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Posting Guidelines ~ UPDATED March 17, 2015
03/17/15 12:31 PM

Recent Changes to these guidelines:
Feb 26, 2013 - Updated to become Big Brother Canada/USA combined rules.
Sept 19, 2012 - Rule #10 has been added regarding VIP treatment.
Aug 13, 2012 - Unacceptable HG names list changes for current season

For a description and details on the individual forums in the USA/Canada Big Brother categories, check out the Big Brother Forum Guide.

Big Brother USA Video/Media Content Policy: Big Brother Canada Media Content Policy at Joker's Updates

Refer to our FAQ for board-wide rules, that apply to the BB forums as well.

1. Directing Insulting, Personal, Negative and/or Rude Comments at Users is not Permitted

BB DISCUSSION is for discussion about BB, the game and its participants, not each other. Using words like, "how can you think that way?" or "what are you all thinking" or the most commonly used, "hey, you fans of..." or referring to the "haters". In fact, almost any post (other than a quoted update) that includes the word "You", most likely should be restated as a general statement about the subject being discussed.

If you find yourself getting upset, take your fingers off the keyboard for five minutes. If you're still upset about something another user said, notify a moderator. Do NOT respond on your own.

Please try to keep your comments limited to what is going on in the house, on the show or media without commenting on each other and our opinions. If you do not like what you read, try the HIDE THREAD feature to ignore the thread to eliminate the desire to respond.

2. Posting Offensive Content is not Permitted

From FAQ #1

2) Post Content
* Do not flame (insult) another user or anonymous users by harassment or by referring to sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability.

Offensive content is a subjective thing, what one finds offensive, another does not. Administrators and Moderators hold discretion over what is allowable and what is not. Death threats or threats of violence to a HG or anyone else is always forbidden.

3. Discussion of Moderation or criticism of Joker's Staff on the open board is not permitted

This brings us to the often times frustrating and confusing world of,
"Why was I moderated?"
"I didn't know I broke a rule!!"
"what happened to that post?"
"Why did they take that thread away?"

All of the above are legitimate questions and many cases have a sound answer...but they will not be answered on the open board. Know also that those very statements and questions will also be removed from the board. So, it really does little good to discuss an admin/moderation decision on the open board.

If you have any questions, click on WHO'S ONLINE to see what administrators or moderators are available. Click on their username and scroll to the bottom for SEND USER A PRIVATE MESSAGE.

4. Top Posting

Top posting is the creation of a brand new thread with an idea or comment, rather than replying to a pre-existing thread with a similar topic.

If you're unsure whether or not a thread already exists pertaining to the topic you'd like to discuss, the Find feature may be of some assistance, as will simply briefly scrolling through a forum to see what's been posted recently.

Excessive Top Posting is restricted. If you TP far more than responding to other posts or if you find yourself constantly starting new threads and never responding to old ones, you're guilty of excessive top posting.

Also, check out the new search feature at the bottom of every Forum Post List.

5. Notify Moderator Button/Report Link

For the convenience and aid to our staff and fellow posters we have included the handy Notify Moderator button. This button is to be used if you see something on the board that violates our rules, or if perhaps you have made some sort of posting error and would like our aid in correcting said error. Our rules are in the FAQ

6. Private Messages

When you see a flashing envelope in the upper left hand corner of your screen, that is an indicator that you have a Private Message. To access your Inbox, click on the Flashing Envelope or go to My Home to your Message Box and click on Received Private Messages. You may disable Private Message ability by once again clicking on My Home to EDIT Personal Information, scroll down to, "Accept private messages from other users?", click No and SUBMIT.

It is understandable that at times you may not feel like being bothered but it is very IMPORTANT that you open these messages from Moderators or Administrators in a timely manner. A reply is not always needed, but we do track whether or not PM's sent by the staff have been opened. Failure to do so could result in a ban of posting privileges.

7. Off-Topic Posting

Joker's has lots of forums that probably cover your OT subject - so when things get slow, take the time to check out the rest of the site! If your topic isn't about BB, the game or its participants and is not covered in another forum, try the PX or The Salon for General Discussion.


They are the backbone of this site during the Big Brother season and we encourage you to give it a go! There are a few suggestions and tips for posting updates HERE

Any registered user is welcome to do Live Feed Updates, anytime, day or night. Try it, I bet you get hooked !

9. Hate

• Hate includes racism, sexual discrimination, or anything else overly derogatory about the HG’s.
• Nothing derogatory or negative will be accepted about HG families.
• Posts with the intent to harm, stir up trouble, troll, bait, hijack a thread or make one line “drive-by" bashing posts.

Additionally, we moderate for unnecessary hateful and overly derogatory nicknames.

• Any nick used by the HG’s about themselves or others or even Julie Chen will of course be allowed to be used and discussed.
• Nicknames made up by posters are acceptable as long as they do not include overly derogatory, racist or cuss words about/towards the houseguest. An example of an unacceptable “poster made-up” nick would be "JaneDoeWhore" or "JohnDoeFag".

List of current unacceptable HG nicknames you should not use:

Last updated 08/01/14

Some examples:

Current BBUS Houseguests:

Chief Wiggum
Pig (any reference to Derrick as a pig being a cop)

Past Seasons:

Aaryn changing it to Ariyann (or any form of this)
Crooked Eye
Dan Dusky
Kancer Kathy
Kalia Kong
Lazy Eye

Please note that this list is not complete and will be updated with other unacceptable HG nicknames.

10. VIP Treatment

• VIPs are not allowed to be flamed during the time they participate in the forum(s), and within the discussions they participate in.
• VIPs are the topic of discussions (positive and negative). Therefore VIPs are not completely off limits because they create an account and say hello.
• VIPs must follow the same rules as regular users and not flame users in return.
• Please treat VIPs as guests in our home during their time here.

These posting guidelines make for a more positive and friendly posting experience here on JU. We in no way want to stifle your creativity. Negative opinions are absolutely fine unless they cross the line. Crossing the line will be at moderator's discretion.

We are all adults here and Joker's Updates hopes that comments can be made without being inflammatory or causing others to feel uncomfortable. After all, you might be famous for 15 minutes one day and we'd like to say positive things about you when that time comes.

We appreciate your help in implementing our policy hope that everyone will have a more pleasant experience!

Who on Earth do you think you are? A Superstar? Well, right you are..

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