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*Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers ~ Preview
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*Survivor 34: Game Changers ~ Cast bios and pics
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*Survivor 34: Game Changers Finale Preview, May 24th @ 8:00pm "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”
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*Survivor Forum Discussion
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*Based on the edit you'd think that Troyzan & Sarah didn't bond all that strongly. This suggests otherwise. See inside.
Corndogger187 1   05/29/17 03:43 PM
x*They both look so thin! NT
colleenag05/29/17 05:29 PM
*Pic of Andrea, Aubz and Sarah from when they got back after shooting S34 (July 2016). According to Aubz it's Day 40 or 41.
Corndogger552 1   05/28/17 01:41 PM
x*Nice pic, they all look great! NT
colleenag05/28/17 04:24 PM
*The odds of this happening had to be astronomical. Hali's dad stopped to help someone broken down on the highway and it was Malcolm! Pic inside.
Corndogger622 1   05/27/17 11:57 PM
x*Wow NT
05/28/17 12:19 AM
*Brad in his interview with Andrea said "I'm by far NOT the best Survivor player. I would say I'm one of the worst players on that stage." He also
Corndogger1078 5   05/26/17 09:36 PM
x*I've been listening to some pod casts the last few days, they all agree that Sarah played the best game. They also agree she was somewhat boring.
PVRlover05/27/17 04:56 AM
x*The real issue for some fans? I think that's definitely it. If Sarah had played like Tony I think that set of fans would love her. NT
Corndogger05/27/17 01:45 PM
x*I loved Sarah and think she played an amazing game. NT
Brn2Wander05/27/17 06:41 PM
x*Me too. NT
PVRlover05/28/17 06:47 AM
x*It's funny you bring this up...I was thinking today about Sarah's game and there hasn't been much talk (or I missed it) about Sarah's undercover/split
colleenag05/27/17 10:25 AM
*thank god a woman won finally...hate mysogyny... NT
AaronVK328 11   05/26/17 08:15 PM
x*And I hate favoriting women just because they happen to be female NT
FurnitureAlliance05/28/17 11:40 AM
x*i agree. i never been one to do that for either gender or for an alliance. NT
KlausHeissler05/28/17 11:31 PM
x*I think Sarah played a fantastic game and deserved to win. I am very happy for her. NT
Brn2Wander05/27/17 06:40 PM
x*k NT
BBO05/27/17 03:30 PM
x*? NT
theotherguy05/26/17 10:07 PM
x*Huh? 45% of the winners have been women. NT
krh503805/26/17 08:21 PM
x*The last female winner prior to Sarah was literally last year. NT
Digitalpotato05/26/17 09:27 PM
x*She' was a very dull winner and easy to forget about NT
FurlessBat05/26/17 09:28 PM
x*Going a record 22 days without going to TC means you get little airtime. Her social game was great and you clearly remember Michele. NT
Corndogger05/26/17 09:38 PM
x*The editing for Kaoh Rong was pretty much "Aubry should have won, but here's how Michele did." NT
Digitalpotato05/28/17 07:40 PM
x*I don't think Mrs. Obama was on Survivor NT
FurlessBat05/26/17 10:15 PM
*Just for the record and putting it on the record...
SpaceEVA530 0   05/26/17 01:13 PM
*Good interviews with the final 6. Worth listening to
FurnitureAlliance190 0   05/26/17 08:53 AM
*I wonder if Survivor Dan watched this season. He famously insisted that "flippers never win" Suvivor. Well, Sarah flipped more than once this season
Blockhead827 20   05/26/17 07:47 AM
x*Ah, Dan, Survivor Seer Sage & Soothsayer NT
FurnitureAlliance05/26/17 11:08 AM
x*I thought the winner was a dud both times she played.. And her winning is a result of this dud season. She had more thing fall into her lap than she
all8up05/26/17 10:18 AM
x*Along for the ride? She was manipulating people the entire game and was always on the right side of the vote. She played a great game but I'm not
Corndogger05/26/17 12:45 PM
x*is it maybe possible that your opinion is just opinion and not fact? NT
krh503805/26/17 09:48 PM
x*My opinion is based on what the people who played the game are saying. Are you claiming that they don't know what they're talking about? NT
Corndogger05/26/17 09:55 PM
x*I'm claiming nothing other than opinions are just opinions, not facts. You say other posters won't acknowledge your opinion as being the correct one
krh503805/26/17 09:58 PM
x*Not all opinions are equal and what I'm saying is that some people aren't acknowledging what the players themselves have said. If they don't like
Corndogger05/26/17 10:05 PM
x*So others' opinions are inferior to yours? Got it. NT
krh503805/26/17 10:12 PM
x*Obviously you don't because that's not what I'm saying. NT
Corndogger05/26/17 10:24 PM
x*i think her game was average i think last season aubry played an awesome game and lost. yes she was on the right side of the votes but she
Belle05/26/17 01:55 PM
x*You don't have to dictate who goes every week to be the better player. The better player knows when to target a specific person & when to let others
PVRlover05/26/17 03:14 PM
x*Brad and Sierra made moves at the beginning of the game but it was just about all Sarah from the merge on. Sarah's game was much better than Aubz's.
Corndogger05/26/17 02:16 PM
x*haven't thought of survivor dan in forever thanks a lot NT
Belle05/26/17 08:35 AM
x*Ohhhhh no.... NT
krh503805/26/17 08:35 AM
x*She really did flip a lot. She was frequently the swing vote. In BB they'd call her a "floater". NT
JAF05/26/17 08:24 AM
x*Controlling almost every elimination doesn't make you a floater NT
Bessie05/26/17 09:04 AM
x*Here we go....Being a floater is the toughest way to win the game. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/26/17 11:09 AM
x*I enjoy a player that can successfully float. You're right, it is very tough to get away with it & still get the votes in the end. NT
PVRlover05/26/17 03:32 PM
x*I wish more BB players were willing to play that game. It keeps things interesting. NT
PVRlover05/26/17 08:36 AM
x*It doesn't fit as well in BB since BB is almost entirely one big social game with little else to it. Survivor (thankfully) is so much more.
JAF05/26/17 09:23 AM
*Sarah Lacina On Her Million Dollar Victory
Dreamer845 15   05/26/17 02:05 AM
x*Congrats. I have seen between 12-15 seasons of Survivor and all I know is I have no interest in watching the finale. very underwhelming season. IMO NT
Matzak05/26/17 07:44 AM
x*Overall it was. I remember a month or two ago many of us lamenting all the top players leaving the game and saying "we're gonna be stuck with
JAF05/26/17 08:33 AM
x*LOL! Sarah was getting a lot of praise from early on. It's beginning to look like S34 post season is going to be a repeat of S32. NT
Corndogger05/26/17 02:18 PM
x*Awe come on, Sarah didn't even come out of the bushes until week 5. ;) NT
Matzak05/26/17 02:21 PM
x*For the first half of the game she was in tribes that kept winning challenges immunity... so they were not shown as much as the other tribes.
RealityCK05/26/17 04:03 PM
x*Yep! Too many returnee's who should never of came back. felt like watching a rerun. When Ozzy checked out so did I for the most part. coming off a few
Matzak05/26/17 09:08 AM
x*Ironically Sarah is one I don't think they should have brought back. They certainly had no good reason to just b/c it turned out well for her. NT
krh503805/26/17 09:16 AM
x*It was a pretty weak F10 overall. In fact the only one of the F10 I'd consider a major player was Zeke. Maybe Cirie too but she was
JAF05/26/17 09:28 AM
x*Cirie seems to me as a better fit for BB No? NT
Matzak05/26/17 09:31 AM
x*Yes and she could play from the couch there...LOL Gotta love Cirie!! NT
Mazita05/26/17 10:49 AM
x*If one or the other, yes. But I hope she's done. In fact I hope all these players are done. Seen enough of them all, even my favs. Time to move on
JAF05/26/17 09:42 AM
x*I agree 100% (wouldn't mind seeing Justin "Jay" Starrett one last time lol) NT
Matzak05/26/17 09:47 AM
x*When they do another returnee season (hopefully not soon), he'd be at or near the top of my wishlist too. NT
JAF05/26/17 10:56 AM
x*Wouldn't you say most seasons are mostly judged for post merge game play. Many players never worked together before that. Brads game was lacking
PVRlover05/26/17 08:45 AM
x*More for seasons with newbies. Players in All-Star seasons largely already had opinions formed about them though. NT
JAF05/26/17 09:02 AM
*Brice Sander sits down with the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Game Changers Sarah Lacina, and former castaways Joe Anglim and Jeremy Collins
Dreamer84 0   05/26/17 02:04 AM
*I love the post posts, but the possibility of Tai possibly winning is quite confusing to me. Against anyone.
Fig1170 24   05/26/17 02:03 AM
x*He was shady and played the "i was scared" excuse too much. NT
LillyBell05/26/17 07:38 AM
x*He is a good guy. I don't think he is as wishy washy as people thinks he is. I think he gets his feelings hurt easily. I also think he was smart to
FrouFrou05/26/17 06:14 AM
x*I agree. I've been saying that he was getting blamed for Sarahs hinky votes. Good on Sarah NT
PVRlover05/26/17 06:51 AM
x*ITA. I can understand Sarah getting 7 votes, but Tai getting 5 is utterly ridiculous. Which makes me think there was some serious anti-Brad
JAF05/26/17 05:46 AM
x*or just maybe it points to someone treating people so poorly that they won't vote for him to win? Something that we actually have evidence of. NT
nicholaspuppy05/26/17 06:30 AM
x*Or is it the threatening Tai if he didn't give up his idol? If he was already rubbing people the wrong way, that may have pushed it over the top NT
PVRlover05/26/17 06:28 AM
x*not sure why brad is getting such back lash for demanding tia's idol. off camera he apparently struck the same deal with sarah. he had something
Belle05/26/17 08:31 AM
x*Someone should buy a cheap ring ($50 or less) and tell everyone on Survivor or BB that this is their wedding ring and by giving it to them they are
Blockhead05/26/17 01:04 PM
x*apples & oranges
PVRlover05/26/17 10:08 AM
x*lol :) okay NT
Belle05/26/17 11:03 AM
x*I don't think it was serious Anti-brad bias. I think Brad had disdain for half the contestants and they knew it. He talked down to almost everyone.
FrouFrou05/26/17 06:24 AM
x*Towards the end, his truly bully nature manifested itself, like in his previous season. He was PISSED he didn't win. Too cocky. NT
LillyBell05/26/17 07:39 AM
x*That's the anti-Brad bias I'm talking about... already wealthy and not very liked (i.e. personal reasons rather than game performance). NT
JAF05/26/17 06:28 AM
x*But being liked is a part of the game. The social game is as if not more important than the physical aspect. NT
FrouFrou05/26/17 06:45 AM
x*That's part of it, yes. But only part. When handing someone a million dollars, some are just reluctant to give it to someone that already has
JAF05/26/17 08:04 AM
x*True, but everyone comes in with an obstacle they KNOW they have to overcome.
CubbyPuppy05/26/17 08:40 PM
x*Not just being liked but making efforts to talk to people. When they lost Debbie, Sierra went & tried to work with the others. We never saw Brad/Troy
PVRlover05/26/17 06:57 AM
x*I agree with this. After the merge the Brad/Sierra alliance had the numbers and they thought they would pick off the other side to the finale.
Blockhead05/26/17 07:28 AM
x*Exactly. And when he was on the outs all he did was threaten Tai. He made no attempt to placate and work with anyone other than his own alliance. NT
FrouFrou05/26/17 07:14 AM
x*that they showed. Knowing Troy and Brad were in F3 and didn't win, it's likely that a lot they did in the game was edited out. NT
krh503805/26/17 07:14 AM
x*The same can be said for Tai. Who knew he was that close to Sarah. Who else did he have strong bonds with? NT
PVRlover05/26/17 08:24 AM
x*the whole season was edited so poorly I don't necessarily believe anything I saw. NT
krh503805/26/17 09:51 PM
x*Sarah certainly felt that he could win. There was more there than they showed. NT
PVRlover05/26/17 08:25 AM
x*let's just go with four as we pretty much figured Tai trumping Ozzy in that one comp was the reason Ozzy would vote for Tai. That makes it a
colleenag05/26/17 06:22 AM
*Survivor: Game Changers, Ponderosa 10 ~ Tai
Dreamer116 0   05/26/17 02:03 AM
*Survivor: Game Changers, Ponderosa 9 ~ Aubry
Dreamer89 0   05/26/17 02:02 AM
*Survivor: Game Changers, Ponderosa 8 ~ Cirie
Dreamer124 0   05/26/17 02:01 AM
*Some pics from Aubz from the Reunion including one with the Queen and one with her new showmance.
Corndogger396 0   05/25/17 10:01 PM
*Survivor winner has no regrets
WillRulz163 0   05/25/17 08:17 PM
*It would have been sweet if Tai had made a fake HII and when Brad was pressuring him for a HII, Tai could have given him a fake one. NT
Blockhead59 2   05/25/17 07:20 PM
x*wow, that would of been soo much fun! NT
colleenag05/26/17 06:26 AM
x*Tai is not that smart. NT
robin005/25/17 08:30 PM
*Andrea's red carpet interviews & more! Start times: Sarah: 3:00, Cirie: 11:00, Aubz: 18:43, Tai: 23:42, Troyzan: 36:31, Brad: 43:05, Zeke: 1:00:42.
Corndogger115 0   05/25/17 07:20 PM
*There's a secret scene titled "I Need The Money" with Troyzan & Sarah at F4. The clip illustrates how hardcore Sarah played the game. She asks
Corndogger325 0   05/25/17 06:57 PM
*For those emphasizing Sarah's point about Brad being an athlete,
SpaceEVA2295 49   05/25/17 04:00 PM
x*Sarah made this exact point herself. You just reworded exactly what she said to the jury. Lol NT
WillettDrizzle05/25/17 07:11 PM
x*I already tried. Don't bother. There are many Survivor fans on here that refuse to give the champion her due. It's ridiculous in my opinion. NT
trifecta05/25/17 07:41 PM
x*It's incredibly rude to call others' opinions ridiculous. NT
krh503805/26/17 10:00 PM
x*Happens every time. Sarah won therefore she played the best game. The end. NT
BlondeMoment05/26/17 11:27 AM
x*That's absurd. It would seem rather some people are very biased. Look back to my previous post congratulating Sarah on a splendid season.
SpaceEVA05/25/17 08:22 PM
x*Yep. I'm seeing a whole lot more that aren't willing to give Brad his due. Of what was left down the stretch, I thought BOTH of them had a valid case
JAF05/26/17 10:54 AM
x*Brad didn't win therefore his case wasn't as good as Sarah's. NT
BlondeMoment05/26/17 11:29 AM
x*That's obviously what the jury thought (falling 2 jurors short of the win). But we're offering OUR opinions on the game here. NT
JAF05/26/17 11:35 AM
x*Yeah. That's part of the point i'm trying to get across is that both of their achievement are quite impressive in their own strengths and specialty.
SpaceEVA05/26/17 11:11 AM
x*Yep. Although personally I don't even like applying (in golf terms) a handicap like that. If I were on the jury I'd try to rate someone's
JAF05/26/17 11:44 AM
x*I would prefer that as well, i'm mainly bringing that into things in this instance because being a professional was brought into the discussion. NT
SpaceEVA05/26/17 01:17 PM
x*IMO Troy accomplishments were really over shadowed. he did a great job of knowing to keep quiet and letting the game play out. a lot of folks would
Belle05/26/17 11:18 AM
x*Or as Sarah referred to it -- Sandra's game. She proved it can work (unfortunately), but I think a key component is to have a bitter jury
JAF05/26/17 11:49 AM
x*Indeed, that style is often overlooked because it's not as flashy or obvious or seeming to do a lot. Big action tends to gets noticed way more. NT
SpaceEVA05/26/17 11:29 AM
x*IA. It's true, Brad should of shot right back..."and you're a trained undercover professional duh"...but he didn't think of it. I thought he
colleenag05/26/17 06:29 AM
x*Or Jeff as the "impartial" mediator/leader, whatever Jeff was supposed to be... or Brad's "champions", or someone who believes in fair judgement
SpaceEVA05/26/17 10:42 AM
x*Excellent point: what are the qualities that make being a trained undercover police officer good on a reality show like survivor? Sarah mentioned
colleenag05/29/17 02:58 AM
x*Don't forget that Derrick also had the Team America twist to protect him. Sarah had nothing like that given to her which is why I think her win was
Corndogger05/29/17 03:50 PM
x*True, Donny and Frankie and Derrick did have a built-in alliance and for sure that helped keep Derrick safe. As I have mentioned before, even Donny
colleenag05/29/17 05:04 PM
x*And as soon as I posted that I realized the other point you were strategy like Sarah's tends to trump physical comp prowess
colleenag05/29/17 03:17 AM
x*Good point. Although I still think bringing up "professional athlete" was a much about a subtle "NFL player = RICH so he doesn't need the money
JAF05/25/17 04:59 PM
x*I don't think Brad made that much in the NFL. In his last season in 2000 he made $490K inc. bonus. What % did his agent get? He's probably made way
Corndogger05/25/17 05:15 PM
x*Not sure how much he's making as an attorney when he has never argued a $1M case NT
bunnielebowski05/25/17 11:45 PM
x*The other players probably didn't know precisely how much he made either, but again, the perception is NFL player (and now lawyer) = $$rich$$. NT
JAF05/26/17 06:33 AM
x*Not to mention Monica's plastic face to show they can afford luxurious things :) NT
krh503805/26/17 07:16 AM
x*The "neat lady" face NT
FurnitureAlliance05/26/17 11:04 AM
x*lol NT
JAF05/26/17 10:54 AM
x*He didn't make a ton compared to many but the exact number doesn't really matter since the perception is that NFL player = rich. I think we'd be
JAF05/25/17 08:33 PM
x*Brad should have done a better job countering with the fact that he won puzzles. Anybody could have won them. NT
PVRlover05/25/17 04:37 PM
x*That was the beauty of it. Not all the jury were at all the competitions so they couldn't process that. So while what Sarah painted wasn't quite
trifecta05/25/17 04:49 PM
x*As I said earlier, I don't think the jurors appreciate comp wins as much as the social strategic game that they are forced to play. Although some
PVRlover05/25/17 05:14 PM
x*or have 2 Russells that the jury can't stand to give the million to. Also, didn't Kelly Wigglesworth put together a streak like Brad's in the
trifecta05/25/17 05:22 PM
x*Kim went on a run too in One World, winning 4 of 5 down the stretch. NT
JAF05/26/17 10:47 AM
x*I'm not saying that the girls can't be great at comps. I just don't think they can go in expecting to win enough II to get them to the end NT
PVRlover05/25/17 06:53 PM
x*She did and so did Mike Holloway. NT
Corndogger05/25/17 05:26 PM
x*Right, I was countering what PVRlover said that a woman would "NEVER"(he uppercased it for emphasis) go on that kind of winning streak. NT
trifecta05/25/17 05:32 PM
x**clap emoji* NT
Bessie05/25/17 05:18 PM
x*I thought that was her point and she made it. She was saying that Brad excelled at what he was an expert at and she did the same so don't hold her
trifecta05/25/17 04:15 PM
x*It didn't come across that way to me as there wasn't an acknowledgement of that helping Sarah excel. I felt like it was discrediting Brad more so NT
SpaceEVA05/25/17 04:18 PM
x*No, when Michaela finally stopped Brad from interrupting Sarah, she explained that. He used what he's been groomed at to advance his game
trifecta05/25/17 04:21 PM
x*So it wasn't to discredit Brad, it was to temper the slobber pouring out of Debbie and Ozzy's mouth about how great it was that Brad won all those
trifecta05/25/17 04:24 PM
x*Don't forget the Zeke and Michaela slobber for Sarah. NT
JAF05/25/17 04:54 PM
x*I don't know. I might have to watch it again to see if i can see that because it's not how it came across the first time i watched.
SpaceEVA05/25/17 04:28 PM
x*Brad felt the need to counter because he interrupted her and didn't let her finish her point. That's when Michaela stepped in and said "let her
trifecta05/25/17 04:44 PM
x*There's no ultimate fairness criteria that demands deception and competitions are to be treated equally giving deception disadvantage as such.
SpaceEVA05/25/17 05:05 PM
x*That's only because you missed it or don't remember it, she did. She wasn't discrediting Brad unless you agree she was discrediting her own
trifecta05/25/17 05:19 PM
x*I went back to the part where that point was made.
SpaceEVA05/25/17 05:50 PM
x*It seems like Sarah was saying his being an athelet is why he won so many challenges, while he was downplaying being an athlete because he's older
FurnitureAlliance05/25/17 07:48 PM
x*There did seem to be that implication to an extent, yes. In so many words.
SpaceEVA05/25/17 09:00 PM
*Was Brad's porn mustache fake? I just watched Andrea's red carpet interview with him and it was gone. Dalton said one minute it was there and the
Corndogger332 2   05/25/17 03:46 PM
x*His twitter probably blew up with tweets about how foolish it looked. NT
klmom305/26/17 03:33 PM
x*lol NT
Bessie05/25/17 05:22 PM
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