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*Spoiler for Fri. July 28, 2017
gizmo2tc350 3   07/27/17 01:44 PM
x*You know that expression "like father, like son"?
CatsRock07/27/17 04:06 PM
x*I can't wait either. Unlike most characters that I think I hate and then find something to like,
Barb07/28/17 01:19 AM
x*I can't stand Hilary, want her gone. She's a jealous you know what. NT
bluedevilsfan7107/27/17 08:55 PM
*Spoiler for Thur. July 27, 2017
gizmo2tc585 9   07/26/17 02:17 PM
x*Thanks for this! Besides Faith being off screen awhile, where the heck is Summer Newman? It's been a long time, right? NT
jbt07/26/17 06:16 PM
x*Re: Thanks for this! Besides Faith being off screen awhile, where the heck is Summer Newman? It's been a long time, right?
georgygirl07/27/17 01:37 PM
x*Please don't mention her name. She may come back. LOL NT
Linn07/26/17 07:47 PM
x*She walked up the stairs and never came back down LOL! NT
CatsRock07/27/17 01:59 AM
x*Sniff, reminds me of the last time we saw Catherine Chancelor. That staircase. NT
HarleyQ07/27/17 08:36 AM
x*Hopefully it is a never ending staircase and she keeps on walking. NT
Linn07/27/17 08:08 AM
x*LOL Linn! NT
CatsRock07/27/17 01:46 PM
x*I find that Charlie talks too fast and I have to put CC on in order to understand what he says, just like I do for Cane. Like father, like son lol.
CatsRock07/26/17 03:53 PM
x*Yes. Head injury warning. Perhaps they will give us a public service announcement at the end
Barb07/28/17 12:29 AM
*Where is Connor we've seen Johnny & Katie even saw Christian while back have not seen Connor in a long time. NT
bluedevilsfan7120 0   07/25/17 04:57 PM
*Spoiler for Wed. July 26:
CatsRock111 0   07/25/17 03:21 PM
*“The Young and the Restless” alum Scott Elrod (Joe Clark) stars as Eric in “Sun, Sand and Romance,”Saturday August 26 at 9:00 PM.
gizmo2tc72 1   07/24/17 02:19 PM
x*Unfortunately, I don't get that channel :=( NT
CatsRock07/24/17 03:43 PM
*Spoiler for Tues. July 25, 2017
gizmo2tc123 0   07/24/17 02:10 PM
*I learned something today: Alyvia Alyn Lind's older sister Natalie is Dayna on the Goldbergs and recently had an arc on Gotham, as Silver
Rio126 1   07/24/17 08:24 AM
x*Their other sister was on Revenge. NT
Rio07/24/17 09:12 AM
* For BB fans Jessie Godderz/Mr Pec-Tacular will be on Y&R August 4. I guess that will be Aug 3 for Canada. NT
Linn192 4   07/22/17 03:52 PM
x*Wow, how did you find that out? Wonder what role he'll be playing, Mr. Muscle Man. He's so conceited, ugh, can't stand the guy. NT
CatsRock07/22/17 06:05 PM
x*I didn't like him on his season but he makes me laugh now. He will be a security guard. Yes huge ego. link inside
Linn07/23/17 05:56 AM
x*Thanks for the link, Linn. Talking about BBUS, do you watch BBAD on Slice-TV 2am-5am? I PVR them and watch them the next day so I can FF through it NT
CatsRock07/23/17 08:59 AM
x*No I just read comments or updates once in a while. I occasionally watch the show. I have just gotten tired of it. NT
Linn07/23/17 09:34 AM
*Read a rumor that Faith may come back sorased. Maybe to interact with Reed, Mattie and Charlie. I hope not. NT
Linn430 7   07/22/17 09:14 AM
x*I could see it since the Faith character is just a few months older than the Winter's twins. NT
terlu07/22/17 08:57 PM
x*It's probably not a rumour but true. She hasn't been on the show for a long time so it makes sense that they aged her to be a teenager as you said. NT
CatsRock07/22/17 02:08 PM
x*I checked her IMDb bio earlier. she's been filming a TV movie, a short and a movie. NT
Rio07/22/17 03:04 PM
x*I just watched the first 3 episodes of Transparent and was so surprised to see Alyvia in it! She was so young then, back in 2014 but cute as ever. NT
CatsRock07/22/17 06:04 PM
x*Boo! Alyvia is one of the best actors on the show. NT
Rio07/22/17 10:58 AM
x*She is/was! If she's gone from the show, I'm going to miss her perkiness and cuteness. NT
CatsRock07/22/17 02:09 PM
x*Love she is a great young actress NT
bluedevilsfan7107/25/17 04:55 PM
*Spoilers for the week of July 24, 2017
gizmo2tc195 0   07/21/17 03:16 PM
*Spoiler for Mon. July 24, 2017
gizmo2tc134 0   07/21/17 02:47 PM
*Spoiler for Fri. July 21, 2017
gizmo2tc402 4   07/20/17 03:06 PM
x*OK, so something is wrong with Victoria, does this mean that because she hit her they will find that she suddenly has some major illness like a brain
gizmo2tc07/20/17 03:16 PM
x*I was wondering if her hearing problem could be a slight concussion from her fall that is causing hearing loss.
CatsRock07/20/17 03:24 PM
x*IKR can't escape horrible recycled SLs even when breaking news interrupted today for OJs fake remorse parole hearing. Ugh! NT
HarleyQ07/20/17 03:57 PM
x*either way it is tiring like you said to see the same old SL over and over and over CATS! NT
gizmo2tc07/20/17 03:27 PM
*Why does CBS think we care about OJ Simpson ? To interrupt Y&R NT
bluedevilsfan71419 5   07/20/17 10:10 AM
x*The channel that carries DOOL did it also! Pissed me off so bad! At least I can catch B&B and
gizmo2tc07/20/17 03:10 PM
x*Oh, no! They really did that? Totally not necessary! I don't blame you for being upset and angry, bluedevilsfan. NT
CatsRock07/20/17 01:20 PM
x*Do you have POP? You can watch it this evening or OnDemand. NT
Caramel07/20/17 02:31 PM
x*Yeah, watching it now. If it was something we really needed to know about I would be fine with them interrupting ,wish they would just put a scroll at
bluedevilsfan7107/20/17 04:35 PM
x*I agree. Most of that stuff can wait. NT
Caramel07/21/17 08:15 AM
*Spoiler for Thursday July 20, 2017
gizmo2tc222 0   07/19/17 02:49 PM
*Spoiler for Wed. July 19, 2017
gizmo2tc1140 7   07/18/17 02:43 PM
CatsRock07/18/17 03:49 PM
x*Yep!! Flashback... Wasn't there another lesbian couple, Brock's daughter or McKenzie before she fell for Victoria's ex (& husband IRL). Also, Phillip
HarleyQ07/19/17 01:19 PM
x*Cat I too was shocked but immediately thought the same Are they going
mellon07/18/17 08:30 PM
x*I was surprised too but I saw more connection and emotion between Mariah and Tessa then I have ever seen between Mariah and Devin or Tessa
Linn07/19/17 05:34 AM
x*Oh, yes, they sure did. I'm just wondering if the writers are going to continue that SL or have the ladies go back to Devon/Noah. NT
CatsRock07/19/17 02:10 PM
x*Because Nikki was crying so we tend to have sympathy for her. It was kind of a sad ending to the episode. NT
CatsRock07/19/17 02:10 AM
x*And yes, I do think the writers are going there but only if the fans react positively to it. They're probably waiting for some feedback. NT
CatsRock07/19/17 02:12 AM
*Spoiler for Tues. July 18, 2017
gizmo2tc454 3   07/17/17 02:53 PM
x*There's a really handsome new actor on Y&R!
CatsRock07/17/17 04:18 PM
x*Hoo Hoo I just couldn't resist saying that. lol NT
Linn07/17/17 05:41 PM
x*LOL Linn! NT
CatsRock07/17/17 06:13 PM
*Spoilers for week of July 17, 2017 & video links
gizmo2tc191 0   07/14/17 05:28 PM
*Spoiler for Mon. July 17, 2017
gizmo2tc1471 11   07/14/17 02:44 PM
x*Good show. Lots going on. NT
Linn07/14/17 07:31 PM
x*Yes. I felt so bad for Mariah at the very end there. Camryn is a good actor. Not surprised at all about Nikki/Jack. Knew the writers would do that.
CatsRock07/14/17 07:52 PM
x*I was hoping we wouldn't have to revisit Jack/Nikki, but I guess it was inevitable....really old news rechurned NT
dekajo07/18/17 08:58 AM
x*I totally agree with you, dekajo! NT
CatsRock07/18/17 01:35 PM
x*;-) NT
dekajo07/19/17 10:00 AM
x*Yes Mariah deserves better than Devon. Never have liked him. NT
Linn07/15/17 06:44 AM
x*I find Devon so icky. Mariah needs a new man in her life. NT
CatsRock07/15/17 08:33 AM
x*Can't believe they are getting rid of Kevin and keeping Devon. NT
Linn07/15/17 03:09 PM
x*They can keep Devon but replace him with another cuter, sexier, more handsome actor. They've done that before, haven't they? NT
CatsRock07/16/17 04:18 AM
x*we can only hope NT
mixmemargarita07/16/17 05:06 PM
x*They could keep Kevin & get rid of Abby, Ashley, the entire Winters family. NT
bluedevilsfan7107/16/17 10:43 PM
*When it comes to Billy do you like him with Victoria or Phyllis? NT
bbisluv678 9   07/13/17 04:15 PM
x*I like Billy with Phyllis. NT
BonusBlanket07/14/17 07:19 PM
x*Me too. Phyllis is fun Victoria is boring. NT
Linn07/14/17 07:24 PM
x*to answer the ?, I say he belongs with Vic NT
jbt07/14/17 01:50 PM
x*I don't really care one way or another since I don't really care for this Billy! NT
gizmo2tc07/13/17 05:25 PM
x*Steve Burton is rumored to be returning to GH. Perhaps Billy Miner will be coming back to Y&R. NT
bbisluv07/14/17 10:29 AM
x*I'd love to see Billy Miller back as Billy, although Steve Burton has grown on me and he has more chemistry with Phyllis than Billy Miller would. NT
Caramel07/15/17 12:11 AM
x*I would so love to have BM back. Fingers crossed. NT
Rio07/14/17 05:06 PM
x*Me, too! Hope it happens! NT
CatsRock07/14/17 07:54 PM
x*^^^ This! ^^^ Right on, gizmo!!! NT
CatsRock07/13/17 07:29 PM
*Spoiler for Fri. July 14:
CatsRock376 2   07/13/17 03:10 PM
x*What gets me is that......
CatsRock07/13/17 03:19 PM
x*I totally agree Cats! NT
gizmo2tc07/13/17 05:24 PM
*Melissa Ordway/Abby is pregnant with her 2nd child! Read about it inside>>>
CatsRock113 0   07/13/17 01:33 PM
*Spoiler for Thur. July 13, 2017
gizmo2tc173 0   07/12/17 02:48 PM
*I bet once this concert is over Nikki's MS will disappear again. LOL NT
gizmo2tc278 3   07/11/17 04:52 PM
x*I was surprised that they didn't work in Reed as a warmup act. The show at least hired some extras. NT
Rio07/14/17 05:04 PM
x*100%! NT
bbisluv07/13/17 04:08 PM
x*1,000,000% LOL! NT
CatsRock07/13/17 07:29 PM
*Spoiler for Wed. July 12:
CatsRock603 4   07/11/17 03:31 PM
x*I really thought....
CatsRock07/11/17 03:58 PM
x*same here Cats! NT
gizmo2tc07/11/17 04:51 PM
x*Me too! NT
Barb07/12/17 01:40 AM
x*I agree. NT
Linn07/12/17 05:49 AM
*Spoiler for Tues. July 11:
CatsRock164 0   07/10/17 03:45 PM
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