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*Welcome to the BB Fans forum...(Please read before posting)
ForumAdmin3279 0   Sticky Post
*So, Christmas got back from her doctor appointment and is weaning off the crutch this week. Full weight allowed with the boot starting Monday. NT
stargazerlilly31 0   09/11/17 06:37 PM
*With a boot on, Christmas did really well in the veto. Now, I hope she wins HOH tonight. NT
stargazerlilly279 7   09/07/17 07:53 PM
x*I would LOVE that -- though I would love for her to win the NEXT HOH even more! NT
WhatNow09/07/17 08:17 PM
x*Then Josh needs to win it. I don't trust Paul to put Alex up. NT
stargazerlilly09/07/17 08:56 PM
x*Agreed! NT
WhatNow09/07/17 09:06 PM
x*And Josh won. NT
stargazerlilly09/07/17 11:21 PM
x*Yep! So far, so good! Did Christmas throw it to him as part of a plan? NT
WhatNow09/08/17 12:39 AM
x*Yes. She told Josh that she had just told Kevin she messed up, but she threw it. NT
stargazerlilly09/08/17 12:51 AM
x*TY! Now "all" she has to do is win the next HOH! I swear she's gonna play or kill the doc that prevents her. NT
WhatNow09/08/17 01:40 AM
*So... Paul wants Kevin in F3 and Josh has figured that out, eh? He knows that means Paul lied to Josh & Christmas so he (Paul) has gotta go! Yes? NT
WhatNow165 2   09/07/17 07:48 PM
x*Paul told Kevin that it's him, Kevin, and Christmas F3. lol NT
stargazerlilly09/08/17 12:53 AM
x*When did Paul say he wants Kevin in F3 and Josh knows? NT
stargazerlilly09/08/17 12:52 AM
*Well... Christmas is F5 so I'm thrilled! But I can no longer stay neutral about Paul. I want him gone. NT
WhatNow39 0   09/07/17 07:13 PM
*Getting nervous for DE. Hoping Alex follows Jason out the door. NT
stargazerlilly139 3   09/06/17 04:31 PM
x*Hope so too, love to see a Christmas/Josh final two NT
bbcanDDW09/06/17 06:30 PM
x*Would LOVE that. Real longshot though. NT
WhatNow09/07/17 07:22 PM
x*I wouldn't be mad. NT
BigGirlPanties09/06/17 04:44 PM
*Josh's concerns (legit or not) may mean Paul will want to clip him at F4, instead of taking him to F3. Agree? NT
WhatNow344 7   09/04/17 05:38 AM
x*I agree - now that Paul knows Josh is questioning him, I think he will see Raven/Kevin as easier to keep and cut Josh sooner. NT
TiaTia77709/04/17 08:35 PM
x*Maybe, but when he talked to feeders this morning, his plan is to take Josh to F2. NT
stargazerlilly09/04/17 03:29 PM
x*Never saw that. Are you sure?!? NT
WhatNow09/04/17 03:53 PM
x*Yes, it was early this morning when he and Christmas were in the APSR and she was called to the DR. NT
stargazerlilly09/04/17 04:46 PM
x*I hope that has changed. I want Christmas to make it to F2 somehow, though I doubt it will happen. NT
WhatNow09/07/17 07:24 PM
x*I think that has been Paul's agenda all along. I think he wants Kevin and Raven as F3 with him. NT
bb4peeker09/04/17 12:52 PM
x*I agree - I think Paul is seeing that he is not as loyal so, he should clip him before Kev and maybe even Raven. NT
TiaTia77709/04/17 09:04 AM
*I still don't like Paul's idea. I don't know why Christmas is okay with taking the heat and thinking Alex is going to be okay with this.
stargazerlilly318 4   09/03/17 04:13 PM
x*Without this "plan" all 3 of JoPaMus will be hated by Alex and would be targeted. If Paul stays good and in her ear, she will go after Kev/Rav. NT
TiaTia77709/04/17 09:06 AM
x*No plan is 100% fair but I think this plan is best overall. However, after Jason is evicted, changes to the "big picture" may be nec! NT
WhatNow09/04/17 05:35 AM
x*I think Christmas feels Paul can keep her safe if Alex wins HOH NT
bbcanDDW09/03/17 07:35 PM
x*Yep. At least Paul still being in Alex's good graces increases the odds of keeping Alex from going nuts. I think! NT
WhatNow09/04/17 06:32 AM
*Paul! He's wearing the Veto necklace! NT
KatOnAHotPC116 1   09/02/17 08:57 PM
x*Well they keep the power this eviction. So which one is going to jury? NT
ne14cookies09/02/17 09:21 PM
*Question. Don't beat me up. Can't remember ......
Ksshaeon289 1   09/02/17 05:50 PM
x*No, they can't. NT
stargazerlilly09/02/17 06:24 PM
*If Jason or Alex is booted in the 1st eviction Thurs, will Kevin be the target in the "quickie" 2nd eviction Thurs? NT
WhatNow144 2   09/02/17 11:45 AM
x*No, whomever is left over from the Jalex eviction will go as long as they don't win HOH. NT
stargazerlilly09/02/17 06:25 PM
x*I think they will try to take out Kevin. If he wins POV than it will be Raven I bet. NT
MyBestBud09/02/17 04:46 PM
*Anyone else think Josh might be the one to put Paul OTB in the next two weeks? I know he's loyal to Paul but Josh DOES see what's happening... NT
WhatNow434 7   09/02/17 11:42 AM
x*I don't know but GREAT question. He sees it alright. I think Christmas sees it too but she's sharp enough to keep it under wraps for the time being NT
KatOnAHotPC09/02/17 06:33 PM
x*Stopped watching regularly.... how do we know Josh knows? (Hi Kat, nice to see another familiar "face" :) ) NT
ne14cookies09/02/17 07:32 PM
x*Hiya Cookies! To answer your question, he has said to CMas lots that Paul is playing a game that benefits him most, while not so much the trio.
BigGirlPanties09/04/17 01:53 PM
x*Nooo! Paul needs to stay in the dark just like all the others he's led to the slaughter. Get him Josh! NT
Caramel09/04/17 03:09 PM
x*"Stopped watching regularly" that's why you dont know. NT
bb4peeker09/04/17 12:58 PM
x*If Jalex is gone and Josh wins HOH, he'd have to put him up. Doesn't mean he'd go though. NT
stargazerlilly09/02/17 06:27 PM
x*I think Josh will be the one to try to take out Paul. But, Christmas will have to be evicted first because he listens to her....
MyBestBud09/02/17 04:45 PM
*Why doesn't Kevin tell Paul where to go? You would think Kevin wouldn't allow someone to tell him to sit in the corner and not talk to anyone Grr! NT
CndHockeyMom277 3   09/01/17 09:54 PM
x*I hate the way Paul orders him around BUT if Kevin would stop blabbing everything told to him in confidence no one would have issues with him. NT
WhatNow09/02/17 11:37 AM
x*He should have told Paul and Jason where to go because neither one has his back NT
bbcanDDW09/02/17 11:03 AM
x*On BBAD, Kevin leaves a group talk and Paul gives him the finger behind his back. 15 minutes later, Paul finds Keven to give that stay "quiet" advice.
do_I_stutter09/02/17 09:29 AM
*LOL that Christmas pulled these noms off without having anyone mad. NT
stargazerlilly294 4   09/01/17 07:53 PM
x*It's been a very odd BB year! NT
MissDrWill09/02/17 01:06 PM
x*Seriously! The non-threatening tone and simple truth idea worked beautifully. Jalex simply can't read between the lines. NT
WhatNow09/02/17 11:39 AM
x*Jalex are not smart enough to realize they are the target NT
bbcanDDW09/01/17 10:00 PM
x*I think Jason knows something is up, but Alex doesn't listen to her own advice. "assume everyone is lying", and she is just swallowing it all hook
CndHockeyMom09/02/17 11:55 AM
*Ok, I don't like Paul's plan. I hope josh and Christmas talk alone tonight. NT
stargazerlilly459 5   08/31/17 09:42 PM
x*I think Josh & Christmas are gonna talk a lot this week. Could get interesting! NT
WhatNow08/31/17 11:44 PM
x*Both are absolutely seeing Paul trying to protect himself and letting XMas take the heat. XMas even tried to be direct with noms, but Paul had to
ScienceGirl09/01/17 08:51 PM
x*Yeah, and did it again a little bit ago. Jason wasn't biting. He said you talk to her all the time. lol NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 09:53 PM
x*I hope so. Taking out Jason is good, but taking out Alex would be better. I wish they'd see Paul protecting all of his F2s. lol NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 01:25 AM
x*Jason still the best 1st choice, IMO. Much harder to get out cuz he's a comp beast. NT
WhatNow09/02/17 11:46 AM
*Hahahahaha Alex volunteers to go up...against Kevin. NT
stargazerlilly63 0   08/31/17 08:58 PM
*I can't wait for the noms. lol NT
stargazerlilly403 6   08/31/17 08:41 PM
x*I know it's not gonna happen, but what a feather in her cap it would be for Christmas to get out Paul. It would sit well with Jury. NT
ShrewLou09/01/17 04:01 PM
x*As a XMas fan, it would be great short term. But with a strong duo (potentially trio) still in the game and Paul wanting to take her
ScienceGirl09/01/17 08:53 PM
x*Not when Jason and Alex are still there as a strong team. NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 06:11 PM
x*I wanna see if Christmas is going to tell Jason straight out that he's the target. Might be a wise move to do so. NT
WhatNow08/31/17 11:46 PM
x*He may think she's saying that to cover intention to BD Kevin NT
bb4peeker09/01/17 04:04 PM
x*I don't like that she wants to do that. Just keep it simple that they are pawns. NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 01:26 AM
*Christmas won? lol Woohoooooooooo NT
stargazerlilly630 10   08/31/17 08:30 PM
x*Yep! I didn't know if it would be a comp she could play in but it worked out. Then the plan to throw it to her worked perfectly! NT
WhatNow08/31/17 11:40 PM
x*The Dr. let her participate in a race!!! Hard to believe. This HOH is one for the history books. NT
bb4peeker09/04/17 01:03 PM
x*Paul said he threatened Kevin to throw that comp. I couldn't make out everything he said. But I definitely heard him say he told him what he
Caramel09/01/17 08:13 AM
x*Wooo! Sleigh them queen!!!!! NT
bigbrotherfan708/31/17 10:37 PM
x*Our GIRL DID it! NT
KatOnAHotPC08/31/17 08:43 PM
x*Yep! Don't care if it was thrown to her, a win is a win! :) NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 09:14 PM
x*Agreed. At least this gives her a chance to get rid of a huge threat that's in her way. NT
WhatNow09/01/17 12:51 AM
x*Who is her target? NT
Caramel09/01/17 08:19 AM
x*Jason. If he wins veto, then Alex. NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 04:02 PM
x*Yay Christmas and Peppi! lol NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 08:37 PM
*Hope Christmas, Josh, and Paul are strategizing on this HOH comp. since Christmas won't be able to play. NT
stargazerlilly326 5   08/31/17 07:57 PM
x*Paul has to beat Alex before he can throw it. NT
cjr251408/31/17 08:18 PM
x*I hope they let her play. Part of the comp is false starts and throwing to each other NT
rando11108/31/17 08:10 PM
x*I don't know how she could do this one. NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 08:13 PM
x*She can't. She'll have to sit out. NT
cjr251408/31/17 08:23 PM
x*I was wrong, not only did she play, she won. NT
cjr251408/31/17 10:06 PM
*So there must be another DE, maybe on Sept 7th? Does anyone know for sure when the finale is? TIA! NT
WhatNow352 6   08/31/17 05:14 PM
x*Yep, EXACTLY. Julie confirmed tonite...DE on Sept 7th and Finale Sept 20th. NT
KatOnAHotPC08/31/17 08:46 PM
x*Yes! There may even be a surprise eviction too cuz the numbers don't seem to work otherwise. NT
WhatNow08/31/17 11:41 PM
x*What if Megan hadn't DOR? Too many DEs. NT
bb4peeker09/01/17 04:07 PM
x*The battle back may have not happened. NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 06:05 PM
x*Probably a Sunday eviction on the 17th leaving the F3. NT
stargazerlilly09/01/17 02:04 AM
x*September 20. NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 05:33 PM
*As long as Alex and Kevin don't win HOH, Jalex will be OTB, correct? And Kevin is the replacement if one is needed? NT
WhatNow103 1   08/31/17 05:10 PM
x*Yes, that's the plan. NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 05:34 PM
*Josh has really lost a lot of weight and gained muscle. He looks great! NT
stargazerlilly216 3   08/31/17 03:04 PM
x*Yep, he has def lost weight and looks good. Hope he sticks with the exercising. He seems more relaxed (for Josh) and it's good for his self esteem. NT
WhatNow08/31/17 05:04 PM
x*I like that Christmas gives him tips while he's exercising. NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 07:58 PM
x*Except for his hair. Oh Josh! lol NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 03:17 PM
*Does anyone know why Alex went crazy on Kevin this week? I know she always thought he was shady, but what set everything off this week? and what
CndHockeyMom320 3   08/31/17 01:36 PM
x*I think it was a combination of things. Some conversation w/Paul, Jason sticking w/Kevin & not putting him OTB, etc. No one specific thing. NT
WhatNow08/31/17 05:08 PM
x*She's fighting for the soul of Jason 2ho's looking like he'll flip or make stupid moves bc she knows Kev works on behalf of other couples. Kev will
HarleyQ08/31/17 02:05 PM
x*I think she wants him out because she doesn't like how close he is to Jason. It was the perfect week for her to target him. With Jason, I think he
stargazerlilly08/31/17 01:56 PM
*Okay, so here's the BIG question. Maven after the show??? I used to think, "Are you kidding me?! No WAY!" But suddenly I just don't know anymore... NT
KatOnAHotPC455 6   08/31/17 09:46 AM
x*Matt wants to meet Raven's doctor, they're both hoping to move to LA & Raven wants to bring Momma... he's also sacrificed his Game & Reputation for
HarleyQ08/31/17 01:34 PM
x*I wonder if he thinks her 'fame' will reflect on him? NT
bb4peeker09/01/17 04:10 PM
x*I'm not sure what he's thinking... guess he'll figure it out on their road trip across the West... look out Houston! NT
HarleyQ09/01/17 04:14 PM
x*I think Matt will run when he hears the negative comments about Raven. Which is unfortunate, because they seem to get along well. NT
stargazerlilly08/31/17 01:20 PM
x*I don't think it will last. NT
cjr251408/31/17 11:26 AM
x*I know what you mean. I swear they really do seem to genuinely care for each other, which seemed unlikely at first! NT
WhatNow08/31/17 09:50 AM
*I love the tone here. It is too bad it is not more active. I am rooting for XMas although I do not have false hope that she can win. :-) NT
ScienceGirl698 11   08/30/17 10:53 PM
x*Christmas is one of my favs, but I still love Paul the best. NT
cjr251408/31/17 11:29 AM
x*He is not my fav personality wise, but his game is surely steller. People like to say it is because everyone is dumb or because he had so many
ScienceGirl09/01/17 09:08 PM
x*If Paul makes it to F2, he'll win so you'll be a happy camper!:) NT
WhatNow08/31/17 05:18 PM
x*Love this board! It'll pick up activity but it takes time for people to find it. Glad you did! :) NT
WhatNow08/31/17 09:07 AM
x*Yep, it's definitely great here! :-) I mean what a breath of fresh air!!! NT
KatOnAHotPC08/31/17 09:44 AM
x*She's my favorite. Next week, she gets to put weight on her foot, so I'm hoping she gets cleared for more comps. F3 comp, if she makes it, could
stargazerlilly08/30/17 11:14 PM
x*Christmas is my fave too! Yes, it will be very interesting to see if she'll be able to compete in F3 comp(s)! NT
WhatNow08/31/17 09:08 AM
x*Count me in on your Christmas list (OMG I know I'm SO sorry)! Hope she's cleared for upcoming Comps too but IMO she has promise for the eggs/wire! NT
KatOnAHotPC08/31/17 09:36 AM
x*She has to beat Alex, because no way will Alex throw a comp. NT
cjr251408/31/17 11:31 AM
x*I sure hope you're right. Love the Tree! NT
WhatNow08/31/17 09:39 AM
x*I am so happy to come back here and see some love for Christmas! It warms my heart to be free to share my Christmas fandom. NT
ScienceGirl09/01/17 08:56 PM
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