’t Make A Victim Noise Because I Don’t Make Them’
07/16/17 07:29 AM

‘Big Brother 19’ Cody Eviction Interview; ‘I Can’t Make A Victim Noise Because I Don’t Make Them’

By Martin Holmes. 14 Jul 2017 4:57 PM


Hey, Cody. Your game seemed to fall apart once you tried putting Paul on the block last week. Why didn’t you consult your allies before making this move and do you think it would have helped your game if you did?

Because those Paul groupies would have tried to talk me out of it.

You appeared to have a soft spot for Alex and refused to campaign against her this week. What is it about Alex that you respect so much and do you regret not campaigning against her?

No, I don’t regret it at all. I’ll never campaign against that girl. I think she’s the strongest female BB’er ever in the history of Big Brother. She consumes like 5-7000 calories of food and coca cola a day. I don’t know what fuels this chick, but it’s insane. In the trapeze competition, she legit just about beat me in that competition, and I hate to toot my own horn, but I feel like I’m pretty good at competitions. I don’t know how she did it – she did it on her tippy toes – there’s not one guy in the house that could do that. The other guys are terrified of this chick. I’ve had to tell Matt to man up like 20 different times in the house because he’s terrified of her. The fact that she’s able to instill that fear in the dudes in the house it makes me respect her so much. She deserves to be there; she’s proven it multiple times.

You accused Josh of making “victim noises.” Can you explain exactly what a “victim noise” is and why you clashed so much with Josh?

Obviously I can’t make a victim noise because I don’t make them. It’s those whines and cries and winces of pain. He had to drink pickle juice, and I’ve heard birthing pains that were less than the victim noises that Josh was making just drinking pickle juice. He’s just a constant victim; he’s a man child. He thinks the world hates him, so everyone is trying to coddle him. He’s always trying to gain attention somehow, someway. He has no legitimacy in the house since he hasn’t done anything. Check it out here: http://etcanada.com/news/240643/big-brother-19-cody-eviction-interview-i-cant-make-a-victim-noise-because-i-dont-make-them/

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* ‘Big Brother 19’ Cody Eviction Interview; ‘I Can’t Make A Victim Noise Because I Don’t Make Them’
Dreamer Administrator
07/16/17 07:29 AM
xx * Welcome to Cody's World, where there are only alphas, betas, and victims. Does he have any idea how he sounds? NT
07/16/17 09:00 PM
xx * Uggh this guy is a total tool bag and I hope to God he never comes back. NT
07/16/17 07:32 PM
xx * Stampity STAMP stamp!!! NT
07/17/17 08:36 AM
xx * The difference between men and boys is the sound of their victim noise.
07/16/17 02:46 PM
xx * Lol:) NT
07/16/17 01:32 PM
xx * So when he cried it wasn't a victim noise?? NT
07/16/17 11:46 AM
xx * Wow..that's being a hypocrite.
07/16/17 08:12 AM
xx * Couldn't agree more. And his little GF made victim noises too. NT
07/16/17 10:40 AM
xx * Very well said Sherie!! NT
07/16/17 09:12 AM
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