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Victor/James/Nicole now in HN room contemplating upcoming have-not situation. NT (4 min. ago)
BB Polls: That be funny if paul won CP and could use his beard as a bribe and say to Nicole I'll shave my beard off to keep victor off the block lol NT (Results)
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Subject Poster V R Posted on
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! Includes use of the terms "haters"/"(HG) fans".. (Edited 8/16/15)
strkaholic11075 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 10, 2016
Jokerette6964 0   Sticky Post
*I thought Nat couldn't stand that room? Soon as Vic's in there, she hanging out there. Harsh reality staring James in the face. NT
Augustkm0 0   08/25/16 11:39 PM
*Nat went into the have not room to join Vic NT
bbkook0 0   08/25/16 11:39 PM
*Just got home watched live show, turned on feeds, saw Vic right away then came here saw Nicole HOH lol perfect NT
arbo0 0   08/25/16 11:38 PM
*So Nicole apologizing to Corey because HE got mad that someone dare say Nicole was too cute for him. NT
junkydiva0 0   08/25/16 11:38 PM
*If you are ever on BB PLEASE do not ever pander to and say AMERICA!!! This show airs in CANADA as well. And it is annoying for Americans too. NT
PaquetteDrizzle2 4   08/25/16 11:38 PM
x*Canada is just an American territory NT
arbo08/25/16 11:39 PM
x*This Canuck says...Preach! Paq Attack 4 Life. :) NT
WillRulz08/25/16 11:39 PM
x*Yes- This has been the worst!! NT
Kapri08/25/16 11:39 PM
x*Er. Ok. I love Canada, but it's an American TV show. Gotta pander. NT
BleacherBum08/25/16 11:38 PM
*i'm not sure i have EVER seen someone sooo dickmitized NT
izzatyou0 0   08/25/16 11:38 PM
*Victor & Paul looking sketch trying to tell Nicorey together about the jury wanting James out. They should not be in the same room till noms NT
3 1   08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*They feel safe now NT
bbfan3408/25/16 11:38 PM
*my god Nicole is terrible NT
Wellcause2 1   08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*Thank you. She is the worst. I don't understand people who don't see it. NT
gogojuicy08/25/16 11:39 PM
*What if paul wins CP can he go to Nicole and say I'll shave my beard completely off If you keep victor from being on the block and nominate james lol
Bigbrotherbrett10 1   08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*why does he have to shave his beard? he has $5000 bucks to offer? NT
gogojuicy08/25/16 11:40 PM
*Nicole fishes for compliments from Corey & never gets them. She thinks he's above a 10 &'beyond human' & she gets crickets. Lmao! Get the hint girl NT
CindiCindi4 1   08/25/16 11:36 PM
x*Anyone who fishes for compliments is weak, weak, weak. NT
WillRulz08/25/16 11:38 PM
*When is the HOH room reveal? NT
bbkook0 2   08/25/16 11:36 PM
x*When bbad is over so i can't see it. :( NT
gogojuicy08/25/16 11:36 PM
x*should be soon NT
bbfan3408/25/16 11:36 PM
*Cp vote link please NT
Cassandra_0 1   08/25/16 11:36 PM
x*I always just google cbs care package and it takes me right to the page. Easy. NT
SockThief08/25/16 11:40 PM
*I cannot stand the though of a week of Nicole as HOH... Ughamugga! NT
Kapri2 3   08/25/16 11:36 PM
x*They will be in bed the whole time better lick that door NT
ToadFarm08/25/16 11:38 PM
x*The only thing that makes me able to stand is thinking that Corey might be a have not. NT
gogojuicy08/25/16 11:38 PM
x*seriiiiouuusssllyyy NT
mythoughts08/25/16 11:38 PM
*So does Corey ever compliment Nicole back? lol NT
Wellcause4 4   08/25/16 11:35 PM
x*hes going to be slamming chicks left and right once he leaves NT
heyitsmejosh08/25/16 11:38 PM
x*Nope NT
Dulcie08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*Well it would be difficult to call her the most attractive woman he has ever met. The most needy, yes, but not the most attractive. NT
omniac08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*No NT
poisonstar08/25/16 11:37 PM
*Nicole to Corey: "You are the most attractive man i have ever met in my life" NT
BB161 1   08/25/16 11:35 PM
x*i can't NT
izzatyou08/25/16 11:36 PM
*Nicole is only being friendly with Paul/Vic because she's afraid of them winning the last CP and what power it might have over her HoH. NT
JerseyJames0 0   08/25/16 11:35 PM
*I really hope Corey is a HN this week. NT
Joy2 3   08/25/16 11:35 PM
x*Unless HN's are over, he should be. He was 1st out. NT
CindiCindi08/25/16 11:38 PM
x*Me too! LOL NT
Kapri08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*Me too. NT
gogojuicy08/25/16 11:36 PM
*Nicole is the one girl who is dumb enough to fall for Paul's BS.. LOl NT
ParkmyPorsche1 3   08/25/16 11:35 PM
x*I think they want to use Paul to get out Nat and James and Jatlie wants to use Them to get out Nicory NT
Sparktan08/25/16 11:39 PM
x*M/N/J all fell for fake P/V rift. And James/Nat were just talking about taking a swing at Nicorey next week (they assume Paul gone this wk) NT
BAC08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*Even after Paulie warned her he's a manipulator NT
kimberino08/25/16 11:37 PM
*This is why jurors mingling with hgs is WRONG!!! Wrong to not have them sesquesterd if returning to the game also , didn't matter Vic b still wrong NT
MsRevRay3 2   08/25/16 11:34 PM
x*Shrug. Not like the "game" is ever fair. NT
WillRulz08/25/16 11:37 PM
x*Not sure what you mean. Vic was sequestered. NT
BleacherBum08/25/16 11:35 PM
*Vic is so hot in this endurance comp omg NT
Wtfbb4 1   08/25/16 11:34 PM
x*He sure is NT
krazy108/25/16 11:39 PM
*Giggle more in thte room Nat! lol NT
OttoJr1 1   08/25/16 11:34 PM
x*Such a phony. NT
Augustkm08/25/16 11:35 PM
*Corey needs bros, hes not close to James I think he likes Paul more NT
bb04190 1   08/25/16 11:34 PM
x*I agree. Corey and James are from different worlds. Paul and him have more in common. NT
Barbara108/25/16 11:34 PM
*OMG, these three females make me embarrassed to be a woman. NT
reader0 1   08/25/16 11:34 PM
x*Nobody in BB represents anybody in the world. You're good. :) NT
PaquetteDrizzle08/25/16 11:35 PM
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