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*BB17: What horrible twist will they come up with this year? Which Z-List celebrity will they force us to watch? Any guesses? NT
FurnitureAlliance13 4   01/29/15 04:38 PM
x*I think I would've liked Team America better if they were working independently, each thinking they were the only one. NT
robin001/29/15 05:18 PM
x*Yeah it was a forced alliance and it didn't really work too well because they never fully trusted each other NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 05:22 PM
x*Based on pre-season interviews, I don't think they were supposed to work together. The major design flaw was that nothing in the rules prevented
march_hair01/29/15 11:39 PM
x*I was talking about Team America ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 11:40 PM
*Random twist idea. I loved 3 nominees and want to see it again. As the evicted houseguest walks out, they grab 1 person's key and
Timster158 12   01/29/15 03:12 PM
x*keep it simple ............ a simple way to prevent house voting is put hg's in groups or pairs...i am not a fan of manufacture groups or pairs
uvp01/29/15 03:43 PM
x*I would stop watching if they did any of that. It would totally destroy the strategic aspect of the game which is a big reason why many of us watch NT
Corndogger01/29/15 03:17 PM
x*Did you stop watching BB9, 13, 15, 16, etc.? Every single year there's a big twist. This one is WAY better than any twist in the last few years.
Timster01/29/15 03:18 PM
x*You're apparently the only one who thinks so NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 11:33 PM
x*Why have twists at all? NT
robin001/29/15 03:35 PM
x*There are going to be twists every single season, you should know by now that they won't do a "back to basics" season. It just won't happen NT
Timster01/29/15 03:37 PM
x*BB10 was old school BB with no major twist. NT
Corndogger01/29/15 07:03 PM
x*Yeah six years ago. NT
Timster01/29/15 07:33 PM
x*Wishful thinking. NT
robin001/29/15 04:31 PM
x*I've never stopped watching any season and don't recall any of them having a twist where the producers lied to the HGs about what they would be
Corndogger01/29/15 03:25 PM
x*That'd just be a 1-time thing to throw them off. I love it because it'd make for a great live show. And heck they don't have to lie
Timster01/29/15 03:30 PM
x*I forgot to add that this also may prevent house votes. The evictee will likely be bitter, which will make people throw their vote away
Timster01/29/15 03:14 PM
*Interesting tweet from Andy. He taught his first reality TV class on Wednesday. Looks like he's not kidding either. Tweet inside.
Corndogger358 20   01/28/15 11:05 PM
x*when i was registering for my spring classes this semester, i saw my university had a reality tv class too. NT
bigtimebbfan01/29/15 07:59 AM
x*Forgive my ignorance but is the Columbia University in Chicago (where I presume Andy is teaching) as prestigious as the Columbia University in NY?
colleenag01/29/15 03:14 AM
x*It's Columbia College in Chicago. When I first saw "Columbia" in the tweet I thought the same thing as you. NT
Corndogger01/29/15 08:59 AM
x*Is this the same college he taught at before BB? NT
robin001/29/15 12:30 PM
x*I don't think it is but I can't remember the name of the school he taught at before off the top of my head. NT
Corndogger01/29/15 01:13 PM
x*College of DuPage NT
debbiedu2201/29/15 01:19 PM
x*That was it! TY!! NT
robin001/29/15 01:20 PM
x*Yw, robin. :) NT
debbiedu2201/29/15 01:23 PM
x*A reality TV class? WTF? People pay for this *****? Just so they can end up unemployed and buried in student loans they can't afford to pay back? NT
march_hair01/28/15 11:32 PM
x*Reality tv is just as much about current American history and culture as studies pertaining to the history of Hollywood or the history of baseball. It
robin001/29/15 10:08 AM
x*I agree with this. I kind of wish my college offered a class like this. Just to fill an elective gap with something I am genuinely interested in.++++
TheFly01/29/15 11:45 AM
x*Ppl majoring in journalism/media can certainly use this class, as well as psychology students studying group dynamics. Poli sci and business students
robin001/29/15 12:04 PM
x*I agree. I see lots of benefits to such courses. If people are genuinely interested in the subject matter and can relate to it that's a huge bonus. NT
Corndogger01/29/15 12:14 PM
x*There's classes for all kinds of BS nowadays...Heard on the radio that one college is offering a Beyonce course :\ NT
Heronimo01/29/15 02:51 AM
x*My college had a course about The Beatles. I also took an American Studies class that we spent a lot of time talking about I Love Lucy NT
krh503801/29/15 06:48 PM
x*Holy WTF? NT
CoyoteBB01/29/15 09:17 AM
x*i personally think something needs to be done. Kids are under the FALSE illusion that there are jobs out there even for the most frivolous courses.
AceRimmer01/29/15 09:52 AM
x*They were No Collars NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 11:35 PM
x*I guess you'd have to give up on your dream to be an artist then? I heard the same types of things about psychology 20 yrs ago. NT
bb_tracy01/29/15 01:24 PM
x*Art is a perfectly good major of study. NT
robin001/29/15 10:03 AM
*Was looking thru some old BB pics & found this one of Jess motorboating Amanda! Does anyone have a Flashback time for when this happened?
Corndogger233 6   01/28/15 08:49 PM
x*I didn't know there was a name for it. NT
AprilSky01/29/15 03:19 AM
x*You go back and forth between them and make the sound of a motorboat NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 04:47 AM
AprilSky01/29/15 05:22 AM
x*How funny! First time I've seen that NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 01:40 AM
x*I didn't see it until after the season was over and only b/c I think Jess tweeted the pic. Would love to see it on the feeds but have no idea of
Corndogger01/29/15 12:08 PM
x*Probably towards the beginning of the season but I really don't know NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 12:51 PM
*Jess has a new hairstyle. She looks great! Pic inside.
Corndogger445 3   01/28/15 04:12 PM
x*Pretty girl....shame she makes herself look like an idiot by doing that stupid duck face pose. Why do people do that? NT
ShortJackie01/28/15 09:51 PM
x*It's supposed to be a pouty look, but rarely do they get it right. Ends up looking like a duck. NT
robin001/29/15 10:27 AM
x*BB people seem to love doing that stupid pose. I love Jess's goofy poses that she often uses for her Twitter pic. But for this one she should have
Corndogger01/28/15 11:07 PM
*Lol MisscleoBB saw my post about him here and posted it on his twitter XD NT
AjCarl270 15   01/28/15 11:10 AM
x*Him and Brian Lynch are literally crazy drunk alcoholics. NT
Zankierulez01/28/15 01:31 PM
x*Difference is that Cleo isn't nuts and he gets along with the HGs. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 01:33 PM
x*Cleo's obsession with Zach is the very definition of nuts. He @'ed his entire family in a post made up entirely of lies, delusions & megalomania. NT
StopSinging01/28/15 11:03 PM
x*If the way he acts is 'right', something is VERY wrong. He's nothing but a leech that lives in the area so he can go to the meetups. NT
Heronimo01/28/15 07:43 PM
x*equal parts nuts and a-hole NT
rapidrewind01/28/15 02:32 PM
robin001/28/15 08:02 PM
x*I beg to differ about Cleo not being nuts. Brian does seem to get along with some HG's as well. NT
eureca01/28/15 01:41 PM
x*Brian was super respectful on RHAP to former HGs. He has a right to his opinion. And never tagged anybody in tweets. Derrick sought him out. NT
Bleuag01/28/15 10:06 PM
x*ha! Brian tagged Derrick in tweets berating him, begging for attention & a response & he got it. They talked but Brian's obsession continues. Cray. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/29/15 09:29 AM
x*I saw the RHAP with Dan and Brian talking about Derrick. Dan was praising Derrick's game but Brian would come up with all these little things that
Blockhead01/29/15 09:47 AM
x*I only remember him complaining about Derrick lying in the DR about his game. Which Derrick did do. A lot of people were complaining about that. NT
march_hair01/29/15 11:39 AM
x*You are correct. I don't know what happened to BL. I always liked the banter between him & Rob. NT
robin001/29/15 01:25 PM
x*He got so upset with Derrick he couldn't hide it any longer I guess. That's cray NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 01:34 PM
x*I kept hoping someone would come from behind the eight ball and upset the game by evicting Derrick. I really didn't like him, either. However, he did
robin001/29/15 01:44 PM
x*Derrick said nothing to him until somebody informed him of Brian talking about his family dying. Then said nothing after tho Brian continues to bash
krh503801/28/15 11:10 PM
*What season had the most boring feeds? (Try to think other than BB16, unless it actually did have the worst feeds lol) I heard BB12 was bad..
AlphaDerp490 32   01/27/15 09:29 PM
x*omg, bb12 will be hard to top as worst feeds ever NT
rapidrewind01/28/15 02:31 PM
x*And yet somehow BB16 managed to do it! lol NT
CoyoteBB01/29/15 09:22 AM
x*16 DENITELY had the worst but dishonorable mentions go to season 12 and 13 (outside that 48 hour period before/after Daniele/Jeff got evicted) NT
bbtisrigged01/28/15 02:26 PM
x*I have watched feeds since BB9. Out of those seasons I probably would have to go with BB16 as the most boring. Not much drama/fights/gameplay. NT
eureca01/28/15 01:44 PM
x*Yep. It was the season of Follow the Leader, er, I mean, Derrick. NT
robin001/28/15 02:06 PM
x*16 had the worst of everything, well except for disgusting racists (minus Caleb) NT
Poz01/28/15 01:31 PM
x*This is easy for me. I never thought a season could top season12 for boring feeds BUT this season did it. Easily, season16. This season
Marceline01/28/15 12:31 PM
x*And Ragan NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:34 PM
x*It depends on why you watch the feeds. For me I watch for gameplay and strategy so bb12 was the worst. NT
mediadungeon01/28/15 12:06 PM
x*bb16 had the worst gameplay...no big moves, almost everyone was content being a sheep led to the slaughter. NT
sliver01301/28/15 01:08 PM
x*they were just happy being on reality tv show and playing their parts IMHO. NT
AceRimmer01/29/15 09:58 AM
x*Exactly. At least Christine has the good sense to now realize she made a mistake, but that's not saying much. I'm so ready for a decent cast! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 01:10 PM
x*Bro-gade had arguably the best alliance/strategy in bb history. NT
Willizdabomb01/28/15 12:59 PM
x*IA. They had the best as a group, and Derrick had the best as a single player. NT
robin001/28/15 02:08 PM
x*i have never stopped watching bbus feeds until bb16...watched until nic left then watched a little when she came back. NT
sliver01301/28/15 11:03 AM
x*I used to say 12 because of the Boregade, but 12 at least had Britney's barbs and B/R's train-wrecky melodrama. The 16 feeds are the most boring.
march_hair01/28/15 08:30 AM
x*And 'Beastmode' NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 01:13 PM
x*Brit was so fun to watch on S12 feeds though! NT
enter_a_name01/28/15 10:58 AM
x*Remember her "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" moment when Rachel walked in while Britney was making fun of her? NT
march_hair01/28/15 11:25 PM
x*I liked her in the DR as well. NT
robin001/28/15 08:51 PM
x*bb16 was the first year I stopped watching the feeds completely. NT
TheFly01/28/15 07:56 AM
x*i say 16 since i had no interest to watch the feeds at all....the lack of momentum shift made me not even care to turn them on .....
uvp01/28/15 06:22 AM
x*nothing was worse than bb16...unwatchable pretty much for the duration. BB12's feeds werent good but at least there were strong characters like..
Brigade4Life01/28/15 04:35 AM
x*BB12 feeds were way worse than BB16 feeds, we at least had a few fights in BB16, BB12 had daily pool tournaments NT
DrunkenStorm01/27/15 09:54 PM
x*I can't think of one fight from BB16. NT
CoyoteBB01/29/15 09:21 AM
x*One of the best nights for drama during BB16 (can't think of too many either) was when Zach ratted out Derrick to Vic and she confronted Derrick
colleenag01/29/15 04:37 PM
x*same lol NT
uvp01/29/15 12:58 PM
x*12 had more fights. Kristen v Andrew, Kristen v Rachel, Rachel/Brennen v Matt, Britney/Ragan v Brennen, Ragan v Rachel. And Britney/Ragan got the
march_hair01/28/15 08:39 AM
x*Whereas BB16 had ZERO fights. And they were proud of themselves for not standing up for themselves which was the icing on the cake. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:14 PM
x*The last four episodes of Downton Abbey have had more shouting matches than BB16 had all season. NT
march_hair01/29/15 11:42 AM
x*lol true!! NT
TheFly01/29/15 11:48 AM
x*yep NT
uvp01/28/15 11:19 AM
*Zach almost leaked Nicole's number on his chat today. Didn't he already leaked 2 other houseguests' numbers? ..Hayden and Jocasta. NT
getitgirl69 2   01/27/15 08:29 PM
x*Who uses a phone to hook up with former house guests anymore? Craigslist seems to be the preferred method nowadays. NT
IceColdBeer01/28/15 06:18 AM
x*That would have caused quite a calamity. She would have received tens of phone calls! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/27/15 08:39 PM
*As I ponder the overall feel of this last cast and how it was unrealistically nicey nice a cartoon comes to mind as an analogy. Happy Tree Friends. NT
bbfan661433 35   01/27/15 03:29 PM
x*i would have liked to have seen the last cast without the botb in place from the start.....so many times i think bad twist ruin what could be a great
uvp01/27/15 04:13 PM
x*The twist didn't make them that way. They refused to confront each other except for our hero, Zach. And he wasn't enough to save a crappy season NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:08 PM
x*Zach wasn't a hero. He was douchey dudebro who enjoyed bullying women. (Ya fruitloop dingus!) A hero would've tried to upset the status quo instead of
march_hair01/28/15 11:46 PM
x*I say 'our hero' because at least he tried to start some kind of a fight, but nobody would fight with him. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 01:30 AM
x*so confronting is what makes a good cast ??? NT
uvp01/28/15 12:25 PM
x*It makes good feeds when people confront each other, yes. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:26 PM
x*don't really care if they confront one anther but I'm gonna scream if we get a house voting tgther for the whole seasn again. that has got to STOP NT
Belle01/28/15 12:28 PM
x*i expect house voting the first 2-3 weeks but last two season it seems it lasted the majority of the season..... NT
uvp01/28/15 12:30 PM
x*They always have a 'special' houseguest they must protect. Garbage!! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:35 PM
x*I'm curious if the HG were lectured by BB to be on their best behavior considering the bad behavior of the HG prior to them NT
Belle01/28/15 12:18 PM
x*They were heavily coached on how to avoid saying anything offensive. Still, some them admitted rooting for ***** last season. The whole racism thing >
march_hair01/28/15 11:52 PM
x*I'm sure they were well aware, plus it seems like they were cast specifically to be 'nice' no matter what NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 01:18 PM
x*Yup. That, and Team America. I do think the cast was pretty vanilla to begin with though. NT
TheFly01/28/15 08:05 AM
x*And also the Grande Effect. Adding a celebrity to the mix when the show mainly casts famewhores was a really bad idea. Show business phonies. Ugh! NT
march_hair01/28/15 08:42 AM
x*LOL Frankie is the epitome of fame whore, not a celebrity! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 01:19 PM
x*I think he falls somewhere in the fray between famewhore and D-List. He does have talent, think he had a small fan base before BB, the famous sister
colleenag01/29/15 02:58 AM
x*I would say he's had lots of training but I wouldn't call it talent lol. And D list? How bout E or F list NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 04:46 AM
x*I know, he's such a putz sometimes, but he really shines on Broadway stage. His command of his body and his dancing are captivating, I couldn't take
colleenag01/29/15 04:52 AM
x*That man is a born showman, that's for sure NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 05:23 PM
x*I could easily take my eyes off him. For me he was a feed killer for being so obnoxious and unfunny. Sucked the air out of every room he entered. NT
march_hair01/29/15 11:48 AM
x*He might be great when he's doing what he loves and following choreography and a script NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 05:25 PM
x*I was captivated by his talents on the Broadway stage, not so much the BB house. NT
colleenag01/29/15 04:47 PM
x*But they were afraid to stand up to Frankie after they found out who his sister was. Nicole almost pooped her pants because she was afraid Ariana's
march_hair01/28/15 06:07 PM
x*Yeah and that was so dumb. All of a sudden Frankie wasn't a target any more. I can't believe it worked. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 01:32 AM
x*Nicole was an idiot...and so were most of the HG's this year. If that sh*t head said that to me I would have laughed in his face and+++
ShortJackie01/28/15 10:18 PM
x*Wish you had been there! You & Zach could've burned that place down! (figuratively speaking) That's what was sorely lacking last season. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/29/15 01:34 AM
x*If anyone on BB17 is the relative of anyone famous or a past HG, I will shoot my TV. NT
Blockhead01/28/15 08:44 AM
x*LMAO I used to service TVs and about once a month we got a run of bullet holes in screens. No lie. It was funny as hell. NT
bbfan66101/28/15 02:27 PM
x*that looks to be the trend as of late NT
uvp01/28/15 12:26 PM
x*torn between wanting a relative on the show.........just to be mean and hoping there isn't one for my enjoyment NT
Belle01/28/15 09:49 AM
x*You devil! ;) NT
FurnitureAlliance01/28/15 12:10 PM
x*You're always so mean to me, Belle
Blockhead01/28/15 09:52 AM
x*lol :) only for the kitty pictures plus I did say I was torn NT
Belle01/28/15 09:53 AM
x*:) NT
Blockhead01/28/15 09:55 AM
x*Yep! NT
robin001/27/15 04:47 PM
*Frankie is in Malawai. I could've sworn he invited people from his cast to go to Africa with him while on the feeds. NT
Timster957 24   01/26/15 06:40 PM
x*Caleb is the only one who went through the planning stages of it. His tweets on pulling out of the trip >
StaticAirwave01/27/15 01:28 AM
x*Might have something to do with Malawi being a bona fide disaster area right now. This is no joke. Hundreds of thousands displaced, hundreds killed, >
march_hair01/26/15 11:52 PM
x*I don't think they were expecting fun because he did talk about how poor the people were in the areas they were building schools. NT
KarenC301/27/15 02:07 AM
x*But Malawi is really small and two thirds of its eastern border is on a great lake. So you're never too far from a nice vacation spot. Like Mexico >
march_hair01/28/15 08:04 AM
x*That's funny. I was in Malawi for two weeks and went all over the country. I don't remember too many nice vacation spots. NT
CoyoteBB01/29/15 09:28 AM
x*He mentioned it when the floods happened. I'm sure the organization/authorities want to show off the good parts first. NT
StopSinging01/27/15 12:26 AM
x*Weren't Caleb & Zach supposed to go with him? I think that was talked about on twitter as real. I wonder what happened NT
miss88001/26/15 06:48 PM
x*That's what I thought. Weren't people posting here about BMC raising money and saying the amounts seemed crazy high? NT
Corndogger01/26/15 08:24 PM
x*Yeap. Maybe he didn't raise the funds? And was Zach officially confirmed? That could have been wishful thinking by Zankies? Not sure. NT
miss88001/26/15 08:39 PM
x*They all raised the funds, because Joan donated thousands of $ for everyone to reach their target. Caleb cancelled. Zach never made plans at all. NT
StopSinging01/27/15 12:16 AM
x*So what happened to the money that people like BMC raised? NT
Corndogger01/27/15 12:50 PM
x*Caleb tweeted the money went to build the schools... NT
colleenag01/27/15 01:42 PM
x*he's got a big ol' truck that needs gas you know NT
Karina8601/27/15 01:30 PM
x*I saw a bunch of people convinced Zach was going. I guess it was just over analysis and wishful thinking. LOL NT
miss88001/27/15 01:11 AM
x*It was Zach repeatedly saying that he WAS going up until sometime in December I think, at which time he stopped talking about it completely. NT
StaticAirwave01/27/15 01:34 AM
x*yeah he said multiple times he was going, then just..stopped, it was weird, frankie goes like twice a year though so maybe his bb fam will go later NT
rapidrewind01/27/15 04:43 AM
x*I'm not surprised at all he didn't go. NT
miss88001/27/15 02:17 AM
x*Not sure about Zach but BMC was definitely raising money to go to Africa. NT
Corndogger01/26/15 08:42 PM
x*He's by himself? NT
FurnitureAlliance01/26/15 06:43 PM
x*No, some of his friends from NY went with him. NT
KarenC301/27/15 02:08 AM
x*so they used the money raised to support their trip, not the BB HGs who pulled out of it... right?? NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/27/15 08:54 AM
x*The money Caleb raised went towards the building of the schools. The others raised their own money, or likely paid for the trip themselves. NT
KarenC301/28/15 01:33 AM
x*Actually Frankie had a gofundme for him & his friends.. goal was like 50K.. so I believe that money was raised for his friends - they didn't pay NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/28/15 11:39 AM
x*yeah, frankie put in 20k, his mom put in a ton, the rest was funded by big brother fans NT
rapidrewind01/28/15 02:31 PM
*Just saw the video of Amber and Brittney in AFV, how cute NT
MaciD9544 0   01/26/15 12:06 PM
*Derrick in NYC with a special friend
FurnitureAlliance725 5   01/25/15 01:07 PM
x*LOL @ Cody not even wearing a coat. NT
krh503801/26/15 12:20 AM
x*No wonder he was sick all last season. He doesn't dress properly in winter. Wonder if that impacted his final decision? LOL NT
Corndogger01/26/15 12:52 PM
x*Now I'm curious as to what he means by "stayed tuned, funny or die" ??? NT
colleenag01/25/15 01:19 PM
x*Funny or die is a website... They make satirical videos with celebs & apparently reality stars NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/25/15 02:37 PM
x*Thank you! Will definitely check it out. NT
colleenag01/25/15 03:21 PM
*Short video clip Nic posted the other day from a high school lip sync contest. Includes dance routine! Clip inside.
Corndogger362 5   01/24/15 10:55 PM
x*Overshadowing of Zankie Mania that's been going on with the release of these cute photos and videos of/by a certain former houseguest.. Conspiracy? NT
IceColdBeer01/25/15 02:12 PM
x*Given that Nic tweets an average of less than once/day I don't think she's trying to steal anyone's thunder. She posts on IG even less. Is she not
Corndogger01/25/15 04:17 PM
x*That only means that she then has more fans per tweet than zankie when you divide the number of daily tweets in a 24hr period they each produce. NT
IceColdBeer01/25/15 05:24 PM
x*It's Zankie's world. The rest of us just live in it. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/25/15 03:31 PM
x*hehe NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/27/15 08:55 AM
*Who knew? Nic already has a kid. Real cute too. Pic inside. ;-)
Corndogger1078 13   01/24/15 06:21 PM
x*That would explain Hayden's response. But maybe their child came from the future and ended up on that bb segment. lol (PIC inside)
ProteusVulgaris01/25/15 07:48 AM
x*It looks like she's teaching the kid to drink. Cheers! NT
robin001/24/15 08:20 PM
x*It's root beer and wine. Of course they could be switching off which might explain why the kid looks a little tipsy in that pic. LOL! NT
Corndogger01/24/15 09:07 PM
robin001/24/15 09:45 PM
x*looks more like cody than hayden! nicody <333 NT
Willizdabomb01/24/15 08:08 PM
x*Can't be Cody's kid. He said Nic wasn't good looking enough for him. NT
Corndogger01/24/15 09:05 PM
x*I think Frankie is more his type that's why there was so much tension between the two of them in the house. NT
ProteusVulgaris01/25/15 08:37 AM
x*Another straight guy being outed? What has Frankie started? NT
FurnitureAlliance01/25/15 11:03 AM
x*If we find out Cody is gay or bi that'll be the biggest shock of the season for me. Probably for Chris as well. ;-) NT
Corndogger01/25/15 11:54 AM
x*Nicole has a really heavy (bloated?) lower face. I don't find her attractive. NT
Littlefinger01/24/15 09:41 PM
x*Poster wishes it were NicDogger. NT
robin001/24/15 08:22 PM
x*For this season my wish would be it were Corniah. NT
Corndogger01/24/15 09:08 PM
x*Or maybe Corniah-ole? Ha. NT
robin001/24/15 09:44 PM
*BB7 Flashback: Janelle gazes at a picture of her and Kaysar (quite a sweet moment)
brady23339 0   01/23/15 08:17 PM
*BB6: Janelle "Would you date a girl with breast implants?" Kaysar (joking) "No Janelle, I'm not interested in you." LOL! Love BB7. NT
brady23189 5   01/23/15 08:00 PM
x*I loved that season. Can't say I had a favorite but was fun to watch. NT
ELPhill01/25/15 02:19 PM
x*Are you rewatching? How fun! BB6 & BB7 are my all time fave seasons! Love love love! NT
Karina8601/23/15 08:17 PM
x*Yes! I'm watching live feed clips because I've already seen the season and I love the S6 relationship. NT
brady2301/23/15 08:18 PM
x*Sounds like a fun way to spend a dreary January night! NT
Karina8601/23/15 08:18 PM
x*Yes! I just feel a wave of nostalgia watching these seasons. Kind of sad how I haven't loved a BB season like I did BB7. NT
brady2301/23/15 08:29 PM
*BB16 Zach did a follow spree and followed me.Looking at his timeline it is going to be awfully hard for him to maintain his "obviously I'm straight"
coronaL753 10   01/23/15 07:34 AM
x*Zach likes attention. Frankie likes attention.. they're using each other and trying to make something of it NT
AlphaDerp01/24/15 12:21 AM
x*Might as well ride the Zankie Train while it's still going strong. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/24/15 03:35 AM
x*Hahaha NT
AlphaDerp01/24/15 12:47 PM
IceColdBeer01/24/15 06:18 AM
x*If Zankie mania can overshadow Big Brother Canada 3 and BB17, then both shows should be immediately cancelled for a total lack of interest. NT
remdeprived01/23/15 09:46 AM
x*But the Zankie fans are generally tween girls who follow Ariana, not BB fans. So not sure that the next season of BB is going to change it much. NT
qkitten01/24/15 04:03 PM
x*lol. Funny and true. NT
miss88001/23/15 12:49 PM
x*lol NT
uvp01/23/15 10:36 AM
x*ha@ overshadowing bbcan or bb17.....bb cycle of new season pushing the previous hg's /season out of sight never fails NT
uvp01/23/15 07:45 AM
x*I love Zach but I doubt anything he does will overshaddow BBCA much less BB17. I believe he is straight but sexuality is a personal thing NT
bb_tracy01/23/15 07:41 AM
*LMAO at this pic of Nic. She's avoiding studying for her board exams. Mariah's not much better. Tweet from Nic inside.
Corndogger599 0   01/22/15 01:10 PM
*All Big Brother super fans should watch Big Brother UK 2006. Awesome season and it has the funniest diary room sessions ever! Nikki is the queen...
Powerman818564 12   01/21/15 07:03 PM
x*bbuk 7 NT
AceRimmer01/22/15 06:52 PM
x*ITA! One of my favorite UK seasons. NT
decafjnr01/22/15 02:36 PM
x*Im watching Celeb BB UK for the first time this year and its hilarious. I like the format much better than BBUS. Their host is much better as well NT
Littlefinger01/22/15 10:30 AM
x*i'm really hoping the BBCAN steps up and adds more 'mind twisting" tasks. I love that part of BBUK, its mercilous. THink IKA and the letters LOL NT
AceRimmer01/22/15 06:53 PM
x*HA Ika and the letters was my favorite part of that season! NT
Littlefinger01/23/15 08:39 AM
x*As long as I don't have to watch someone like Kenny oil up and dance half naked around the house LOL (I sure some will want more of that!) NT
colleenag01/23/15 01:49 AM
x*me! me! me! lol NT
AlphaDerp01/24/15 02:23 PM
x*Ika & the letters were classic. I can't wait for the new season of BB Canada. I'm liking the foreign Big Brother's. BB Australia 2013 was good too. NT
Powerman81801/22/15 10:17 PM
x*Thanks for the recommendation! NT
colleenag01/22/15 09:25 AM
x*i never thought id like the uk and au versions but they really are good. even the celebrity versions. focuses on the characters not lame gimmicks NT
Willizdabomb01/21/15 11:47 PM
x*Good point... as live feeders we start rooting for the characters but BBUSA tv show focuses on gimmicks/drama (usually made up/edited). Lame. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/22/15 09:13 AM
x*my favorite season of bbuk. NT
sliver01301/21/15 07:12 PM
*A super adorable pic of Mariah and Nic from about four years ago. Sad/funny tweet from Mariah inside.
Corndogger616 2   01/21/15 05:37 PM
x*Lol..had to go back to freshman year to find photo of her hugging someone...should've come to Jokers where there are plenty of recent ones hugging.NT
IceColdBeer01/22/15 04:28 AM
x*That is a cute pic! NT
colleenag01/22/15 02:21 AM
*I'm looking at all these Zankie pictures circulating online. I can honestly say I'm confused all over again. >>
BrentDamon6748 83   01/20/15 06:21 PM
x*If Zankie fans become convinced Zach is involved with Fakie in a sexual way they will lose interest in the whole thing. What makes it so appealing
qkitten01/24/15 04:11 PM
x*That's what I think too. It's the 'itch' of wanting it to happen that keeps people interested, then when it does, they move on. But it never will NT
FurnitureAlliance01/25/15 11:01 AM
x*That is absolutely not true. >
StaticAirwave01/24/15 07:06 PM
x*don't do it zach! NT
sliver01301/22/15 11:56 PM
x*The Ambiguously Gay Duo sketch always comes to mind when I see these two together. NT
RatFloater01/21/15 10:31 PM
x*Bwahahaha...except they were funny (the cartoon) NT
ShortJackie01/22/15 02:33 PM
x*lol true NT
colleenag01/22/15 02:10 AM
x*Poor Zach, finally realizing BB "fame" is no doorway to real celebrity and having to resort to playing footsie with Frankie for attention. Grim. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome01/21/15 10:13 PM
x*lol NT
Poz01/22/15 11:11 AM
x*^ hehe NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/22/15 09:13 AM
x*Zach's Snapchat video: Frankie dancing over him and Zach's hand makes an appearance >
StaticAirwave01/21/15 10:05 PM
x*Zach vlog
FurnitureAlliance01/21/15 09:56 PM
x*Its clear to me Zach loves Frankie and Frankie is IN love with Zach, nothing has changed NT
bb_tracy01/21/15 06:28 AM
x*^^That is it exactly. Zach doesn't care how it looks that he shows openly how much he cares about Frankie. It's refreshing. NT
NSGirl01/21/15 08:34 AM
x*What's to be confused about. It's obvious to me Zach is trying to extend his 15 minutes and has now openly begun to use the zankie fans
colleenag01/21/15 03:25 AM
x*Clearly, since his BB fame failed to open the door, Zach is now trying to ride Frank's coattails to fame & fortune. Reeks of desperation. NT
Augustkm01/21/15 09:15 PM
x*Zach needs to start thinking about getting a real job. And soon. NT
miss88001/21/15 03:57 PM
x*Zach is doing a interview in with Jarvis Derrell from VH1 soon.Jarvis referenced
Lashaun_BB01/22/15 02:43 PM
x*^^^ ding ding ding NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/21/15 02:44 PM
x*i agree 100% NT
bigtimebbfan01/21/15 05:39 AM
x*Yes it seems Derrik (winner), Donny (AFP) and the others have gone back to their normal lives before the show but these two can't let go of it. NT
IceColdBeer01/21/15 05:03 AM
x*Performing on Broadway and at 54 Below IS Frankie going back to normal life and Zach just graduated from UF prior to BB. You want him to go back? NT
StaticAirwave01/21/15 09:59 AM
x*Frankie's BB run lasted longer than his the ROA gig. Zack with no job lived at home with his mom before BB and is now looking to Frank for a roof. NT
IceColdBeer01/21/15 11:34 AM
x*Exactly lol NT
Lashaun_BB01/21/15 10:15 AM
x*Clearly Derrick and Donny are better people because they're not friends with anyone from the house..lol NT
bb_tracy01/21/15 06:25 AM
x*that's not true... I think Derrick & Cody are still close. And Caleb sure hangs out with Derr's dad a lot. Not sure about Donny. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/21/15 02:45 PM
x*Weirdest relationship to come out of this bb is the one between Caleb and Derrick's dad NT
XREJX101/21/15 07:22 PM
x*That is a weird pair. I know about Derrick's dad buying Caleb a truck. But Caleb and Derrick's dad actually hang out together?! Recently? NT
getitgirl01/21/15 08:49 PM
x*Derrick's dad has taken Caleb to Vegas, skiing in Colorado, and to the afc championship game this past weekend. NT
XREJX101/21/15 11:13 PM
x*Yup. Is it just me, or is he sort of like a sugar daddy? Is he making money off of Caleb's 15 minutes?? Don't think so... Also the skiing thing was a
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/22/15 09:14 AM
x*I don't know what Derrick's father's motivation is but I find it really weird (really weird!!) that he wants to associate with Caleb.
Blockhead01/22/15 09:25 AM
x*And don't forget the creepy stalking. NT
robin001/22/15 03:22 PM
x*maybe he is completely different in person? I really thought he was just a little bit crazy in the house but other than that I found him comical NT
Belle01/22/15 12:05 PM
x*He seems like a good guy, not too bright but fun, who stepped up to protect us in the military. I can see why Tim likes him. NT
FurnitureAlliance01/22/15 12:08 PM
x*I'll give ya the not too bright part. NT
colleenag01/22/15 12:15 PM
x*lol NT
FurnitureAlliance01/22/15 09:52 PM
x*Its purely sexual NT
Littlefinger01/22/15 10:34 AM
x*Tim has a wife NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/22/15 10:47 AM
x*The more the merrier NT
FurnitureAlliance01/22/15 12:01 PM
x*Lol NT
Littlefinger01/22/15 02:12 PM
x*How can it be true if Zack's not gay? NT
FurnitureAlliance01/20/15 09:24 PM
x*Who's "Zack"? ;) NT
opeopeope01/20/15 09:57 PM
x*Zach -- sorry to all the bustafooligans! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/20/15 10:58 PM
x*Their tweets to each other tonight >
StaticAirwave01/20/15 08:56 PM
x*What is there to be confused about? They're really great friends. NT
miss88001/20/15 07:38 PM
x*I mean, the way the pictures were snapped/timing confused me. Everyone is so Zankie AF on my TL I kinda got sucked in. I saw the full video though >>
BrentDamon01/20/15 07:46 PM
x*Got ya! They are friends who have an amazing connection. It's great to see a straight/gay friendship who are so comfortable being themselves. NT
miss88001/20/15 08:25 PM
x*It's called queer baiting, and it's not groundbreaking at all. Groundbreaking would be an actual gay showmance with none of that "no homo" >
march_hair01/20/15 08:05 PM
x*What I love about the "concept" of Zankie is that it's breaking the norm of how a gay-straight relationship can be defined.
BrentDamon01/20/15 08:23 PM
x*I'm not Zach's biggest fan, but he's said 100 times he's straight, but people don't listen. He's a goof ball troll, I don't think its queer baiting.
miss88001/20/15 08:18 PM
x*So did Clay Akin. Just sayin'. NT
ELPhill01/20/15 10:28 PM
x*Clay didn't say he was straight. He evaded the question each time he was asked, saying it was nobody's business. He eventually came out. NT
robin001/21/15 10:16 AM
x*Clay denied he was gay up until he came out. NT
ELPhill01/21/15 03:44 PM
x*I think Clay was trying to please his fans. Zach has no reason to lie about it, in fact, it might make his fans happier. It is a unique relationship
FurnitureAlliance01/20/15 11:03 PM
x*Zach seems very open about his sexuality, unlike Clay was. Zach said he's straight, and he said that if he was gay he wouldn't hide it.
miss88001/20/15 10:55 PM
x*Zach doesn't have to be gay to be with Frankie. A direct quote from him co-hosting Dirty Pop Live with Lance Bass. >
StaticAirwave01/20/15 11:32 PM
x*Yes, Zach would have to be gay, or bi, to be with Frankie. And Zach has never said he is either. They are friends, nothing wrong with that.
miss88001/20/15 11:52 PM
x*As Cody liked to remind everyone, Zach told him on day 2 he wanted to have sex with Frankie. And Z & F discussed hooking up several times. NT
StopSinging01/21/15 05:06 AM
x*He says he's straight and proceeds to talk about a scale of straightness and ends with "It's all grey". I don't see how you get 100% straight from
StaticAirwave01/21/15 12:22 AM
x*Regardless of whatever is happening with Zankie, this: "Yes, Zach would have to be gay, or bi, to be with Frankie." is just not true.
opeopeope01/21/15 12:02 AM
x*I don't see how thinking that you'd want to have sex with your partner in order to be in a sexual relationship with them is ignorant. NT
miss88001/21/15 12:09 AM
x*I suppose this is why asexual people are perpetually single, yeah? NT
opeopeope01/21/15 12:43 AM
x*Zankie shippers should think about the fact that they probably have many loved ones who they would never have sex with...It is possible to care
FurnitureAlliance01/20/15 11:59 PM
x*Thank you! It's possible to be affectionate and flirty without it leading to sex. Unfortunately some people need to have a full blown relationship. NT
jen2001/21/15 07:09 PM
x*ITA. Besides, it really is none of our business. It should only matter to Zach and those he wants to have sex with or have a relationship with. NT
robin001/21/15 10:19 AM
x*Good point NT
FurnitureAlliance01/21/15 12:28 PM
x*Exactly. Zankie should be praised for being a close gay-straight friendship. Instead the friendship isn't good enough for some people, which is sad NT
miss88001/21/15 12:07 AM
x*It goes against the whole "born this way" thing NT
FurnitureAlliance01/21/15 12:29 PM
x*I'll just point out that at about the 2 minute mark of the full video, Frankie sings "a lover or a friend" and Zach says "both" NT
StaticAirwave01/20/15 08:03 PM
x*Oh, I didn't catch that part. Wow. NT
BrentDamon01/20/15 08:26 PM
x*I read a slightly drunk Zach kept yelling "I love you" to Frankie all night + live commented the lyrics F sang to him: "lover or a friend" --BOTH!! >
StopSinging01/20/15 08:03 PM
x*Frankie on stage: "Zankie's gonna f*** tonight." Zach: "YAAAAAAS!" ...lmfao. Yikes. (No lie!) NT
StopSinging01/20/15 09:45 PM
x*Just not each other! NT
FurnitureAlliance01/20/15 11:04 PM
x*Lol. NT
miss88001/20/15 11:53 PM
x*Last week Frankie told a fan he was going to be in LA after he gets back from Malawi. (Also in a few weeks)>
StaticAirwave01/20/15 08:10 PM
x*and zach said last night he was moving to la in 3 weeks, coincidence? NT
rapidrewind01/21/15 05:42 AM
x*The full video >
StaticAirwave01/20/15 07:09 PM
x*A different angle of it with a better view of Zach's facial expressions. >
StaticAirwave01/22/15 01:11 AM
x*Thanks for this, I admit I was entertained. They are cute together, kinda like a Laurel and Hardy or Odd Couple thingy. Maybe something bigger is
colleenag01/22/15 02:07 AM
x*Okay I changed my mind after watching that. They look like friends. Either way, I love the concept. NT
BrentDamon01/20/15 07:39 PM
x*Some more pics >
StaticAirwave01/20/15 07:49 PM
x*Welp, zankies are gonna have anyeurisms. If it keeps them from tweeting, then all the better. NT
jen2001/21/15 07:13 PM
x*Someone posted this video also
Lashaun_BB01/20/15 06:42 PM
*Poor Nic. She lives over an hour away from the nearest Starbucks! Tweet from yesterday inside along with replies from Andy, Chris and Dani D.!
Corndogger1098 17   01/20/15 01:03 PM
x*She's lucky. We need less Starbucks, not more. NT
banner_boy01/20/15 05:39 PM
x*Yes, Andy is so rich he offers to buy and build a Starbucks close to her...what, did he win the lottery too? GMAB. NT
colleenag01/20/15 02:38 PM
x*Andy was just joking around as usual. NT
Corndogger01/20/15 02:54 PM
x*probably how she stays skinny :) too far away to go get that sugar NT
Belle01/20/15 02:27 PM
x*But she was close to all the fast food, Starbuck's places when she was going to College. Mariah mentions them all the time on Twitter. NT
Corndogger01/20/15 02:49 PM
x*She must live in nowheresville NT
Littlefinger01/20/15 01:51 PM
x*She lives in Ubly, MI which has around 841 people. Don't you remember her bio piece and family visit segment last season? NT
Corndogger01/20/15 02:48 PM
x*nope NT
Belle01/20/15 02:48 PM
x*Her mom looked & talked just like her. NT
robin001/20/15 03:37 PM
x*I do remember that. And thinking it was like looking into the future at Nicole. NT
Littlefinger01/20/15 07:17 PM
x*Family visit segment happened rather early in the season. I remember it b/c I was upset they didn't show us Mariah. NT
Corndogger01/20/15 02:51 PM
x*the only family segment that stuck with me is Donny's :) NT
Belle01/20/15 02:52 PM
x*BMC's stuck with me. It was interesting to get background info on why he acts the way he does. NT
Corndogger01/20/15 02:56 PM
x*His fam spoke about his outrageous truth stretching, but never mentioned why. NT
robin001/21/15 10:22 AM
x*His parents seem like nice normal people well rounded people. Don't know what happened to him NT
Poz01/20/15 06:30 PM
x*Yeah, I was expecting them to be more like BMC. NT
Corndogger01/20/15 07:57 PM
x*Ha. NT
robin001/20/15 03:37 PM
*Zach and his brand new #FRANKIESEXUAL t-shirt >
StaticAirwave842 4   01/19/15 08:24 PM
x*The Zankie fanatics keep pulling him into the Zankie world. I hope he has the opportunity to have success on his own without Frankie. NT
bbkook01/19/15 10:16 PM
x*When Zach surprised Frankie at the stage door a few nights ago, someone was wearing a #FRANKIESEXUAL shirt and, to quote their tweet >
StaticAirwave01/20/15 12:08 AM
x*I hope he doesn't intend to wear that thing. Any respect I had left for him will go right out the door. NT
qkitten01/19/15 08:38 PM
x*Kudos to you for still having some respect for him up to this point! lol. I lost all mine probably late October. NT
miss88001/19/15 10:15 PM
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