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*Hang on! Jokers has slight gas problems ;) Be OK shortly! NT
Jokerette434 0   Sticky Post
*Welcome back, Jason! Dang it.
Jokerette1407 0   Sticky Post
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Starr2993 0   Sticky Post
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strkaholic1265 0   Sticky Post
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Jokerette878 0   Sticky Post
*John and Jackie trading off laughs was freaky. NT
krh50380 0   08/01/15 11:17 PM
*I like James as HOH, he's having fun with it and at same time breaking up a couple, he knows he'll prob go next week NT
trini2333 2   08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*play with no fear NT
Mishanb08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Should have used this HOH to make deals for his future in the game. Oh well.... NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:17 PM
*C'mon Clay suck Shelli's toes lik Cody did to Chrsitine NT
berkshire2 1   08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*Ewww did that really happen? NT
Evelrocker08/01/15 11:17 PM
*I'm sure this has been said 1000 times, but anyone see the coincidence between Shelli and Britney from last year. NT
makaveli3412 4   08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*Except Brit went home afterwards and Shelli won't NT
SweeBee08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Same Punishment and both could go home this week. 2 years in a row. NT
makaveli34108/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Shelli is good for now, she needs noms to stay the same and Vanessa has her votes locked up NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*whats the coincidence? NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:16 PM
*Steve put on an oven mitt to put a FROZEN pizza IN the oven. NT
nammer5 6   08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*probably did not want to accidentally hit the oven racks NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*It's easy to burn yourself when putting something into the oven. I guess he's just cautious. NT
robin8608/01/15 11:16 PM
x*Better safe than sorry imo NT
sbeck08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*He didn't want to burn himself NT
Trinity08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*How would he?! NT
nammer08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*He's Steve!!! NT
Trinity08/01/15 11:16 PM
*Ok if Clay wants to leave then let him leave like today!!! waste of my time...lol NT
ICBBsFuture1 1   08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*I think it is sweet. Really shows how much he cares for her. NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:17 PM
*As of now are Austin/Twins really voting out Clay or were they lying? NT
SimpleeAasha12 13   08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*They prefer Shelli over Clay any way NT
bbcanDDW08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*bad move to keep Shelli. who cares what vannessa wants. NT
Igore08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*Shelli is more loyal. Clay wants to jump ship over to JMac & Becky NT
PVRlover08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Van is their master! NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Shelli can win comps to keep them safe NT
Dulcie08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Austwins do, Vanessa runs the show in their alliance NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*As of now Yes NT
BayouMudbug08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*No matter what, they will go with what Vanessa wants. But they just promised Clay anyway, and the twins are closer to Shelli anyway NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*I think they were gonna end up voting him out anyway. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:14 PM
x*Van told them to keep Shelli. They'll keep Shelli. Nothing James can do about after the POV ceremony. NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*what a bunch of puppets if they keep shelli NT
Igore08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*I'm going to wait until after Veto to figure out what everyone is really doing. NT
PVRlover08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*Good idea! Thanks NT
SimpleeAasha08/01/15 11:14 PM
*I hope Jackie wins HOH next week and puts Shelli on the block again! NT
TeamMist2 4   08/01/15 11:12 PM
x*I don't get why they would vote to keep Shelli, get a big target out while you can that will help your game moving forward and down the road. NT
Igore08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*I don't get it either NT
trini23308/01/15 11:18 PM
x*Makes no sense to me, seems it would be easy to get Shelli out this week, tho I think Shelli is good at the game and good for feeds NT
Trinity08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*Yes please. NT
SimpleeAasha08/01/15 11:14 PM
*300 ~1:45m mark. NT
KnightHawk2 2   08/01/15 11:12 PM
x*It's going to be the back half of the 2400 that will be a killer NT
BayouMudbug08/01/15 11:16 PM
x*Dang. That's fast. NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:12 PM
*Meg will be pissed once she realizes Shelli is staying and Clay is getting evicted. She still thinks Clay is staying NT
DrunkenStorm7 8   08/01/15 11:11 PM
x*He told her he is leaving. NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*He told her he wants to leave, but she thinks they have the votes to keep him NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:15 PM
x*She is dreaming of Clay alone without Shelli right now. She is in for a rude awakening. NT
eureca08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*Good let her and becky and john for that matter think clay is staying, all the better shock factor during a DE. NT
KnightHawk08/01/15 11:12 PM
x*Don't think it'll be DE. Julie didn't tease it last Thursday. NT
Sickpud08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*Won't be DE. Also I think John and Becky are keeping Shelli also, they said they would honor Clay's request NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*Next Thurs isn't a DE. There was nothing announced about it on the live show NT
MTech08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*I agree, they would have said, probably the week after or maybe no DE this year, who knows. NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:15 PM
*I'd love to see James take Clay off the block and put up Vanessa. Tell Vanessa he really wants Shelli out so campaign your ass off +++
ShortJackie28 10   08/01/15 11:09 PM
x*Why if one is gonna stay? Why give up 5 grand? NT
nammer08/01/15 11:12 PM
x*He isn't that smart. NT
Brian36208/01/15 11:11 PM
x*smart enough and has the balls to put up that precious showmance that everyone else licks their taints NT
KlausHeissler08/01/15 11:12 PM
x*That will require somebody to spill to James that they wanna keep Shelli. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:10 PM
x*Van would stay and gun after him. However, I think he is leaving next week anyway. NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:10 PM
x*She's already after him isn't she?...I say f*ck it NT
ShortJackie08/01/15 11:11 PM
x*She is...in the context of a 6S target, but personally I think she has another target in mind-Jackie or Becky. -->
KnightHawk08/01/15 11:17 PM
x*Yup NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*this NT
Poz08/01/15 11:13 PM
x*exactly. he just needs to find out before monday NT
izzatyou08/01/15 11:12 PM
*Vanessa cracks me up buffing the shield. lol NT
stargazerlilly0 0   08/01/15 11:09 PM
*I'm starting to think James is the only person left that hasn't lost their marbles yet. NT
krh50381 2   08/01/15 11:09 PM
x*That's because his marbles were lost before coming into the house. NT
makaveli34108/01/15 11:16 PM
x*Yeah, who knew? NT
robin008/01/15 11:11 PM
*If i was austin and twins and shay try to claim alliance i would just say we went along with what the hoh wanted and Shay was hoh NT
Evelrocker0 0   08/01/15 11:09 PM
*Who's said they will vote to keep Shelli? NT
Augustkm7 2   08/01/15 11:08 PM
x*Liz, Julia, Austin, Van, JMac, Becky NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:11 PM
x*In what context? After a clay talk - V\L\Ju\As have agreed to vote him out if that's what he really wants on thursday. NT
KnightHawk08/01/15 11:11 PM
*Can anyone confirm Clay told Becky to say Austin? NT
BayouMudbug22 10   08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*I think he said Steve but was off camera, I don't think Clelli is dumb enough to throw both Steve and Austin UTB and lose all support NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:08 PM
x*But its just Clay doing the talking, not as bright as Shelli NT
BayouMudbug08/01/15 11:11 PM
x*NO. He said he was going to talk to Austin. NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*Ok, thanks. Thought he may have told Becy to say Austin then when the twins and Austin say Steve, Clay would say thats what Austin did to Vanessa to
BayouMudbug08/01/15 11:10 PM
x*James doesn't want anymore blood on his hands NT
BayouMudbug08/01/15 11:14 PM
x*Only Shelli's dog could confirm that. Is he a member here? NT
Corndogger08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*No he's too smart for us. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:07 PM
x*He's def smarter than Sh/Cl. Must be a Mensa member. NT
robin008/01/15 11:10 PM
x*lol NT
PVRlover08/01/15 11:09 PM
x*lol precisely NT
mcoop08/01/15 11:08 PM
*Vanessa's hat is cute. Kind of like a French beret. NT
nammer4 8   08/01/15 11:03 PM
x*'raspberry beret' NT
Cindy08/01/15 11:10 PM
x*Looks great on her NT
Dulcie08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*Vanessa looks the best she's looked all season. She should keep this outfit instead of the tired old hoody. NT
Stripes08/01/15 11:05 PM
x*Yes. She always looks like a grumpy old man. NT
robin008/01/15 11:08 PM
x*AGREED! Looks way better in the hat then in the beanie thing NT
KnightHawk08/01/15 11:08 PM
x*Better than the beanie. NT
robin008/01/15 11:04 PM
x*I'm annoyed she'll have another hat to wear the sh*t out of. NT
ShortJackie08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*lol NT
KlausHeissler08/01/15 11:05 PM
*Has Shelli told Clay to not give up his game for her? NT
LuvinBB12 10   08/01/15 11:03 PM
x*Not that I've seen. And I don't believe she will. NT
AuntieDee08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*Don't know about Shelli but Meg sure did in all her drunken teary eyed glory. NT
Gr8full08/01/15 11:05 PM
x*Thank you. She's starting to annoy me as much as Becky. NT
AuntieDee08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*Actually it wasn't annoying, rather funny actually since she was practically seducing him. NT
Gr8full08/01/15 11:09 PM
x*When she first heard he was doing that she did, a few times NT
butterfly08/01/15 11:05 PM
x*she's perked up knowing she likely has the votes NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*Not that i've heard NT
Pea08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*I don't think so, a little bit of "awwww, nooo" but not a firm NO. She's not as dumb as he is NT
Poz08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*Must not have. Clay is still saying vote him out. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:04 PM
x*I hope not. NT
lakeview08/01/15 11:03 PM
*I couldn't hear what Austin and the twins were saying in the bathroom? Did anyone hear it? TIA NT
TeamMist84 17   08/01/15 11:02 PM
x*In short - James will never go for it, but if james does go for it maybe we can support it, but short of that, not happening. NT
KnightHawk08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*As long as Clay isn't going to blow up their games let him do what he's gotta do. They don't think James will go for it because rather than
SarahEva08/01/15 11:05 PM
x*All I heard was Austin say is that they're standing behind James's decision but if he decides to keep Clelli then they'll support that too. NT
Gr8full08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*they'll help Shay if they get James to change his mind, but know James likely won't. And they promised Clay they would vote him out NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:03 PM
x*if people can't play there own game why come on the show? NT
Igore08/01/15 11:09 PM
x*So they are going to vote Clay out? NT
TheFly08/01/15 11:05 PM
x*yeah its what Vanessa wanted anyway NT
DrunkenStorm08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*I wonder if they will change their mind if James tells them, he wants Shelli out? NT
TeamMist08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*After Veto meeting who cares what James wants. NT
JadeWatchBB08/01/15 11:08 PM
x*I doubt it. Vanessa has 4 sheep willing to play her game. NT
Dani08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*AFter the POV ceremony, James has no say about anything. NT
LettucePray08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*I wouldn't care what James wants at that point. One of the twins said earlier they need Shelli to stay because she is a comp beast. NT
stargazerlilly08/01/15 11:06 PM
x*That if James wanted the noms to change he wouldn't have given up $5k to win POV. And that they'll support whatever he wants. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:03 PM
x*And after Clay left they said they hope he doesn't throw them UTB. NT
Corndogger08/01/15 11:04 PM
x*He's not gonna do it on purpose, but I bet he's gonna name names. NT
krh503808/01/15 11:05 PM
x*Clay said he was gonna try and get Austin or Steve as replacement noms. Will talk to James about it. NT
TeamMist08/01/15 11:07 PM
x*No lol NT
GarbageBag120908/01/15 11:02 PM
*Liz has it right. Don't think they are going to push for Steve...good idea. I think they will go along with voting Clay out in the end. NT
r1519964 0   08/01/15 11:01 PM
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