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*CBS has renewed the summer reality hit BIG BROTHER for its 17th and 18th editions for broadcast in summer 2015 and 2016
Dreamer710 0   Sticky Post
*CBS Announces The 16 New 'Big Brother' Houseguests
Dreamer7493 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother 16 To Debut It's Most "TWISTED" Season Ever!
Dreamer2153 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother Forum Guidelines
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*Evel Dick is HIV positive
JennH3407 10   10/01/14 07:38 AM
x*only wish the best for him season 8 will always be my fave NT
splashet200010/01/14 11:11 AM
x*I hope his good friend jeanie buss(LA Lakers owner who comes on his show Dick@Nite) hooks him with with the same medical staff as magic johnson! NT
SirBB10/01/14 11:02 AM
x*This is really sad to hear. I wish him the best and am thankful for the advances in medicine that make this disease much more treatable now.
spinsister10/01/14 10:43 AM
x*With the medications nowadays, he can live a full life. It took guts to admit this. I wish him all the best. Stay strong. NT
MyBestBud10/01/14 10:10 AM
x*This is heartbreaking to hear. Not a real fan of his but this is so sad. I wish him the best and hopefully he can fight this. NT
GazingEyes10/01/14 09:56 AM
x*I'm torn, "glad" he did ruin BB season? But wish he came out sooner (finale)This new Gen of Str8&Gay donot appresh the Danger we lived in 80s&90s NT
imBatman10/01/14 09:54 AM
x*Just the fact that Cody says he never uses condoms shows that. NT
frustratedposter10/01/14 10:01 AM
x*that is just an amazingly stupid statement in this day in age I'm shocked any time I hear that NT
Belle10/01/14 10:02 AM
x*heartbreaking--one of my favorites forever--sending healing and love...<3 NT
LilyOberon10/01/14 08:27 AM
x*Best wishes to ED, he is one of my favorite BB villians! Lots of love and light to ED from this BB fan! NT
Iris10/01/14 08:22 AM
*Hayden's AMA on Reddit
bbshannon3385 0   09/30/14 07:59 PM
*Temple grad, runner-up reflects on 'surreal' 'Big Brother' experience
habilla004832 5   09/30/14 08:29 AM
x*The audio includes some questions that werent in the article such as who he will stay in touch with after BB &talking about Zach, Don, Nic families NT
habilla0009/30/14 09:13 AM
x*He also says that his jury management was poor and Derrick excelled at that. NT
habilla0009/30/14 09:18 AM
x*Good article. Now Cody is saying his best move is getting Caleb to turn on Frankie. He did help but Derrick had planted that seed at F7 already lol NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan09/30/14 09:01 AM
x*Yeah, I don't think the HGs will really understand all aspects of Derricks game since they can't possibly watch the feeds but they'll get an idea. NT
habilla0009/30/14 09:14 AM
x*That's so true! Derrick was playing so great from start but TV didn't feature it till after Zach & Donny were evicted. Then he got mastermind edit. NT
hbkrvdbew09/30/14 11:24 AM
*Shooting at Donny's high school in Albemarle
gran9276485 6   09/30/14 06:10 AM
x*Also Albermarle is being searched for that U.of Virginia student,Hannah Graham. NT
grandjete09/30/14 11:00 PM
x*alot of places say this isnt his school but in the area...not shure whats true. NT
johnnycat09/30/14 09:09 PM
x*It's a HS in his home town, where he lives, it's not where he was working before BB. He worked for a school system in a larger neighboring county. NT
Jake791909/30/14 10:24 PM
x*I just read it on my local news website and was coming here to report it. I hope the kid is ok and that they weren't killed. So sad. NT
TrueNes09/30/14 12:10 PM
x*Oh my gosh how horrible. Thank goodness it didn't get any worse from what I'm reading NT
LilKsweezy09/30/14 08:20 AM
x*The latest is, the school is still on lockdown. Classes have been canceled. One student shot in leg. Another student in custody. NT
pooh2736109/30/14 07:09 AM
*Cody Calafiore (of Big Brother 16) Welcome Home Party! Saturday Oct 11, 2014
Dreamer5199 13   09/30/14 03:49 AM
x*Hey I take my grandkids there in the summer!! LOL NT
NJCathie10/01/14 07:47 AM
x*Could VIP instead be a night with Cody? Now that I'd be down for NT
Disturbance9310/01/14 02:21 AM
x*lets all go and give him tissues to blow his damn nose! definitely don't miss hearing him on the feeds! NT
fitzymama09/30/14 03:05 PM
x*Go to the dollar store snd get a pile of those pocket ticket packs
frustratedposter10/01/14 10:07 AM
x*A welcome home party after being out of the house for 17 days? NT
LilKsweezy09/30/14 08:22 AM
x*A public appearance less than a month after the finale isn't bad. NT
BBTalking09/30/14 10:56 AM
x*Meet and Greet VIP for $55? NT
Brn2Wander09/30/14 06:12 AM
x*Events cost money, and besides that, General Admission is free anyway. For the $55 VIP ticket one gets a poster and a $20 game card, plus there are
BBTalking09/30/14 11:00 AM
x*events have to be cleared by cbs... or they can sue. also approved ones some of the proffit goes to cbs/bb NT
johnnycat09/30/14 09:12 PM
x*well i wouldn't pay it for any of them. NT
Brn2Wander09/30/14 11:24 AM
x*But you also get a picture and a gift card! *eyeroll* NT
frustratedposter09/30/14 08:53 AM
x*lol NT
LilKsweezy09/30/14 09:30 PM
x*Gotta make up the $450,000 he lost some way. NT
pooh2736109/30/14 07:10 AM
*Prez Hilton about blog about the Grande's
kathyG6641 0   09/29/14 01:55 PM
*Israeli makes it to US ‘Big Brother’ finale
Dreamer6417 1   09/28/14 11:37 PM
x*Don't they bother fact checking what they write? NT
frustratedposter09/30/14 08:39 AM
*~ Interesting blog from someone who was there at the Finale and After Party (long)
katwomandu17101 0   09/27/14 02:21 PM
*Recap: 'Big Brother' Finale: What We Learned From Every HG
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan1224 0   09/27/14 12:29 PM
*Life lessons, kinda, from CBS' 'Big Brother'
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan5558 4   09/27/14 12:20 PM
x**sigh*theres that stupid Floater definition again, curse you Rachel Reilly! NT
Dulcie09/27/14 12:24 PM
x*This season the floater was Christine, Victoria was a coaster, Big difference! NT
bugiardi09/27/14 06:47 PM
x*Crusty was a rat floater hands down. NT
LillyNomad09/28/14 06:16 AM
x*yeah definitely not a precise definition. I don't believe Vic was a floater, she firmly had one side - Derrick NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan09/27/14 12:29 PM
*Dr. WILL KIRBY Exclusive picture from the #BB16 Finale! Can you name everyone in this photo?
Dreamer12988 12   09/27/14 03:04 AM
x*Grrrr, Nicole is almost squeezed out of the line-up while Frankie is grandstanding and posing. NT
satx109/28/14 10:44 AM
x*why didn't they pull nic forward she is barely in the picture NT
Belle09/30/14 11:31 AM
x*I recognize the Bananas in Pajamas on the left. NT
LillyNomad09/28/14 06:15 AM
x*Look at the poser Frankie with the wings on his shoes! lol NT
LillyNomad09/28/14 06:14 AM
x*Will used to be so cute.He sure has destroyed his face while doing dermatology medicine.What a shame. He looks as though he'll melt at any moment NT
MissJamesWhine09/27/14 02:13 PM
x*lol NT
FrouFrou10/01/14 07:51 AM
x*Yeah it's sad NT
FurnitureAlliance09/27/14 04:12 PM
x*Poor Cody's hair. NT
fattymatty09/27/14 09:32 AM
x*Dr. Will is tall!!!! NT
RockChalkJhawk09/27/14 06:39 AM
x*and made completely of plastic NT
Bb1109/27/14 10:18 AM
x*Didn't Will say in AllStars that he was made of robot parts? wires and circuits? :) NT
LillyNomad09/28/14 06:13 AM
x*OMg that was my first thought on seeing him on the show as host of the group!! Not a good look! NT
Mazita09/27/14 11:28 AM
*Derrick makes an appearance wearing his Hitmen tshirt in the airport in a news video about grounded flights due to fire at ohare. Pretty random lol
habilla0013021 0   09/26/14 10:26 PM
*Frankie Grande: Is My Sister A Diva? Gee, Let Me Think...
requiredTV12606 8   09/26/14 03:34 PM
x*my hb told me it was in the picture AG couldn't sell out in Vegas?? I almost feel sad for these teen stars trying to cross over. Not easy to do NT
Susan9909/27/14 09:12 AM
x*i did wonder if he might have mercury poisoning, too much fish. it can cause personality problems. do not know about the egomaniac effect tho NT
dollady09/27/14 08:04 AM
x*I can't wait for this guy to go away so I never have to see him again. NT
amber42809/26/14 08:49 PM
jtric196309/26/14 08:47 PM
amber42809/26/14 09:14 PM
x*only feeding his ego
jtric196309/27/14 08:17 AM
x*so funny no one asked him about Big Brother, rather about is sister. lol Still living in her shadow! NT
LillyNomad09/26/14 04:37 PM
x*Big Brother a reality show. She is becoming international pop star. Naturally he knows he will remain famous for being related to her. NT
S4forlife09/29/14 07:03 PM
*Manhattan Digest: Big Brother's 10 Best Players of All Time
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan6209 0   09/26/14 02:31 PM
*Central Falls police sergeant, R.I.’s latest reality-TV champ, cites ‘heart’ for state’s success
Dreamer8573 7   09/26/14 01:56 AM
x*I want coffee milk!!
MistedPeach09/26/14 09:44 AM
x*More heart than most people? GMAB! People all over the world have heart.
BAYCITY9909/26/14 09:41 AM
x*It's called hyperbole. Obviously, Derrick doesn't believe that only RI'ers have heart. He's just displaying that's he's proud of where he comes from
cantgetenough09/26/14 01:32 PM
ilja09/26/14 03:37 PM
x*obviously people do not have heart everywhere --listen to you! NT
laci09/26/14 11:27 AM
x*So I can't comment because if I do, then I don't have a heart? Seriously? NT
BAYCITY9909/26/14 01:22 PM
x*Heart...Maybe, But Central Falls is Bankrupt and Mayor Moreau was accused of Fraud and Corruption. NT
Hockeyfox09/26/14 04:39 AM
*'Big Brother 16': Cody Calafiore on His Finale Decision and Why He Came Up Short
Dreamer9977 7   09/26/14 01:48 AM
x*too bad he did not know how much extra money derrick really had for americas player. he could have just got him out and slipped him 100k or so NT
dollady09/27/14 07:46 AM
x*aw he said playing again without Derrick would be tough. And he's still very delusional about his own social game vs Derrick's... he has no idea how
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan09/26/14 02:56 PM
x*Although Cody chose Derrick in F3 he only got to F3 because Derrick chose him. Fact. NT
bb4peeker09/26/14 04:09 PM
x*The show should be re-titled "Big Dummy" because of Cody
scorchy09/26/14 09:40 AM
x*He's the reason they need more older players. He's the reason I'm done with the show for good.
roadrunnerone09/28/14 08:27 PM
x*He wouldn't have won against Victoria. NT
knockknock09/26/14 10:56 AM
x*Interviewers asked around and Cody would have won with a 7-2 vote. Apparently Frankie & Derrick would've voted for Victoria based on "loyalty." NT
Katriona09/26/14 02:25 PM
*Final Big Brother in 2 MInutes!: No Schools For Africa
RonnieK7801 5   09/25/14 11:24 PM
x*why post this
jtric196309/26/14 09:00 PM
x*Because to people with a sense of humor. It's funny. NT
Realiteebites09/29/14 08:56 PM
x*OMG…..these are soooo funny. Great job. NT
NJCathie09/26/14 11:03 AM
x*Hilarious. Loved the last line! NT
kimberino09/25/14 11:52 PM
x*LOL Stamp! NT
a1mamacat09/26/14 05:40 PM
*Julie Chen: last #tbt of the day goes to this guy was such a great #BBFinale congrats to @Derrick_L13 !! #BB16
Dreamer3624 0   09/25/14 10:52 PM
*‘Big Brother 16' finale exclusive: Victoria Rafaeli on Derrick, her pink hat, odds of winning
Dreamer6656 4   09/25/14 09:17 PM
x*But she did freak Out ... Over and Over again. She only stopped because Derrick would tell her...."You're Not Going Home"...
adickted2u09/27/14 01:35 AM
x*But she did freak Out ... Over and Over again. She only stopped because Derrick would tell her...."You're Not Going Home" NT
adickted2u09/27/14 01:22 AM
x*"they would automatically vote for me." Delusional. That's all. NT
procheervet09/26/14 09:15 AM
x*Derrick told her about the Bomb Squad Pact, she was misted by a Master. I'd say she got the largest dose of all :) NT
Dulcie09/27/14 01:24 AM
*‘Big Brother 16' finale exclusive: Cody Calafiore on Frankie, bitter jurors, and more
Dreamer9263 6   09/25/14 09:14 PM
x*Cody was the second biggest puppet besides Hayden and Victoria.
scorchy09/26/14 09:45 AM
x*I agree. He has no one to blame but himself. Loyalty my axx. Even Derrick and Caleb said you play as a team to get so far then it's every man
roadrunnerone09/28/14 08:39 PM
x*Either played hard. Was Cody snowed by Derrick? Yes. But he got there due to wins, etc. I would've been okay with him winning as well. NT
FrouFrou10/01/14 07:55 AM
x*Derrick was the bigger manipulator (which is why he won), but otherwise Cody was just about as good and deserving of the win as Derrick was, IMO.
JAF09/28/14 08:53 PM
x*I agree to some extent. Cody was HOH 3x's, won veto 3x's, and won a handful of challenges.
agent9909/29/14 07:49 AM
x*Derrick did play a flawless game. And I agree he should have won for his all-around play. But I'd have also been very happy if
JAF09/29/14 08:38 AM
*‘Big Brother 16' finale exclusive: Winner Derrick Levasseur on strategy, Team America, family
Dreamer4012 0   09/25/14 09:11 PM
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