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*FYI: The BB Polls forum is for polls about Big Brother, contestants and the game.
Dreamer24098 0   Sticky Post
*How do I post a poll?
Jokerette22572 0   Sticky Post
*What has been your favorite twist this season?
JakeIsNerd26 0   07/29/16 08:03 AM
*Which cast has the worst Final 11 in the History of the show?
BBFran8898 1   07/29/16 05:43 AM
x*Loved season 16 NT
Caroljean196507/29/16 06:46 AM
*Would Janelle have become quite as popular if the "Friendship" had not been so reviled in season 6?
bblancobrnx111 0   07/29/16 01:23 AM
*Who has the strongest game?
DavonneIsQueen224 2   07/28/16 09:30 PM
x*Paulie is running things, but I cant stand him...along with everyone else left except for Natalie and Bridgette NT
Belzabub07/28/16 10:59 PM
x*Sadly, none that I can see. NT
supershawn07/28/16 09:35 PM
*Who is your choice for fan favorite?
DavonneIsQueen275 1   07/28/16 09:19 PM
x*Of course James! His pranks are what playing BB is all about! You don't have to play the game, just be there and meet women! NT
supershawn07/28/16 09:29 PM
*Who will win BB18... Newbie or Veteran?
DavonneIsQueen149 1   07/28/16 09:11 PM
x*Hmmmm! Who will it be, a clueless newbie or a clueless returnee? NT
supershawn07/28/16 09:32 PM
*Who are you voting for to get the first care package?
nickc0221610 12   07/28/16 07:07 PM
x*Vote Paulie, it will annoy the rest of the houseguests and they might turn on him. NT
Belzabub07/28/16 10:56 PM
x*They don't know about future weeks, so it'd make them think America likes Paulie and trusts him, so no. Vote for someone random. NT
07/29/16 04:01 AM
x*Voting Bridgette so she goes!
chatbrat1107/28/16 09:09 PM
x*Ha! With this house of lemmings, that will backfire and they will keep her to make America happy! Go for it! NT
supershawn07/28/16 09:40 PM
x*Please don't vote for Brigette. Let's give her the super safety! I'm voting Corey. NT
satx107/28/16 08:54 PM
x*Wtf guys ?! Save Bridgette to get a better one later NT
nickc022107/28/16 08:02 PM
x*I think Paulie, Paul, Da'Vonne, Victor and James all think they are America's favorite. They'll target anyone who get the first reward. NT
Belzabub07/28/16 11:04 PM
x*I know right... STOP VOTING BRIDGETTE FOR this one NT
godfreyfan07/28/16 08:20 PM
x*Victor!!!! Def NOT voting Bridget so she can get better later NT
godfreyfan07/28/16 07:54 PM
x*voting brigette for a better care package. NT
adamant1307/28/16 07:53 PM
x*Save Bridgette 4 the 2nd or 3rd care pkg!! nt NT
racenbug07/28/16 07:32 PM
x*YES! Who cares who is a have not. Save it for something more important. I'm voting for Michelle. That will probably make her a target! NT
supershawn07/28/16 07:50 PM
*If the HOH is mental, who do you think realistically would take a mental competition tonight?
200 3   07/28/16 04:57 PM
x*They are wearing athletic gear. NT
DaisyChain07/28/16 06:28 PM
x*Victor, paulie have all shown they are capable to win mental comps NT
uvp07/28/16 05:04 PM
x*Paul certainly is mental NT
FurnitureAlliance07/28/16 05:00 PM
*Do you think Frank has the Roundtrip Ticket back into the BB house?
182 1   07/28/16 04:47 PM
x*100% NT
DaisyChain07/28/16 06:28 PM
*Nic names
Caroljean1965309 9   07/28/16 11:54 AM
x*dang, I also forgot Big Meech. lol NT
Caroljean196507/28/16 07:30 PM
x*This years version of the Nerd Herd, the Turd Herd NT
Belzabub07/28/16 07:21 PM
x*Even though she's not a HG I need to submit Julie Chicken for consideration NT
07/28/16 06:41 PM
x*Big Jeff, Frank the Tank, Boogie, Dr. Will NT
FurnitureAlliance07/28/16 05:00 PM
x*Didn't they give Ronnie a nic name? I couldn't remember. NT
Caroljean196507/28/16 03:50 PM
x*Wasn't it Ronnie the Rat? NT
supershawn07/28/16 04:58 PM
x*Yeah, I think so. NT
Caroljean196507/28/16 05:12 PM
x*Gnatalie NT
07/28/16 03:03 PM
x*Sorry, I forgot Farty McFartsalot. lol NT
Caroljean196507/28/16 12:17 PM
*Who is playing the best game thus far this season?
Osei419 3   07/28/16 10:05 AM
x*i dont care for paulies style its a mean one just like vanessa that he hates. hes her twin in another style of meanness NT
johnnycat07/28/16 03:34 PM
x*Paulie ??? He's playing sloppy and is way too cocky !!! NT
DaniTheWinner07/28/16 11:10 AM
x*I cannot stand Paulie.
QuoteMe07/28/16 11:50 AM
*Enduring friendship possibility
Belzabub236 0   07/28/16 08:52 AM
*How many times did Paul get his butt kicked in high school?
Belzabub216 1   07/28/16 08:02 AM
x*Paul is too full of shite, prob. got in trouble a lot. He's a bullhorn. NT
DaniTheWinner07/28/16 11:13 AM
*Would you watch a Big Brother season only available on All Access?
WillRulz536 9   07/27/16 02:43 PM
x*With feeds yes. No feeds, no. NT
DaisyChain07/28/16 06:29 PM
x*I say yes now, but not sure if I may change my mind later. I watch the feeds on line, so I guess it would just be a matter of the show. NT
seahorse07/28/16 12:35 PM
x*cbs take note.... you will lose a huge fan base! nuf said NT
johnnycat07/28/16 12:26 AM
x*Pay good money to possibly get stuck watching a Frankie or a Paul? That's hard enough to do when its free NT
Belzabub07/27/16 09:30 PM
x*I have All Access and rewatch previous seasons. Convenience is good but it makes me mad that they still show commercials even though I'm paying! NT
SandyK07/27/16 06:43 PM
x*Not anymore. NT
utty1407/27/16 06:03 PM
x*I'm a BB fan but I would never pay to watch it. NT
Caroljean196507/27/16 03:53 PM
x*You don't watch the feeds then? NT
Blackheart07/28/16 03:22 AM
x*I'm a superfan , I'd watch it anywhere NT
nickc022107/27/16 03:12 PM
*Is anyone else so tired of the houseguests getting on a rant and saying that they are going after someone, and never do:
supershawn485 4   07/26/16 10:16 PM
x*I would actually like to see a real fight, but the rest of the threats are all just part of the game. NT
augieslimpo07/27/16 11:27 AM
x*Paul is the worst. If Frank is leaving anyway, would love to see him knock Paul out. NT
Belzabub07/27/16 10:22 AM
x*Esp Paul and Paulie. Would like to know why Paul hates Bridgette so much. NT
DaniTheWinner07/27/16 09:20 AM
x*Codyfication: Threatening to hit, punch or lay out a HG on Big Brother. "Cody often Codyfied other Houseguests, but they never knew it." NT
Jake8107/26/16 10:43 PM
Caroljean1965432 1   07/26/16 10:37 AM
x*If its up to Michelle, who has managed to sway the HG's votes these past couple of weeks, she will have Bridge evicted. NT
DaniTheWinner07/27/16 09:22 AM
*Who would you rather?
Caroljean1965811 4   07/26/16 08:46 AM
x*...What? Don't know what the question is, can't vote! NT
satx107/28/16 11:16 AM
x*the real question is what does "who would you rather" imply ??? get voted out? go to dinner with? have sex with? hate? like? a loaded question NT
johnnycat07/26/16 04:35 PM
x*Nah, it just means one thing. NT
Caroljean196507/26/16 07:08 PM
x*I surprised at how many votes Corey has. Ewww. NT
Caroljean196507/26/16 01:07 PM
*Since we've already polled about the cattiest girls, what about the guys?
WestCoastBBFan635 2   07/25/16 10:33 PM
x*I wasn't hard for me to vote for Frank, he brought it on himself, by proving to be loose lips and betraying confidences right and left NT
punxsutawneygal07/26/16 10:51 AM
x*its kinda hard to call Frank out for being catty when he's being ***** on right & left, Paul and Paulie have nothing to fret yet they ***** on ever1 NT
07/26/16 06:51 AM
*Frank and Brigette's relationship
Runner8286707 2   07/25/16 07:57 PM
x*Brigette likes Frank romantically but Frank doesn't like Brigette like that and Bridgette is being used by Frank like a puppet NT
Caroljean196507/26/16 07:04 AM
x*Re: Brigette likes Frank romantically but Frank doesn't like Brigette like that and Bridgette is being used by Frank like a puppet
MyteryGal07/26/16 11:11 PM
*Who has the round trip ticket?
JawBrayker842 3   07/25/16 07:16 PM
x*It's a crapshoot, each person picked an envelope could be anyone NT
07/26/16 05:31 AM
x*all are losers. They exchange franks in the DR w the winner
JawBrayker07/26/16 02:37 PM
x*That's what I think too! Only not in the Dr but when they are all on lockdown outside, they switch it with a winning ticket so no one knows. NT
TrueNes07/27/16 06:52 AM
*America's Favorite
Caroljean19651009 2   07/25/16 03:21 PM
x*how is James leading this? NT
07/26/16 06:52 AM
x*He has lots of fans. NT
Caroljean196507/26/16 07:02 AM
*A poll for women
Caroljean19651628 14   07/25/16 08:19 AM
x*Re: A poll for women
MyteryGal07/26/16 11:16 PM
x*We're sooooo glamorous running our finger through our hair
IndigoSpade07/26/16 06:34 AM
x*I have to ask, who did this vile thing? NT
bbwarrior07/25/16 11:42 PM
x*Z NT
Jake8107/26/16 04:46 AM
x*We've seen a lot of shite go down in the past 18 seasons, but this was the most vile. It was crass, crude, ignorant and disgusting. WHY did she? NT
MissJamesWhine07/25/16 03:12 PM
x*No because I have class. NT
07/25/16 03:08 PM
x*That was just down right NASTY !!! It's sad she had to do something like that for air time attention. NT
DaniTheWinner07/25/16 02:41 PM
x*1. I literally wouldn't be able to do it outside of the bathroom without a mess.. tmi but seriously?? 2. CERTAINLY NOT on camera NT
squandermania07/25/16 01:13 PM
x*HGs put on their underwear, bras, swim trunks, bikinis, ect in front of each other & cameras every day so not that unusual. Zak one upped them! NT
Dawplgangr07/25/16 08:51 AM
x*I'll give her point for creatively getting her panties on while her shorts were on though. But the pad?? NO WAY. low class, disgusting, and sad. NT
MissJamesWhine07/25/16 03:13 PM
x*that is totally repulsive! Then, not washing her hands makes it worse!! GROSS NT
cindyjoffrion07/25/16 10:15 AM
x*leave z alone...maybe she likes eggs with her hummus
JawBrayker07/25/16 08:11 PM
x*It's just my opinion but putting on a period pad in front of the world....it's just way to personal. NT
Caroljean196507/25/16 10:03 AM
x*I think most of us share that opinion - I wonder about Child care parents? NT
07/25/16 12:47 PM
*What was the saddest loss during the first four weeks of BB18?
JakeIsNerd590 2   07/25/16 07:38 AM
x*Paulie's hair, he was nice eye candy when he kept his mouth shut. NT
07/25/16 07:07 PM
x*lol diet Vanessa :) NT
Belle07/25/16 08:11 AM
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