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*FYI: Words That are Transphobic and Why
ForumAdmin956 0   Sticky Post
*BBViewer 4.0 - "Jace, You're goin' home!" Edition. (I think, right?)
liquid8d1960 0   Sticky Post
***IMPORTANT REMINDER** Please do not post links or discuss how to see unauthorized media content by using VPN's, host sites, etc. >>
Starr1006 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! (Edited 6/21/14)
strkaholic25528 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 9,2014
Jokerette20320 0   Sticky Post
*And this is when i become disappointed in females... hearing "i don't like guys that are too nice" for the thousandth time. :O Bewildering. NT
SarahEva0 0   07/05/15 02:25 AM
*Austin "I think I convinced her (Audrey) that I was the tattoo omen in her dreams" Lmao NT
Supernova2 3   07/05/15 02:21 AM
x*Audrey's so nuts I can see why he would believe that. NT
sumfunguy07/05/15 02:23 AM
x*I honestly think Audrey is full of crap and was using that to make herself seem vulnerable to Austin lol. NT
CassieS07/05/15 02:25 AM
x*That was easily the best line of the last several hours. NT
r15199607/05/15 02:22 AM
*I hate Steve!!! NT
OttoJr0 0   07/05/15 02:19 AM
*hahaha julia/liz about shelli...haha NT
howcanilose12 5   07/05/15 02:16 AM
x*liz needs to calm the fk down, she's not even going up, paranoia has made her do\say stupid sh11t before to people. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 02:19 AM
x*I wouldn't say she's a P****, but she's definitely trying to be productions pet. NT
sumfunguy07/05/15 02:17 AM
x*what'd she say, I was on the other cam NT
Poz07/05/15 02:17 AM
x*Said a crude term about Shelli being a "wuss" NT
howcanilose07/05/15 02:17 AM
x*It was at least as true a statement as it was crude. NT
r15199607/05/15 02:21 AM
*Who was the star of the Austin and Jeff show? NT
SarahEva0 0   07/05/15 02:16 AM
*BBAD was a bore fest. NT
Igore0 2   07/05/15 02:12 AM
x*I had recorded it and was about to watch but now I'm not so sure :p NT
Kramerk907/05/15 02:17 AM
x*so are the feeds tonight. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 02:13 AM
*Hope Julia knows about all of the stuff that Liz just spilled to Austin and Jeff. NT
r1519963 0   07/05/15 02:10 AM
*"My text game".... Jesus I feel old. NT
KnightHawk0 1   07/05/15 02:06 AM
x*Hahaha! me too, but I prefer texts to voicemails NT
AlphaDerp07/05/15 02:23 AM
*Jeff's text game is so strong, guys. NT
bb4life14 4   07/05/15 02:06 AM
x*I wasn't even aware that was a thing. I hate texting back and forth when a simple call will suffice. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 02:07 AM
x*And I hate having to make a call when a few texts will suffice. NT
jntenzil07/05/15 02:15 AM
x*I'm taking about dimwits that want to have entire conversations over text. Not "Running late, be there in 20m" "ok, I'll be at the bar" type crap. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 02:21 AM
x*Admittedly, I've been married too long to have any sort of text game, but I'm fine with long conversations as long as the person doesn't expect an
jntenzil07/05/15 02:25 AM
*Vanessa IS Alive!!!! NT
curt375 1   07/05/15 02:03 AM
x*I was getting worried. ;) NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 02:07 AM
*Bbcan 1 had a phone twist, that they hyped in the intro of the season, and then used it to reward 1 hoh and like 2 pointless tasks. I don't understand
marty13627 0   07/05/15 01:55 AM
*Has Meg heard anything about Shelli planning to put her up to replace John? NT
Augustkm11 4   07/05/15 01:54 AM
x*I read shelli as "spinelli" for some reason. Bedtime methinks NT
Kramerk907/05/15 02:01 AM
x*Not yet, but I can't wait to hear that convo. "Hey, lets form an alliance, BTW how about I nom you as a pawn?" NT
Blackheart07/05/15 02:00 AM
x*Not yet, it's coming though they will not be blindsiding her. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 01:56 AM
x*Dont think so NT
BayouMudbug07/05/15 01:54 AM
*Why would the twist be something "silly?" They should just put that out of their minds. NT
krh50380 1   07/05/15 01:52 AM
x*More like out their azz NT
BayouMudbug07/05/15 01:53 AM
*Has Kathy griffin called the houseguests yet to any knowledge? NT
Kramerk90 1   07/05/15 01:51 AM
x*None yet, probably after veto meeting NT
BayouMudbug07/05/15 01:51 AM
*After Jason had that conversation about johnny having a twin, I can't wait for Julie to start revealing it and hearing "Its johnny! It's johnny!" NT
marty13611 8   07/05/15 01:50 AM
x*I really need Jason to be there he'd be the one saying "it's johnny!" NT
lametalmonster07/05/15 01:53 AM
x*That would be the greatest BB moment ever. lol. NT
Linenosie07/05/15 01:52 AM
x*Johnny 5 is alive NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 01:51 AM
x*He's going to have to sell it hard to surpass Cowboy. NT
r15199607/05/15 01:51 AM
x*Was it Holly he kept saying over and over? NT
Supernova07/05/15 01:55 AM
x*Yes! omg can you imagine TWO Hollies?!? :-0 NT
Dulcie07/05/15 01:57 AM
x*I can still hear him emphatically saying "It's Holly! It's Holly!" even though she had already been evicted so that made ZERO sense. NT
cinecism07/05/15 02:07 AM
x*Hell no LoL, Could you image 2 Hollys in the bathtub/hot tub with Jase baby talking them both LOL! NT
Supernova07/05/15 02:00 AM
*Where's Audbot? NT
bb4life12 2   07/05/15 01:48 AM
x*Mission accomplished for today, she got to corner Shelli in the HOH for a while. NT
Gr8full07/05/15 01:50 AM
x*recharging. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 01:48 AM
*LOL, Jason. "Becky here to violate animals with bananas". NT
curt373 0   07/05/15 01:46 AM
*Love Loola-Mae! NT
curt3716 3   07/05/15 01:41 AM
x*What was that movie that had Lula May and Sailor, starred Laura Dern and Nic Cage... NT
Dulcie07/05/15 01:45 AM
x*Wild at Heart NT
krh503807/05/15 01:45 AM
x*Yes! Thank you, I knew y'all were quicker than IMdb NT
Dulcie07/05/15 01:46 AM
*So has the pointing intimidating emotional clapping huummmm attitude with a snap Day been campaigning yet? NT
BigBroMomma34 5   07/05/15 01:39 AM
x*If booting Jeff off the talk show as co-host counts, yes. NT
r15199607/05/15 01:41 AM
x*Da has pretty good about being otb NT
BayouMudbug07/05/15 01:40 AM
x*No. Seems resigned to let death take her atm, perhaps that will change after Monday, production will want it's footage. NT
KnightHawk07/05/15 01:40 AM
x*They taking her atm card too lol NT
BayouMudbug07/05/15 01:46 AM
x*Plus they have a twist that needs TV time. Success or failure, the LL will be part of the story for the week. NT
jntenzil07/05/15 01:44 AM
*This little group all having fun will confirm to Shelli she has to put Meg up to get Da out. NT
BayouMudbug10 1   07/05/15 01:37 AM
x*Definitely her best option I think since Jason is safe. NT
no1home07/05/15 01:48 AM
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