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ReallyRick: To the best of my ability I wrote down the message Paul heard after he entered the code ... (View)
FlashBacks: y 25, 4:43 PM (Cam 4) Tuesday - Second Clue caught - Brigette tells Frank that the secret words are ... (More...)
Updates: Storytime with Frank resumes after Bridge takes a bathroom break. She is giggling as she walks back and it looks like a dad and (2 min. ago)
All 4 cameras cut to underwater backyard pool pics. Frank is in the middle of Kill Bill Vol. 1 storytime and feeds cut him off. NT (6 min. ago)
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*Welcome to the BB Highlights forum (PLEASE READ)
ForumAdmin8763 0   Sticky Post
*It's a Cruel, Cruel Summer By FeedWatcher
Dreamer3269 0   07/25/16 11:54 PM
*ReallyRick: To the best of my ability I wrote down the message Paul heard after he entered the code into the phone booth
Dreamer3607 1   07/25/16 10:37 PM
x*that's so cool I think the room should have been for him only NT
Belle07/26/16 12:43 PM
*Summary Of Various Roundtrip Ticket Dramatics
2893 11   07/25/16 09:32 PM
x*What's up with Frank's stipend? First I've heard about it. NT
AZ_Cards_1107/26/16 02:56 AM
x*The vets don't get stipend. They all get a set amount $20-$30,000 plus an extra $8,000 if they make it to jury. NT
Dreamer07/26/16 03:39 AM
x*Cassie said the Frank got mad at Michelle for telling Day about his stipend. NT
AZ_Cards_1107/26/16 06:02 AM
x*Dreamer has the details accurately. Vets get extra money for returning. Frank and other call this a stipend. NT
07/26/16 06:43 AM
x*Why was Frank mad at Michelle then? NT
AZ_Cards_1107/26/16 06:48 AM
x*The HGs cannot use production, including contract details, to campaign in the game. This breaks rules, so telling Mich this info and having
07/26/16 07:00 AM
x*He told Bridgette the night before he told Michelle ~ 7/23/16 4:06PM
Dreamer07/26/16 08:37 AM
x*Thanks. NT
AZ_Cards_1107/26/16 08:18 AM
x*Thanks CassieM! NT
Molly07/25/16 11:22 PM
x*Thank you, Cassie, so very much. Life got in my way tonight, and I missed all the fun. NT
LibraLady07/25/16 10:03 PM
Dawplgangr07/25/16 09:54 PM
*Roundtrip/One Way Ticket Numbers:
BB161718 12   07/25/16 08:14 PM
x*Paul - 9 NT
BB1607/26/16 01:01 AM
x*Natalie - 11 NT
BB1607/26/16 01:01 AM
x*James- 7 NT
BB1607/26/16 01:00 AM
x*Corey - 2 NT
BB1607/26/16 12:58 AM
x*Da'vonne - 8 NT
BB1607/26/16 12:58 AM
x*Bridgette-1. NT
07/25/16 09:33 PM
x*Victor - 4 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:18 PM
x*Frank-6 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:17 PM
x*Zakiyah - 3 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:16 PM
x*Paulie - 10 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:16 PM
x*Michelle - 5 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:15 PM
x*Nicole - 12 NT
BB1607/25/16 08:15 PM
*Paul is the first to get into the secret destination room, Victor second.
M3gabyt34150 2   07/25/16 06:07 PM
x*Probably you can only use the return during the next four evictions NT
sensei07/25/16 06:19 PM
x*Corey I believe has also made it into the room. NT
07/25/16 06:12 PM
*Bridgette Vs Michelle (LONG)
7368 2   07/25/16 12:43 PM
x*The most convo Bridgette has had with anyone not named Frank.. NT
rodh07/25/16 05:16 PM
x*If I had a nickel for every equally stupid fight like that with my sister... Thanks for posting! Bridgette's just grasping at straws methinks NT
Majuro07/25/16 05:03 PM
*Michelle did not use the POV. The nominations remain as Bridgette and Frank. NT
M3gabyt3688 0   07/25/16 12:09 PM
*Let's Review What Julie Said About the Secret Room
Dreamer11719 1   07/24/16 12:31 PM
x*Great sleuthing! NT
07/25/16 07:02 AM
*Frank vs. Paul (I Guess)
7743 3   07/24/16 09:17 AM
x*Thanks!! NT
silverspring7107/24/16 06:33 PM
x*Lol, that was the fight???? I thought it was a big deal. That was...silly...Thanks for posting! NT
Majuro07/24/16 12:28 PM
x*Thanks for the recap! NT
Nope2107/24/16 12:11 PM
*Bridgette's Peanut Butter Cookie recipe
2541 3   07/24/16 07:44 AM
x*Thx for this. Bridgette said 1/4 tsp salt, Frank kept saying a pinch when repeating it. This could make a difference in recipe. NT
DeeDee07/25/16 04:11 AM
x*Another tip, if using self rising flour, omit the baking powder, baking soda and salt for those not familiar with baking. NT
DeeDee07/25/16 04:13 AM
x*Thanks for doing this. d;^D NT
Mikentosh07/24/16 12:13 PM
*Michelle won the POV NT
M3gabyt31454 0   07/23/16 10:52 PM
*SECRET ROOM INFO: (thanks to PaquetteDrizzle)
21497 6   07/23/16 11:16 AM
x*They'll never figure this out without the DR's help. NT
PrincessKoa07/23/16 11:30 PM
x*Secret Room Info
jsla7407/23/16 05:33 PM
x*How long before someone gets a "suggestion" from production? NT
tamtlp07/23/16 04:50 PM
x*Cool, hope this is not some lame diversion with frankie NT
sensei07/23/16 12:51 PM
x*But you know it is! Made just for him. NT
RealitySuperfan07/25/16 05:26 AM
x*You & me both! NT
Nope2107/23/16 06:41 PM
*A Summary of The State of the House Last Night When Feeds Came Back On!
11731 6   07/23/16 07:25 AM
x*I seem to remember a convo between Paulie and Z, when they first admitted their attraction, where they decided to play down any relationship stuff NT
katchword07/23/16 10:24 PM
x*This was very early on in the game, yup! Zakiyah sine then has been more aggressive and wants validation, while Paulie is more focused on the game NT
07/24/16 08:32 AM
x*Victor was in the NR sitting next to Frank when the feeds came back. He was present for the entire convo (when Brid was getting loud) NT
07/23/16 10:32 AM
x*Yup, I forgot about him. Will edit to add, thanks! NT
07/23/16 12:17 PM
x*Could have sworn I heard Michelle say something about a secret room around 2:30 in the Nairobi room. My flashbacks are being wonky though NT
hyrulegrrl1607/23/16 09:18 AM
x*I'll take a peek. I know she mentioned the room in HOH and how she heard drilling in there, but I didn't think she was actively looking for
07/23/16 09:22 AM
*James won HOH and nominated Frank and Bridgette NT
M3gabyt32502 4   07/22/16 09:25 PM
x*It's the game. If he wants to win, he has to get rid of Frank and, with the others wanting to, this is the time. NT
katchword07/22/16 10:16 PM
x*If Frank or Bridge down he could them throw up Victor put Vic up And out. NT
Melonie07/22/16 10:31 PM
x*So disappointed in James! Goes with what the house wanted (Paulie). Hope this bites him in the coming week. NT
supershawn07/22/16 10:08 PM
x*James and/or Corey is Cody's (oops I mean Paulie), is Paulie's main Hgs he wants to take to F2. Paulie playing exact game as his brother. NT
DaniTheWinner07/23/16 09:20 AM
*A new twist was announced/teased: a secret room is in the BB house with clues that will lead to it. Some sort of power inside. NT
3924 1   07/22/16 06:08 PM
x*The Green words in the posters read "Secret Destination Departing Now," and Paris is now departing
bunnyyyyyyy07/22/16 06:52 PM
*Tiffany was evicted and Victor won the Battle Back (HOH not shown at end of BB Episode)
M3gabyt3677 2   07/22/16 05:47 PM
x*I was glad Victor won but wish HOH would've been tonight. Battles took too long, IMO. On the bright side, now Sunday's episode won't be so
debbiedu2207/22/16 06:53 PM
x*I was so hoping Tiffany would be the winner NT
DaniTheWinner07/22/16 05:58 PM
*This is What Happens When the Internet Raises the Children
Dreamer13549 9   07/20/16 05:10 PM
x**bump* NT
Dulcie07/25/16 11:09 AM
x*I want to know what James said regarding Audrey and Clay!? NT
MissJamesWhine07/21/16 04:57 PM
x*I don't believe this story at all. NT
ihavsomthin2do07/22/16 09:52 AM
binkie9407/21/16 05:44 PM
x*The convo is still up on utube...Renee needs to listen to it & she will see she misinterpreted Michelles remarks. Renee is the immature one. NT
parrotbrain07/21/16 03:06 PM
x*Later, the tweets were deleted and the usual "the account was hacked" BS followed. NT
07/21/16 02:16 PM
x*And she tweeted this ~
Dreamer07/21/16 05:10 PM
x*OMG! Hahahahaha NT
AZ_Cards_1107/21/16 11:26 AM
x*LMAO !!! NT
caressastar07/21/16 08:20 AM
*Nicole the Lovesick Nurse
Dreamer10843 0   07/20/16 04:47 PM
*Where Things Stand Right Now For Eviction (Based on livefeeds) EDITED with Today's Info!
9224 4   07/20/16 10:43 AM
x*I really appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed. I get confused from day to day what's going on. NT
mixmemargarita07/20/16 02:48 PM
x*This should be a sticky and updated twice daily! Maybe not all the background info... but who's most likely going... Thanks CassieM! NT
all8up07/20/16 01:16 PM
x*Thank you for this! I haven't been able to keep up with the feeds as much as in the past. This was very helpful! :) NT
Whovian07/20/16 12:12 PM
x*Thank You for the Update!
stormycat07/20/16 12:10 PM
*Not A Creature Was Stirring, Except These Creatures
Dreamer3821 1   07/20/16 07:32 AM
x*Agreed. I am so disappointed in Nicole. I had her on a pedestal... NT
07/20/16 11:13 AM
*PoV Ceremony Aftermath: Extra, Extra! (Yes, Da'Vonne, I'm Looking at You.)
Dreamer11625 7   07/19/16 01:53 AM
x*Love this about hair flip,thank you! NT
ToadFarm07/20/16 07:42 PM
x*#HairFlipGate NT
AZ_Cards_1107/21/16 03:16 AM
x*Aha. Someone was looking for when they were talking about having to reshoot that. NT
lianna07/20/16 07:09 PM
x*"I know she has struggled in the past not to react physically when she is angry. " hmmm okay NT
nicki22707/19/16 02:18 AM
x*It's because Day is loud so people assume she is violent. Which is stupid IMO. I'm trying to figure out when she struggled to not act violent. NT
BBFan199507/19/16 04:05 AM
x*Borrowed from the provided link -
kmariahm07/19/16 09:54 AM
x*In other words, she wanted to hit Frank after he touched her inappropriately w/out her consent... that's not an outlandish response. NT
pikatroy07/20/16 02:15 AM
*Corey used the Veto on himself, and Roadkill (Tiffany) replaced him with Da'Vonne. Noms: Natalie, Tiffany, Da'Vonne NT
M3gabyt33097 0   07/18/16 12:01 PM
*11:15 pm BBT Frank/Nicole convo at hammock, about Frank finding out Day said he called her a slut:
5584 0   07/17/16 11:53 PM
* One Big Crappy Family
Dreamer5620 2   07/17/16 01:40 PM
x*Thank you!! NT
Deb07/18/16 09:49 PM
x*I appreciate the time you spend doing this for us. NT
Grammy07/17/16 02:08 PM
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