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*Season 5 Episode 8 Promo  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter24 2   05/16/17 07:07 PM
x*Wow what a great promo,thanks! It looks like IT hits the fan next episode! NT
Mazita05/17/17 10:13 AM
x*Thank you thank you thank you! NT
MegsMom31605/17/17 03:22 AM
*S5E7  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom31686 7   05/16/17 08:29 AM
x*This was a good episode, some ups and some downs. Wish there was a preview for next week. NT
MegsMom31605/16/17 09:46 AM
x*Hmmm Doreen
MegsMom31605/16/17 08:57 AM
x*God heard my prayers. NT
Dexter05/16/17 07:07 PM
x*Mine too now if they could only get Liz gone too ... NT
MegsMom31605/17/17 03:23 AM
x*I can't believe Liz fell for that guy. How stupid can you be NT
petite605/17/17 09:35 AM
x*It was a surprise for sure!! NT
Mazita05/16/17 12:27 PM
x*I just need 1 more hit and then
MegsMom31605/16/17 08:47 AM
*OMG- poor Juice!! She is so kind and classy an also you cant deny the sex appeal that oozes out of her pores. NT  (Reply | Hide)
xrayspex128 11   05/12/17 01:38 PM
x*Wow!! This epi was so good and disgusting. I can't believe they made Ferg
petite605/17/17 09:34 AM
x*I just threw up a little lol NT
MegsMom31605/12/17 01:39 PM
x*wow!! That's gross!! It better be that good!! NT
petite605/12/17 01:54 PM
x*It IS that good...keep a puke bucket handy!! NT
Mazita05/12/17 02:10 PM
x*Holy Shat-this episode was great! NT
xrayspex05/12/17 01:45 PM
x*It was, I think it's going to be that good, if not better, from here on out. NT
MegsMom31605/12/17 01:52 PM
x*Fergurson has to be one of the most evil,twisted an smartest villians ever on a TV show! NT
xrayspex05/12/17 01:49 PM
x*ITA and it takes a great actress to pull it off. NT
MegsMom31605/12/17 01:51 PM
x*why isn't she dead yet?? NT
petite605/12/17 04:03 PM
x*The show would be a major bore right now without her there. NT
MegsMom31605/12/17 04:05 PM
x*Sad but true for sure...her kind of evil keeps everyone on their toes!! NT
Mazita05/15/17 12:03 PM
*How would you like to see Jake die? I really want it to be humiliating and painful NT  (Reply | Hide)
xrayspex17 1   05/12/17 11:46 AM
x*It would be great if Vera took him down some how and nobody finds out it was her. NT
xrayspex05/12/17 01:39 PM
*Wentworth 18 hrs · BREAKING: Foxtel​ announce production of Wentworth​ Season 6! 😱 Happy Teal Tuesday everyone! 💙 NT  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316109 10   05/09/17 11:21 AM
x*Has the new season started? NT
FrouFrou05/12/17 11:21 AM
x*yes, we're on season 5, next week is the finale. Join us!! NT
petite605/12/17 11:27 AM
x*Theres only 7 episodes this season?? NT
xrayspex05/12/17 11:45 AM
x*Ummmm, we're only like halfway through the season. NT
Dexter05/12/17 11:37 AM
x*how dare you correct me in front of company!!!! NT
petite605/12/17 11:56 AM
xrayspex05/12/17 11:45 AM
x*I still need to catch up, hopefully by this weekend. NT
petite605/11/17 09:53 AM
x*You really should, I think next week chit is going to hit the fan and the season is going to finish strong. NT
MegsMom31605/11/17 10:04 AM
x*Huh?? I think you been smoking something funny NT
xrayspex05/09/17 12:30 PM
x*That was copied from their FB page lol It doesnt' copy and paste very well. NT
MegsMom31605/09/17 12:33 PM
*S5E6 needs to hurry up, I'm tried of hitting refresh on gomovies lol NT  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316107 6   05/09/17 08:35 AM
x*I love the writing on this show, "you've licked your last pussy" lol! NT
Dexter05/10/17 11:16 AM
x*Oh boy!
MegsMom31605/09/17 11:20 AM
x*ugh, hate jake! NT
Dexter05/10/17 11:17 AM
x*Just finished it too...WOW! NT
Mazita05/10/17 10:04 AM
x*haven't watched it yet, but....
Dexter05/09/17 08:39 AM
x*I've tried
MegsMom31605/09/17 08:48 AM
*Why do you think Sonia is allowed to wear her civilian clothes? I always questioned this-is it not law in that prison? NT  (Reply | Hide)
xrayspex28 2   05/06/17 09:49 AM
x*I think it has something to do with not being 'convicted'... only convicts have to wear the prison garb. NT
CClovesBB05/16/17 03:56 PM
x*Apparently the prison doesn't care lol, Frankie did the same for a bit when she started this last stint. Babies and blazers are fair game. NT
Dexter05/06/17 11:44 AM
*What a wild ride this epi was, omg! NT  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter124 7   05/02/17 03:15 PM
x*AND a wet one too...yikes!!Great suspense for sure! NT
Mazita05/03/17 02:48 PM
x*OMG. I thought DEATH! NT
xrayspex05/06/17 09:32 AM
x*I love Frankie but damn that was a bad idea! Even if it was her in the van she could have killed herself an Mr. Hottie! NT
xrayspex05/06/17 09:39 AM
x*Yes it was.
MegsMom31605/03/17 11:38 AM
x*lol, mte! NT
Dexter05/03/17 12:06 PM
x*going to watch tomorrow NT
xrayspex05/03/17 11:22 AM
x*ditto or the end of this week. I still have the Line of Duty finale to finish NT
petite605/03/17 11:26 AM
*Why Locked Up has become Spain's biggest breakout TV hit   (Reply | Hide)
petite6183 10   04/27/17 08:45 AM
x*Hmmm another prison series, wonder if this will ever be on Netflix. I checked a couple of other places and couldn't find it. NT
MegsMom31604/27/17 08:55 AM
x*Have any of you watched the reality series "60 days in"? Its good-on third season. REAL prison drama-males and females. NT
xrayspex04/27/17 11:59 AM
x*I hate watch, if it was prison it would be more interesting, the county jail drama is so juvenile, it's like watching rowdy teenagers. Plus....
Dexter04/27/17 12:39 PM
x*This third season is way more rough then the past 2 seasons. NT
xrayspex04/27/17 12:42 PM
x*Production needs to up the ante and leave some shivs laying around. Too Tall and his gang bore me. NT
Dexter04/27/17 12:46 PM
x*is this about when you spent in time in prison or the reality show? NT
petite604/30/17 02:43 PM
x*I'd rather stick to the dramas!! No need of covering all of my bases! NT
petite604/27/17 12:20 PM
x*I like the dramas too but I don't mind a good prison reality show. NT
MegsMom31604/27/17 12:55 PM
x*I haven't, is it on Netflix or Hulu? NT
MegsMom31604/27/17 12:19 PM
x*A&E NT
Dexter04/27/17 12:40 PM
*S5E4  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316734 37   04/25/17 09:59 AM
x*I'm up to date!! That was a good epi!! She's trying to escape prison lol. LIz is going back to drinking after she finds out about the detective and
petite604/26/17 05:53 AM
x*Frankie is trying not to give in to her lust because she knows its wrong..Beas girl has always been somewhat of a slut. NT
xrayspex04/26/17 01:30 PM
x*she was a prostitute!! She never fell in love on the job NT
petite604/30/17 10:22 AM
x*She did fall in love on the job-with a guy named Heroin-he was very smooth an dreamy NT
xrayspex04/30/17 11:04 AM
x*Heroin is NOT a person!!! She is very pure when it comes to love. NT
petite604/30/17 02:42 PM
x*Yup they seem to be heading for a relationship for sure. Didn't one of them say Bea brought them together for a REASON? NT
Mazita04/26/17 06:07 AM
x*Yes but I'm still waiting for Bea to come back to life NT
petite604/26/17 06:09 AM
x*That lawyer acted way to fishy! Sonia turned out to be a mega psycho!You know who I want dead-that horrid male prison guard an I think its gonna
xrayspex04/25/17 03:02 PM
x*why would someone send her the necklace? And why can't Ferg be involved she is everywhere freaking else?! she needs to be dead NT
petite604/26/17 05:54 AM
x*I forgot about the necklace! Gonna watch again today! NT
Mazita04/26/17 06:05 AM
x*Too bad Fergie has him in her pocket!But yes he needs to GO! NT
Mazita04/25/17 04:14 PM
x*I can't believe Vera hasn't caught on yet. What happened to the other guard she had a crush on? he needs to come back to wake here up NT
petite604/26/17 06:16 AM
x*He moved to somewhere and started raising sheep if I remember right...Fletcher was his name. NT
Mazita04/26/17 06:42 AM
x*I hate him too and not like I hate Fergie. NT
MegsMom31604/25/17 04:13 PM
x*I like Ferguson now lol NT
Dexter04/25/17 04:14 PM
x*WTH??? NT
petite604/25/17 06:02 PM
x*She's just so tough, I love it. NT
Dexter04/26/17 06:45 AM
x*Fergi and I have a love/hate relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way. NT
MegsMom31604/25/17 04:17 PM
x*She is a great actress NT
xrayspex04/26/17 01:48 PM
x*I can't stand Jake! I knew that Sonja...
Dexter04/25/17 03:50 PM
x*I loved how he out-smarted her too! NT
Mazita04/25/17 04:16 PM
x*Waiting for Dexter and xray tocheck in too!! NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:39 AM
x*OMG!!! you guy are so mean to me while I try to recover from my pain!!! NT
petite604/25/17 04:14 PM
x*There is this thing called 'hide' :P NT
MegsMom31604/25/17 04:16 PM
x*I'll be back to top Pup soon enough!!! NT
petite604/25/17 04:22 PM
x*LOLOL I don't doubt this for a minute... NT
Mazita04/25/17 04:28 PM
x*I'm about to watch 2!! NT
petite604/25/17 04:42 PM
x*Yes!Can't wait to see your thoughts Almost Top PUP!! NT
Mazita04/25/17 04:56 PM
x*Just about to watch it. :) NT
xrayspex04/25/17 01:28 PM
x*Same! NT
Dexter04/25/17 01:29 PM
x*I just finished watching...another great episode!! OMG for LIZ!! Wondering also what Frankie is up to!What has happened my just be good for Liz in one
Mazita04/25/17 11:05 AM
x*What did they call a wrench? A Schifter??? NT
xrayspex04/25/17 02:36 PM
x*Yes I heard Schifter too...must be an Aussie word for wrench! NT
Mazita04/25/17 04:13 PM
x*i thought it was shiver as in a prison shiv. NT
Dexter04/25/17 03:53 PM
x*Ferguson is so evil, i can't watch her getting away again. I just can't NT
petite604/25/17 11:10 AM
x*I'm excited (and scared) to see what Fergie is up too. NT
MegsMom31604/25/17 11:09 AM
x*I do think she is the best bad A$$ villian I have ever watched!! NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:12 AM
*What time does this come on USA time? I'm wondering 5:4 will be ready for us(me) to watch at 6am tomorrow morning. NT  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316182 9   04/24/17 09:33 AM
x*you guys had a year to absorb this, It's still raw for me. I hated watching the first epi of S5 NT
petite604/25/17 11:01 AM
x*A year yes but I had totally forgotten the end of 4 until I rewatched it in the last month, so it's still fresh with me too but I love this show sooo
MegsMom31604/25/17 11:08 AM
x*That is the beauty of can refresh your memory before new season begins. I re-watched the whole program in March! NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:11 AM
x*that's just sick!!! NT
petite604/25/17 11:12 AM
x*i'm still in a ball!!! NT
petite604/25/17 11:09 AM
x*That's understandable, you binged all 4 at once. NT
MegsMom31604/25/17 11:10 AM
x*I tuned in around 11 AM last Tuesday but not sure when it was available. NT
Mazita04/24/17 10:36 AM
x*Okay then it will probably have to wait till after work, thank you! NT
MegsMom31604/24/17 11:40 AM
x*Thanks to Dreamer for the Wentworth Forum!! YAY!! NT
Mazita04/24/17 10:37 AM
*OMG thank you Dreamer! woot NT  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316105 4   04/20/17 04:09 AM
x*Yay! Now I can block it from my L50
cantgetenough04/25/17 11:22 AM
x*why are you blocking us??? huh?? NT
petite604/25/17 11:34 AM
x*LOL maybe she does not want to be spoiled...LOL and watch it in her own timeframe or not at all ;) NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:36 AM
x***twirls around in our new room** NT
petite604/20/17 06:05 AM
*Wentworth 5:3  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom316273 10   04/19/17 04:50 AM
x*still too soon NT
petite604/25/17 06:50 PM
x*Vera is sleeping with the enemy! NT
petite604/25/17 06:41 PM
x*i hope that kid isn't setting up Frankie!!! NT
petite604/25/17 06:25 PM
x*LOL OMG Liz is sooo dumb and I'm not on 3 yet NT
petite604/25/17 06:20 PM
x*Ill use this for 5:2. I'm laughing at this Frankie reunion right now. NT
petite604/25/17 06:05 PM
x*I caught up yesterday!Yup there is something about that lawyer a bit fishy with all the personal attention he gives Liz!!Ita about Ferguson too! NT
Mazita04/19/17 09:40 AM
x*Definitely fishy, how do you explain
MegsMom31604/19/17 09:53 AM
x*I agree! Something fishy with that lawyer! NT
xrayspex04/22/17 10:41 AM
x*Yes very wierd and I hope since Liz is not released that she stays out of the booze!! NT
Mazita04/19/17 11:16 AM
x*I still haven't started 5. Enjoying my sanity...should be caught up by next week NT
petite604/19/17 11:35 AM
*Another big drama waiting to happen on Wentworth is Liz being found out as the informer of Sonia. Im not even sure Sonia really is a murderer. NT  (Reply | Hide)
xrayspex572 21   04/17/17 11:59 AM
x*what if someone isn't really dead and they only made it seem that way? NT
petite604/25/17 11:03 AM
x*This is what I'm hoping and praying happened but I don't go into every new episode waiting for it. I think next episode is when things get really
MegsMom31604/25/17 11:06 AM
x*I would looooove that!!! okay, maybe I can binge to present time by the EOW. I only have 4 more epis, right? NT
petite604/25/17 11:12 AM
x*We won't see Episode 5 till next Tuesday so you have 3 to watch! NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:20 AM
x*that's doable!! NT
petite604/25/17 11:31 AM
x*Yay for you Petite6 at catching up!! NT
Mazita04/25/17 11:37 AM
x*Liz telling...
Dexter04/17/17 04:13 PM
x*I think that will be her undoing. NT
MegsMom31604/18/17 03:48 AM
x*since I have a week to catch up for season 5, I'll take my time. Plus, I have the Broadchurch finale so it will have to wait. NT
petite604/17/17 01:03 PM
x*Is Broadchurch good? NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 01:04 PM
x*this season is much better than S2. I just like it for the twists. Did you ever watch Happy Valley? You will love that one. NT
petite604/17/17 01:07 PM
x*I haven't watched this or Broadchurch. I'm looking for something new to watch on either NF or Hulu so I dont' have to go back to Grey's or GG lol NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 01:09 PM
x*My favorite UK series is Happy Valley, Line of Duty, Flea Bag...I love the thrillers NT
petite604/17/17 01:23 PM
x*Peaky Blinders if you haven't seen it. NT
Blockhead04/17/17 01:11 PM
x*I havent' seen that either, I'll add it to my list, thanks. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 01:12 PM
x*I kind of hate this story line. It might be because I'm over Liz. Maybe it will turn out to be 'dramatic' but right now, bleh. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 12:02 PM
x*I liked her the season when she was released an looking for her daughter.That story line was pretty interesting.You think Sonia is really a murderer?
xrayspex04/17/17 12:06 PM
x*That story was good but that was 3 seasons ago, she does nothing for the show now. I'm not sure of Sonia is really a murderer but she does come off as
MegsMom31604/17/17 12:10 PM
x*if she is maybe she will kill Liz when she finds out :o... NT
xrayspex04/17/17 12:13 PM
x*That'll work for me! NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 12:16 PM
xrayspex04/17/17 12:16 PM
*Wentworth Season 4&5 I'm not in a good place. NT  (Reply | Hide)
petite6915 30   04/16/17 08:59 PM
x*Boomer is all of us "somebody needs to kill her" NT
petite604/25/17 11:13 AM
x*So what's the deal heifer, you caught up or not? New episode today! NT
Dexter04/18/17 04:50 AM
x*still haven't started. But I saw this on my Twitter
petite604/21/17 05:31 AM
x*I'm not starting 5 til I find resolve NT
petite604/18/17 06:40 AM
x*Annnnd thinking of another moment when Ferg had Bea submerged, that was soooo freaking insane. Bitsch needs to be dead like yesterday NT
petite604/17/17 01:06 PM
x*You're not in a good place so you can't watch or because of 4 and 5 you're not in a good place? NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 03:25 AM
x*I can't believe what you guys had me endure!!! I will likely not forgive you.Amazing that the villain became the lead. Now, that's a super twist.
petite604/17/17 10:24 AM
x*That is why I had a hard time with even watching 5, I was distraught after 4 ended! NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 10:27 AM
x*oh, you didn't warn me. You wanted me to share in your distraughtness!!! NT
petite604/17/17 10:29 AM
x*Sorry, someone had to go through what I did and I watched it TWICE! I really didn't want to give it away, I think it would have ruined the season. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 10:31 AM
x*Ferguson is probably one of the best villains on TV. watching her plans evolve and walking in circles to develop new evil was stressful. I was
petite604/17/17 10:35 AM
x*AMAZING actress NT
xrayspex04/17/17 11:42 AM
x*The way she gets inmates and the staff to HELP her with intimidation and getting info on them and then getting them to do her bidding is amazing! NT
Mazita04/17/17 10:51 AM
x*it's the manipulation...she gets in their heads and doesn't it sometimes remind you of Silence of the Lambs? NT
petite604/17/17 11:15 AM
x*Maybe it does...but Ferg is much worse!! NT
Mazita04/17/17 11:18 AM
x*Exactly! I shake my head every frickin episode wondering why these dumbasses are doing her bidding! NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 11:04 AM
x*ITA! I don't know any villain that stands up to her. She won an award for her part in 2015, she deserved it! God she's good at being evil! NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 10:40 AM
x*Hear hear...from one epi to another in S4 I thought can I take anymore of this lunatic? But it is so amazing you just go ahead and keep watching!! NT
Mazita04/17/17 10:46 AM
x*She truly is amazing. Her emotional range as a PSYCHOTIC socio crazy person, I've just never seen it done like that. I don't want to watch that
petite604/17/17 10:43 AM
x*I can't wait till everything comes full circle. I'm not sure who I want to do it though. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 10:53 AM
x*I vote for Vera to do her in! NT
Mazita04/17/17 11:14 AM
x*For some reason this makes me laugh. Little Vera taking on big ole Fergie. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 11:46 AM
x*I think Dexter might be right- Frankie snaps an with a lil help from Vera setting it up right, Frankie kills her by end of season. NT
xrayspex04/17/17 11:44 AM
x*Oh yes.Vera would need a little help! Frankie will be perfect! NT
Mazita04/18/17 05:13 AM
x*If that is how it happens then they should just stop after 5 seasons, I can't see how they can give us as much drama as they have up to this point. NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 11:46 AM
x*They always add more characters every season an I am pretty sure this season will add one or more-so the drama is endless-lol. New psycho evil
xrayspex04/17/17 11:50 AM
x*That could be but I think it might be hard to get used to new people.Now, if only they'd get rid of Liz and Doreen, I'm kind of sick of those 2 lol NT
MegsMom31604/17/17 12:01 PM
x*Petite is a mix of Doreen and Liz, don't know how we tolerate her. NT
Dexter04/17/17 04:10 PM
x*Ummmm no. NT
petite604/18/17 06:43 AM
x*Ferguson and her super smart evil. why did they let her go to General, why?? I can't stomach 5 NT
petite604/17/17 10:31 AM
*Wentworth Season 5 - Official Trailer  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter7692 264   03/20/17 07:50 AM
x*OMG I forgot to mention Fergusons yard fight WTH was that? was she a freaking UFC fighter? my god, she can't die soon enough NT
petite604/25/17 05:57 PM
x*Her dad tought her how to fence and also fight. I got a feeling she was picked on in school for being very tall an manly-lol NT
xrayspex04/26/17 01:27 PM
x*head butting is not part of fencing nor is snapping someones arm!! NT
petite604/26/17 01:31 PM
x*The inmates are lucky she did not have her famous SWORD ;) The Freak does have moves! NT
Mazita04/26/17 05:50 AM
x*the bumps to the head just makes me think of concussions and the girls are like rubber bands, snapping right back NT
petite604/26/17 05:56 AM
x*Yes very gross to watch! NT
Mazita04/26/17 06:02 AM
x*I can not believe Frankie is back in jail! I feel so bad for her..its so not fair!! NT
xrayspex04/15/17 10:33 AM
Dexter04/15/17 10:49 AM
x*I went ahead and watched ...
MegsMom31604/16/17 07:37 AM
x*Ok you are making me want to see the 1st episode. Got a link? I can watch tonight since I finished up another show finally. ;) NT
Mazita04/16/17 08:24 AM
x*I seriously do not think it will hold up in court..its very sketchy plus...
xrayspex04/15/17 10:52 AM
x*I dunno...
Dexter04/15/17 10:59 AM
x*Hmmm part of me
MegsMom31604/16/17 07:40 AM
x*I feel so bad an hope she gets out..but hey,if she kills her I will be smiling :) NT
xrayspex04/15/17 11:03 AM
x*Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I guess I'll hide this thread and start a new one so P can comment on it. NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 10:36 AM
x* so sorry! You can watch it now on your comp "legally" without downloading or registering if you want link? NT
xrayspex04/15/17 10:37 AM
x*No, I'm waiting for the season to end and show up on Netflix. I did see epi 1 and decided to wait for the rest. NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 10:39 AM
x*ok NT
xrayspex04/15/17 10:39 AM
x*Of course this is still going to show up in L50. bleh NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 10:37 AM
x*we cant cater to NT
xrayspex04/15/17 10:41 AM
x*LOL I had asked somewhere in this huge ass thread to not put spoilers in the subject :P Petite isn't done with S4 yet. NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 10:43 AM
x*This thread needs its own FORUM...;)It has been fun reading Petite's reactions! NT
Mazita04/15/17 11:17 AM
x*I've enjoyed them too unfortunately she's a LAZY ASS lately and hasn't said chit! NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 11:27 AM
x*If she doesn't check in soon I will have to reboot and watch season 4 for the third time ;) NT
Mazita04/15/17 11:41 AM
x*I just finished 4 a week or so ago, I don't think I could watch it again this soon. I may have to catch up on S5 so not to get spoiled, damn men! NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 12:02 PM
x*I think its stupid that your waiting! NT
xrayspex04/15/17 12:05 PM
x*will do only because I love the both of you. :) NT
xrayspex04/15/17 10:47 AM
x*Thank you *kiss* NT
MegsMom31604/15/17 10:50 AM
x*Where are you now?!? NT
MegsMom31604/14/17 04:08 PM
x*Caught up, Petite? Im watching 5/2 shortly! NT
Dexter04/11/17 02:49 PM
x*I am NOT!!! I will be doing two epis tonight. Go to heck w/your troll comments. Also there is a korean dictionary, I want you to start familiarizing
petite604/11/17 03:10 PM
x*I'll be caught up by next week. But I'm still behind schedule NT
petite604/12/17 10:05 AM
x*I refuse to learn another language, besides I know a little French...
Dexter04/11/17 03:16 PM
x*Maybe I'll call Frankie Frenchie NT
petite604/11/17 03:20 PM
x*There is NO way she's done, no way at all. There would have been at least a couple comments about S4. NT
MegsMom31604/11/17 02:50 PM
x*I think she's just watching the "previously on" bits, she's a troll. NT
Dexter04/11/17 03:07 PM
x*Please Vera, don't go crazy with power. These women can't be rehabilitated NT
petite604/10/17 04:33 PM
x*Ferguson LOL I love that she still aspires for greatness NT
petite604/10/17 06:18 PM
x*why are the nurses so beautiful? I still liked the other one NT
petite604/10/17 04:44 PM
x*I cant believe you didn't comment on sweet innocent Jess. NT
MegsMom31604/10/17 05:57 PM
x*LOL there is too much to ever comment on!! Why didn't you answer my Bea question MM? I'm going to be REALLY upset if something happens to her NT
petite604/10/17 06:05 PM
x*I'm going to sit back and let you watch S4 in peace lol I'd love to hear your reactions though! I don't want to give anything away. NT
MegsMom31604/11/17 09:20 AM
x*Oh No Bae!!! So wait Frankie is gone forever?? NT
petite604/10/17 03:48 PM
x*no NT
MegsMom31604/10/17 03:50 PM
x*OMG!! I don't want to ask. I'm too scared NT
petite604/10/17 03:55 PM
x*No need to be scared, she's fine. NT
MegsMom31604/10/17 03:57 PM
x*so nothing is wrong with.....
petite604/10/17 04:09 PM
x*I decided to watch S5E1 and I think I will wait till the rest of them come out to watch the rest. Are you on S4 yet P? NT
MegsMom31604/10/17 12:12 PM
x*Yes, I'm going to start 4 tonight!! NT
petite604/10/17 12:14 PM
x*What did you think of 3? NT
Dexter04/10/17 01:07 PM
x*I still need to finish the finale but it was pretty crazy. There were some stories I liked better than others and Cindy Loo was funny NT
petite604/10/17 01:14 PM
x*Baby Joshua already looks like a Wentworth regular NT
petite604/09/17 05:52 PM
x*I am sooo over you Maureen. You act like you and yo baby are all that matters. Gurl Bye!! NT
petite604/09/17 06:27 PM
x*The baby gets hep c from a botched hotshot, wait til you see who attempted it! NT
Dexter04/09/17 06:09 PM
x*no way!!! But Vera is such a biiiiiistch NT
petite604/09/17 06:10 PM
x*Never tell the governor you have hepatitis c, poor Vera!! NT
petite604/09/17 05:20 PM
x*Play a long game? I need the governor to feel the pain NOW!!!! NT
petite604/09/17 04:30 PM
x*I'm not sure there has ever been a character I hated as much as Ferguson. NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 04:33 PM
x*Please tell me she gets hers. I hate her soooo much. NT
petite604/09/17 04:34 PM
x*OMG Why are they still after my boo? Leave him alone!!! NT
petite604/09/17 04:40 PM
x*ROFL Booomer "I don't have a fat ass" who's giving Liz the alcohol? NT
petite604/09/17 04:26 PM
x*Boomer knitting LOL NT
petite604/09/17 07:00 PM
x*Boomer is such a great character!!! NT
petite604/09/17 03:50 PM
x*lol Didn't you say otherwise the other day? NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 03:58 PM
x*Mmhmmmm! NT
Dexter04/09/17 04:11 PM
x*Where did I say I didn't like Boomer? Lies!!!! NT
petite604/09/17 04:14 PM
x*I think she's awful, at times, but I love her character NT
petite604/09/17 04:06 PM
x*What episode are you on now P? NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 02:29 PM
x*LIz is a mess and Bea was kidnapped NT
petite604/09/17 02:31 PM
x*will Jackson and Bea get together ever? NT
petite604/09/17 04:07 PM
x*This isn't Orange is the New Black. NT
Dexter04/09/17 04:10 PM
MegsMom31604/09/17 04:16 PM
x*ROFL that's great NT
petite604/09/17 04:20 PM
Dexter04/09/17 04:17 PM
x*You don't run this prison, I do! lol I love Bea. NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 01:12 PM
x*Yaaassssss! To think, Petite doubted that Bea could be top dog.
Dexter04/09/17 01:18 PM
x*I did NOT doubt her, I just think she won't live very long in that life. NT
petite604/09/17 01:22 PM
x* That was great!!!! NT
petite604/09/17 01:14 PM
x*OMG, I had forgotten how S4 ended! NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 12:13 PM
x*OMG!!!! Is it bad? NT
petite604/09/17 12:17 PM
x*It's our most dramatic rose ceremony ever! NT
Dexter04/09/17 12:20 PM
x*well, we're at insane what the heck goes beyond that? NT
petite604/09/17 12:23 PM
x*The governor wears a funny hat! NT
Dexter04/09/17 12:28 PM
x*you need to shut up or your hands go into the fryer NT
petite604/09/17 12:31 PM
x*I will just say, it's typical Wentworth. I'm going back to S3 now. NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 12:20 PM
x*ummm how the heck is Flinch back at work? LOL NT
petite604/09/17 12:49 PM
x*I loooove Maxine!! NT
petite604/09/17 12:56 PM
x*Me too! NT
Dexter04/09/17 12:59 PM
x*she was a great addition. The crazy silent sweet one doesn't seem to add much to the story, so far. oh god, Flench is a mess NT
petite604/09/17 01:02 PM
x*The crazy sweet one?
Dexter04/09/17 01:11 PM
x*OMG NOooooo I think it's Jessica? the one that had sex with Flinch NT
petite604/09/17 01:13 PM
x*Oh, her...yeah she's a nutter. NT
Dexter04/09/17 01:15 PM
x*I still don't understand why they brought Flinch back to work? why? NT
petite604/09/17 01:18 PM
x*oh god, liz's daughter is twerking with the inmates NT
petite604/09/17 01:26 PM
x*the nurse and Jackson are really cute together...oh god Jackson, don't do anything stupid NT
petite604/09/17 01:35 PM
x*Noooooooooooo NT
petite604/09/17 02:30 PM
x*ROFL, I somehow doubt she means Juice. NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 01:12 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter04/09/17 01:14 PM
x*do you remember this "I requested Beyonce and a Lamborghini" NT
petite604/09/17 01:15 PM
x*Me 3. NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 01:01 PM
x*I honestly didn't see how this could get any crazier then it went insane without pause. NT
petite604/09/17 08:33 AM
x*Are you into S3 yet? NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 08:43 AM
x*I skipped two epis from season 2, by accident so had to go back but I'm technically on S3 NT
petite604/09/17 08:51 AM
x*Season 3 it goes wild, how'd you'd like that premier? NT
Dexter04/09/17 10:58 AM
x*I honestly can't believe what is happening right now and Why can't they just keep my Jackson in bed. That truck and Fetch....didn't look like he'd
petite604/09/17 11:24 AM
x*oh and Liz and her daughter OMG!!! NT
petite604/09/17 11:25 AM
x*I forgot about her, did Liz hotshot her yet? so sad. NT
Dexter04/09/17 12:09 PM
x*Ummm what? what are you saying right now? NT
petite604/09/17 12:13 PM
x*Just f'ing with you, or am I? NT
Dexter04/09/17 12:17 PM
x*Bash and Maureen don't seem to fit in with all this drama. Time to watch Lockdown to unwind NT
petite604/08/17 08:48 PM
x*LOL the governor is so cray, this show is nuts. NT
petite604/08/17 07:46 PM
x* Bea is a beast!!! Like really a beast. Like the one you find in the jungle and eats other beasts. NT
petite604/08/17 07:54 PM
x*WTH was that????? OMG!!!! NT
petite604/08/17 04:23 PM
x*It's been 3 years since I watched season 2, care to elaborate? NT
MegsMom31604/08/17 04:29 PM
x* I just had to read that epi to see if I missed anything. There is just so much going on, I can't comprehend it all...Jackson taking away the
petite604/08/17 05:26 PM
x*and what is going on with Flinchy? His regression is real NT
petite604/08/17 05:36 PM
x*You mean Fletch? NT
Dexter04/08/17 05:54 PM
x*we've been through this...I'll call them what I want!! ya dig? NT
petite604/08/17 06:07 PM
x*Disrespectful! I hope Dor and the baby haunt your dreams. NT
Dexter04/08/17 06:36 PM
x*Boomer's violence and anger is so misguided. NT
petite604/08/17 06:14 PM
x*Jackson + motorcycle = hot, fire, yasssss NT
petite604/08/17 06:12 PM
x*Vera, the governor, Frankie, can all die. And that just happened!! NT
petite604/08/17 04:05 PM
x*Go Maureen!!! you tell her!!! NT
petite604/08/17 04:14 PM
x*I'm almost to the end of 4 (again) I wonder if I can hold off until 5 is done before watching it on OneChannel. I hate OC because of no CC. NT
MegsMom31604/08/17 03:19 PM
x*OMG!!! Why didn't wait to finish 4! Lol. I'm still on season 2 but this governor is out of control NT
petite604/08/17 03:25 PM
x*I haven't finished yet but once I get watching it's hard to stop, as you now know lol I think I'm 2 episodes out. I can go back
MegsMom31604/08/17 03:44 PM
x*that's why we're FAM!!! It will be nice to discuss when I'm watching but I don't want to stop you. NT
petite604/08/17 03:50 PM
x*the Gov is brutal. I bet she's the one setting up Fletch and Jackson NT
petite604/08/17 10:58 AM
x*why am I still watching this? NT
petite604/07/17 02:47 PM
x*Just wondering but is it really possible to survive constant head hits to the wall? these women!!! NT
petite604/07/17 09:21 PM
x*LOL some times you almost get your own headache watching these inmates beat up each other for sure! NT
Mazita04/08/17 05:34 AM
x*What's wrong, losing interest? NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 03:02 PM
x*of course not!!!! I'm asking myself why am I entertained by this crazy? you all need to look deeply too NT
petite604/07/17 03:30 PM
x*You watched the first season in a day...It's amazing television! NT
Dexter04/07/17 03:36 PM
x*I didn't start when you demanded!!! I did it on my own terms, I have to pace myself with this show NT
petite604/07/17 03:42 PM
x*Definitely pace yourself. If you don't you'll be in the corner crying after you realized you watched all 5 seasons in a week and now you have to
MegsMom31604/07/17 03:45 PM
x*ummmmmmm how can it get any crazier? please no!!! NT
petite604/07/17 03:52 PM
x*Just wait lol NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 03:53 PM
x*let me know if Boomer dies and I'll be your BFF!!! NT
petite604/07/17 03:55 PM
x*Wanting to know if she dies made me think you didn't like her lol NT
MegsMom31604/09/17 04:17 PM
x*Nooooo I was scared she was going to die. I mark my death warrants!! NT
petite604/09/17 04:19 PM
x*Do you want to know 'if and when' or just 'if'? NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 04:02 PM
x*okay, that was good enough!!! Lol. NT
petite604/07/17 04:06 PM
x*I was just asking a question, I gave away no info with said question. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 04:08 PM
x*you tricked me!!! Bea has really gone mad!! NT
petite604/07/17 04:16 PM
x*Gee, I wonder why?! NT
Dexter04/07/17 04:50 PM
x*I kept thinking she was going to wake up NT
petite604/07/17 09:22 PM
x*I wanna know what she thought of....
Dexter04/07/17 03:28 PM
x*I was really surprised she hadn't commented about it. I was afraid I gave a spoiler away possibly getting seasons confused. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 03:45 PM
x*I'm on the revenge now hunny and we all know how I love my revenge. Don't listen to her boomer!!!!!! NT
petite604/07/17 03:32 PM
x*Why is Bea's ex still around? he should be dead NT
petite604/07/17 01:30 PM
x*have any of you Wentworth fans watched the Season5 #1 on the site that has been advertising it?My anti virus pops up with the warning Harmful Site? NT
Mazita04/07/17 08:02 AM
x*Hi Maz! No, I'm about to start season 2. NT
petite604/07/17 08:44 AM
x*I am glad I already re-binged the whole series so I can keep up with your thoughts as you watch ;) NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:49 AM
x* did you have a favorite season? NT
petite604/07/17 10:52 AM
x*No they are all great to me!! NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:59 AM
x*ITA! However there was one season, it was so damn intense I couldn't wait for the season to end lol NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 11:00 AM
x*Season 3? I remember posting that the season 3 premiere was one of the best hours of tv I've ever watched. Only one slow epi that entire season. NT
Dexter04/07/17 03:34 PM
x*No!!! I guess it's the beginning NT
petite604/07/17 03:35 PM
x*Oh hunty, you ain't seen nothing yet NT
Dexter04/07/17 03:37 PM
x*okay, I have season 2 queued up BUT what is with this new governor? what happened to the other one? NT
petite604/07/17 11:08 AM
x*Wasn't the other one just interim since whatshername was killed? Now the fun begins! NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 11:10 AM
x*will the other governor be around or that's a hole in the story? NT
petite604/07/17 11:12 AM
x*I asked Mrs Google and this is what I came up with. Do not read if your not completely done with S1.
MegsMom31604/07/17 11:23 AM
x*LoL cute I'm done. Hmmmm well, I'm on 2 and everyone is alot crazier than before. good lord. NT
petite604/07/17 11:29 AM
x*Hold on tight, you're in for a bumpy (but fun) ride. NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 11:30 AM
x*Well since Season 5 is not coming too soon to US...I may rewatch to figure which one you are talking about.;)I was in a hurry since I thought it
Mazita04/07/17 11:03 AM
x*Glad you joined the Wentworth crowd!! Enjoy!! NT
Mazita04/07/17 08:50 AM
x*glad to add you on to my HIT list!!! NT
petite604/07/17 08:57 AM
x*LOL thanks! Now one more thing...JAX is what they called the old gal who thought she was in charge in the early days.Jackie was confusing me..;) NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:29 AM
x*LOL She looks like a Jackie!!! NT
petite604/07/17 10:33 AM
x*I think JAX fit her better cuz she is a tough old controlling broad ;) NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:35 AM
x*it was that Martha Stewart hair that got me Lol NT
petite604/07/17 10:38 AM
x*Oh yes her HAIR !!! Very Martha like! NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:48 AM
x*Now you can carry on with correct names ;) LOL LOL NT
Mazita04/07/17 10:30 AM
x*Wow!!! Did that really just happen?? Jackie needs to die! NT
petite604/06/17 07:04 PM
x*Did what? NT
Dexter04/06/17 07:05 PM
x*Jackie and her son!!!! I'm sleeping with one eye open. NT
petite604/06/17 09:20 PM
x*PLEASE PLEASE don't give any spoilers away in the subject. I'm begging! It will be out on Netflix a week after it ends and I want to go in blind. NT
MegsMom31604/06/17 10:31 AM
x*I get it, I will put spoiler in the headline and my comment inside, for your own safety you might wanna hide Wentworth threads. NT
Dexter04/06/17 12:20 PM
x*I could hide it but I want to hear Petite talk about how she can't believe she waited so long to watch! lol I always read in collapsed so
MegsMom31604/06/17 12:29 PM
x*Funny how he's precious with his spoilers all of a sudden BUT when I ask, he tells me NOTHING!! I'm about to put in the next two epis for viewing NT
petite604/06/17 12:32 PM
x*You ask dumb questions tho like "what does top dog mean?" NT
Dexter04/06/17 12:50 PM
x*I don't EVER remember asking that!!! NT
petite604/06/17 01:03 PM
x*Woof! NT
Dexter04/06/17 01:05 PM
x*so what does it mean? NT
petite604/06/17 01:06 PM
MegsMom31604/06/17 01:53 PM
x*lol, shut up NT
Dexter04/06/17 01:20 PM
x*answer this!! If you had to choose between prison life as Frankie's B or Jackie's, who would you choose? NT
petite604/06/17 01:42 PM
x*Franceska, tho I do like Jackies Martha Stewart aesthetic. You? NT
Dexter04/06/17 01:55 PM
x*they made me feel sorry for her that one epi, good to know I won't have to do that again!! NT
petite604/06/17 02:10 PM
x*MM and Gary, meet me here for a sec....
petite604/06/17 07:06 PM
x*It's all Gary's fault, him first lol NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 03:45 AM
x* I'm trying to figure how I missed Vera's part in the riots. I don't remember that convo lol And yeah, I have a nice foot for you and Gary!!
petite604/07/17 08:47 AM
x*Do you mena VERA not Viola? I can't remember anyone names Viola. NT
Mazita04/07/17 09:00 AM
x*Vera, yes!!!! Lol NT
petite604/07/17 09:38 AM
x*Frankie all the way. NT
MegsMom31604/06/17 01:53 PM
x*I was thinking that I could catch up with you guys by doing two epis a day, but there are 12 epis!! You guys didn't tell me that!! But I am
petite604/06/17 10:38 AM
x*This show is actually a remake of an OLD show called 'Prisoner C Block H', I found some old epi's and watched a couple ROFL it was so weird
MegsMom31604/06/17 10:49 AM
x*The Governor is evil!!! At first I thought it was a UK show til I saw the SOHO tag. Question,
petite604/06/17 11:28 AM
x*I'm back to wanting Jackie dead and Bae's hubby!! NT
petite604/06/17 11:37 AM
x*You mean Bea not Bae? NT
Dexter04/07/17 10:50 AM
x*LOL>>>> I hated to point out yet another wrong name..LOLOL NT
Mazita04/07/17 11:00 AM
x*are you with me or against me? NT
petite604/07/17 11:05 AM
x*You're about as scary as Doreen is. NT
Dexter04/07/17 11:07 AM
x*that's a Maureen to you!! NT
petite604/08/17 10:59 AM
x*LOLO you two crack me up!! NT
Mazita04/08/17 05:28 AM
x*;) NT
Dexter04/07/17 11:01 AM
x*OMG!!! You're trolling!!! NT
petite604/07/17 10:51 AM
x*lol Leave her alone! Haven't you done enough? NT
MegsMom31604/07/17 10:59 AM
x*MM will be in my fam!!! Gary, you are dun!!! NT
petite604/07/17 11:02 AM
x*I can't wait till you finish these seasons and then hear your thoughts. I don't want to say too much but I will say, it gets better. NT
MegsMom31604/06/17 11:44 AM
x*OMG I hate Vera's mom!! Everyone is so dysfunctional. NT
petite604/06/17 12:35 PM
x*the prison guard is cute, not enough for me to go to prison tho. This show is gross. NT
petite604/05/17 07:51 PM
x*I love me some Jackson. NT
MegsMom31604/06/17 10:30 AM
x* Jackson is doing his reprimanding *swoons* NT
petite604/06/17 02:09 PM
x*oh god!! Jackson is crazy again. I mean, WTH are they trying to turn him back into a crazy mad man? I question him marrying that lady in the first
petite604/06/17 02:17 PM
x*You've reached the coked up, sex maniac Jackson? NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:03 PM
x*Jackson is sniffing the toilet paper. NT
petite604/06/17 03:12 PM
x*finish the first season already! NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:14 PM
x*OMG!!!! I just saw the reveal!!! Things just got real!!! oh god!!! NT
petite604/06/17 03:14 PM
x*what reveal? NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:15 PM
x*the bff and abortion NT
petite604/06/17 03:18 PM
x*i had forgot about that, lots of reveals lol NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:20 PM
x*I hate chooo Jackie!!!!!!! NT
petite604/06/17 03:23 PM
x*She's not very nice, huh? NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:32 PM
x*and Bae is now Jackie's hair dresser. She's good!!! NT
petite604/06/17 03:06 PM
x*Vera is sooooo sweet. I bet she's a psycho NT
petite604/06/17 03:07 PM
x*its a journey, thats for sure NT
Dexter04/06/17 03:08 PM
x*oh god. someone mentioned a screwdriver. I need to rewatch BLL NT
petite604/06/17 03:10 PM
x*Will Jackson is too good 4u NT
Dexter04/05/17 08:04 PM
x*OMG I was getting sick of him crying like a crazy person...he's back to sexy, for now. I kind of feel bad for Jackie, is that wrong? and I really
petite604/06/17 07:14 AM
x*Yay, you're FINALLY watching! NT
MegsMom31604/06/17 10:30 AM
x*NOT!!! Well, that's a way to make room for the romance NT
petite604/05/17 08:21 PM
Dexter04/04/17 05:40 PM
x*OMG, Today's the day! NT
Dexter04/04/17 10:00 AM
x*Just watched! Cant believe shes dead! Thought maybe she survived somehow! SO GOOD! NT
xrayspex04/05/17 03:51 PM
x*yay! So about 11 weeks it should be on Netflix. Which gives me time to finish up rewatching. I watch this preview and for some reason I am lost. NT
MegsMom31604/04/17 10:42 AM
x*ugh!! I guess I have to watch the previous seasons before catching this one? NT
petite604/04/17 02:20 PM
x*yes,you have to start from the first season and go in order. NT
Dexter04/04/17 03:31 PM
x*Don't worry, you'll love it! You have a couple months, get a move on it! NT
MegsMom31604/04/17 02:30 PM
x*I can't wait for this! I think this is my favorite non USA series. I'm re-watching the series now. NT
MegsMom31603/31/17 02:23 PM
x*Can't wait! Ferguson was on a plane with me. She is tall! NT
GazingEyes03/30/17 12:09 PM
x*That is so neat! I love to hate her character. NT
MegsMom31604/01/17 10:05 AM
x*Wow! That's awesome GE! I would have freaked out, bad pun intended ;) NT
Dexter04/01/17 09:33 AM
x*Lol. Trust me I did. She has that same look and stare that will give you the chills. Seems very nice, though. NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 09:38 AM
x*ROFL!!! NT
xrayspex04/02/17 10:45 AM
x*LOL @seems very nice. I haven't watched this yet but Gary is always trying to push prison stories on me...things that make you go hmmmm NT
petite604/01/17 09:39 AM
x*Its REALLY GOOD petite! Much darker then "orange". NT
xrayspex04/02/17 10:46 AM
x*I really can't believe you haven't watched this yet, we've been talking about it for at least 3 seasons now! NT
MegsMom31604/01/17 10:00 AM
x* I would have watched quicker knowing you loved it!!! NT
petite604/01/17 10:03 AM
x*Hmmm? For caring about Justice Reform and a true rehabilitation program for our inmates ? NT
FurlessBat04/01/17 09:44 AM
x*I thought they were always killing each other? I love Line of Duty! That's my rehab game! NT
petite604/01/17 09:50 AM
x*Omg, you have to watch, petite! You know how I hate dark storylines but this show has me hooked. Can't look away. NT
GazingEyes04/01/17 09:41 AM
x*I'll probably give it a try one of these days!! NT
petite604/01/17 09:51 AM
x*It's my #1 fav show, youre not worthy, honestly. NT
Dexter04/01/17 09:53 AM
x*soooo you're worthy of mine buttercup!! NT
petite604/01/17 09:56 AM
x*Omg did she looks scary in person too??LOL NT
Mazita03/31/17 02:55 PM
x*She looked at me with that weird half smile. Gave me the chills. I didn't say anything but smiled back, lol. She knew I recognized her because I
GazingEyes04/01/17 09:37 AM
x*You survived chuckling at/with her?? Good for you...LOL!! NT
Mazita04/01/17 11:10 AM
x*So cool! NT
Dexter04/01/17 09:38 AM
x*Can't wait till Season 5 hits Netflix! I just binged the whole 4 seasons get ready! NT
Mazita03/29/17 10:35 AM
x*Get the freak! NT
Dexter03/20/17 07:51 AM
x*cant wait! Love this show NT
xrayspex03/20/17 08:51 AM
*Can't believe season 4 of Wentworth is finally on Netflix. If you want a great but darker version of Wentworth. NT  (Reply | Hide)
georgia9382880 7   07/28/16 11:08 PM
x*We jut got it in Canada on Friday....of course I binge watched it all weekend (timing is everything - I had no plans!). WOW what a crazy season!!! NT
Neva4getme10/30/16 10:28 AM
x*I love Wentworth, its so good BUT
missy08/10/16 05:45 PM
x*I am SO JEALOUS - it hasn't hit the Canadian Netflix yet :( NT
Neva4getme08/04/16 07:54 AM
x*'finally on netflix'? You do know the season in AU JUST ended? Last year we had to wait till around Christmas for season 3 to show up :) NT
MegsMom31607/29/16 03:51 AM
x*I know...that's why I'm shocked that it's on Netflix already. Unless I'm way behind and season 5 is airing in Australia. NT
georgia938207/29/16 09:56 AM
x*ah, I guess I read your OP wrong lol I was so surprised, I watched S4 elsewhere but I think I'm going to rewatch it now that it's on Netflix. NT
MegsMom31607/29/16 10:28 AM
x*Just finished binge watching it. Heartbroken. #romeo&juliet NT
georgia938207/30/16 11:01 AM
*| Wentworth season 5 CONFIRMED | NT  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom3162014 22   07/21/16 03:55 PM
x*Is it on Netflix?! NT
FrouFrou07/27/16 07:42 AM
x*Netflix has Season 1 of Wentworth. NT
GazingEyes07/27/16 12:03 PM
x*It has seasons 1-3, season 4 should be out around Christmas. NT
MegsMom31607/27/16 03:03 PM
x*Thanks, Megsmom. I only saw Season 1 but glad the others are there too. NT
GazingEyes07/27/16 04:24 PM
x*OMG I checked Netflix last night and all 4 seasons were up! Last season didnt' come out till the end of last year! NT
MegsMom31607/28/16 08:22 AM
x*Almost finished watching 4!!!! OMG! NT
FrouFrou08/12/16 08:47 AM
x*I just finished watching the Season 4 finale of Wentworth. Omg, did anyone else see it yet??? NT
GazingEyes07/26/16 03:06 PM
x*I think I'm going to watch the season over again ...
MegsMom31607/28/16 08:24 AM
x*Well, Megsmom
GazingEyes07/28/16 11:57 AM
x*I just watched and.....
Dexter07/26/16 07:33 PM
x*Dexter.... do you think....**spoiler**
GazingEyes07/27/16 05:56 AM
x*I think...
Dexter07/27/16 12:11 PM
GazingEyes07/27/16 04:45 PM
x*That's what I think except...Spoiler....
FrouFrou08/15/16 07:58 AM
x*I haven't seen it yet, I am waiting for it to show up where i watch it. NT
MegsMom31607/26/16 03:10 PM
x*Waiting until you see it, Megsmom316! Also, Happy Birthday!! I gave you a cake in Joker's Water Cooler and here is another one!!
GazingEyes07/26/16 05:11 PM
x*Thank you :) I checked this morning and it's up so I'll probably watch it after work while my kid is in the bath. NT
MegsMom31607/27/16 05:59 AM
x*Have fun watching!! NT
GazingEyes07/27/16 06:00 AM
x*I love this show, love love love it. NT
MegsMom31607/21/16 03:56 PM
x*One of my favorites as well. Superb casting. NT
Vixter07/26/16 01:34 PM
x*ITA, Vixter! NT
GazingEyes07/26/16 01:35 PM
x*I love Wentworth, also! Glad it is renewed for a new season. Some of it is going off the rails, though, lol. NT
GazingEyes07/26/16 01:30 PM
*Does anyone watch Wentworth? Where can I watch season 4? NT  (Reply | Hide)
georgia9382208 2   05/18/16 09:50 AM
x*I would suggest googling Wentworth S04e01 and go from there...make sure you have a popup blocker installed.
Dexter05/18/16 10:43 AM
x*See below. It was May 10th on Foxtel and SoHo. LOVE Wentworth! I have to wait for Netflix, though. NT
BigGirlPanties05/18/16 10:39 AM
*TRAILER: Wentworth Season 4  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter472 6   04/03/16 02:26 AM
x*Wait, what about Netflix? I NEED S4 on Netflix! NT
BigGirlPanties05/08/16 04:39 PM
x*it won't be on netflix until December or January if it is on the same schedule as last season. I watched S3 on daily motion once it was over
MegsMom31605/08/16 04:54 PM
x*Thanks, MM! It feels like FOREVER already. I suppose December will be here before I can hardly blink, though. It's the most raw, compelling show
BigGirlPanties05/08/16 05:01 PM
x*I cannot wait! NT
MegsMom31605/03/16 01:11 PM
x*Love me some Wentworth! Totally kicks OITNBs tookus all over the place! NT
FrouFrou05/03/16 11:33 AM
x*Only 1 month to go, yassss! NT
Dexter04/03/16 02:26 AM
*Does anyone know when the new season of Wentworth will be on Netflix? NT  (Reply | Hide)
georgia9382442 2   03/18/16 09:56 PM
x*Season 4 starts in Australia in May and then Netflix either December or January. It will be on daily motion some time after it airs in May, that's
MegsMom31603/19/16 05:55 AM
x*Thank you NT
georgia938203/21/16 11:08 AM
*Damn, that Wentworth finale, such an amazing freaking season. like, gah! NT  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter357 3   06/23/15 02:20 PM
x*I can't wait for this season to finally get to Netflix! NT
MegsMom31606/23/15 02:22 PM
x*It's on Netflix now (Canada at least) NT
M3gabyt307/10/15 09:20 PM
x*Oooo, I will check when I get back in town, thanks! NT
MegsMom31607/12/15 06:26 AM
*Wentworth returns Tuesday!  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter332 5   04/05/15 11:01 AM
x*omg this season is good. NT
Dexter06/02/15 02:58 PM
x**sigh* it needs to get to Netflix and quick. NT
MegsMom31606/02/15 04:26 PM
x*Canada Netflix only has S2. NT
M3gabyt306/02/15 04:33 PM
x*Its not over yet, tonight was epi 9. Its been an intense season from the start NT
Dexter06/02/15 04:55 PM
x*Still haven't watched S2 NT
M3gabyt304/05/15 11:04 AM
*Wentworth S3 starts April 7th in Australia, link to promo inside. I'm going to look around and see if/when it will come to Netflix.  (Reply | Hide)
MegsMom3161709 17   02/14/15 05:19 AM
x*I finished streaming all 3 seasons of Wentworth. Unfreaking unbelievable! I never thought I would watch such a dark series but I was glued to
GazingEyes01/05/16 05:52 PM
x*Completed all three series of the show. The first two went pretty well, but 3 seemed a bit over the top and meandering.
Veruta09/07/15 08:48 AM
x*Slightly higher than OITNB? Gurrrl :/
Dexter09/07/15 09:34 AM
x*Season 2 of Wentworth ended great, and Season 3 opened really strong. About 3 episodes in, it started to wane a little for me.
Veruta09/07/15 12:35 PM
x*I attempted the first three episodes of season 1, but I'm not really getting into it. NT
Veruta08/18/15 03:16 PM
x*What is turning you off from it? NT
M3gabyt308/18/15 06:08 PM
x*I got through episode 4 and some of 5, and it's the constant melodrama and overacting. It's also pretty depressing with no let up. NT
Veruta08/18/15 06:51 PM
x*I finished season 1 and it did get better. It's about the same as OITNB, but a little darker. NT
Veruta08/21/15 05:41 AM
x*Since you got to end of S1, you should carry on with S2. NT
M3gabyt308/21/15 08:54 AM
x*Stick with it! NT
Dexter08/18/15 03:42 PM
x*Hope Season 3 gets to the U.S Sooner rather than later. =) Promo looks Great, can't wait! NT
Lisa04/29/15 08:00 AM
x*Not sure when it showed up, but S3 is on Netflix (Canada at least) now. NT
M3gabyt307/10/15 09:19 PM
x*I finished watching Season 3 tonight...(spoilers)
M3gabyt308/15/15 10:31 PM
x*Not on Netflix in the U.S. yet :( NT
MegsMom31607/18/15 05:48 PM
x*season 3 is now on every torrent site to download. LOVED first 2 seasons! NT
xrayspex07/25/15 02:44 PM
x*It has been out awhile but I prefer to watch on my TV so I'll just have to wait impatiently. NT
MegsMom31607/28/15 04:34 AM
x*I can't wait either! It looks like it's still a few months away though :( NT
MegsMom31604/29/15 08:50 AM
*Wentworth is sooooo good. Both seasons are on Netflix, like OITNB who? NT  (Reply | Hide)
Dexter3948 19   12/12/14 10:21 AM
x*I was reading on their FB page (in comments on page) that we might not get S3 on Netflix and that makes me want to cry! I LOVE this show. NT
MegsMom31601/28/15 06:29 AM
x*I just finished watching and I love it. Wish we didn't have to wait so long for S3. NT
MegsMom31601/04/15 06:01 AM
x*When is season 3 supposed to be? NT
M3gabyt301/28/15 06:40 AM
x*I think I read mid-late May in Australia but not sure if they'd usually do Netflix at the same time. NT
MegsMom31601/28/15 06:59 AM
x*What do you know, Prisoner Cell Block H was also at Wentworth. I remember that series being on PBS when I was a kid. Couldn't wait for Sunday
MegsMom31601/05/15 11:41 AM
x*Wentworth recaps link
Camlawnman12/12/14 12:22 PM
x*what is that? NT
petite612/12/14 10:25 AM
x*Drama about a womens prison, bit dark and gritty. Not fluffy like Orange. NT
Dexter12/12/14 10:29 AM
x*Fluff is the perfect word for OITNB. It's a good show with fun characters, but you never felt like it's indicative of the actual prison experience NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/12/14 01:00 PM
x*Probably because it's a minimum security prison. It wasn't meant to be Oz. NT
CoyoteBB12/13/14 09:42 AM
x*Hmmm I have to be in the mood for dark and gritty. I may marathon it one of these days. I have so many shows that I probably will never get to
petite612/12/14 10:34 AM
x*IMDB gives it an 8.5, I agree. NT
Dexter12/12/14 10:36 AM
x*I just saw some trailer, it looks bootleg. Is the show better quality? NT
petite612/12/14 10:42 AM
x*It's good quality. There are some laundry room scenes that feel flat, but the rest is well made IMO. I just finished S1. NT
M3gabyt301/28/15 02:07 AM
x*Your ass is bootleg, gurl bye. NT
Dexter12/12/14 10:45 AM
x*no need of getting salty! NT
petite612/12/14 10:45 AM
x*When I season you, you'll know. NT
Dexter12/12/14 10:46 AM
x*I have it in my queue, I need to free up some time to binge it, looking forward to it NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/12/14 10:24 AM
x*It's a great show for binging. NT
Dexter12/12/14 10:29 AM

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