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*Welcome to "Spread the Love!"
Jokerette1098 0   Sticky Post
*This forum seems like the perfect place for this pic...if I could pick my parents these are the ones I would prefer
colleenag602 5   02/14/16 06:43 PM
x*So i know i'm late to this particular party but im pretty sure thats tom brady and giselle LOLOLOL NT
kalliopes8201/08/17 09:10 AM
x*I have no idea who they are but they look very happy :-) NT
jblig02/14/16 08:45 PM
x*Chris Pine? Or maybe Chris Klein? NT
FurlessBat02/14/16 10:51 PM
Rio02/15/16 03:59 AM
x*;] NT
colleenag02/14/16 09:00 PM
*Aurora Spencer - The Hypnotist Vixen
jblig259 1   12/09/15 05:03 PM
x*Hello, Vixen! :) NT
debbiedu2212/21/15 09:55 PM
*And one of the all-time most deserving - BELLA
Jokerette3263 13   05/01/14 10:51 AM
x*PANTS PANTS PANTS, and a sponge for good measure! NT
KWren1105/08/14 04:25 PM
x*PANTS!! {{{{belle}}}} Sweet Belle is the bestest! NT
Molly05/07/14 03:33 PM
x*thanks everyone for your kind words :) NT
Belle05/02/14 01:01 PM
x*I second that!!!! Can't get through an egg hunt without her :D, NE1 for "Spread the Love" Cookies?
ne14cookies05/02/14 03:17 AM
x*Belle is a troublemaker and a bit standoffish but I've grown to love her cantankerous nature.
AwfuLeeHandsome05/01/14 12:56 PM
x*you crack me up lee.... love me some belle.... beautiful person <3 NT
shortcake05/06/14 11:46 PM
x*I am reading your post, it's early, was scratching my head thinking, "huh?" ... So glad I opened the post :D ... ya got me. LOL NT
ne14cookies05/02/14 03:26 AM
x*Belle is my favorite poster here and one of the main reasons why I post here. Her kindness, fun-loving attitude always gives me a smile....
Blockhead05/01/14 12:35 PM
x*awwwwwwwwwwww NT
Belle05/07/14 01:15 PM
x*if that isn't the cutest Bella-pic ever! Suits her to a tee :) NT
Jokerette05/01/14 10:02 PM
x*ITA I posted here for my first time last month and Belle welcomed me immediatly. Her name stands out to me because it is my middle name
Herbsmum05/01/14 12:46 PM
x*Belle is so kind and **giggly** As long as she doesn't jinx the TV shows I like, she is great in my book. NT
GazingEyes05/01/14 12:29 PM
x*She =does= have a thing about.......... PANTS NT
Jokerette05/01/14 10:02 PM
*We all love him ANYWAY but - special mention right now. Who else? Our ===M3===
Jokerette710 3   04/29/14 07:30 AM
x*For sure! How did I not see this sooner? Way to go M3! NT
KWren1105/08/14 04:24 PM
x*M3 is the best!! Always there when you need him and he is always a step ahead of everything! "We love you, M3!" NT
GazingEyes04/29/14 09:09 AM
x*M3 is the awesomeest NT
Belle04/29/14 08:35 AM
*I been waiting for MONTHS for you all to tell me how much you love me. WTF is up with you hos? NT
xrayspex1777 12   02/17/14 08:35 AM
x*you know you're my fave <333 NT
shortcake02/17/14 02:45 PM
x*I thought Cyrus was your fave? NT
Blockhead02/17/14 02:48 PM
x*he's my fave other stuff ;) NT
shortcake02/17/14 02:52 PM
x*:) NT
Blockhead02/17/14 02:55 PM
x***giggles** NT
Belle02/17/14 02:49 PM
x*I thought I was your fav **sobs** NT
Belle02/17/14 02:46 PM
x*you're my girl fave!!! I swear <333 NT
shortcake02/17/14 02:53 PM
x*lol glad we cleared that up :) carry on NT
Belle02/17/14 02:53 PM
x*you're the bestest belle... my love for xrayspex is no secret, he makes me LOL (for real) allllll the time... I <3 him. NT
shortcake02/17/14 02:56 PM
x*I like you more than Gary if that means anything to you. NT
BB5327402/17/14 08:58 AM
x*We assumed you knew! NT
IggysPINKTights02/17/14 08:41 AM
x*Please go into the "PX"forum and defend honey boo boo with me! This will show your true love! NT
xrayspex02/17/14 08:48 AM
*It is for dang sure time to send a smooch or two Cindy's way.
Jokerette1616 11   01/05/14 09:56 PM
x*I find her very erotic NT
xrayspex01/10/14 11:38 AM
x*Loves to you, Cindy. NT
Twinkle01/06/14 05:51 PM
x*Thank you, everyone!!! (((((hugs)))) NT
Cindy01/06/14 12:59 PM
x*Cindy is so nice to anyone with questions and any newbies. NT
Rio01/06/14 09:18 AM
x*Cindy is awesome! All the work she does here and still manages to stay so polite and friendly just shows how great she is. NT
Blockhead01/06/14 07:04 AM
x*I love me some Cindy!!! NT
IggysPINKTights01/06/14 05:44 AM
x*I adore her! NT
logwell01/06/14 05:23 AM
x*Thanks for everything you do, Cindy! Hope things get better real soon! NT
GazingEyes01/06/14 05:10 AM
x*hang in there cindy, things will get better... thanks for all the great recipes you post & all that you do! NT
shortcake01/05/14 10:20 PM
x*Cindy is the woman! She's definitely a sweetheart! Thanks for all you do and sending big hugs to {{{Cindy}}} for all you're going through. NT
Caramel01/05/14 10:11 PM
x*Love ya Cindy, always such a sweetheart :-) NT
Dexter01/05/14 10:05 PM
*:::Sighs::: Maybe it's time to spread some love for Seamus, he's seems very needy this Holiday season. NT
Whirley5721 33   12/19/13 04:49 PM
x*Seamus often says what I feel, but do words gooder. I has love for him. NT
attijah12/29/13 03:42 AM
x*MERRY CHRISTMAS Hector of Troy/seamus!!! NT
Caramel12/20/13 06:37 PM
Twinkle12/20/13 06:01 PM
x*Seamus! Seamus! He's okay! Just needs to hear everyone say...
LibraLady12/20/13 01:05 PM
x*What can I say to and about HectorOfGarth that I haven't already shouted from the mountaintops.
Marley12/20/13 11:09 AM
x*Aww. *Spreading the love for seamus*
GazingEyes12/20/13 08:12 AM
x*Heading to work....but before I go...
wyndycty12/20/13 06:10 AM
x*Yeah, I think you have a point. He's even posting *&#$!#$* polls about it! Either you love him or you don't. There is no seamussy middleground.
Caramel12/19/13 09:58 PM
x*I enjoy seamus and will be disappointed when he disappears NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/19/13 07:22 PM
x*Nominee for Joker's joke of the year, just a shame that it can't be fully appreciated with it's other half missing. NT
seamus12/20/13 01:38 PM
x*LOLOLOL!!! Where is he going? NT
Caramel12/19/13 09:58 PM
x*Lol NT
IggysPINKTights12/19/13 07:25 PM
x*LOL, that's awfully nice of you to say. AwfuLee, I think I'll miss you most of all. NT
seamus12/19/13 07:24 PM
x*Hehe NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/19/13 07:26 PM
x*The way you expressed it is the way we all started out to appreciate seamus, Whirley.
Theory12/19/13 06:09 PM
x*Are you expecting a Christmas present from him or sumthin'? NT
Caramel12/19/13 09:59 PM
x*The "smoooooth finish" bit sounds really dirty, I like it. NT
seamus12/19/13 06:12 PM
x*I feeel generous with theeee vowels toooniiight. NT
Theory12/19/13 06:19 PM
x*Have you taken up drinking since your move to the pacific northwest? Or, perhaps, other intoxicants? NT
seamus12/19/13 06:33 PM
x*My hepatologist frowns on that behavior. But i am drunk on the weirdness of Portland and the beauty of Oregon. NT
Theory12/19/13 08:33 PM
x*Yeah, I felt like a bit of an ass after I asked the question but I left it up anyway. Keep Portland Weird! NT
seamus12/19/13 08:36 PM
x*No problem with that topic. I have become quite an authority on Staayin' Aliive Against All Odds.. NT
Theory12/19/13 08:42 PM
x*Now you've got me crying, you scared the bejesus out of us. I've been a bit manic today but I really am thankful for all of the people here
seamus12/19/13 08:52 PM
x*love and hugs to you (((seamus))) :) I'm emotional today as well.
Jokerette12/25/13 03:17 PM
x*To show our appreciation for one seamus of Troy, we are giving you a years supply of chicken feet, also known as candy corn, and CORN NUTS! NT
Caramel12/19/13 10:02 PM
x*Wow, that's quite a backhanded spread the love effort. I'm feeling no love from you, Whirley. NT
seamus12/19/13 05:02 PM
x*aww I'm sorry, it wasn't meant that way. NT
Whirley12/19/13 06:04 PM
x*Apology accepted, we now return you to our regularly scheduled doting. NT
seamus12/19/13 06:11 PM
x*You have lots of love from me, Blonde and Iggy, all charter members of your HoT fan club.
Theory12/19/13 06:04 PM
x*Do you have Blonde and Iggy's permission? NT
Caramel12/19/13 10:04 PM
x*Seamus makes me smile and laugh with his ironic and at times sarcastic wit. When he first started posting eons ago I came to the conclusion to never
BlondeMoment12/19/13 05:02 PM
x*I love me some HoT! NT
IggysPINKTights12/19/13 04:52 PM
x*That's it -- Hector of Troy! I couldn't remember. NT
Caramel12/19/13 10:05 PM
*Three cheers for amandajaye, JOKER's own Future DR!! Thanks for posting the events every day! NT
Molly1130 6   09/24/13 07:37 PM
x*BUT...will we still have to pay our co-pay?
LibraLady10/15/13 11:26 AM
x*Cheers to Amanda! NT
GazingEyes10/15/13 11:17 AM
x*I don't visit those forums often but I know from others she is kind, Yay, Doc! NT
attijah10/01/13 06:41 AM
x*Woot!! NT
Rayann09/25/13 09:35 AM
x*I'll second that. She's the best!!! NT
ne14cookies09/24/13 07:50 PM
x*She's always willing to answer questions. NT
Rio09/30/13 05:46 PM
*You know, I think that SG8 has been a terrific addition to this board. He posts great articles, gets involved with all sorts of forums and discussions
seamus2906 18   09/22/13 02:56 PM
x*i agree i look forward to his posts and what his thoughts are on many different subjects :) NT
Belle09/24/13 08:14 AM
x*Thanks all for the kind words. I'm nowhere near as worthy of the love than posters Rio, wyndy, Fay, Rayann, bruiser, shortcake, Molly, GE, Belle. NT
Blockhead09/30/13 05:10 PM
x*You so deserve recognition! NT
Rio10/01/13 03:42 AM
x*Hey, what the f*ck? NT
seamus09/30/13 05:12 PM
x*Ha! NT
wyndycty09/30/13 06:22 PM
x*LMAO!!! NT
Marley09/30/13 05:23 PM
x*I totally agree! Here is to SG8! NT
GazingEyes09/24/13 08:13 AM
x*Lets here it for SG8!!! NT
Molly09/23/13 03:47 PM
x*I agree... he's awesome. I love the random photos, quick wit & am genuinely interested in his opinions & items he posts...
shortcake09/23/13 01:44 PM
x*lol. I read this as "he's handsome", and was wondering how you knew that. I really need to get a life!
LibraLady10/15/13 11:31 AM
x*SG8 was Leeto? I take it all back. NT
seamus09/23/13 03:48 PM
x*Maybe this is why you didn't get thanked! NT
Rayann09/30/13 05:38 PM
x*Once again, I am hoist by my own petard. NT
seamus09/30/13 05:59 PM
x*ahhhh, another name change!! now I get it. I couldn't figure out the new name. NT
bruiser09/23/13 05:02 PM
x*Thank you SG8!!! NT
Rayann09/23/13 10:16 AM
x*I look forward each day to SG8's Random Photos in Odds N Ends and his thoughtful comments. Much appreciated, SG8. Thank you :) NT
Suzanne09/23/13 09:33 AM
x*I will 2nd this post & no money was given in exchange for this endorsement :-)
wyndycty09/22/13 03:04 PM
x*We all look forward to the photos he posts daily, in 'Odds & Ends'. SG8 is a fun and welcoming person to all. NT
Rio09/22/13 03:03 PM
*In Honor of our Veterans, POWs & MIAs... Thank You All! Thank You! ~DW NT
DreamWeavers1160 2   11/11/12 08:07 AM
x*Great idea ! Thank you to all past & present military. NT
Rio11/11/12 01:52 PM
x*Thank you to all our Veteran's POWs & MIA's for your service! NT
GazingEyes11/11/12 08:29 AM
*Today I'll go for the obvious: FrustratedPoster, we love YOU!
Jokerette3604 6   06/02/12 05:17 PM
x*FP is always willing to reach out when a newbie arrives. NT
Rio06/04/12 05:29 AM
x*FP is the kindest...and a very dear friend. NT
Twinkle06/04/12 04:25 AM
x*A great person with always something nice to say about everyone! Good choice! NT
GazingEyes06/03/12 12:29 PM
x*a very kind soul. NT
crazyq06/03/12 11:28 AM
x*I think the world of fp. He's kind and good and smart and wise. I love him! NT
Judybug06/02/12 08:55 PM
x*FP is one of my favourite peeps. as ette says, always a kind, encouraging word. so very strong and centred. NT
bruiser06/02/12 05:43 PM
*hmmm. Who is it today, gets the love? A charmer. A lover. A wise soul - AwfuLeeHandsome !! Who else?
Jokerette9985 23   05/27/12 01:13 PM
x*I was going to start an ALH love thread but I see that one already exists. I'm ashamed for not participating sooner. Love ya, ALH! NT
seamus02/17/14 09:37 PM
x*i've missed the whole forum, i think. ALH i appreciate your insight, wit and kindness. you make jokers a better place. much love, ALH! NT
TwoMinutesHate02/18/14 09:14 AM
x*I was hesitant to have the ALH love...good music,movies and TV show tastes on top of awesomeness? I'll keep her! My lurve can't be denied! NT
IggysPINKTights02/18/14 04:46 AM
x*Is that why you're going to start a Stumbers love thread next? NT
BB5327402/18/14 05:26 AM
x*You too seamus <3 and please don't leave ussss NT
AwfuLeeHandsome02/17/14 09:42 PM
x*right?! don't leave us seamus! you're my joker! NT
TwoMinutesHate02/18/14 09:12 AM
x*How nice! Lee is a great person and has a good sense of humor. NT
GazingEyes05/29/12 09:06 AM
x*Thanks again everyone for putting up with me, I'm glad I'm here too and your kind words are so very sweet NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/12 07:58 PM
x*I enjoy AwfulLee's comments in different forums. Happy she's with us here at Joker's :) NT
Suzanne05/29/12 05:14 AM
x*She has a great sense of humor. NT
Rio05/28/12 01:05 AM
x* There aren't words to express how much I love Lee.
abb41205/27/12 05:57 PM
x*Too sweet bebe <3, thank you so much for that. You know you continue to be the biggest gift to me here, always reminding me to find my grace *kiss* NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/12 06:00 PM
x*Thanks everyone, you make me feel welcomed and glad I'm here :). When I first came to the non-BB parts of this website, I didn't
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/12 05:15 PM
x*glad you stuck around :) seems like just yesterday you were a newbie and look at you now :) NT
Belle02/18/14 08:19 AM
x*AwfuLeeHandsome, this is probably one of the best posts I've ever read on Jokers, bar none. It reflects how I have felt so many times, but was
LibraLady02/18/14 06:04 AM
x*Simply one of the loveliest posts I've seen :)
Jokerette05/27/12 11:45 PM
x*Lee, you are one of my all time favorites. I love reading your posts because you articulate and put into works so eloquently the
cantgetenough05/27/12 06:29 PM
x*Thank you so much, can't! I've always felt a connection with you as well, like we're tuned into the same frequency. I hope you and
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/12 07:57 PM
x*Yes, I enjoy reading AwfuLee's posts. NT
katharina446205/27/12 06:12 PM
x*I enjoy Awful's post. They make me think. They make me smile. I am happy she is here. NT
BlondeMoment05/27/12 02:03 PM
x*dang it!
crazyq05/27/12 01:19 PM
x*thank you both so much <3 so unbelievably sweet. im still a work in progress but you all help me grow everyday and im blessed for that :) NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/12 01:25 PM
x*I'm glad you're around! NT
bruiser05/27/12 01:54 PM
*Tell who I'm lovin today - just because - is my Cin :) (Cindy to the rest of ya!)
Jokerette21006 38   05/24/12 03:55 PM
x*One of the nicest posters here. NT
BlondeMoment05/27/12 05:44 PM
x*Just plain decent, ya know? A =lot= nicer than I am (for true.)
Jokerette05/27/12 11:47 PM
x*Loving me some Cinfulness! NT
Midi05/25/12 09:03 PM
x*You guys are all so sweet, thank you!! NT
Cindy05/25/12 01:52 PM
x*Thank you for all you do Cindy, you are the best! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/25/12 03:44 PM
x*Nothing but the truth -- plus I wanted you to see this with your
Jokerette05/25/12 03:37 PM
x*Yay for Cindy! NT
katharina446205/25/12 03:39 PM
x*WTG Kat and the rest of y'all that posted :)
Jokerette05/25/12 03:41 PM
x*Cindy's great! NT
Suzanne05/25/12 11:03 AM
x**pounces* Cindy rocks!! :D NT
Starr05/25/12 10:17 AM
x*Cindy is my fav mod-she understands my sick n perverted mind an most important-SARCASM. She is also a MILF! NT
xrayspex05/25/12 09:04 AM
x*That may be pushing it a little...can anyone really understand your mind? NT
Whirley05/25/12 09:19 AM
x*Scientists have told me that its because I use the very rare 90 percent of my brain power when most mere mortals only use 20 percent NT
xrayspex05/25/12 10:04 AM
x*Yes, but one minor problem -
Jokerette05/25/12 11:31 AM
x*ROFL! How dare you!! NT
xrayspex05/25/12 11:43 AM
x*I dare because, of course, I too read P/X --
Jokerette05/25/12 03:39 PM
x*She's always willing to answer questions. NT
Rio05/25/12 08:10 AM
x*Cindy is a great person. Everyone should get to know her better. I suggest PMing her a list of questions :) NT
Whirley05/25/12 08:06 AM
x*She also like helping with your kids homework NT
tas05/25/12 08:50 AM
x*AND she will do your online shopping for you, If you pay her a reasonable fee. NT
Whirley05/25/12 08:53 AM
x*So if she pays you a small fee she will do your shopping for you? Awesome. NT
tas05/25/12 09:06 AM
x*umm I think you read that wrong! NT
Whirley05/25/12 09:18 AM
x*Like "what color are you eyes?"? NT
crazyq05/25/12 08:11 AM
x*Yes!!! Ask her personal questions :D NT
Whirley05/25/12 08:45 AM
x*Cindy is just the sweetest person! We all <3 her! NT
Rayann05/25/12 06:29 AM
x*I normally do not post in here. But I adore {{{Cindy}}} so needed to come in and give her a big ****MUAH**** :) NT
MsB05/25/12 06:21 AM
x*Cindy <3 NT
Dexter05/24/12 04:58 PM
x*I will join the "love Cindy" thread! Great person! NT
GazingEyes05/24/12 04:57 PM
x*I <3 her! NT
logwell05/24/12 04:55 PM
x*I love Cindy!!!! She's on it! She just has that "It" factor!!! NT
petite605/24/12 04:54 PM
x*Lol NT
IggysPINKTights05/24/12 04:55 PM
x*I'm hesitant to post in this forum as well, just makes me uncomfortable,
crazyq05/24/12 04:53 PM
x*silly cq! remember whose very own forum this is :)
Jokerette05/24/12 11:43 PM
x*Stamp that!! NT
ScienceFemme05/24/12 06:08 PM
x*Cindy is a very special person and I wish her life's best. NT
IslandGirl05/24/12 04:53 PM
x*she's purple NT
AngieBaby05/24/12 04:49 PM
x*I usually don't post here but I do love me some Cindy I'm always surprised at
IggysPINKTights05/24/12 03:58 PM
x*That's exactly it, iggs, what I was trying to say and failed.
Jokerette05/24/12 11:46 PM
*I wish the spread the love to all of you who prayed with me
Caramel1791 2   05/10/12 10:49 PM
x*It is quite remarkable the way we come together when
Jokerette05/11/12 01:24 AM
x*Yes we do! NT
Caramel05/14/12 10:10 PM
*Official "I love KittyKitty day!!!!!!" She be funny, intelligent -
Jokerette9056 15   03/31/12 12:02 PM
x*I like her an think she very sexy for a woman her age but I am very concerned about the amount of kitty litter boxes in her home NT
xrayspex04/02/12 07:00 AM
x**GE raises her glass to say "Here's to KittyKitty"! A kind individual. Thanks for posting "Maxine"! I could read her non stop! NT
GazingEyes04/01/12 09:11 AM
x*Here Kitty Kitty. Love ya, thanks for all your help... love chating and playing the games and everything...... Be well soon. NT
ne14cookies03/31/12 05:31 PM
x*Herrrrre KittyKitty Kitty!!!!!!
Caramel03/31/12 05:26 PM
x*Aww kitty is the best. NT
amandajaye03/31/12 04:15 PM
x*Miss Kitty is one of my favourite jokers! NT
bruiser03/31/12 05:21 PM
x*I like KittyKitty 'cause she's my "games" forum buddy. We sometimes respond to one anothers posts so quickly we prevent others posts.
Rio03/31/12 01:52 PM
x*Awww Ette, thank you. I came in her to share love with whoever our latest honoree might be and...imagine my surprise. I'm feeling all, 'goosie.'
KittyKitty03/31/12 12:15 PM
x*awwwwwww - well, it's true. I wubbers you a LOT! NT
Jokerette04/01/12 05:55 PM
x*Crazy 'bout that Miss Kitty,. She sure puts a llot out there for our entertainment,. Sure hope you're feeling bette. NT
LibraLady03/31/12 12:24 PM
x*lol, goosie? You're a nut ;-)
crazyq03/31/12 12:21 PM
x*. . .
Caramel03/31/12 05:27 PM
x*Thanks to all of you for such kind words. I feel so loved.
KittyKitty04/02/12 10:14 AM
x**like* NT
bruiser04/02/12 04:49 PM
x*omg LOVE the way you ended that, you classy thing. NT
Jokerette04/02/12 04:20 PM
*Today, my love goes out to the best of admins, the best of friends - my (((Dreamer.)))
Jokerette6027 10   03/30/12 04:39 PM
x*Dreamer, you are an "Ace" in my book! You taught me so much through the years I have been here and always is so nice! We are all
GazingEyes03/31/12 08:50 AM
x*Dreamer is very helpful on any given day. She goes out of her way to get info and answer questions and doesn't seem to mind doing it. Thanks for
Caramel03/31/12 06:13 AM
x*Dreamer's charm helps make Jokers a fun place to hang out. NT
Rio03/31/12 02:53 AM
x*yes, it sure does. NT
bruiser03/31/12 06:05 AM
x*I'm jumping on this bandwagon. Dreamer is just a doll, so kind, so helpful,
LibraLady03/30/12 04:43 PM
x*I'm aboard too. She is awesome. Barely turn around looking for something & it is there. She's magic. So much appreciate all she does for us TY NT
ne14cookies03/30/12 07:26 PM
x*...shove over guys. I want to sit on this bench of Love for this awesome one, too. Thank you so much Dreamer for all you do to keep us all
KittyKitty03/30/12 07:43 PM
x*...and thank you Dreamer, for JUST being YOU :) NT
Jokerette03/30/12 08:11 PM
x*yup, I don't know if jokers would have come so far without Dreamer, she's great. NT
bruiser03/30/12 06:07 PM
x*I heart Dreamer. She always brings a smile to my face. A truly beautiful person. NT
CougarSpy03/30/12 04:42 PM
*Official "I love LibraLady" day --
Jokerette10590 18   03/25/12 11:04 PM
x*Libra knows I love her. Thank you and maa for being my Jokers rocks during my recent surgery. NT
CougarSpy03/30/12 04:44 PM
x*Aww, you know I luvs you too. One of these days I'm coming to Michigan (NOT in the Winter)
LibraLady03/30/12 04:54 PM
x*My goodness, I am just seeing this thread. Thank you, my dear friends. You have made my day. NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:44 PM
x*maybe i should make up a puzzle for you to show you how much you mean to me? *evil grin* lol NT
Rabbit03/26/12 03:47 PM
x*Up yours! :) I mean, thank you so much!!! NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:48 PM
x*bwahahaha. you're welcome, i think. NT
Rabbit03/26/12 03:55 PM
x*Why, thank you, Miss Ette. How very sweet. Love you, too. NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:43 PM
x*LIbraLady, one of my first memories with JU & welcoming me to the boards. Feel like running into a friend whenever I see her name. TY {{{hugs}}} NT
ne14cookies03/26/12 02:53 PM
x*((((hugs back at ya, my friend))) NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:44 PM
x*LibraLady was extremely helpful, caring and kind to me when I was worried about a friend and for that I will always be grateful. {{{{{LibraLady}}}}}
KittyKitty03/26/12 07:27 AM
x*I love you too, Miss Kitty. ***off to find a Kleenex*** NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:45 PM
x*LibraLady is truly a lady and lots of fun. Well said! She always has wonderful things to say about everyone & is so nice! NT
GazingEyes03/26/12 07:23 AM
x*It's always so easy to be nice to people who are as wonderful as you, GE. Thank you. NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:47 PM
x*ita with all you wrote, 'Ette. I always read and enjoy LibraLady's comments. She's a wonderful lady! NT
Suzanne03/25/12 11:37 PM
x*You know, Fay, your posts are the first ones I look for each morning. When you were gone, I really really missed you.! NT
LibraLady03/26/12 03:47 PM
x*yup, I totally agree, LL is a wonderful joker in my books! NT
bruiser03/26/12 06:14 AM
x*I first I though you said "my bookie". lol Gosh, girl, I think you're the cat's meow too.
LibraLady03/26/12 03:50 PM
x*thanks, I get itchy feet if I stay in one place too long. lol NT
bruiser03/26/12 06:11 PM
*I got drunk tonight and I was a very bad boy-im druk an just wanted to share NT
xrayspex6878 11   03/25/12 12:37 AM
x*Darn. I missed the fun. NT
CougarSpy03/25/12 06:08 AM
x*It'll behoove ya to care for your uvula NT
frustratedposter03/25/12 01:08 PM
x*How's your uvula? NT
twodog03/25/12 01:44 AM
x*you don't hear a lot of people say that. i myself an uvula-less. NT
bruiser03/25/12 05:28 AM
x*Mine's swollen a little bit today. :-( NT
Judybug03/25/12 05:41 AM
x*A hot toddy sounds in order ;-) NT
crazyq03/25/12 05:44 AM
x*Drunk is good>>> NT
twodog03/25/12 01:43 AM
x*i wanna twitter NT
xrayspex03/25/12 12:37 AM
x*Im gonna call my bffs NT
xrayspex03/25/12 12:39 AM
x*they want nothing to do with me-i call my ex bf now NT
xrayspex03/25/12 12:40 AM
x*lol dont do it!! NT
WildStrawberry03/25/12 03:47 AM
*Official I love Cindy day (hell, who doesn't??)
Jokerette5639 9   03/07/12 05:22 PM
x*Singing in my very best voice, "Cindy don't let us down". Love all those wonderful bargain posts. Thank YOU. NT
LibraLady03/31/12 12:26 PM
x*Cindy!! How did I miss this one? You are a wonderful person & such a joy to know! You are always polite, comical & a
GazingEyes03/31/12 08:52 AM
x*Cindy is da Bomb(shell)! NT
Midi03/19/12 11:41 PM
x*Cindy rocks! She keeps me current on all the 'BBT' scoops. NT
Rio03/10/12 07:16 AM
x*<3 <3 <3
KittyKitty03/10/12 06:12 AM
x*Cindy is indeed our sweepstakes prize here at Jokers. Love ya girl! Thanks for being a friend. NT
KittyKitty03/09/12 10:28 AM
x*Cindy is nice.
Whirley03/07/12 07:41 PM
x*Cindy is beyond awesome!!! I love her! NT
logwell03/07/12 05:25 PM
x*I love Cindy's posts. I look forward to them every day! NT
bruiser03/07/12 07:38 PM
*Im spreading my legs akimbo for Jokerette even though Im homo an she lesbo-I think we should procreate NT
xrayspex4603 9   03/05/12 12:58 PM
x*couple of SMALL issues with that (or of course I'd go along)
Jokerette03/07/12 04:48 PM
x*LOL- those are just very lil minor issues we will find a way to get around NT
xrayspex03/07/12 05:11 PM
x*Maybe you could borrow a uterus, xray, and carry the kid yourself? NT
frustratedposter03/23/12 03:47 AM
x*see? FP -always- comes up with the perfect solution! NT
Jokerette03/25/12 11:03 PM
x*the progeny might be ummm interesting. but if you feel that way, you should pursue it! contact Ette!...... and let us know how it goes... NT
bruiser03/05/12 03:53 PM
x*and I would be careful, from things I've read, I think Ette might be a little tough on cocky penis. NT
crazyq03/05/12 07:02 PM
x*In 2012 you thought this??? OH if you could see me NOW! :( NT
Jokerette04/12/14 12:51 PM
x*yumm NT
xrayspex04/27/14 06:58 PM
x*WOW and wearing Xray specs too! Gives new meaning to "jumping your bones" - hell that's all you see lol
Jokerette04/29/14 07:27 AM
*Official I love CrazyQ day!
Jokerette6318 10   03/01/12 01:19 AM
x*I missed this one too! Hanging head in shame. We all love our crazyQ. She is fuuunnny. NT
LibraLady03/31/12 12:35 PM
x*One of my favorite people. :-) NT
BlondeMoment03/01/12 09:35 AM
x*Me, too! NT
Judybug03/03/12 03:58 PM
x*Lol, my computer couldn't handle this thread. It blew up when I opened it ;-)
crazyq03/01/12 08:57 AM
x*omg you're SERIOUS?
Jokerette03/03/12 03:53 PM
x*Lol, yep, but all is well. I have a new laptop now ;-)
crazyq03/03/12 04:08 PM
x*I'll be DAMNED. hhahahahah that is one of the funniest
Jokerette03/04/12 04:53 PM
x*now that's funny! NT
bruiser03/01/12 09:38 AM
x*Oh my, where to begin? Suffice it to say, she is one unique lady and I am so happy to call her my friend. {{{CQ}}} NT
KittyKitty03/01/12 07:05 AM
x*crazyq is sooo well named! she is a wonderful woman, a beautiful quilter and shares well. NT
bruiser03/01/12 05:07 AM
*Official I Love Logwell day today :)
Jokerette6937 11   02/28/12 11:08 PM
x*My goodness Miss Logwell, *I'm just now seeing your thread. Can't believe
LibraLady03/31/12 12:31 PM
x*For some strange reason I always thought Logwell was a dude until I saw the pics yesterday. NT
xrayspex03/05/12 12:59 PM
x*This is not the first time this has been said here. lol smh NT
logwell03/05/12 01:15 PM
x*You very sexy-if you ever want to have sex with me just PM me an we will work something out-ok? :) NT
xrayspex03/05/12 01:21 PM
x*Wait a damn moment here -
Jokerette03/07/12 04:49 PM
x*LoL- I just like to keep my options open :) NT
xrayspex03/07/12 05:07 PM
x*i dunno how i missed this, much love log :) NT
Dexter03/04/12 08:20 PM
x*She's partially responsible for making me watch HIMYM, so she's not THAT bad...
BB5327402/29/12 09:31 AM
x*Who???? ............... just kidding, Logwell is great in my book! NT
bruiser02/29/12 09:59 AM
x*Logwell has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to speak her mind. Those are 2 great qualities. NT
Rio02/29/12 08:13 AM
KittyKitty02/29/12 07:02 AM
*I love you, Brady...
BB532745153 8   02/25/12 10:37 AM
x*No NT
mhg7603/04/12 08:19 PM
x*Hi, Im Numbers, welcome to the board! NT
BB5327403/04/12 08:29 PM
x*worst welcome committee ever, tbh NT
davej03/04/12 08:52 PM
x*Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome!
mhg7603/04/12 08:49 PM
x*You looking forward to watching A&M in the NCAA Tournament this year? NT
BB5327403/04/12 09:20 PM
x*Is this about basketball?
mhg7603/04/12 09:24 PM
x* Of course! NT
BB5327403/04/12 09:25 PM
x*Oh :o(
mhg7603/04/12 09:30 PM
*Today is official "I love Wyndycty" day ....
Jokerette7171 11   02/25/12 03:45 AM
x*i love my wyndbag! NT
Rabbit02/25/12 03:18 PM
x*Thx Ette...I havn't visited this room awhile, looks like I owe lots of people some love! :-) NT
wyndycty02/25/12 02:56 PM
x*Ya owe us nothin' -- You give it every day :D Just enjoy the coming around part !!! NT
ne14cookies02/25/12 03:25 PM
x*I 2nd that. Great person. I especially enjoyed the escapades of Henry! NT
GazingEyes02/25/12 10:13 AM
x*Did she leave Henry behind when she moved, I wonder? I think she should have hidden him in her bag and taken him along. NT
KittyKitty02/25/12 10:18 AM
x*I am not sure but I did love following him all over! She has a great sense of humor. NT
GazingEyes02/25/12 10:27 AM
x*OMG ... where's Henry.... I miss Henry.... I trust she has kept him safe somewhere? NT
ne14cookies02/25/12 02:51 PM
x*I'm jumping on this Wyndy train right now. This is a lady,..a lady with class and humor and kindness and love and a big ig heart. I am so proud to
LibraLady02/25/12 07:18 AM
x*The woman can pick out a wicked quilt pattern.
crazyq02/25/12 06:50 AM
x*You bring your own heart light wherever you pop up around here, Wyndy. Have a happy "I love Wyndycty Day!"
KittyKitty02/25/12 06:39 AM
x*One of many who first befriended me...! See her name and had a sense of familiarity and I wanted to stay and chat. Went from lurker to addicted to
ne14cookies02/25/12 04:07 AM
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