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*BB16 schedule for end of season
ktan7278 0   Sticky Post
*CBS Announces The 16 New 'Big Brother' Houseguests
Dreamer7317 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother 16 To Debut It's Most "TWISTED" Season Ever!
Dreamer2073 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother Forum Guidelines
ForumAdmin51844 0   Sticky Post
*For MykaDawn777 & others curious about Ariana's Tweets: Here they are. Still think it's fair? Take special note of dates, times, number of people
TrishaG2562 5   09/23/14 01:37 PM
x*IMO they're posting this about their "3 faves" so that they can try to take credit when one of them wins -as if to say, You didn't win, Frankie,
HES09/23/14 02:40 PM
x*IMHO They want ppl to vote for Zach and Donny to cancel out their votes so Frankie will win. NT
requiredTV09/23/14 03:05 PM
x*as for the grandetweetgate I cant stand this girl hate the whole fam damily!!
beachbunny209/23/14 02:34 PM
x*WTF? How bizarre & strange: they retweet & favorite her tweet about making a typo?? They can't be so #*@%#??!! Can they? NT
PeechyGurl09/23/14 01:49 PM
x*Really....unbelievably creepy! In my mind, that idiot group-think is what makes it all even more unfair for the other houseguests. NT
TrishaG09/23/14 01:58 PM
*Game Fail – Final Three: Who deserves to win, lose?
WillRulz3571 3   09/23/14 10:23 AM
x*I'm confused. Derrick is the undisputed winner & 1 of the most dominant BB players ever yet by their rating system he got a 15/20 to Cody's 14.5/20?
hbkrvdbew09/23/14 01:47 PM
x*There's a lot about that article that's questionable. Even if you hate Vic there's no way her entertainment value was only 1/10. The author also
Corndogger09/23/14 01:53 PM
x*Thanks for the well thought out article! #TeamDerrick! NT
LuLu2709/23/14 12:27 PM
*From HR: "Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Breaks Down Season 16's Best Moves and Her Pick to Win"
CarolinaWoman9087 13   09/23/14 06:17 AM
x*"No herd mentality..." Huh? This has been the season of the boy/men. From day one the males have run that house. Wednesday night...
georgygirl09/23/14 01:16 PM
x*Enjoyed everything except when she basically says Frankie didnt have an advantage. She cant be that clueless. NT
buttcreamfran09/23/14 01:04 PM
x*I noticed when asked about All stars she said, "you'd" prob like to see Derrick & "I'd" love to see Donny. Prob means nothing, lol NT
katharina446209/23/14 09:32 AM
x*Good interview, but the incorrect use of "your" versus "you're" drove me mad. NT
ThoughtCriminal09/23/14 08:58 AM
x*Drives me nuts, too! That error always jumps off the page for me, didn't notice it on first reading, so I re-read it & it's all correct! Oops!? NT
PeechyGurl09/23/14 11:23 AM
x*I just read the article, they didn't get "your" and "you're" mixed up at all that I caught. Not sure what you are talking about.
NovemberRain09/23/14 10:18 AM
x*The article has been corrected since I first read it. The part "...promotion is going to go to either you or someone you're social with" was wrong.
ThoughtCriminal09/23/14 11:28 AM
x*I know, right? What is so hard about getting that right? Drives me batty. NT
NovemberRain09/23/14 10:11 AM
x*Not a bad interview. She got a lot more right than I'd expect of her. But, seriously Julie? No herd mentality? LMFAO. NT
CoyoteBB09/23/14 08:40 AM
x*So ready for this finale! Julie's interview just got me rejuvenated to see the outcome! #TeamDerrick! <3 NT
MykaDawn77709/23/14 08:10 AM
x*Julie, "I love how this season unfolded because you didn’t have the...or this group herd/power in numbers mentality from last season." Uh Julie,
CougarSpy09/23/14 06:39 AM
x*Yep, I agree, you had one of the largest alliances ever, even if they didn't make it work. Also, disagree w/ the 'advantage'-- Fr definitely had an
mmd09/23/14 11:58 AM
x*Good article, can't wait for tomorrow night. WTG Julie, back to the Julie I have watched every season. FB watching the hg's last night in the BY.
kat00409/23/14 06:37 AM
* Julie Chen: It's my last #BB16 script meeting of the season! This summer flew by! C u all at the live #BigBrother finale on 9/24!
Dreamer2058 2   09/23/14 12:52 AM
x*Clueless as usual. Summer flew by? The "most twisted summer ever" dragged on forever. NT
WillRulz09/23/14 05:02 AM
x*I loved it NT
Belle09/23/14 08:34 AM
*Found this set of Tweets re: the previous article on the CBS/Frankie cozy connection:
TrishaG6970 6   09/22/14 08:52 PM
x*(The Frownie Face is in support of the tweets, not mad about them!) NT
TrishaG09/22/14 09:03 PM
x*when are frankie's haters going to learn
jtric196309/22/14 10:05 PM
x*I feel differently b/c I knew who Frankie was and I actually love him more after the show! BB SuperFan since Season 2 -
MykaDawn77709/23/14 07:53 AM
x*Completely agree with you. Watching the "Frankie" show he put on all day every day was annoying as all get out, and it was apparent that CBS had
TrishaG09/22/14 11:02 PM
x*By the way - look at Frankie's twitter than Ariana is running. She herself thought it was unfair that TA is getting separate money so she
MykaDawn77709/23/14 07:56 AM
x*Not rumor, I posted copies of Ariana's tweets on the subject, and made reference to the Frankie tweet you mentioned. It was actually made at 3:28am
TrishaG09/23/14 01:48 PM
*The princess, the player and the puppetmaster who played the perfect game made it to the final 3! Who will be the last player standing? Preview
Dreamer8117 0   09/22/14 04:34 AM
*Joan Grande: let's vote ZACH AFP! IT'S FAIR
Dreamer598 0   09/22/14 01:12 AM
*The CBS Cross Promotion Publicity Train. Choo choooo...
Jennerific7138964 16   09/21/14 06:01 PM
x**Methinks thou doth protest too much* NT
bb4peeker09/23/14 03:33 AM
x*Wow….that's really interesting. I love when someone can actually connect all the dots to form the big picture. NT
NJCathie09/22/14 08:12 PM
x*This kinda stuff is "normal" in entertainment. NT
Hidef108009/22/14 07:03 AM
x*You're absolutely right. For lay, non-industry types, it's still pretty unsavory. NT
Jennerific71309/22/14 08:15 AM
x*I wrote an open letter to Allison Grodner, Chris Roach, CBS & Julie Chen. It won't do anything but it sure was cathartic!
Jennerific71309/22/14 01:58 AM
x*It is not fair to the other house guests - Done with this season stopped watching BBAD and only watch the show for evections NT
renka1309/22/14 10:27 AM
x*Who cares we watch these houseguest day and night we become for a short time apart of their lives tv style
splashet200009/21/14 08:54 PM
x*If Frankie wins FP I'm done with American BB. NT
Caroljean196509/21/14 07:38 PM
x*If Frankie wins it's because people split their votes and voted for people that were not even in the running. NT
whatagirlwants09/21/14 09:37 PM
x*Don't fall for that, and let blame fall where it should fall - CBS and production, not the fans. NT
andrewf09/22/14 05:08 PM
x*At some point in the Jeff interview after Frankie was evicted, he seems to outwardly say that he was on the show to promote his sister. NT
greengoddess09/21/14 07:28 PM
hesprit09/21/14 07:27 PM
x*As soon as Julie posted the selfie pic w/ Ariana after she was in the audience it became obvious there was a Group Grande contract w/ CBS. Done! NT
PeechyGurl09/21/14 07:16 PM
x*All this information makes one not want to watch reality shows.I will hang in to see Derek win and then Im hanging up my towel on BB USA NT
eve_dallas09/21/14 07:10 PM
x*Once I found out Scooter Braun had something to do with Scorpion, I decided not to watch it. NT
BBAnnie09/21/14 06:54 PM
x*Yes, I won't be watching it either! Not that I will make any difference. LOL! NT
Lacey42409/22/14 06:42 PM
*RHAP: Big Brother 16 Episode 39 Recap and Final HoH Updates
Dreamer5501 0   09/20/14 04:00 AM
*Jeff Schroeder catches up with this weeks latest evicted Houseguest, Caleb Reynolds!
Dreamer8153 4   09/20/14 03:44 AM
x*So, because Amber didn't want him that way, and she made that more than clear multiple times, that was a good enough reason to kill her game?
NovemberRain09/20/14 11:13 AM
x*He has every right to get rid of a HG that is directly targeting him, no different than any other HG NT
cappuccino09/21/14 09:25 PM
x*This is why Caleb ruined the show for me, Amber never had a chance in the game because of his obsessive behavior. He was awful NT
fitzymama09/20/14 05:26 PM
x*Maybe when Caleb returns home to his family they will help him face some of the realities of life. They seemed surprised to see how he views life
CIAO09/21/14 02:45 PM
*Frankie: I was a beast, Caleb: I was betrayed
WillRulz4354 0   09/18/14 10:54 PM
*Big Brother - Episode 39 Preview - The Battle for the final HoH begins Friday at 8/7c!
Dreamer4340 0   09/18/14 07:14 PM
*8 Things You Need to Know From Caleb's Live Chat The Inside Scoop
Dreamer10980 3   09/18/14 07:08 PM
x*lol and he is still a moron
jtric196309/19/14 02:17 PM
x*He'll vote for Victoria if in F2?!...and I thought he wasn't bitter... NT
bb4peeker09/19/14 02:44 AM
x*It is based on a pact made by Der/Cody/Caleb/Fr weeks ago. They all agreed that if any of them dragged Vic to F2, Vic would get all of their votes. NT
ScienceGirl09/19/14 11:46 AM
*Big Brother in 2 Minutes #13: Twitter Sobs
RonnieK4685 6   09/18/14 06:44 PM
x*Clever about the 420 lol NT
Majuro09/19/14 09:07 AM
x*Holy crap these are funny! Wish I'd found them sooner. NT
LIGrrl09/19/14 08:18 AM
x*That was beautiful!!!! LOLOL!!! NT
Ladymafia09/19/14 07:25 AM
x*Hahaha! NT
Gene2209/19/14 07:14 AM
x*I see what you did there, lol NT
sensei09/18/14 07:59 PM
x*LOL @ 'here she comes, Miss Arianaca' Funny stuff, thanks Ronnie! NT
Cindy09/18/14 06:59 PM
*Big Brother Season 16 Episode 38 Recap: Caleb’s Weakness Of Loyalty
Dreamer1908 2   09/18/14 03:32 PM
x*totally agree
jtric196309/18/14 04:39 PM
x*Victoria isn't smart enough to realize she still has a play left in this game, she has already given up. Cody on the other hand knows he could win
CIAO09/21/14 02:57 PM
*‘Big Brother 16 exclusive: Caleb Reynolds on eviction, Amber, ‘Beast Mode Cowboy’ label ~ Interview
Dreamer4314 1   09/18/14 03:28 PM
x*and yet still a moron
jtric196309/18/14 04:42 PM
*'Big Brother 16': Caleb Reynolds on The Hitmen's Big Move and Derrick's Betrayal~ THR Interview
Dreamer3330 0   09/18/14 03:22 PM
*'Big Brother' host Julie Chen on 'shocked, embarrassed, confused' Caleb - Dalton Ross Q&A
Dreamer5054 4   09/18/14 03:16 PM
x*Ironic when someone who has hosted this show for 16 seasons and be a catalyst to the way the game is played defines the good players as "snakes"
NovemberRain09/18/14 05:51 PM
x*Derrick has convinced Cody he (Cody) will win against him, but maybe not Victoria, to insure he's taken to F2. NT
bb4peeker09/19/14 04:41 AM
x*Richard was the snake in the first Survivor. It's not necessarily a bad thing to be. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/18/14 07:20 PM
x*Right. I don't think she meant it as derogatory.IMO no one played with as much honesty and loyalty as Caleb, including Donny. NT
bb4peeker09/19/14 04:36 AM
*From EW: "Caleb (a.k.a. Beast Mode Cowboy) of 'Big Brother' on being betrayed by Derrick"
CarolinaWoman10276 10   09/18/14 11:30 AM
x*I don't know how a person whose PARENTS get on TV and talk about what a liar he is could think he maintained any kind of dignity. I know his parents
NovemberRain09/18/14 01:44 PM
x*I loved the segment with his parents. I thought it was hilarious! NT
Marley09/18/14 05:32 PM
x*I think because his stories are generally pretty harmless, it's more along the lines of him exaggerating or telling tall tales than LYING. NT
ElleBlair09/18/14 02:46 PM
x*if he portrays the tales as truth, he is lying. NT
crazyq09/18/14 03:18 PM
x*Caleb, himself, said his Mom told him he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. So funny! He's likeable in a strange way! lol NT
ShrewLou09/18/14 02:34 PM
x*Could one be any more delusional than Caleb? Probably not. SMH NT
PhillyDiva09/18/14 01:28 PM
x*just more proof he didnt understand how bb is played NT
johnnycat09/18/14 01:19 PM
x*nut job
jtric196309/18/14 12:29 PM
x*Caleb is a few stones short of a box of rocks if he believes he would beat Derrick in the final two. NT
anastasia61209/18/14 04:01 PM
jtric196309/18/14 08:30 PM
*You'll be watching BB After Dark on POP next year: TV Guide Network is changing its name
ktan3863 8   09/18/14 09:44 AM
x*It won't matter... still shitty with all lame commercials and bleeps. NT
KataGarbo09/18/14 02:22 PM
x*Well that makes sense seeing as how it has nothing to do with TV Guide anymore. NT
praha09/18/14 12:46 PM
x*Before I got used to that, it was annoying. Now I dont expect TV programming there...POP... NT
ShrewLou09/18/14 02:37 PM
x*why would they pay showtime to air it when they own tvgn??? NT
johnnycat09/18/14 01:31 PM
x*I think CBS owns Showtime too NT
Dulcie09/18/14 01:35 PM
x*Correct NT
JAF09/18/14 01:38 PM
x*I guess BBAD is too trashy for even Showtime LOL NT
Dulcie09/18/14 02:42 PM
x*yippee. Wish they'd put it back on Showtime. BBAD onTVGN sucks and I'm sure POP will retain its suckyness.
kelyn6409/18/14 09:54 AM
*Review and commentary on Wednesday's live eviction episode at TheTVJunkies.com
BBReviewer82 0   09/18/14 04:21 AM
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