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*Welcome to the BB Highlights forum (PLEASE READ)
ForumAdmin9754 0   Sticky Post
*When Paul likely lost Nat's Jury vote (over a Misunderstanding that probably cost him $450k)
DCpar17825 11   09/22/16 05:16 PM
x*Possibly, but I don't think she would vote for a man NT
09/26/16 07:34 PM
x*Paul lost Nat's vote the day he was born with a penis. She said it no less than 100 times how she would vote. NT
PaquetteDrizzle09/23/16 08:21 PM
x*I DA, she plays personally it was the Ft comments I can guarantee it. NT
tiggles09/23/16 03:16 PM
x*Typical vague James as usual, just say Nic & Corey you putz!
makaveli09/23/16 01:59 PM
x*That was his strategy to (mostly) not name names. That's so the people/person he's talking about won't hear about it and come after him. NT
EvilWoobie09/27/16 01:17 AM
x*I think James was being vague on purpose to save his own ass from being evicted & it worked. He threw her utb. NT
Laurengirl09/25/16 11:15 AM
x*She didn't misunderstand his mean goodbye message to her or mocking her on live TV when he was on the block w/ Victor. NT
09/23/16 01:52 PM
x*Paul doesn't have to respond to everything with aggression, though. He could have just asked her what she said & tried to talk it out. NT
SockThief09/23/16 11:27 AM
x*Maybe Paul would have sh*t on her anyway. That makes at least two occasions Natalie made that threat. She never took those back??? NT
BryanV1609/22/16 11:13 PM
x*James basically ended Natalie's game with that one conversation. It's the worst case of throwing somebody under the bus. SMH. NT
Powerman81809/22/16 09:54 PM
x*Also I don't think James ever told her
09/22/16 07:08 PM
*Paul won final HOH, evicted James, and Nicole won BB18 4-5 vote. NT
M3gabyt31196 1   09/22/16 12:09 PM
x*I was disappointed with Paul's speech. I expected much better. NT
09/22/16 07:10 PM
*Nicole tells the guys that they have a surprise ~ Big Brother Over The Top Announcement
Dreamer18624 4   09/20/16 04:46 AM
x*some of James' 1) Don't be that guy/girl! 2) If a fight doesn't involve you: walk away! 3) take in more information than you give out! 4) find the
ughBB09/22/16 09:34 AM
x*Tips on BB from James..., hmm NT
jcblueeyes227609/21/16 06:30 PM
x*james tips are to tiny i can't read them NT
Belle09/20/16 09:23 AM
x*I enlarged it a little bit Belle ~
Dreamer09/21/16 04:26 PM
*Nicole won part 2 of the final HOH
M3gabyt39610 0   09/17/16 02:04 AM
*Paul won part 1 of the final HOH NT
Dreamer9300 0   09/15/16 12:27 AM
*Paul didn't use the POV. James cast the sole vote to evict Corey NT
Dreamer1333 0   09/14/16 05:58 PM
*Paul nominated Corey and Nicole NT
Dreamer1770 1   09/14/16 06:53 AM
SandyCee09/14/16 01:07 PM
*Paul won the Power of Veto NT
Dreamer2581 3   09/13/16 09:44 PM
x*confusing...was it Paul or James who won?
nanny_2_209/14/16 05:01 AM
x*Paul did NT
Dreamer09/14/16 06:52 AM
nanny_2_209/14/16 10:02 AM
*Victor evicted 2-0 Paul wins HOH NT
Dreamer910 1   09/13/16 05:45 PM
x*Sad 2 see Victor go but hopefully the self proclaimed sincere and loyal rat/snake Nicole is next
McLean09/13/16 06:22 PM
*Nicole won POV, and choose not to use it.
M3gabyt36959 1   09/10/16 06:30 PM
x*Wow! Big Surprise! Nic came in 2nd to Christine in Season 16. She was 30 sec behind her. Rig it BB so the vets play in the same comps they did
09/11/16 08:15 AM
*Corey won HOH and nominated Victor and Paul NT
Dreamer4963 4   09/09/16 05:52 PM
x*Most entertaining way for the week to play out
michaelnsync09/10/16 03:10 PM
x*Would be interested in the background on these noms, especially how keen james is on this. Best scenario I see would be for him to win,
kpk09/10/16 10:42 AM
x*This would be epic. NT
AZ_Cards_1109/10/16 12:22 PM
x*rooting for Victor to win the VETO
McLean09/09/16 08:13 PM
*HOH Comp: Goal is to transfer 8 gallons of liquid butter from the drum, down the slick slope, and into the gumball machine shaped container.
Dreamer4330 4   09/08/16 06:57 PM
x*weird.... no one is accusing CBS of rigging the comp for Corey to win. WEEEIRRRRDDDD. Maybe cause he is actually good at comps?
karlag09/09/16 08:56 PM
x*Well, is it just me, or was this comp MUCH less slippery than ever before? NT
09/19/16 08:30 AM
x*No because production screwed up the comp by not realizing how hard it wold be to get the ball out.
09/13/16 04:35 PM
x*I am absolutely gut wrenching sick that Corey won HOH. The game is over for one of my 3 favorite players. Odds are it's going to be Victor.
georgygirl09/09/16 11:26 AM
*Natalie evicted 3-0 - she took Mr. Jenkins NT
Dreamer2695 0   09/08/16 06:53 PM
*Corey won the POV. NT
M3gabyt34196 10   09/03/16 09:22 PM
x*Or most likely Corey was GIVEN the Veto. NT
09/19/16 08:26 AM
x*Corey won the POV a little too quickly...
Buffyslayfan09/08/16 03:06 PM
x*Did anyone compare his astute grasp (lol) of this comp compared to his finding the ladder in comic comp? NT
09/19/16 08:28 AM
x*This week's HOH too. I'm getting the feeling these comps are being chosen to favor Nicory. Well that's Big Brother for you.
georgygirl09/09/16 11:31 AM
x*AMEN!!! NOTICE how he even picked up the 'victite' with tongs BEFORE the recording said "DON'T TOUCH"? I smell a rat! Production's coaching involved?
joCpcat09/09/16 06:53 PM
x*That was my opinion as soon as he walked through the door straight to the pipes. NT
DebbieO09/08/16 04:41 PM
x*I don't think I saw him even look at the manhole before he even went to unscrew one of the pipes. Something was up... hopefully just editing NT
Vtginger09/09/16 12:14 PM
x*Everyone had "clues" or better known as cheating....if you ask me.... just my opinion. I have lost my respect for this show... NT
Buffyslayfan09/08/16 06:29 PM
x*If everyone had them, then it's the way the comp was supposed to run. Perfectly fair. NT
Nusa09/09/16 04:21 AM
x*If they need "clues" it's a lousy comp. Instructions should be sufficient. NT
09/19/16 08:24 AM
*Victor nominated Natalie and James
Dreamer4985 0   09/02/16 06:36 PM
*Michelle was evicted. Victor won HOH NT
M3gabyt33160 0   09/01/16 08:40 PM
*Corey gave Victor the 5K bribe, in return he will have to vote out Michelle. NT
M3gabyt36638 13   09/01/16 12:38 AM
x*Nothing else to use it on.BB kept calling him to DR to pre use it. BB said on the site it had to be used leading up to eviction. NT
rabbit291809/03/16 02:13 AM
x*Choked me up was so nice. Corey got a 5 from me today. NT
canadaluvsjoker09/01/16 02:38 PM
x*Nothing else to use it on.BB kept calling him to DR to pressure him use it. BB said on the site it had to be used leading up to eviction. NT
rabbit291809/01/16 01:20 PM
x*some bribe, lol, should have saved himself at next victor hoh or victor veto win NT
dollady09/01/16 01:15 PM
x*Be serious,
Badger09/01/16 12:15 PM
x*Can't believe that he didn't even ask for safety in the next HOH Comp in case Vic wins, dumb a*s! NT
tamtlp09/01/16 10:30 AM
x*Why not,
Badger09/01/16 12:18 PM
x*Couldn't he have used it to bribe someone to sit out HOH? Or did it have to be used before the next HOH? NT
HoneyJoker09/01/16 10:06 AM
x*The $5K was a gift, not a bribe.
Badger09/01/16 09:11 AM
x*wasted care package...
bbkitty2709/01/16 08:53 AM
x*Why???????????? Victor was already planning on voting her out! NT
Mit09/01/16 02:08 AM
x*It was either that or give it to Nicole to vote out Michelle. So they just gave it to vic to build more trust between the two NT
nickc022109/01/16 06:15 AM
x*The CP was not a bag of skittles.
Badger09/01/16 12:22 PM
*ACP BB Bribe still reads: The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.
Dreamer9417 20   08/29/16 09:56 PM
x*It was given to Vic in exchange for Vic voting out meech. It complies. NT
jjnewboots09/01/16 09:34 AM
x*Victor’s $5K was a gift not a bribe.
Badger09/01/16 09:09 AM
x*It's being used to solidify trust in the final 4 alliance...which benefits Corey's game (eye roll) NT
M3gabyt309/01/16 09:57 AM
x*Is it possible that Corey got confused and that he THINKS he can use it up until the HOH? NT
MasterDisaster08/31/16 07:17 PM
x*It has always been that BB has the right to edit the show as they see fit, so, as in the past they cater to certain hgs. NT
DaniTheWinner08/31/16 09:30 AM
x*'within the week LEADING up to the next eviction' So obvi BB is playing loosey-goosey letting Corey use it during the next HOH. He's so boring why do
JillyBean08/30/16 09:26 PM
x*I don't think they do. Since Nicole can't play the next HOH, it is to help keep her safe. NT
supershawn08/30/16 09:40 PM
x*Couldn't Corey just give to Nicole for not nominating him? NT
StPeteRickster08/30/16 03:51 PM
x*CBS changed this ACP so many times! From the voting timeframe to the actual description of the CP. I think this is actually the worst CP. NT
brittgirl221308/30/16 11:38 AM
x*In the America's Care Package Terms and Conditions
Dreamer08/31/16 12:07 AM
x*yes it does
16yrBBfan08/31/16 12:44 AM
x*Your comment is about the Voting Period. Nothing else. NT
AZ_Cards_1108/31/16 02:07 AM
x*Thats correct. Hopefully, this CP, wont get used. NT
DaniTheWinner08/30/16 10:33 AM
x*nic/corey said that they were told that they can use for the next hoh which i dont understand NT
kristimcbain08/30/16 02:14 AM
x*Here's the video ~ Corey receives a special delivery
Dreamer09/01/16 06:21 AM
x*Corey read, from the card, that it expires at the conclusion of the next HOH comp. NT
kmariahm08/30/16 09:33 AM
x*I believe JC said the same thing on an episode when she was explaining it. I could be wrong but I think I remember it coming from her. NT
hfabs08/30/16 06:43 AM
x*i rewatched episode. julie c did not say that & only announced it was coming & let the BBAnnouncer explain it. He did not say it the way Corey did NT
08/31/16 08:14 PM
x*Me either, that's not what we voted for NT
Dreamer08/30/16 03:36 AM
x*Like that matters to them, they will change things to fit their script as much as they want. NT
JoeTheInformed09/01/16 05:31 PM
*Tarts and Muffins on a Monday.
Dreamer4386 1   08/29/16 08:55 PM
x*Sorry Cody, dont like showmances and/or most duos. NT
DaniTheWinner08/30/16 10:46 AM
*Nicole decided NOT to use POV. Either Michelle or Paul will be evicted from the house on Thursday. NT
brittgirl22131772 2   08/29/16 11:19 AM
x*Well, I guess Nicole will go down with rest of the petty Girls of BB, uses personal reasons to evict another girl, no wonder they dont win. NT
DaniTheWinner08/29/16 02:59 PM
x*Michelle was coming after Nicole so the only thing personal is get her before she gets me. NT
Thinkin08/29/16 04:49 PM
*Nicole won the POV. NT
M3gabyt33927 0   08/27/16 04:37 PM
*Corey and Victor are Have-nots (first 2 HGs to fall during HOH). The special food is seaweed and squid. NT
Nusa3807 2   08/27/16 08:36 AM
x*Finally some real have not food! NT
HintOLime08/27/16 01:25 PM
x*I agree! They have had some awesome supplements up until now. Pies, hash browns, trail mix, this squid should treat them well. NT
brittgirl221308/29/16 11:20 AM
*Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul NT
M3gabyt33010 0   08/26/16 06:05 PM
*Corey got the BB Bribe care package.
M3gabyt39798 12   08/26/16 12:58 PM
x*WHY??? Corey got care package????
Sherie08/27/16 03:38 PM
LakeSideLiving08/29/16 05:35 PM
x*how is this already known?
dannymac7708/26/16 11:51 PM
x*Had to give ACP before nominations. Paul is only a pawn, Meech is target. Paul and Vic are working with Nic and Cory. NT
mulmanster08/27/16 12:03 AM
x*Corey, Nicole, James, Natalie, and Michelle fans voted for Corey. Paul fans voted for Paul. Vic fans voted for Vic. Limited choices = skewed focus. NT
Nusa08/26/16 05:01 PM
x* Like he will actually get out of bed and do something?
stormycat08/26/16 04:25 PM
x*Huh? A joke perhaps?
Junipurr08/26/16 03:27 PM
x*America did what a-at??????
jamorrow200308/26/16 01:34 PM
x*I don't understand the dislike for Nicorey
Luv4SpringTime08/26/16 07:40 PM
x*I don't think they hate her. Nicole surprised a lot of fans because she was not friendly with any of the female HG's in the house this season. NT
laci08/31/16 12:47 PM
x*Corey uses the "F" word quite often.
stormycat08/27/16 01:00 AM
stormycat08/26/16 04:27 PM
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