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*Girls, Interrupted
petite69 0   03/23/17 05:48 AM
*Big Little Lies - Anyone watching? I like it so far. NT
chris426678 5   03/12/17 01:36 PM
x*Big Little Lies’ Music Supervisor on Creating a ‘Push and Pull’ Soundtrack and Why Jean-Marc Vallée Is the Musical Jackson Pollock
petite603/16/17 10:29 AM
x*Reese is amazing. Best character. NT
IggysPINKTights03/13/17 11:40 AM
x*Reese = EVERYTHING. Big Little is the best thing on TV right now. NT
petite603/16/17 09:59 AM
x*i am. havent watched last nights yet though. liking it. only a 7 ep series for those that dont know. NT
KlausHeissler03/13/17 02:28 AM
x*I didn't watch lasts night yet either. Saving it for the blizzard tomorrow. Give me something to do during the day. NT
chris426603/13/17 04:32 PM
*Real Time with Bill Maher.....he's back.....about time...missed him..message is
janie880 1   01/20/17 11:11 PM
x*the ep Jim Jeffries was on is one of my favorite spots ever on this show. i lmfao when he told Piers Morgan off. NT
KlausHeissler03/13/17 02:29 AM
*'Do You Promise That We'll Always Be Friends?' The Girls Season 6 Trailer Is Here
petite628 0   01/09/17 03:53 PM
*HBO bumps up premiere date of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds documentary
petite695 2   12/30/16 01:22 PM
x*i couldn't watch. kinda weird NT
PointBeing01/08/17 02:23 PM
x*awww really? I just watched the trailer and it looked entertaining enough
petite601/12/17 12:22 PM
*Robert Durst on Filming 'The Jinx' Series: 'I Was on Meth the Whole Time'
petite651 0   12/18/16 10:24 AM
* Swoony stills of Seo Kang-joon and new teaser for Entourage
petite6102 1   10/31/16 07:18 PM
x*I wasn't really a fan of Entourage, watched a few epis here and there but I'll watch Korea's version. NT
petite610/31/16 07:19 PM
*Watching 'Ballers' I had no idea that JD washington, Ricky, was Denzel's son NT
petite6344 6   10/25/16 03:47 PM
x*i didnt know til after i watched the first season last year. havent watched season 2 yet. NT
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:05 PM
x*I've been watching from the beginning...I didn't either! I love how they have many NFL players on as cameos. NT
wyndycty10/25/16 04:52 PM
x*I just started watching because I love the Rock but how is the 2nd season? NT
petite610/25/16 06:50 PM
x*The Rock?....
Blockhead10/25/16 06:54 PM
x*LOL yes, I love him! NT
petite610/25/16 06:55 PM
x*Me too...ignore Block, he has bad taste. Yes it just finished its 2nd season NT
wyndycty10/26/16 05:06 AM
*Someone needs to fire George from HBO because his crossover idea is bad no matter how many say it's amazing
petite6159 1   10/20/16 09:11 AM
x*Please no. Don't ruin GoT with Westerworld. NT
chris426610/20/16 03:15 PM
*I loooove Sarah Jessica. Period. BUT 'Divorce' would be sooo much better if it was about how she was divorcing Mr. Big instead and going through
petite6705 11   10/15/16 01:08 PM
x*i just finished watching this series & i didnt think i would care for it since im not a SJP fan but i liked it. Thomas Hayden Church is the star
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:02 PM
x*Yeah...I thought she deserved what she got. Is this a whole series? ...
wyndycty10/15/16 04:56 PM
x*I is a comedy. NT
RealitySuperfan10/17/16 05:25 AM
x*I thought it was a series? If it's intended to be a mini-series the big problems I have with it go away. NT
M3gabyt310/15/16 05:53 PM
x*I had to go appears to be a series about a long drawn out Divorce, meh NT
wyndycty10/15/16 05:58 PM
x*I'm with you Wynd, not really interested in the tone...the girlfriends scenes are the best and it's not hard to see why she left that boring shriveled
petite610/18/16 06:35 PM
x*she should have left without being a cheating ass bitch. i rather see her character get the ***** end of the stick lol NT
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:04 PM
x*LOL I wasn't enjoying this one and I loooove looove SJP. NT
petite612/21/16 03:08 PM
x*It's very good. It's a dark comedy. I'm loving it! NT
RealitySuperfan10/17/16 05:28 AM
x*oops, I thought this was about WestWorld, lol NT
M3gabyt310/15/16 09:12 PM
x*Lol well, so many people seem to be loving the mystery of it (WW). I'm getting more intrigued but not enough to invest yet NT
petite610/18/16 06:37 PM
*Just finished watching Issa Rae's show, "Insecure". Liked the first epi, will keep watching to see how she reveals more of her awkwardness NT
petite6193 5   10/14/16 08:28 PM
x*solid first season. I ended up caring. NT
petite612/16/16 11:08 AM
x*it was pretty solid. cant stand her friends though. NT
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:05 PM
x*I liked her BF, i was sad about that lol NT
petite612/21/16 03:06 PM
x*yea i liked him also. she ***** up on that one. NT
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:34 PM
x*Yay!!! I have someone to talk to about this! I can't wait for season 2, Issa says she has a few surprises NT
petite612/21/16 03:49 PM
*My theory on Westworld
BigBrotherFly214 1   10/13/16 09:56 AM
x*I'm not watching, but you make this sound more appealing NT
petite610/14/16 08:30 PM
*I'm not sure how I feel about the New Westworld. The trailer was okay, I didn't have the feels maybe it will be amazing NT
petite61488 25   09/08/16 05:44 PM
x*Finished. It still gets a meh from me, but good season ending. NT
M3gabyt312/13/16 02:23 AM
x*Also just finished the binge. I mean it was ok I guess. I suppose they have a couple ways they can go with it next season. I'd watch a season 2
kidfresh51212/31/16 02:53 PM
x*This doesn't make me want to finish epi 1 that I keep falling asleep on for whatever reason. It's not bad but I get sleepy NT
petite612/20/16 09:10 AM
x*You need to get to through to ep6 unfortunately before things happen IMO.
M3gabyt312/20/16 11:13 AM
x*I guess starting at epi 6 is out of the question?!? NT
petite612/20/16 11:17 AM
x*Yeah, don't skip. NT
M3gabyt312/20/16 01:10 PM
x*I've been the same about it. I'm up to episode 4 now, but I have had to start each episode over again and again because I keep falling asleep!
cantgetenough12/20/16 09:12 AM
x*I think it's making us sleepy! Watch Issa's show, it's shorter NT
petite612/20/16 09:15 AM
x*My kiddo was just here this weekend an insist we binge watch it, he loves it.....Im conflicted -:) NT
wyndycty12/13/16 04:56 AM
x*I'd say go for it. It comes to a good enough end...and the first part might go faster if binge watched. Avoid spoilers. NT
M3gabyt312/13/16 09:36 AM
x*i doubt it. Any show that requires the viewer to pay attention is asking a lot these days. Ain't nobody got time for that! NT
PointBeing10/09/16 06:59 AM
x*ROFL I love you NT
petite610/14/16 08:24 PM
x*After 2 episodes...I'm still not sure why I should keep watching
M3gabyt310/08/16 08:51 PM
x*It's an HBO show, so you have faith that it will be good quality so maybe that's why? lol NT
petite610/14/16 08:29 PM
x*My first impression before it started was it was being over hyped, they were trying to promote it as the next GoT. NT
M3gabyt310/14/16 08:58 PM
x*It is a theme park where you can live out your fantasies-yes,you can kill a robot but they cant kill you-its living out a fantasy of killing/raping NT
xrayspex10/13/16 04:50 PM
x*Exactly. They're programed never to harm living things. Which is why killing the fly was telling.
FurnitureAlliance10/20/16 03:25 PM
x*Because you can't kill real people.. NT
BigBrotherFly10/13/16 09:51 AM
x*But how do the bullets cause the damage to other stuff? NT
M3gabyt310/14/16 12:25 AM
x*They are not real bullets-probably some sort of electrical hologram that can penetrate the robots body an short circuit them. NT
xrayspex10/14/16 03:58 AM
x*2 episodes?? Whoa, I need to catch up! NT
TrinaE10/10/16 04:06 PM
x*I didnt' watch the first 15 min or so, only turned it on so hubby could watch, didn't think I'd get pulled in but I did. NT
MegsMom31610/06/16 04:58 AM
x*Loving it! Loved the old movie and was concerned they would screw it up but they did not an it might even be better then the movie NT
xrayspex10/13/16 04:52 PM
x*It was great! NT
BigBrotherFly10/05/16 04:11 PM
x*I really loved the original movie. I remember seeing it as a kid. I would like some good science fiction on TV NT
mgbaloo09/08/16 05:46 PM
*HBO’s new comedy Vice Principals is a vicious free-for-all that knows exactly how cruel it is
petite6369 2   07/17/16 12:57 PM
x*This show is nutty, but I like it!! Those 2 guys are something else! NT
dekajo07/30/16 03:43 PM
x*I thought this was Eastbound at first lol I loooove Walton Goggins, can't wait for this one! NT
petite607/17/16 12:58 PM
*Is anyone watching The Night Of? OMG!! I think I'm going to love it!! Looove John Turtorro!!! NT
petite64504 43   07/09/16 11:34 AM
x*The night of
BB6608/29/16 10:45 AM
x* Naz was not soooo
petite609/04/16 09:25 AM
x*Thx for letting me know about it! NT
wyndycty09/08/16 05:15 PM
x*YW!! Have you watched 'The Wire' yet?if not, you have to put that on your to do, you will love it. NT
petite609/08/16 05:41 PM
x*The Wire is the greatest TV show in the history of mankind!!! It's the Tom Brady of TV shows. NT
Blockhead09/08/16 05:44 PM
x*It's sooooo good. To be sympathetic to some of these characters takes great skill. Simon was brilliant and Idris made my day NT
petite609/08/16 05:45 PM
x*Welcome to the board BB66. I enjoyed The Night Of as well.
Blockhead08/29/16 05:13 PM
x*good recap, Blockhead, I thought Chandra....
janie809/05/16 07:12 AM
x*Excellent recapp ....
wyndycty08/31/16 02:23 PM
x*I agree
Blockhead09/01/16 12:22 PM
x*I looked forward to it every week... It did have the
wyndycty08/29/16 04:56 PM
x* final review: Bleh. NT
M3gabyt308/29/16 03:13 AM
x*Awwwwww..... Didn't you just love the ..
wyndycty08/29/16 05:45 AM
x*well said, wyndycty .loved the kittie "found a home". lol NT
janie809/05/16 07:18 AM
x*Recommend watching Ep7, or waiting until next week to watch it with the final? NT
M3gabyt308/22/16 09:33 AM
x*We are watching tonight...Ill let you know! NT
wyndycty08/22/16 01:19 PM
x*Lays out more pieces to the puzzle... They have a lot to do in the final episode to wrap this trial up! NT
wyndycty08/23/16 05:47 AM
x*Good episode..We have New suspects! Funeral guy & Ex-Husband. I need some help tho...
wyndycty08/14/16 08:36 PM
x*Funeral guy was sooooo creepy and crazy NT
petite609/04/16 09:26 AM
x*Damn, I got spoiled on the feet before watching? *sigh* NT
M3gabyt308/14/16 09:22 PM
x*But...but....I thought it was ok to talk about it after it aired, sorry -:( NT
wyndycty08/15/16 05:34 AM
x*I'm caught up now. I guess there was one new thing at the end with the ex. I'm confused how much time has passed?
M3gabyt308/15/16 07:50 AM
x*Funeral guy was creepy too, why did no one interview him before also? I thought I had it figured it out but now we have...
wyndycty08/15/16 01:39 PM
x*Better episode, but was mostly just putting together what was already known except the drug they took. NT
M3gabyt308/08/16 12:16 PM
x*When are they going to figure out that Naz didn't have any blood on his body, only a little on his hand? After stabbing someone like that, there would
BadaBinggg08/03/16 01:03 PM
x*episode 9 NT
M3gabyt308/03/16 02:36 PM
x*Funny guy... I'm sure they are going to wrap it up in a pretty bow! We all know that the 2 guys walking by as Naz was going into her
wyndycty08/03/16 06:45 PM
x*That crossed my mind, esp when they were interrogating the guy who did show up, he was strangely defensive. NT
BadaBinggg08/03/16 07:53 PM
x*true true, saving it all for the last episode NT
BadaBinggg08/03/16 04:41 PM
x*There's only 8 :X I'm just prepared for a non-conclusion. Or he suddenly remembers doing it - the end. NT
M3gabyt308/03/16 05:20 PM
x*a ha I get it, Episode 9! I can see it ending without a conclusion, the way it's going. Still, I wouldn't regret watching. NT
BadaBinggg08/03/16 05:57 PM
x*Still waiting for the broken necklace reference in the opening credits... NT
M3gabyt308/03/16 01:16 AM
x*Ok, 3 shows are they going to save Naz!? NT
wyndycty07/26/16 05:31 AM
x*No idea what direction this will go, but I feel SO sorry for Naz and his parents. NT
dekajo07/30/16 03:44 PM
x*Finallllllly saw the 1st one...Im hooked! Can't wait to see what happens to Naz... Thx for the recommendation. NT
wyndycty07/17/16 08:10 PM
x*Feel like after the second ep I'll be complaining it's too slow. NT
M3gabyt307/12/16 06:36 PM
x*3rd ep...moving too slow and only 5 eps left to cover the results of crisco/plastic treatment... NT
M3gabyt307/27/16 07:38 PM
x*I think it's so spot on on what crime & investigations are really like in NY. No sugar coating, Dark. Did u think that the cat might be a clue? NT
wyndycty07/28/16 05:37 AM
x*I thought for sure the cat was going to lead him to something! NT
dekajo07/30/16 03:41 PM
x*We really liked it. NT
DebbieO07/12/16 09:37 AM
x*Mini-series, or Series..worth catching Up? NT
wyndycty07/12/16 09:05 AM
x*Read this Wynd, (only 1 epi has aired): The Night Of is like a long, really well-executed episode of Law & Order. It’s excellent.
petite607/12/16 09:27 AM
x*Thx ..found it.... Epi # 1 is in tonight at 6ct...then I hit record for the rest of the series! NT
wyndycty07/12/16 01:16 PM
*I meant to write this yesterday...I just discovered Veep... Binge watched the 1st 3 seasons...2 more to go to catch up. Soooooo funny! NT
wyndycty786 7   06/22/16 02:36 PM
x*I love Veep too!! Dreyfus is just amazing! She's one of the best comedians of today IMO NT
petite606/23/16 09:18 AM
x*I thought at first the show was making fun of her, but no...she can put people in their place like that. Love her... NT
wyndycty06/23/16 02:30 PM
x*VEEP is awesome! I wish I was just discovering it for the first time. I'm jealous! NT
cantgetenough06/23/16 09:16 AM
x*Hoping to do season 4 this weekend -:) NT
wyndycty06/23/16 02:30 PM
x*It is hilarious, wyndy! I love VEEP! NT
GazingEyes06/23/16 09:14 AM
x*I love all the actors also & so many known actors come in & out. I cracked up at the Law & Order guy being Veeps health coach, ha NT
wyndycty06/23/16 02:35 PM
x*I know! NT
GazingEyes06/26/16 06:25 PM
*Sarah Jessica Parkers 'Divorce' Trailer
petite6214 1   06/22/16 02:30 PM
x*I'm not sure about a whole series? NT
wyndycty06/22/16 02:33 PM
*HBO's 'Vinyl' Cancelled After 1 Season NT
Camlawnman199 1   06/22/16 11:46 AM
x*Darn! I was hoping they'd catch their stride and get better for S2. Had potential NT
Stylin08/03/16 10:22 PM
*‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Returning for Season 9 on HBO!!
GazingEyes769 6   06/14/16 01:58 PM
x*I am thrilled! I love Curb Your Enthusiasm! NT
GazingEyes06/14/16 01:59 PM
x*I love Curb too! NT
petite606/14/16 02:03 PM
x*I hope all the regulars are back with him. He is hilarious! NT
GazingEyes06/14/16 02:04 PM
x*I'm still behind on Suits, so many shows and so little time NT
petite606/14/16 02:09 PM
x*It doesn't seem like your enthusiasm is curbed at all. :) I can't wait for a new season of uncomfortable humor. NT
Blockhead06/14/16 02:02 PM
x*It does tend to go off the rails, lol. NT
GazingEyes06/14/16 02:05 PM
*Did anyone watch Anderson Cooper's documentary about his mom? I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it and she reminds me so much of my own
petite6235 1   06/14/16 07:03 AM
x*it was good NT
PointBeing06/17/16 06:01 PM
*Silicon Valley is the best show on TV. RIGBY!
bunnielebowski484 2   05/08/16 05:39 PM
x*I only liked the first season, but not really into it after that, but still watch. NT
M3gabyt305/08/16 06:37 PM
x*The scene where Erlich gave Jian Yang the robe was hilarious - esp when JY went off. It is so funny because I have worked at startups in SV and it
bunnielebowski05/09/16 08:56 AM
*I haven't even watched every season of Girls & didn't even know who that dude was, but I loved the last episode. NT
PointBeing800 5   04/01/16 08:54 PM
x*This was their best season IMO! Just so many great elements and the story seemed more seamless...loved Sho in Japan! Hiro's english was pretty good NT
petite605/27/16 02:28 PM
x*I've watched them all...are you talking about Adam and the baby or Huck from Scandal at the end? It has chg a lot since the beginning,
wyndycty04/12/16 02:19 PM
x*Charlie. The following epi was good, too, when Hanna finds out about Adam & her friend NT
PointBeing04/13/16 07:04 PM
x*I think I read this topic after this Charlie I think
M3gabyt304/12/16 03:27 PM
x*I just saw the date of PB post...yes that episode with Charlie was good! NT
wyndycty04/12/16 03:38 PM
*‘Togetherness’ To End After Two Seasons On HBO: No Season 3 NT
Camlawnman333 1   03/25/16 11:20 AM
x*I'm guessing the Duplass's 'Animals.' is next. They are apparently already developing remake of a film for HBO called "A Teacher". NT
Veruta03/25/16 11:37 AM
*3 out of 3 people have told me so far that they were not very impressed with Vinyl. HBO seems to be struggling to produce new shows lately. NT
Veruta1381 8   02/16/16 09:06 PM
x*I had to give up. I just can't imagine caring what happens to any of the characters after this last episode. NT
Veruta03/21/16 01:54 PM
x*We are going to stick with it...
NCMe03/09/16 02:01 PM
x*I have since watched it and am current. It's not that good, but it's okay enough that I keep watching. NT
Veruta03/09/16 08:12 PM
x*I feel the same. NT
chris426603/10/16 05:49 PM
x*The bit they showed on the people's couch didn't make me want to watch it and can someone explain the beginning of Togetherness to me? Did she
PointBeing02/27/16 07:56 AM
x*I finally got through the first 2 hour slog, and then the second episode. It got better in the second episode, but it's still fairly boring. NT
Veruta02/27/16 08:54 AM
x* not very interested, too many smelly looking people NT
petite602/17/16 06:52 PM
x*the premise didn't sound interesting to me but I thought it would be up hubby's alley he is into records/music big time. but its still sitting
Belle02/17/16 09:25 AM
*Does anyone here watch Getting On on HBO? OMG, it is the funniest show I've seen in years. It has me laughing until I'm crying every single
cantgetenough1461 7   01/21/16 10:15 AM
x*Loooove this show! Even how they deal with death is hilarious. NT
petite601/22/16 03:26 PM
x*Yep I love it and am sad it ended. Very quick, sharp humor NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/22/16 08:01 AM
x*yep. I worked at a nursing home in my youth, so that makes it funnier to me :) NT
Bilbo01/22/16 04:18 AM
x*I loved it and was disappointed when it ended. NT
MegsMom31601/21/16 12:24 PM
x*I found it quirky hilarious! NT
dekajo01/21/16 10:55 AM
x*Yep, they do a good job with it. It's based on the UK series of the same name. I still can't stand Dawn's Snow White hair, though. NT
Veruta01/21/16 10:20 AM
x*Yeah, but it sort of works for the character. I'm going to savior this last season and try not to binge watch it. Is the UK series to stream? NT
cantgetenough01/21/16 10:34 AM
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