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Updates: Derrick asks Victoria why she copies every move he does & she laughs, he tells Cody it's like looking in a mirror on the board. NT (21 min. ago)
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*Watching Utopia?!? Come check out the Utopia Discussion forum!
KWren116148 0   Sticky Post
*You guys, PLEASE don't start threads discussing removed posts. If you need to clarify something or even just vent, please PM me instead..
Starr1889 0   Sticky Post
*HG family members can be discussed . . . .
Dreamer4004 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! (Edited 6/21/14)
strkaholic23140 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 9,2014
Jokerette18131 0   Sticky Post
*So this is the funniest thing in 2 days ... Derr stuck under the table. LOL NT
SDGirl1 0   09/20/14 11:00 PM
*LOL Derrick wants an escape from Veruca. NT
stargazerlilly0 1   09/20/14 10:59 PM
x*I wonder how many fruit loops are under that sofa. NT
Boobach09/20/14 11:01 PM
*Derrick needs an exit strategy NT
vanbrew210 6   09/20/14 10:56 PM
x*Unfortunately he can't go undercover in the BB house, and murder is definitely out of the question. NT
JerseyJames09/20/14 10:58 PM
x*Leaving Cody and Vic to interact seems to be working well. He hates her and she gives him no reason to pick her. Get paid and leave is D's exit. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:58 PM
x*Win $575,000. Exit stage left NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:58 PM
x*He will still have Victoria behind him... NT
vanbrew209/20/14 10:59 PM
x*Throw some money at her and run as fast as you can, Derrick. She'll be in heels. NT
krh503809/20/14 11:02 PM
x*Lmao too true NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:59 PM
*Appropriate game for Ver.....'he jumped me".....had to chuckle! NT
lmbrccmom4 1   09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*In her dreams! NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:53 PM
*How would you feel if Frankie wins AFP? That it's unfair, or you just don't give a crap since life is unfair and it's not you being screwed over? NT
JerseyJames13 10   09/20/14 10:51 PM
x*I've been voting daily, but the day after finale? I won't give a hang. NT
Realiteebites09/20/14 10:59 PM
x*The whole season was a rig! How could they let Frankie play when Ari's manager works for CBS (produces the new show Scorpion)? Conflict of interest NT
ScienceGirl09/20/14 10:59 PM
x*This would be unfair only if BB were an actual game show. It's an entertainment show where those rules don't apply. NT
JerseyJames09/20/14 11:01 PM
x*It's not any more unfair then Derrick getting an extra 50 grand on top of all the TA money. To me that's more of a joke. NT
jerrijan09/20/14 10:58 PM
x*If people really have a problem with that, they should take it up with cbs. By casting someone with that background, everything is game. Fairness goes
kirklan09/20/14 10:55 PM
x*Very much unfair to other HGs. Should've been an agreement between her & CBS that she doesn't tweet about that. Her mother? Fine, but not her. NT
gluedtothetv09/20/14 10:54 PM
x*The latter. Definitely ;) NT
Starr09/20/14 10:54 PM
x*The fix would be in since Donny clearly has this in the bag NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*I'll feel that CBS stacked the deck in furtherance of their Grande scheme to bootstrap onto Ariana in an attempt to reach a much younger audience. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:52 PM
x*Pretty much that! LOL I don't care one way of another, AG will just do what she wants, BB has never been fair! NT
Trinity09/20/14 10:52 PM
*What do you think were the most intellectually stimulating and serious conversations that the HGs had this season? NT
banner_boy6 8   09/20/14 10:49 PM
x*Wouldn't call it intellectual, but Zach and Nicole had a pretty good conversation about relationships one night when she was drunk. NT
krh503809/20/14 11:00 PM
x*I don't think there were any not with this cast lol NT
jerrijan09/20/14 10:59 PM
x*Intelligent...maybe when they were discussing how Donnie must be smart because he used the word "osmosis" in a sentence. And I am not kidding. NT
vanbrew209/20/14 10:56 PM
x*Cody thought Fr was smart for using the word "euthanize". Derr's mouth fell open. Cody said he never heard that word before. NT
Realiteebites09/20/14 11:00 PM
SeniorSuperFan09/20/14 10:55 PM
x*Many of Donny's. NT
gluedtothetv09/20/14 10:55 PM
x*Wait...on this season? LOL NT
Legend09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*They had one? NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:51 PM
*Mariah's response to Ari's tweet. She makes a great point. Tweet inside.
Corndogger447 21   09/20/14 10:39 PM
x*Who's Mariah? NT
IHateYouAll09/20/14 10:58 PM
x*Mariah is Nic's best friend that she talked about all of the time on the feeds and mentioned on TV. She's the girl BMC wanted to go on a date with
Corndogger09/20/14 11:01 PM
x*Frankie thanks you Mariah you fool. Best way to get Millions of pre-teen girls to do something is to say they shouldn't. NT
Brian36209/20/14 10:51 PM
x*I highly doubt too many preteen girls do searches on "#BB16" and the ones that follow her are more than likely Nic fans. If they like other HGs it's
Corndogger09/20/14 10:58 PM
x*Like it or not fair or not she has just as much right to support her brother the same as anyone else. Caleb for AFP! NT
jerrijan09/20/14 10:50 PM
x*Ari wants his brother to win, just like all the other HG's family NT
awake24709/20/14 10:49 PM
x*That's $25K less taken out of her accounts payable. NT
gluedtothetv09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*She charges fans $500 each to have a photo taken with her, in groups of 4. That's $2000 per group, or a total of 13 photos to exceed $25K.
Jake8109/20/14 10:56 PM
x*I disagree. Everyone is allowed to vote. If Frankie was a babyface instead of a tweener/heel, there would not be this much backlash. NT
ASQ09/20/14 10:44 PM
x*I agree. And every family has the right to support their family. Grandes aren't even hardcore campaigning for frankie, why make such big deal out o
kirklan09/20/14 10:52 PM
x*Yeah, everyone can vote but her fans would be voting to please her not because Frankie's their favorite BB player. If Ari's fans actually cared
Corndogger09/20/14 10:52 PM
x*CBS allows voters to share via twitter/facebook their choice for AFB after each vote. Securing votes for your favorite is not a bad thing. IMO NT
ASQ09/20/14 11:02 PM
x*Either way- many of those pre-teen girls just got reminded by Ariana to Vote for Zach. NT
DCpara09/20/14 10:46 PM
x*Pre-teen girls are not really the BB demographic though, Zach couldn't even win Team America vote NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:52 PM
x*I feel like I only understand half of these words NT
AndreaK104109/20/14 10:45 PM
x*In other words, if Frankie was not viewed as a villain, then I do not think that people would be complaining about Ariana asking her fans to vote. NT
ASQ09/20/14 10:53 PM
x*Well, yes, I agree then. If people liked Frankie they wouldn't care if he won. But they don't. NT
AndreaK104109/20/14 11:01 PM
x*I agree Mariah! Excellent Tweet NT
Deedy09/20/14 10:42 PM
x*Boom! NT
SugarBabe198809/20/14 10:41 PM
x*All my votes have gone to Nicole. NT
Dolffie09/20/14 10:41 PM
x*I love it! NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:40 PM
*Yeah thought all that screaming would hurt her voice. She keeps trying to clear her throat. NT
lametalmonster2 2   09/20/14 10:36 PM
x*Either way, it hurt my ears. NT
BBTalking09/20/14 10:46 PM
x*It's gotta hurt her throat. It hurt mine just thinking about it. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:41 PM
*Were they ever given the full instructions for backgammon? NT
banner_boy1 0   09/20/14 10:35 PM
*Zach's Instagram sent 2 hours ago is already up to 20,000 Favorites. The tweet Ariana sent for Frankie 5 hours ago only has 9,000 favs. NT
DCpara19 3   09/20/14 10:35 PM
x*And still Donny will beat them both. These are great times we are living in! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:49 PM
x*Favoriting a tweet isn't the same as voting. Few of Ari's fans will vote. NT
Corndogger09/20/14 10:37 PM
x*Ariana can try to mobilize her fans, but they don't care about Frankie, or Big Brother, or signing up to vote on CBS. Donny's & Zach's fans will. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:43 PM
*My Favorite Part Of This Season has been all of Venus's alternate names Lol. My personal favorites being Velma and veruca. NT
AjCarl23 14   09/20/14 10:33 PM
x*Ha..I agree. NT
vanbrew209/20/14 10:58 PM
x*ITA! My favorite is Velcro! Thanks to whoever it was that came up with that ones! ROFL!!! NT
kalicush09/20/14 10:46 PM
x*Vampira. I'm sure I saw fang marks on Derrick's neck. NT
catfeathers09/20/14 10:45 PM
x*No, that's from the giant leech he's playing checkers with. NT
Boobach09/20/14 10:47 PM
x*VIRGINia and Vagisil are my favs NT
Boobach09/20/14 10:45 PM
x*Meh, the only one I liked was VainGlorious :) NT
Dulcie09/20/14 10:43 PM
x*lol, that's been one of the funniest running jokes. Vulva, Veruca, and Velvetta are some I remember.. NT
Starr09/20/14 10:41 PM
x*I'm a fan of Velcro (the alternate name, not the clueless HG). NT
Barbara109/20/14 10:38 PM
x*My fav alternate name is Velveeta NT
ratts09/20/14 10:37 PM
x*and Voldemorticia NT
ratts09/20/14 10:38 PM
x*Vinnie's going to be sad nobody knows her name. NT
bigbrotherfan709/20/14 10:36 PM
x*Mine is EVICToria, because if she's sitting next to you, you're getting evicted. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:35 PM
x*That's a perfect one for her :) NT
Starr09/20/14 10:42 PM
x*IKR, the posters have really come up with some creative names for Vanessa NT
Not_so_annoyed09/20/14 10:35 PM
*What the... who WALKS ON COUCHES with SHOES on!?!? Jeez, Cody! NT
ratso2 0   09/20/14 10:33 PM
*LOL @ Vic running to Derrick to tattle on Cody. NT
bigbrotherfan78 1   09/20/14 10:31 PM
x*"Now, Princess! Now Bud!" Father knows best. NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:36 PM
*lol @ Derrick's face. He is so annoyed by these antics. NT
ratso2 1   09/20/14 10:31 PM
x*I would be too. NT
StingMe09/20/14 10:32 PM
*Can't help but agree with Cody about the screaming. Please stop Victoria. Someday you'll need to scream for real and nobody will take it seriously. NT
BBTalking5 2   09/20/14 10:31 PM
x*Ah, yes. The story of the little girl who cried "Cody! Cody!" NT
Jake8109/20/14 10:39 PM
x*She's bad, but he screams too, which makes her scream even louder. NT
StingMe09/20/14 10:38 PM
*They should just make out on top of the table already. That would be a sight for Derrick to see NT
LilKsweezy0 0   09/20/14 10:29 PM
*Anyone know what Victoria keeps calling Cody in Hebrew? NT
lametalmonster29 4   09/20/14 10:28 PM
x*Yimakh shemo, let his name be obliterated NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:30 PM
x*Really? I turned my feeds off! NT
Trinity09/20/14 10:49 PM
x*Well Damn!!! NT
keishi5909/20/14 10:45 PM
x*Seriously? LOL NT
Barbara109/20/14 10:39 PM
*STFU Veruca! NT
stargazerlilly9 2   09/20/14 10:27 PM
x*Daddy I want a golden goose NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/20/14 10:28 PM
x*LOL It's her since day one of the feeds when she'd order Zach to get her things from the SR. NT
stargazerlilly09/20/14 10:30 PM
*is derrick pooping or hiding? NT
seahorse4 3   09/20/14 10:27 PM
x*His head got stuck in the U-bend. NT
Boobach09/20/14 10:30 PM
x*pooping. if he wanted to hide he could go in the fire room or DR NT
jellyfisher09/20/14 10:28 PM
x*Digging a tunnel out of this house.. NT
vanbrew209/20/14 10:28 PM
*Derrick its okay you can stay in there until Wednesday I understand NT
lametalmonster2 0   09/20/14 10:26 PM
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