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*Welcome to what has to be the most unique new reality show in years - Married at First Sight!
Jokerette987 0   Sticky Post
*I like the Italian guy, the country guy, and the blonde woman. Too soon for me to remember their names. NT  (Reply | Hide)
TrinaE22 1   04/21/17 07:02 AM
x*same! NT
Carrot_Stick04/21/17 04:55 PM
* Married At First Sight is coming. Be there Thursday on Lifetime to meet the 6 new singles.  (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer43 0   04/15/17 01:12 AM
*David and Vanessa are getting another chance at <3 on MAFS Second Chances premiering April 27th on Lifetime!  (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer56 0   04/12/17 02:34 AM
*Will it be love at (literal) first sight? Married At First Sight is back Thursday, April 20th on a new network, Lifetime!  (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer55 0   04/09/17 03:10 AM
*I NEED a Married at First Sight Newlyweds Year Two! NT  (Reply | Hide)
jenniell31 0   03/27/17 11:46 AM
*I wish we would get some news about our 2 latest couples. NT  (Reply | Hide)
TrinaE365 5   02/09/17 08:05 PM
x*Sonya and Nick finally admit filed for divorce!!! No big surprise. NT
ne14cookies03/22/17 03:46 PM
x*Lily n Tom are doing great! Sonia n Nick are laying very low and appear to be done. NT
BigGirlPanties03/01/17 03:51 PM
x*I haven't heard, but just checked his twitter and his profile picture is them...I wish we could keep up with the couples too! NT
ready2retire03/13/17 04:51 PM
x*They both tweet nothing but platitudes. Most recent seem to infer not doing well. I think it is ridiculous, publicly marry, so if done, be done. NT
ne14cookies03/13/17 05:06 PM
x*me dang too
Jokerette03/01/17 04:31 AM
*Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Announce Pregnancy Six Months After Losing Their Son  (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer143 0   02/01/17 12:41 AM
*Oh no, I don't need an obsession this soon after, ran across a MAFS UK version. withdrawal, Help, where is Reality TV Anonymous when I need it? NT  (Reply | Hide)
ne14cookies163 2   11/03/16 02:57 PM
x*You see they already have MAFS: Second Chances in the works? I'll watch. NT
BigGirlPanties11/03/16 04:55 PM
x*I may, not my fav two past divorcee's. She thought a bit self centered and spoiled and Dave nice but dull. I'd rather see what they do for Derek NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 05:46 PM
*Dr. Pepper's favorite pick that had to drop out.  (Reply | Hide)
pusssykatt302 1   11/03/16 12:40 PM
x*Only one I remember hearing about dropped out and the women he was matched with, he met and are now dating. Not sure who you mean? NE1 help? NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 02:03 PM
*Former ‘Married at First Sight’ singles to star in spin-off show  (Reply | Hide)
pusssykatt321 1   11/03/16 12:36 PM
x*Ironically these two are not one's I really want to see again. NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 02:02 PM
*Here’s what ‘Married at First Sight’ finally got right  (Reply | Hide)
pusssykatt242 1   11/03/16 12:26 PM
x*Thanks for article... looking forward to the Chicago season, but OMG two more weeks of anxieties... do they stay together or get a divorce? :D NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 02:10 PM
*Most of you seem to have strong opinions…   (Reply | Hide)
Mikentosh603 6   11/03/16 09:06 AM
x*Lost in conjecture is the true reason. Heather didnt like David smoking...and didnt like what he smoked. NT
will2212/06/16 09:02 AM
x*Heather came across as a cold fish, but something about Derek turned me off instantly, too. I'm going with ill-matched in this case. They didn't
BigGirlPanties11/03/16 05:09 PM
x*True, dat! NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 05:47 PM
x*I don't think Heather and Derek were well matched at all. I wish the "experts" would tell us where that match came from. I think Derek was waaayy
TrinaE11/03/16 01:30 PM
x*ITA. I do think seeing him on Twitter, he seems to have learned a few things. Heather, I don't think so much. NT
ne14cookies11/03/16 02:12 PM
x*Always takes two to tango. I really don't think they were a good match from the start...still don't see why they were. I don't think it was about her
ne14cookies11/03/16 09:57 AM
*So that was a pretty happy ending NT  (Reply | Hide)
TrinaE404 4   11/02/16 07:27 AM
x*Yes, it was. I'm happy for all of them, and wish them all the best. NT
LibraLady11/02/16 07:44 AM
x*I was so happy to see Nick smile so much, and Sonja even seemed more at peace. Did I understand correctly that Tom sold the bus? NT
LibraLady11/02/16 07:47 AM
x*I read somewhere he put it in storage not sure if true. I wish they would show more unseen scenes. We all know there is more Nick and Sonia being
carlee11/02/16 08:16 AM
x*I would love to see more too. That and fact learn the professionals were much more involved too. As for bus, I think heard in storage and Lillian and
ne14cookies11/03/16 02:15 PM
*I completely missed the last couple episodes but from what I've read it looks like both remaining couples chose to stay together. The funny thing is   (Reply | Hide)
Dimples367 3   11/01/16 05:18 PM
x*Hi, Dimples. I really don't see either couple making it long term. I like Sonja, but her sing-song, up-and-down voice would drive me crazy, and I
LibraLady11/01/16 05:39 PM
x*Nick is different - but I have to say I like him. As for Tom, he's so determined but the thing is that he's trying to change himself and that is
Dimples11/02/16 11:43 AM
x*I for one am thrilled. I liked all four and I think they all have a great shot at making it work. They have taken the lessons and each done what
ne14cookies11/01/16 07:09 PM
*2 Out of 3 Ain’t Bad   (Reply | Hide)
Mikentosh509 3   10/27/16 01:16 PM
x*Yes, Yes and Yes :D Glimmer of hope. In the previews we see Nick alone with voice over no ring and we see her alone but at the end of a video
ne14cookies10/27/16 02:00 PM
x*I just saw that same picture on a friend of theirs coming to visit ... and she tweets to all four of them... Have my fingers crossed. :D NT
ne14cookies10/27/16 04:33 PM
x*That makes me feel better after seeing the previews. NT
fearlessdiva10/27/16 04:28 PM
*Need diversity   (Reply | Hide)
Anonymous538 4   10/26/16 08:29 PM
x*Hmm 1/3 of the people on this season were hispanic and IMO chubby. I didn't find any of them drop dead gorgeous, not ugly, but average looking. I
TrinaE10/27/16 06:02 AM
x*I was thinking much the same, seems it has been diverse and certainly not the yuppy wanna be's of the Bachelor type series. They surely don't
ne14cookies10/27/16 01:58 PM
x*I agree that it seems diverse already. Neither one of the women looked anorexic, but had gorgeous curves. I wouldn't want to watch a show that
fearlessdiva10/27/16 04:38 PM
x*They also had a fourth couple that they couldn't use because he moved but they ended up getting together and are dating.
carlee10/28/16 08:46 AM
*Tonight's decision night. NT  (Reply | Hide)
TrinaE229 1   10/25/16 04:47 AM
x*Just got to watch it... thrilled by the decisions, thrown off guard by the previews. NT
ne14cookies10/26/16 01:51 PM
*Lillian is a realtor, I suspect evenings and weekends are her busy time...especially Open Houses. NT  (Reply | Hide)
pusssykatt355 2   10/18/16 06:51 PM
x*Is she a successful realtor? I could not find any sales or current listings? She is employed at a small firm but doesn't seem to be selling? NT
silverspoons10/25/16 07:24 AM
x*They are different people, but for Tom to not want a fulfilling life for his wife is ridiculous. I can't see him rejoicing in some big deal she
10/19/16 09:57 PM
*I'm not saying that Nick raped Sonia, but I wonder if he was forceful. Afterwards he was angry with himself stating that he didn't find her  (Reply | Hide)
pusssykatt951 7   10/18/16 06:13 PM
x*Unsafe feelings may have to do with his drinking before the comments.
Giant1310/21/16 10:47 AM
x*Well, Sonia has been insecure about her looks since the beginning of the show. I would guess she has felt that way all her life.
TrinaE10/21/16 11:22 AM
x*I don't think she felt unsafe, either. NT
BigGirlPanties10/21/16 12:51 PM
x*Throwing the word "rape" around is wrong, very, very wrong. NT
10/19/16 09:49 PM
x*??? I don't see that at all. I think she fell for him and the fact he stated his point of view whether true or not as he was angry hurt her. NT
BigBroBeauty10/19/16 05:26 PM
x*I don't think her lack of trust has anything to do with the bedroom. He was rude and hurt her feelings with what he said. NT
Anonymous10/19/16 11:43 AM
TrinaE10/18/16 07:05 PM
*Wha ? No one watching or posting? Dang. I have no doubt Lillian/Tom will go the distance. I really do like Sonia and Tom, he has grown on me :D NT  (Reply | Hide)
ne14cookies1612 14   10/12/16 01:48 PM
x*Married at First Sight
jlm097110/18/16 06:32 AM
x*Sonia isn't with Tom, Lillian is. NT
BigGirlPanties10/18/16 06:33 AM
x*I think the fraud of season two caused some serious reality fans to walk away from the show. I know I did. NT
DaveG10/15/16 09:09 AM
jlm097110/18/16 06:33 AM
x*The "professionals" weren't so professional... and the producers tried to gag the women in season two's cast. NT
DaveG10/18/16 07:46 AM
x*Editing/Gagging seems to be going on this year also.
Giant1310/21/16 11:20 AM
x*Well "hi" stranger. Been awhile. I think you are absolutely right. NT
ne14cookies10/15/16 11:56 AM
x*She'll never let go of all her hurt. I understand she just met him. BUT if I were in that situation, I would want to explore what the experts saw.
TrinaE10/12/16 02:10 PM
x*Can't argue with any of what you said. I just can't decide if they aren't showing involvement of the experts or they really not as present as I would
ne14cookies10/12/16 02:44 PM
x*I'm shocked that any of the "experts" would want Sonja to move back in after the way Nick acted. I suspect we only saw a small part of it.
pusssykatt10/16/16 05:26 PM
x*I am not so shocked. I think this group has been so invested that we are seeing a real edit job and assuming a lot we haven't seen. I don't see
ne14cookies10/16/16 06:46 PM
x*I think it is edited the opposite way. He might feel bad for what he said but he is acting when it comes to wanting her back. I think he admires her
silverspoons10/17/16 08:36 AM
x*Someone, even when alcohol fueled says they don't find you attractive (after multiple sex times) if a deal killer. There is no going back.
10/17/16 05:26 PM
x*I'm with you 100% silverspoons. There's a huge reason she hasn't moved back in with him already and I think it's her gut. Always trust ya gut! NT
BigGirlPanties10/17/16 12:00 PM
*Uh-oh. This might not go over well...   (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer475 4   10/10/16 05:36 AM
x*NOOOO Let Heather go her merry/witchy/pretentious way!! NT
TrinaE10/10/16 09:31 AM
x*And am I the only one that thought she drank way too much? NT
10/10/16 08:26 PM
x*No you are not. I wondered about that.... Sort of wondered if his smoking was pot, was she the pot calling the kettle black. NT
ne14cookies10/11/16 03:08 PM
x*I wondered the same thing. NT
pusssykatt10/16/16 05:22 PM
*We're crossing our fingers that this is the week Sonia moves back in!   (Reply | Hide)
Dreamer256 2   10/10/16 05:36 AM
x*Not me. NT
10/17/16 05:27 PM
x*I don't blame her for not moving back in. His hissy fit and the mean things that he said are unforgivable. Aside from the horrible things he said I
pusssykatt10/13/16 02:20 PM
*I think Nick learns how to woo his wife. If he romanced her last night, she would've been putty in his hands.   (Reply | Hide)
fearlessdiva573 4   10/05/16 05:33 PM
x*Sadly, he doesn't seem to know how to romance her, or at least they didn't let us see it... Saw this tweet a bit ago, possible hint?
ne14cookies10/06/16 07:59 PM
x*:( I need to have that translated please NT
TrinaE10/07/16 04:17 PM
x* Open for interpretation... could mean she met her soul mate in Nick or could mean life's purpose goes well beyond her going on the show and
ne14cookies10/07/16 05:07 PM
x*Interesting... NT
fearlessdiva10/07/16 09:16 AM
*I guess they need to get their money's worth with Derrick and Heather. Sheesh, stop beating that horse, and get rid of them. NT  (Reply | Hide)
TrinaE377 5   10/05/16 06:35 AM
x*Are you sure, are you sure, are you really, really sure? Want to think about it.....NO THEY DO NOT NT
10/10/16 08:25 PM
x*I fast forward through Derrick and Heather. NT
fearlessdiva10/08/16 09:32 AM
x*Totally agree. They're done, it's over. The experiment failed and they were not matched correctly. I don't want to keep seeing them and hearing them
Lisanne10/08/16 09:14 AM
x*Here! Here! What a waste of time having to fast forward through their segments. She seems mean. He seems high. Every.Single.Eposide. NT
BigGirlPanties10/05/16 08:33 AM
x*I know, way more interested in seeing more clips of the other two couples. NT
ne14cookies10/05/16 03:26 PM
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