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strkaholic23890 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 9,2014
Jokerette18818 0   Sticky Post
*When I first saw this picture, I thought in no way was Zach with Cody
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan103 1   11/28/14 03:36 PM
x*i had the same thought when i saw the pic NT
bigtimebbfan11/28/14 03:46 PM
*Jordan (and Jeff) are hanging with Lance Bass this thanksgiving (inside)
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan510 6   11/27/14 09:50 PM
x*Jeff better watch out or Lance might steal her from him! LOL NT
ringo911/28/14 08:37 AM
x*More like Jordan better watch out he might steal Jeff. NT
ELPhill11/28/14 03:26 PM
x*Lance is engaged to Michael Turchin. They're getting married next month. NT
StaticAirwave11/28/14 03:05 PM
x*I don't think Jordan is Lance's type. NT
krh503811/28/14 09:58 AM
x*Another pic from last night inside
pdson11/28/14 07:10 AM
x*lance was all over the place yesterday NT
rapidrewind11/28/14 04:07 AM
*Are Hayden/Nic together for Thanksgiving? Someone tweeted Hayden & asked him if he ran a race today in Muskego, WI & he said yes. Tweets inside.
Corndogger215 0   11/27/14 02:24 PM
*Ian's Thanksgiving tweet... A little "woe is me" and not so thankful...
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan358 2   11/27/14 12:04 PM
x*Definitely joking at least a little bit lol NT
AlphaDerp11/27/14 07:01 PM
x*I thought it was funny. If he is spending Thanksgiving alone he is probably a little down. NT
eureca11/27/14 01:29 PM
*Happy Thanksgiving all my JU Friends! NT
UltimateWarrior27 1   11/27/14 09:03 AM
x*Happy Thanksgiving! NT
eureca11/27/14 01:44 PM
*BB Thanksgiving Grocery list!! Every past BB hg's is being invited to a Thanksgiving dinner what item , food or etc.... will they bring to the party
uvp417 38   11/27/14 08:00 AM
x*Sheila will bring the Tylenol PM NT
SkyBluePink11/28/14 08:59 AM
x*porsche will bring the metamucil. NT
sliver01311/27/14 05:36 PM
x*Krista will bring the booze. And some NyQuil in case they run out of booze. NT
march_hair11/27/14 04:54 PM
x*Jeff will bring the Toona NT
bbfankat11/27/14 01:34 PM
x*Devin will bring his daughter. NT
lluvmycats11/27/14 12:33 PM
x*Devin's daughter better not take any food out of Derrick's daughter's mouth. NT
march_hair11/27/14 04:55 PM
AlphaDerp11/27/14 06:59 PM
x*The only thing Boogie will bring is his date, Uncle Jerry! haha NT
AlphaDerp11/27/14 11:33 AM
x*too true hehe NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 11:53 AM
x*and maybe he'll bring a lawsuit haha NT
AlphaDerp11/27/14 08:18 PM
x*These responses are hilarious ! Gina Marie will bring the froyo...but will eat it all before anybody else gets the chance to have any. NT
krh503811/27/14 11:33 AM
x*Helen will be crying because the wine went missing.. lol NT
AlphaDerp11/27/14 11:32 AM
x*Jun will be asking for dinner cause she's so hungry but Helen will tell her it's too soon. NT
krh503811/27/14 11:34 AM
x*Dani Murphey says she will bring boiled bunny. On an unrelated note Shane is looking for his pet bunny that's gone missing. NT
bigbrotherfan711/27/14 11:16 AM
x*Chef Joe won't bring anything because he is mad he wasn't allowed to cook the entire meal. He'll serve it though... with unwashed hands :P NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 10:58 AM
x*Nicole will bring sausage and beer. NT
NFLFan11/27/14 10:55 AM
x*Dr Will & Boogie will bring the banana bread NT
luvmykitties11/27/14 10:36 AM
x*Willie Hantz will bring the pork rinds!! ha NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 10:19 AM
x*ED will bring extra pots and pans, just in case NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 10:14 AM
x*ha.... NT
uvp11/27/14 10:25 AM
x*Justin BB2 will bring a knife to carve the turkey :p NT
uvp11/27/14 10:04 AM
x*Caleb will bring the turkey - straight from the field, not yet plucked. (Think Dwight Schrute on The Office lol) This is fun!! NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:53 AM
x*Rachel will bring the tequila, and Jeremy B15 will bring the wine. NT
luvmykitties11/27/14 09:48 AM
x*Frank BB14 will bring the carrots NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:29 AM
x*Steamed carrots :) NT
Blockhead11/27/14 09:30 AM
x*Dan will bring the cutlery and make fine use of it. NT
Blockhead11/27/14 09:28 AM
x*No he will bring lawn chairs. He's had an affinity for them ever since he folded up like one on BB14 finale night :) NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/27/14 09:57 AM
x*ouch lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 10:18 AM
x*Derrick will bring the stuffing his wife made, then make sure everyone gets home safely if they over-indulged ;) NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:26 AM
x*Eric Stein is bringing an extra pair of socks NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/27/14 08:45 AM
x*Libra brings cake NT
zagger11/27/14 08:28 AM
x*Jordan BB11 will monitor the time with a watch for when it is time to cut the cake NT
uvp11/27/14 10:07 AM
x*Jessie BB10 is bringing monopoly for the hg's to play ....will he get "Get Out of Jail Free card" :p NT
uvp11/27/14 08:11 AM
x*he'd also eat all the white turkey, then fall asleep after dinner leaving everyone else to do the dishes :P NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:25 AM
x*lol NT
uvp11/27/14 09:55 AM
x*Amy S3 will be happy to bring an assortment of cheeses for appetizer. NT
colleenag11/27/14 08:03 AM
x*Ian confirm he is bringing ketchup NT
uvp11/27/14 08:01 AM
x*^^^ heh NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:25 AM
*Anyone know how chef joe did on cutthroat kitchen? NT
gimmethaloot52 2   11/27/14 02:19 AM
x*For the first few minutes of the show I thought he was on meth. NT
banner_boy11/27/14 01:51 PM
x*He made it to the final round and lost :( NT
AprilSky11/27/14 06:48 AM
*The AMAs loved Frankie!
StaticAirwave315 3   11/26/14 10:39 PM
x*He went up to Taylor Swift? Shocker. Wonder if he leads with "I'm Ariana Grande's brother"?? Also WTF now stands for what?! Ugh
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:28 AM
x*Did Frankie write this himself? Prom King/Queen = something people stop caring about as soon as the prom is over. NT
march_hair11/26/14 11:39 PM
x*you know... I kind of hope Frankie gets another gig on Broadway... just in time for All Stars :) NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/27/14 09:38 AM
*Happy Thanksgiving to everyone South of the Border (Canadian); thanks to you, there is now Black Friday Sales... wooohooooo! You are enjoy...
Spacefarer47 0   11/26/14 10:35 PM
*so cody is doing an event at that canadian bar that zach and caleb also did next week. who woulda thunk freaking pow pow would have been the one
rapidrewind385 4   11/26/14 11:21 AM
x*Despite how she came off on the show she actually has her ***** really together in real life. NT
Linenosie11/26/14 03:44 PM
x*Why Edmonton though? ugh. Even Dan has been there twice! It's not the nicest city, they should aim higher lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/26/14 01:20 PM
x*i am not surprised.....wasnt she a big time dj or something ? NT
uvp11/26/14 12:09 PM
x*i can only go by her twitter, she seems to be doing quite well, she is constantly working, but i certainly never heard of her NT
rapidrewind11/26/14 01:15 PM
*Happy Thanksgiving to you all! NT
eieio136 7   11/26/14 05:36 AM
x*happy thanksgiving jokers! NT
sliver01311/27/14 05:37 PM
x*Happy Thanksgiving! NT
ELPhill11/26/14 08:59 PM
x*Happy Thanksgiving one & all :) NT
SkyBluePink11/27/14 06:49 AM
x*Happy Thanksgiving from up north! (Canada) lol NT
AlphaDerp11/26/14 06:53 PM
x*Happy Thanksgiving to all the members here NT
uvp11/26/14 01:43 PM
x*Happy Thanksgiving to you too and to all the wonderful Jokers! NT
CoyoteBB11/26/14 07:59 AM
x*Yes, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving too! :) NT
colleenag11/26/14 05:47 AM
*So I haven't been on in a while. Has Danielle ever said anything about dick being hiv positive? I know they don't have the best relationship NT
Ses197996 3   11/25/14 07:49 PM
x*Yes, she went and checked if she was HIV positive. NT
UltimateWarrior11/26/14 08:20 PM
x*I didn't realize they were having sex! :o NT
ringo911/27/14 07:54 PM
x*Do not tempt fate, for fate needs little reason... NT
colleenag11/26/14 08:25 PM
*Were there any interviews with Allison Grodner, even the expected puff pieces, after the season ended? NT
banner_boy70 2   11/25/14 04:35 PM
x*she usually always makes the rounds in the backyard after finale but dont think she did this year NT
XREJX111/25/14 10:19 PM
x*I haven't seen any but there could've been NT
Ses197911/25/14 07:50 PM
*When BB fans wish for Celebrity Big Brother US addition, what kind of celebrities do they think they will get? NT
current255 12   11/25/14 01:03 PM
x*I'm actually hoping for "BB: Social Media Mogul Edition" Frankie (& probably Zach) would be included of course! NT
StaticAirwave11/26/14 10:25 PM
x*The kind they would get would be the ones most would wonder who they were. NT
ELPhill11/26/14 09:01 PM
x*celeb rehab or couples therapy ones NT
Mishanb11/25/14 05:16 PM
x*Washed up D-listers. No "celebrity" in his/her right mind would subject themselves to such scrutiny for a mere $500k (my humble opinion). NT
DonnaP11/25/14 05:03 PM
x*BBUK Celebrity edition is like 6 weeks and not the same prize as regular BB. So it wouldn't be a $500K prize, basically exposure if the prize. NT
banner_boy11/25/14 07:37 PM
x*The very reason there would be D-list celebrities only they would need the exposure BB would give the. NT
ELPhill11/26/14 09:02 PM
x*I am team Screech/Bristol Palin for final 2. NT
eureca11/25/14 03:33 PM
x*If it was Big Brother: Musician Edition, I would want Weird Al and Meatloaf for final 2 with MC Hammer coming in 3rd. NT
Powerman81811/25/14 04:56 PM
x*Everyone that's been on Celebrity BBUK & Surreal Life. NT
HumblePie11/25/14 02:56 PM
x*lol that's a fate worse than death NT
Belle11/25/14 02:58 PM
x*Look at the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice and figure they would be less famous ie a bunch of Frankie Grandes NT
FurnitureAlliance11/25/14 02:08 PM
x*Same as UK. a combination of has-beens and wanna-be's. NT
bbfan66111/25/14 01:49 PM
*I think it would be cool if BB had a Non-binding preliminary vote for all 3 scenarios by the jurors on the final episode. Good filler at least. NT
Brian362265 11   11/24/14 04:02 PM
x*for a show that last three months ...i always felt bb has one of the crappiest finale.... NT
uvp11/25/14 08:15 AM
x*way too rushed!! A lot of the content was good in BB16's finale but to spend no time with pre-jury HGs is dumb NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/25/14 01:19 PM
x*Or they could do the jury questions with the final 3 so they would have a clue to which way the jury is leaning before deciding who to take NT
bb_tracy11/25/14 06:40 AM
x*That would put to lie the idea that jury questions and speeches mean anything. NT
Blockhead11/24/14 04:04 PM
x*Unless the final vote was different. It would give more insight to what the vote would be if the F2 was different. NT
Brian36211/24/14 04:16 PM
x*It would be horrific but funny to watch the wrong person get taken to F2 knowing how it would play out beyond what we get now. NT
bbfan66111/24/14 04:21 PM
x*I think it would make great TV. NT
Brian36211/24/14 04:27 PM
x*but it would spoil the winner once the actual F2 was decided... NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 04:37 PM
x*Everyone who was going to watch is already watching or they could hold it back to show after the F2 vote if it was juicy. NT
Brian36211/24/14 05:16 PM
x*still, producers want it to be a surprise. Don't see it happening. Not with these producers, anyway NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 06:38 PM
x*I don't see it happening either. I am just saying I think it would be a good idea and great tv depending on the season. NT
Brian36211/24/14 06:50 PM
*Has Cody admitted yet that he made a mistake in taking Derrick? Will this only happen on his death bed? NT
banner_boy2270 79   11/24/14 01:03 PM
x*I still do not think Cody has any regrets NT
SkyBluePink11/27/14 06:51 AM
x*I guess for some of u after 16 seasons of BB still don't realize a Vic never beats a Cody. Cody said he never watched the finales and it showed. NT
ringo911/26/14 07:50 AM
x*still amaze we have yet to have a girl beat a guy yet in 16 season.....and a few others winners we have never got so far NT
uvp11/26/14 08:00 AM
x*That wasn't even my point but is an additional good point. NT
ringo911/26/14 09:32 AM
x*There is no guarantee that he would have won over Victoria. So, I guess he would rather have 2nd place to Derrick than her? We will never know. NT
NSGirl11/25/14 07:50 AM
x*It was a guarantee that he would have beaten Victoria. We know. NT
CoyoteBB11/25/14 10:23 AM
x*No we don't. We know what they are saying after the fact, but who knows what would have happened 'in that moment'. We assume - no way of knowing. NT
NSGirl11/26/14 06:24 AM
x*They were saying it right after the show ended, practically minutes after they voted. Cody had the votes to win against Victoria. NT
march_hair11/26/14 09:24 PM
x*Jocasta, Donny, Christine, Caleb, Hayden, and Zack. Dunzo. NT
Linenosie11/26/14 03:48 PM
x*no matter what he says, i would bet anything he is reminded of his bad choice every time he checks his student loan balance, sees a nice car he
rapidrewind11/24/14 07:48 PM
x*Right after the show ended he did an interview where he whined about how he didn't even make enough to pay off his student loans. Chump. NT
march_hair11/24/14 09:40 PM
x*yep NT
uvp11/24/14 08:21 PM
x*Depends on how good a Christmas he has ;) He was going to lose to vic anyways and I doubt she would be as generous to him. NT
Brian36211/24/14 02:19 PM
x*Cody has said that Derrick is one of his best friends now.... they seem really close. He values different things I guess. Couldn't cut him.. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:28 PM
x*Jon was close to Neda and cut her. Now - They've been dating from posts from what i've read(don't keep up much with BBCandada contestants) NT
Kay1911/25/14 10:32 AM
x*yeah I know.. and like I said, I guess Cody values different things & couldn't do it. Different people, different choices. Both athletes though, which
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/25/14 02:54 PM
x*not just dating, but living together and adopting pets together NT
rapidrewind11/25/14 11:19 AM
x*Even if Cody cut Derrick and won I think those two would have still been close friends. NT
banner_boy11/24/14 03:31 PM
x*No way. During his BY interview Hayden said Cody would've won if he'd taken Vic. Cody's one of the dumbest people to ever play BB. NT
march_hair11/24/14 02:48 PM
x*cody still made it further than anyone here second guessing him. so I guess he didn't do so bad NT
Belle11/25/14 02:57 PM
x*Next time it happens, we should say they've been Cowoo'ed. Combo burrito of Cody and Woo. NT
scrutinize11/25/14 01:59 PM
x*We've seen it happen over and over that one F2 falls on their sword for the other. When will they learn that it's still a competition til the end? NT
bbfan66111/24/14 04:24 PM
x*It is easy for us to know the right thing to do with all the information and even then there is disagreement. Very tough when you are in the bubble NT
Brian36211/24/14 04:30 PM
x*Exactly. Plus this way both guys don't have to be nervous about/depend on part 3 of HOH-instead they both know they're getting money. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 04:38 PM
x*anyone who voted victoria should have been barred from any further bb functions NT
uvp11/24/14 02:49 PM
x*she would have gotten votes... Frankie, maybe Caleb, maybe Derrick. That's probably it. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:18 PM
x*Though the others may have threatened to, I think Caleb would've been the only one dumb enough to actually vote for Vic. NT
Poz11/24/14 04:23 PM
x*I think Derrick was so well liked that this kind of backstab would have outraged the jurors. It isn't like they would have had time to digest. NT
Brian36211/24/14 04:25 PM
x*no it wouldn't have. If anything it would have helped Cody shake the puppet label. No way the jury would have faulted him for that >
Poz11/24/14 06:00 PM
x*That DAY cody would have been a POS that would have been lucky to get 2 votes. Derrick was well liked. After the fact they may think of that. NT
Brian36211/24/14 07:11 PM
x*Doesn't matter that he was well liked, I can't see any situation where the jury would hold him making the best game move of the season against him.
Poz11/24/14 07:15 PM
x*lol he is well liked so dont screw him over but take him to the f2....ha NT
uvp11/24/14 07:42 PM
x*Every jury decision comes down to who is more liked. They are in a bubble that is only burst once they get outside info. NT
Brian36211/24/14 07:39 PM
x*I disagree. NT
Poz11/24/14 07:46 PM
x*Vic gets Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, Christine. for sure. Since Donny/joc were lying and their vote was anti-derrick. she prob gets those. NT
Brian36211/24/14 03:35 PM
x*Christine would never vote for Victoria imo... in fact she almost voted Cody over Derrick. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:48 PM
x*I think chris thought cody played her for a fool and would have relished voting for vic. NT
Brian36211/24/14 03:59 PM
x*I believe Chris when she says she wasn't a bitter juror NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 04:39 PM
x*derrick would have been the vote i most wanted to see who would get that one.... so hot after getting boot i totally could have see him vote
uvp11/24/14 03:22 PM
x*Derrick has said he would have voted for Victoria based on the Pact and being angry in the short term but it is easy to say that after Cody took him
Blockhead11/24/14 03:31 PM
x*But everything Derrick has said post game matched what he said in the house.. including that the Hitmen agreed they'd vote for Vic if they backstabbed
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:39 PM
x*There's no reason for him to say otherwise now that it's over. It's probably done more so as a measure of false reassurance for Cody's sake... NT
Poz11/24/14 06:05 PM
x*But would he really vote to give Victoria the win and $500K? I can't see it. He knows Cody played much better than her and I think he would respect
Blockhead11/24/14 03:45 PM
x*I think Derrick would have voted for Vic, then again it wasn't even a possibility because of his manipulation of cody/vic so he prb gave lil tht NT
Brian36211/24/14 03:58 PM
x*I'd hope so but he insists he would have voted Victoria <shrugs> We need to do a Jokers Q&A already, so we can ask him ;) NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:47 PM
x*I'd love for Derrick to do a Q&A here. :) NT
Blockhead11/24/14 03:49 PM
x*she might have had a shot at Nicole's vote... she hated Cody. Derrick admitted he would have voted for Vic. He did promise her his vote too NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:27 PM
x*if she got nicole vote she would have gotten hayden vote too... i have never seen a couple split votes ....am i wrong? NT
uvp11/24/14 03:29 PM
x*Well Nic & Vic got really close in the house but Nic said she'd vote on game... I bet they'd end up voting for Cody together. Or split their votes NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:35 PM
x*No way in hell was he going to lose to Vic. NT
Corndogger11/24/14 02:46 PM
x*I think I saw an interview where he did NT
ShortJackie11/24/14 01:08 PM
x*I wish he wouldn't he did what was best for him at the moment no sense going back and second guessing himself NT
Belle11/24/14 01:15 PM
x*What was best for him at the time was to take Victoria. But he was always a bit dumb, so he made the wrong choice. NT
banner_boy11/24/14 01:38 PM
x*Easy for us to say but it wasn't that obvious inside the house.
rasuo11/24/14 02:21 PM
x*During the last nights - Cody was counting votes against Derrick, and was having rough time knowing Derrick had locked votes. He knew
Kay1911/24/14 02:38 PM
x*The players have said there was a pact to vote for Victoria if someone took her to the F2
Blockhead11/24/14 03:25 PM
x*That's what the boys kept saying, but after the finale almost ALL said they would have voted for Cody over Victoria NT
JCutie11/25/14 03:52 PM
x*i hope so ..... NT
uvp11/24/14 03:26 PM
x*i love when the jury was grilling him and he said so i was basically a backup dancer / singer to derrick and the mistake finally hit him....
uvp11/24/14 02:48 PM
x*I thought Ian would be terrible at the jury comp... and he rocked it. Dan was good at it during BB10 but terrible during BB14... crapshoot!! NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:16 PM
x*I didn't think Ian was good at it. Dan was awful but Ian wasn't much better. NT
Blockhead11/24/14 03:22 PM
x*Ian aced it :) NT
Dulcie11/24/14 03:52 PM
Blockhead11/24/14 03:55 PM
x*LOL *hugs* NT
Dulcie11/24/14 03:56 PM
x*:) NT
Blockhead11/24/14 04:02 PM
x*I thought Ian only got like 1 wrong?? NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:49 PM
x*You're right. I thought this was the jury Q&A and speeches. My bad. I thought Dan would have beat him. Dan denies it but I think he threw it so
Blockhead11/24/14 03:52 PM
x*I agree... although Dan claims he had a speech ready if he was to lose P3. But Dani was the only vote he had so imagine if he would have evicted her!
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 04:41 PM
x*even if derrick did convince folks he was useless.....how did vic do more to appear less useless :)
uvp11/24/14 02:37 PM
x*Remember Dan told Julie that it's a bonding thing and Dan knew they would both take each other? (ala Memphis/Dan) NT
FurnitureAlliance11/24/14 01:48 PM
x*when you can beat the person 7-0 i would take memphis too.... NT
uvp11/24/14 02:17 PM
x*Dan was always taking Memphis no matter what the vote was going to be. NT
Brian36211/24/14 02:31 PM
x*Dan has said he weighed taking Jerry but thought that Jerry might get the vote based on the sympathy vote of a 75 year old grandfather making it to
Blockhead11/24/14 03:28 PM
x*I think Jerry would've won. And unlike Victoria he had veto/HOH wins and game moves to point to to justify it. Memphis was the only other person
march_hair11/24/14 07:30 PM
x*Are you saying that if Dan knew he was going to lose he still would have taken Memphis to the end? I don't believe that for a second. Dan's way
Corndogger11/24/14 03:00 PM
x*Dan said it to Julie when he was on BB16 episode NT
FurnitureAlliance11/24/14 08:09 PM
x*Dan was never going to think he was going to lose even if he was. That isn't how he thinks. NT
Brian36211/24/14 03:39 PM
x*well said ..i agree ... dan one of greats happy to play for second no way NT
uvp11/24/14 03:15 PM
x*Well then if that's true, people should be up in arms because Dan lied to the audience when he said that NT
FurnitureAlliance11/24/14 08:10 PM
*When is Frankie planning to loudly disappear to Africa for a bit? NT
banner_boy83 2   11/24/14 11:13 AM
x*after Ebola is eradicated? NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 11:47 AM
x*too soon :p NT
uvp11/24/14 12:16 PM
*Hahaha - Story about Frankie on a Gossip blog titled "Annoying has a brother"
philo1982 8   11/24/14 08:57 AM
x*bahahaa! I mean he was jumping up & down like the fool he is NT
cappuccino11/24/14 11:12 AM
x*I love Lainey Gossip. She mentioned Frankie in her tweets last night... It does kinda suck that Frankie is being noticed by these people- he's getting
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 09:09 AM
x*I saw that! What cracked me up... >>
luvmykitties11/24/14 02:14 PM
x*haha thanks for the gif!! He totally did! Rubbed the back of his head ...maybe he realized the camera was on him? NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:20 PM
x*Haha Frankie posted the clip on vine >>
luvmykitties11/25/14 07:36 AM
x*Maybe, maybe not. If he keeps taking time off from the Broadway show he is in, he'll be permanently replaced by the understudy. NT
CougarSpy11/24/14 09:13 AM
x*The AMA gig was kknown b4 ROA so im sure they were well informed
Lashaun_BB11/24/14 01:06 PM
x*the show is ending, so he won't be replaced - and he wants his own reality show anyway NT
rapidrewind11/24/14 10:07 AM
*I noticed today that a #peytoria tweet from 10/5 (with photo inside) is now deleted. Has Zach empire erased trace of Victoria or ??
banner_boy432 5   11/24/14 01:03 AM
x*I think Zach's dad posted it? Some people don't get that combo-names are used as jokes or for friends, so maybe #peytoria seemed inappropriate. NT
miss88011/24/14 10:49 AM
x*No, the kid posted it. I had tab up and when browser had to reboot I noticed it was deleted. I think other tweets gone from there now too? NT
banner_boy11/24/14 11:17 AM
x*lol. I don't really follow it all, but what would be the reason to go back and erase Victoria tweets from early October? NT
miss88011/24/14 12:15 PM
x*what was inappropriate was Victoria's boobs in Peyton's face lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 11:13 AM
x*Maybe Victoria asked him to take it down? NT
bb_tracy11/24/14 08:23 AM
*Mary J Blige shouting out Frankie on twitter lol
Lashaun_BB755 7   11/23/14 10:14 PM
x*Mary J peaked in the mid-90s. She's just blah now. NT
LilKsweezy11/24/14 03:51 PM
x*ugh ...he isn't good enough to spit shine her shoes NT
ShortJackie11/24/14 11:49 AM
x*She seems not to agree.Glad they got along lol. NT
Lashaun_BB11/24/14 01:08 PM
x*Kudos to Frankie for immediately turning the spotlight on Mary and her performance and writing relationship with Sam Smith (performance inside)
colleenag11/24/14 06:03 AM
x*IA, I thought he did great. I also loved the T-shirt, I bet we see a lot more of that now just because of Frankie. Go Grande! NT
marybeth11/24/14 12:13 PM
x*He is a good interviewer and red carpet commentator NT
Lashaun_BB11/24/14 06:30 AM
x*for somene as famous as frankie makes himself out to be..he looks star struck NT
cutgr11/23/14 11:39 PM
*Which past HG had the best digestive system? NT
banner_boy139 3   11/23/14 10:02 PM
x*Lmfao. NT
scrutinize11/23/14 11:40 PM
x*Not GM. NT
Corndogger11/23/14 10:15 PM
x*Ouch! lol NT
AlphaDerp11/23/14 10:21 PM
*Hilarious text exchange between Derrick and Hayden:
krh5038670 2   11/23/14 09:24 PM
x*THAT was funny. NT
Brian36211/24/14 03:41 PM
x*when Derrick posted it, Hayden replied "Damnit" lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 03:30 PM
*I love how supportive the HG are being for #PrayersforAshley. NT
BrentDamon312 8   11/23/14 05:33 PM
x*Guess I missed something. What is this about? NT
eieio11/23/14 07:33 PM
x*One of the twins Zach has been fundraising for. She's in the hospital for a stem cell transplant and has been having a rough week. NT
NineLives11/23/14 07:35 PM
x*Thanks. I knew about the twins, just didn't connect it. Duh. I was thinking BB Ashley... NT
eieio11/24/14 06:02 AM
x*Very kind of Zach to do this. He has a good heart. NT
debbiedu2211/23/14 07:40 PM
x*Weird that Frankie hasn't touched the Housel twins cause. He could have gotten them trending tonight with all his AMA famewhoring. Alas. NT
NineLives11/23/14 07:48 PM
x*I think it's pretty unfair of us to assume someone should be involved in a charitable cause simply at the behest of expectations NT
Poz11/24/14 12:38 PM
x*What's in it for Frankie? NT
march_hair11/23/14 11:44 PM
x*the eternal question lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan11/24/14 10:12 AM
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