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Does anybody have the video of "Big Jeff"running after Shelly pleading please dont evict me would love to see this again. NT
Jessie comments about Amanda's religion. NT (2 Replies)
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*How to watch Flashbacks on CBS.com
M3gabyt34832 0   Sticky Post
*Welcome to the BB Flashbacks forum. Please read this guide before posting.
ForumAdmin17812 0   Sticky Post
*BB15 Sept.17, 9:54pm quad: spenc, winners give 5k to looser, then GM and A say taking each f-2, until at 10:16 & 43 sec talk of spenc landslide NT
dollady9174 0   09/18/13 08:25 AM
*BB15 Sept.16 cam 1&2 12:09am andy spence on ellsa,down on herself GM on Helens slanted eyes, ellissa didldo of turds, etc, degrading jokes NT
dollady7922 8   09/16/13 09:21 AM
x*Most disgusting group of people on one show. They need to screen these people better. CBS will not let them sing, but this is ok? NT
Legends09/17/13 07:06 AM
x*Fake apologies? Spencer's girlfriend has already made some for him. One being that he is bored. Right when someone is
Judy7109/16/13 10:03 PM
x*They have to have an idea of how they are talking. It's coming out of their own mouths. NT
RockChalkJhawk09/17/13 05:33 AM
x*They are all gonna have a rude awakening, very soon. Would like to see when they are all told they have lost their jobs The icing on the cake
flygirl09/16/13 02:12 PM
x*These assholes need a big dose of reality to hit them-SOON! NT
laurajhuff09/16/13 12:59 PM
x*Perfect choice of word - meaning assholes - since the brief time I had on BBAD the past two nights it was their favorite discussion. Who was the
BBAnnie09/18/13 06:47 AM
x*Watching these losers in post-season interviews offer the fake apologies we all know is coming should be far more glorious than the show itself. NT
Jenerrific71309/16/13 12:00 PM
x*That's what I'm waiting for and also the big ole hug from Nick to the queen of stupid. He still is planning on the date. NT
shesgg09/17/13 05:59 PM
*Watching FB 6/27/13 Cam 3/4 4:52am Amanda telling McCrae that Andy spends one day w/Spencer and they bond making fun of others.
Whirley6332 1   09/15/13 09:12 PM
x*They bonded over their inner mean girls. NT
BreachofTrust09/15/13 09:21 PM
*BB15 Sept. 15, 2:08AM (Cam 3) Sunday: Another race comment from Spencer
olmedic6541 4   09/15/13 04:54 PM
x*Not really a race comment from Spencer as much as it is a sarcastic criticism of Aaryn's racist attitude. NT
TribalProphet09/15/13 11:24 PM
x*Spencer's comment on Aaryn's "beauty"
StacLnn7209/15/13 09:10 PM
Tinkleheimer09/15/13 10:30 PM
x*It didn't sound to me like he meant "slightly" racist. NT
bbfan66109/28/13 11:59 PM
*BB15 Sept. 13 12:19 AM Friday Cam 4 - Spencer and Andy saying Julie was drunk and would have been fired if... NT
jblig3755 7   09/15/13 09:56 AM
x*HAHA! Was she? I didn't notice. Now I have to watch the episode again. NT
bigbrotherfan7209/17/13 02:58 PM
x*Actually, someone was removed from the game for talking shite about Julie one year. WHat was his name??? NT
MissJamesWhine09/15/13 05:04 PM
x*Neil? Josh's partner- BB9 NT
Kapri09/18/13 03:04 AM
x*Obviously a joke. What the hell have you guys been watching all these years, the feeds are just as filthy as they ever were. Ever heard of Marvin? NT
jeffthedrunk09/15/13 04:15 PM
x*Stone faces not joking at all... they even seemed "worried".. LOL Idiots. NT
GMan09/16/13 11:39 AM
x*can america vote for a reset button and get all 3 of them replaced??? please NT
dollady09/15/13 12:22 PM
x*I don't know if there's a teacup small enough for this tempest. NT
Ephandis09/15/13 11:59 AM
*BB15 Sept. SUN SEPT 15, 12:07AM CAM 1... GM loses it over Nick...again. Wow! NT
MissJamesWhine3589 2   09/15/13 12:09 AM
x*Every time she said that she is good at teaching dance and makes money doing it, I kept thinking....not anymore. NT
bigbrotherfan7209/16/13 03:00 PM
x*it's better if you start it around 12:02am NT
bigbrotherfan7209/16/13 02:53 PM
*I just found the Flashback where GM's delusion about Nick may have started...
Mommafishy210379 14   09/13/13 08:14 PM
x*And he told Jeff tonight (after finale) this didn't make the feeds, boy was he wrong ~~~~ I knew that I saw him crying with her on feeds !!!! NT
BBGranny09/19/13 01:34 AM
x*Why is it every season these people don't realize what 24/7 live feeds are & there is crying involved there is a good chance it was seen? NT
BBAnnie09/19/13 07:01 AM
x*because so many HG's have NO CLUE about BB before they enter NT
Bilbo09/19/13 07:04 AM
x*Nick is just a real nice guy, with a lot of compassion for her, no love interest shows NT
dollady09/16/13 12:05 PM
x*maybe she isn't as delusional as people think. just like the ending of 6th sense. NT
adobostreak09/15/13 04:06 PM
x*Damn, I can definitely see why she feels how she feels now NT
dropsoflava09/15/13 04:03 PM
x*We started that cry fest for sure. Sad she has been hurt so much used to it. NT
MadChatter09/15/13 01:20 PM
x*Also see July 4 4:05 AM Cams 1/2 when she tells him about her bulimia - it was part of a like an hour long conversation they had on the hammock NT
mw112509/13/13 11:55 PM
x*Wow, ten years for her. He was VERY compassionate, he impressed me. NT
MadChatter09/15/13 02:00 PM
x*He has tweeted numerous times that he is interested. He allowed them to use his pictures in her HOH. Thats not delusional. NT
Thunderclap09/13/13 08:18 PM
x*I remember him saying he would be there for her because she'll need it. He's just trying to be a good guy, no more than friends. NT
LittleBrother09/14/13 12:01 AM
x*When did his interest start? When it looked like she might win $500K? NT
Corndogger09/13/13 10:43 PM
x*LOL, I think you nailed it! NT
MissJamesWhine09/14/13 10:33 PM
x*He doesn't have to allow anything. The pictures are property of BB. They can do what they want with them. He said in the house he was going to play
Mommafishy209/13/13 08:29 PM
*BB15 Sept. 9/13 7:00pm Can anyone make out what GM says about Helen NT
Cindy3541 5   09/13/13 07:18 PM
x*At this point I'm actually laughing about it, because she is so trashy and has no clue.Gook eyes? Who says this shite in their head much less live NT
MissJamesWhine09/14/13 10:35 PM
x*'gooked eyes' but since the guys laughed, it must have been said with childlike innocence. NT
kywildcat09/14/13 04:36 AM
x*It's amazing to me that they SEE what she's saying and understand it's wrong, yet they encourage her. NT
awesomepossum09/14/13 05:01 PM
x*gook eyed NT
geesenc09/13/13 09:29 PM
x*Listened a couple times. Got no idea. NT
jblig09/13/13 07:37 PM
*BB15 Sept. 13, 12:39AM (all cams) - GM, Spencer, Andy reminisce about the HGs while lying down in front of the picture wall NT
lakeview1888 0   09/13/13 09:12 AM
*BB15 Sept. 12, 9:49 p.m., Cam 4: GM motions to Spencer that they are good and gives the impression that she will take him if she wins final HOH. NT
RockChalkJhawk2811 0   09/13/13 05:26 AM
*BB15 Sept. 12, 9:05PM (all cams) Final HOH Comp Part 1 NT
angbme2511 6   09/12/13 11:48 PM
x*did the feeds come on when this started or how long were they going already? NT
VeronicaLodge09/13/13 08:04 AM
x*remember when will and nicole and monica just had to lay in an hoh bed for their endurance comp? NT
VeronicaLodge09/13/13 07:48 AM
x*didn't Will pee himself during that comp. and it got on Nicole hahaha good times.. NT
nana11009/13/13 02:46 PM
x*Yes! And Will didn't even do that. He was all, "boring, see ya." NT
Micella09/13/13 02:07 PM
x*BB15 Sept. 12, 9:23PM (all cams)- Andy falls on his a$$! NT
Philster09/12/13 11:56 PM
x*BB15 Sept. 12, 9:12PM (all cams)- Spencer falls on his a$$! NT
Philster09/12/13 11:54 PM
*BB15 Sept. 12 12:57PM (all cams) Thur - the remaining Exterminators reveal themselves to McCrae. NT
lakeview2414 2   09/12/13 01:22 PM
x*Under the circumstances McCrae took it well. Remember the same convo @ Brittney didn't go nearly as well. NT
bbfan66109/29/13 12:21 AM
x*That was fun to watch! NT
Amelia2509/13/13 01:08 PM
*BB15 Sept 9, 11:51pm Cam 3/4 Monday - 30 seconds missing from feeds while there is talk of a VooDoo doll incident involving Andy.
jblig9923 2   09/10/13 10:45 AM
x*July 25th is pretty much completely missing from the feeds. NT
onthereg09/11/13 02:27 PM
x*ya I watched that a few times, they were messing with Elissa's pic & GM says "we should put it on a voodoo doll or something"
fairian09/10/13 11:49 AM
*BB15 Sept. 9 9:08pm Cam 1 Spencer telling Andy & Judd about Candice confrontation if he had a gun he would have shot her (joke?) NT
MerlotCrazy6789 0   09/10/13 06:48 AM
*BB15 Sept.9 4:11pm (Cam 3) McCrae totally forgot about camera & walked directly out of the shower naked then covered IT with a towel NT
MerlotCrazy14712 11   09/09/13 07:03 PM
x*This is not him walking out...its him TALKING ABOUT IT...prob never happened except in his own mind... NT
spikewells09/17/13 12:46 AM
x*No need to shout, especially when you are totally wrong. I just checked and it is correct.
Midi09/17/13 05:14 AM
x*Umm, I thought people always claimed he was very well endowed...now I'm disappointed. NT
terar2109/11/13 07:36 PM
x*I bet he game himself a semi-chub, and then deliberately walked out to make it seem like he was better endowed than he really is! NT
mynewpseud09/11/13 03:28 PM
x*ha he totally did NT
VeronicaLodge09/11/13 10:16 AM
spikewells09/09/13 10:20 PM
x*Can someone post some screencaps in Media??? NT
King053109/09/13 09:58 PM
x*No! CBS does not allow us to post nudes. NT
Whirley09/09/13 10:22 PM
x*sure, HG's can talk racism, rape, gang bangs, kiddie porn, autism and and other forbidden politically incorrect topics but nudes, NO WAY!! NT
spikewells09/17/13 12:52 AM
x*Talk to CBS. I just follow the rules they give us. NT
Whirley09/17/13 04:59 PM
x*No, Jokers doesn't allow nudes of the HG's. CBS has as much power on the internet as I do. There are plenty of nude BB photo's on the internet. NT
ChuckInWI09/10/13 04:32 PM
*BB15 Sept. BB15 9/09 4:22am Quad Cam Spencer, McCrae and Judd discuss Aaryn and racism in the house. NT
anastasia6124137 0   09/09/13 08:13 AM
*BB15 Sept. 8 CAM 1 APPROX. 11:06PM...GM PURGES AND YOU CAN HEAR IT plain as day. Then uses mouthwash. BB needs to help her. NT
MissJamesWhine10411 23   09/08/13 11:11 PM
x*She is a grown woman and it's her body. BB and CBS are not responsible. NT
bigbrotherfan7209/10/13 01:20 PM
x*Shes a grown ass woman, its not CBS or BB's responsibility to do anything for her..she signed on the dotted line knowing all would be revealed NT
Lark09/09/13 10:20 PM
x*I think she does have an issue but she has to admit it to herself first.
rabbit291809/09/13 10:19 PM
x*She cried to Nick about her years old problem with Nick on the hammock. He & Elissa both tried to help her. NT
debhead09/09/13 05:51 PM
x*She is dumb as a box of ROCKs..BB show her the damn door. Needs help with her disgusting vile purges she has everyday. She is so Jealous of girls NT
flygirl09/09/13 10:38 AM
x*Do you have a FB time for every cigarette smoked as well? #AdultChoices NT
livefeedme09/09/13 10:22 AM
x*I don't think hearing her puke once is enough to call her bulimic, especially since they've already question her and she denied it. I don't see
LittleBrother09/09/13 09:10 AM
x*She admitted to Nick in week 2 about. They also have cameras in the bathroom, so they know what she's doing. NT
awesomepossum09/09/13 06:40 PM
x*I don't know what she said to him but when BB asked her about it, she denied it. And since when do they have cams in the toilet stalls? Doesn't
LittleBrother09/09/13 08:11 PM
x*They've always had cams in the bathroom stalls, they've even aired scenes on the actual show when people go in there to cry. NT
awesomepossum09/09/13 08:56 PM
x*they do have cams in the bathroom, hell they even showed footage of it this year when Amanda was crying in there NT
zagger09/09/13 08:28 PM
x*OK then Why would they ask her about it and not confront her with video proof? It be a good opportunity to get rid of her and avoid a disaster. NT
LittleBrother09/09/13 08:48 PM
x*Because its not their job to fix her life. Just record it and make fake stories about it. NT
Thunderclap09/13/13 08:22 PM
x*The bottom line is, BB doesn't CARE all that much about these people other than entertainment value they can provide. NT
awesomepossum09/09/13 08:55 PM
x*because it's not their job to do that, they there to make a TV show NT
zagger09/09/13 08:52 PM
x*If that's the case though, why did they question her about it in the first place and have her talk to a doctor? "Doesn't make sense." NT
LittleBrother09/10/13 12:51 AM
x*De nile...it ain't just a river in Egypt. NT
MissJamesWhine09/08/13 11:53 PM
x*This is *****. She has been sick since she got a shot with her 9 stitches yesterday. Leave it. NT
anastasia61209/08/13 11:51 PM
x*Why did she need stitches? NT
eve_dallas09/09/13 06:16 PM
x*Tetanus shots do not make you vomit. Plus, she didn't say she was sick to her stomach. Get real,this girl has problems. NT
QueenEsther09/09/13 05:49 AM
x*since when is it BB's reasonability to get her help?? she had this problem before she entered the house.she a grown women and where's her family.. NT
nana11009/09/13 08:39 AM
x*Ah yes, the lets sweep this under the rug and believe it's no one else's responsibility to help out this woman excuse. NT
Kixx09/09/13 01:10 PM
x*yes lets sweep it under the rug with all the racist garbage that shoots out of her mouth.. NT
nana11009/09/13 03:07 PM
*BB15 Sept. 7 2:58pm Cam 1/2 Andy starts to cry when Spencer tells him Spencer knows no one can beat Andy in F2 - Andy scared he'll be sent out NT
SweeBee10728 9   09/08/13 02:36 PM
x*I don't think Spencer is going to even put Andy up. Unless he's been lying....wait could someone in the BB house lie? Here is a quote
Judy7109/10/13 06:40 PM
x*Sorry but I do not think he is a floater!!! He has a great SOCIAL game!!!!!!! Competitions are not everything. NT
bigbrotherfan7209/10/13 01:39 PM
x*Right now nothing would make me happier than that rat floater Andy getting the boot. He literally makes me sick, I can't watch his feeds bashfest. NT
anastasia61209/08/13 04:16 PM
x*I haven't watched the feeds since DE bc of Andy/GM/Judd/Spen/McC's Elissa bashing. NOT enjoyable at all NT
Emijo09/10/13 07:38 AM
x*No, not at all. NT
BBAnnie09/10/13 09:53 AM
x*Agreed!!!!! NT
CookieMMM09/08/13 05:30 PM
x*Oh man I agree 100%
jmrobin09/08/13 09:04 PM
x*YAYYY I am so hoping fish lips goes, then make my year if trashy Gina Marie goes right behind him. NT
flygirl09/08/13 03:35 PM
x*This is why I'm hoping Spencer or someone evicts Andy. Can't stand any of them, but he has become my least favorite. NT
Judy7109/08/13 03:16 PM
*BB15 Sept.5, 3:08PM(Cam1)- Elissa's last words on the live feeds, uttering her famous catch phrase,"Oh my gosh!" NT
triplecrunch6577 2   09/08/13 12:46 PM
x*Glad she is gone! NT
bigbrotherfan7209/10/13 01:36 PM
x*yes. she is so sweet and nice. typical NT
dollady09/08/13 11:37 PM
*BB15 Sept. 8th, 3:59am, cam 4 Judd to Andy i have a deal,( you go up) ill make mcCrea mad at me etc, few min later in BR to mcCrea,are you still.. NT
dollady3201 0   09/08/13 10:58 AM
*BB15 Sept. 6, 12:42AM(Cam3)- Mccrae reads his letter from home, almost. NT
triplecrunch4136 2   09/07/13 06:43 PM
x*Anyone know who the letter was from? What was in the letter? NT
Judy7109/10/13 08:02 PM
x*It was from his sister, I tried to screencap it, but it was too blurry to read. NT
triplecrunch09/11/13 09:27 AM
*BB15 Sep7, 2:46PM (Cam2) - Judd bashes Ian, McCrae & production again
sockruhtese4676 0   09/07/13 03:37 PM
*BB15 Sep7, 1:52PM (Cam3) - Judd & Spencer briefly bash Ian for appearing to like McCrae during the Veto comp
sockruhtese3730 5   09/07/13 03:28 PM
x*Jeez...WTF is wrong with these people. Boy are they in for a big surprise after the season ends. NT
BBAnnie09/08/13 07:28 PM
x*the most common thing during every season. and when they come out, literally nothing happens. NT
adobostreak09/08/13 08:07 PM
x*Gnatalie pretty much disappeared until recently if I remember right. NT
BBAnnie09/09/13 12:20 PM
x*Judd loves Ian, he said so several times. he was very sad that mccrea was the one he liked and that ian rooted for. NT
dollady09/08/13 09:13 AM
x*What a surprise!!! Someone else these as*holes don't like. Do they really think that anybody gives a flying fu*k what they think of them? I wish
angi75ct09/07/13 07:05 PM
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