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Mon 5:53 PM BBT5:47 PM Kryssie/Jason in BA - Scott3325
Kryssie has been going thru various comps telling Jason that she didn't really throw any comps, but she didn't try very hard to win them. She didn't want to make it too obvious that she was throwing comps by being DQ'd (time). Tells the story of the wall comp where she hurt her hands.
Mon 5:34 PM BBT5:27 PM Justin goes to BA and joins Kryssie/Jason. - Scott3325
Feeds 1/2 switch to "Monte" on LR nom couch. "Monte" is quiet, so feeds 1/2 switch to Morgan still in her bubble bath and studying "days".
Mon 5:23 PM BBT5:15 PM Justin, talking to himself, continues asking why the final comp is not until tomorrow. - Scott3325
"The rest of today and then tomorrow until 5 o'clock. That's some bullsh*t!"
Mon 5:14 PM BBT5:06 PM Morgan/Justin - Scott3325
Morgan had been chatting with Justin in Yoga. She goes to HOH and begins a bubble bath. Morgan tells us that she is taking a bubble bath so she could escape from Justin. Feeds switch to Justin in the LR talking to "Monte". Justin eventually leaves his buddy and goes to KT, then to SR. Justin: Why? Why five o'clock tomorrow? Why not today? (Evidently referring to the final comp.) Wonders what he is supposed to do for 27 hours. (Time remaining until the comp.)
Mon 5:13 PM BBT5:06 Justin having a talk with dirty Monty. Says he forgives him. NT - Mcandice
Mon 4:00 PM BBT3:59 Kryssie "this thing on my hand is never going to go away" (referring to her injury/rubbing palm of hand) NT - Mcandice
Mon 3:14 PM BBT2:50 PM Indoor lockdown announced. HGs say goodbye to BY. Glad they won't have to deal with the awnings anymore. NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:30 PM BBT2:26 PM Feeds switch to KT. - Scott3325
Morgan has discovered her suitcase and Justin's suitcase in SR. Speculation about what that means for comp time. Kryssie points out that she still has her suitcase. Continuing discussion about the suitcases in the SR and comp timing. No one has asked DR when the comp is scheduled. They probably wouldn't tell them anyway.
Mon 2:26 PM BBT2:25 PM Morgan finishes studying "days" and goes inside. All feeds switch to a sleeping Justin in TBR bed. NT - Scott3325
Mon 2:19 PM BBT2:17 PM Morgan on BY hammock continues practicing "days" very quietly to herself. Krys/Jason chit-chatting in KT . Justin off cam. NT - Scott3325
Mon 1:20 PM BBTJason alone in hammock talking some to camera; Morgan and Krissey in kitchen having general chit chat; Justin off camera (in bed?) NT - HNT123
Mon 12:08 PM BBT12:06 PM Kryssie/Morgan discussing when the comp will be. Think it will be tonight or tomorrow. NT - Scott3325
Mon 12:04 PM BBT12:01 PM Kryssie called to DR. Quickly out and announces they're being locked in at 3 PM. NT - Scott3325
Mon 11:57 AM BBT11:52 AM Morgan up & to KT. Kryssie soon joins her. NT - Scott3325
Mon 11:07 AM BBT(11:07) All 4 HGs fast asleep NT - BearRunner
Mon 10:14 AM BBT10:01 AM BB: Buenos Dias House Guests! Please change your batteries. And numerous other announcements. Kryssie first to SR. - Scott3325
Fact of the day by BB: Did you know that Bing cherries were first cultivated in Milwaukee, Oregon? Jason, Kryssie, & Morgan compare notes on this fact in the SR.
Mon 8:45 AM BBT8:44 AM HOH Fish tank lights go on. All quiet in HOH & LBR. NT - Scott3325
Sun 8:54 PM BBTJustin gets up and joins Morgan in the bathroom. Morgan is happy she is not a night owl. - planetmu
(Because there are not many people in the house and there is nothing else to do.) Morgan begins blow drying her hair as Justin reclines and yawns. He says he wishes he could have the blow dryer on to go to sleep.
Sun 8:48 PM BBTMorgan is out of the shower and hanging out in the bathroom by herself. Jason and Kryssie in HOH. Justin in bed in TBR. NT - planetmu
Sun 8:46 PM BBT(8:25) Kryssie and Jason come inside to TBR where Justin is trying to sleep. Jason lays on middle bed as Kryssie folds clothes. - planetmu
Jason talks about clothes from his previous BB season and other assorted things including his ex BF who got him an Apple gift card (for an ipod) when he got off the show. Kryssie says there is more to life and loving someone than buying them things.
Sun 8:40 PM BBT(8:16) Justin finishes reading, puts the Bible aside and lays down. - planetmu
Morgan to TBR pre-shower and says she guesses she will wash her hair even though she doesn't want to.

Justin asks about Jason and Kryssie and Morgan says they are playing pool.

Sun 8:35 PM BBT(8:04) TBR Justin cozies up on his bed pillows and reads the Bible. NT - planetmu
Sun 8:33 PM BBT(7:49) Justin finishing his shower. Morgan outside with Kryssie. Jason in TBR (dressed for a blizzard), is putting away clothes. NT - planetmu
Sun 8:30 PM BBT(7:04) Justin and Morgan in KT. Justin saying he doesn't have anything in common (out of the house) with Jason or Kryssie. - planetmu
Justin says he's not into this two faced stuff.
Justin says he has no reason to call Jason outside the house, they're 'not into the same sht'.
Justin says out of there he wouldn't call to go to the club, he says 'he likes boys, I like girls, it's crazy'

He says Kryssie's music isn't his type. He doesn't listen to that kind of music. And it has the word "evil" in it. He is appreciative of all types of music, but just isn't into punk. They don't have punk in New Orleans.

He says the cool part about the BB house is that they brought people in and together who you would not typically be with. Morgan agrees and says like the rock star and Jason with the loud...

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Sun 8:23 PM BBTJustin is in Tokyo Room trying to sleep NT - scoobydoo
Sun 8:22 PM BBTJason & Kryssie are having fun playing pool. Earlier they said they felt relieved that Morgan seems to know her stuff. NT - scoobydoo
Sun 8:12 PM BBT(6:57) Morgan asks Justin what his favorite moment was. He says Whitney's birthday. - planetmu
Justin says he feels like the whole game he was himself, but that the people who he left in here are getting him out of his character. That he is just so... he just doesn't feel as vibrant as he did a couple of weeks ago. He is kind of like burnt out.

Morgan says she feels him.
Morgan (perkily): It's very hard to keep a positive attitude in here. All my friends have gone home.

Justin: Yeah. All your friends are gone.
Morgan: That's been the hardest part, watching them all go home.
Justin Yeah. I already know.
Morgan: But I'm not complaining cuz I am still here.

Justin: Yeah, you're still here though so it is pretty good. B...

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Sun 7:50 PM BBTJason has joined the study session with Morgan & Kryssie NT - scoobydoo
Sun 7:50 PM BBT(6:54) Justin and Morgan in KT. Expressing his frustrations mostly to America and says he is just tired of these people but - planetmu
says not Morgan so much.

"But I am absolutely tired of Kryssie and Jason's a*s. That's why I gotta beat them at the end. That's all I care about is winning this comp so I can win and just rub it in their faces... but not really because I'm not like that... but it would be nice... to have the option. (He smiles and laughs). And if I'm not here, vote for Morgan!"

(Morgan with her mouth full of veggies, shakes her head yes and says "Mmhm."

Justin: If I'm not here all of the fans vote for Morgan."

Morgan: Yeah. Keep shouting that out.

They laugh.

Justin: Well, hopefully I'm here for F3 and America you all see me into victory... because all the rest of these people have absolutely no souls. (He smiles at Morgan).

Morgan: "We all have souls."
Justin laughing at himself smiles and says: I know.
Sun 7:48 PM BBTMorgan studying with Kryssie in backyard NT - scoobydoo
Sun 7:42 PM BBT(6:47) Justin and Morgan in KT. Morgan asks what is the first thing Justin is going to do when he gets out of the house. - planetmu
He says he can't wait to see real people. Morgan says, "Yeah."
Morgan is going to FaceTime her family .... and Connor. And she wants to get Mexican food and a fishbowl Margarita.
Justin says he is going to smoke hella weed when he gets out.
Morgan asks if this is the longest he has been without smoking. He says yes. He says he doesn't have an addictive personality and can live without it and smokes only a small amount. Doesn't smoke back to back to back all day. Says he smokes to calm himself down. He says he has been down this week, but usually he is full of energy and smoking weed mellows him out.

Talk turns to nature. Then Justin says he feels like he has bee...

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Sun 7:27 PM BBT(6:13) Justin (walking around alone in BY): Lord give me the strength. Oh man, why?... Nothing in this life comes easy. - planetmu
Nothing comes easy. Lord I am so tired of these people."

A little rhyme: "Ya down with G-O-D, yeah you know me."

Justin: I don't even want to go inside. (sighs) Fu*k! (He sighs again and continues chewing on ice).

"I miss my family. I miss my brother and sister. My uncle. I miss New Orleans." (Sniffing and chewing ice)

He gives in and goes back inside. "Audie 5000" Looks at clock in kitchen and says "6:14. "Fu*k." Heads to bathroom.

Jason and Kryssie eating at KT table.

Justin: (Psyching himself up again) says quietly in the bathroom, "Tomorrow's the day. Tomorrow's the day. I win this comp th...

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Sun 7:17 PM BBTJustin said earlier in BY that he cannot support anything with the word "evil" in it. NT - planetmu
Sun 7:14 PM BBT(6:07) Justin/Morgan actual BY work out friendly conversation went like this... - planetmu
Justin to himself: "Ah man... I can't wait to win this sh*t and get outta here. I gotta win."
Silence then louder: "First place or no place baby." He is pacing with weights psyching himself up.
Morgan is stretching nearby then takes a water break.
Justin to Morgan: Ya good?
Morgan: Mmhm (yes)

Justin continues with his weight sets.

(6:09) Morgan back on bike.
Justin chews ice and paces during his weight set break.
He sighs.

Friendly banter ensues.

Justin: Who would have ever thought we'd compete against each other?
Morgan Ya got me.
Justin: I guess that's the terrible two playing.
Morgan: Ya got me. I would have never told you.
Long pause.
Justin: So close but so far (smiling).
Morgan smiles: Right? (Like I know, right?)
Sun 7:05 PM BBTJustin won't listen to Kryssie's music, it has the word evil in the name and he is into all kinds of music but not punk NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 7:04 PM BBTJustin calls Jason and Kryssie two faced and they are only hanging with Morgan because he is not friends with them anymore NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 7:02 PM BBTJustin feels the group (LNJ) is very lame without him in it now. He is the one who brought life into the house so it is lame now NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 6:57 PM BBTJustin says he is tired of these people. Not as tired of Morgan. He can't wait to win and rub it in their faces but not really - LiZinTeXaS
because he is not like that but he'd like to have that option
Sun 6:55 PM BBTJustin feels like he has been in prison with a better diet. Morgan has said it is similar in that you are with same people and - LiZinTeXaS
can't leave but at least you get visitors. Justin says any little thing anyone does in the house now irks his nerves. He is so on edge because he can't wait.
Sun 6:51 PM BBTJason and Kryssie exercise in BY while Justin talks to Morgan in the kitchen NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 6:15 PM BBTMo on exercise bike Justin: who'd of thought we'd compete against each other. Too bad for you. So close but so far. Morgan:right NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 6:12 PM BBTJustin in BY with Morgan says he can't wait to win this and get out of there. "First place or no place Baby" Morgan silent NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 5:32 PM BBTThe Monte that Kryssie/Jason/Morgan made is done (see pic below) - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 5:22 PM BBTMorgan and Jason say the Monte condom facsimile is so accurate. Justin in LBR getting dressed in warmer clothing. NT - planetmu
Sun 5:20 PM BBT(5:17) BB tells HGs the indoor lock-down is over. All are confused and wonder why they have been locked-in the past two days. - planetmu
Jason says, "BB this makes no sense."
Morgan says she is confused.
Jason thinks maybe they did a pre-juror thing with previous HGs in BY. He doesn't think BB did anything outside.

Kryssie gets called to DR. She isn't done with the Monte condom balloon yet and asked for two more minutes.
Sun 5:18 PM BBT5:17 PM BB announces the lock down is over. HGs wonder why they were locked down for the last two days. No change visible in BY. NT - Scott3325
Sun 5:06 PM BBTKryssie creates Monte with nail polish and make-up on a condom. - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 4:55 PM BBTMorgan wishes they had the raccoon hat for the Monte dummy. Jason asks do we have anything else that looks like a dead animal? NT - LiZinTeXaS
Sun 4:53 PM BBTJason/Kry/Morgan making a Monte look a like they have fashioned and put in LR Kryssie painting face on condom balloon for clothing - LiZinTeXaS
set up in LR with yellow cleaning glove hands. It's a visual!
Sun 4:41 PM BBTJustin taking another in-between sets rest. "Positive vibes only baby!" - planetmu
"You don't need nobody else if ya got G O D." He sits in deep thought/prayer then does the sign of the cross on his chest afterward. Bows his head in prayer again then crosses his chest again.

Gets up to do resistance band work-out.

"Nothing like working out in Penny Loafers y'all. (He laughs.)

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