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KWren119372 0   Sticky Post
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*watch video a derrick and cody give beastmode his truck. hope link works.
massrealtor14 0   10/24/14 01:26 PM
*such a goofball ==//>>
mebe151 2   10/24/14 11:48 AM
x*I love him :) Such a sweetie & cutie! Zach rulez!!! NT
Wicked_Pixie10/24/14 12:54 PM
x*Lmao! NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:55 AM
*Hitmen watches are up for sale for those that want
habilla00133 5   10/24/14 11:27 AM
x*If I didn't believe it before, I believe it now. Derrick would have taken Cody over Vic if he won last HoH. They continue to brand themselves.
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:38 AM
x*i'm not sure, i think if vic was taken, derrick wouldnt be trying to help her out financially as she is already from money. NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 12:01 PM
x*I even think if he took Vic he would still help out Cody who was loyal to him to the end, also! NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 12:06 PM
x*not saying you're wrong, but why suddenly believe it bc of this? money is money. nobody's gonna buy a der/vic watch. NT
clace10/24/14 11:50 AM
x*Point taken, lol. We will never know though. I always thought Derrick told Vic no so she would be upset and at the end, he would have
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:54 AM
*Other than Christine is there anyone you find yourself liking or liking more out of the house than in it? Anyone you are liking less? NT
DrWillfan27 6   10/24/14 11:18 AM
x*no NT
Poz10/24/14 12:49 PM
x*I like Hayden more. NT
rstevens10/24/14 12:27 PM
x*christine...i like her less out of the house. NT
sliver01310/24/14 11:55 AM
x*Not sure if I can say like more but I can say that I no longer dislike Victoria. I will leave it like that. NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:39 AM
x*Haven't followed any of them out of the house, just what I read here and it seems everyone is doing ok . Cool. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/24/14 11:36 AM
x*Not really, I've been pretty underwhelmed by all of them. I like Zach but I don't think about them until I come here. NT
shesgg10/24/14 11:33 AM
*Everyday ! each day i come online first thing to see WHats NEW ! Has post-show BB area kept going like this any other season? i mean its end of Oct
AceRimmer248 41   10/24/14 10:51 AM
x*I never stopped coming here after BB14. There are a few of us! NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 12:45 PM
x*I still want derrick to come say hello NT
Belle10/24/14 11:39 AM
x*I hope so, but I don't think so. This place was not nice to him. NT
massrealtor110/24/14 01:06 PM
x*After a week past the finale, Belle, I gave up on Derrick every coming here. I do remember how much fun it was when BB11 Kevin came by! He spent
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:43 AM
x*I'm with you GE, no good reason Derrick couldn't have stopped in for five minutes by now. He's not coming so, oh well, his loss NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/24/14 12:51 PM
x*McCrae came here too. I think Derrick will be here eventually NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 12:46 PM
x*:) I still have hope. :) Matt and his wife both have been to jokers other than that I think you got everyone :) NT
Belle10/24/14 11:45 AM
x*I still have hope too. Maybe when things quiet down... or during next season? Maybe he doesn't want to "argue" about his season... NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 12:42 PM
x*Oh right, Matt was here a lot! I remember his wife too. Well, time will tell but so far, out of the house, not even a shout out to us anymore. NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:47 AM
x*i remember the last all-star voting bought out a lot of hg's ....so i assume it would be the same if they ever did one again NT
uvp10/24/14 11:49 AM
x*Anyone else we may have missed in trying to think? NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:56 AM
x*Didn't Jun come here a few times too. NT
NFLFan10/24/14 11:47 AM
x*Yes, NFLFan! Jun also came here! Thanks! I knew there were more. NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:48 AM
x*Marcellus, Janie, Dan were a few others. NT
CougarSpy10/24/14 01:11 PM
x*McCrae came once too. NT
NFLFan10/24/14 11:49 AM
x*McCrae only came because someone tweeted to him that if he posted people couldn't say rude things about him. NT
rstevens10/24/14 12:42 PM
x*Right! It was fun when they all came in! NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:50 AM
x*yep :) I wish brit brit would come see me. oh and Dr Will came here after S2 NT
Belle10/24/14 11:47 AM
x*I wish Brit would stop by so I could ask her which blindside she liked best
Blockhead10/24/14 11:53 AM
x*I brought up her eviction to ask a question about how her husband reacted & the interviewer freaked out lol. Brit takes a lot of BB personally... NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 12:43 PM
x*Ack. That was so sad! NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:55 AM
x*To me sad was when Dan lost to Ian. *waves to GE*
Blockhead10/24/14 11:57 AM
x*Awwww that cute little cat. Looks so sad with head down! *waves back to Blockhead* NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 12:05 PM
x*That pic leads to so many questions: Why was he/she in the store? What was he/she sad about? I NEED to know. :) NT
Blockhead10/24/14 12:07 PM
x*Easy! The cat sneaked in and is ready to attack the chips until someone walked by so cat is trying to hide until they leave then grab the chips!:) NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 12:09 PM
x*LOL. That makes total sense. Thanks! :) NT
Blockhead10/24/14 12:12 PM
x*lol :) I think kitty got sleepy and went night nighty cuz that's what kitties do NT
Belle10/24/14 12:10 PM
x*Thanks! They are adding up. NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:49 AM
x*due to twitter the last few season has been very active during post season...ian /dan probably had the longest longevity thou NT
uvp10/24/14 11:14 AM
x*instagram seems to be the driving force this year NT
uvp10/24/14 11:15 AM
x*after BB14... lots of Dan vs Ketchup discussions... also Dan did a bunch of post season stuff, including Watch with Dan. I was super invested that
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 10:56 AM
x*Yeah...post-BB14 was insane here. And it went on the entire off season. Lol NT
CoyoteBB10/24/14 11:16 AM
x*Yep almost straight through to BB15. Omg those debates were interminable, no side would cede ground to the other and so it just went on and on NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/24/14 11:38 AM
x*that's cuz I was right and they were wrong **runs** NT
Belle10/24/14 11:39 AM
x*No, I was right and you were wrong. Now pardon me while I have something to drink...
Blockhead10/24/14 11:51 AM
x*Lmao! NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 11:57 AM
x***giggles** NT
Belle10/24/14 11:52 AM
x*One side was more right than the other. I won't say who because it will just start it all over again! :) NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/24/14 11:41 AM
x*but you do agree with me right? **wink wink nudge nudge** NT
Belle10/24/14 11:41 AM
x*This is the first time since BB11 that I've been this attached to a season and its aftermath. Not sure about others. NT
habilla0010/24/14 10:52 AM
x*ya i missed a few seasons too. I kept seeing people talking about Jen... and i thought it was jen from bb8 but nope, jencity is someone different NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 11:20 AM
*Plot TWIST: The Levasseur Family Net Worth is Greater Than the Grande's. Derrick's thrown shade on every single person in the world. lol NT
JDHart132 9   10/24/14 10:26 AM
x*Sooooo....his daughter has plenty of food in her mouth? I'm so relieved. NT
Wicked_Pixie10/24/14 01:04 PM
x*its getting old NT
massrealtor110/24/14 01:07 PM
x*Derrick never hid that his dad had money. NT
XREJX110/24/14 10:47 AM
x*exactly. And Derrick isn't the type of guy to just live off of someone else's money... not everyone is like that. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 10:56 AM
x*lol! If that were true, Derrick wouldn't be working. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 10:36 AM
x*My cousin is LOADED, like his dad own an amusement park loaded and he works full time, his wife too! NT
johne381910/24/14 10:56 AM
x*Yeah, you'd get bored if you didn't do something. And if you spent all your time doing fun things you'd run out of money. NT
krh503810/24/14 11:39 AM
x*ya he would. i know a few families with TONS of money and the working concept is extremely strong. Often the money/ worth is in funds, real estate
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:39 AM
x*hate to say it but, i wouldnt be surprised. Being able to con people, manipulate people is a GREAT skill in business. IF derrick has that ability
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:33 AM
*So Cody and Caleb are going to FGL concert tomorrow night but not Derrick? I wonder if Derrick is leaving before the others? NT
DrWillfan21 2   10/24/14 10:22 AM
x*yeah I thought that was a little weird as Derrick likes FGL now too. He does have a full time job, wife & kid... lots of responsibility. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 10:35 AM
x*Derrick did say he was back to work full time - maybe this was his 2 days off and he needs to get back. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 10:29 AM
*Ok so does anyone know if the announcement/surprise that Derrick was hinting at in the Murtz video was the truck for Caleb or something else? NT
DrWillfan13 1   10/24/14 09:42 AM
x*not sure. At the end of part 2 of the interview, Caleb announced they were giving away concert tickets... so there's that. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 10:02 AM
*How big do they want Caleb's head to be??? Driving around in a limo, being given a truck...dear lord, he thinks he is a superstar. NT
NSGirl112 17   10/24/14 09:40 AM
x*Watching him get that truck was just annoying and seeing woman cheer for him after the was he was in the house, just sad. He was worst houseguest NT
fitzymama10/24/14 12:56 PM
x*who gave him a truck?? NT
LilKsweezy10/24/14 12:34 PM
x*What dos a beautiful gesture have to do with Caleb's ego? However it came about & who was involved it was a very nice thing to do NT
cappuccino10/24/14 10:26 AM
x*Of course it does. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 10:38 AM
x*NO, RESPECT has everything to do with why BMC got his truck...thats the truth, like it or not NT
cappuccino10/24/14 12:28 PM
x*Yep, he thinks he's a legit star. Look at what he's wearing the backwards cap, shades, belt buckle, topped off by
sailingsan10/24/14 10:08 AM
x*He has always dressed as he does when he feels like it, nothing different & BMC has more character than those that hate on him NT
cappuccino10/24/14 12:27 PM
x*It's not "hate." It is criticism. Labeling it as "hate" is an attempt to marginalize criticism. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 12:30 PM
x*Minimizing the amount of attempts to "criticize" Caleb's character is over the top NT
cappuccino10/24/14 01:01 PM
x*Caleb always looks like that. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 10:10 AM
x*I think they want Caleb to get the things he dreamed of having, to literally make his dreams come true. The truck. The limo. The fame. NT
Jake8110/24/14 09:57 AM
x*Its kinda sad, hes going to fall hard when reality sets in NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 09:48 AM
x*Reality is he gets to keep the truck and people do like him. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 01:00 PM
x*I think it's funny... even Caleb's dad said most of his stories had truth to them.. maybe it's the power of positive thinking. Dreams do come true! NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 09:45 AM
x*alllll he wanted was the truck tho...he's going to be so happy even when/if the balloon of publicity starts waneing NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:34 AM
x*Of course he'll be happy, but I think Caleb's idea of what happens after BB is not reality. Unless he is the exception, none of this will last. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 10:40 AM
x*yes & the TRUCK will last. I really dont know where he'll end up. I didnt find his voice good enough & he does have a look that could be marketed NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:43 AM
*Derricks dad buying Caleb a truck sounds like Matt Leinarts dad illegally paying For Reggie bushs apt to get around BB / NCAA sanctions lol NT
JDHart131 19   10/24/14 09:32 AM
x*i completely dont get it, other then maybe an admission of guilt. I know I'd feel bad knowing i duped some buddies for just some money on a show.
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:24 AM
x*I think it's because they wanted to do something nice for a friend. Nothing to do with taxes. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 12:57 PM
x*THIS^ the negativity level is ridiculous, let it be what it is, a warm generous gesture for a friend that deserves it NT
cappuccino10/24/14 01:16 PM
x*Admission of guilt??? These 'buddies' were complete strangers before he entered the house. What should he have done - let them win?? NT
NSGirl10/24/14 10:29 AM
x*Yeah. I don't know how a person can win without being a little deceptive. Caleb was fine even before he got the truck. It was just a nice gesture. NT
rstevens10/24/14 12:38 PM
x*#vehicle-gate NT
uvp10/24/14 09:37 AM
x*^^ HA HA. Our newest conspiracy and mystery...dun dun dun NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:38 AM
x*Derrick never said his dad BOUGHT it, just that he stepped up and got it for him...sounds like he was the force behind it. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:34 AM
x*Probably. I think we should just be happy for the BB 16 cast doing this stuff for each other. No way would the bb15 cast do this stuff lol NT
JDHart10/24/14 09:38 AM
x*agreed... instead there's all these conspiracy theories lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 09:38 AM
x*there always are, because fans like to have fun lol NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:41 AM
x*This is awesome of Derrick to do. I just wanted to make a comedic analogy. I hate the rule of not being able to split the $ anyway. NT
JDHart10/24/14 09:33 AM
x*i doubt many even know who reggie bush or matt leinart are NT
uvp10/24/14 09:35 AM
x*And it wasn't Reggie Bush, it was Dewayne Jarrett. and Jarrett and Leinart were roommates. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 09:37 AM
x*Ahh you're right. Sorry I was wrong about specific people. Thanks for pointing that out NT
JDHart10/24/14 09:39 AM
x*You could have said Mickey Mouse, still didn't know who you were talking about. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:41 AM
x*lol, I'm with you there.. I didn't know if I should know who they are or not.. am I living under a rock? NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 09:47 AM
x*Former college football players. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 09:49 AM
x*Haha... Yeah probably not. Basically seeing this reminded me of how NCAA Athletes have workarounds to illegally get $$ from boosters n such. NT
JDHart10/24/14 09:36 AM
*So, just saw the video - Derrick says 'my dad stepped up and got you this truck'..sounds like his dad maybe was the driving force (dealer donate) NT
NSGirl38 4   10/24/14 09:10 AM
x*I suspect Derrick was the driving force behind this, just like he orchestrated the big moves in the BB house all summer. NT
Jake8110/24/14 09:59 AM
x*Caleb already has a big pick up truck, how many does he need? NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 09:30 AM
x*I'd like a new car. Can someone convince a dealer to donate one to me? NT
Blockhead10/24/14 09:20 AM
x*oh wait! Derrick's dad lives in the Dallas area. The radio station this morning said he called in every week during BB. I had no idea. Hmmmm NT
jammin_jen10/24/14 09:16 AM
*I'm confused about this truck for Caleb....I can't see Cody/Derrick getting it for him and why would D's dad get a truck for Cal but not Cody? NT
DrWillfan248 14   10/24/14 09:05 AM
x*I can see there being a combination of forces - the radio station, the dealership, Derrick, Derrick's dad - working together to pay for the truck. NT
Jake8110/24/14 10:01 AM
x*They said it was for his service to his country and all his family does for the country...HUH??? Applaud his deployment, but he works at Lowes! NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:36 AM
x*non-BB ppl think Caleb did something by putting up Frankie ... but by Cody winning Veto it would have been that anyway (as Cal was gonna nom Derrick)
mebe10/24/14 09:24 AM
x*The only way it would have been a game move for Caleb would be if Caleb won the Veto. That week the Veto winner has all the power, HOH is saftey NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 09:29 AM
x*I was talking F5 not F4 ... in F5 it still depends on noms and Veto winner NT
mebe10/24/14 11:46 AM
x*Maybe he is doing something different for Cody. Maybe he payed off his school loans and he is not saying anything? NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 09:07 AM
x*Sorry, but none of it makes sense. If he had that much money, why not just help your son out? Derrick said winning would allow him to buy a house! NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:08 AM
x*In the house Derrick was lying about his financial state and whether he is renting or buying his house. In an interview after the season he talked
Blockhead10/24/14 09:25 AM
x*All I remember was Derrick talking about using the money to possibly get real estate to rent out... Never heard him say he already owned something NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 01:02 PM
x*I can't remember which interview he said it in but I do recall him saying that. I don't hold that against him. More power to him. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 01:05 PM
x*yes i kinda am happy (and saddened )that proof is appearing that Derrick did indeed lie to hgs AND viewers about big things like this. does it
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:49 AM
x*Your guess is as good as mine. I don't understand any of it, to be quite honest. Publicity, maybe for the dad? NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 09:10 AM
x***I will also add, I could never accept such a generous gift from anyone I only knew for such a short period of time. NT
GazingEyes10/24/14 09:11 AM
x*Sounds more like his dad did the work, but probably got a local dealership to donate it. Derr never said 'my dad bought you this...' NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:13 AM
*Although the money was great. Possibility that Derrick is financially well and why not share the love with his two friends. He loves bb and actual won
massrealtor172 0   10/24/14 08:53 AM
*Was chilltown the first alliance on US Big Brother? I don't remember there being any in season 1 NT
bb_tracy53 4   10/24/14 08:01 AM
x*Season 1 had no alliances. Eddie promised George he wouldn't vote him out and kept his promise. That's the closest to an alliance I can think of. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 01:05 PM
x*yea I don't remember alliances in season 1 either. maybe because the public voted it was just such a different vibe??? or maybe DrWill started it NT
Belle10/24/14 08:31 AM
x*it was boogie. he was Desperate, and i mean Desperate for a big break. He drove us nutz with his constant attentionseeking antics, the Boy Band crap,
AceRimmer10/24/14 11:39 AM
x*Pretty sure Chill Town was the first official alliance of BBUS. BB1 was just so different .. they formed tight circles of
Starr10/24/14 08:30 AM
*Do you think that is what Derrick whispered to beastmode (buying him a truck)? No matter what those 3 will be like brothers. NT
massrealtor1180 9   10/24/14 07:59 AM
x*on stage? Doubtful, they had just reunited. Plus this is Derrick's dad's gift... Derr wouldn't have known his dad would do that. I bet Cody is getting
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 08:51 AM
x*Is this a new thing? Didn't Derrick say he grew up in a rough (poor) part of the city? None of this makes any sense. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 08:53 AM
x*Derrick's parents are divorced... I remember the convo around the pool table where Derr told Caleb about his dad & that they'd hang out in Dallas.
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 08:56 AM
x*I know his parents were divorced, but if he was well off, wouldn't he have been supporting his kids and not have them grow up in the ghetto? NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:01 AM
x*who knows, not like we can read their divorce papers. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 09:38 AM
x*But this is JOKERS, surely someone has found them!!! LOL NT
NSGirl10/24/14 09:42 AM
x*I don't think their allowed to promise each other anything, but I'm sure it does happen NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 08:15 AM
x*It was after Derrick had already won, so it could be true. NT
krh503810/24/14 08:48 AM
x*A truck? What would he have after taxes? And wants to buy a house and provide for Tenley. No way he is buying some 'stranger' a truck NT
NSGirl10/24/14 08:49 AM
*KVIL: Big Brother cast in the studio. Gallery of pics inside link. Updated w/ video of Caleb getting his truck..
habilla00529 27   10/24/14 06:55 AM
x*I think that was very cool of them to do for Caleb NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 12:51 PM
x*that Beastmode Cowboy pic on the back of the truck is super cool. I'm sort of disappointed they didn't have an actual competition though! NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 12:41 PM
x*There's a new and longer video of Caleb getting his truck I posted in media and inside here
habilla0010/24/14 10:53 AM
x*What a beautiful thing to do! NT
cappuccino10/24/14 10:33 AM
x*Omg I'm so happy for caleb and all the love he's been getting. The huge fan base he has. When others on here thought he wasn't going to have alot of
CalebFan10/24/14 08:15 AM
x*Caleb repeatedly said if BB offered him a chance to get a big truck to self evict, he would take it. Congrats to BMC! Happy for him. NT
Jake8110/24/14 09:55 AM
x*It's too bad CBS didn't show him for the crazy stalker he is. I wonder when his music career will take off. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 09:27 AM
x*I knew he'd have a lot of fans, I just didn't know what I thought were delusions (a new truck, limos etc) would come true LOL NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 08:52 AM
x*I guess KVIL hooked Caleb up with a truck. Pretty cool of them. Pics inside original post. NT
habilla0010/24/14 07:19 AM
x*I think it's hilarious that all the things Caleb wanted, he's getting... limos, now an actual truck. Craziness! In my location, I wasn't allowed to
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 08:49 AM
x*They gave Caleb a truck and nothing for Derrick or Cody? NT
DrWillfan10/24/14 07:26 AM
x*From what I can tell so far. It might have been a way to thank him for his service since there is an army flag on the back. NT
habilla0010/24/14 07:27 AM
x*Actually they just said that Derrick's dad, Tim, gave it to him. NT
habilla0010/24/14 07:34 AM
x*Derrick's dad?? That's odd. Do you think a local dealership donated it? I can't imagine Derrick giving his dad the money. Way too big a gift. NT
NSGirl10/24/14 08:48 AM
x*i would assume its a tax break of some kind, isnt it true that if derrick splits up the money and gives chunks of it to family,its exempt fr tax? NT
AceRimmer10/24/14 10:28 AM
x*They are taking pictures in front of a Toyota sign.. I bet they helped out. Would make sense NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 08:53 AM
x*The Performance Hall the station has downstairs in their building is called the Toyota Performance Hall...that's where they had the Meet & Greet NT
bblover6810/24/14 09:55 AM
x*where is the damn Prius for Zach ;-) NT
mebe10/24/14 09:19 AM
x*Maybe his dad approached the dealership..and paid for the paintjob or something? NT
NSGirl10/24/14 08:54 AM
x*I see pics of them all blindfolded for a comp? Was this just the truck surprise or did they really do a comp? lol NT
DrWillfan10/24/14 07:39 AM
x*They are doing a comp...not related to the truck NT
bblover6810/24/14 07:39 AM
x*Are you local in Dallas? Where are you watching/listening to this? NT
DrWillfan10/24/14 07:41 AM
x*I live here but didn't go to the actual event. Just listened to them. NT
bblover6810/24/14 07:52 AM
x*darnit!!!! I keep hearing about this after the fact lol NT
Belle10/24/14 08:30 AM
x*No I couldn't listen....is it over or are they still on? They were suppose to have an announcement right? NT
DrWillfan10/24/14 07:06 AM
x*I listened. You didn't miss anything. It was less than 10 minutes total. Frankie talk, what they took from experience. didn't announce anything. NT
tk2910/24/14 07:13 AM
x*They're still doing things but I think the radio interview part is over. KVIL said plenty of pics & videos coming. I didn't get a chance to listen. NT
habilla0010/24/14 07:12 AM
*Caleb must have hired Brittany to bring Amber to him
habilla00418 8   10/24/14 01:19 AM
x*totally messed up NT
cappuccino10/24/14 10:35 AM
x*okay that's disturbing NT
Belle10/24/14 08:32 AM
x*Funny thing about that is, he could care less about her. He doesn't follow her on Instagram or twitter. A matter of fact she's tweeted about him. NT
CalebFan10/24/14 08:09 AM
ello10/24/14 11:00 AM
x*He's talked about her a bunch in interviews after the season. In one he talked about buying her an engagement ring. He's an obsessed psycho. NT
Blockhead10/24/14 09:32 AM
x*suuuuure NT
MaciD9510/24/14 08:24 AM
x*ouch. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 06:28 AM
x*lol NT
AprilSky10/24/14 01:45 AM
*So once the 15 minutes of fame and paid appearance die down who do you think will still really be friends from this season? NT
DrWillfan67 6   10/23/14 11:36 PM
x*As soon as they watch the show (or feedclips)things will change .. I think HG's all want to play BB again & are too scared to tell truth these days NT
mebe10/24/14 09:28 AM
x*this is probably hardest season for me to pick who will remain friends after the honey moon phase is over....in past season i could do it easy NT
uvp10/24/14 06:14 AM
x*I think Derrick is just waiting for this all to be over so he doesn't have to deal with these people any more,doesn't seem to be really having fun NT
bb_tracy10/24/14 06:10 AM
x*Zach and Frankie NT
StaticAirwave10/24/14 05:55 AM
x*Amber and Britt NT
keishi5910/24/14 12:22 AM
x*Derrick, Zach, Cody and Caleb will remain friends. NT
Jake8110/23/14 11:40 PM
*What was Caleb's response in post-show interviews about his creepy behavior (i.e. throwing a pillow at sleeping Amber, watching via mirrors, etc.)? NT
banner_boy116 10   10/23/14 10:32 PM
x*Caleb's busy having a good time with his new found fame. He doesn't seem to be concerned about Amber or BB's editing of him during his time there. NT
Jake8110/23/14 11:35 PM
x*His editing? Lol NT
CoyoteBB10/24/14 05:07 AM
x*he is definitely not concerned especially with his acting and movie career about to take off. NT
bbkook10/23/14 11:39 PM
x*well according to him on twitter, they "edited him to look creepy" pfft he's more delusional now than ever NT
MaciD9510/23/14 11:10 PM
x*Everybody blames it on the editing these days ! NT
krh503810/24/14 12:08 AM
x*He seemed creepy and obsessed with Amber on the feeds, but maybe that was just me. NT
bbkook10/23/14 11:33 PM
x*The new bb mantra..we don't have to discuss nothing..just watch us be friends and have fun now....yay.. NT
janie810/23/14 11:24 PM
x*And oh, gee thanks Cody..says Derrick. How many times?? Lol NT
janie810/23/14 11:30 PM
x*Well that would be 500K ...:P NT
janie810/23/14 11:40 PM
x*Was he even asked about that stuff? NT
Corndogger10/23/14 10:38 PM
*Anyone else not have any interest whatsoever in the HG's post-BB this yr? Such a vanilla uninteresting group. Have already unfollowed all of them NT
Heronimo266 13   10/23/14 09:20 PM
x*i dont follow any of them on twitter ....but i still get the info here so it is sorta like i do follow them :p
uvp10/24/14 06:12 AM
x*I can't wait to watch the Bold and the Beautiful. It should be fun. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/24/14 05:59 AM
x*I never really care about the HGs post-BB but I still can't quit Jokers! NT
CoyoteBB10/24/14 05:09 AM
x*i only care about the nicole/hayden stuff but i only see it when it's posted here...thanks corndogger. NT
sliver01310/24/14 01:04 AM
x*I find Derrick, Cody, Zach and Caleb interesting post BB this year. No interest in Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Donny, Amber. NT
Jake8110/23/14 11:30 PM
x*No im enjoying following quite a few of them actually. Overall this was one of my favorite cast as individuals. NT
DrWillfan10/23/14 10:34 PM
x*Zach, Derrick, Cody and Caleb are interesting. Overall, BB 16 was a good cast. NT
Jake8110/23/14 11:38 PM
x*Donny was definitely my favorite this year. He is the one person I made sure that I followed. NT
bbkook10/23/14 11:40 PM
x*Yup I agree. I'm following the most hgs I've ever followed from 1 season. Cody, Derrick, Zach, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden, Vic, Britney, Donny, Amber NT
habilla0010/23/14 10:49 PM
x*I follow my favorites like Donny, zach, Hayden, Nicole, Brittany and Amber. Don't care too much about the others. NT
bbkook10/23/14 10:12 PM
x*Im enjoying watching past seasons lol @ past players messing up, screwing themselves like shane lol what a blast when danielle and dan screw him
colleenag10/23/14 10:04 PM
x*I'm only following Nic who doesn't even average a tweet a day. Look at Christine's feed once in awhile; she's hilarious. Mariah's the best. Love
Corndogger10/23/14 09:28 PM
x*i never had a favourite this season and have never followed anyone. I have had tons of fun looking at links and stuff posted here tho. I think some
AceRimmer10/23/14 09:25 PM
*Scavenger Hunt BB Edition - Caleb: Where are we?????? @codycalafiore @derrick_levasseurbb16 bet you can't find us! UPDATED w/ pics from the night
habilla00304 10   10/23/14 09:15 PM
x*Okay I wanna see Derrick and Cody trying to two step. I can see Caleb doing it, but not them. NT
krh503810/24/14 12:11 AM
x*Cody can dance so I think he would pick up on it quickly but yes would love to see a video of this NT
DrWillfan10/24/14 12:21 AM
x*Derrick is good at many things, but I'm guessing the two step is not one of them. NT
Jake8110/24/14 12:36 AM
x*Those houseguests were "the worst" this season, but it seems like they are having a good time. NT
bbkook10/23/14 11:42 PM
x*Those guys are hilarious. Three of the best HGs for BB 16. NT
Jake8110/23/14 11:27 PM
x*There whereabouts don't really interest me too much NT
bbkook10/23/14 10:21 PM
x*arent they on a morning show tomorrow? guess they arent sleeping tonight lol NT
XREJX110/23/14 10:08 PM
x*Yeah their show starts at 8am ct which is in 7 hrs. NT
habilla0010/23/14 10:51 PM
x*derrick looks like he's having a blast playing bachelor / Party guy with the younguns. LOL NT
AceRimmer10/23/14 09:27 PM
x*Derrick may have a wife & kid but he's only 30... he's still young. He may be mature but he's not old. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan10/24/14 06:26 AM
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