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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Big Brother Over The Top Schedule - Begins Wednesday 7pm PT - weekly ceremonies, competitions, evictions and more
Dreamer519 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! Includes use of the terms "haters"/"(HG) fans".. (Edited 8/16/15)
strkaholic12371 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 10, 2016
Jokerette7798 0   Sticky Post
*I know they dont have to,but has CBS offered an explanation of why A.Feeds start so late?B: Why Comps are so late in the evening?Im ticked,I work. NT
Shielagurlz8 2   09/27/16 04:01 AM
x*I'm guessing they don't want to interfere with their prime time TV programming. NT
gardenman09/27/16 04:51 AM
x*will we be able to flashback? NT
angelboo09/27/16 04:22 AM
*Based on the personalities, the "girls" seem like they could "run the house" the entire BBOTT season. NT
Truthful134 1   09/27/16 04:00 AM
x*Being able to win comps matters more... One edge that usually leads to male dominated season is guys just do better at comps.. NT
uvp09/27/16 04:18 AM
*This is one of my favorite flash back on the live feeds BB18 August 16, 7:35pm (Cam 3) Tuesday - Angry Eagle puppet (mastered by Vic) NT
LadybugLisa8 0   09/27/16 02:58 AM
*I want a season that has people like this. It's been way too long
aps817180 9   09/27/16 02:20 AM
x*Poor Amanda. She got ***** on so hard that season, but she stayed a lot stronger than most people would have. Mad respect for her. Josh is hands down
robin8609/27/16 04:14 AM
x*People can't even take PAULIE who I am still trying to why is sooo hated. I think it shows how desperate people are for villains. Cause seriously
Jassie09/27/16 03:35 AM
x*Maybe this clip is a bad example, but that was a great season, feeds gold! NT
N2BB09/27/16 02:35 AM
x*Oh dumb JackAnuses of idiot morons? Oh yeah we will have them every season! NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 02:24 AM
x*well if we have them every season why haven't they been this entertaining or insane? NT
aps81709/27/16 02:27 AM
x*2 words: social media. HG's are more and more aware of potential backlash from the public now because they have more access to their personal lives NT
Poz09/27/16 02:32 AM
x*Because BB15 killed the craziness. People are more aware now. Well I guess until Paulie this season lol. NT
09/27/16 02:31 AM
x*Cause people grow up. NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 02:29 AM
x*nah NT
aps81709/27/16 02:29 AM
*I just opened up my twitter feed and thought this was kinda funny
245 2   09/27/16 02:15 AM
x*Corey!!!!!!! likes Vic ASS NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 02:21 AM
x*Someone has a good sense of humor or doesn't know how twitter works...seeing as Corey has developed an app I guess it's the former. NT
elfstar8909/27/16 02:20 AM
*I dunno about this "thing woman" creeping on my worst nightmares! She disturbs my sleep for some reason! :O
isoadbbfan59 0   09/27/16 02:11 AM
*can we just vote glenn? NT
willwill1 0   09/27/16 02:00 AM
*Remember that period of time when Michelle and Paul slept in the same bed in London LOL NT
elfstar893 0   09/27/16 01:58 AM
*I'm callin it now: Justin and Michael will form an alliance called "Shrimp N Grits" NT
CaboWabo3 0   09/27/16 01:29 AM
*So move in/live feeds start at 7pm pst, which is BB time on Wed right? TYIA Just want to make sure I'm here with you all <3 NT
Starlynn11 1   09/27/16 12:46 AM
x*yep NT
Hawkman09/27/16 01:09 AM
*People are really letting into Nicole on twitter cause she posted some stupid gif NT
rando11171 9   09/27/16 12:31 AM
x*What gif? NT
PinkAuraGirl09/27/16 04:58 AM
x*Do you notice they all r fan accounts and teenage girls? Lmao how tragic. Twitter should ban fake accounts. Let's see who is behind cyber bullying NT
PrincessDaytona09/27/16 04:23 AM
x*course Nic loves Z and posted a gif with her... they're both pushovers NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan09/27/16 03:32 AM
x*She can wipe her tears with dollar bills. NT
LittleLion09/27/16 02:49 AM
x*Oh please she is getting a lot of love as well. She is basically telling her haters try to tell me I don't deserve the win, it won't phase her NT
Usernamejax09/27/16 02:09 AM
x*Plus it's letting her know who to block lol NT
Usernamejax09/27/16 02:10 AM
x*Ya, she's getting rinsed on twitter right now. Even fake Zingbot is getting in on the action. NT
RatFloater09/27/16 01:06 AM
x*who's fake zingbot? NT
sliver01309/27/16 02:10 AM
x*Nooo pooor Nic but she's so weak! Coreeeeyy! NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 12:58 AM
*Live DR'S in traditional BB the HG go in and are prompted by production on what to discuss it would be cool if we vote on questions/topics for certain
jojo6528 0   09/27/16 12:02 AM
*How will you feel if Jozea comes back...? NT
ImOnBathsalts52 9   09/26/16 11:36 PM
x*The question is moot: theres no way Joz gets more votes than Jas NT
CaboWabo09/27/16 02:16 AM
x*I will feel like having a bowl of Chili for lunch. NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 12:59 AM
x*I'd feel better about the season and think maybe this isn't rigged. They've already given Jason a big edge. NT
09/27/16 12:04 AM
x*How so? NT
09/27/16 12:07 AM
x*Compare the fanbases that are being put up against each other. Clearly Jason will win a lot of the fan votes they offer this season. NT
09/27/16 12:13 AM
x*Jozea will not be himself, something will change because now he is aware of how we perceive him. NT
Wellcause09/27/16 12:03 AM
x*Not sure this tiger can change his stripes NT
bunnielebowski09/27/16 12:05 AM
x*I'll feel less likely to watch. I found Jason to be more entertaining. Hopefully he's learned he also needs to play the game to get far. NT
Corndogger09/26/16 11:49 PM
x*so agree. Sadly he is still living downstairs in his parent's home. That being said, I liked him !! NT
theritz09/27/16 01:01 AM
*Hey where did Victor go? NT
HalfManHalfAmazing15 0   09/26/16 11:24 PM
*Nicole, Steven from BB17 and Zakiyah 10 years later...
titan9283 2   09/26/16 11:17 PM
x*hahaha NT
beanman09/27/16 02:04 AM
x*Too good! NT
isoadbbfan09/27/16 12:11 AM
*Now that I've watched all the videos I'm pleasantly surprised that I liked them a ton more than their pix foretold.I'l bask in that happy for 2days NT
22 3   09/26/16 11:02 PM
x*I'm afraid that once they're told how much influence viewers will have that they'll all start acting differently. NT
Corndogger09/26/16 11:05 PM
x*I am wondering how much they will even be told. Like will they play lightly until jury... then there is none? NT
09/26/16 11:07 PM
x*The Safety Ceremonies will give a lot away. To me they kind of sound like the MVP twist but way worse. NT
Corndogger09/26/16 11:19 PM
*Will the HG know that America is voting for the winner or will it be a suprise at the end? NT
jhart3424 3   09/26/16 10:57 PM
x*I don't see how it could be much of a surprise when there's no jury announced NT
jojo6509/26/16 11:03 PM
x*true, but by then most will have shown their true colors. If they try and change once they find out no jury, the damage will be done NT
nosaj337409/26/16 11:25 PM
x*Hey it worked for Victor. NT
09/27/16 01:20 AM
*Shelby hasn't seen The Godfather Scarface or Star Wars? I just find that odd. Has she been hiding under a rock her whole life? NT
805bbfan1822 3   09/26/16 10:56 PM
x*I've never seen any of those either NT
PrincessDaytona09/26/16 11:24 PM
x*Arizona has beautiful rocks and many places to hide. NT
09/26/16 11:05 PM
x*It's the Harry Potter genre of BB NT
jojo6509/26/16 10:59 PM
*I wonder if we'll get fish if they sing or get music. Maybe it will go back to FOTH. I prefer fish... NT
seahorse14 2   09/26/16 10:52 PM
x*I would prefer just cutting the audio. NT
banner_boy09/26/16 10:54 PM
x*Oh that's a good choice. I like it. NT
seahorse09/26/16 10:56 PM
*Well after reading all the bios and watching videos I have high hopes for this cast. Can't get much worse then last season. At least I hope not.
805bbfan1833 1   09/26/16 10:34 PM
x*Sometimes they are all talk. I hope these break that trend. NT
seahorse09/26/16 10:53 PM
*Good to see Jeff isn't doing BBOTT interviews, before or after. NT
Hawkman160 1   09/26/16 10:25 PM
x*If you carefully read the CBS page on how to watch OTT it's very apparent that Julie will be doing what Jeff did along with the live show. Is she
Corndogger09/26/16 10:29 PM
*I see Jason and Kryssie teaming up. NT
Hawkman22 3   09/26/16 10:18 PM
x*Oh yeah! I could see them being a good team, especially if they were undercover about it. NT
09/26/16 11:04 PM
x*Why not Neely? The fun and sexy one. NT
09/26/16 10:28 PM
x*She's certainly reminiscent of Day in her preseason video. I can see Jason being attracted to her in the house for that reason. NT
Jake8109/26/16 10:47 PM
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