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*Backyard Interviews... (updated)
M3gabyt3864 0   Sticky Post
*Posting guidelines - NEW version, July 5, 2017 (Might be a tad different from the old ones. ;)
Jokerette3785 0   Sticky Post
*Political talk isn't allowed in the Big Brother Discussion forum, unless of course the HG's are discussing it ~ and that may be iffy.
Dreamer5378 0   Sticky Post
*Is Paul asexual?
FriendshipToast4 0   09/23/17 09:13 AM
*Paul kept saying "every single one" of the jurors wanted to get him out at some point. Has he ever said WHO, or WHEN?? NT
Singaling0 1   09/23/17 09:09 AM
x*No but he also said he was safe every week because he controlled the HOH. So how exactly was he in danger all season? NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:12 AM
*Paul didnt just invite people who voted for him. Josh left, Cody/JEss want nothing to do with him, Jason with wife, Mark still trying to get Elena. NT
FriendshipToast14 10   09/23/17 09:00 AM
x*Invite people where? NT
Caroljean196509/23/17 09:11 AM
x*His BBQ NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:13 AM
x*speaks volumes, obviously it was not only Jess/Cody who wanted nothing to do with him (including most of America) NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 09:08 AM
x*Elena said she didn't even know about it. After interviews have saw nothing from Alex so who knows if she was invited. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:06 AM
x*I'm surprised that Alex has disappeared lol NT
inthezone09/23/17 09:07 AM
x*She's at home sitting by the phone "waiting for the calls to pour in" from Coca Cola NT
BB201109/23/17 09:11 AM
x*Or she is still on the Phone trying to get a recount of the AFHG votes. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:13 AM
x*She bought a second line for that :) NT
BB201109/23/17 09:15 AM
x*She's reading the reams of material declaring her the worst BB player EVER LOL! NT
Singaling09/23/17 09:08 AM
x*That should keep her busy until Halloween. I wonder if she will wear her Superhero outfit for Halloween. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:11 AM
*Have the other pre-jury HG's said whom they would have voted for? I know Jess said Paul but any of the others? NT
Cindy6 5   09/23/17 08:57 AM
x*Cameron said he would have voted for Paul, but was also happy with the outcome because he didn't like some of Paul's tactics NT
ThoughtCriminal09/23/17 08:59 AM
x*Has Queen Jillian said how she would have voted? NT
Blockhead09/23/17 09:04 AM
x*I can just remember her saying she was against Paul in the house in her interviews. She did say she was happy Josh won. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:08 AM
x*Dom said she would have voted against Paul. Can't remember what Jillian said. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:04 AM
x*She was happy Paul lost so I think she would have voted Josh for sure NT
inthezone09/23/17 09:07 AM
*Advice. When we talk about how desperate HG are looking or acting, remember they aren't in the house. We dont have to obsess over them. NT
FriendshipToast3 2   09/23/17 08:56 AM
x*but we can obsess over their sex lives? NT
Scrappy09/23/17 09:13 AM
x*:) NT
BB201109/23/17 09:14 AM
*Paul laughed that these HGs were so gullible. He could convince them to do anything, even throw comps they needed to win. The irony
PVRlover81 3   09/23/17 08:34 AM
x*Yes, it's a very dramatic to see some cocky, bearded snowflake spend 3 months thinking he's got it in the bag, and lose. People like comeuppances. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 08:39 AM
x*Paul convinced them to be Bitter & was trying to get them to be a Bitter Jury against Josh. He got his Bitter Jury he wanted just not against Josh. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 08:38 AM
x*Hammer meet nail!!!! NT
Scrappy09/23/17 09:15 AM
*New reality show (?) Ramses will be in.
Rebecca5880 3   09/23/17 08:25 AM
x*It's called Sequester, it's played online for a couple hours each day for two weeks or so. My sister was actually on it a few months ago. Link inside
ThoughtCriminal09/23/17 08:44 AM
x*Wow watched the Judd introduction Video he is not the same Judd. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 09:14 AM
x*Sequester. Audrey's online BB game NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:28 AM
*what flavor Kool-Aid did p serve his 4 guests at his party? NT
punxsutawneygal34 11   09/23/17 08:06 AM
x*Grape. Served without sugar. Therefore Sour Grapes. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:22 AM
Matzak09/23/17 08:58 AM
x*lmao NT
gwennanapatmal09/23/17 08:29 AM
x*LOL how many fans showed up? NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 08:22 AM
x*Only his most loyal Matt, Raven, Kevin, Christmas. It wasn't a Party for those Gumpy voters. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 08:41 AM
x*Elena was invited but was too bitter to attend. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 08:43 AM
x*Wrong NT
Matzak09/23/17 08:58 AM
x*she said she wasn't invited NT
Cindy09/23/17 08:50 AM
x*Paul's cousin said she was so I guess she made that up? NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:57 AM
x*well its her word over Elenas...someone is not telling the truth NT
Cindy09/23/17 08:59 AM
x*Or the invitation was sent but not received. NT
Singaling09/23/17 09:02 AM
*Would Paul had won if America had a vote this year? Lets assume is was tied 4-4...would Paul have gotten America's vote? NT
Cindy82 26   09/23/17 08:03 AM
x*No, America doesn't like cocky snowflakes like him. Josh would have won in a landslide versus him. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 08:42 AM
x*Nope. No reward for that POS. NT
Matzak09/23/17 08:40 AM
x*No. Paul really messed up with Alex & Jason. He should have just told them that they were too strong & they would win BB in his GBMs. Oops NT
PVRlover09/23/17 08:40 AM
x*No. He would have gotten the finger from America. His stock has crashed. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:26 AM
x*Yes, Paul’s stock has crashed and is being “delisted” as it has zero value now on all exchanges. Enjoy your fruits, Paul. NT
ChristmasInJuly09/23/17 08:55 AM
x*Nope ... BBOTT was voted on by winner (no jury) and Jason lost because of his horrible, nasty, unnecessary actions in the house NT
JoshGallet09/23/17 08:18 AM
x*And he made Paul look nice by comparison. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:26 AM
x*America voting for Cody should let you know where their voted wouldve went. NT
Dani09/23/17 08:11 AM
x*not necessarily...voting on gameplay is different, imo NT
Cindy09/23/17 08:16 AM
x*bbott Says HI, LOL!! NT
Dani09/23/17 08:18 AM
x*Did Jason really play a better game? NT
Cindy09/23/17 08:19 AM
x*Lol no. Not on any planet called Earth. NT
utty1409/23/17 08:44 AM
x*He won more comps and just about everyone tried to work with him. He called the shots in his alliance. NT
jovoh09/23/17 08:26 AM
x*You said America would vote for gameplay & proved otherwise with the kinda winner they crowned in bbott, They didnt vote for her because she played,
Dani09/23/17 08:23 AM
x*Exactly. I didn't understand how Morgan won BBOTT. After BB19 I understand :-) NT
Singaling09/23/17 08:57 AM
x*No not really NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:22 AM
x*There you go. NT
jovoh09/23/17 08:14 AM
x*I think so. He ran the house from start to finish, had a say in every eviction. Some may not like him but his gameplay would have been rewarded. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 08:08 AM
x*LOL No America was even more bitter NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:07 AM
x*bitter about what? we saw his actions, as well as his words, and did not like him NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 08:11 AM
x*America wanted Justice for Paul. And that's what he got. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:27 AM
x*We saw Cody's actions, as well as his words, and some people still like him. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 08:18 AM
x*America was bitter that he came back had nothing really to do with words or actions since they excused much worse done this year if against Paul NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:16 AM
x*America was not bitter at all. America wanted Paul to know he was rejected as unworthy. So Paul is bitter, but not America. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:28 AM
x*my opinion is different then yours, so be it NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 08:18 AM
x*sorry I have to LOL, my answer no, never NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 08:04 AM
*Josh flew home already? What happened to the F3 spending a week or so sightseeing in LA? NT
parrotbrain52 11   09/23/17 07:52 AM
x*I wouldnt be surprised if his family stepped in to get him away from Xmas. The way she was hanging on him & keeping him from his fans and sister. NT
Vixter09/23/17 08:25 AM
x*Did she drop Paul like a hot potato? NT
Caroljean196509/23/17 09:13 AM
x*Absolutely! Mama's got the gold digger's number. NT
Matzak09/23/17 08:38 AM
x*I love this fanfiction NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:35 AM
x*He said he's returning in a few days to meet up with Xmas and Paul. It's crazy how her haters just make things up. They're like Raven. lol. NT
Powerman81809/23/17 08:40 AM
x*Poor Raven. I still can't believe Xmas locked Josh in her hotel room safe to keep him away from his fans and sister. NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:45 AM
x*That was when he thought that he would be making grown up decisions. Then Mommy took him home. NT
thorn09/23/17 08:21 AM
x*Yeah I think Mommy and sis pull the strings. NT
Di6109/23/17 08:25 AM
x*That was before he found out about the Hurricane. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 08:04 AM
x*good for him, he needs some sane time with family NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 08:03 AM
x*I would want to go home also. Just spent 3 months away. I would want to go home and maybe take a vacation later NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:00 AM
*Why has Josh never mentioned his dad is black? He keeps tooting his horn about being 1st Cuban Hispanic winner of BB! NT
parrotbrain90 17   09/23/17 07:02 AM
x*You can be black and hispanic at the same time. You can also be white and be hispanic. You can be purple and be Cuban. So what? NT
Singaling09/23/17 09:00 AM
x*Josh is Hispanic & Latino. He speaks Spanish. His name is Martinez. There are plenty of black Hispanics from Miami to the islands, to South America NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:31 AM
x*I never cared about any of them or anything about any of them before the show and don't care now. I'm just fascinated by those who do. LOL NT
ChuckInWI09/23/17 07:42 AM
x*It's up to him . I don't care what he is NT
kathyG09/23/17 07:26 AM
x*I don't think it matters does it? We aren't entitled to know everything about a houseguest. Too much concern about how people identify, who cares? NT
Belzabub09/23/17 07:17 AM
x*Paul Mooney said it best "Everyone Wants To Be Black but No One wants to be Black" NT
Dani09/23/17 07:17 AM
x*Is it OK if I think I'm OK with who I am and Mr. Mooney, whoever he is, should speak for himself and leave the rest of us out of it. NT
ChuckInWI09/23/17 07:39 AM
x*He's speaking figuratively, pointing out cultural/societal irony, addressing appropriation. NT
jovoh09/23/17 08:04 AM
x*I don't know who Paul Mooney is, but that statement makes no sense NT
Belzabub09/23/17 07:21 AM
x*Paul Mooney is a comedian with wry insights into matters of race in America. His best work was in Spike Lee's "Bamboozled," a triumph of a film. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:34 AM
x*no worries, only a select few understand NT
Dani09/23/17 07:28 AM
x*Maybe cause he doesn't feel the need? Cubans can be black you know. NT
sthflachk09/23/17 07:15 AM
x*Does it really matter the race of his father and whether or not he mentioned it? The fact he mentioned his father is enough in my opinion. NT
PandaLover09/23/17 07:14 AM
x*Is his father a part of his life? I only recall Josh talking about his mom or Mi Familia NT
Pixie509/23/17 07:07 AM
x*He is in jail. Getting out soon. Dont know how long he has been there. NT
uselessfan09/23/17 07:13 AM
x*Is his dad not Hispanic? NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:06 AM
x*It's crazy that when it comes to race and sexuality, all you hear is "it doesn't matter"... but those same people comment on everything else. SMH. NT
Powerman81809/23/17 08:44 AM
*Meet the face behind the BEST BBUpdate account (OMG, He's a cutie)
Dani423 0   09/23/17 06:59 AM
*Grodner teases we could be expecting more Mixed seasons...UGH!!
Dani262 5   09/23/17 06:55 AM
x*Viewers care about the game, who wins, likeable HGs, etc. AG cares about the ratings & money. If ppl keep tuning in to see vets, it'll continue NT
ThoughtCriminal09/23/17 08:49 AM
x*We need to never vote advantages to the VETs again. If they want to stay, they have to earn it on their own NT
PVRlover09/23/17 08:10 AM
x*Vets returning makes it easier for AG to control the storyline. They allow for more conditions in their "special" contracts. Part of production. NT
ChuckInWI09/23/17 07:44 AM
x*I am not going to watch next time if there is a Vet involved. This season proved why it does not work with mixed cast NT
Pixie509/23/17 07:09 AM
x*They don't care what viewers think. They know ppl will watch whatever garbage they put out there. My best decision was to stop watching half way. NT
hfabs09/23/17 07:00 AM
*Jason, Kevin & Their lovely wives
Dani497 13   09/23/17 06:48 AM
x*Kevin had a instagram event yesterday and its perfectly clear he is uneasy about certain things he found out about without mentioning names. NT
PandaLover09/23/17 07:18 AM
x*I think Alex is the person he will never talk to again lol NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:22 AM
x*I enjoyed it. It was the same Kevin from the first half of the season. I heard Cody & Jessica mentioned. Could you make out what he said? NT
Vixter09/23/17 08:22 AM
x*He went to Paul's party nonetheless. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:26 AM
x*Was he talking about paul on instagram. I haven't seen it NT
uselessfan09/23/17 07:32 AM
x*I didn't see it either. Post above says no names mentioned. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:34 AM
x*If you're Jason, I don't know how you own up to what you said, but it looks like they're good. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:52 AM
x*If Jason said the same to my husband, I wouldn't care. He is clearly a stand up guy. Probably the most genuine person in that house along w/ Ramsies
hfabs09/23/17 07:02 AM
x*Kevin got pretty heated when Josh brought up his family. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:09 AM
x*Kevin got heated because he knew he was telling a lie. He just swore on his family about the vote 30 mins earlier. But he couldn't about the 25K. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 07:36 AM
x*It was a stupid joke he made not an act he wanted to do. Who knows after they both go home they may never talk again. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 06:54 AM
x*Still gotta be embarrassing to broach the topic and then face all his daughters. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:58 AM
x*I hope they remain friends. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:50 AM
*Has Paul hung out with any of the cast since the season ended? NT
HOHMaster25 6   09/23/17 06:38 AM
x*But he's not bitter, you know...never cared! LOL!!! NT
Scrappy09/23/17 07:18 AM
x*Yes Xmas, Josh, Matt, Raven, Kevin just not all together. NT
ArgosFan09/23/17 06:39 AM
x*Wrong, he had all those people (his Paul votes) over to dinner last night NT
PVRlover09/23/17 08:12 AM
x*Josh wasn't there last night. He returned to Florida. NT
Ivesk109/23/17 08:31 AM
x*Was Josh there? NT
JoshGallet09/23/17 08:21 AM
x*Josh went home so he wasn't there NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:24 AM
*This is cute, A Fan made a shift of Elena's "Its Gordon" (I loved when she said that, lol)
Dani205 0   09/23/17 06:28 AM
*Dr. Will speaks the truth...again...INSIDE...
WillRulz551 5   09/23/17 06:04 AM
x*That advice applies to 90% of the people I see on Twitter NT
ThoughtCriminal09/23/17 08:55 AM
x*He made that same joke last year, but I don't mind. NT
HumanShaped09/23/17 08:23 AM
x*Great advice which none will follow. NT
RatFloater09/23/17 06:37 AM
x*He knew he had a education to fall back on when he went in the BB house. His personality and game play made him a BB name. He went back to his career
dillybean09/23/17 06:29 AM
x*Mike Boogie's sidekick should follow his own advice and deactivate his account. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 06:10 AM
*Paul only invited the 4 jurors who voted for him to his house....he's totally NOT Bitter...LOL!
Dani1175 40   09/23/17 06:04 AM
x*Paul's cousin said Elena was invited but was busy NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:27 AM
x*We don't know who else he invited. Just because someone posted that on Twitter does not make it true and I would not have invited Cody, Jessica, mark,
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:06 AM
x*did he serve cherry Kool-Aid? NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 07:40 AM
x*From 15 screaming HGs 3 months ago to 4 lonely losers and the garden gnome. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:53 AM
x*No Josh? NT
GazingEyes09/23/17 06:33 AM
x*He flew home. NT
RatFloater09/23/17 06:34 AM
x*Good for him. Get back to his family. Use and invest the money wisely. NT
dillybean09/23/17 06:40 AM
x*He is young, he can invest that money in something smart/safe and it would be millions by the time he is 45. Don't spend it on Paul/Xmas NT
Belzabub09/23/17 06:52 AM
x*Thanks, RatFloater! I thought maybe he was with his family. :) NT
GazingEyes09/23/17 06:38 AM
x*Good! I wouldn't invite them either. They came off as self righteous and bitter. Especially Alex, who said the nastiest things. NT
Di6109/23/17 06:28 AM
x*Paul came off self righteous and bitter. They came off victorious and classy. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:54 AM
x*They DID get the last laugh...and that must gall Paul immensely. Now he’s back to being a tiny bearded gnome in real life. NT
ChristmasInJuly09/23/17 09:06 AM
x*For every action there is a reaction. Game is over move on. I want to discuss gameplay not hatred for HGs NT
Di6109/23/17 07:04 AM
x*You called those who voted against Paul as "self righteous and bitter." I used the same language to describe Paul. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:45 AM
x*Thats kinda a pot callng a kettle black comment haha NT
northernviewer09/23/17 07:39 AM
x*I can be objective and discuss the HGs behavior without making them out to be the worst people in the world and not jump on every comment just to be
Di6109/23/17 08:18 AM
x*You castigated the HGs who voted against Paul. I castigated Paul. Both comments were about HGs and are proper comments here. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:50 AM
x*I also said I believed all HGs were decent people. I'm judging their gameplay not their personalities because I don't know them and neither do you.
Di6109/23/17 09:04 AM
x*But wouldn't that make Paul bitter and us see that we would have probably voted the same way if someone wronged him in the game? NT
TrueNes09/23/17 06:37 AM
x*Yes. Paul is the bitter HG. He has only himself to blame, but he's incapable of taking responsibility for his nefarious actions. NT
Jake8109/23/17 08:56 AM
x*It just seemed so personal. He lost last year but it didn't have the same feel from the jurors. I think he was really taken aback by the questions.
Di6109/23/17 07:00 AM
x*I wasn't a fan of his this year but I think ppl need to cut him slack. The guy has lost 900k on BB of course he'll be bitter especially if it's
RatFloater09/23/17 06:28 AM
x*HA! Not cutting him any slack. He is a direct cause of some of the vile behavior that happened in the house. Shame on him. Happy he lost! NT
PandaLover09/23/17 07:21 AM
x*They guy won $100K and got money over and above that. He didn't deserve to win the big money. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:55 AM
x*That's nice. As someone who follows Paul, I know he's nothing like these people are making him out to be. I believe all the HGs are decent people. NT
Di6109/23/17 06:31 AM
x*He's worse than people make him out to be. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:55 AM
x*Elena's response to not being invited to the bitter party of 5
Dani09/23/17 06:23 AM
x*LOL. She's getting her digs in against the diminutive loser. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:56 AM
x*The only surprising thing about that tweet is she didn't link her venmo accout asking for fans to give her money. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 06:48 AM
x*Is Paul wearing capris or boyfriend jeans? NT
lianna09/23/17 06:17 AM
x*He's been stomping grapes to make his new whine called "Bitter Tears." NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:57 AM
x*that;s his toddler country boy look...isn't it just precious? NT
Scrappy09/23/17 06:30 AM
x*LOL!!!!' Good one NT
3kidz09/23/17 07:03 AM
x*give Kevin money pls NT
he200009/23/17 06:12 AM
x*How do we know that others weren't invited but chose not to attend? NT
Blockhead09/23/17 06:08 AM
x*The only 4 that showed up was not a coincidence. He is known for holding grudges. NT
hfabs09/23/17 06:13 AM
x*He doesn't take anything personal. It's just a game..... NT
hfabs09/23/17 06:07 AM
x*All of his preaching about friendship was a big load of malarkey. NT
BreachofTrust09/23/17 06:05 AM
x*Someone needs to get in there and clean up that garbage...and give Kevin another beer. :) NT
WillRulz09/23/17 06:05 AM
x*lol! Yes, they do. NT
GameOvr09/23/17 07:16 AM
*just some thoughts
c71337 21   09/23/17 05:58 AM
x*Jody should be thankful that Paul was on this season bc it made them popular for real NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:29 AM
x*it amazes me that the ones who criticize cody don't hold themselves to the same standard they put on the ones who criticiz p? I don't get it NT
punxsutawneygal09/23/17 07:39 AM
x*Cody is loved by the people who love him, which are in the millions. NT
Jake8109/23/17 06:59 AM
x*Millions? HAHA Maybe millions of bots that voted for him. ROFL NT
PandaLover09/23/17 07:23 AM
x*6 million BB viewers each week. Millions love Cody. He's America's favorite by a landslide. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:00 AM
x*So the ratings didn't drop after Cody was evicted. Julie said 15 million votes for AFHG. People could vote 20x a day for at least 5 days. That's about
Blockhead09/23/17 09:03 AM
x*Cody and Jess were at the bottom of Joker's during the first weeks. Cody got popular after he was evicted. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:57 AM
x*I agree that if Cody got more exposure, either by playing again or if he had been in power this season, his popularity would crumble.
Blockhead09/23/17 06:44 AM
x*I agree but have the hardest time that he gets a pass for his comments. .. like calling Audrey an It ... Paul would have been crucified NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 07:08 AM
x*Paul used the word tranny multiple times and nobody cared.... NT
danbbfan09/23/17 07:14 AM
x*Paul slammed James for being Asian. Used tranny. Called women the C word. Said he wanted to punch women in the face. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:02 AM
x*Oh really please show me the link to that ... Cody called a person an it and said they need mental help so it's a little worse IMO NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 07:17 AM
x*Why in the world would anyone think that someone who wanted to amputate his sex organs needed mental health treatment? NT
ChristmasInJuly09/23/17 09:12 AM
x*Thank you Blockhead for filling me in on this both are wrong. I had never seen Paul say that wish someone had said something to him like Matt did
CatsMommie09/23/17 08:20 AM
x*Even if he is invited back I highly doubt he'd accept the invitation. He truly seems to be over it all and just wants to go back to normal life. NT
RatFloater09/23/17 06:14 AM
x*Cody did get criticized for things he said. Kevin did too. It's just a fact that some are more vile than others. NT
hfabs09/23/17 06:05 AM
x*I'm personally not offended by Cody's comments. He's very direct which can be off putting to some, but I'm direct as well. So I have no issues w/ him
BreachofTrust09/23/17 06:04 AM
x*You are not offended that he called Audrey an it??? Really??? NT
CatsMommie09/23/17 07:04 AM
x*I didn't see that comment, but no I'm not offended. I wouldn't say something like that, but it doesn't bother me that he did. NT
BreachofTrust09/23/17 07:24 AM
x*It was in the hot tub and it was bad IMO Matt even told him something and Jessica kept putting her hand over his mouth as he tried to say man in a
CatsMommie09/23/17 07:48 AM
x*If the HGs were all like Cody when it comes to being direct and playing hard, the seasons would be more fun to watch. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:00 AM
*Remember in the beginning most of the HGs were only concerned with having a summer vacation and making jury. Lol NT
Di619 2   09/23/17 05:26 AM
x*In the beginning? That lasted all season long sadly NT
ThoughtCriminal09/23/17 08:47 AM
x*Especially Elena who kept saying how broke she was. If Josh had gotten his way that week Elena would have been gone pre jury. NT
Di6109/23/17 05:42 AM
*In the polls section, a question asks if Paul is the 4th best BB player all-time behind Will, Dan and Derrick, and 79% say no. Then who's better? NT
jovoh326 75   09/23/17 05:26 AM
x*Paul is the biggest LOSER in BB history. How can he be considered in any list of "best" players? I don't believe he can. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 07:49 AM
x*Because he's played twice and never been evicted. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:51 AM
x*But he's never "won" the game. Anyone who's "won" the game (got the $500K) is by definition a "better" player than Paul can ever hope to be. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 07:52 AM
x*So you're saying no one but winners deserve to be ranked in the top 19? Lisa D. was better than Vanessa and Danielle R.? NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:58 AM
x*I'm saying those who won, met the objective, and thus played best, even if I don't agree with them winning. So, yes they played better than paul. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 08:04 AM
x*So Jordan is a better player than Janelle, Jun better than Danielle R., and Lisa D. better than Vanessa? NT
jovoh09/23/17 08:11 AM
x*I thought queen dumb dumb was a terrible player. But she won. None of the others did. Thus, she must be better than them, or they would have won. NT
HamsterHead09/23/17 08:19 AM
x*Believe it. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:50 AM
x*Danielle Reyes NT
Truthful1309/23/17 07:07 AM
x*I think Danielle would have done well against this cast, but Paul has proven to be extremely difficult to evict. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:33 AM
x*Now that's a queen ^^ NT
kathyG09/23/17 07:28 AM
x*I consider it 1.Dan 2.Will 3.Dani R 4.Paul 5.Derrick NT
robin8609/23/17 07:13 AM
x*I have it: 1. Will 2. Dan 3. Derrick 4. Paul 5. Danielle. I think there's a big drop-off between Derrick and Paul, just in terms of finesse. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:22 AM
x*I disagree because Derrick had less adversity and stronger personalities/better players that served as distractions. He also gets points docked for
robin8609/23/17 07:25 AM
x*Derrick also had the benefit of BotB for MOST of the season which completely changed the strategy of the game. Nominations weren't about who the HOH
Blockhead09/23/17 07:30 AM
x*My strategy would be to use production. .like figure out their favorite and align with that person NT
uselessfan09/23/17 07:35 AM
x*Correct, which meant his perception as a weak competitor greatly benefited him for most of the game. He also had TA which stopped Frankie (the other
robin8609/23/17 07:33 AM
x*Absolutely. Before TA formed Frankie listed Derrick as a target and Derrick told the cams that he did not trust Frankie.
Blockhead09/23/17 07:38 AM
x*Paul had advantages this year too. Going the distance a year earlier is a big advantage over newbies. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:37 AM
x*Many have had the advantage of experience and done exactly squat with it. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:46 AM
x*There's never been a season of one vet against all newbies. Plus Paul had weeks of safety. In the past, the vets turn on each other. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:50 AM
x*Jessie. He entered as hoh, not by his own doing, with a team of the best physical competitors in the house that were forbidden from nominating him, &
robin8609/23/17 07:52 AM
x*Derrick, Will, Dan, Nicole, Vanessa, Josh, Andy, Hayden, Jordan, Rachel, Boogie, Ian, Dick, Dani D, Dani R. There's 15 off the top of my head. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:07 AM
x*Is that in order? If so, I have no words... NT
robin8609/23/17 07:14 AM
x*No. The poster complained about no one giving names of those better than Paul. I listed a few who are better. The list is much longer, though. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:05 AM
x*At least 40 of the top players in BB USA history. All the winners. Most of the 2nd place finishers. Some of the 3rd place finishers. About 40-50. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:02 AM
x*Trying to have a genuine, objective discussion here. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:16 AM
x*I am, too. Paul isn't very good. He lucked into F2 last season. This season he had every advantage imaginable given to him by BB. He's not worthy. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:07 AM
x*If that's your goal, ignore the poster you were responding to. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:19 AM
x*LMAO yes NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:31 AM
x*Lol NT
Di6109/23/17 08:30 AM
x*wow, not nice NT
Cindy09/23/17 07:21 AM
x*Still true. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:22 AM
x*Paul should have won 2 seasons in a row. The guy rubs a lot of ppl the wrong way (myself included) but he plays the hell out of BB. His jury mgmt
RatFloater09/23/17 06:45 AM
x*Paul should have lost both seasons, and he did. Jury management is the ONLY thing a player can't totally screw up and still win. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:03 AM
x*Yeah, ED had impeccable "jury management." NT
robin8609/23/17 07:08 AM
x*He did. He gave the jury two choice: his whiny, entitled daughter was the other one. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:09 AM
x*Should have? well he didn't. Making people hate you is a bad game move NT
Belzabub09/23/17 06:57 AM
x*Not all hated him though. He got four votes both times. Why did Da' root for him and then vote for Nicole? NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:00 AM
x*Day wanted a female to win, she was saying that all season NT
Belzabub09/23/17 07:04 AM
x*Not much Paul can do about that. So, she didn't vote for Nicole because she hated Paul or thought Nicole played a better game. NT
jovoh09/23/17 07:12 AM
x*This was the first season I can remember where the females didn't at least attempt to form an alliance. NT
Belzabub09/23/17 07:20 AM
x*The list is long. NT
hfabs09/23/17 06:09 AM
x*Really long. 2-3 players per season, easy. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:03 AM
x*Boogie. He doesn't get enough credit, but what he was able to do during All Stars was masterful. NT
BreachofTrust09/23/17 06:07 AM
x*He had a really good ride or die and was a dud two other seasons. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:10 AM
x*Agreed. Boogie is nothing without Will. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:16 AM
x*I give props to anyone who can finish high twice...Dan, Will, and Paul. I'm not sure Derrick could do it again. NT
peeves09/23/17 05:48 AM
x*It's all just a matter of personal opinion but: Dani (Season 3), Vanessa, Maggie, Jun, Eric Stein, Nicole (Season 2) NT
Shaggy09/23/17 05:36 AM
x*Eric had so much potential but he can't even be considered a real player with AP. That really screwed him. What a horrible idea! NT
robin8609/23/17 07:18 AM
x*Paul this year was somewhat similar to Vanessa, but he's gone further than her twice. And he's levels better than Maggie and Jun. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:12 AM
x*agree, I'd also add Andy. NT
nicholaspuppy09/23/17 05:50 AM
x*I would say that Andy was better in his first season than Paul was last year. But I think Paul's performance this year moves him past Andy. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:14 AM
x*I agree, but this season moved Paul WAY ahead of Andy in my opinion. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:36 AM
x*You are such an Andy lover
Blockhead09/23/17 05:54 AM
x*Andy is a very underrated player because he was so disliked. He and Paul have that in common, though I think Paul is much better. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:38 AM
x*I still hate Andy. His big game move was hiding in Amanda's shadow until Zingbot tipped him off that he needed to cut her. He then formed an alliance
Blockhead09/23/17 07:45 AM
x*I agree with you. I think Paul out ranks Andy by a large margin. Though, Andy did play the floater game almost to perfection. Not a game I respect but
robin8609/23/17 07:49 AM
x*Dani BB3 for one. NT
ChuChuMugatchu09/23/17 05:32 AM
x*Paul has a far better resume. Plus, she only played against 11 others in season 3. I might rank her fifth though. NT
jovoh09/23/17 05:38 AM
x*Paul's second season doesn't count. That was a season's long gift by AG to her season's signed "star." NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:10 AM
x*That is a good point. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:42 AM
x*Paul's 1st season he was helped by Victor returning again and again. Paul's 2nd season he had vet status, safety, friendship bracelets. Dani R
nicholaspuppy09/23/17 05:51 AM
x*Paul seemed to be doing fine before Victor returned the first time. NT
jovoh09/23/17 05:56 AM
x*he was in line to be evicted and Victor won comps to keep Paul safe and kept the target off of him by being a bigger threat NT
nicholaspuppy09/23/17 06:10 AM
x*Paul had Vic to protect him 3 times, and used Paulie for same for a while. Paul lucked into F3 the first time. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:09 AM
x*Michelle, Bridgette and Natalie were in line to be evicted. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:31 AM
x*Yes, back when the game was strategy-heavy and no safety twists which is why she, for me, is ranked higher than Paul. NT
ChuChuMugatchu09/23/17 05:43 AM
x*And yet, she made a poor tactical move by bringing Lisa to F3. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:06 AM
x*And yet, Paul is a 2 time finale loser so he clearly made multiple poor tactical moves on who he brought to the finals. NT
nicholaspuppy09/23/17 06:11 AM
x*Yes, but bitter juries are the norm now. I really believe it's a generational flaw and as such, BB is now massively flawed. NT
robin8609/23/17 07:45 AM
x*He lost by one vote last year. What was Da's reason for voting for Nicole? NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:22 AM
x*He lost both seasons. He's worse than every winner and most 2nd place finishers. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:09 AM
x*alternatively, the jury not being sequestered and therefore seeing DRs heavily impacted the vote. NT
ChuChuMugatchu09/23/17 06:11 AM
x*And? She knew the format. NT
jovoh09/23/17 06:30 AM
*I’m glad to see raven is owning some of the things she said/did... I low key like her now that the show is over :O Xmas and paul are the worst NT
taylorandtom156 18   09/23/17 05:07 AM
x*Xmas and Paul just got out of the house lol NT
inthezone09/23/17 08:32 AM
x*Poor girl is a pathological liar. Lies so deep she can't even remember what she has said and changes the lie as she see's fit. She needs help. NT
PandaLover09/23/17 07:26 AM
x*I've given up on believing that poor girl will ever understand the things she says. I think her mama ruined her and conditioned her so severely. NT
Harper_Lee09/23/17 05:34 AM
x*Agreed... she was raised from birth being told lies. 100% she believes a lot of her stories bc she knows no different NT
JoshGallet09/23/17 08:25 AM
x*Seems a lot of the questionable stuff Raven said came from her mother. She's a product of her environment. NT
Di6109/23/17 05:23 AM
x*Everyone is a product of their environment, including Paul. Doesn't excuse their atrocious conduct. That's on them. They're adults. NT
Jake8109/23/17 07:10 AM
x*Maybe their atrocious conduct is excused because they served in the military. NT
Blockhead09/23/17 07:39 AM
x*They're too worthless to have ever served in the military. NT
Jake8109/23/17 09:12 AM
x*I agree her Mom used her for a $$$ cow and attention NT
kathyG09/23/17 05:50 AM
x*What exactly has she owned? Because here's my list of things she's owned: NT
vortexfugue09/23/17 05:15 AM
x*The lying is so ingrained in her, she has a lot of trouble telling the truth. And she never said my mother CAN be in Mensa but IS in Mensa. NT
3kidz09/23/17 07:17 AM
x*Ingrained is right as can be seen in the xmas will be evicted...and then blurting out she knew it would be kevin NT
uselessfan09/23/17 07:19 AM
x*She owned her mom is not in mensa...but then turned around and saidxshe went to law school NT
uselessfan09/23/17 05:17 AM
x*she didn't own anything. in that same interview said her mom went to law school and graduated early then backtracked and said well she never
Cindy09/23/17 06:36 AM
x*I saw two interviews where she said she misspoke. That's not admitting to a lie. NT
jovoh09/23/17 05:28 AM
x*Your right it's called backtracking NT
kathyG09/23/17 05:50 AM
x*What did she own? NT
myopinion09/23/17 05:11 AM
x*Beat me to it. NT
Bobbo209/23/17 05:13 AM
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