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Caleb feels cursed
03/16/17 02:33 PM

By John Powell – GlobalTV

Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

On Survivor: Kaoh Rong, Caleb saw his time on the series cut short when he was medically evacuated on Day 9.

As fate would have it, on Survivor: Game Changers last night Caleb was voted out on Day 9 when his friendship with Tai was viewed as a threat by the rest of the new Mana Tribe. Even Tai was convinced to vote Caleb out.

For the full story, click here.

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* Caleb feels cursed
03/16/17 02:33 PM
xx * it was wrong for Jeff to keep reminding the tribe of Caleb and Tai had been friends. Caleb had no chance with Jeff swaying the rest of the tribe NT
03/17/17 06:39 PM
xx * i couldn't believe how much Tai was doing it NT
03/18/17 12:09 PM
xx * I'm not watching so I have no idea but knowing how Caleb blabbed alot on BB, I would think that had more to do with anything. It's innocent for him
03/18/17 12:25 PM
xx * That's not what happened. Tai was convinced by Brad that BMC was too strong of a player to have around near the end and that it would be better for
03/18/17 12:57 PM
xx * Not that I know any of this but I highly doubt BMC changed the way he blabs. He's not aware of it and for people that take their game
03/18/17 01:21 PM
xx * We don't know what happened based on the edit CBS chose to show us. Last week the edit made it seem like a Tony vs Sandra showdown.
03/18/17 01:17 PM
xx * Caleb said he knew he was going NT
03/17/17 09:04 PM
xx * Why care about keeping your tribe strong when Jeff is just going to tell you to drop your buffs the next week? NT
03/16/17 07:36 PM
xx * Weird logic. Cut Caleb because they're afraid of his connection to Tai, yet they easily got Tai to vote him out. NT
03/16/17 07:33 PM
xx * if they were worried abt tia/caleb & wanted to keep a strong tribe seems it would have made more sense to boot tai then they could eat the chickens NT
03/17/17 08:16 AM
xx * the chickens are at a different camp now and they are being eaten by Sandra/JT/Ozzy etc. NT
03/17/17 12:10 PM
xx * Brad wanted Tai all to himself. Didn't want to share him with Caleb NT
03/17/17 11:50 AM
xx * Smart move by Brad...keep the easily influenced close at hand ;)and be his sole buddy ;) NT
03/17/17 12:41 PM
xx * If I was Brad I'd keep BMC because he's so loyal and trustworthy. Tai changes his mind more often than his underwear
03/17/17 06:24 PM
xx * Brad seems to be trying to stack the deck for himself to go on an individual IC run. Gotta get there first, though. NT
03/17/17 08:30 PM
xx * And now that Caleb is out of the picture, he's the alpha male at camp NT
03/17/17 09:07 PM
xx * Yeah for a day until they swap again NT
03/18/17 05:59 PM
xx * Bad move by Debbie since Tai got her neck on the tracks NT
03/17/17 04:41 PM
xx * Debbie needs to wake up NT
03/17/17 06:27 PM
xx * so do i NT
03/16/17 06:00 PM
xx * Good read...he's right, I said to myself why is he not fighting to stay more? Why is he not trying to make deals? Wonder why they cut that... NT
03/16/17 03:01 PM
xx * Since Caleb was looking for hours for an idol and trying to convince Hali and Debbie to side with him and Tai...and CBS did not show us...makes a
03/17/17 07:46 AM

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