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*JU BB Redo: Big Brother Season 6 (but that isn't all! Oh no no no!)
Jokerette786 0   Sticky Post
*Old expression: live feeders see it like it is.
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*2 hgs are friends and having a convo on Twitter and a fan of 1 thinks it's a good idea to join the convo by insulting the other hg they are talking 2
Evelrocker148 3   10/06/15 11:06 PM
x*Judd used to get so mad about that and say "Quit telling me who to be friends with." Idiots! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/07/15 01:13 AM
x*Is this a hypothetical scenario? NT
miss88010/07/15 12:49 AM
x*No way. A lot of people think it's their business to tell HGs who to talk to and who not to talk to. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/07/15 01:14 AM
*I am curious about the BB contract hgs are under. Can CBS only stop them from doing things/interviews about the show??? NT
Evelrocker179 29   10/06/15 09:27 PM
x*when Liz was interviewed by Eric he cut her off when she was saying something & told her not to risk her stipend. So there must be something. NT
JillyBean10/06/15 10:32 PM
x*Yes, CBS "owns" them for 2 years or so. IF they void their contract, then their stipend would have to be repaid. No HG is going to do that. JMO NT
LettucePray10/06/15 09:54 PM
x*I think they are under contract for 1 year and 3 years if they want to write a book. NT
KristinAshley10/07/15 01:12 AM
x*Nor is CBS ever going to do that barring something incredibly flagrant/actually damaging. But these rookies don't know that... NT
clace10/06/15 10:56 PM
x*OR their winnings as in Steve/Liz and James' AFP $. They must OBEY!! NT
LettucePray10/06/15 09:55 PM
x*They can block interviews that damage their reputation Evel Dick has a history NT
Bbfan601910/06/15 09:40 PM
x*Talking about production NT
Bbfan601910/06/15 09:40 PM
x*That's what he says because it makes him look badass. I think it's because he makes a living from it. Or because he's a total a-hole who they hate. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:18 PM
x*They don't hate him and other people make a living doing this stuff NT
FurnitureAlliance10/07/15 01:06 AM
x*Yes they do hate him. They want nothing to do with Dick. He will never be asked back and not because of his HIV like he would have everyone think. NT
KristinAshley10/07/15 01:14 AM
x*I have no clue how ED makes a living and couldn't care less either. No one from BB16 nor BB17 have or will be on his show per contract issues until
LettucePray10/06/15 10:22 PM
x*He has had BB16 and BB17 HG's on before. The big blowup at the charity event was Because he was butthurt about how Zach acted on his show. NT
Brian36210/06/15 10:44 PM
x*Who from BB17? TIA. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 10:54 PM
x*Audrey and Day that I know of from tweets that were made. NT
Brian36210/06/15 10:55 PM
x*So ... per tweets from whom? TIA. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 10:55 PM
x*Audreys were from her saying what a great time she had on his show, don't rem Day. Just looked at his site and he has them listed as guests and
Brian36210/06/15 11:01 PM
x*Thanks, but I disagree. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 11:08 PM
x*I just looked. He has her listed on episode #23 and a pic of her. Plus it looks like he had a bunch of S16 HG's on. NT
Brian36210/06/15 11:09 PM
x*And ED has no job. He makes his living off reality tv. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:32 PM
x*Interesting. So why didn't he know that? He very confidently tweeted out to his PAID subscribers that he had these interviews locked down. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:31 PM
x*It is something new or becky/J-mac or ED is making up a story, since he had Audrey and Dayvonne on his show after they were evicted. NT
Brian36210/06/15 10:50 PM
x*I'm guessing CBS didn't know they were on Dick's show until after the fact. It wasn't for an interview. It was to talk about the episode that
KristinAshley10/07/15 01:21 AM
x*Maybe it only applies to people who made it past jury? He said John was kind of upset he couldn't do it so I think it's true. NT
nonemoreblack10/06/15 11:12 PM
x*I doubt John was upset. I am sure John's friend that was running his twitter account told him everything Dick was saying about him over the course
KristinAshley10/07/15 01:29 AM
x*I didn't know Audrey was on his show. I know he met her at the FL charity event and tweeted about that. NT
stargazerlilly10/06/15 11:02 PM
x*Looks like she was on episode #23. NT
Brian36210/06/15 11:08 PM
x*She wasn't on that show. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 11:20 PM
x*And Dayvonne wasn't actually on episode #26? And Donny wasn't on? He just lists them? I guess I will never know for sure since I would never give
Brian36210/06/15 11:28 PM
x*Audrey and Day were on Ed's show? When? TIA. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 10:55 PM
*Liz isn't gonna like Jmac/Austin bromance on twitter NT
Bbfan601922 1   10/06/15 09:16 PM
x*Too bad. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 09:57 PM
*It's insane how much some Big Brother fans want the non-showmances of James/Meg and JMac/Becky to get together. NT
thanme35 6   10/06/15 08:35 PM
x*I didn't think James/Meg had a showmance, but I did like their friendship. NT
JillyBean10/06/15 10:34 PM
x*Johnny Mac and Becky hid their love for each other for game purposes. Soon they'll be starting a family. #BeckyUpdate NT
Corndogger10/06/15 10:20 PM
x*I would really love a Jecky romance, but I could give a chit less about the other two NT
krazy110/06/15 08:59 PM
x*"Some" fans might? Not all. I surely don't. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 08:38 PM
x*SAME here NT
uvp10/06/15 08:39 PM
x*Yep. I couldn't care less about Liz/Julia nor Liztin, nor Shay/Chelli, nor Jecky, nor Audrey, nor Jason, nor Day, nor Jackie, etc. Just don't care. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 10:18 PM
*Jmac/Becky and Meg/James no showed Richard Donato's interview. NT
Kay19264 21   10/06/15 07:03 PM
x*Dick knows CBS wants nothing to do with him. It's because when they had the coaches season he was begging them to be on it and they
KristinAshley10/07/15 01:04 AM
x*I didn' read your entire post, but they had Dick doing stuff on BBAD, asking viewers questions. So saying CBS wants nothing to do with him is
FurnitureAlliance10/07/15 01:17 AM
x*He has a free show where he explains and flogs some other things he's making money on. Production quality is terrible! NT
kmjm10/06/15 09:26 PM
x*By Friday Austwins will be his new best friends NT
Bbfan601910/06/15 07:49 PM
x*Will dick go off on them like he did cody NT
sandman10/06/15 07:07 PM
x*He is pissed about no call prob and it's understandable NT
Evelrocker10/06/15 07:08 PM
x*JMac/Becky DID contact him. James/Meg didn't. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 08:35 PM
x*They were likely told not to. Interesting. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:21 PM
x*Wonder if CBS are flexing muscles NT
Evelrocker10/06/15 07:05 PM
x*Jmac and Becky called well in advance and apologized.They said CBS said they couldn't do it.James and Meg no call, no show.This per ED NT
NMC10/06/15 07:05 PM
x*Link inside: Free... Scroll way down to load more... then you'll see FREE ... click on that.
LettucePray10/06/15 08:30 PM
x*Is CBS mad at ED? Or do they not want him to profit from these interviews? NT
Corndogger10/06/15 07:22 PM
x*He said in a tweet that CBS doesn't like HG's to interview with him because he talks a lot about production stuff.I don't pay for his show so?? NT
NMC10/06/15 08:02 PM
x*I wonder they they allow them to do other interviews but Dick's NT
1122810/06/15 07:13 PM
x*I wonder if CBS is pissed at ED for criticism of BB or cause his interviews are on a pay stream and not free. Has any BB17 HG been on his show???? NT
Evelrocker10/06/15 07:11 PM
x*NO BB17 HGs will be on ED's show. NONE per their contract. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 08:42 PM
x*Do they have a specific "NO ED" clause? or just a general "we reserve the right to not allow you to go on any A-holes show we want"? XD NT
Brian36210/06/15 09:23 PM
x*I suspect because he shows them on his website for his paid viewers only. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:38 PM
x*Yes... CBS dictates what, where, when. There is a reason for the "soft" ? from the interviews. JMO NT
LettucePray10/06/15 09:56 PM
x*I wonder if cbs are gonna pull Austwins and Van NT
Evelrocker10/06/15 07:06 PM
x*Yes they will. BB17 players are still under contract. NT
LettucePray10/06/15 08:33 PM
*Link for the twins Fan-Terview which is about to start. See inside.
Corndogger328 2   10/06/15 06:01 PM
x*Juj's trip to Bora Bora has been nixed by Liz. She said it's too damn expensive. Juj might get the Bahamas instead. NT
Corndogger10/06/15 06:25 PM
x*LOL! The "mom," "dad," "parents" thing came up. The twins and host have no idea what it means either. Liz wonders if it has something to do with
Corndogger10/06/15 06:15 PM
*JMac saying "who knows what could happen"' re Becky visit..(in his interview) NT
HES87 7   10/06/15 05:36 PM
x*was it just me or was he blushing hard? NT
clace10/06/15 05:45 PM
x*Thank you for the recap anyway. NT
1122810/06/15 05:39 PM
x*I can't watch from my phone :( NT
1122810/06/15 05:38 PM
x*Oh, I'm sure he'll find some cavities to fill. NT
banner_boy10/06/15 05:38 PM
x*Bahahahaha ! NT
krh503810/06/15 06:15 PM
HES10/06/15 05:51 PM
Brian36210/06/15 05:48 PM
*If there was a BB Halloween party which HG (from any season) would you go dressed as? NT
banner_boy24 2   10/06/15 05:29 PM
x*Janie would be fun NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 07:04 PM
x*Donny or Vanessa would be the easiest IMO. NT
JillyBean10/06/15 06:54 PM
*The season is over. Return to your families. They miss you. NT
bbdude250 4   10/06/15 05:02 PM
x*lol ... every summer I say BB will not draw me in & every summer there I am watching feeds at all hours, checking Jokers during the day from work ...
JillyBean10/06/15 06:20 PM
x*They are sitting next to me. :) NT
1122810/06/15 05:57 PM
x*bb fans are my family, awwwww NT
FurlessBat10/06/15 05:53 PM
x*And yet, here you are NT
krazy110/06/15 05:12 PM
*Waiting on news from Becky's kid friendly meet and greet. I want to see more pictures of her and Rachel. NT
112287 0   10/06/15 04:50 PM
*Jmac's RR interview tonight @ 8 EST on younow NT
HES286 10   10/06/15 04:50 PM
x*I'm not a fan of Eric's interviews, but that was a good one. I'm not sure John is capable of a bad interview though. NT
sandrab10/06/15 06:24 PM
x*A little recap? NT
1122810/06/15 06:28 PM
x*You should listen to it! One thing I thought was interesting is that he had to pretend to himself that he wanted Steve out before talking to Vanessa
sandrab10/06/15 07:42 PM
x*It is interesting to know now how much thought he put into his moves. I can't, I don't have a computer right now :( NT
1122810/06/15 08:06 PM
x*uhh link? NT
Kay1910/06/15 05:09 PM
x*Link please? NT
1122810/06/15 05:00 PM
x*sorry -it's the same as always (link inside)
HES10/06/15 05:15 PM
x*I thought it was funny that he wouldn't give out the address of the dental office - like we can't find it online. NT
dwig22210/06/15 07:46 PM
x*And like they didn't post a BILLBOARD advertising him and their company! NT
kmjm10/06/15 08:56 PM
x*if you wanna stalk johnny mac you gotta do work. NT
krh503810/06/15 07:51 PM
*hmm..thought OTB was supposed to release another HG's interview tonight..? NT
HES26 2   10/06/15 04:11 PM
x*I'm thinking Julia's will come out at 8 eastern time NT
Debra_Kadabra10/06/15 04:17 PM
x*ah yes...i only care to hear vanessa's of those left... NT
HES10/06/15 04:43 PM
*Becky's sudden interest in John is pathetic. Don't pander so hard, girl. NT
hamtank396 18   10/06/15 03:07 PM
x*she gets more tweet faves than almost anyone else besides Jmac and I dont think she was popular so it has to be the Jecky influence NT
XoXoXoX10/06/15 04:54 PM
x*Instagram too. I disagree it is the Jecky influence. Most of her tweets and instantgram are unrelated. She was the only houseguest with a hashtag
1122810/06/15 04:58 PM
x*I don't think she's pandering, but it is confusing given how adamant she was about him not being her type & shutting Jecky down in exit interviews. NT
nonemoreblack10/06/15 04:11 PM
x*I think the shutting down had more to do with the interviews than John himself. There's also no sign she's interested in him that way NT
1122810/06/15 04:44 PM
x*Well i still dont see anything that points to them being anything more than friends. It's all speculation. I didnt take away the same thing Eric did
krh503810/06/15 04:16 PM
x*What's catching people off-guard is that in her exit interviews it was like she didn't want to acknowledge John at all. Her attitude has changed. NT
nonemoreblack10/06/15 04:20 PM
x*Becky wanted to talk to Johnny Mac more in the house but he didn't for game reasons. If he thought she was pandering I don't think he would be
Corndogger10/06/15 03:51 PM
x*Yes, he didn't want his game ruined by appearance of showmance. He didn't even want to be seen with Steve. Also I think Becky is a genuine person. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:01 PM
x*Exactly! Becky seems like a very nice person. I'm really enjoying how she's been handling herself post season. She's been very positive. NT
Corndogger10/06/15 04:12 PM
x*Yes! I am pleasantly surprised. Becky strikes me as charming and genuine and certainly one of the best interviewees of the season. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:16 PM
x*How is she pandering? She seemed close to John inside the house and she even called him "her guy" during the jury round table. NT
thanme10/06/15 03:36 PM
x*Because nobody could actually have anything positive to say about him apparently. Not Vanessa, not Becky. Nobody. NT
krh503810/06/15 03:50 PM
x*It is getting a little annoying tbh NT
1122810/06/15 04:53 PM
x*Who's saying that? NT
Corndogger10/06/15 03:58 PM
x*Basically if anyone praises John it's assumed they're doing it to hop on to his popularity, but in reality he was loved by most of the HGs anyway. NT
nonemoreblack10/06/15 04:17 PM
x*nothing wrong with jumping on the john train :p
uvp10/06/15 03:11 PM
x*Unlike Becky I saw that one coming :) NT
krh503810/06/15 04:24 PM
x*teehee NT
XoXoXoX10/06/15 04:53 PM
*Any news with Day and Steve? NT
sommie78937 3   10/06/15 03:06 PM
x*In terms of them hooking up? NT
Corndogger10/06/15 03:41 PM
x*lmao NT
utty1410/06/15 05:26 PM
x*No in general NT
sommie78910/06/15 04:29 PM
*Since we now know Van was going to stand up and spout "Integrity,loyalty,loner" nonsense to the Jury, Liz is the one who lost because of luck. NT
Brian362726 48   10/06/15 02:20 PM
x*She was going to pull a Dan? LOL NT
Adamlovechild110/06/15 09:07 PM
x*It would have been interesting to hear her final speech. She speaks so fast and 'sometimes' her talking about all her game expert knowledge can turn
dillybean10/06/15 03:53 PM
x*I've been a bit busy and unable to watch all the interviews. Did Van confirm that she would have tried to sell that to JH? NT
SockThief10/06/15 03:42 PM
x*Nothing like pure unfounded speculation, lol! NT
kmjm10/06/15 03:19 PM
x*What more can we do since she couldn't get to F2? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/06/15 03:23 PM
x*Yup, despite what any of the HGs said after they were outside the house and exposed to information, Vanessa didn't have the votes. I really
AwfuLeeHandsome10/06/15 03:07 PM
x*Yes. You could tell from the RT that Becky/Meg/Jackie/Austin/Julia would have voted for Liz. IMHO of course. NT
Brian36210/06/15 04:10 PM
x*I agree with many of your observations about Van, but I can't see either of the two - Steve & esp. Liz - winning against her. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:04 PM
x*Yep. NT
NMC10/06/15 03:34 PM
x*Actually she would have won. vs Vanessa, Liz does not get 3 votes let alone 5.
Blockhead10/06/15 03:11 PM
x*I wouldn't go so far as to say a contrarian opinion is nonsense, but I also believe Van would have won handily against Liz. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:07 PM
x*I agree. I think Liz would have had 2 votes... maybe 3, out of the 9. NT
lianna10/06/15 03:44 PM
x*Sorry, incorrect. But irrelevant either way since she couldn't get it done in the end and disgraced herself further voting for Liz (who we are
AwfuLeeHandsome10/06/15 03:20 PM
x*She didn't storm out of the house. She gave Steve a hug. Who are the 5 that would vote for Liz to win v. Vanessa? NT
Blockhead10/06/15 03:23 PM
x*She gave perfunctory hugs and was off like a bat out of hell to sit with a nasty puss face. NT
Brian36210/06/15 04:11 PM
x*Have we ever seen someone dart out of that house so fast before? NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 06:54 PM
x*I am sure there must have been but that has to be right up there for shortest time sprinting to the door. :P NT
Brian36210/06/15 07:40 PM
x*Lol! Your description cracks me up. But I think it is accurate. It's *exactly* how it struck me. Obligatory hug, stomping off, sulking. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:24 PM
x*Wow just because she didn't stay 1 second longer, she'd been stamped that she stormed off out of the house? Well even when she did what she did,
tofindmypassion10/06/15 06:50 PM
x*She had one minute like everyone else. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 06:55 PM
x*She took 3 second, lol NT
NMC10/06/15 07:06 PM
x*Still didn't see that she stormed off, she gave them both hugs and congratulated them. There's only 2 of them so I didn't see why she'd stay longer NT
tofindmypassion10/06/15 07:06 PM
x*I'm just replying to the person who said there wasn't time. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 07:07 PM
x*She certainly did storm out, we all remarked on it that very night. Meg, Becky, Jackie, Austin and Julia. But that's just the bare minimum NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/06/15 03:25 PM
x*I watched the finale and Vanessa did not storm out in anger. Maybe some were hoping she would refuse to leave like Austin did? NT
olivia02410/06/15 04:58 PM
x*If Vanessa stayed one second longer in the house, the narrative becomes how she's a poor sport because she wouldn't leave. NT
Blockhead10/06/15 05:00 PM
x*No, I expected her to spend a minute saying goodbye, and it wouldn't have made me say she was a poor sport if she had. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 06:57 PM
x*Why would she take all that time when she'd see them in a few minutes on the stage? lol NT
stargazerlilly10/06/15 11:08 PM
x*I watched the finale and did not remark that she stormed out because she did not. Jackie, Becky, Meg have not said they would have voted for Liz, in
Blockhead10/06/15 03:30 PM
x*There was no coin flip NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 07:00 PM
x*With the comments they made at the RT Becky/Meg were not voting for Van and Jackie wasn't going to vote Van either, Esp after Van opened her mouth. NT
Brian36210/06/15 04:07 PM
x*and every year we learn that contrary what is said at the RT, the person you think wouldn't win, DOES. NT
Brn2Wander10/06/15 06:10 PM
x*It was quite clear from the RT who was going to win Last year and the year before that and the year before that. "Van talking Integrity" was losing NT
Brian36210/06/15 06:46 PM
x*True that! NT
bbnoobie10/06/15 03:19 PM
x*Preach! NT
colleenag10/06/15 03:13 PM
x*agree NT
uvp10/06/15 03:12 PM
x*Nah, Liz still wouldn't have won. NT
lianna10/06/15 03:06 PM
x*liz beating vanessa lol NT
uvp10/06/15 02:54 PM
x*Exactly no one was beating Vanessa no one period. NT
Emma110/06/15 05:57 PM
x*Liz would have beat her once she got up spouting "Integrity" to a jury that did not like how she played. NT
Brian36210/06/15 06:03 PM
x*Liz lost because she didn't earn the win. What argument could she make to make people think otherwise? She had a better shot against Steve, had two
all8up10/06/15 02:38 PM
x*Liz didn't need to say a word, Van would have lost the second she started her "integrity" nonsense.Becky/Jackie/Meg would have said "screw you". NT
Brian36210/06/15 04:22 PM
x*Liz screwed up not being prepared to make her case. If she had been prepared she could have made a strong one. NT
Corndogger10/06/15 03:43 PM
x*I didn't understand why she wasn't prepared. She claims that she thought Van and Steve were taking each other. I saw Van tell her that in front of
PSister10/06/15 03:59 PM
x*Liz didn't think they would tell her the truth about taking her. She thought that with Austin/Julia on the jury they wouldn't. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/06/15 07:02 PM
x*It was strange since she had days to come up with something. I wonder if her arguments were against Vanessa since she was sure Steve would not take
gemstone10/06/15 04:38 PM
x*Ummmm you may be right. I hadn't thought about that. NT
PSister10/06/15 05:20 PM
x*Either Liz bought Van's shtick about being hated, and thought she was a lock for the win … or she was just playing for #2. Either possible, IMO. NT
SockThief10/06/15 04:12 PM
*I've been away for a few days. Have Austin and Liz broke up yet? Inquiring minds want to know! ;) NT
Iris152 5   10/06/15 02:09 PM
x*As soon as CBS lets them know they will not be on "The Amazing Race', they will break up. NT
ELPhill10/06/15 11:01 PM
x*It will not last. Give it time. She knows she can do much better wait till the fanfare dies down. NT
meredith10/06/15 04:38 PM
x*Twins are going to LA Oct 15-26 (the first 2 or 3 days I think will be in Vegas b/c that's where Austin will be) and will be staying with Austin. So
Corndogger10/06/15 03:47 PM
x*I imagine when this happens the board will blow up with threads galore and guys beating down her door to hook up. Won't be hard to miss. NT
all8up10/06/15 02:40 PM
x*exactly i think olivia wilde might even deliver the BREAKING NEWS ... NT
uvp10/06/15 02:53 PM
*was Austin ever asked in interviews about his love for vampire girls? NT
banner_boy34 3   10/06/15 01:20 PM
x*Has Judas done any interviews or have they all been Austin? NT
Blockhead10/06/15 01:21 PM
x*Is there a difference? NT
CoyoteBB10/06/15 02:06 PM
x*One wears a hat. NT
banner_boy10/06/15 02:12 PM
*Tweet from Robyn. Looks like Meg sent her a present. See inside.
Corndogger536 1   10/06/15 12:24 PM
x*So a kickback for casting an awful player. It explains a lot. NT
Blockhead10/06/15 12:46 PM
*Modeling pic of Juj as a bride. I think this is from today. She's wearing a vintage wedding dress from the 1930s. She looks stunning in this pic.
Corndogger841 9   10/06/15 12:01 PM
x*She looks pretty, the dress is very unflattering. Horribly so actually. NT
lianna10/06/15 03:08 PM
x*Back in the 1930s that might have been a hot wedding dress. NT
Corndogger10/06/15 03:44 PM
x*LOL, no- that is a vintage dress designed for someone with that figure! And it isn't her figure. NT
kmjm10/06/15 10:43 PM
x*She looks pregnant NT
Bleuag10/06/15 02:15 PM
x*i know she's a good looking girl and i found her attractive at the beginning of the season but i just can't look at her the same now. NT
sliver01310/06/15 02:09 PM
x*I haven't been able to look at her the same since James and JMac compared her to Mr. Bean :) NT
NMC10/06/15 03:35 PM
x*those side-by-sides cracked me up. NT
sliver01310/06/15 06:19 PM
x*She looks gorgeous! They need a diff background or diff flowers. All the white doesn't show off the dress & kinda blobs it all together. NT
CindiCindi10/06/15 01:01 PM
x*If you look at the actual IG post Juj mentions the park the photo shoot was done at. Maybe that park is a popular spot in Miami for wedding pics. NT
Corndogger10/06/15 01:05 PM
*The twins are doing a Fan-Terview tonight. Details with a very hot bikini modeling pic inside.
Corndogger200 0   10/06/15 11:58 AM
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