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***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! (Edited 6/21/14)
strkaholic24712 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 9,2014
Jokerette19751 0   Sticky Post
*Less than a month to go, I can't wait to disagree sharply with AwfuLeeHandsome and tear the HGs apart with everyone! <3 NT
DrunkenStorm12 4   05/28/15 07:17 PM
x* i disagree sharply with some now ...LOL... NT
uvp05/28/15 08:24 PM
x*..lol. :P NT
janie805/28/15 08:48 PM
x*.lol NT
janie805/28/15 07:39 PM
x*We will never see eye to eye and it's a thing of transcendent beauty <3! Bring on BB!! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 07:22 PM
*Evening! I'm new to Jokers but have watched big brother since Season 9. Excited about a new season coming soon. NT
RealityDaisy21 9   05/28/15 06:39 PM
x*Welcome RealityDaisy. NT
Veruta05/28/15 08:37 PM
x*welcome...is jokers your first bb message board experience? NT
uvp05/28/15 07:27 PM
x*Oh, wow! Welcome to Jokers! You're in for a great time...laughs, snark, insight, commiseration, communication, instigation, constipation..oh..wait.
LibraLady05/28/15 07:24 PM
x*Heyo, RealityDaisy! :) Welcome to Jokers! NT
AlphaDerp05/28/15 07:15 PM
x*Welcome. Joker's will change the way you watch BB in an AWESOME way. Have fun! NT
apumilia05/28/15 07:11 PM
x*Welcome to JU !!!!!:) NT
TKM80905/28/15 07:10 PM
x*Welcome :) NT
bb4life105/28/15 06:45 PM
x*Welcome to the board. Hope you enjoy Jokers as much as you enjoy BB. NT
Blockhead05/28/15 06:43 PM
x*Welcome to the madness :) NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 06:41 PM
*New tweet makes me think the reveal will happen live on feeds
Dani161 8   05/28/15 05:59 PM
x*I think that just means it's the first time they're showing preseason contestant interviews on the feeds, not necessarily the first reveal NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 06:12 PM
x*Did you read the fine print? "Feeds subject to editing, delays and blackouts." Also doesn't say anything about 24 hours a day, I don't think. NT
OUALUMinTX05/28/15 06:02 PM
x*think they've always said something like that NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 07:47 PM
x*I love my live feeds edited :/ NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 06:13 PM
x*I think it just means going to fish to block singing or unauthorized names. I doubt it will be any different than usual NT
jeffthedrunk05/28/15 06:18 PM
x*I hope you are right. Guess we will find out soon. NT
OUALUMinTX05/28/15 06:41 PM
x*Yeah that's nothing new, that covers temporary blocks for singing etc, also that one point in the season when the feeds are off for 2 days etc. NT
unclevanya05/28/15 06:32 PM
x*I think so too, i just got a kick out of the wording ha NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 06:22 PM
*I'm so excited this is the best time of the year!!! Thanks Jokers for being so awesome NT
Ses19792 1   05/28/15 04:46 PM
x*First time back to Jokers this year. I'm excited too!!! NT
Kapri05/28/15 04:52 PM
*More Info on the feeds. Won't be available in Canada, BB16 Hgs interview & Hgs reveal on the 16th
Dani197 9   05/28/15 03:55 PM
x*lol fan favorite frankie..he wasnt even in the top 3 of fan favorite voting NT
cutgr05/28/15 07:42 PM
x* Nothing about whether there will be commercials yet? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 05:48 PM
x*Lol fan favorite Frankie, if anything he was fan hated houseguest NT
Usernamejax05/28/15 04:54 PM
x*Fan Favorite Frankie? LMAO. Nice try BB NT
JCutie05/28/15 04:51 PM
x*Why does it say fan favorite Frankie? He wasn't even top 3 in voting for fan favorite. Why is CBS always shoving that guy down our throats? NT
bbkook05/28/15 04:34 PM
x*its funny how they overlook all of the vile stuff he spewed in the house..aaryn was vile herself but she got a raw deal..
cutgr05/28/15 07:43 PM
x*I liked frankie and admit I wasn't watching the feeds much after amber was voted off..so what'd u think of andy and spencer? NT
janie805/28/15 07:52 PM
x*thought andy and spencer were both vile as well..i can deal with some smack talking and so on..but the unneeded stuff like aaryn..
cutgr05/28/15 08:00 PM
x*So disappointing.. Not about the feeds, about "fan favourite" Frankie.. LOL jk. I prob won't watch the show without feeds :( NT
AlphaDerp05/28/15 04:24 PM
*BB US feeds won't be available in Canada this year. This really sucks! NT
ioan7540431 38   05/28/15 02:54 PM
x*So if a Canadian had a USA credit card to use, could they then sign up for All Access and it work? NT
LibraLady05/28/15 08:29 PM
x*If a Canadian really wants to watch the BB live feeds, they will find away :) NT
Gorf05/28/15 04:38 PM
x*imo being without feeds isnt a "bb death sentence" for me at least ....being without jokers imo would be thou NT
uvp05/28/15 07:34 PM
x*I am sure they will be, just like how us Canadians access the American versions of Netflix or the real WWE Network in Canada. NT
WillRulz05/28/15 03:37 PM
x*The problem is people are saying they can't pay for them. That's a big new problem to deal with. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:39 PM
x*Same with WWE Network. Pre-paid cards, a friend's U.S. credit card, or there are a host of other means. NT
WillRulz05/28/15 05:03 PM
x*that sucks here in the states it wouldnt let me use pre paid for the wwe network..had to use my debit card NT
cutgr05/28/15 07:48 PM
x*Did only people in Canada get that email or did everyone who has an account with CBS? NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:23 PM
x*yeah i just got one, what a dissappointment, guess wont be watching it on TV now either, whats the point, the feeds are way more fun than the show NT
Madsy05/28/15 03:56 PM
x*Without the feeds the show isn't worth watching. Hopefully Shaw gets a ton of flak about this and talks to CBS to get this straightened out. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 07:07 PM
x*i dont agree at all.....i bought the feeds the last 7 or so years...the last two years i barely watched more than 20 minutes of it per season...
uvp05/28/15 07:16 PM
x*..so..u posted without watching feeds, based on what was said here? .i'll offer that I did watch feeds last 2 years, and prob disagreed with here. NT
janie805/28/15 07:33 PM
x*yes and i was pretty good at it.... i guess i am just a more advance bb viewer that can survive with or without feeds...
uvp05/28/15 07:38 PM
x*I was the same way last year, uvp. I had the feeds but rarely opened them. I read Jokers, and kept up with everything by doing so. I have never
LibraLady05/28/15 08:03 PM
x*yeah some of us are special that we can not watch feeds and not be lost... but the truth is without jokers clutch i would be lost without feeds
uvp05/28/15 08:16 PM
x*Isn't that strange? I retired last year, and should be able to watch twice as much, and yet watch so much less. I did, however, watch BBAD every
LibraLady05/28/15 08:22 PM
x*.hallaluya and amen, libra lady..a new day is dawning..lol.. NT
janie805/28/15 08:11 PM
x*i wont be buying the feeds this year....even without the feeds i feel my grasp of the game is pretty good.....i maybe in the minority with that NT
uvp05/28/15 07:19 PM
x*The real game is on the feeds not the show NT
Usernamejax05/28/15 04:35 PM
x*I agree. Live Feeds make BB. NT
KataGarbo05/28/15 08:30 PM
x*I think I'll try watching the show episodes, see if I like the HGs (or not), read Jokers and Twitter for the updates. I know the live feeds
BBcbsRocks05/28/15 05:39 PM
x*.rocks, your opinion matters to me..i'm not sure what i will do this season..just glad I have a kindred spirit no matter what..:) NT
janie805/28/15 07:37 PM
x*episodes arent nearly as bad....sure it maybe different in spots but if you read the boards you can spot the difference....
uvp05/28/15 07:30 PM
x*Yes, thanks CBS for reminding me that I am not getting the feeds this year. When I got the email, I thought they were giving me a way to access it NT
Usernamejax05/28/15 03:42 PM
x*Are you saying only Canadians got that email? If anyone from the U.S. is reading this thread let us know if you received the email. TIA NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:44 PM
x*I've been very sad for the last 2 minutes about this, then I realized I didn't even watch my live feeds last year. I'm ok with it! NT
mainstreetman05/28/15 03:11 PM
x*yeah the last two season i barely watched any of the feeds...endurance nights were pretty much only time i turn it on...
uvp05/28/15 07:26 PM
x*I'm very sad about this, too but not being able to watch the feeds will give me lots of time to watch Netflix movies, TV shows, read books, etc. NT
BBcbsRocks05/28/15 03:44 PM
x*Got this via email today:
ioan754005/28/15 02:55 PM
x*Can't really say I'm surprised. They've been looking for a way to limit it to US only for years. Trying to make each country watch their own feeds. NT
BBonesteel05/28/15 03:04 PM
x*Not the case at all. It has to do with licensing rights for the other TV shows. Bell, etc. probably complained & that's why CBS changed CC system. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:31 PM
x*Shaw pays for the rights to air BB USA though. I suspect we haven't heard the last of this. NT
WillRulz05/28/15 03:39 PM
x*Does Shaw even know this is going on? NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:40 PM
x*I tweeted them so I'm sure they'll get right on it lol. NT
JessicaJules05/28/15 03:41 PM
x*Do we know for sure what happened last year? Someone took action and the problem got solved rather quickly. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:43 PM
x*The last time it happened, Shaw did intervene and solved the problem. I am sure they are aware of the situation. NT
WillRulz05/28/15 05:04 PM
x*IDK. I'm hoping they'll eventually make live feeds a separate feature from All Access for Canadian to purchase. Because really the issue is
JessicaJules05/28/15 03:48 PM
x*It wouldn't be an issue at all. It would also make most BB fans happy. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 03:53 PM
*I have a confession to make: I am a mega mega social media mogul.... and Frankie Grande is going on "tour" this summer... SO HE WON'T BE ON BB!!!
nicholaspuppy241 12   05/28/15 11:23 AM
x*yet he gets a live chat... apparently he's a "fan favorite" LOL NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/28/15 03:47 PM
x*yes, a fan favorite for all the Ariana Grande fans out there who watched BB last season only lol NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 04:07 PM
x*YAY! I hope he stays on "tour" for the next 10 years away from my TV NT
Dani05/28/15 02:14 PM
x*that would be ideal! NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 02:25 PM
x*I'm with you, but I can't believe there's anyone who'd actually pay to see him do something. To each his own, I guess. NT
seahorse05/28/15 02:17 PM
x*Frankie Grande announces summer tour
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 01:09 PM
x*oh lucky me, he's coming to my city (playing at a club that hold about 500-people standing). i think i'll pass. NT
banner_boy05/28/15 01:32 PM
x*I just looked at the cities and he's not playing in NYC. That's very weird. I'm going to have to travel to Live La Vida Grande ;) NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 01:34 PM
x*the crowds are already lining up for him.....
Blockhead05/28/15 01:12 PM
x*LOL! So you mean I'm not getting a Joker's caravan to follow the tour bus around? ;) NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 01:33 PM
x*Lol no one should reward this type of gross nepotism, especially when the person is bereft of any discernable talent whatsoever NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/28/15 01:15 PM
x*Does self promotion of someone talentless count as a talent? NT
all8up05/28/15 02:38 PM
*Just saw a commercial for BB After Dark stating it will be exclusively on Pop this year. NT
cjccur48 7   05/28/15 10:32 AM
x*does that mean it won't be on Slice this year, I wonder? NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/28/15 03:57 PM
x*oh yay i get it. NT
VelvetWind05/28/15 03:34 PM
x*What's Pop? That doesn't sound like the channel it was on last year. NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 11:08 AM
x*found an article that says Pop is the former TVGN. NT
luckydee05/28/15 12:03 PM
x*Ok, found it...thanks! NT
debbiedu2205/28/15 02:13 PM
x*ah.. thank you! NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 12:16 PM
x*CBS rebranded TVGN. NT
Corndogger05/28/15 12:12 PM
*I would love Big Brother to cast a season where we don't have to go 'Ok so that is the older person of the group' Kinda like Survivor where they
AjCarl169 20   05/28/15 08:15 AM
x*It's amazing how they don't copy BB10 more -- it was a perfect cast and a perfect season, and it has NO TWISTS. Jerry & Renny were real finds. NT
unclevanya05/28/15 12:25 PM
x*IIRC BB10 didn't get very high ratings and its popularity is mainly among diehards like us. BB doesn't care about us. They want casuals and
utty1405/28/15 03:50 PM
x*BB10 was same time as the summer olympics. Same as BB14. NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 05:45 PM
x*Some factors re: BB10 ratings: 1) It followed BB9, which had awful ratings and started rumors that there wouldn't be a summer session at all;
unclevanya05/28/15 05:40 PM
x*yeah i was going to point out it was an olympic year lol NT
uvp05/28/15 07:32 PM
x*Good points. BB10 was a great season so I don't want anybody to think I was implying lower ratings were reflective of its quality, just that
utty1405/28/15 07:30 PM
x*Too true, lol NT
unclevanya05/28/15 07:52 PM
x*The only "twists" were Dan was America's Player for one week and Dan got to meet with a juror. But those are a lot fewer than what we get now. NT
Blockhead05/28/15 12:42 PM
x*Its like they have no faith in older people being lively and entertaining but ALOT of older people they cast have been very talked about:
AjCarl05/28/15 08:18 AM
x*sheila should be on that list too NT
uvp05/28/15 08:33 AM
x*oh yea, I liked Sheila, she complained about her partner but she was fun. NT
seahorse05/28/15 02:22 PM
x*Yeah, I never watched that season. NT
AjCarl05/28/15 08:38 AM
x*Helen from BB15? How old is she? NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 08:23 AM
x*She wasnt 'old' but she was the 'older' person of BB15. haha NT
AjCarl05/28/15 08:37 AM
x*in bb years she is old lol NT
uvp05/28/15 08:46 AM
x*Yeah haha. 40 isnt even old, its middle aged but bb makes it seem like you are ancient. 50 to me is When 'Old' begins. NT
AjCarl05/28/15 09:05 AM
x*When you turn 50, old will begin at 60. NT
Pixie505/28/15 01:03 PM
x*Um and when the 6 0 is really close then it's still young and it's 70 something that is looking closer to senior citizen. NT
seahorse05/28/15 02:37 PM
x*sad but true NT
nicholaspuppy05/28/15 08:49 AM
x*37 on the show NT
bigtimebbfan05/28/15 08:25 AM
*Promo Code for free MONTH
LuvinBBinFL235 3   05/28/15 06:15 AM
x*Where did you find that code? NT
Corndogger05/28/15 12:13 PM
x*how long does this last? can it be redeem on premiere night?....Thanks NT
Dani05/28/15 06:47 AM
x*I would do it at least the day before to be sure, NT
LuvinBBinFL05/28/15 07:31 AM
*27 days till bb17!!!! NT
uvp11 1   05/28/15 04:38 AM
x*20 days give or take until cast is reveal NT
uvp05/28/15 08:34 AM
*I'll TP this since May 29th is the last day. If you have CBS reward points, you can get a month of CBS All Access free for 250 points. NT
Blackheart43 5   05/28/15 12:07 AM
x*Awesome, ty, I had 1400 points. NT
triplecrunch05/28/15 04:27 PM
x*How do you find out how many points you have? NT
CandieLand05/28/15 04:44 AM
x*This is great for people to use to preview the feeds. You get a code via email that can be redeemed until 9/1/15 for a month of All Access. NT
BBonesteel05/28/15 12:31 AM
x*Tomorrow is the last day to use your rewards. NT
LuvinBBinFL05/28/15 06:40 AM
x*And last year you could get points just for watching the live feeds. NT
Blackheart05/28/15 12:07 AM
*How many times have your favorites won the game? I've only had 3 (Dan, Will, Derrick). NT
krh5038207 29   05/27/15 07:12 PM
x*BB1, BB2, BB8, BB13, BB14 and BB16. NT
KataGarbo05/28/15 08:35 PM
x*Jordan and Sarah BBCan3 also Ian. Dan was ONE of my favs season 10 NT
BBFanJ05/28/15 04:03 PM
x*Will, Dan, Jordan (although my real fav was Jeff), Rachel, Derrick NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/28/15 03:59 PM
x*Dan, Rachel... that's it. NT
Gamefreak0001805/28/15 12:14 PM
x*Those are mine too. NT
seahorse05/28/15 03:03 PM
x*Eveldick and Ian. NT
AjCarl05/28/15 09:17 AM
x*I forgot about Ian, I have to add him to my list. NT
madjellybean05/28/15 11:12 AM
x*Dick, Jordan Rachel and Derrick. And IAN.
madjellybean05/28/15 08:51 AM
x*Dan and Derrick. My first season was 10. NT
AZ_Cards_1105/28/15 08:48 AM
x*Pre-season.. or early favourites? It's only happened twice Pre-season.. Jordan and Derrick. NT
AlphaDerp05/28/15 03:13 AM
x*0. NT
titan905/28/15 02:48 AM
x*Closest I've had is Porsche making it to F2 and Ash from BBCAN3 making it to third. NT
Blackheart05/28/15 12:04 AM
x*BB13 Rachel NT
bbkook05/28/15 12:03 AM
x*..this.. NT
janie805/28/15 12:55 AM
x*Same 3 for me. Dan/Derrick/Will. However I watched BB2 years later so I knew he won his season before I watched it. I guess Rachel is on my list but..
eureca05/27/15 11:59 PM
x*Just once. Will a lifetime ago. It's amazing I've stayed with it after so many disappointments. NT
utty1405/27/15 10:33 PM
x*7 will, jun, maggie, adam, dan, jordan, derrick by default NT
Mishanb05/27/15 10:23 PM
x*aaron bbuk12 NT
sliver01305/27/15 10:17 PM
x*Will ED Ian NT
FurnitureAlliance05/27/15 09:59 PM
x*I kept going back and forth on Derrick. And Will. NT
nyxxie05/27/15 08:36 PM
x*Dr Will, and Dan became my favorite the night he stayed up and made a pretty convincing looking fake silver veto NT
zagger05/27/15 08:17 PM
x*Jordan & Hayden NT
bb4life105/27/15 08:11 PM
x*That would be a big goose egg, Ghost Rider. NT
BBonesteel05/27/15 07:55 PM
x*Awww :( Good luck next season !!!! NT
krh503805/27/15 08:22 PM
x*Only one time - Jordan NT
pdson05/27/15 07:51 PM
x*Favorite the whole season? Only Dan. I liked Will but it wasn't from the start. NT
nicholaspuppy05/27/15 07:43 PM
x*Helen Wood-BBUK 15. NT
ASQ05/27/15 07:21 PM
x*Dan BB10, Ian BB14 NT
unclevanya05/27/15 07:19 PM
x*My answer as well. NT
cbeverly05/27/15 09:36 PM
*Name one 'type' that you don't want to see cast this season. Now, describe one personality/type that you would like to see cast this season. NT
bb4life1175 23   05/27/15 03:04 PM
x*I'd like a cast similar to Season 8 and/or 9. Too much up all night doing nothing and sleeping all day. I don't want to see returning players or
all8up05/28/15 12:02 PM
x*The exact moment the feeds started on bb16 Joey streaked. NT
TheFly05/28/15 12:06 PM
x*Yep! You're right. And she went home shortly after... NT
all8up05/28/15 02:31 PM
x*Got my hopes up for a fun cast. But that was the peak for "fun" in BB16. NT
TheFly05/28/15 02:41 PM
x*No social media moguls NT
bbkook05/28/15 12:04 AM
x*I'd like to see a more older people, less tatoos and less pseudo-celebrities. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/27/15 10:01 PM
x*What's wrong with tattoos? lol NT
AjCarl05/28/15 07:44 AM
x*Fewer cast members who could easily pass a psych evaluation, except for violent tendencies. Choose the ones who barely scrape by. NT
Veruta05/27/15 07:47 PM
x*the token old guy, they're just not going to win NT
zagger05/27/15 06:00 PM
x*We need older players to make the game more interesting. Survivor's been casting older lately and it's helped a lot as far as I'm concerned. NT
Corndogger05/27/15 10:56 PM
x*This only works if at least a 3rd of the cast is older. Any less and they just become easy targets on BB. Survivor it's a little easier for a few. NT
BBonesteel05/27/15 11:49 PM
x*hey now, don't dash my BB dreams! NT
banner_boy05/27/15 07:05 PM
x*LOL truth hurts! as for who I would want, I'd love to have a comedian cast NT
zagger05/27/15 07:44 PM
x*No flamboyant gay guy would be refreshing. No relatives of former players or "stars". Would love a more diverse older group and fewer models. NT
KataGarbo05/27/15 05:55 PM
x*Humorless alpha males who resort to threats/intimidation (Russell, Boogie, Dick, etc.) NT
unclevanya05/27/15 05:22 PM
x*Someone that's all about the showmances. I want to see more Neda types. NT
krh503805/27/15 05:18 PM
x*No more nerds. They suck every time & despite usually being superfans they are remarkably weak gamers with a poor read on the house.
utty1405/27/15 04:38 PM
x*No one who is using BB as a launching pad to fame. I'd like to see a strong, smart, cunning, beautiful woman who's not a mean girl. NT
cantgetenough05/27/15 03:52 PM
x*So much YES to the last part. Tired of the catty women on BB. NT
utty1405/27/15 04:42 PM
x*i dont want anyone who is willing to take themselves out of the game for love...if you want a love connection go on another show......
uvp05/27/15 03:16 PM
x*Don't want anyone who is a relative of someone "famous." I want as many schemers as possible. NT
Blockhead05/27/15 03:05 PM
x*This for sure. NT
KataGarbo05/27/15 05:54 PM
x*Definitely this. And no family members of past HGs. NT
Julsie05/27/15 03:35 PM
RickyRoma139 3   05/27/15 02:33 PM
x*lol NT
cutgr05/28/15 06:00 AM
x*lol? NT
seahorse05/27/15 03:53 PM
x*lol NT
uvp05/27/15 03:26 PM
*cbs all access is this the only way of watching "all bb seasons"
zacksmommy137 1   05/27/15 11:33 AM
x*it's good so far except there's ads NT
MaddyP05/28/15 04:49 AM
*If this season sucks again, I'm done for good.
Duffman285 19   05/27/15 10:11 AM
x*BB14 is one of the best seasons imo NT
AjCarl05/28/15 07:47 AM
x*There were great moments like the funeral and Dan making it to the end, but I hated the QP, and every week was the same crap over and over. NT
Duffman05/28/15 02:45 PM
x*I hated the QP as well. Such a boring/lame alliance. For me, personally, Frank/Boogie/Wil...as well as the first two weeks, are what saved the season
bb4life105/28/15 03:31 PM
x*Lol Frank and Boogie ***** sucked NT
BBFanJ05/28/15 06:32 PM
x*If Canada doesn't get live feeds. i'm done. Just can't get into the tv production. NT
PVRlover05/28/15 07:23 AM
x*I am going back and forth trying to decide if I am going to watch or not as well. I hate spending the time for yet another terrible season. NT
BBKim05/28/15 01:45 AM
x*You hated BB14? I thought that was a great season. Had everything a BB fan could want. NT
Corndogger05/27/15 02:47 PM
x*Absolutely despised the Quack Pack and they ran the season NT
Duffman05/28/15 02:43 PM
x*I hated Danielle and loved Dan Britney and Ian NT
BBFanJ05/28/15 06:31 PM
x*I agree BB14 was one of my favorite seasons. It started going downhill for me with BB15. NT
eureca05/27/15 05:12 PM
x*Of all the seasons I rewatch, I watch BB14 the most. Love Ian, love that he beat Dan. I usually start at the DE ep when Boogie goes, LOL. NT
unclevanya05/27/15 05:18 PM
x*Dan kept it interesting to the very end. Hated the final outcome, but loved the season NT
nicholaspuppy05/27/15 03:34 PM
x*speaking for myself it would be hard for me to quit bbusa..... while i did quit watching survivor that was mainly due to me not like watching two
uvp05/27/15 10:29 AM
x*Lol. NT
Pumpkindrizzle05/27/15 10:23 AM
x*lol NT
uvp05/27/15 10:26 AM
x*Yeah I hate to say it but I'm there too. NT
utty1405/27/15 10:21 AM
x*What if it sucks (pretty good odds on that) but next season there's an All-Stars 2? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/15 10:14 AM
x*I'd wait to see the cast list. NT
Duffman05/27/15 10:16 AM
x*"so you are telling me there is a chance".... popular movie quote NT
uvp05/27/15 10:31 AM
*Info on the Feeds
Dani917 26   05/27/15 09:04 AM
x*FYI if you have any CBS reward coins, which you could get just from watching the feeds last year, til the 29th, you can purchase all access free for 1
Blackheart05/28/15 12:02 AM
x*This is only good for today (the 28th) and tomorrow before it goes away. This is a great way to start the feeds before deciding to pay for them! NT
BBonesteel05/28/15 12:17 AM
x*I can't wait for this season to start. Yes, I am an addict. I hope these new feeds are no different than last year. Time will tell. Price is good. NT
KataGarbo05/27/15 05:52 PM
x*So when you all are buying, will you buy month by month or 3 or 4 all at once? I was thinking, do I have this right?...
seahorse05/27/15 02:25 PM
x*You have to pay monthly. There's no paying for 3 or 4 months at once. I wish that was possible. NT
Corndogger05/27/15 02:45 PM
x*ahh, thanks. hope there isn't a "rush hour" when everyone tries and there is a crash :) NT
seahorse05/27/15 03:57 PM
x*So this means no more BB Viewer I take it? NT
banner_boy05/27/15 11:03 AM
x*It was so nice to have a viewer for the feeds. I could resize the camera I wanted to watch and 'pin' it on top of any other applications or work I
kaper05/27/15 04:40 PM
x*I don't think they'll do the feeds any differently at all. Just how you subscribe to them. I wish they had something up now so we could confirm
Corndogger05/27/15 02:49 PM
x*I'd bet it will be more difficult to pull off this year. But who knows. NT
unclevanya05/27/15 11:41 AM
x*So the feeds are starting the first night unlike last year where they made us wait until the second night? Hope that's right but I have my doubts. NT
Corndogger05/27/15 10:30 AM
x*No, I don't think the message is saying that. It's just saying the feeds won't be available until after the show begins, not first night. NT
banner_boy05/27/15 11:03 AM
x*That's not what it says. It says the feeds will begin with the premiere which is on June 24. I don't see them taking two nights again to introduce
Corndogger05/27/15 02:43 PM
x*Hope you are right. NT
KataGarbo05/27/15 05:53 PM
x*The switch of BBAD from Showtime to that other channel and the subsequent muting of curse words etc. makes me think there will be ad interruptions
Blockhead05/27/15 10:12 AM
x*Ok, easy decision for me to skip feeds altogether this summer. Of course, that's exactly what AG wants so she controls the game's entire narrative NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/15 10:08 AM
x*Since it technically costs a lot less than last year, they have no incentive to offer Early Bird. But I would gladly pay the old rate if it meant
unclevanya05/27/15 09:54 AM
x*That would be lovely, because the ads are definitely a pain. Not sure how long I'll stay interested, if commercials keep interrupting important
LibraLady05/27/15 10:09 AM
x*Where are you all seeing that there will be ads on the live feeds? NT
Pumpkindrizzle05/27/15 09:58 AM
x*The only way to get feeds this year is through All Access. Apparently the All Access service has ads during the TV shows they show. So the question
Blockhead05/27/15 10:03 AM
x*Almost assuredly there will be intermittent ad breaks in the feeds. It will be a question of how often and of what length. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/15 10:17 AM
x*And how many The Mentalist or CSI commercials before folks run away in droves.. NT
all8up05/27/15 01:28 PM
x*My question is will the feeds be interrupted by commercials? If so, when? How often? for how long? Will they only be during regular down time or
Blockhead05/27/15 09:14 AM
x*There are ads with their other content but not the feeds. NT
LuvinBBinFL05/28/15 06:12 AM
x*That is the question I am wondering as well. But I have given up on CBS's customer service. They never fully answer my question. Im surprised they did
TheFly05/27/15 09:48 AM
x*CBS AllAccess has a different number
LuvinBBinFL05/28/15 06:09 AM
*OMG OMG OMG ... I almost forgot the BEST THING about BBUS getting ready to start .... new Wil videos coming our way soon!!!!!! NT
mebe31 2   05/27/15 08:21 AM
x*I like the 2 mins recaps too. I can't remember who does them. NT
Sloptastic05/27/15 08:36 AM
x*he is talented NT
uvp05/27/15 08:35 AM
*Can we still just order the live feeds or do we have to get CBS All Access? TIA NT
bbluvrinva194 8   05/27/15 05:24 AM
x* CBS All Access NT
mebe05/27/15 07:58 AM
x*ok ty NT
bbluvrinva05/27/15 08:08 AM
x*and Jokers tweeted the link to go thru ===//>>
mebe05/27/15 08:10 AM
x*This may be a better link to use ~ it's also on the clickable banner on JU's home page ~
Dreamer05/27/15 11:19 PM
x*will Jokerette get a kick back if we sign up through her link, or does she not get that anymore NT
philo105/27/15 09:15 AM
x*yes she will NT
mebe05/27/15 01:38 PM
x*Wonder if there'll be referral fees next season? Isn't CBS's real goal to hook people on All Access? If it isn't then bundling the feeds with it
Corndogger05/27/15 03:09 PM
x*At the end of BB season, a lot of ppl will cancel some will stay. Either CBS will think it made them enough money or will find a way to make us pay
seahorse05/27/15 04:05 PM
* 28 days till bb17!!!! NT
uvp48 3   05/27/15 04:47 AM
x*since bbcan is coming to an end things should pick up 10x around here in the next few days NT
uvp05/27/15 06:37 AM
x*Im back, that is really all that should matter :D NT
philo105/27/15 09:10 AM
x*lol NT
TKM80905/27/15 12:07 PM
*Out of context question. Dan, Derrick or Dr. Will, who is the best and why? NT
ckay11515 37   05/26/15 11:54 PM
x*Will was a great player and very charismatic and entertaining. Dan was a mediocre player who took advantage of a weak cast and lacked charisma. NT
Titanfall05/27/15 02:34 PM
x*..well that's how I always felt about that ....and won't comment further...:P. NT
janie805/27/15 10:52 PM
x*Will. Dan was merely a disciple of the Church of Kirbyology NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/27/15 10:09 AM
x*Dan and Will did it best their first times and played great their second times. I'd put Maggie and probably Derrick in the second tier. NT
olfactoryhues05/27/15 09:53 AM
x*Dan !!!!!!!!, no but really - I can't compare them - I think Dan, Will, Maggie, Jun, Derrick are all great in their own ways NT
philo105/27/15 09:12 AM
x*Dr.Will his brain just functions on a higher level NT
mebe05/27/15 08:04 AM
x*I never saw Will sit around for hours thinking and plotting. He was doing it all on the fly and constantly social. NT
Veruta05/27/15 09:08 AM
x*dan of two seem to be the one that was constantly in bb thought mode NT
uvp05/27/15 10:36 AM
x*Will. End of discussion NT
LilKsweezy05/27/15 06:19 AM
x*seeing this topic comes up a lot i think open discussion is good.... while i do have will above dan the fact is will never made final 2 x2 so that in
uvp05/27/15 06:31 AM
x*I typed that last part as a little giggle. We should always be open to discussion NT
LilKsweezy05/27/15 06:33 AM
x*Pre or Post Botox? NT
Sloptastic05/27/15 05:35 AM
x*lol NT
uvp05/27/15 06:51 AM
x*Dan and Dr Will are entertainment gold. Derrick's win was boring and predictable. NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 05:05 AM
x*idk about dan i remember his first bb appearance many said he was boring ...will i agree was entertaining NT
uvp05/27/15 06:43 AM
x*Umm.. Dan put his on alliance members on the block in his first appearance. People in the house thought he was a part of prod NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 08:20 AM
x*i still dont get why julie told michelle he wasnt a plant...seem strange she would to that...over the years hg's believe many things
uvp05/27/15 08:49 AM
x*I was surprised by that as well. I could see if she weren't on the jury but since she was I thought it was unfair. I did like seeing Michelle's
Blockhead05/27/15 08:51 AM
x*Also Replacement Nominee Roulette NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 08:42 AM
x*on my list derrick is 4th...will is 2nd...dan is 3 ....best based on that would be will NT
uvp05/27/15 04:59 AM
x*So whos 1st uvp? NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 05:13 AM
x*maggie NT
uvp05/27/15 05:29 AM
x*I agree NT
bransgirl05/28/15 12:36 PM
x*Maggie scared me, she's like a cult leader. All hail the Cappy!!..lol NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 08:23 AM
x*Maggie pretty much required Ivette's Cappy devotion to get to the end. NT
Veruta05/27/15 09:06 AM
x*if an angle work why not go with it.... last season derrick used many of the hg's loyalty angle to his benefit...was maggie supposed to
uvp05/27/15 10:35 AM
x*I may disagree with her being first but she def. underrated as a player. She gets no respect as a player. None. Which is sad cause what she did was
Jassie05/27/15 06:09 AM
x*the flashy gameplay(backstabbing, theatrics etc ) seems to be heralded more..the fact is males tends to be more flashy than their female counterparts
uvp05/27/15 06:33 AM
x*Derrick's not even close NT
utty1405/27/15 02:20 AM
x*I still put Will and Dan 1/2, but Derrick is 3rd in many people's eyes. To survive 4 noms a week without ever being nom'd is extremely impressive. NT
BBonesteel05/27/15 03:43 AM
x*Statistics without context is meaningless IMO. More inside:
utty1405/27/15 04:07 AM
x*Not to mention the way he lost his cool anytime there was a hint of danger. The greats are calm under pressure.
utty1405/27/15 04:42 AM
x*bb had cops on the show before.... hell they had firefighters on the show before....i could understand if it was the first time a cop was on the show
uvp05/27/15 06:39 AM
x*I agree, CBS wanted both shows to have a cop win. Derrick had a lot of help and was never the target. NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 05:03 AM
x*Neda. NT
banner_boy05/26/15 11:56 PM
x*Wow, I don't think someone who didn't even win can be considered the best. besides BBCAN isn't has hard to win as BBUS IMO NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 05:08 AM
x*Awesome answer, lol! NT
kmjm05/27/15 12:17 AM
*I am now beyond excited. I couldn't stand it, so I went ahead and signed up for All Access. I wanted to watch old episodes, so just watched last
LibraLady286 9   05/26/15 10:41 PM
x*Has anyone been signed up to All Access for longer than one week? Did they notify you that your subscription has started? TIA NT
Corndogger05/27/15 01:17 AM
x*I had a free month ... went to change billing info before I started paying monthly fee and they had pulled access to acct. info ... they gave me
mebe05/27/15 08:08 AM
x*How did you get a free month? I thought it was only one week free? NT
Corndogger05/27/15 10:31 AM
x*Promo Code
LuvinBBinFL05/28/15 06:06 AM
x*how many minutes of commercials in an "hour" long show? (tv broadcast has about 16 minutes of commercials and 44 min of actual show) NT
banner_boy05/26/15 11:11 PM
x*Also unlike live TV they play the same commercials over and over which is really annoying NT
bb_tracy05/27/15 04:58 AM
x*I'm going to guess 12, but 16 is not inconceivable. I didn't really start paying attention until the last half, but I remember some of the
LibraLady05/26/15 11:17 PM
x*You could watch BB Canada, its pretty much the same thing, if you want more content. NT
marty13605/26/15 10:47 PM
x*Would love to, marty, but have never been able to get it to work on my Mini, plus at the time it's on, I other things. Always follow here tho. NT
LibraLady05/26/15 11:23 PM
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