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*New filter options to hide any annoying houseguest from the feed here...
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*Welcome to the HG Tweets forum...
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*I don't tweet, but will someone please point out to ED that those stupid twist are what won HIM the game. LMFAO EVERYONE knows he would've been GONE
Roxie47635 8   08/15/14 10:49 AM
x*As if nobody ever tweeted him that. lol Good way to get blocked and told off, if that's your thing NT
FurnitureAlliance08/18/14 02:06 PM
x*LOL I don't care what he thinks. I was pointing out his own hypocrisy when HE complained about the twisst helping people. lmao NT
Roxie4708/20/14 04:27 PM
x*He knows what helped him. he talks about it often in his show. NT
TKO5320708/21/14 03:33 PM
scorchy08/18/14 02:02 PM
x*We would like to, but he would never understand. He has no capacity to understand most things. But I'll inform his attendant to leave a message. NT
Pugsley08/16/14 08:04 AM
x*This is one example. BB10 Dan gets to take a jury member to a private island convince her to change her vote. She goes back to jury and convinces 2 NT
KataGarbo08/15/14 11:50 AM
x*He responded to that and named all other twists that has lead people to win the game... every season. NT
KataGarbo08/15/14 11:23 AM
x*So he FINALLY admits he would have lost if not for Eric....about dam time NT
Roxie4708/16/14 07:36 PM
*I didn't realize that Paola was a friend of Gina Marie
strudel4160 5   08/12/14 05:43 PM
x*they are neighbors...Statan Island and Queens are right next to each other in New York City...im sure they both Hang in the Manhattan clubs alot... NT
HoH808/12/14 07:21 PM
x*actually Queens & SI aren't next to each other at all lol.. Brooklyn is btwn them. Staten Island is actually closer to NJ.
luvmykitties08/12/14 08:32 PM
x*ur so right...ive lived in Da Bronx all my life...always only hung out there and thought the other boros as one place all together, lol... NT
HoH808/12/14 11:24 PM
x*I wonder if they found her thru Gina Marie or if it was just a coincidence NT
strudel08/12/14 07:32 PM
x*explains why I don't like her. welcome to jokers NT
MaddyP08/12/14 06:33 PM
*Tweet from Robert zuckerman
Dawplgangr1337 1   08/09/14 08:05 AM
x*He's not too busy managing his daughter's career thru worldstar@gmail.com? NT
funkhowser08/09/14 12:22 PM
* Shelly Moore @Shelly Moore BB13 #bb16 stunt sucks. Ruining it for real fans! Smh NT
katharina44621003 6   08/09/14 12:02 AM
x*Devin shepherd 11:12PM, Aug 08 #BBFrankie not good for his game at all.. The truth will set you free? Nope just evicted! I know lmfao!! #week3 NT
katharina446208/09/14 12:17 AM
x*Shelly Moore , Aug 09 America's Vote: America please vote if #BB16 should ever plant a social media "mogul",brother of one less problem,with NT
katharina446208/09/14 12:07 AM
x*jPaolaSheabb16 01:03AM, Aug 09 I support Frankie for wanting to donate $500,000 to charity (if he wins) NT
katharina446208/09/14 12:06 AM
x*and i really hope he hooks me up with some gigs, dude. NT
crazyq08/09/14 12:09 AM
x*EvelDick 12:50AM, Aug 09 Future HG's when you have a plan to do something, don't talk about it so production knows your intentions, just do it NT
katharina446208/09/14 12:03 AM
x*EvelDick 12:41AM, Aug 09 I don't think any of the BOB comps could have been won by ONE PERSON alone before this, seriously. Now all of a sudden i NT
katharina446208/09/14 12:05 AM
*Dang...Evil Dick/Parker twitter war and a Demanda/Judd twitter war. NT
BBAnnie646 3   08/07/14 05:39 PM
x*ED has been mad at everyone ever since they forced him back on a bicycle from getting too many DUIs. He just spews hatred! An unhappy OLD MAN. NT
Pugsley08/16/14 08:06 AM
x*Amanada seems to have a twitter war every week NT
philo108/08/14 08:37 AM
x*Its probably because she is such wonderful and personable person... NT
Jovian08/08/14 10:23 AM
*Dominic Briones: I'm really excited to see Caleb on survivor, the bachelor, and all-stars ... Buahahaha #bb16
Dreamer534 2   08/02/14 04:45 AM
x*LOL! Awesome! NT
enter_a_name08/14/14 04:00 PM
x*Lmao! Dom is really funny! NT
GazingEyes08/02/14 06:28 PM
*Dani Donato: Did Derrick really just make ANOTHER alliance?! This is truly out of hand! #BBAD
Dreamer346 0   08/02/14 04:44 AM
*Who came up with the name Quad Squad? NT
travelsize279 1   08/02/14 04:30 AM
x*I think it was Derrick.. If not Cody but almost sure Derrick. They changed it today too. NT
GazingEyes08/02/14 06:29 PM
*Brittany Martinez: This still brings a smile to my face!! Thanks @EvelDick your not so scary after all (well kinda)...
Dreamer1086 1   07/31/14 10:16 PM
x*Lol! Why can I just not get past her incorrect use of your? Hy do I really want to correct it to you're? I have issues :) NT
stlgirlie08/04/14 11:08 AM
*Amanda Zuckerman: Lol, the texts I get...what does this even mean @DevinShepBB16?
Dreamer1005 0   07/31/14 10:14 PM
*Does anybody know what Christine's husband Twitter name is? Is it allowed to be posted? NT
Janienjm768 2   07/26/14 02:14 PM
x*I think we can..have seen it here before... it is timstinks NT
MsTraci07/26/14 03:59 PM
x*Its @timstinks. NT
marreve08/05/14 10:41 PM
*I just love the banter between ED n those who disagree with him. NT
MoulinRouge238 0   07/24/14 08:18 AM
*Are the newly evicted BB16 hugs added to the tweet list? I haven't seen any tweets from them yet. Thanks! NT
katharina4462673 3   07/23/14 08:34 PM
x*Amber is there, too. NT
OUALUMinTX08/09/14 08:17 PM
x*I see them. I see Paola's and Devin's. NT
KataGarbo07/24/14 03:36 PM
x*Thank you, I probably overlooked them. NT
katharina446207/24/14 03:53 PM
*Danielle (BB14) tweeted to Caleb about being too desperate in the House. _Insert snark here _
PreacherCheese3040 8   07/03/14 06:35 PM
x*That proves she can't see the same behavior in herself NT
TXcoffee7207/24/14 05:46 PM
x*It's often easier to see things in others than ourselves. That's quite common. She appeared to be a nice person nonetheless. NT
Pugsley08/20/14 02:13 PM
x*pot, I'd like to introduce you to kettle... NT
stlgirlie07/16/14 05:57 PM
x*OMG this is priceless! Caleb and Danielle would make a great delusional pair. NT
bbwarrior07/16/14 02:13 PM
x*OMG has she seen the episodes she's in? I just can't with her. NT
enter_a_name07/15/14 02:37 PM
x*Don't stop him now..this is going to be the sweetest crash-n-burn we've seen in a long time. Cocky..meet looks-like-a-fool on national tv. NT
Pugsley07/10/14 01:15 PM
x*I do have to admit seeing Caleb ringing the HOH doorbell constantly made me laugh, it reminded me of Danielle doing that when she was drunk NT
JillyBean07/05/14 07:11 PM
x*She tweeted about him, not to him. NT
KristinAshley07/04/14 11:46 PM
*Wow BB2 Kent mixing it up with Evel D & BB2 Nicole: She agreed to do Dick's show and this was Kent's reaction on Twitter
FurnitureAlliance2500 4   06/21/14 09:10 PM
x*LOL. What is Kent up to now - a - days? That was funny tho. I miss him. I did get a few laughs. Hope he didn't go back to smoking. NT
roadrunnerone08/05/14 10:37 AM
x*That's weird, last I heard Evil Dick was living in a retirement home in Ireland riding a bike because of too many DUIs. NT
Pugsley07/10/14 01:18 PM
x*Their season was 13 years ago. Why the attitude I wonder? NT
treefrog06/27/14 04:08 PM
x*Kent has a twitter account...lmao! NT
MOP06/21/14 09:12 PM
*Brits tweet...This is how exhausted the #bb15 cast is going to be after trying EVERYTHING to stay relevant once #bb16 starts. Love it!! NT
PVRlover8215 12   06/16/14 01:19 PM
x*What about the sexual drama between Zach and Frankie? NT
adopacat2807/24/14 05:39 PM
x*i am in awe of brit, but get so annoyed of how little sexual drama there is in this house. They have to bachelor pad this show up NT
quakecanada07/19/14 04:51 AM
x*Hilarious and so true! NT
enter_a_name07/02/14 03:15 PM
x*um, didn't see link to tweet in your post so here it is... (pic is part of joke)
banner_boy06/16/14 01:28 PM
x*lol brilliant. NT
TwoMinutesHate06/24/14 11:20 PM
x*she's one to talk NT
JillyBean06/24/14 08:03 PM
x*^^This^^ NT
satx106/26/14 09:46 AM
x*I forgot everything about S15 ten minutes after it ended... No doubt a case of PTS after enduring the worst BB cast ever for an entire summer. NT NT
TexasBlondie06/18/14 03:31 PM
x*LMAO. She has reached goddess status in my eyes NT
LilKsweezy06/16/14 01:30 PM
x*ill knock on the wood..who knows we could get another bb 12 type of cast NT
cutgr06/16/14 01:21 PM
x*which season was the couples they tried to pair, it aired in the early winter during writers strike. worst season ever imo NT
mixmemargarita06/16/14 07:52 PM
x*Season 9. I am about one of the few that liked BB12 and liked that cast. oh well.... NT
LettucePray06/16/14 10:14 PM
*Dr. Will takes a jab at Dan Gheesling
adobostreak4129 10   05/30/14 07:29 PM
x*Dan by far a better player Dr. Just had his looks that helped him. NT
adopacat2807/24/14 05:40 PM
x*Does Will realize his win was more luck than skill? Dan was in the trenches for his win! NT
bb4peeker08/20/14 04:42 PM
x*I believe Will would destroy Dan. If you took S2 Will vs S10 Dan there is no question Will wins. I think even S7 Will would beat S10 and S14 Dan. NT
MonsterDubs07/06/14 10:59 PM
x*I agree!...... So how are the stars aligning these days Will? NT
Pugsley06/24/14 07:02 AM
x*Dan is a much better player. The game was not as difficult in season 2. Sad that Will(who is a legendary player without a doubt)has become so pathetic
unseen06/10/14 12:41 PM
x*^^^^ Truth NT
ElegantlyWasted06/26/14 11:23 AM
x*In my mind there is no question - Dan is the better player. Will was a lazy player - Dan played his heart out. NT
PacificNWGirl06/02/14 12:13 PM
x*I'm sure Dan just laughed it off. Having coached sports, he's used to trash talk. NT
crazyq06/01/14 05:09 AM
x*Dan is a good sport and doesn't take things like that personally...I love Dan NT
MsRevRay06/02/14 05:30 PM
x*Typical Will Alpha-douche behavior. I'm kind of over him. NT
unclevanya05/30/14 07:52 PM

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