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Catching up.. Paul... I'm not letting you grow on me
08/12/17 05:27 AM

Paul apologizing, understanding that Jemma was winding him up for her own amusement, really working his program... It's always been my belief that you can't hide who you are on BB past 2 weeks but rarely does someone surprise me by being better than they appear in the first weeks.

I'm not a fan but he's moved up a bit on my list u til he mucks up again

Trisha... Works my last nerve with her neediness and willingness to be manipulated by Jemma. I knew bottom two would make or break her so this mornings news was no surprise. I hope she watches and learns something

Jemma...felt bad because I just didn't like her on sight. I hate being that person but as days go on, I've found so many reasons not to like her. She's toxic

Sandi... adorable :-)

Helen...ummm... I always have a soft spot for comedians because my son's a stand-up but good lord, bring it! Bring something! I know comedians aren't always funny but words are their trade yet I've never heard her have a cogent conversation.

"Be nice to each other ... play fair." Colleen's last words on Survivor

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* Aug 11 (eviction episode) discussion
08/11/17 07:54 PM
xx * I wasn't all that surprised. Chad has been a little better the last few days and Trisha has been making sure that the bed doesn't float away. They
08/12/17 02:59 PM
xx * I thought Amelia liked Chad? NT
08/12/17 12:49 PM
xx * She's moved on to Sam now. NT
08/12/17 06:07 PM
xx * She nominated him this week. NT
08/12/17 02:42 PM
xx * No that was squashed a few days ago when Chad was being too pushy & manipulative about the situation. She's distanced herself from him since NT
08/12/17 12:53 PM
xx * Thanks!!! I usually skim through the epis but I missed that NT
08/12/17 12:54 PM
xx * Catching up.. Paul... I'm not letting you grow on me
08/12/17 05:27 AM
xx * Paul is a weird one for me. I had no idea who he was but on Launch night when he went in I really, really wanted to like him. Then there were a few
08/15/17 02:50 PM

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