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Tue 2:40 PM BBTWelcome to BB Canada live feeds!! A few tips - ForumAdmin
We have a couple of tips for those of you who are new feeders:

1) You will be showered with love if your feeds are NOT one-liners lol. Folks prefer either paragraphs or like:
HaY: blah
Jus: blah

2) Try not to use nicknames for hgs unless they're well known. As you saw above, shortening like THAT makes it easy for folks to tell at a glance who you're talking about.

3) Try to relax. I recall first time for me - nervous as a Cat and shaking. Deep breaths - you CAN do this, and believe me after a couple of days you'll be lightning fast.

4) Don't kill yourself by trying to get every single word right - UNLESS it's a vital conversatio...

(This is a long update, click to read more...)

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- NT means 'No Text' in the post body (one line subject only)
- FOTH means 'Front Of The House'. This refers to the blocking of the live stream. In earlier BB USA seasons the FOTH was shown. The scene has since changed, but the term FOTH has stuck. Trivia is also used for when trivia is used instead.
- Older BB USA updates are located in daily ARCHIVES
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