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*** A note on user-made HG's nicknames >>
Starr619 0   Sticky Post
***Reminders to all posters**, please read >>
Starr2269 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! (Edited 6/21/14)
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*Posting Guidelines UPDATED July 24,2014
Jokerette14793 0   Sticky Post
*Zach is BB's favorite I bet and they're loving his DRs NT
katwomandu0 1   07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*Actually there was a production leak from week 2 where you could hear someone talking about how they hate him. lol NT
Whirligig07/28/14 09:23 AM
*will anyone nominate franky/der/cody...i feel like if any of the guys get nominated itll be zach ;/.. donny prob would if it wasnt for TA? NT
jbeansz210 0   07/28/14 09:22 AM
*I have to say that I love Zach. Not sure he is a smart player, but he makes me laugh and keeps things interesting. NT
cococo3 4   07/28/14 09:22 AM
x*i have really tried to see what i'm missing. but i must keep missing it because he's not doing it for me. he's just like everyone else. NT
fattymatty07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*For Sure! Me too! NT
MsTraci07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*Liked him better 10 lbs ago NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*ha! NT
fattymatty07/28/14 09:23 AM
*wow.. so silent. why are joc and am not talking? not even good morning NT
Poopie5 1   07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*Amber looks better in the purple Jesus gown and Jo is jealous NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:21 AM
*What's this I'm reading about Caleb trying to put something on Amber to irritate her skin? I looked in updates, but didn't see anything... NT
MissBandita9 4   07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*He wanted to put it on her face/eyes. He said that it burns. He tried to put in on her foot but finally screwed the top back on after a 3rd time NT
SugarCookie07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*He was going to put icy hot or nail polish on her face while she was sleeping he settled with throwing a pillow at her NT
poisonstar07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*fb 5:20 - 5:27 quad NT
hillbilly07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*Just acid. No big deal. NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:20 AM
*Who will Caleb blame for Amber getting voted out and will he target that person to avenge his Queen? NT
remdeprived8 4   07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*Hayden Victoria and Zach NT
poisonstar07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*Jocasta NT
gd2BQueen07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*amber and frankie. he's been suspicious of frankie (but for some reason still tells him everything). NT
fattymatty07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*Amber. NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:20 AM
*Which season did you like the best & why? NT
mmd11 11   07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*I 4, 5, 6, 10, 11. Last year was entertaining but hgs were vile. NT
omegabetazeta07/28/14 09:22 AM
x*S11 NT
Peekers07/28/14 09:22 AM
x*i like bb4 the best..... two good players in the finale for a change.... NT
uvp07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*S2 for Dr. Will, S6/S7 for entertainment, S10 for Dan, strategy and gameplay. NT
SugarBabe198807/28/14 09:20 AM
x*This!!! NT
sweetangel105107/28/14 09:22 AM
x*season 10....because of DAN<3 and he WON. NT
jbeansz2107/28/14 09:20 AM
x*and 6...if Janelle would of won;/ (same with 7 lol) NT
jbeansz2107/28/14 09:21 AM
x*10, the strategy and the fun people. NT
namaste07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*agree^^ 10, Dan - had good drama, great gameplay and funny people NT
watever07/28/14 09:22 AM
x*For gameplay.... I don't know. Too many that I like. For laughs, BB12. I was constantly laughing that season. They were hilarious. NT
cococo07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*Me too. I enjoyed that season for the laughs and comments without BB prompting the hgs NT
SugarCookie07/28/14 09:23 AM
*With Battle of The Block and Two HOHs, would an all girl alliance have worked this season? NT
khabeysi3 4   07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*I think the only way BotB to work is if the house had equal teams. Strong guys in each team, etc. NT
watever07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*I think so because there has been very little endurance comps but they would have to get along and not be catty with each other. NT
mmd07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*If they won comps yes. They're weak at comps and gameplay though. NT
omegabetazeta07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*nope....for a girl alliance to work they needed momentum(be last hoh standing) ....once they loss any power they would throw each other under the bus
uvp07/28/14 09:19 AM
*Who is nicer? Amber or Jesus? NT
TarHeelFan82932 3   07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*Amber NT
poisonstar07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*Amber by a mile. NT
omegabetazeta07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*Jesus. He will forgive Caleb. NT
Pixie507/28/14 09:19 AM
*Donny got a Zero from me for the first time. I don't like him joining the Caleb is owed attention from Amber club. NT
sisterofyu2 7   07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*Well, Donny is perceptive. NT
qahe2507/28/14 09:23 AM
x*I always saw through him - never was a fan. Now I actively dislike him. NT
chitowngrlncali07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*I don't know for sure, but I think Donny only knows Caleb's side of the story. He's out of the loop. NT
gd2BQueen07/28/14 09:23 AM
x*Yes, that's when I realized that 'sweet persona' masked a 'bros before hoes' person NT
hillbilly07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*Well she encourages Caleb at night dontcha know. She's a Jezabel. NT
AlNisa07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*same here. he's smarter and better than that. NT
fattymatty07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*Yep, this is why I went from a big fan of his to not having a lot of respect for him. NT
mmd07/28/14 09:19 AM
*so frankies back to throwing zach under the bus? telling people to BD him??? ugh i hate frankie NT
jbeansz211 3   07/28/14 09:17 AM
x*His ass is chafed and he got friend zoned. NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:22 AM
x*that frankie never left. NT
fattymatty07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*Frankie has always been a big time fake. NT
SugarBabe198807/28/14 09:19 AM
*Am i the only one that thinks jocasta eyebrows she is doing right now look ridiculous? lol. Better than Aaryn ,, but still kinda funny haha NT
Poopie0 0   07/28/14 09:16 AM
*I just read that Hayden told Nicole that him, Derrick, Cody and Frankie all knew she was going up and knew about the speech. How did she react? NT
julesjules21 7   07/28/14 09:15 AM
x*She got pissed but they made up she also mentioned she dont like all the time he spends with Vic but hardly spends time with her. He told her he's sor
BBFanJ07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*She was pissed, she heard him out and forgave him NT
Usernamejax07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*She was upset at first but then got over it. NT
SugarBabe198807/28/14 09:19 AM
x*she was pissed at first but then was fine. i guess we'll see whether she tells christine NT
clace07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*I hope she does tell Christine - maybe cause a riff with her and the Detonators. NT
watever07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*She pretended to be upset and quietly moved Hayden up in her eviction order. NT
HarriatLariat07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*Like a front loop dingus NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:17 AM
*showed my gay bff AD the other day and he said OMG! You didn't tell me Kathy Najimy is on the show! He also said I don't care what a freak he is,
Susan99105 3   07/28/14 09:15 AM
x*I am gay and I COMPLETELY agree with your friend's assessment. It angers me how many times gay stereotypes get cast on Big Brother. NT
bradley777707/28/14 09:22 AM
x*I like your friend already lol NT
Deacon_07/28/14 09:17 AM
x*I like the way your BFF thinks! NT
ScienceGirl07/28/14 09:16 AM
*Told my son that Donnie reminds me of Gomer Pyle - he had no clue who that was so I showed him a u-tube video- then understood the comparison lol NT
northernviewer3 0   07/28/14 09:15 AM
*The funny thing is Zach doesn't care if other HG's hate him. He doesn't care if he is nominated and he doesn't care if he goes home.
SugarBabe198838 7   07/28/14 09:14 AM
x*Zach strikes me as the party guy wearing a lampshade on his head... As long as he gets attention, he's good. NT
gd2BQueen07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*He cares. NT
HarriatLariat07/28/14 09:16 AM
x*the funniest thing is you believe him when he says that NT
Susan9907/28/14 09:16 AM
x*Did you believe Will didn't care about winning All Stars? NT
petite607/28/14 09:15 AM
x*exactly!! NT
HES07/28/14 09:21 AM
x*that is obvious by his gameplay lol NT
uvp07/28/14 09:15 AM
x*LOL exactly NT
petite607/28/14 09:15 AM
*I had high hopes for Victoria that she would get into beast mode but I don't think she'll ever get there - too bad. NT
katwomandu2 2   07/28/14 09:14 AM
x*Yeast mode NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:20 AM
x*But she will remain cluless to anything but herself and be a perfect F2. If that happens, she finishes higher than most "beast moders". NT
ScienceGirl07/28/14 09:18 AM
*I'll bet that DR asks Caleb all the time about Amber and he's interpreted that to mean she must like him
nomeno24 4   07/28/14 09:14 AM
x*The DR always knows how to push the crazy buttons on people like Caleb. They really get off on it. NT
HarriatLariat07/28/14 09:17 AM
x*I do think the DR is part of the problem b/c on the show they have played this up since the start. That being said Caleb is nuts NT
namaste07/28/14 09:16 AM
x*nope- think he's delusional and ill all on his own NT
HES07/28/14 09:15 AM
x*ITA he is riding the crazy train all by himself with a little help from his supposed buddies! NT
Mazita07/28/14 09:18 AM
*Been gone for the weekend...how were the interviews with Brittany since she left the house? NT
Scrappy5 4   07/28/14 09:13 AM
x*At the end of the day you could tell she still doesn't have a clue NT
SeriouslyOkay07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*check Media for them NT
HES07/28/14 09:16 AM
x*thanks.who knew one could do that..just getting a feel for how other posters felt about them since I wasn't here to see the postings on this board! NT
Scrappy07/28/14 09:18 AM
x*She was classy, not very bitter. NT
lianna07/28/14 09:15 AM
*Anyone think the dual Hoh twist contributed to less drama in the BB house this season (so far), or is it all at the feet of the HGs? NT
ratts3 1   07/28/14 09:12 AM
x*i kinda think if bb15 didnt happen there would probably be more drama NT
uvp07/28/14 09:14 AM
*If Donny's wins next HOH and it is only 1 HOH who does he nominate? He seems to want to keep Caleb around sooo? I say Christine & Cody NT
DrWillfan28 13   07/28/14 09:08 AM
x*Cody who has never been on the block and I think Christine but possibly Frankie. NT
Blockhead07/28/14 09:15 AM
x*IA, he could tell Cody he is not the target but he put him up so he is the pawn NT
namaste07/28/14 09:13 AM
x*Christine and Caleb NT
beth121307/28/14 09:10 AM
x*Yes this seems likely... but I think Derrick would be his overall target. NT
Dimples07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*Please make this happen. NT
Jash07/28/14 09:10 AM
x*Christine/Cody. NT
noway9007/28/14 09:10 AM
x*Two of The Detonators for sure and that's all that matters lol. NT
JessicaJules07/28/14 09:09 AM
x*I still say he noms Christine/Caleb. NT
SugarBabe198807/28/14 09:09 AM
x*Christine and Frankie... or Christine and Derrick -- I don't think he'd put up Cody.... NT
Dimples07/28/14 09:09 AM
x*Cody lied to Donny about not putting him up, then put Donny up - why wouldn't Donny return the favor? NT
watever07/28/14 09:14 AM
x*really? after his talks last night with Frankie/Derrick I can't see him nominating Team America after they made the pact NT
DrWillfan07/28/14 09:11 AM
x*Agree. Not yet anyway. Christine and ? with intent to BD Caleb NT
HES07/28/14 09:14 AM
x*that's not the first pact they've made and he said he'd put them up earlier NT
clace07/28/14 09:14 AM
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