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*Big Brother Over The Top Schedule - weekly ceremonies, competitions, evictions and more
Dreamer222 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting!! Includes use of the terms "haters"/"(HG) fans".. (Edited 8/16/15)
strkaholic12339 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines UPDATED August 10, 2016
Jokerette7768 0   Sticky Post
*Why couldn't Jason and Jozea gone in together? After one or two weeks viewers vote who they want to remain. NT
banner_boy44 5   09/25/16 02:18 AM
x*I have a bad feeling that Jason will just repeat his last game. Find the person in the house that he can gossip with/ That was his downfall last time
dillybean09/25/16 05:45 AM
x*It will be interesting, having just watched 4 others try to play a better game. How much is strategy vs. personality (changeable vs. not)? NT
09/25/16 06:10 AM
x*Would rather not see either again.. NT
GMan09/25/16 05:01 AM
x*Guessing they are curious as to how many have the hook firmly in their mouths. NT
DiDi09/25/16 03:46 AM
x*I said same thing NT
uvp09/25/16 03:05 AM
*Do I, A) vote for Jason, who I like more, or B) vote for Jose, Who's deluded? Jason is more likable, but Jose may be more entertaining. NT
curt3727 3   09/25/16 02:07 AM
x*Which ever one, we should nominate them and get them out. NT
cjr251409/25/16 06:46 AM
x*Are you prepared to see Josea sit his nasty ass (in his undies)on every surface in the house, just like a cat. Not me )o: NT
DiDi09/25/16 03:49 AM
x*Jozea, in talk about James, the army veteran, "He was in World War what?" NT
titan909/25/16 02:19 AM
*I can't wait until we get details for BBOTT, Will there be a 3 part final HOH? & since we're basically the jury, will we get to ask the finalists
Dani31 1   09/25/16 01:50 AM
x*They will probably have Dr Will selectively read our questions and chastise us..just kidding..how's it handled on the Int'l versions? NT
CarolinaWoman09/25/16 06:45 AM
*Do you like when they do time comps, they have one houseguest go and then the rest have to beat that set time? Or do you prefer it stays a mystery? NT
Aspiring32 3   09/25/16 12:06 AM
x*I do not like that. NT
banner_boy09/25/16 12:09 AM
x*If anything, don't say who has the best time. Didn't they state the time AND the HG in that macgyver comp? NT
banner_boy09/25/16 12:10 AM
x*I figured most people would be for it, since they're always complaining about rigging in timed comps. NT
Aspiring09/25/16 12:12 AM
*Wait I just discovered Michelle's sisters twitters. I think all three should get a reality show on E or POP? NT
Wtfbb47 2   09/24/16 11:47 PM
x*Her sister liked a bunch of tweets saying Michelle needs help and is pathetic etc lol. At least that means her fam might get her some help NT
Wtfbb09/25/16 12:52 AM
x*It appears to me her sister is as much in need of help as Mich is. NT
DiDi09/25/16 03:51 AM
*Has BB indicated when the OTT cast will be revealed? NT
bunnielebowski15 1   09/24/16 11:40 PM
x*Monday NT
RugratBB09/24/16 11:40 PM
*Corey went home and went straight to the Aggies game? I actually love that.
jjjg475 2   09/24/16 11:37 PM
x*wow, just wow at the comments left on HIS Instagram. People are so ridiculous NT
Cindy09/25/16 06:50 AM
x*i feel bad for saying this but his friends also look #notgay :/ NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:24 AM
*Definitely less fan fare/articles/drama this time around. No one in Vegas..everyone headed home NT
85 4   09/24/16 11:35 PM
x*And BB kingdom is quickly moving on to BBOTT. Sorry Nicole. NT
Elle51109/25/16 05:45 AM
x*Given the outcry over her win and the social media craziness, BBOTT might be the best thing to happen for her besides the $500K, of course NT
CarolinaWoman09/25/16 06:47 AM
x*I think the fact that this cast was locked away for 99 days factors into everyone wanting to get home. The pre-jury members have been back to real
kaper09/25/16 03:42 AM
x*hella boring in the house suprised? NT
Mishanb09/24/16 11:36 PM
*wow...flashback to a random time july 21st 12:20am and nicorey discussing whether or not they want da' in jury thinking neither could get her vote. NT
sliver01338 4   09/24/16 11:31 PM
x*Was that when Day was OTB with Tiff? NT
krh503809/24/16 11:43 PM
x*yep, night before tiff was evicted and corey really wants to flip it. NT
sliver01309/24/16 11:53 PM
x*Corey was strange. The dislike of Tiffany mixed with always wanting to keep Tiffany NT
RugratBB09/25/16 12:21 AM
x*I always wonder if players discuss and factor jury votes in the early weeks because they never show it on the show NT
Wtfbb09/24/16 11:35 PM
*Looking at the weekly schedule for BBOTT not alot of down time for the HG. Friday only day nothing happens they'll be less bored. NT
jojo658 0   09/24/16 11:20 PM
*If Nat was using James what was she even seeking out of that relationship? He never won anything to keep her safe. NT
Wtfbb81 9   09/24/16 11:00 PM
x*UGHHH..james ruined hers and meech's game.. NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:20 AM
x*Meech didn't need his help to ruin her game...she did quite a good job of that on her own. NT
grammypampam09/25/16 05:09 AM
x*He didn't have to win anything to keep her safe for a number of weeks. The boys' alliance kept her safe because he was her advocate. NT
Jake8109/24/16 11:14 PM
x*Exactly he kept her safe from his alliances. NT
jjjg09/24/16 11:38 PM
x*His alliance was winning the comps and running the house for weeks. He kept her safe by virtue of his position in the alliance. He protected her. NT
Jake8109/25/16 12:48 AM
x*And they kept her safe because they thought she couldn't win anything. NT
Wtfbb09/24/16 11:32 PM
x*She didn't know he was in an alliance with them and she didn't know he had any power with them. NT
Wtfbb09/24/16 11:30 PM
x*I seem to recall her saying to him that there was a boys alliance & James puffing out his chest & acting like he was running it NT
utty1409/24/16 11:43 PM
krh503809/24/16 11:01 PM
*Pic from Liz from yesterday of when she ran into Nic at LAX. Who's the girl in the middle?
Corndogger1444 13   09/24/16 10:42 PM
x*Isn't that Brittany from BB16? NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:46 PM
x*Definitely. You can see her chin mole NT
krh503809/24/16 10:54 PM
x*I forgot how gorgeous she is NT
lianna09/25/16 01:53 AM
x*Brit and Liz must be friends and possibly work with each other. Here's a pic from a week ago where you can clearly see the "BB16" Brit.
Corndogger09/24/16 10:59 PM
x*They look great! Thanks for all the pics! NT
LadyLingoes09/25/16 02:34 AM
x*You're right! I didn't realize that Liz had tagged everyone in the photo and sure enough that's Brit. NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:52 PM
x*Here's a pic of Brit and Liz on the plane.
Corndogger09/24/16 10:54 PM
x*Cute! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:58 PM
x*Liz's post: "Casually ran into zi #BB18 winner at #LAX earlier 😜 She was soo sweet! Congrats again @coconuts_ #GirlPower #BB17 #BB16" NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:44 PM
x*someone with boobies. NT
banner_boy09/24/16 10:43 PM
x*Someone with nice big boobies! I thought maybe she was a reality TV person but guess not. NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:45 PM
x*What does her shirt say? Cocktail first, ask questions later? NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:48 PM
x*I believe so. NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:54 PM
*Meech is back home...would love to see a periscope of her first interactions with her sisters LOL NT
elfstar8978 8   09/24/16 10:31 PM
x*I think she Already deleted her periscope? ..can't find her on it anymore NT
godfreyfan09/24/16 10:34 PM
x*Does Natalie have a periscope account? NT
Sfthrtd109/24/16 11:31 PM
x*Well Periscope videos only lasts a day so that sucks. NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:36 PM
x*they auto delete after 24 hours but that can be changed. NT
banner_boy09/24/16 10:40 PM
x*No.. Her whole account is gone...not just the video NT
godfreyfan09/24/16 10:37 PM
x*I checked. Your're right. NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:40 PM
x*but her twitter remains. hmmmm NT
banner_boy09/24/16 10:39 PM
x*haha, i was JUST looking for it in my periscope, was all confused because I was certain I added her there last night. NT
banner_boy09/24/16 10:35 PM
*In all honesty, how did Vic go from being such a cocky douchebag in the beginning to this lovable attractive guy? How??? NT
Wtfbb170 15   09/24/16 10:29 PM
x*He said his whole "persona" was what BB requested..he said on the feeds that he hated the intro, the outfit, the whole Latin Lover set up NT
CarolinaWoman09/25/16 06:50 AM
x*I randomly fb'ed yesterday and came upon an early convo with Nic. He said 9 out of 10 times women respond to the jerk, so that's how he acts.
BoPeep09/25/16 05:06 AM
x*Power and safety. He was safe for 2 weeks and he thought he was with the majority and in control. Power brings out the worst in people. That's why
rasuo09/25/16 12:43 AM
x*I think in the beginning he was trying to be what the producers wanted..getting evicted&coming back he decided to just be himself? NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:23 AM
x*simply because he became an underdog...it's very predictable who becomes AFP NT
ZacB09/25/16 12:02 AM
x*He and Paul talked about it when he came back in the house. I'm sure Natalie's first goodbye message had some to do with it too. NT
titan909/24/16 10:39 PM
x*And getting voted out humbled him a bit. NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:42 PM
x*Definitely. NT
titan909/24/16 10:47 PM
x*its called being smart & laying on the nice guy act thick after getting back in the house NT
KlausHeissler09/24/16 10:36 PM
x*Maybe because Big Brother wanted to make him a stereotype. Go back and watch that first episode. That's not even his shirt. NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:34 PM
x*I think you're right. The preseason "Puerto Rican Sensation" crap was totally scripted. NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:36 PM
x*Maybe it was just adrenaline at first NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:30 PM
x*He was under the spell of a very powerful Messiah LOL NT
elfstar8909/24/16 10:32 PM
x*LOL! Yes! NT
Supernova09/25/16 01:12 AM
x*That must've been it! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:40 PM
*Victor goes home and FaceTime with Paul.
thesilentone542 3   09/24/16 10:27 PM
x*I seriously love these two and how their fans are so important to them. NT
BoPeep09/25/16 05:08 AM
x*Ugh. These guys and their tongues. NT
kmjm09/24/16 11:55 PM
x*Nice!!! NT
godfreyfan09/24/16 10:35 PM
*While talking in the house Vic mentioned he has never dated a blond & that he preferred brunettes. Flirting w/Nic was just game. Not really into
Emijo335 13   09/24/16 10:24 PM
x*I wonder what the FL real life girl looks like..the one he told Paul that he has feelings for and possibly would marry. NT
CarolinaWoman09/25/16 06:54 AM
x*LOL that doesn't mean anything just because of her hair color NT
krh503809/24/16 10:41 PM
x*That's history now. Vic is smitten with Nicole. He followed her around for months, with no interest in any of the other girls at all. NT
Jake8109/24/16 10:32 PM
x*Actually other girls in the house thought Victor had crushes on them. Michelle, Bridgette and Zakiyah. NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:35 PM
x*But he didn't NT
krh503809/24/16 11:02 PM
x*Then they were delusional. The only one he pursued was Nicole. NT
Jake8109/24/16 10:51 PM
x*Vic always flirted with Zakiyah. One of the reasons Victor put Zakiyah on the block was because she didn't give
LadyLingoes09/25/16 02:31 AM
x*Jeff Schroder said the same thing when he was in the house the first time and look what happened NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:29 PM
x*Didn't Victor yell in the house one day that he loved white girls and James looked at him with a WTF face? NT
thesilentone09/24/16 10:28 PM
x*there are always exceptions. NT
banner_boy09/24/16 10:28 PM
x*Victor loved Nicole like a little sister NT
09/24/16 10:25 PM
x*yup! he said that to jeff too..i never got the impression he was sexually attracted to her..i did get that w/him&nat though NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:26 AM
x*Vic loves Nic like she's someone else's little sister. NT
Jake8109/24/16 10:34 PM
*Picture of the Spy Girls back together.
thesilentone589 7   09/24/16 10:22 PM
x*remember when natalie ignored bridgitte w/the rest of the house? true friendship NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:27 AM
x*she didnt completely ignore her & they talked about why they had distance. it was nothing. NT
KlausHeissler09/25/16 01:09 AM
x*She was mad at her for letting Frank run her HOH and Bronte going home. They later talked it out and made up. NT
Powerman81809/25/16 06:07 AM
x*Are they in Brontoland in that pic? NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:37 PM
x*Favs NT
no1home09/24/16 10:33 PM
x*Awwwwwww NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:30 PM
x*<3 NT
khabeysi09/24/16 10:29 PM
*Boo. Danielle just tweeted she'll never play BB again...
1084 3   09/24/16 10:16 PM
x*I doubt any of them would after seeing what it's turned into. I NT
khabeysi09/24/16 10:24 PM
x*And then Day tweeted this response...
09/24/16 10:18 PM
x*And another Danielle follow-up...
09/24/16 10:21 PM
*Green out of the loop since finale. Would someone mind telling me how the three showmances are doing so for? How has Nic been & any surprises? TIA NT
btba98469 27   09/24/16 10:03 PM
x*James posted a pic of him gazing at the Grand Canyon. No, he wasn't going to jump. Just pretending to be deep I guess. NT
utty1409/24/16 10:11 PM
x*Updated: Nat posted a reply to that pic calling him "my dream" so I guess they're keeping up the charade until TAR films next season NT
utty1409/24/16 10:16 PM
x*Was he her dream, or a trip to the grand canyon? NT
titan909/24/16 10:43 PM
x*was the dream to fall off the canyon? NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:29 AM
x*Him. "James you are my dream. I miss you," etc w/ kissy heart emojis. NT
utty1409/24/16 11:00 PM
x*nic&vic git married, so did corey & paulie, James & Nat got divorced :( NT
azdean09/24/16 10:11 PM
x*Seriously though..Zaulie kiss in public, Nicorey hold hands..Jatalie have barely seen each other NT
elfstar8909/24/16 10:08 PM
x*It's weird but I think Zaulie is the only showmance with a chance of lasting NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:11 PM
x*and sad becuz she will put up with waaay more than she should for waaaay too long. NT
Elle51109/25/16 05:33 AM
x*he only played it up for the cameras to save face NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:29 AM
x*Exactly...he is all for SHOW ALL the TIME! Too bad Zak is so needy! NT
Mazita09/25/16 06:20 AM
x*That one has NO chance. NT
titan909/24/16 10:41 PM
x*they've said i love you to each other NT
Mishanb09/24/16 10:32 PM
x*Already?! Seems real when they start saying that NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:46 PM
x*it's in the video when the drunk person was talking to them NT
Mishanb09/24/16 10:53 PM
x*James and Natalie have said that. NT
titan909/24/16 10:50 PM
x*James & Natalie love each other from afar it seems NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:55 PM
x*Distance makes the hard grow fonder. NT
Jake8109/24/16 11:16 PM
x*...and longer. NT
blackeyeddog09/25/16 12:40 AM
x*Probably not in James' case. NT
Jake8109/25/16 12:49 AM
x*Distance can make the heart grow colder too NT
krh503809/24/16 11:44 PM
x*plot twist...a new romance from this cast emerges... NT
elfstar8909/24/16 10:14 PM
x*geographically...James is in Vegas, Nat in LA, Paulie back in Jersey, Zak????, Nicorey..never cared NT
elfstar8909/24/16 10:10 PM
x*z back home NT
Mishanb09/24/16 10:31 PM
x*Paul & Vic still a couple, Corey stuck to Nic like glue at the cast party. James & Nat message each other a lot. Bridge went over to Paul's house
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:08 PM
x*I wouldn't put any money on Nat and James lasting if I were you. They might already be done but their status seems to change every hour. NT
Corndogger09/24/16 10:07 PM
x*Sitting Ducks are strong AF, Brig and Jenkins married, Pablo and Paul separated
elfstar8909/24/16 10:07 PM
*Corey getting some on twitter tonight!
isoadbbfan815 5   09/24/16 09:50 PM
x*I saw a quote tweet on twitter-reminded me of Corey>There are 3 types of baseball players: >>>
Mazita09/25/16 06:59 AM
x*People have been doing that on Twitter and insta for months. It can't be new to him. NT
BoPeep09/25/16 05:20 AM
x*Lol NT
godfreyfan09/24/16 10:35 PM
x*I wonder if Nic knows about that story and what she thinks NT
binkie9409/24/16 09:52 PM
x*I think she probably said something but Corey asked her if she was serious and that was the end of it. NT
09/24/16 09:55 PM
DiDi443 3   09/24/16 09:45 PM
x**sigh* I miss him NT
krazy109/24/16 10:21 PM
x*I know! I am only a few hours drive from him. I am a potential stalker. LOL NT
DiDi09/25/16 04:13 AM
x*snapchat and twitter are giving me enough doses of vic not to miss him too much :D NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:32 AM
*Another post about Nat. Does anybody think she might finally hook up with Victor? I could see that happening. NT
FurnitureAlliance191 17   09/24/16 09:38 PM
x*He was into her until he realized she was trying to get with both him and corey...he likes loyal women NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:33 AM
x*He liked her at first, but doubt he wants to deal with someone with that many issues and is so flirtatious. NT
titan909/24/16 10:06 PM
x*Yeah, it was a personality deal because physically she was his type..he likes them to look like Selena Gomez, and be fit like Bronte NT
mythoughts09/25/16 12:36 AM
x*If they lived near each other maybe. But they don't live close at all. NT
PaquetteDrizzle09/24/16 09:45 PM
x*Yeah that's true NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 09:48 PM
x*She doesn't seem to be his type. He quickly saw she wasn't for him. He's enthralled by Nicole. Probably more his type than Nat. NT
Jake8109/24/16 09:45 PM
x*Well, they're both the cute, girly type NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 09:50 PM
x*They're very different. Nat is super short, dark brunette, fuller body, and annoying. Nicole is blonde, slender, not as short, more real. NT
Jake8109/24/16 10:09 PM
x*They both have annoying voices NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 10:09 PM
x*While true, it's not much of a similarity. One too perky. One too whiny. NT
Jake8109/24/16 10:53 PM
x*No. Vic doesn't want that NT
binkie9409/24/16 09:39 PM
x*He liked her at first and Paul was teasing him about it after they got out so maybe... NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 09:43 PM
x*Paul was probably being sarcastic. NT
titan909/24/16 10:08 PM
x*For 3 days I think it was. He found out real quick he didn't want to get tangled up in that NT
binkie9409/24/16 09:46 PM
x*lol I know, they said he didn't like the way her pants dragged on the ground NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 09:51 PM
x*This is why they should turn the feeds on as soon as the HG's enter the house. Something always happens that we have to piece together NT
binkie9409/24/16 09:55 PM
x*I guess they don't want to show them before getting used to the cameras & stuff NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/16 09:59 PM
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