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***Reminder to keep discussion on BB and the HG's only, not each other. It's okay to ask each other questions, make direct comments regarding
Starr3277 0   Sticky Post
*I'd go with S3 as being the best with secret alliance between Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy. Danielle could flip the vote at the last moment. It was
CougarSpy221 0   11/20/14 11:41 PM
*What was your "NO" of the season? What shouldn't have happened? (Frankie is a given) For me... letting half of the HG's go in and bond... what? NT
DonnaP12269 79   09/28/14 04:29 PM
x*No to Cody's snorting and false bravado NT
bbkook11/11/14 03:03 PM
x*Turning Christine into the Villain of BB16 -- Putting a Big Scarlet BB Letter on her, with boos ensuing.
BBenthusiast10/04/14 07:39 AM
x*Christine is reaping what she sowed. She was the married one, not Cody. She is the one who owed some respect to her husband, not Cody.
procheervet10/06/14 09:27 AM
x*exactly she owes her husband respect she owes us nothing I still don't understand the disdain/passion/concern over Chris just odd IMO NT
Belle10/06/14 09:34 AM
x*yes,odd. I don't know who the bigger phoney was, Chris or Cody. I think that Christine would have been smarter at the the end about the money. NT
crazyq10/06/14 10:56 AM
x*Christine's behavior was deplorable. I do hate that the lesson learned is so harsh, but she certainly brought it on herself. Granted, Cody should
BigGirlPanties10/04/14 08:28 AM
x*I’m pretty sure most of us were more disgusted by Christine’s behavior with the other HGs than that ‘flirtmance’ with Cody.
Mikentosh10/04/14 10:24 AM
x*She doesn't have to answer to viewers about any of it. Viewers will still have opinions, though. NT
BigGirlPanties10/04/14 03:04 PM
x*lol we always do :) NT
Belle10/06/14 09:35 AM
x*NO Team America, no BOB, no Derrick, No such heavy handed DR manipulation for one cop player from the start, no lying in DR's to America. NT
somethinggood10/01/14 12:39 AM
x*The casting was great but the production end was absolutely horrible. Pretty much a carbon copy from last year, scripted DRs, boring, no surprises NT
Woofie09/30/14 03:42 PM
x*RE: scripted DRs
Mikentosh10/01/14 11:24 AM
x*I think by "scripted DRs" they meant the force-fed one-liners and not the reformatted narration lines for comps. THAT was what killed BB16 for me NT
tv_savage10/01/14 12:59 PM
x*Jury should never be allowed to step foot back in the house. Especially not to mingle with houseguests still in the game, it's indefensible NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/29/14 06:53 AM
x*MORE OLDER FOLKS!!! -- & not just 1 token HG either! Mixture of people at different stages of life = better drama & dialogue. NT
BBenthusiast09/28/14 06:24 PM
x*Team A was an outsider-created alliance that, for a while, hindered the "3" to go after each other bc they were, and felt, artificial linked. NT
BlinkOfNI09/28/14 05:16 PM
x*Have to disagree. Derrick was after Donny, he just couldn’t out himself and try too hard too soon. Donny won PoV and got himself safe. NT
Mikentosh09/29/14 06:04 AM
x*The "Rewind" twist sucked badly. To watch a whole week knowing what happened wouldn't ultimately matter and to have it played out again with
colleenag09/28/14 05:07 PM
x*I thought it achieved its purpose. Tongues wagged a little too much and consequences resulted. NT
Mikentosh09/29/14 06:06 AM
x*it changed the outcome by removing Frankie from game. NT
BlinkOfNI09/28/14 05:29 PM
x*true...that one did suck too and the fact that it saved Vanity it hilarious. NT
sliver01309/28/14 05:10 PM
x*botb...it made a power shift nearly impossible and many benefited from it including derrick. NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:51 PM
x*NOOO to casting 12 20-somethings who still live at home. Worst casting besides BB15. Second worst season ever. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 04:46 PM
x*2nd worst season ever but most boring season ever. NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:51 PM
x*Agreed. Season of the Snore. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 04:57 PM
x*Only 3 of them still lived at home; Zach, Caleb, and Cody. In Zach's defense, he had just graduated college so not unusual to be living at home. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 04:48 PM
x*Think you forgot Victoria and not sure about Hayden. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 05:18 PM
x*Victoria had her own place and so did Hayden. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 05:31 PM
x*Victoria said she had a place to use for her business but she didn't stay there. She stayed at home. NT
MaryElizabeth09/29/14 10:26 AM
x*Ok. Thanks!! I couldn't afford feeds so went by what others were saying. Still an extremely young and impressionable cast. Need more variety. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 05:36 PM
x*I always thought the "Unemployed" rather than "Recent College Grad" was misleading.. considering he worked 2 jobs & supported himself in college. NT
DCpara09/28/14 05:15 PM
x*Must be why their moms got along so well- inside is a tweet from Zac's mom to Cody/Cal/Nic moms. I think Nic may still be at home also? (Tweet -->
DCpara09/28/14 04:58 PM
x*Links please. Just curious where it's posted. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 04:56 PM
x*Where what's posted? NT
markthespot80809/28/14 05:03 PM
x*Where they live at home or not. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 05:09 PM
x*They talked about it fairly often throughout the season on the feeds. NT
DCpara09/28/14 05:12 PM
x*I'm not sure if it is posted but Zach and Caleb said it on the feeds and it was shown in the first episode with Cody. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 05:11 PM
x*Forgot Victoria. Wasn't implying they were leaches, just very young and used to authoritative adults, and rendering their power. NT
scrutinize09/28/14 05:29 PM
x*What about Nicole- didn't she still live at home (I think she had just finished school also)? NT
DCpara09/28/14 04:54 PM
x*I don't know if she still lived at home but if she did, she had just finished school like you said. There weren't many of them that were just living
markthespot80809/28/14 04:57 PM
x*similar with Cody- although he had been out of college a year. NT
DCpara09/28/14 04:53 PM
x*The buyback. Once evicted a HG shouldn't get a second chance. I would not have objected to BB removing Caleb for stalking Amber. NT
Blockhead09/28/14 04:36 PM
x*I had no problem with Frankie and was glad he actually provided some entertainment NT
Littlefinger09/28/14 04:34 PM
x*The only time he really disgusted me was when he made those rape jokes with Caleb, that was messed up. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 04:35 PM
x*Too many recruits I believe is the reason there was no real opposition in the house. Granted, LOVED watching Derrick's skillful manipulations. NT
HES09/28/14 04:34 PM
x*Really wish all reality shows would do away with recruits. NT
BBTalking09/28/14 04:38 PM
x*I disagree, I think a season of all recruits would be great. Think about it, that's essentially how the early seasons were and they were the best. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 04:43 PM
x*I think 1 or 2 is OK --case in point, Jon Pardy was one! But this season had at least half that barely knew the show NT
HES09/28/14 04:52 PM
x*OOH, recruits that don't know how to play the game are such a waste (JennCity, GM, Paola, etc). OTOH, superfans know that the best strategy is laying
Blockhead09/28/14 04:48 PM
x*I actually like this idea too...all new hg's that have never heard of BB before. See how they figure stuff out. It would be fun! NT
Karina8609/28/14 04:45 PM
x*the term "buyback". I never want to hear it on BB again. That's not what it's called! I don't know why that bugs me so much, but it does! lol! NT
Karina8609/28/14 04:31 PM
x*That actually seemed to bother a lot of people! For me...I think it was just short and easy to refer to rather than "returning Jury member comp" NT
DCpara09/28/14 05:02 PM
x*yes! NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:53 PM
x*lol, so funny how almost ALL of us watching feeds hated that term! And they used it constantly NT
HES09/28/14 04:38 PM
x*I couldn't agree more. I hope someone corrects Derrick and Frankie about the use of that term. NT
Corndogger09/28/14 04:34 PM
x*I don't understand why people don't like that. What's it supposed to be called? Seems like that's what BB calls it NT
FurnitureAlliance09/28/14 04:33 PM
x*BB's never called it that. It's called "returning houseguest." "Buyback" is when a company buys back their shares to get the price of the stock to
Corndogger09/28/14 04:36 PM
x*correct...it has never been called that. NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:53 PM
x*We don't know if the DR was using that term. It's easier to say than "returning houseguest". Now I need to know this! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/28/14 04:40 PM
x*Why would the DR use any term? Wouldn't that tip of the HGs? "Buyback" has never been used because it's wrong. NT
Corndogger09/28/14 04:51 PM
x*Casting should not have been so intimidated by the reactions to BB15 and put some interesting people in the house. But no. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/28/14 04:31 PM
x*The cast was interesting for the most part. It was the lectures they got at the very beginning of the season that made them so afraid to let loose
Corndogger09/28/14 04:38 PM
x*Sorry, lol, but really I don't get it. There were a lot of interesting people. Maybe I'd be one of those boring ones, lol. :) NT
DonnaP09/28/14 04:33 PM
x*The Caleb Amber situation. Production should have put an end to that it, it was disgraceful. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 04:30 PM
x*that would have been lame if they stepped in for that...they didn't step in when ED poured tea on jen or the racist BS. NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:58 PM
x*She should have put an end to it. Since she didn't I don't blame the others at all for using it against her NT
FurnitureAlliance09/28/14 04:32 PM
x*Amber did tell him she was not interested. Caleb is the one who used cameras and her period as an excuse. To him no meant yes NT
CassieS09/28/14 04:54 PM
x*She did try. That sort of thing is hard to overcome, especially for the uninitiated. She could've used some guidance. NT
BBTalking09/28/14 04:38 PM
x*She told him she wasn't interested and he kept trying to force the situation. It should have been stopped, end of story. NT
markthespot80809/28/14 04:34 PM
x*Yes, she should have put a stop to it but she didn't. The other HGs arent obligated to stop it NT
FurnitureAlliance09/28/14 04:35 PM
x*Battle of the Block...found it interesting at first, but it got old fast. Hope they don't bring that back. NT
honeybadger09/28/14 04:30 PM
x*I think if BotB comes back the next cast will better understand how to use it instead of making it up as they go along.
Mikentosh09/29/14 06:24 AM
x*Agreed it helped make half the season pretty boring. I hope there is no game twists like this or MVP next season. NT
eureca09/28/14 04:32 PM
x*I liked it at the beginning, but wish it would've ended with the double eviction. NT
Karina8609/28/14 04:32 PM
x*yep, i'd give derrick a lot more credit if it ended after the first DE. NT
sliver01309/28/14 04:58 PM
x*Exactly. It wasn't a bad twist, but lasted too long. NT
BBTalking09/28/14 04:36 PM
x*Yes, it was interesting and different, but it was an easy manipulation later on. Yep, do it for the first two or so, then end it. NT
DonnaP09/28/14 04:35 PM
x*Agreed. NT
shelly88809/28/14 04:33 PM
x*I agree, that was sooooo unnecessary and allowed manipulation. NT
DonnaP09/28/14 04:31 PM
*Is 10M AFP votes really impressive? Since there were 10 (?) Days tp vote at 20 votes a day, 50,000 could do it.
frustratedposter527 2   09/25/14 08:08 PM
x*If people voted 20 times/day it boils down to only around 71500 people voting, which is not that many at all considering the number of viewers NT
Bizzy8409/26/14 04:45 PM
x*I'm sure there were more voting. Superfan here. I voted just one day about 10 times, got tired/bored, figured I did my duty! Let the BBGods decide! NT
BBenthusiast09/26/14 07:17 PM
*Good Finale! Needed 2 hours, though...
BBenthusiast4499 19   09/25/14 09:31 AM
x*It was no unfair fir Aiana v to encourage her fans to vote for Frankie for AFI any more so than it would be for any other houseguest's
Caramel09/27/14 01:00 AM
x*A few things
Mikentosh09/26/14 05:57 AM
x*Answer to your last question
Gael09/26/14 08:10 AM
x*Thanks. I guess they had to scratch names in there since they didn’t have anything to write with. NT
Mikentosh09/26/14 08:18 AM
x*Yeah, I think it's all etchings and the door gets repainted so the names remain readable. NT
Gael09/26/14 08:27 AM
x*Was going to say but it gets repainted, but if they scratch deep enough... NT
frustratedposter09/26/14 08:47 AM
x*Yeah, I'd love to see the vote results, too. NT
Del09/26/14 07:51 AM
x*1. Der was no class act. He played a great game, but it was a dirty game. He lied to anyone and everyone, including America, and used other players
NoSoupForYou09/25/14 12:04 PM
x*What a great summary & I agree on all counts. NT
starrynite09/26/14 12:40 PM
x*Ditto. NT
scrutinize09/27/14 12:36 AM
x*I 100% agree with your very accurate summary. Derrick is overrarated, unlikeable and was basically handed the game with the various advantages. NT
somethinggood09/25/14 06:26 PM
x*Absolutely. Those kids were outgunned from the get by a professional interrogator who lost it if his name was mentioned for the block. Yet>>>
scrutinize09/27/14 12:53 AM
x*That slapping comment was clearly a joke though as can be seen from the way he said it, his saying it to her face, and her laughing about it. NT
radotens09/29/14 06:09 PM
x*I really wonder if Derrick would have taken Cody if choice was his? NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 02:03 PM
x*I think that everyone would have been so bitter at Veronica that they would have given the money to her. Derrick had no choice but to take Cody. NT
Del09/25/14 02:29 PM
x*:::waves at Del::: Good seeing you. You spy kitties are multiplying like Rabbits. Hope all is well in you life. NT
CougarSpy09/25/14 03:50 PM
x*::cheeksmoochie:: Heya Cougs! Nice to see you. I'll be hibernating until next year :) NT
Del09/25/14 10:04 PM
x*Enjoyed your comments as well! But, LOL, Just to confirm: I use "class act" in BB terms: Behaving OK. (real life terms: behaving like an S.O.B.) NT
BBenthusiast09/25/14 01:53 PM
x*Right! Derrick was never really *vicious*, as many have been. Remember ED pouring tea on Jen? He was certainly no *class act*. NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 02:06 PM
*I was so disappointed in Donny's comments and vote. I felt during the snippets that we heard in jury house and last night that he felt a
Grammy3926 20   09/25/14 09:00 AM
x*Both Cody and Derrick were deserving, really, so I don't particularly see a vote for either as especially wrong. I got the impression that was
JAF09/28/14 08:38 PM
x*I think it may have been different had it not been for TA.That helped Derrick & hurt Donny's game because Donny took "team" serious. It only...
starrynite09/26/14 10:18 AM
x*Donny was entitled to not respect Derrick's gameplay and vote accordingly---he is not alone in that. Everyone I know hated Derrick. NT
somethinggood09/25/14 06:33 PM
x*And fans are entitled to not respect Donny's vote. NT
krh503810/14/14 08:15 AM
x*Exactly. NT
scrutinize09/27/14 01:37 AM
x*I agree. Respect for Donny took a nose dive at that vote. Never had any for Jacosta- a waste of a player. I preferred Vic to her. NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 02:11 PM
x*I was disappointed in Donny's comments, too, but I was absolutely disgusted by Jocasta. I don't think she practices what she preaches. NT
BigGirlPanties09/25/14 10:20 AM
x*Yes. She was totally opposite from the character she had on the show. NT
Del09/25/14 11:10 AM
x*I get that. I don't mind at all that Donny voted for Cody, but the reasoning behind it; Wow. Does he understand BB...
Nomajority09/25/14 09:54 AM
x*Derrick played a great game, but he also played a dirty game. He constantly lied to Donny and even told him he was trying to save him the week he was
NoSoupForYou09/25/14 09:33 AM
x*For Derr, if he had told Donny that he was being evicted, there would have been a risk that Donny turns all the attention onto Derrick.
Nomajority09/25/14 09:57 AM
x*Der lied to Donny to the bitter end, even in his goodbye message. I don't have an issue with Der's game play, but I also don't have an issue with
NoSoupForYou09/25/14 10:13 AM
x*J is the one that surprised me she is ANGRY and whats with the fake praying how does one fake pray and how can she judge that? NT
Belle09/25/14 09:06 AM
x*A fake prayer herself, yet she casts the first stone. NT
Mikentosh09/25/14 10:14 AM
x*I never got a religious vibe from her. A user of religion, yes. NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 02:14 PM
x*The reason I was not disappointed in her vote--I was not expecting any rational thought on her voting. NT
Grammy09/25/14 09:21 AM
x*I really disliked that about her. Plus, she's faked many things in the house so she is one to talk. NT
Blockhead09/25/14 09:08 AM
x*lol she faked speaked NT
Belle09/25/14 09:19 AM
x*I viewed his skittles comment as just humor - and I think his vote for Cody WAS based on his perception of gameplay -
Del09/25/14 09:05 AM
x*I can give him that and also his telling C early in the game that he would vote for him. Still scratchilnlg my head though. NT
Grammy09/25/14 09:24 AM
*Can we just get a season with no aunt casting. Is been 4 seasons. (I didn't mind Jesse coming back for bb12 cliques too much.) No returning HGS, no
marty136873 4   09/25/14 07:37 AM
x*aunt casting: friends of the casting agent and friends family of past HG. I agree. 12 people who have to be interviewed. NO invites. NT
Thunderclap09/25/14 10:56 AM
x*Think it was stunt casting? NT
frustratedposter09/26/14 08:53 AM
x*"Stunt casting" would make more sense, yes. NT
Del09/26/14 07:56 PM
x*Aunt casting? NT
Del09/25/14 09:06 AM
*Sgt. Yawn's honest F2 speech: Everyone in the house was dead to me from the start. I kept Fra as long as I did because I knew he wouldn't make a move
NoSoupForYou1235 4   09/23/14 04:52 PM
x*I would've loved Derrick forever had that been his speech...
dingles09/27/14 05:35 AM
x*Lol, so true!! You nailed it. Lying to the feeders was the final straw. NT
scrutinize09/27/14 01:33 AM
x*Yeah no, that is not a winning speech lol NT
Dulcie09/23/14 06:25 PM
x*Lol. It would be a truthful one though. :) Derrick is not going to blow his F2 speech this close to the 500k. I expect a strong one if he's F2. NT
NoSoupForYou09/23/14 07:09 PM
*Summer Reality Serious
Mikentosh489 1   09/23/14 08:44 AM
x*I love Survivor! NT
SizzleGA09/23/14 02:29 PM
*Anyone recall a HG racking their brain about something? Caleb couldn't remember the movie Van Wilder.I'm looking for something for each HG (Cont)
bbaballer538 1   09/23/14 08:15 AM
x*Um..maybe I'm tired, because I'm not sure I understand your request. But here is something I remember about Derrick ->
AuntieDee09/25/14 12:11 AM
*Open letter to Chris Roach, Allison Grodner, CBS, Julie Chen...link inside
Jennerific71310368 15   09/22/14 02:36 AM
x*Elissa was targeted in the house because she was Rachel's sister. She would've been gone if not for the power she was given to start the season.
NoSoupForYou09/23/14 05:05 PM
x*Thank for stating what so many have wanted too..I have retweeted!! NT
macysmom09/23/14 04:40 PM
x*Is Rich not on Twitter? He's more important than Chris. Too bad Les isn't on Twitter. He's the guy with the ultimate power. NT
Corndogger09/22/14 01:15 PM
x*He probably is. Screwed up BIGTIME omitting his name. :( NT
Jennerific71309/22/14 02:44 PM
x*My opinion exactly, very well said! NT
LuLu2709/22/14 12:41 PM
x*Well said I agree 100 percent NT
renka1309/22/14 11:37 AM
x*Took the words out if my mouth
lainyy09/22/14 11:34 AM
x*couldn't agree more, and couldn't have said it better! NT
bmkmusic09/22/14 11:22 AM
x*I have been watching since Season 1, And everything you said is so true. Thank You, it needed to be said...
whatagirlwants09/22/14 08:57 AM
x*WELL SAID, Jen! Exactly what was on my mind as well. Hopefully the powers that be will catch wind of this and at least consider getting back to basics
kelyn6409/22/14 08:46 AM
x*Just want to say thanks everyone!! Y'all are sharing this like crazy on twitter/FB! Very unexpected & MUCH appreciated! :) xo NT
Jennerific71309/22/14 08:21 AM
x*Well said, and it needed to be said. I, too, have watched since Season 6 and had live feeds as well. You have spoken for me and my family. Thanks! NT
satx109/22/14 06:40 AM
x*Twitlonger response.
Chuckprints09/22/14 03:38 AM
x*And we all know production checks joker's..And personally it's kinda insulting the way the they are playing us all..
BigHampDTX09/22/14 02:53 AM
x*Nice post. . I bet it did feel good to get that out of ur system.. I think all the real fans feel this way..
BigHampDTX09/22/14 02:51 AM
*Here's what I said to CBS regarding their fake Frankie is great story. I'm sure it will be taken down so am posting it here>>>>>>
scrutinize4286 16   09/20/14 09:06 PM
x*An awful amount of hostile energy directed towards Frankie. Why?
scorchy09/22/14 10:21 PM
x*And only frankie, when the group was discussing Victoria and laughing along.
frustratedposter09/23/14 07:09 AM
x*I am not sure but it seems like you are defending Frankie.....
SizzleGA09/23/14 02:26 PM
x*I'm not defending him at all.
frustratedposter09/26/14 08:52 AM
x*Pretty accurate description of Frankie: disputable human being. NT
dopemelody09/22/14 04:11 PM
x*And people wonder why some in this country see gay men as perverts when you put people like Frankie on TV. smh NT
BBAnnie09/21/14 07:08 PM
x*It's a TV SHOW!!!!!!!! They can do whatever they want with what they have! NT
Nomajority09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*Yep. And we as viewers can express our opinions. They do listen. Look at the difference in casts from last year to this year :-D NT
AuntieDee09/21/14 12:28 PM
x*Do they listen remember Evil Dick he and Frankie are so much alike in the vulgar way they act. NT
mylives09/21/14 07:55 PM
x*Difference: Evel Dick had TONS of fans. A huge following. Frankie absolutely does not. NT
AuntieDee09/22/14 06:49 PM
x*The difference is ED knew and admitted he was evil and didn't care. Frankie did and said dispicable things and still thinks he's a good guy.(more)
jasunny09/23/14 01:43 PM
x*Your post, again...
scorchy09/24/14 03:41 PM
x*LOL good post Jean! NT
SizzleGA09/23/14 02:30 PM
x*Well said. You could have also mentioned that Frankie threatened to have Zach locked in the DR. But I think you nailed enough points! NT
AuntieDee09/20/14 09:34 PM
x*Love it. The only thing you forgot WAS that Frankie started his threats and WAS the nastiest with his threats to Zack. Reason Z fam n friends don't
Emijo09/20/14 09:14 PM
x*And Zach honestly liked Frankie; shed actual tears regarding his grandfather. F Frankie! NT
dopemelody09/22/14 04:13 PM
*You know, I'm honestly, HONESTLY wondering if this is the first time in Victoria's life that she has openly failed at something, and she can't...
Del3074 12   09/20/14 01:26 PM
x*Hello Del! Nice to see you! Great post! NT
KWren1109/22/14 07:21 PM
x*::Cheeksmoochie:: NT
Del09/22/14 07:51 PM
x*Hey Del, you play golf on a course! Basketball is played on a court. NT
SizzleGA09/22/14 04:24 PM
x*Points. NT
Del09/22/14 06:05 PM
x*It is clear she has never had to enter the "real world" of peaks and valley. She has never had to please someone that counted
DMB2H09/22/14 01:09 PM
x*Nope. Definitely not an act. I've watched too much of her, and I'm truly convinced that the "princess" act has
Del09/22/14 02:54 PM
x*I’m almost positive her family bought a photo studio ...
Mikentosh09/22/14 01:22 PM
x*Complete agreement. NT
Del09/22/14 02:54 PM
x*Entirely believable that in her experiences when she didn't finish 1st place, she's taught to see the positive and not see herself as failing. NT
Kagome09/21/14 12:46 PM
x*V is truly a spoiled brat, self centered, and REALLY very plastic. It truly is ALL me, me, me. You can thank her parents NT
Emijo09/20/14 09:09 PM
x*Yep. Tonight's meltdown proved that point. NT
Del09/21/14 12:32 AM
x*She was flying moving so fast she should of won, loll. She lives in A fantasy world of a child. NT
mylives09/20/14 03:31 PM
*Something To Ponder –Who Do You Think Is/Was The WORST Player Ever in BB?
Mikentosh1762 7   09/20/14 01:22 PM
x*Lawon NT
starrynite09/22/14 11:03 AM
x*For me, it's a player from this season...Devin. Devin wrote the book on how NOT to play Big Brother. Oh my god. NT
AuntieDee09/21/14 12:33 PM
x*Here we go!! Mine...
BBenthusiast09/20/14 07:59 PM
x*Good read. Thanks. Honorable mention S1 has to be Karen with the iceberg slow meltdown.
Mikentosh09/21/14 09:00 AM
x*I think Victoria knows she's been dragged through the game.
cjj309/20/14 05:48 PM
x*That's a tough question because the logical candidates are the ones washed out very early in a season, but we also don't remember them or
JAF09/20/14 03:23 PM
x*Some were sent home for cause.
Mikentosh10/03/14 12:46 PM
*How Victoria Wins BB16 (or how a pawn becomes a Queen)
JeffMedina1486 5   09/19/14 10:45 AM
x*Uhhh, no. But it would get a good laugh if she tried to claim that. :-) NT
JAF09/20/14 08:07 AM
x*That's a good speech! But it's Queen Victoria's speech - not the King's Speech, and the king will still win this game. But there's still suspense...
BBenthusiast09/19/14 08:17 PM
x*Well said! NT
JAF09/20/14 08:09 AM
x*Alas! Alack! We lack a lass!
Mikentosh09/20/14 05:40 AM
x*Derrick might lose Victoria's vote in that case but he'd have most of the others anyway. NT
JAF09/20/14 08:11 AM
*Derrick has played the best single season game in BB history.
Brian3623502 18   09/18/14 06:34 PM
x*I agree 100%. The fact alone that he didn't get nominated at all with the BoB says alot. This debate will last forever. Derrick is #1 NT
Woofie09/30/14 03:48 PM
x*Not even close- he was handed the game by 3 person advantage, huge alliance carrying him, BOB easy to manipulate---let him play a REAL season. NT
somethinggood09/26/14 12:24 PM
x*EVERY season is a real season. BB changes every year and you can tear every one down. TOTAL DOMINANCE. TOTAL MASTERY. BEST SINGLE SEASON EVER!!! NT
Brian36209/26/14 09:10 PM
x*Yes, seasons change every year, and the level of competition does also. Loved Derrick, but he wasn't playing against any heavyweights. The fact that
Caramel09/30/14 03:53 PM
x*Great post and so true! He has accomplished all those tasks you mentioned and should sail easily to the end now after all his hard work. NT
bbluvrinva09/23/14 01:58 PM
x*I really like Derrick, and he deserves to win-- BUT-- he had a huge advantage - he is a trained undercover cop! NT
jasunny09/24/14 12:45 PM
x*True, but he was smart to use it AND stick to it. NT
Nomajority09/24/14 08:47 PM
x*I agree with you 100%. There wasn't a greater quantity of morons in this season as any other. Derrick was just THAT good. NT
AuntieDee09/21/14 12:43 PM
x*Derrick skated through an entire season filled mostly with morons, wannabe stars,, and cowards. Not a great accomplishment , IMHO. NT
nimhurchu09/21/14 05:18 AM
x*Yeah more chances of being nominated, but also better odds of getting HOH since there were 2, so it's not that clear cut, imo. NT
RobotShark09/20/14 04:53 PM
x*I love that the (arguably) dirtiest thing he did was aligning w/ Nicole/Hayden and then betraying him immediately. It's given Hayden enough time to
BrahGade09/20/14 07:19 AM
x*I agree, Nicole left the house whispering to herself how much she loved derrick. NT
Brian36209/20/14 04:48 PM
x*Best a master of manipulation! NT
mylives09/19/14 10:39 PM
x*Well put. He played an Epic Game! NT
DMB2H09/19/14 07:34 PM
x*How on earth do you figure he has gone the equivalent of 2 BB seadons? NT
Caramel09/18/14 11:05 PM
x*My guess would be that since there have been 4 nominees each week.... double the norm.... NT
BigGirlPanties09/19/14 10:37 AM
x*Yes. Plus 16 players instead of 12 and vetoes used. He is up around 50 nominations he has avoided. NT
Brian36209/20/14 12:10 AM
x*Don't Jinx it, Brian! There's still the million-to-one chance that Derrick slips and falls during the competition, and Victoria wins... ::shudder:: NT
Del09/18/14 10:26 PM
*The ways I think the BOB and TA Twists altered the course of the game this season:
LuckyLizzie74591 1   09/18/14 05:17 PM
x*Well said and I agree. NT
mylives09/19/14 11:03 PM
*If Derrick made all-stars, would they be smart enough to gun right for him or just pretend to play along with him?
Digitalpotato1867 9   09/17/14 10:14 PM
x*I won't watch if they bring him back to play again---one boring summer of Derrick is more than enough. He ruined the season. NT
somethinggood09/26/14 09:58 PM
x*I think he'll turn out like Danielle Reyes in an all stars, once great but no longer
ShadowNinja09/24/14 08:50 PM
x*Der would have a different game, part of what makes him all-star, he said he changed his strategy this season for BOB. NT
lorem09/19/14 04:15 PM
x*I think they might target annoying people and comp beasts first, he would slip by for a while. By then he would have solid alliances NT
Dulcie09/18/14 09:59 PM
x*Strangely, it almost worked for Dan and DrWill... 2 of the best players ever. Maybe he could do good! NT
Nomajority09/18/14 09:46 PM
x*if he was in all-stars I don't think he would do that well compared to others NT
lapetite09/18/14 10:04 AM
x*Maybe not, but then he wouldn't be the only target either. Nearly everyone is a target in AS because most are brought back because they
JAF09/18/14 10:20 AM
x*The thing is, Derrick's secret undercover cop schtick can't be repeated for AS. People won't fall for his game a second time. NT
gd2BQueen09/18/14 05:13 AM
x*Kind of like how if Fabio came back for another Suvivor, he can't just blunder his way to the F6 and make the other players screw up again? NT
Digitalpotato09/18/14 08:41 PM
*Review and commentary on Tuesday's special eviction episode from TheTVJunkies.com
BBReviewer3761 3   09/17/14 04:28 AM
x*"...Derrick’s game so clever and flawless this season,..." NT
bb4peeker09/18/14 09:37 AM
x*It's Rachel Reilly NT
Dulcie09/17/14 09:29 AM
x*Thanks for catching the typo, we'll have it corrected. NT
BBReviewer09/17/14 10:30 AM
*Why Derrick is already best player in BB history...from a Will and Dan fan...
Evil_TX_Redhead4046 18   09/17/14 03:32 AM
x*He was a mediocre player and the game was obviously rigged for him from the start. Add to that his high unlikability factor and he is a total dud. NT
somethinggood09/26/14 10:00 PM
x*This cast had some of the worst game players I've seen, and I've never said that about any other season. I think Der is a very good player, but
RobotShark09/20/14 05:00 PM
x*Sorry I don't agree. If will or dan never came back for all stars/s14, I'd agree that Derrick played the most flawless game. But having played
kirklan09/18/14 02:57 AM
x*I also think previous winners are kept because most of the players think jury won't give another half mill to same person. NT
bb4peeker09/18/14 04:51 AM
x*That's what they thought, but Survivor All-STars and BBAll-stars were... over 10 and about 7 years ago respectively. Times have changed - remember-
Digitalpotato09/18/14 08:39 PM
x**dan was never even mentioned in same sentence as will until s14"? Where ya been - Dan was very favorably compared to Will after S10! NT
bb4peeker09/18/14 04:46 AM
x*People liked to compare dan to will, but dan was never acknowledged as on same level as will until s14. Playing a 2nd time is crucial if they want
kirklan09/18/14 03:44 PM
x*I say Derrick was a good player DESPITE being cast with the five dumbest players in BB history - not BECAUSE he was cast with them. I'm sure that-
Digitalpotato09/17/14 10:19 PM
x*Remember Nakomis? She would have been a great match against Derrick! NT
bb4peeker09/18/14 03:41 AM
x*ITA, and THANK YOU for saying that Derr didn't have an easy job because the other HGs were dumb. They were'nt. They got played, huge difference. NT
Nomajority09/17/14 12:13 PM
x*I dunno... not realizing someone was never on the block within three weeks of the end isn't getting "played"... NT
Digitalpotato09/17/14 10:11 PM
x*Yeah, I get so tired of that EVERY season...then a few seasons later, the tune changes... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:04 PM
x*Agree! His game was incredible to watch. The scheming, the playing, the dedication. Fan for life. NT
DMB2H09/17/14 10:41 AM
x*Well said - I totally agree NT
bb4peeker09/17/14 10:35 AM
x*Totally agree!!….
BBenthusiast09/17/14 08:31 AM
x*Also, I just saw your post about Derrick...I saw the comparison between Danielle/Victoria early on too...he'll prepare Vic better, not blindside NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 09:54 AM
x*I don't really see Derrick "allowing" Cody to "wake-up"...he'll just give him another dose of kool-aid... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 09:51 AM
x*Totally agree. He's a "polished" Dan because of his profession imo
Neva4getme09/17/14 06:38 AM
*Why is Donny so beloved by America? I don't get it.
lordmajax9940 58   09/17/14 01:36 AM
x*America loves Donny because...
chiefwaha09/18/14 02:21 PM
x*I thought his comments to Christine were interesting in Jury - diff from in-house personality NT
lapetite09/18/14 10:10 AM
x*Becawse he's the sawlt of thuh urth. NT
Ephandis09/17/14 11:29 PM
x*Donny was basically another Jerry, brought on to fill the middle age casting quota.
scorchy09/17/14 09:18 PM
x*Jerry was 75 years old – hardly middle aged.
Mikentosh09/18/14 08:37 AM
somethinggood09/26/14 10:02 PM
x*He was the underdog people were rooting for and with whom many could identify. He shed tears, and many did right with him. He was a real mensch! NT
BBenthusiast09/17/14 04:43 PM
x*Off to see the wizard
Mikentosh09/17/14 09:01 AM
x*I didn't get it either...he was nice and funny as an individual...but no "gamer" could respect his game...i had hopes for him in the end..
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:45 AM
x*Here's the thing...there are many like me who watch for the social experiment that BB started out as. The constant game talk drives me up a wall.
BBAnnie09/17/14 06:18 PM
x*Yet, Donnie had Derrick figured out perfectly & Derrick was scared to death of him & would stop at nothing until he was gone. TA be dawmed ! NT
starrynite09/17/14 02:20 PM
x*So what if he figured out Derrick? Doesn't matter if he's unwilling to try to do something about it...He could have "tried"...he waited too long... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:44 PM
x*He did try, but no one wanted to rock the boat. NT
gd2BQueen09/18/14 05:15 AM
x*Well, the others never figured him out because they were too dimwitted & easily manipulated. Donnie is only one smart enough. NT
starrynite09/17/14 02:53 PM
x*Once again...that statement validates our point that he's not BB material...he had things figured out but didn't try to do anything about it... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:57 PM
x*I think most would agree that even if Donnie nominated Derrick every week unless a couple of others stopped being led by the nose, Donnie ...
starrynite09/17/14 03:22 PM
x*I disagree that everyone was a dumb as you keep saying...mob mentality, YES...not so much dumb though... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:55 PM
x*Name me one other season of HGs that would fall for Derrick BS & police tactics. You may find one or two from any season but not the whole house. NT
starrynite09/17/14 03:59 PM
x*They're not "police tactics", unless you're counting hiding who they really are which 5-6 HGs do every year. And most seasons since S6
JAF09/17/14 05:57 PM
x*Guess you never saw some of the beat downs he gave to a few of the HGs that dared to have a thought of they're own. Victoria more than others. If I..
starrynite09/17/14 06:36 PM
x*Beat downs? He physically beat someone? Or he verbally convinced them (i.e. the point of the game)? NT
JAF09/17/14 08:54 PM
x*I never considered any of his convos as a "beat down". I never saw him get verbally abusive or negativly aggressive...But that can be subjective... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/19/14 12:11 PM
x*Oh Geez ! LOL NT
starrynite09/18/14 03:47 AM
x*Donny couldn't even nominate Derrick, since he never won an HOH comp, or never formed an alliance that he could count on to
JAF09/17/14 03:44 PM
x*How do you think he got his letters from home if hdnev err one an HOH? NT
Caramel09/17/14 04:22 PM
x*They all got a letter from home that week. That's why everyone was crying just before Donny's eviction. NT
JAF09/17/14 05:21 PM
x*He got his letter for winning HOH NT
starrynite09/17/14 06:26 PM
x*They get one for winning the preliminary HOH comp, that's true. But only the real HOH (i.e. the one that survives BOB) has nominees
JAF09/17/14 08:59 PM
x*Yes, he did win an HOH & he pretty much had to save himself every week. LOL Plus the huge alliance had already formed to advance Derrick to the end.
starrynite09/17/14 03:54 PM
x*No, he didn't. Not a full HOH where him nom's stuck. The HOH's are in purple:
JAF09/17/14 05:28 PM
x*No matter what anybody outside that alliance did, it was null and void, because they bad the votes to control the house. NT
Caramel09/17/14 04:24 PM
x*Because he was loyal to TA & was hoping Derrick would be as well. But derrick was too busy scolding his allies like they were low life criminals. NT
starrynite09/17/14 01:45 PM
x*And with whom would he have made this "big move" you speak about with?
TeraMarie09/17/14 11:37 AM
x*Donny's main alliance was TA b/c that one was made for him...he didn't have the social capacity to make one on his own...that was the problem I had NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:42 PM
x*"Social Capacity???" Haha. Wow. That's why every person evicted up until Nicole said Donny was their Favorite person. Sooooo, yeah. NT
TeraMarie09/17/14 03:28 PM
x*Oh my...I've already said he was likable..that is OBVIOUSLY not what i meant about "social capacity"...I was referencing the alliance aspect... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:59 PM
x*That's not quite the term I'd use for it, but even Donny admitted he wasn't exactly a social butterfly with these people.
JAF09/17/14 03:38 PM
x*Taht's what i meant by "social capacity" this game has 3 levels: social, mental, and physical...I conceded "capacity" was wrong word.. NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 04:05 PM
x*Exactly & BB/producers knew Donnie would be more loyal to TA than Derrick would ever be & that's why they gave it to Derrick. The public didn't vote
starrynite09/17/14 01:57 PM
x*Absolutely true...no one voted for the three TA members.. NT
rodh09/17/14 09:27 PM
x*I don't believe that. NT
JAF09/17/14 03:17 PM
x*I don't either, but I try not to feed into conspiracy theories NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 04:02 PM
x*I really don't care if anyone believes it or not the fact remains that TA hindered Donnie's game. NT
starrynite09/17/14 05:01 PM
x*It might have. Hard to tell what would have happened otherwise. I tend to think it helped him get as far as it did. NT
JAF09/17/14 05:59 PM
x*He isolated himself so much, always leaving to cry under his covers and saying "oh why am I so alone?". He basically doomed himself.
Nomajority09/17/14 12:15 PM
x*Right. He was alone b/c he wanted to be. He said multiple times on feeds he didn't have an "alliance" and he didn't want one...he had "friendships" NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:51 PM
x*He didn't TAKE the chance to do anything. Subtle but important difference. Derrick & Co TOOK the chance to form an alliance to get them deep
JAF09/17/14 11:47 AM
x*Yeah, I liked him too...as a person...but he reminds me a lot of Kaysar...great person, but HORRIBLE BB player... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:46 PM
x*I understand what y'all are saying, but, that's my point: With whom would he have "taken that chance" with??
TeraMarie09/17/14 02:29 PM
x*Agreed that Derrick was a much better player. And since his alliance formed almost immediately, Donny would have either had to act faster or
JAF09/17/14 03:15 PM
x*ANYONE...just TRY...otherwise, why didn't he just go home? Instead he helped send home people who would have put forth an effort... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:47 PM
x*Please read my entire response because I answer that question. NT
TeraMarie09/17/14 02:52 PM
x*I did read it and just re-read it...my statement/question still stands...why not just go home if you've already given up... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:00 PM
x*Then I'm confused. Because, if you read it, then you have your answer. NT
TeraMarie09/17/14 06:29 PM
x*This was a season of no gamers though....why single out Donny? If it was even close to a level playing field he mighta done pretty well. NT
BeBeeGun09/17/14 04:06 AM
x*Not sure I get the "level playing field" comment. He could have tried to form a big alliance just like Derrick & Co did. He didn't, so he lost.
JAF09/17/14 09:07 AM
x*Hey I hear ya,but there was only one Donny and this season was an unbearable snoozefest in spite of him.
BeBeeGun09/17/14 03:00 AM
x*I agree with this post 100% NT
Neva4getme09/17/14 06:35 AM
*Posting on the 'leak' was master work.
Dasidhe1037 2   09/16/14 01:17 PM
x*Deep thoughts. NT
BeBeeGun09/17/14 04:07 AM
x*Yes! Someone was very patient! NT
bb4peeker09/16/14 03:07 PM
*Why is Derrick going to cut Cody at F2 if he gets to choose between Cody and Victoria? It all comes down to the Expected Value (EV) of each option.
BrahGade3639 11   09/13/14 01:33 AM
x*okay, you gotta be a poker player, lol.
cscarlett09/14/14 09:09 PM
x*Or say he is playing chess, advancing his pieces to the end of the board. Cody is his Knight, Victoria the Pawn. If he can get his Pawn to the end,
Dulcie09/13/14 11:23 AM
x*I really, really like this analogy. NT
BrahGade09/13/14 06:00 PM
x*:) NT
Dulcie09/13/14 11:15 PM
x*Two and more comments: 1; Derrick, the Best (or tied for the best) BB player in BBUS history, 2. Victor Victoria Venezuela: Not, but….
BBenthusiast09/13/14 05:59 AM
x*Valid points- except for Caleb...
greengoddess09/17/14 08:09 AM
x*What about the (male chauvinist) pig that he was all the time Amber was in the house? NT
Mikentosh09/17/14 09:06 AM
x*Totally agree. I strongly disliked Derrick as long as I could, but had to
bb4peeker09/14/14 04:13 AM
x*Great post. I completely agree. NT
BigGirlPanties09/13/14 10:57 AM
x*Why are you deducting 80% if he & Cody are in F2? NT
Caramel09/13/14 01:43 AM
x*Not deducting 80%, am deducting 20% to account for the times Cody wins over him (I think 20% is actually high, it's probably more like 10%) NT
BrahGade09/13/14 02:05 AM
*Yes Frankie will go to jury. but I have a different take than most of you who seem to be overjoyed by the prospect.
MisterSlippery7982 34   09/12/14 09:33 PM
x*Oh God, don't compare him to Janelle!!!
DerTotmacher09/16/14 06:56 AM
x*Janelle was NOT always underdog...she was not targeted until James and Kaysar left the second time. NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:01 AM
x*In S6? She on the block like every other week for the first few weeks it seemed. NT
Elle51109/17/14 03:10 AM
x*But she was not target... First was Michael, then Kaysar, then James, then Kaysar again... James won a lot of POVs too...unless I'm misrembering... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:37 AM
x*And on all star, she stayed because Dr Will wanted her to stay around. She was useful to his plan (sorry Winelle worshippers, nothing personal) NT
Nomajority09/17/14 12:25 PM
x*Oh, ITA...and they got her to nominate all the people that would have protected her...after Howie had just gone through HELL for nominating James.. NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 02:54 PM
x*Frankie is not hated because he's flamboyant or gay IMHO it's because he's a jerk I haven't forgot the first time he tried to get Zack his BFF
LadybugLisa09/14/14 10:49 PM
x*Interesting post! But it doesn't bother me that he's a NY show guy. I don't care that he needs attention, I just dislike him because of --->
AuntieDee09/13/14 07:45 AM
x*Pretty realistic. These are "flash in the pan" celebrities. Only a handful of BB alumni have actually gone on to make a career of being
agent9909/13/14 07:10 AM
x*Seems kind of mean analysis. NT
StingMe09/12/14 09:51 PM
scorchy09/14/14 01:12 PM
x*I never understood the Frankie hate either...He wasn't my fave, but I liked him...but I pretty much liked the whole cast ...except 1... NT
Evil_TX_Redhead09/17/14 03:05 PM
x*BS Donny is gone and he was more America's Player than anyone. NT
Mikentosh09/14/14 03:24 PM
x*That must be why he refused to do some of them! NT
Nomajority09/17/14 12:18 PM
x*not meant to be mean, but definitely snarky. That's how I roll NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:56 PM
x*Good post. As I said before, I wouldn't be surprised to see a "livin the grande life" reality show. He is made for E' TV. NT
Brian36209/12/14 09:48 PM
x*Oprah will probably love him too. She's a major F*g H*g . He's also good with the BavoTV peeps. Leah Black is his BFF NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:50 PM
x*Would you like this moved to In-Depth where more discussion is likely? It will be buried in here very quickly. NT
Starr09/12/14 09:39 PM
x*sure - go for it. NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:42 PM
x*You don't avoid taxes by spending money. Ask Richard hatch NT
frustratedposter09/12/14 09:39 PM
x*Dique's situation was completely different from Ariana's
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:47 PM
x*All NY show people are not like that. Frankie may not be after the money but he is chasing something he will never have. Will always be a wanna be. NT
producerswife09/12/14 09:39 PM
x*OK - I was being over-general. It's not "ALL" but you have to admit it's typical! NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:40 PM
x*He is typical. Maybe thats why he doesnt bother me at all. NT
nycszq09/13/14 04:06 PM
x*I'm pretty sure most people didnt want his life to be ruined, just don't want him to win this show NT
rapidrewind09/12/14 09:37 PM
x*...and you'll be here with us! Have a nice day! NT
blackeyeddog09/12/14 09:36 PM
x*yes I will, just as I have been for every episode of Big Brother from season one to the present day. NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:41 PM
x*Me too! Whether I'm at my home in L.A. or my home in New York, even with time difference I never miss an episode. Seen every ep since season 1. NT
blackeyeddog09/12/14 09:47 PM
x*Twinsies :-) NT
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:53 PM
x*Post this in InDepth so more people see your thoughts :) NT
JCutie09/12/14 09:35 PM
x*I agree Frankie will go back to his limelight. But I'm just really happy he'll go back without the title "Winner of BB16" NT
shelly88809/12/14 09:35 PM
x*he was never gonna be the winner, and he knew that after he had to give away his "secret"
MisterSlippery09/12/14 09:38 PM
x*And as we know, Frankie's pre-show plan was to reveal his "celebrity status" (LOL) to the HGs destined to become jury members. (Link inside)
JMFL09/13/14 09:54 AM
x*Totally agree. NT
WhatNow09/12/14 09:35 PM
*What do we think about the Rewind?
Mikentosh1362 5   09/11/14 12:48 PM
x*I hate it - i'm upset it puts Caleb in bad position next week. NT
lapetite09/15/14 08:54 PM
x*Maybe they'll throw in bits and pieces of Jeff/Jordon to throw them off. NT
CougarSpy09/12/14 09:53 AM
x*No way they'll use the same face combos. Same comp in terms of the game played, but obviously different answers. NT
JAF09/11/14 01:31 PM
x*Hopefully they will be different, otherwise it compromises the integrity of the comp. NT
Caramel09/11/14 01:28 PM
x*Seems like a cheap way to fill the airways for a few days. Am happy the Frankie was unseated. Disappointing if they use the same face combo. NT
Grammy09/11/14 01:18 PM
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