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Zach dancing on Victoria, in backyard, while she is sitting in chair. Late night 7/29. Thanks. NT
Cody get a butt massage from Frankie while laying on top of Chistine and Nicole.
FB time of Amber telling Cody that Caleb is her target.
Can someone make me a Zach banner? No words needed. Just him. Thanks :) NT
Can someone post a pic of Victoria with her "real" hair (not extensions), read it was 8:00am on 7/28 I don't get flashbacks. TY. NT
Brittany trying to hammock surf. NT (2 Replies)

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ForumAdmin19035 0   Sticky Post
*BB16 July 30, 7:52pm (Cam ) Wednesday - Nicole accidentally hits Hayden in his "jewels" with the pool ball !!!!!!!! NT
IamBigBrother1581 0   07/30/14 07:58 PM
*BB16 July 30, 7:52:15 PM (Cam 2 ) Wednesday - Nicole hits Hayden in his "jewels" with cue ball. Hilarious!!! NT
dscags891 1   07/30/14 07:55 PM
x*That was funny. So was Nic rolling around afterward. NT
Corndogger07/30/14 07:57 PM
*BB16 July 30, 3:42am (Cam1 ) Wednesday - Funny Caleb moment in his onesie and crown NT
LuckyLori3973 2   07/30/14 02:50 PM
x*Could someone give a visual description for those of us who can't get the feeds? NT
georgygirl07/30/14 06:44 PM
Gael07/30/14 07:09 PM
*BB16 July 14, 7:29pm (Cam 3) - Victoria's real hair and a glimpse of her hair piece NT
luvmykitties7733 9   07/30/14 10:07 AM
NAYDINAH07/30/14 02:19 PM
x*OMG...is Vic nuts she has nice hair way better than that birds nest she wears NT
bbnuts07/30/14 02:00 PM
x*somebody post a screen grab
imBatman07/30/14 11:58 AM
Gael07/30/14 01:41 PM
Gael07/30/14 03:01 PM
x*her hair looks great without the extensions! NT
Lex07/30/14 02:15 PM
x*Couldn't agree more. Hopefully people will tell her that after the show. NT
Corndogger07/30/14 02:28 PM
x*aw, she doesn't need those dumb extensions.... NT
banner_boy07/30/14 10:38 AM
x*IA! I think she just needs a good haircut. I only posted this because it comes up a lot in discussions and u can see she does have nice hair. NT
luvmykitties07/30/14 11:02 AM
*BB16 July 30, 02:01:25AM (Cam1&2) Wednesday - Caleb find out he's Amber’s target and storm out NT
surf5d5976 0   07/30/14 07:25 AM
*BB16 July 30, 2:50am (Cam 2) Caleb calls Amber a Ho and threatens to shove A&D up her nose and set it on fire. NT
AlNisa6707 0   07/30/14 04:35 AM
*BB16 July 29, 6:24:47 PM Tuesday Cam 1/2 - Waxing Talk: Amber waxes her best friend & Chris's pastor's wife waxes her (Chris) hoohaw (everything
Corndogger4901 0   07/29/14 06:46 PM
*BB16 July 28, 7:37AM (Cam 1) monday: proof victoria has hair. washing her real hair in shower before adding extensions and at 7:42 brushing hairNT
dollady7113 0   07/29/14 11:25 AM
*BB16 July 29, 1:41:50am Cam 1/2 Tuesday: a classic ZachAttack on Victoria & Nicole, just stating the facts NT
bbaballer3517 1   07/29/14 10:52 AM
x*Cant wait to see a Best Of Zach montage
BB_Texan07/29/14 12:54 PM
*BB16 July 28,10:09pm,(Cam 1 )mon. Derrick: 'You'r 5 k closer to school,(to frankie)'if we go to jury now we have 21k', fra. 'no 28k 15+13' NT
dollady3328 0   07/29/14 09:15 AM
*BB16 July 28, 11:30 (Cam 1 ) Monday - leg wrestling. Fun! NT
Fruzia1348 0   07/28/14 11:36 PM
*BB16 July 28, 2:03am (Cam 3) Monday - Frankie checks out Caleb's package, pulling out the waistband of his sweatpants and looking down. NT
Kevdog18003770 0   07/28/14 09:14 PM
*BB16 July 28, 2:31PM (Cam 1) Monday - Caleb staring behind door scares Derrick [funny] NT
surf5d4569 0   07/28/14 03:42 PM
*BB16 July 28, 12:31:00 (Cam 4 ) Monday - DONNY with the 1st real ZING of the season
Phins6391 4   07/28/14 01:14 PM
x*IT was Perfect..hope someone youtubes that.. NT
deVinePoet07/28/14 05:52 PM
x*I can't get flashbacks either. I think you have to have the feeds in order to see flashbacks. Thanks ptom for the quote. NT
georgygirl07/28/14 03:13 PM
x*what did he say i can never get flashbacks to work right? NT
Camlawnman07/28/14 01:35 PM
x*"I would like to give that dress the power of veto." NT
ptom1307/28/14 02:32 PM
*BB16 July 28, 11:14:54 (Cam 1) Monday - Caleb rapping NT
angbme1339 3   07/28/14 11:20 AM
x*I totally missed a P there...not good but also not surprised. NT
Tinkleheimer07/28/14 03:54 PM
x*Whoa. That was...I don't know how to describe it. Douche Chills maybe? NT
operations07/28/14 11:39 AM
x*Right!? LOL that's why I didn't put any description...there isn't one NT
angbme07/28/14 01:25 PM
*BB16 July 28, 9:23am (Cam 3 ) Monday - Frankie strips to get in shower with everything (well almost) showing !!! NT
IamBigBrother2838 1   07/28/14 09:29 AM
x*How is that guy so hair free?! does he wax? geeze he puts me to shame. lol NT
TheCobbler07/28/14 04:50 PM
*BB16 July 28, TIME 5:26am (All Cams ) Monday - Caleb tosses a pillow at Amber while running out of the room. (Practical joke by him/Cody). NT
mmd1863 0   07/28/14 09:00 AM
*BB16 July 28, TIME 2:33am (Cam 1&2 ) Monday - Hayden tells Nicole he knew about Zacs nom speech and who else knew , Nicole upset NT
pinklily1634 0   07/28/14 08:16 AM
*BB16 July 28, TIME 5:21am (Cam 1/2)Monday - Caleb wants to do something to a sleeping Amber. Banana's, Icy Hot or Nail polish to her face? Finally
AlNisa1246 0   07/28/14 07:53 AM
*BB16 July 28, 02:15:30 (Cam 3/4 ) Monday - Back yard, Nicole Hayden and others do Jingle Bells Nicole chipmunk style NT
frustratedposter1827 0   07/28/14 02:50 AM
*BB16 July 28, 1:47 AM (CAM 3) - Caleb describing how he is going to show everyone the "sickest Breakdancing You Guys Have Probably Ever Seen" NT
operations1719 2   07/28/14 01:55 AM
x*I LOL the hardest when he said, "I used to be able to spin on my head for like 2 minutes" NT
operations07/28/14 01:58 AM
x*I'd die laughing if Julie asked him to breakdance for the audience when he gets evicted. Stage is perfect, so why not?! NT
Corndogger07/28/14 02:11 AM
*BB16 July 27, 4:42:30 (Cam 1&2 ) Sunday - Hayden & Nicole have a "Fish War" NT
UltimateWarrior7971 0   07/27/14 01:11 PM
*BB16 July 27, 3:10:50 AM Sunday Cam 1/2 - Bathroom Antics--Nic freaks out when she hears Cody's using her shampoo and runs with Chris to the
Corndogger6840 0   07/27/14 03:48 AM
*BB16 July 27, TIME 3:06 AM (3/4 ) Sunday - Zach FINALLY tells caleb that amber just doesn't like him like that. He is P!ssed NT
MissJamesWhine10379 1   07/27/14 03:12 AM
x*At about 3:17am this extreme narcissist believes he'll be the next Bachelor. How does one become so delusional? NT
wwell07/27/14 12:05 PM
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