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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*The cast will be revealed on the 16th
Dani178 8   03/03/15 09:10 AM
x*Yeah, Happy Birthday to me NT
PVRlover03/03/15 05:36 PM
x*getting closer! NT
bigtimebbfan03/03/15 04:49 PM
x*So does "In a special three night event we reveal the personalities that will bring the house down" mean they'll gradually reveal the HGs over 3 days?
fredfred03/03/15 04:08 PM
x*If they have 15 HG like last yr probably intro 5 each day. Spend about 30 sec on each. NT
ringo903/03/15 06:26 PM
x*Yeah that makes sense because it appears they are doing the reveal on ET Canada this year, as opposed to online. NT
fredfred03/03/15 06:35 PM
x*Any word on live feeds? NT
MoonDesire03/03/15 11:40 AM
x*When the season start date was announced the press release said the feeds would be free again. Not a good thing as far as I'm concerned. NT
Corndogger03/03/15 02:14 PM
x*Thank you! :) NT
MoonDesire03/03/15 03:32 PM
*not sure , if this has been mentioned- saw a commercial to-day for Flaman fitness and Adel was in it. Anyone else saw it ? It was on a Calgary show NT
theritz37 1   02/27/15 09:32 PM
x*Yeah I saw that. It was funny to see him in a different venue. NT
fredfred02/28/15 04:48 PM
*4 weeks to go NT
PVRlover55 1   02/23/15 07:50 AM
x*can't wait to see the HG and house! NT
bigtimebbfan02/23/15 11:41 AM
*Hmm, will they have to reduce the amount of alcohol related activities this year due to being on Global? And good to be back :) NT
Kerfuffle84 5   02/22/15 07:06 PM
x*Is there more bleeping of language on Global? Does it depend what time the show is? I haven't really compared bbcan2 and bbcan3 show times. NT
banner_boy02/26/15 02:58 PM
x*I live in the west and saw the tv show, at the same time (so me, 2 hrs earlier), so the Arlie streaking at such an early time-surprising NT
theritz03/03/15 07:54 PM
x*Based on how they censored feeds last season I think there's gonna be even more censorship on feeds and the show now that it's on a bigger network. NT
RatFloater02/27/15 04:29 PM
x*lets hope not NT
PVRlover02/25/15 12:18 PM
x*HUNDO! (actually, I have no idea.) NT
banner_boy02/23/15 12:35 AM
*Which actors OR characters from ORIGINAL Degrassi (NOT TNG) would you like to see inside a BBCAN house? NT
banner_boy90 4   02/22/15 02:40 PM
x*Joey, Wheels and Snake, naturally! NT
fredfred02/23/15 06:22 PM
x*the Zit Remedy Brigade? NT
banner_boy02/24/15 04:12 PM
x*Precisely! NT
fredfred02/24/15 11:45 PM
x*i don't know if she was in the original but Cassie Steele. She's gorgeous NT
magzzz02/23/15 04:42 AM
*Poor sabrina, everytime i hear the TV commercial for BB i feel sorry for her. A huge freakout and a hysterical YOU WANT GOOD TV !!!! shrieked at cam
AceRimmer284 8   02/20/15 11:03 PM
x*It's funny how i despised Sabrina when BBCAN2 was on air but now I want her back :P NT
Gamefreak0001803/03/15 03:57 PM
x*I floved Sabrina. I only watched until the dreaded Canda's HOH but up to that point she was totes my fave. SHe was on it. Wacked out like crazy but
Jassie02/24/15 05:54 PM
x*Sabrina was feeds gold! I loved BBCAN2 , i am trying not to get my hopes up too much for Bbcan3. NT
MoodyBBfan02/22/15 06:10 AM
x*same here NT
bigtimebbfan02/22/15 10:01 AM
x*Sorry for her? That was her great performance! NT
Singaling02/21/15 05:46 PM
x*Hahaha! Sabrina intrigued me.. I never knew if she was a little nutty or acting, I was hoping for the latter.. :P NT
AlphaDerp02/21/15 01:00 AM
x*She could be a bit gullible, but was WAY smarter than nearly all BBUS women. NT
banner_boy02/21/15 05:17 PM
x*Oh how I agree with your assessment of Rachelle! At one point I was convinced Rachelle was a production plant there to keep Sabrina from totally
colleenag02/21/15 12:46 AM
*This doesn't sound good as far as I'm concerned. Tweet from BBCAN about twists. Sounds like they plan on going crazy again. NO! Tweet inside.
Corndogger416 7   02/20/15 01:37 PM
x*Bring it on!!! BBCAN twists were FUN, not like the lame, predictable, and drawn-out BBUS "twists". NT
banner_boy02/21/15 11:36 PM
x*I'm okay with it. It's what I've come to expect from BB Canada. Just have to roll with it. Of course, the minutes it screws my favorite, I'll rage. NT
CoyoteBB02/20/15 08:35 PM
x*Same here. NT
Singaling02/21/15 05:44 PM
x*I loved Jon Neda Adel Arlie Allison and my sexy Mama Heather so the twists last season didn't really screw my faves except for instant HOH which
BBFanJ02/21/15 09:41 AM
x*I'd much rather have a twist like Canada's HOH, rather than BotB that lasts half the season. Lol NT
AlphaDerp02/20/15 02:42 PM
x*i like the twists in which public votes for HOH etc. BOTb sucked. BB is supposed to be a social experiment in which the public has a say.
AceRimmer02/20/15 11:01 PM
x*Hi and Yeah. NT
LibraLady02/20/15 02:28 PM
*Is the same "house" being used for BBCAN3 or will it be on a new set? NT
banner_boy176 2   02/19/15 11:00 PM
x*i saw a clip with Gary talking about BBCAn3 from the house as it was being worked on. MY assumption is its the same place but refurbished with a new
AceRimmer02/20/15 11:19 PM
x*I just read a tweet from LM Temperature says hooking up heat for house
waypast4002/21/15 09:38 AM
*Finally got around to actually watching the finale for myself...woah Neda threw some major shade at Jon ! "The best slash my game." Hahaha. NT
krh5038160 5   02/19/15 12:17 AM
x*Well, if that was true she would have won, but Jon was smart enough not to give her the chance which makes him the better player NT
bb_tracy02/20/15 04:54 AM
x*I agree, plus.. She didn't give Jon a lot of credit for the stuff they did together. She wouldn't have made it as far without him/vice versa NT
AlphaDerp02/20/15 02:44 PM
x*Neda is my one of my favorite BB players of all time (including US). she's flawless. NT
CoyoteBB02/19/15 08:20 PM
x*I loved that line. Kudos to her for voting for him & keeping it together... must have been rough. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan02/19/15 02:41 PM
x*I rolled my eyes when she said that.. lol NT
AlphaDerp02/19/15 01:15 PM
*Just imagine if Arlie would of been saved with the special veto...
willwill525 12   02/15/15 03:04 PM
x*The 3 girls(Sab, Rach, Ali) still could have evicted Adel(kept Arlie) but they were too stupid. NT
ringo902/16/15 11:44 AM
x*Worst move of the entire season. NT
CoyoteBB02/17/15 09:07 PM
x*I actually think it's one of the all time worst moves. Worse than not using POV on yourself.
ringo902/18/15 09:27 PM
x*It truly made no sense. I don't even understand how they were swayed so easily. I was a big Adel fan and I was 100 percent convinced that
CoyoteBB02/19/15 08:19 PM
x*This is where I give Jon and Neda a lot of credit. They promised deals to both Sab/Rach and then another one to Allison about going forward w/o
colleenag02/20/15 04:20 AM
x*I agree that Jeda deserve a lot of credit. And, yes, Allison really wouldn't have had a choice once Sabrina and her pet decided to vote to
CoyoteBB02/20/15 08:34 PM
x*That's true enough, once Sab/Rachelle flipped it seemed that all the wind went out of Allison's sails and she just caved. You're right, she could of
colleenag02/21/15 12:44 AM
x*Surprisingly, Rachelle was the only one who saw the logic in keeping Arlie. On McCrae's twitch, Arlie mentioned it was the lack of trust
RatFloater02/16/15 12:58 PM
x*Do you think he would of gone after Jon, or reconciled with him and target the girls? NT
colleenag02/16/15 04:53 AM
x*Hundo gone after him and Neda. NT
ringo902/16/15 11:45 AM
x*I wanted Allison to use it on Kenny (although it would have never logically happened) I think it would have been great TV.. NT
AlphaDerp02/15/15 07:14 PM
x*Him or Allison would've had a good shot at winning it all. Jon and Neda were on autopilot after he left. NT
RatFloater02/15/15 04:56 PM
*Maybe not the place to post this but...
Dimples456 5   02/10/15 06:41 PM
x*It's from the UK house and I haven't seen it but people said it was good. NT
xx2000xx02/13/15 03:17 AM
x*I watched it years ago and it was good. Now I'm more familiar with some of the housemates that did cameos so I'll rewatch. Was new to BBUK then NT
Jupit3r6902/17/15 03:11 PM
x*I haven't watched it yet, but I have to think that it sounds like something we've speculated about through the years. "What if some disaster hit
Dimples02/18/15 06:49 AM
x*We saw that US season 2 with 911. They brought them all into the DR. One of the HG did have a missing cousin though so that might have been why. NT
bbfan66102/26/15 02:29 PM
x*Cool. I also have Shomi and just finished binge watching 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, was trying to decide what next lol. Maybe I'll try this. NT
fredfred02/11/15 03:35 AM
*I really hope BBCAN3 doesn't include ___________________. (fill in blank) NT
banner_boy1656 27   01/26/15 01:17 PM
x*No Audience interference. Is that too much to ask? lol No CHOH, Nothing to make others play different because how they believe they are being seen by
Jassie02/28/15 09:17 AM
x*Another model, that is in an active ad campaign that we end up seeing on every other post because they're on the show. NT
M3gabyt302/06/15 12:05 AM
x*Awwww... Kenny! :P NT
AlphaDerp02/09/15 12:29 AM
x*one of the Olsen twins. NT
Pumpkindrizzle02/05/15 08:31 PM
x*oh i just thot of a good one... I hope BBCan3 doesnt include a "stereotypical" camp gay guy. Luved kenny last season and i think he really
AceRimmer01/29/15 07:14 PM
x*That's tantamount to saying that Andrew had zero gaydar and he never knew that Kenny sleeping next to him in bed was Gay... it's TV, they lie! NT
Spacefarer02/01/15 07:07 PM
x*That's quite the story. Kenny didn't know he was gay until he had a three-way with a married couple?! And the wife was the okay with her husband
Corndogger01/30/15 09:40 PM
x*talked about it with Rachel and Sarah on feeds. It was discussed fully when it came out. When asked if he had "always known" he was gay, he told
AceRimmer01/31/15 10:59 AM
x*Who's Rachel? Do you mean RoRo? I was watching the feeds when Kenny told Sarah he was gay out at the hot tub so the other stuff must have came later
Corndogger01/31/15 12:41 PM
x*Ugh, worst HG last season. Rachelle's up there with Suzette, Danielle, and to an extent Paul, as BBCan's biggest casting misses. NT
RatFloater02/01/15 10:46 AM
x*who's rachelle? LOL she's right above in the middle of bottom line. she did not enter the house as RO RO lol NT
AceRimmer02/01/15 09:06 AM
x*She didn't enter as "Rachel" either! But she left as RoRo. NT
Corndogger02/01/15 12:12 PM
x*Kenny was so serious eh? if sabrina had favored him more than andrew would he have gone with CC (Canada's choice?) NT
colleenag01/31/15 01:30 PM
x*I always wondered that.. but I don't think so. I think most TV viewers (who I knew, anyways) liked Kenny NT
AlphaDerp01/31/15 04:48 PM
x*i think many of us liked how he pushed Sabrina away and was eyerolling, like most of us. NT
AceRimmer02/01/15 09:08 AM
x*^^ this! NT
AlphaDerp01/29/15 09:02 PM
x*dan and/or evel dick, in ANY capacity NT
AceRimmer01/29/15 10:24 AM
x*Tired of Dan.. could live with ED but he doesn't know how to play the game.. so... lol NT
AlphaDerp01/29/15 06:21 PM
x*If he doesn't know how to play it how did he win? NT
banner_boy01/30/15 12:30 AM
x*opinion, i think Dani knew how to play the game, so did eric. NT
AceRimmer01/31/15 11:11 AM
x*OH oh here comes the whole discourse on how ED only won because of AP twist that year...<feels the blizzard coming> lol NT
colleenag01/30/15 01:40 AM
x*Any US past players. NT
Dimples01/27/15 05:40 AM
x*^this NT
AceRimmer01/29/15 10:24 AM
x*Shaw needs to promote BBUS which makes them way more money than BBCAN. I'll be surprised if there are no BBUS players involved. I can see them
Corndogger01/28/15 03:19 PM
x*OMG that would be horrible. Really. NT
Singaling01/27/15 02:37 PM
x*any stunt casting or an instant eviction (hot take?) NT
Freddy7901/26/15 02:29 PM
x*the instant eviction was during Easter long weekend I believe... because of the late start date, they may not have one this year! Here's hoping NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/27/15 11:49 AM
*Which past BBCAN person (besides dreamy Neda and her boybot Jon) do you want to see visit the BBCAN3 HGs? NT
banner_boy2291 33   01/22/15 04:43 PM
x*NO one, let them play their own game. Look at last season, Neda had a better grasp on the game then her "helpers". NT
AceRimmer01/29/15 07:15 PM
x*I would love it if Neda or Jon would do RHAP now that Brian is gone! NT
Herbsmum01/27/15 02:43 PM
x*Allison NT
dustysnemisis01/24/15 10:00 PM
x*Those 2 really are the only musts imo. Ika could be great in the right role. Or shock everyone by randomly bringing Danielle in ;) NT
Freddy7901/24/15 04:58 PM
x*Her boybot? lmao.. Jon sent her packin'! I'm happy they ended up together, though :) NT
AlphaDerp01/24/15 12:13 AM
x*Yes, sometimes the Three Laws of Robotics are broken, sadly. NT
banner_boy01/24/15 01:27 PM
x*Neda was a great player, but Jon held his own.. who knows.. maybe that's why Neda didn't get bored of him :P NT
AlphaDerp01/25/15 02:33 AM
x*He held his own because she programed him. However, there were design flaws due to lack of QA testing. NT
banner_boy01/25/15 11:38 PM
x*I tend to agree with this ... Neda was the brains of the two but Jon was the brawn. If she had won those last comps, whole diff season ending NT
colleenag01/26/15 01:36 AM
x*That's fair in the sense that they only required Neda to read the rest of the house and make the correct strategic decisions, but it also trivializes
Freddy7901/26/15 04:20 AM
x*You're right, Jon's game, especially towards the end with memory was very good. I will take a lil exception with his social game, he could be
colleenag01/26/15 06:01 AM
x*I thought Jon's social game was better than Neda's *ducks* Jon & Neds are very different, but also very similar.. Jon brought a lot of info in NT
AlphaDerp01/26/15 09:00 AM
x*I wouldn't necessarily say better, but Neda would have never had Adel and Heather on her side without him. NT
krh503802/16/15 02:17 AM
x*and jon spilled a lot of info OUT. early weeks to his two side alliancs. NO one remembers Neda bawling her eyes out and Jon completely freaked out
AceRimmer01/29/15 10:26 AM
x*LOL no need to "duck" with i can accept another opinion with ease. NT
colleenag01/26/15 09:19 AM
x*:) NT
AlphaDerp01/26/15 03:55 PM
x*You talking about his bantering, egging on with Sabs the last couple of weeks? That was always hilarious, when he would try to talk with her the same
Freddy7901/26/15 07:20 AM
x*Heather's social game was really bad.. I rooted for her, and it doesn't even have to do with the baby talk.. she was just really awkward NT
AlphaDerp01/26/15 08:54 AM
x*I don't remember Heather being awkward at all. She was relentlessly bullied for the first three weeks or so of the game and had no one to go to other
Corndogger01/28/15 03:16 PM
x*She didn't fit in. It wasn't her fault - Corn, Heather is easily in my top 5 fav BBcan HG's.. I wanted her to win, but IMO, she was awkward NT
AlphaDerp01/29/15 12:12 AM
x*Her refusal to wear the squirrel costume showed that she wasn't in it to win it. NT
banner_boy01/26/15 07:49 PM
x*But as we discussed at the time she hated that costume because it was bad luck for her. That was the costume she was wearing when she badly hurt her
Corndogger01/28/15 03:13 PM
x*Still, stupid choice. You have a choice between immediate advantage that may help you win and possible "bad luck" and you choose the latter?! NT
banner_boy01/30/15 12:32 AM
x*It would've put her right in the lead side by side with Jon and the comp was sooo luck-heavy NT
Freddy7901/28/15 04:53 PM
x*Look I got my opinion of Jon and I didn't like his aggressive loud mouth when he got stressed out, I'm not saying he had to be the nicest person
colleenag01/26/15 08:02 AM
x*You're responding to him having good social game/contributing a lot with it by laying out extensively that you just didn't like him personally :D
Freddy7901/26/15 12:52 PM
x*Andrew 1.0 so he can play the freeze game again with his brother. NT
ringo901/23/15 12:10 PM
x*Sexy mama Heather!! NT
BBFanJ01/22/15 05:56 PM
x*Totally agree! Heather is such a sweetheart and a goddess. NT
Corndogger01/22/15 07:12 PM
x*Yes she is along with being Sexy and Fierce!! NT
BBFanJ01/24/15 01:53 PM
x*Are you cheating on Nicole? NT
banner_boy01/22/15 10:27 PM
x*I almost thought you were asking me lol love Both Heather and Nicole NT
BBFanJ01/24/15 01:52 PM
x*I feel it's more like I'm cheating on Mariah. NT
Corndogger01/23/15 09:07 PM

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