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Anyone know what happened to the funny screencap website ran by the joker named CanIEatThis? NT
Michelle saying mean things about people? I keep hearing people say it happens but never seen it NT (2 Replies)
When did Meech and Brdgetts convo start please? NT (2 Replies)
Possible Secret alliance between Tiffany and Bridgette
Anyone know when Paulie confronted Tiff. Some time on July 15th? NT (2 Replies)
Request: Picture/Gif of Paulie jumping on top of Tiffany on the HOH bed in his 1st HOH. (1 Replies)

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Starr3885 0   Sticky Post
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ForumAdmin25248 0   Sticky Post
*BB18 July 29, 1:19AM (Cam 3/4) Friday - Nicole clears the air with Day. NT
866 0   07/29/16 01:21 AM
*BB18 July 28, 04:33:30AM & again 04:41:00AM (Cams 3-4 ) Thursday - Natalie having pleasant dreams. NT
BoBoB2347 8   07/28/16 05:09 AM
x*@4:43am you can hear people laughing at her, like a female laugh. Who is that? Camera crew? NT
bbfannnj07/28/16 07:33 PM
x*To be clear, I'm not trying to shame or embarrass. I applaud her safe choices and admire her commitment to abstinence. Most chaste girl in the houseNT
BoBoB07/28/16 03:26 PM
x*this is a nightly routine for her. poor james can't compete with her finger. NT
Hawkman07/28/16 01:49 PM
x*Natalie finger bang
HorseTeeth07/29/16 06:38 AM
x*lol! true NT
BB17ohno07/29/16 11:54 AM
x*You watch her sleep every night?!! OMG! NT
07/28/16 05:50 PM
x*turn the feeds on before work and she's going to town. NT
Hawkman07/29/16 03:10 AM
x*someone has to keep watch over the sweet little thing. NT
GMan07/28/16 08:14 PM
*BB18 July 27, 5:40:32 AM (Cam 3/4 ) Wednesday - An upset Bridgette talks to Frank because she thinks he was campaigning against her (per Paul). NT
688 0   07/27/16 04:27 PM
*BB18 July 27, TIME 3:14:24AM(Cam 3/4 ) Wednesday - Paul/Bridgette conversation on Hammock about Frank NT
1175 0   07/27/16 04:20 AM
*BB18 July 26, 5:27 AM (Cam 1 ) Tuesday - Natalie masturbating. NT
5212 7   07/26/16 08:50 PM
x*She's just sleeping NT
bbfan3407/27/16 03:04 PM
x*Hand on the crotch for sure.. but just a comfort hold like many people do when they sleep. No moving fingers. NT
GMan07/27/16 04:46 AM
x*Natalie is sleeping. That's all. NT
07/26/16 10:31 PM
x*The poor girl is not masturbating. She's sleeping, it's pretty obvious she's not "aware" NT
07/26/16 10:12 PM
x*she wont drink or kiss anyone while in the house because of young family members watching. i doubt she would intentionally do that NT
eve_dallas07/27/16 05:21 PM
x*she did it in the have not room late every night when james went to sleep. NT
Hawkman07/26/16 09:48 PM
x*You watch BOTH of them sleep? SMH! NT
07/28/16 05:53 PM
*BB18 July 25, 4:43 PM (Cam 4) Monday - Second Clue caught - Bridgette tells Frank that the secret words are in green. NT
dustypny817 0   07/26/16 11:06 AM
*BB18 July 25, 4:41 PM (Cam 3/4) Monday - First Clue caught - Natalie tells James that the Ocho Rios sign says Bon Voyage which is French.
dustypny584 0   07/26/16 11:05 AM
*BB18 July 25, 6:07PM (Cam 3/4 ) mon - victor goes into the room, bumps his head NT
dollady257 0   07/26/16 10:42 AM
*BB18 July 25, 5:49 PM (Cam 3 ) Monday - Paul telling production about something being wrong with one of the envelopes. NT
triplecrunch2488 1   07/25/16 06:50 PM
x*He is simply asking a question about revealing it. Nothing wrong here. NT
lulzpop07/26/16 09:23 AM
*BB18 July 25, 4:52 p.m. (Cam 3) Monday - Zakiyah is the FIRST houseguest to crack the clues to the secret room.
Truthful131696 3   07/25/16 06:43 PM
x*If she was 1st to solve puzzle she would have been 1st in the room. NT
07/28/16 05:57 PM
x*Bridgette figured it out long before this. She was also sitting waiting to dial PARIS (72747) but Paul would not let her into the booth. NT
ScienceGirl07/27/16 08:59 AM
x*Not the way I saw it go down. Paul was 1st all the way. NT
07/28/16 05:59 PM
*BB18 July 25, 5:41 PM (Cam 3) Monday - Paul opens secret door. NT
dustypny936 1   07/25/16 06:33 PM
x*What was that super loud noise? NT
primadayna07/26/16 12:19 AM
*BB18 July 25, 5:14:30 pm (Cam 3/4) Monday - message Paul got for secret room NT
CindiCindi645 0   07/25/16 05:37 PM
*BB18 July 25, 4:15:30pm (Cam 3) Monday - Clue to the secret appear on the screen NT
M3gabyt3765 2   07/25/16 04:42 PM
x*4:17:40pm James notices the clues on the screen and calls everyone to the TV. NT
M3gabyt307/25/16 04:44 PM
x*James can't you keep anything to yourself? NT
gizmo2tc07/25/16 05:13 PM
*BB18 July 25, 9:58 am (Cam 3/4 ) Monday - Bridgette attempts to clear the air with Michelle NT
michelle247 0   07/25/16 01:03 PM
*BB18 July 25, 3:53 am (1/2 ) Monday - Frank and Day talk and he throws Nicole and Corey UTB and tells Day not to trust Nicole NT
michelle616 0   07/25/16 08:14 AM
*BB18 July 25, 3:53 AM (Cam 1/2) Monday - Frank says he wants to help Day before he goes home, telling her to not trust Nicole. NT
dustypny506 2   07/25/16 07:43 AM
x*Such a respectful conversation. It was refreshing. NT
07/25/16 07:50 AM
x*I thought so too. Two vets good game talk. NT
dustypny07/25/16 08:31 AM
*BB18 July 25, 3:11 am (3/4 ) Monday - The start of the house meeting to discuss the POV and who is the target NT
michelle560 0   07/25/16 07:16 AM
*BB18 July 25, 5:08 AM (Cam 3/4) Monday - Zak puts on underwear and pad in front of Nicole, Michelle and James
DeeDee1413 5   07/25/16 06:18 AM
x*That was just strange, I still don't fully comprehend what happened. How did the underwear get on? Was she even wearing underwear beforehand?! NT
07/25/16 01:38 PM
x*Evidently not. She put her underwear on one leg, then hrough the shorts and then put her leg in the other side of underwear NT
DeeDee07/26/16 02:19 AM
x*only person on BB that likes to get blood on there hands as they say. NT
Camlawnman07/25/16 11:11 AM
x*Paul also walked into the room and made a comment. Unbelievable!!! NT
DeeDee07/25/16 08:33 AM
x*In all fairness.. she did wipe her sticky fingers on her pants first. Then dug into the chips. NT
GMan07/25/16 07:43 AM
*BB18 June 27, 12:20am (Cam 3/4 ) Monday - The infamous "eyebrow" comment by Bridgette. NT
Bonzolee1421 8   07/25/16 05:17 AM
x*For follow up: June 27, 12:42am (Cam1/2) - HOH Room; Z inaccurately recounts both Paul's and Bridgette's remarks. (*FB Time for CBS Feeds.) NT
Bonzolee07/25/16 02:13 PM
x*Bump NT
Dulcie07/27/16 07:25 PM
x*Click for partial transcript and review of eyebrow and HOH conversations.
Bonzolee07/25/16 05:37 PM
x*Here is a video of the comment for what it is worth
MrThortan07/25/16 12:44 PM
x*16 mins in and nothing...sure on date and time? NT
07/25/16 12:30 PM
x*found it's actually 12:17 am NT
07/25/16 12:44 PM
x*I double checked and on CBS feeds the comment comes at around 12:20:54; however, on BBViewer, it's 12:18:44. Weird. NT
Bonzolee07/25/16 01:21 PM
x*Thank you. NT
DeeDee07/25/16 05:58 AM
*BB18 July 24, 4:36 AM (Cam 1) Sunday - Frank uses hands to show Michelle how much money vets get for returning. Watch his hands in the mirror NT
binkie941876 0   07/24/16 10:25 PM
*BB18 July 24, 4:15 AM (Cam 3/4) Sunday - James and Day in SR concerned about Frank/Meech still talking in NR. James angry about possible veto use. NT
dustypny629 0   07/24/16 11:11 AM
*BB18 July 24, 3:47 AM (Cam 1/2) Sunday - Frank and Meech in NR. Frank trying to convince Meech to use veto on him. Long conversation. NT
dustypny629 0   07/24/16 10:59 AM
*BB18 July 24, 5:01 (Cam 3/4 ) Sunday - Z and Bridgette get into a little bit about their dislike for each other NT
michelle794 0   07/24/16 10:11 AM
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