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***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! Includes use of the terms "haters"/"(HG) fans".. (Edited 8/16/15)
strkaholic15240 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED October 23, 2016
Jokerette10165 0   Sticky Post
*The link to sign up for CBS is still OTT, can we get that updated and erase the photos from up top, can't wait, it's really only days away! NT
marybeth7 2   05/24/17 01:52 PM
x*Yep month away..good times upcoming hopefully NT
uvp05/24/17 02:11 PM
x*Yeah!! NT
Matzak05/24/17 02:12 PM
*When do feeds usually come on for BBUSA? It's on cbs all access right? NT
Bobbo214 7   05/24/17 11:35 AM
x*Comes on second night after premiere after it finish airing on west coast.. NT
uvp05/24/17 11:45 AM
x*wait so feeds start thursday june 29? darn I thought it was wednesday june 28 :( NT
05/24/17 12:40 PM
x*I could be wrong..i am so used to it being on second night when they do two night premiere.. NT
uvp05/24/17 01:02 PM
x*I can't remember previous years. I assume it'll start depending on the twists. If there are two HOH, we'll probably have to wait til thurs NT
05/24/17 01:04 PM
x*So right after west coast premiere or a couple of nights after? NT
Bobbo205/24/17 11:51 AM
x*After it airs on west coast NT
uvp05/24/17 12:13 PM
x*Ok. Thank you! NT
Bobbo205/24/17 12:14 PM
*My top 10 most useless players in BB history! (Inside!)
SailingTeam188 13   05/24/17 07:37 AM
x*where's Jenn City???? NT
05/24/17 12:41 PM
x*She made my two person list NT
uvp05/24/17 12:58 PM
x*In my limited BB history Shane and Zakiyah come to mind. Remember Shane? Didnt think so. NT
Bobbo205/24/17 12:35 PM
x*Jason Roy was the worst. was on the show twice. played zero times. NT
Toasterbox05/24/17 12:05 PM
x*I know who would be number one on Blockhead's list :D NT
krh503805/24/17 08:39 AM
SailingTeam05/24/17 08:46 AM
x*Zakiyah, jenn would be on my list NT
uvp05/24/17 08:37 AM
x*Jenn city was the worst, production puppet NT
FurlessBat05/24/17 09:26 AM
x*Yep I was so mad about that veto win she got NT
PinkAuraGirl05/24/17 11:11 AM
x*the funny part if she thought using that veto to save dan was "her big move." like no it was dan's but whatever NT
05/24/17 01:05 PM
x*Both definitely would be deserving NT
SailingTeam05/24/17 08:47 AM
x*Not a bad list. I have to disagree with Amber though. She provided me endless entertainment with her delusions. NT
05/24/17 08:21 AM
x*Lol I feel you NT
SailingTeam05/24/17 08:47 AM
*Countdown: 35 days till BB19....! NT
uvp29 2   05/24/17 03:02 AM
x*Yay, and 13 days to BBUK! :) NT
waypast4005/24/17 05:07 AM
x*BB everywhere...ha! NT
uvp05/24/17 06:08 AM
*Posting this on both BBUSA and BBCAN boards. Are you on JMap? Check it out it's pretty cool. Will I get in trouble for posting this? NT
Bobbo259 5   05/24/17 12:00 AM
x*How do you do that? NT
FurnitureAlliance05/24/17 12:46 PM
x*Look at the menus at the top of the page. Click on JMap and the rest is self explanatory. You have to add yourself to be on it. NT
Bobbo205/24/17 01:10 PM
x*What is it and what does it do? I see it above..so many areas here i never visit NT
uvp05/24/17 03:56 AM
x*A map that shows who is online by location and gender. NT
Bobbo205/24/17 11:23 AM
x*Thanks.. NT
uvp05/24/17 11:39 AM
*Wow, it's so hard to decide between my two all-time favourites...
nammer214 7   05/23/17 10:52 PM
x*I see they gave Day a layup NT
utty1405/24/17 07:29 AM
x*That might be the only one I skipped lol NT
MegsMom31605/24/17 07:01 AM
x*Ha...choosing love is hard NT
uvp05/24/17 04:14 AM
x*Favorite Weenies NT
FurnitureAlliance05/23/17 11:36 PM
x*All time favorite what? NT
Hawkman05/23/17 11:29 PM
x*I'll go with Paulie. At least he brought drama NT
SailingTeam05/23/17 11:21 PM
x*Boy, that's a tough one! Lol. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 11:14 PM
*Well less then a month and the new clowns will be revealed!!! I'm afraid its going to be the same old crap. couple fans, recruits, and ding dongs. NT
Hawkman71 5   05/23/17 10:36 PM
x*I dont see the need to be afraid if you know what to expect the same mo...i would be more afraid if things suddenly changed..
uvp05/24/17 03:59 AM
x*lol@ding dongs! NT
colleenag05/24/17 03:43 AM
x*I'll keep saying it. The BBOTT cast was good. Wish they could have been on a normal BB. Maybe we'll get lucky. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 10:52 PM
x*The cast was good, but all of the fan involvement ruined the game. NT
Hawkman05/23/17 11:08 PM
x*No doubt. It would have been great with no fan involvement. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 11:12 PM
*Lol I have friends that are devout casuals and whenever they see me they're like don't say anything. That ever happen to any of you? NT
Bobbo265 6   05/23/17 08:48 PM
x*Yup. I only know one other person that watches feeds. Everybody else I know just watches the show. I never spoil anything, but occasionally I...
WillettDrizzle05/24/17 02:29 PM
x*That would involve admitting my interest in the show....so no. NT
HalfManHalfAmazing05/24/17 06:38 AM
x*My hubby is a casual and enjoys getting the scoop from me we are always both a little surprised I always know whose getting the boot, he never does NT
colleenag05/24/17 03:38 AM
x*Nope.. NT
uvp05/23/17 09:01 PM
x*You mean they don't want you to spill spoilers? I don't know anybody that watches BB at all so I don't have that problem. NT
krh503805/23/17 08:59 PM
x*Yeah. Then they ask me for hints sometimes. It's pretty funny. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 09:13 PM
*I have always hoped for the twist that, evicted HG don't leave the house and just continue to live among the players left in the game. NT
teetee110 8   05/23/17 08:40 PM
x*ohh, that would be very interesting! NT
colleenag05/24/17 03:35 AM
x*It could make for more drama but might as well throw hopes for good gameplay out the window. NT
utty1405/23/17 09:30 PM
x*Plus there are some HGs we look forward to the house without them. What a buzzkill it would be 2 know ppl u can't stand are never leaving AND once
utty1405/23/17 09:46 PM
x*That could really wreak havoc in the house even with one evicted hg. I'm not sure I'm down with that idea. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 09:18 PM
x*I would hate that..you would see less blind sides etc just due to fear of having to face that person..
uvp05/23/17 09:00 PM
x*Me too !!! Plus they wouldn't have to pay for a jury house so it's a win-win :) NT
krh503805/23/17 08:57 PM
x*I would love this! Would make it so much more interesting. NT
05/23/17 08:56 PM
x*I actually think opposite NT
uvp05/23/17 09:04 PM
*How's this for a twist? Half the cast will have had some type of plastic surgery, half not. Julie will them on Day 1 that there are two equal groups
Corndogger59 2   05/23/17 08:29 PM
x*very creative! I like the way you're thinking! NT
colleenag05/24/17 03:34 AM
x*lol yeah that would go over well. Let me go ahead & get my suffix generator out. Gonna be a whole lot of words ending in "ist" that season NT
utty1405/23/17 08:35 PM
*I see Vanessa tweeted in alumni that she was hacked and all is fine now NT
Emma168 4   05/23/17 03:33 PM
x*How is hacking an emergency? NT
Hawkman05/23/17 11:37 PM
x*That's not what happened at all. They hacked her twitter and tweeeted out that she was in an emergency situation. NT
krh503805/24/17 08:42 AM
x*Somebody hacked into her Twitter claiming they were her and saying she was in trouble NT
PinkAuraGirl05/24/17 07:13 AM
x*That's great news. I figured it was hacking. No one who's kidnapped & in danger is taking time to like the tweets of a stan NT
utty1405/23/17 03:41 PM
*Tweet from Tiffany this morning:
krh5038249 0   05/23/17 02:12 PM
*Tweet from CBS about BMC's upcoming baby.
Corndogger220 4   05/23/17 02:04 PM
x*Do they know if its a boy or a girl? NT
Emma105/23/17 02:11 PM
x*I can't wait til he teaches her how to judy chop. NT
krh503805/23/17 02:06 PM
x*Have they decided on a name yet? This place would go crazy if they chose "Amber." NT
Corndogger05/23/17 02:08 PM
x*I wouldn't know but LOL if they did. I highly doubt it though. NT
krh503805/23/17 02:10 PM
*There are some conspicuous alumni that have been in Los Angeles. Are we sure it's an all newbie season? NT
rando11187 5   05/23/17 01:46 PM
x*In town for the Survivor Finale/Party? NT
Philster05/23/17 02:03 PM
x*Most likely. BB alumni won't pass up free booze & opportunity to extend their 15 min an extra couple of seconds NT
utty1405/23/17 03:57 PM
x*Which ones? NT
krh503805/23/17 01:59 PM
x*Who said it was going to be all newbies? Safest bet now is to say mostly newbies with a few vets thrown in. Or at least a relative to a vet. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 01:50 PM
x*No.. NT
uvp05/23/17 01:48 PM
*Which rule from BBOTT would you want in BB19? Comps on feeds? Live DR? No sleeping rule? More America voting? NT
372 32   05/23/17 12:38 PM
x*Live comps! But that will never happen on the regular show. NT
RatFloater05/24/17 12:24 AM
x*Some are live (long endurance comps.) But Allison said they just can't do live comps like BBOTT. NT
titan905/24/17 02:37 AM
x*I vote for the no sleeping rule for BB19. NO WAY should young adults need to nap during the day. NT
Hawkman05/23/17 10:34 PM
x*I'd just like to pretend that horrid season never happened NT
krh503805/23/17 07:26 PM
x*A worthy winner NT
FurlessBat05/23/17 02:54 PM
x*The other thing I would want is feeds from day 1. But no voting on care packages, nominations, evictions, winner. NT
Blockhead05/23/17 01:50 PM
x*You and I think alike. NT
OUALUMinTX05/23/17 06:49 PM
x*More Shelby. NT
Blockhead05/23/17 01:48 PM
x*That girl is something else. Gonna be hard to fill her shoes. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 02:11 PM
x*Everything but any fan voting and the sleeping rule would be good imo. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 01:22 PM
x*Surprised not many want for sleeping rule lol.."nicole sleeps too much" etc....
uvp05/23/17 01:18 PM
x*The ceremonies on the feeds is another thing I want to see in BB19. I want to hear production talking to them, etc. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 01:03 PM
x*A huge YES to comps on feeds and feeds from the very start. There's no reason why they couldn't or shouldn't give us 2 live DR nights. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 12:55 PM
x*Definitely NO to any fan voting and to the stupid no sleeping rule. I don't want to watch groggy HGs. Don't forget they eventually stopped enforcing
Corndogger05/23/17 12:51 PM
x*Feeds starting Day one NT
Beth222205/23/17 12:46 PM
x*Or at least have access to replay feeds from day one once the show starts. NT
titan905/24/17 02:40 AM
x*This would be soo good! How much we miss that first week sucks! Having to guess, infer, wait till the end of the season to find out exactly what
colleenag05/23/17 01:14 PM
x*Nothing but how the feeds are edited and no sleeping like Canada. Other than that, ***** BBPOS. May we never experience that sludge again. NT
WillRulz05/23/17 12:43 PM
x*OTT rules! Wooooo NT
bigbrotherfan705/23/17 01:08 PM
x*Simple solution...don't watch. A lot of us loved BBOTT. It fulfilled many BB fantasies. If BBOTT2 is the same but with no fan voting that would be
Corndogger05/23/17 01:00 PM
x*I liked BBOTT, too, and hope they have another one. NT
OUALUMinTX05/23/17 06:52 PM
x*Most comps were actually entertaining considering the budget. I enjoyed the Halloween comp and the laser comp just to name a few. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 01:56 PM
x*And a number of the comps required skill and/or were physical such as golf, the wall, laser, the F4 POV Morgan won, etc. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 02:12 PM
x*In fact the Halloween comp might be my all time favorite. I was laughing the whole time. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 02:00 PM
x*I loved the Halloween comp. The video that introduced the premise was great & Shelby was classic in that comp. "If you phucking touch me I'll sue!" NT
Corndogger05/23/17 02:06 PM
x*IA. It is great to watch feeds/comps/DR with little to no interruption...so much what I wanted with the BB experience. No to fan voting too. NT
colleenag05/23/17 01:03 PM
x*Open the game up to us except for the voting. AND wider age range/food & luxury comps. Make em earn their keep. Classic BB with a few improvements. NT
FeloniousMonk05/23/17 01:55 PM
x*Live DRs. Comps on feeds sounds great but I know it's not happening w/ the real show & the kinds of comps they do NT
utty1405/23/17 12:40 PM
x*Live DR!!! NT
PinkAuraGirl05/23/17 12:39 PM
x*i would like to her production talking to them though like you hear BB talking to them when watching UK/AU DR. i didnt like the reading questions
KlausHeissler05/23/17 06:21 PM
x*They'll never let us hear the DR producers talk unless there's an audio leak. I was fine with the HGs reading the questions. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 07:17 PM
x*No clue why this isnt in place on bbusa already.. NT
uvp05/23/17 01:22 PM
*If there are any plans to have a dog on BB19 I want them to cast this one. See inside. Includes an amazing video!
Corndogger46 0   05/23/17 11:59 AM
*Wow all that last night was real. Main thing is Vanessa is safe and ok. NT
Bobbo2286 8   05/23/17 10:52 AM
x*How do you know it was real? I don't see anything on her twitter other then the initial tweets for help? tia NT
marybeth05/23/17 12:09 PM
x*The inquisitr put out an article this am that probably has the best explanation. Pretty crazy stuff. Tiffany tweeted all is ok. NT
Bobbo205/23/17 12:23 PM
x*Idk what the truth is but Inquisitr's "reporters" basically just post what they read on the internet...so grain of salt NT
utty1405/23/17 12:38 PM
x*Thanks. I tracked down the story ---->>>
colleenag05/23/17 12:35 PM
x*to bad that fake story got so much attention since she tweeted she was hacked the hacker was the one posting all that not her Tiffany confirmed
WolfDShadow05/24/17 01:27 AM
x*Pretty scary stuff NT
PinkAuraGirl05/23/17 12:38 PM
x*Has Vanessa said anything today to officially clear up matters? None of that stuff last night made sense to me. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 12:03 PM
x*She tweeted that she was hacked (inside)
FurnitureAlliance05/23/17 06:14 PM
*Countdown: 36 days till BB19....! NT
uvp50 2   05/23/17 03:06 AM
x*Wake up and see a lot went down here late last night... NT
uvp05/23/17 03:08 AM
x*Yeah, I had to grap a cup of coffee & started reading, still deciphering NT
wyndycty05/23/17 05:40 AM
*Happy 173 Day anniversary since Morgan won BB: OTT and Jason lost! NT
rando111371 16   05/23/17 12:05 AM
x*worst winner ever...not popular or good at bb. leftover. NT
sliver01305/23/17 12:15 PM
x*Jason was just a little bitch. Was so glad that guy lost. NT
Hawkman05/23/17 11:41 PM
x*How is she not popular? Her social media numbers are as good if not better than most Survivor players. And she excelled at the social game which is
Corndogger05/23/17 01:14 PM
x*nominated over kryssie...kryssie. NT
sliver01305/23/17 06:25 PM
x*Oh my. That only happened b/c of Jason's followers & he had a huge unfair advantage having played before. But Morgan won the vote when it counted! NT
Corndogger05/23/17 07:23 PM
x*I really enjoyed her though... her game wasn't very strong NT
PinkAuraGirl05/23/17 12:41 PM
x*she's "queen" like...she's poised, pretty cool, calm and collected-type queen...gorgeous all day long too NT
colleenag05/23/17 12:58 PM
x*as a person i have no problem with her. NT
sliver01305/23/17 06:24 PM
x*So true NT
PinkAuraGirl05/23/17 04:33 PM
x*Really? that girl sucks at BB. NT
bbsittingducks05/23/17 02:22 AM
x*Then it's a good thing she played BBOTT instead of BB. She played BBOTT perfectly and it got her the win. :) NT
Powerman81805/23/17 12:35 PM
SailingTeam05/23/17 01:48 AM
x*yay NT
05/23/17 12:47 AM
utty1405/23/17 12:22 AM
utty1405/23/17 12:31 AM
x*That pic settles it--Morgan must be cast in a summer season! NT
Corndogger05/23/17 12:38 AM
*This is just all nuts. Did any of this even happen? I think not. NT
Bobbo282 4   05/22/17 10:24 PM
x*Has anything ever really happened? NT
WillettDrizzle05/22/17 10:28 PM
x*I don't know. I guess we can just ask Stephen Hawking lol. NT
Bobbo205/22/17 10:34 PM
x*I'd rather ask Einstein. And he said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." NT
WillettDrizzle05/22/17 11:06 PM
x*Einstein was the man. "God does not play dice with the universe". Plus he makes pretty good bagels too. NT
Bobbo205/22/17 11:29 PM
*Top five houseguests you DON'T want to see back this season? Mine: Frankie, Austin, Amanda BB15, Dayvonne, Adam S9
137 6   05/22/17 10:17 PM
x*Derrick, Dan, ED, Becky,James, Shelby if I can include BBOTT NT
PinkAuraGirl05/23/17 07:58 AM
x*That's a lie. You love Dan, and we need more Shelby. NT
Blockhead05/23/17 04:30 PM
x*Davonne, victor, zach, judd, twins.. NT
uvp05/23/17 03:12 AM
x*Frankie, Derrick, Paul, James H, Jason Roy NT
utty1405/22/17 10:25 PM
x*I don't hate Paul but he's the kind of guy I just need a 2-3 season break from b4 I'd consider wanting to see him again. NT
utty1405/23/17 03:36 AM
x*Dan, Big Jeff, ED, James H, Lawon NT
FurlessBat05/22/17 10:24 PM
*Frankie retweets Ariana's tweet about terror attack...
252 3   05/22/17 10:04 PM
x*I believe Frankie's doing a show in London on May 27 so it's possible he was there. NT
Corndogger05/23/17 11:49 AM
x*tragic and eerie it was at her concert, someone whose brother is connected here because of BB. Shocking. Haven't heard if Frankie was there. NT
colleenag05/23/17 04:48 AM
x*He was in NY when it happened
KarenC305/24/17 03:53 AM
*So is Vanessa ok? Sounded like she was being held hostage at a 7-11. First Ariana Grande bombing tragedy then this. NT
bbsittingducks74 0   05/22/17 10:02 PM
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