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Updates: Bros won 7-2. (Jared and Raul voted for Kelsey to win) NT (26567 min. ago)
Brothers won HOH part 1. Kelsey won HOH part 2. Kelsey won HOH and sent Tim to jury. NT (26619 min. ago)
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*Please do not post information that directs to illegal live streams, episodes or file hosting sites for BB Canada.
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*I guess it's time to finally close this BBCAN Discussion tab in my browser! Stay true, hosers. NT
banner_boy7 0   05/29/16 01:22 AM
*OMG i hadn't listened to Mitch's singing on youtube vids til now --impressive stuff! NT
HES72 1   05/26/16 03:58 PM
x*There's also some old clips of him singing as a kid that made the rounds on Twitter a few weeks back. Link inside.
NineLives05/27/16 08:22 PM
*if anyone cares, there's a RHAPpy Hour @6p with Joel as guest (Link)
HES168 9   05/25/16 01:21 PM
x*ty for info but rather cut myself then listen to joel :) NT
Spanky281005/25/16 03:25 PM
x*it wasn' bad he gave a play by play of his game from beginging to the end NT
Mishanb05/25/16 08:10 PM
x*Did it sound convincing ? NT
krh503805/27/16 05:23 PM
x*yep. And mentioned Rob's on vaca but that btwn them they're hoping to get more HGs, at least Mitch and Cass I think he said NT
HES05/26/16 08:11 AM
x*Yay! I want Cass to answer questions from the live feed correspondents NT
shadow12305/26/16 12:35 PM
x*it didn't sound official but rather who they want to get --i really hope they do! NT
HES05/26/16 01:15 PM
x*Can't see why Cass wouldn't agree to it. I somehow sat through the RR one but I find Eric very grating to watch NT
shadow12305/26/16 03:58 PM
x*ha, yes NT
HES05/26/16 04:05 PM
x*lol NT
colleenag05/25/16 03:32 PM
*Bros should move to Vegas. Make their mark as DJ's. Take advantage. NT
Flav77 4   05/25/16 12:42 PM
x*Vegas wouldn't be able to handle it. NT
rando11105/25/16 05:17 PM
x*phil is the dj NT
Mishanb05/25/16 02:24 PM
x*Vegas would go broke. NT
banner_boy05/25/16 01:06 PM
xrayspex05/26/16 02:40 PM
*2 mins til Mitch! NT
HES165 4   05/24/16 03:58 PM
x*Give us updates, thx. NT
banner_boy05/24/16 04:01 PM
x*wasn't on this board at the time but here's the link as it's posted now
HES05/25/16 08:46 AM
x*I still need a summary, thanks :) NT
banner_boy05/25/16 11:37 AM
x*Not much new, except he said he would have taken Raul to the end. 2 gay friends have never gone and he said he would have won against
dillybean05/25/16 03:01 PM
*Neda tweets that BBCan's comp designer has just been hired by BBUS
skeeb14391 3   05/24/16 02:35 PM
x*Trevor Boris is a tv personality, the man behind Marsha the moose. Talented guy. NT
Flav05/25/16 12:41 PM
x*Also see this thread posted in the BBUS forum yesterday about the same thing...
banner_boy05/24/16 03:04 PM
x*Holy crap. They really did take notice! Wow. So Heath said he's there, must be tag teaming it! NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/25/16 12:42 AM
*Watched the bros on reality recaps. They're likable but soo delusional about their game NT
shadow12367 2   05/24/16 01:34 PM
x*history is written by the victors. NT
banner_boy05/24/16 02:22 PM
x*As always. I can't even stand to watch that one NT
HES05/24/16 02:16 PM
*Cass and Tim have been having fun insulting each other on twitter today. Good times! NT
kmjm284 5   05/23/16 11:14 PM
x*if anyone missed the Cass interview from reality recaps, it's up on the site, i noticed. tonight is Mitch at 7p! NT
HES05/24/16 11:35 AM
x*Link please. that website layout sucks NT
willwill05/24/16 11:53 AM
x*the Cass one
HES05/24/16 12:02 PM
x*Direct YouTube link (and embedded video) for those that don't even want to see the RR page at all, lol...
banner_boy05/24/16 01:17 PM
willwill05/24/16 03:32 PM
*Anyway to watch Eds Tim cass interview without having to subscribe to his whole channel thing? NT
godfreyfan132 4   05/23/16 07:14 PM
x*If you want to hear quality interviews you have to pay. Dick is dying of AIDS and needs the BB community support in these times. God bless. NT
rando11105/23/16 08:31 PM
x*Really? HIV is no longer a death sentence and I thought his was under control. I wouldn't feel any obligation to fund him. NT
kmjm05/23/16 09:15 PM
x*He does. He is hiv pos. Not aids. Most people dont know the difference. NT
LillyNomad05/23/16 09:52 PM
x*If there was, I doubt it would get posted here! NT
kmjm05/23/16 08:23 PM
*RR is going live with Cass now!
HES757 27   05/23/16 04:01 PM
x*that went by so fast NT
Mishanb05/23/16 05:12 PM
x*IKR -and that was longer than most of his interviews NT
HES05/24/16 04:07 AM
x*Cass never watched live feeds before. hmmm NT
Blockhead05/23/16 04:45 PM
x*it wasn't her intention to throw kels off in her final speech didn't think she could see her. she was annoyed about hearing honest integrety NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:43 PM
x*Yeah right, she was obviously playing to the audience. NT
Mayra2305/23/16 05:48 PM
x*That's totally different than playing to Kelsey. ??? NT
banner_boy05/23/16 08:22 PM
x*Who cares, cass still lost NT
Mayra2305/24/16 06:54 PM
x*I don't what won/lost has to do with my comment. NT
banner_boy05/24/16 10:42 PM
x*Cass said she did NOT throw the F4 HOH but mentally blanked. She said she wishes she was in a better mental state before the comp. NT
Blockhead05/23/16 04:40 PM
x*Yeah right. I think she did both. Kelsey made the right move getting her out, she'd win that second hoh and boot K. NT
Flav05/25/16 12:43 PM
x*she's not good under pressure NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:45 PM
x*she would of taking the bros to final 2 NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:39 PM
x*The host says the bros said they had a plan when they wanted to put themselves up. Cass said they had no plan during that DE, "They got Nikki out!" NT
Blockhead05/23/16 04:36 PM
x*well i doubt it was plan but at the time they thought they had joel NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:37 PM
x*her fav ppl when meeting them mccrae neda but eveyone was nice to her NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:32 PM
x*I hate the layout of that page and the host is terrible at asking questions. NT
Blockhead05/23/16 04:31 PM
x*me too but i wanna hear cass lol NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:34 PM
x*exactly -it's the only full-length one so far other than the D@Nite one that would cost $20... NT
HES05/23/16 04:36 PM
x*ooh tomorrow night he has Mitch on! NT
HES05/23/16 04:28 PM
x*and rams on wed if anyone cares about that NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:53 PM
x*No one does, but we can't talk bout the guy with horrible game because his father is ill. NT
rando11105/23/16 08:32 PM
x*oh right -that, too -ha NT
HES05/23/16 06:38 PM
x*believes tim quit part 2 cuz h didn't want to lose to kels NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:21 PM
x*no -think she was saying he quit bc he assumed he already had lost to her (?) NT
HES05/23/16 05:12 PM
x*said she would of cut tim at final 3 since it would look like a great move NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:19 PM
x*bros cass joel and kels will be at bb18 viewing party NT
Mishanb05/23/16 04:12 PM
x*Possibly jared as well, I asked the promoter on twitter if he was going since I live in new york I could go. He's trying to get jared to go too
Mayra2305/23/16 05:46 PM
*Is Tim the most popular quitter in big brother history? Who are some other quitters? NT
nicholaspuppy789 30   05/23/16 03:49 PM
x*Who could forget this....
Blockhead05/23/16 04:11 PM
x*I was leaving Ketchup for you to mention :) I wouldn't count JP as a quit, just an idiot move. He assumed he'd be safe. Whoops. NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:14 PM
x*Zach not using pov was insanely stupid. They boasted about how clever they were an boom -- blindside. One of the greatest blunders. NT
Flav05/25/16 12:47 PM
x*Karma got him good. NT
RatFloater05/24/16 10:17 AM
x*Are we considering ED a quitter? Is it pretty much a given that he was asked to leave? and not sure if "popular" would be the word to
colleenag05/23/16 04:04 PM
x*I probably wouldn't. I don't think BB would let him stay, and even if they did, those are some pretty extreme circumstances. I don't count Survivor
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:11 PM
x*Yeah, calling ED a quitter would be like calling Ramsey a quitter. Neither actually wanted to leave. NT
krh503805/23/16 08:38 PM
x*Joel quit, instead of a Dan style funeral speech he a Joel style suicide speech, he didn't even try to stay NT
bbcanDDW05/23/16 04:02 PM
x*hmm I don't know if I'd call that a quit as much as horrible, horrible game. He did at least try for a little while. NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:03 PM
x*A superfans like Joel couldn't possibly that bad, could he? NT
bbcanDDW05/23/16 04:08 PM
x*We'd like to think so but there have been some bad superfans on the show. Ronnie comes to mind. NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:09 PM
x*Which is why Ronnie is the all time best bad player. NT
Blockhead05/23/16 04:12 PM
x*Noooo that would be my beloved Devin. NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:14 PM
x*Devin IS BB16, when he left the show died. NT
BBFan199505/23/16 04:59 PM
x*Exactly. That was a sad sad day. NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 05:10 PM
x*Jason BB17 was bad too, all he could do is talk about past seasons NT
bbcanDDW05/23/16 04:11 PM
x*Other quitters I can think of: Clay, Kelsey (sort of, she started campaigning to stay when she realized she was leaving instead of Rail). NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:02 PM
x*Audrey basically quit NT
krh503805/23/16 08:39 PM
x*I bet clay regrets it now. Him and Shelly don't even talk anymore. NT
Mayra2305/23/16 05:50 PM
x*Alec NT
shadow12305/23/16 03:59 PM
x*I don't remember - how did he quit? Giving up for Peter? NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 04:00 PM
x*Yeah. He quit doing a comp, same with Tim. Both got frustrated.. That is quitting. NT
Flav05/25/16 12:40 PM
x*The POV comp where u had to built a bridge he quit. I think he left that week. He wanted to be Dr Will and not have to win comps. NT
ringo905/23/16 04:04 PM
x*Same with JP. He sat out the ant veto comp. NT
kmjm05/23/16 04:10 PM
x*Yeah I don't call that quitting. He knew what the mistake was. He threw it. NT
krh503805/23/16 04:07 PM
x*That's pretty much what Tim did too. NT
kmjm05/23/16 04:12 PM
x*But IIRC both Tim and Alec had time to correct their errors. And Tim for sure could of taken as much time as he needed to figure out all the combo NT
colleenag05/23/16 04:25 PM
x*I really think Tim quit because he thought winning would make him unpopular with Canadians, whereas being taken to the end by a Canadian would be ok.
kmjm05/23/16 05:48 PM
x*Tim said for a week that Canada only voted them in as HOH b/c they wanted them to fail. NT
krh503805/24/16 10:19 AM
x*Didn't they though? I thought that's why people were voting the brothers. NT
Lalliey05/25/16 08:41 AM
*fyi remember tonight there's a reality recaps interview w Cass! 7p EST NT
HES137 4   05/23/16 01:17 PM
x*oh i remember i'm impatiently waiting NT
Mishanb05/23/16 01:19 PM
x*ha -on way to gym so will kill some time. Wish Rob C would have her on a podcast! He seems to have stopped doing post-show cast ones since last season
HES05/23/16 01:29 PM
x*he's had a bz few months maybe that's why NT
Mishanb05/23/16 01:33 PM
x*yeah i think the past 2 seasons he's ended up w so much else going on, with survivor right after BB etc NT
HES05/23/16 03:17 PM
*Jared's ex is way hotter than Kelsey. Search his instagram.
Flav520 6   05/23/16 07:28 AM
x*Jared is hot and the only HG to play the game with INTEGRITY! NT
rando11105/23/16 09:54 AM
x*No that was the brothers and kelsey that said they played the game with INTEGRITY. Remember? NT
Mayra2305/23/16 10:01 AM
x*He played with honesty and morals until that evil witch Cassandra nominated him UGH NT
rando11105/23/16 10:23 AM
x*lol, are you joking? NT
banner_boy05/23/16 10:48 AM
x*He's gorgeous and sweet. Plus he played a great until he didn't want to cut his hair NT
Mayra2305/23/16 09:49 AM
x*looks NT
Mishanb05/23/16 08:09 AM
*rewatching eps -wonder if Mitch (& bros) have seen Ep 16 yet --to see how much Jared/Kels actually wanted Raul to use veto on him & BD the Bros but
HES202 3   05/23/16 03:50 AM
x*Bros had a ton of shields in the house;Dallas/Mitch/3rd wheel nominated 9 times; reason why they went far. NT
Flav05/23/16 07:17 AM
x*bros lucked out, but my point was, mitch thought j/k were the ones wanting mitch to go more than raul, when it was the other way around. j wanted to
HES05/23/16 12:26 PM
x*Of all of Raul's stupidity this might be #1. NT
ringo905/23/16 12:57 PM
*Phil and his sister look a lot more alike than Nick...
krh5038671 9   05/22/16 07:12 PM
x*Shes a cutie! NT
colleenag05/23/16 03:53 AM
x*Future BBCan player right there. I feel bad that she will have so much pressure to win. But I am positive she will. NT
PaquetteDrizzle05/22/16 07:28 PM
x*gotta have faith she's part of a legacy NT
Mishanb05/22/16 07:44 PM
x*In all seriousness. We've only ever had one younger sibling in North American BB be a twist. Elissa. And I'd bet money she is better than her. NT
PaquetteDrizzle05/22/16 08:35 PM
x*Apparently Vanessa's sister did Aubry's online BB thing and won. You know what that means right? Yep, Vanessa and her sister BloodvWater BB style! NT
nicholaspuppy05/22/16 09:54 PM
x*Doesn't Nakomis technically count? NT
banner_boy05/22/16 08:52 PM
x*If Nakomis technically counts does that mean Liz does as well? And whoever was younger between Adria and Natalie? NT
Corndogger05/22/16 10:56 PM
x*Yes, Liz counts as well. As do the earlier twins. NT
banner_boy05/22/16 11:03 PM
x*ooohhh maybe one of the parents had an affair lol this is like ppl saying klhoe kardashian is oj simpson daughter NT
Mishanb05/22/16 07:20 PM
*ED apparently had/has both Cass and TIm on Dick at Night..but it's still something you have to pay for, right? In that case nevermind... NT
HES1485 38   05/22/16 04:26 PM
x*Has Cass said why she didn't study before the final comps? Did she really throw the F4 HOH or did she not know the answers due to lack of studying? NT
Blockhead05/23/16 12:22 PM
x*and this is the problem many HG feel they can ride someone's back all the way to final 2 sooner or later they need to carry themselves to the end NT
nana11005/23/16 03:02 PM
x*She didn't throw the F4. Don't remember anything about studying. ED talks loudly over them at times. NT
Lalliey05/23/16 12:56 PM
x*I watched it. Good seeing Tim/Cass again. They had a good handle on the game like we saw. ED gave them props which they deserved. Worth watching! NT
05/22/16 09:03 PM
x*I could have done without ED talking about himself/his season/BBUS for almost half the interview though ugh :( It's about Tass, not him! NT
Lalliey05/23/16 09:43 AM
x*One reason I stopped subscribing...he says a lot of stuff over and over again. And there were a lot of technical glitches that ruined it for me
colleenag05/23/16 09:50 AM
x*I agree, that's why i stopped subscribing to his show (BB & Survivor), since he stopped watching & based his opinions on updates sent to him via email
LillyNomad05/23/16 03:44 PM
x*Yeah I ff through doing all that on reg shows, but I really wanted a lot more with Tim and Cass. He coulda shut up a bit to let them talk more. NT
Lalliey05/23/16 12:53 PM
x*Anything else? Please, for those of us who aren't willing to pay $20.00 for one show. (Or actually more for us Canadians paying US$!) NT
kmjm05/22/16 10:48 PM
x*Dang. I'd love to see that. Definitely not worth 20 bucks though. If he had it set up where you could pay by episode, "I'd do that for a dollar." NT
PaquetteDrizzle05/22/16 07:35 PM
x*lol very clever to mix a task by Eric from his season in your post! NT
colleenag05/23/16 03:58 AM
x*so true! wish you could buy individual eps NT
HES05/23/16 03:51 AM
x*Me too. I'm not on twitter, but has anybody asked him about that? NT
kmjm05/22/16 10:46 PM
x*I bet he would charge just for that episode if he's able to. I'd love to see it! NT
KryptoKel05/23/16 06:16 AM
x*I subscribe to Dick at Nite BB Canada....and I haven't seen any post show interviews. His last show was two weeks ago with Risha, Godfrey, and Parker
kaper05/22/16 04:38 PM
x*His tweet was from about an hour ago (or a Cass retweet) saying he was about to go live with them, and asking for people to send q's NT
HES05/22/16 04:45 PM
x*well whoever is subscribed to him tell us what was said pls NT
Mishanb05/22/16 05:12 PM
x*I will watch and give some info. He interviews live, but we have to wait for the upload to Vimeo. NT
kaper05/22/16 05:55 PM
x*My take away from the program was Tim's insight on the brothers winning. He mentioned they were not in the lobby at the wrap party leaving us to think
kaper05/23/16 05:54 AM
x*Yeah they were upset they were receiving negative feedback on their game, They didn't listen when they were told not to go online right away. NT
Lalliey05/23/16 09:40 AM
x*yea like what happened to phil saying he wouldn't use his phone till he got home NT
Mishanb05/23/16 12:06 PM
x*lol we knew that wouldn't happen. He wanted to see how lurrved he was right away of course. NT
Lalliey05/23/16 01:02 PM
x*Cass, you picked the wrong alliance. They were duds in comps. NT
Flav05/23/16 07:19 AM
x*Thank you for sharing. Tim sounded a wee bit jelly? Of course we all saw how the bros. conducted themselves but Tim could of thrown them a bone as
colleenag05/23/16 06:02 AM
x*Tim said in the interview what most of us noticed - after Canada "gave" them HOH they became unbearable saying Canada loves us, massive ego etc.
Lalliey05/23/16 09:37 AM
x*Tim talking about anybody having a massive ego is so very ironic NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 09:51 AM
x*I don't know if he said those exact words sorry. Don't want to speak for him lol. He did say they talked about being Canada's favs all
Lalliey05/23/16 12:59 PM
x*I watched the feeds a lot and didn't hear the brothers talking about it all the time. Are they idiots? Yeah. Tim talked about revolutionizing Aust
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 03:48 PM
x*but what he said was still true NT
Mishanb05/23/16 12:08 PM
x*Ah, yes. When the talk arose about how much lying there was in the house, Tim mentioned that he didn't lie. Cass said he had the biggest lie when he
kaper05/23/16 07:34 AM
x*Does Tim the Quitter realize that if he continually changes his story about why he gave up, it means he is lying? NT
Blockhead05/23/16 12:12 PM
x*Watch it! Tim is not a liar!!!!!! Just like the brothers aren't liars!!!! NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 03:48 PM
x*Thank goodness Cass called him on his BS. But that doesn't stop him from spinning it does it? I think Tim's denial is as big (or bigger) than bros NT
colleenag05/23/16 09:42 AM
x*But Kelsey beat them and no one likes her?! I like him and all but that's kinda bullsh!t, I think Cass is right. NT
bugiardi05/23/16 07:38 AM
x*LOL, how many stories is he going to come up with for why he didn't win the game/didn't want to win/etc? NT
nicholaspuppy05/23/16 07:38 AM
x*looks like it's up:
HES05/22/16 06:53 PM
x*ty NT
Mishanb05/22/16 05:58 PM
x*boooo NT
Mishanb05/22/16 04:34 PM
*Peter Brown was in Fredericton last night for Nikki's appearance tour. The photo he tweeted was a little weird...
skeeb14367 0   05/22/16 08:36 AM
*Eeeeekk!! Stuff like this makes me question why I'm on Twitter. But I guess it's so I get surprised by random stuff like this:
skeeb14336 0   05/22/16 08:20 AM
*Is Raul's reality recaps podcast worth watching? And is he wearing that atrocious nose ring? NT
shadow123344 12   05/22/16 06:57 AM
x*Skipping that one & skipping the Bros NT
HES05/22/16 07:37 AM
x*I'm going to watch the bros one to see if they finally own how they really played the game NT
shadow12305/22/16 08:46 AM
x*won't admit they told lies. but even so, it's not as if they played it in any way other than stumbling through and lucking out. aside from nick's comp
HES05/22/16 02:19 PM
x*I just want someone to interview them who will challenge them on all their lies NT
shadow12305/22/16 03:37 PM
x*yes NT
HES05/22/16 04:39 PM
x*If you read their twitters (Phil's mostly, Shocker!) They (Phil) still think they (Phil) played a game right up there with Dr. Will and Dan NT
bugiardi05/22/16 09:46 AM
x*What Tweets? He really hasn't Tweeted much at all. NT
krh503805/22/16 07:10 PM
x*someone needs to put them in their place and make them see what a laughing stock we thought they were for making comments like that NT
HES05/22/16 02:16 PM
x*Why, though? What's the point.. other than to make them feel bad? Why not just let them think what they think. Who is it really hurting?..J/s.. NT
Starr05/22/16 03:55 PM
x*Starr, they're getting a ton of hate but I'm sure their good sports about it. Its only a game. NT
Flav05/23/16 07:25 AM
x*yep plus i'm sure they know how ppl feel but they not gonna show it NT
Mishanb05/22/16 05:54 PM
x*i enjoyed it and no nose ring loll NT
nana11005/22/16 07:21 AM
*Cass is having a meet and greet event in Winnipeg next weekend- will Jared shut it down?
kmjm392 10   05/21/16 10:01 PM
x*Boy she didn't waste anytime, jared had an appearance before cass at a club in winnipeg. He's doing another one this coming weekend with dallas
Mayra2305/23/16 09:55 AM
x*Haha- so since he can't get her shunned he's instead leaving town! NT
kmjm05/23/16 01:05 PM
x*I bet he could get everyone in Winnipeg to completely shun her. NT
rando11105/22/16 08:40 AM
x*No way the King could allow this. I didn't think he was even going to let her back in the town. It must be a setup. NT
PaquetteDrizzle05/22/16 08:35 AM
x*Someone sponsor my airfare and I'll go, thx. NT
banner_boy05/21/16 10:29 PM
x*she'll pack the house in Winnipeg for sure NT
skeeb1405/21/16 10:03 PM
x*has she adopted an Australian accent? Muttering to herself about Tim? lol NT
colleenag05/21/16 10:07 PM
x*Lol, she barely talked about him in her interviews, but he seemed much more fixated on her, saying how hot she is, etc. NT
kmjm05/21/16 10:44 PM
x*lol she barely talkes about him > lol NT
colleenag05/21/16 10:47 PM
x*Listen to the interviews. NT
kmjm05/21/16 10:50 PM
*Nikki had lunch with Mitch along the Toronto lakefront Saturday (Amsterdam BrewHouse) before jetting to Freddie's Town for her final tour stop
skeeb14279 1   05/21/16 09:49 PM
x*Nice pics! Glad to see Mitch is still bffs with Nikki! NT
kmjm05/21/16 10:38 PM
*"Let the game change you for the better". Tim may have been the best and the worst hg Eva! But his was right about this. NT
colleenag192 5   05/21/16 07:46 PM
x*i miss Tim !!oh heck i miss them all hahaa NT
nana11005/22/16 07:23 AM
x*are you quoting from a new interview? just want to make sure i'm hearing them all...(love tim) NT
HES05/22/16 05:07 AM
x*I re-watched Finale and it was in his conversation with Arisa when he was voted out F3. NT
colleenag05/22/16 08:00 AM
x*yeah I then saw that he was tweeting --and mentioned he'd be back to Canada soon NT
HES05/22/16 04:50 PM
x*Lol! Sometimes he seems kind of phony. I can't decide if I love or hate Tim, but I'm glad he's coming back to Canada. NT
kmjm05/21/16 10:41 PM
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