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Updates: Neda, Jon and Heather are studying what happened on what day. NT (139 min. ago)
Rachelle telling Sabrina that Adel made things up about them during the nomination ceremony. NT (169 min. ago)
Jon tells Heather/Neda that he doesn't want Adel to get all cocky and shine a negative light on the 3 of them. NT (171 min. ago)
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*Just a reminder... (PLEASE READ THIS)
M3gabyt32900 0   Sticky Post
*All Allison, Sab/Ro had to do was look at actions/facts. Joneda were with EVERYBODY, alli was going 2 be backdoored, adel used ticket on her too...
beckstar4 1   04/20/14 10:16 PM
x*Oh well, since Arlie was first to jury house now he can stand by the front door and say "told ya so, told ya so, told ya so" as everyone else walks in
fredfred04/20/14 10:18 PM
*Can someone explain what Adel did that has folks in a tizzy? haven't the epi yet. NT
ScottySayz19 7   04/20/14 10:12 PM
x*His speech to Sab/Rach after nominating them was a little dramatic. He said Sab has been like a "thorn on his side" since day 3 and she has pinned
JeannieGold04/20/14 10:17 PM
x*The guy is tv and feeds gold. NT
fredfred04/20/14 10:19 PM
x*I have no problem with how he acted I remember how Sabrina and Rachelle have been this season NT
BBFanJ04/20/14 10:16 PM
x*He made the Gremlins cry. NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 10:14 PM
x*lol that about sums it up. NT
fredfred04/20/14 10:15 PM
x*We made very egregious speeches to S/R during noms, acted like Napolean with his hand gestures, and lied that Sab has issues with his religion. Then
bunnielebowski04/20/14 10:14 PM
x*His nomination speech was brutal. NT
InTooDeep04/20/14 10:14 PM
*In addition to Sab's meltdown I wish we could see an unedited clip of Adel's nom speech. From the way it showed Rach just sitting and listening,then a
fredfred48 1   04/20/14 10:11 PM
x*I agree. We missed a lot. The editing was hilarious how once scene Adel and S/R hate each other to the Seder where Adel says he is Palestinian and can
bunnielebowski04/20/14 10:13 PM
*Question about the new BBViewer. Is it possible to watch live feeds with it? I'm assuming no but want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong. NT
Corndogger11 4   04/20/14 10:08 PM
x*Link inside to BBviewer thread.>>>
nicki22704/20/14 10:16 PM
x*What do you mean? Of course you can watch live feeds...isnt that the point? Lol. If you mean how do you switch to live when you are watching a
JeannieGold04/20/14 10:13 PM
x*The reason I asked is because when I fired it up I got the "Hush" screen and it didn't match what was on Slice. Seems to be working now. NT
Corndogger04/20/14 10:16 PM
x*yup live is apparently the # symbol or something. NT
nicki22704/20/14 10:11 PM
*I just turned on the feeds and they're all sleeping?! Now it really sucks that the episode isn't up yet. NT
Corndogger0 1   04/20/14 10:07 PM
x*That's alright, I got home and only caught the last 2 minutes of the show so I'm waiting for the show to be uploaded too. NT
InTooDeep04/20/14 10:15 PM
*What time does Slice put the show up? I'm dying to see it. NT
Kotta10 9   04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*I've actually avoided reading what Adel said so I have at least some sort of surprise when I watch the episode, so I REALLY wanna see it ASAP. NT
krh503804/20/14 10:19 PM
x*Me too. Sunday's episodes are always slow to get put up I've noticed. Usually by 3am, but I think last week it took until the next day. NT
krh503804/20/14 10:07 PM
x*If I remember correctly, last week was around 3 AM MT which sucks no matter what time zone you're in. I don't understand why they don't upload
Corndogger04/20/14 10:10 PM
x*Oh man! My download site has it but no one else has downloaded yet and I'm scared to go first. NT
Kotta04/20/14 10:09 PM
x*Why? NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 10:10 PM
x*I downloaded once and almost got a virus but my virus protection caught it. NT
Kotta04/20/14 10:13 PM
x*That's why you have virus protection ... hell, mine caught and quarantined a Trojan while watching the feeds one day. NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 10:18 PM
x*Someone on another board sent me a link once and it messed me up. Had to do a system restore and it was good though. So now I just wait for Slice. NT
krh503804/20/14 10:15 PM
x*Me too! But Corndogger just said it could be VERY late :( NT
SDGirl04/20/14 10:06 PM
*When did the feeds come back? Was my source accurate? NT
Corndogger8 11   04/20/14 10:01 PM
x*Yeah like 10:20 NT
nicki22704/20/14 10:11 PM
x*Off by 3 or 4 minutes, I think. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*Yup, it was 10:20 or 10:21. Pretty close. NT
Kotta04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*They came back about 20 minutes or so after the show ended. Around 10:20 est. And I have no idea what/who your sources are. NT
JeannieGold04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*yup alli left during instant NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*what did your source say? NT
fredfred04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*10:17 ET NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*10:17 PM ET. NT
Corndogger04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*I see. That's a very specific time lol NT
fredfred04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*A minute or 2 out ... damn close. NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*Maybe the feed switcher on/off dude had to go to the bathroom. But a minute or two off is not bad at all. NT
Corndogger04/20/14 10:05 PM
*Any links to tonights episode? NT
AndrewLee1 0   04/20/14 10:01 PM
*Slice sure is taking its time putting up tonight's episode ... I need to get some sleep! NT
SDGirl7 3   04/20/14 10:01 PM
x*you can watch it here
blowinmoneyfast04/20/14 10:12 PM
x*They are much slower putting up the episodes on Sundays. Today will probably be even worse. Last week it wasn't until about 4 hours from now. NT
Corndogger04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*Oh no! Guess I will have to catch it tomorrow :( NT
SDGirl04/20/14 10:04 PM
*Just finished watching the show, after getting home from dinner. Adel, Adel, Adel, that was just CRUEL. You lost a lot of points with me for that NT
a1mamacat13 5   04/20/14 10:01 PM
x*From his Napoleon speech/body language to him always saying how devout he is but didn't care about lying while swearing on the Koran... can't
bunnielebowski04/20/14 10:11 PM
x*LOL i'm pretty sure he is forgiven already.. I would probably do it.. I know God would be ok with it :) He knows me :) NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 10:16 PM
x*Yeah all his posturing about religion while swearing on his is nasty.I thought the stuff he said was cruel and unnecessary.I think D.R made him >>>
nicki22704/20/14 10:14 PM
x*You didnt like him anyways did you? lol NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*Funny how that works NT
Tardy4theParty04/20/14 10:10 PM
*All I wanted out of this game was for Jon/Adel to be the last guys standing. Andrew/Kenny/Arlie were hard to beat. Never thought it would happen. NT
Ivy3 7   04/20/14 09:59 PM
x*Its pretty awesome.. I'm happy with this 5 left.. now I want Sabs gone next lol and I will be really happy NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 10:06 PM
x*Why are you only concerned about the guys? NT
Binsk04/20/14 10:02 PM
x*I'm totally satisfied with this F5. I like every single one left for different reasons. Anyone who wins is fine with me! :) NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:02 PM
x*I like Neda first, Heather second, Jon third, Adel fourth, and the Gremlins are fun for drama but I don't want them to win. NT
Binsk04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*I agree.. course I have my favourites :P NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*yeah I'm glad Sabrina is the last one standing from that side of the house. She deserves it for her work early on. NT
clace04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*I'd be ok with her winning the whole thing although I don't see it happening. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:06 PM
*Which meltdown was better? Michelle BB10's unitard one or Sabrina's post-nomination meltdown? NT
Chocolattunda814 13   04/20/14 09:53 PM
x*Gary being put on slop and Amanda behind the bin. Both crack me up when ever I watch. NT
MirageUK04/20/14 10:02 PM
x*Sabrina was entitled to that meltdown Adel was ott.I personally think Jen BB8 craziness about her awful picture was more interesting. NT
nicki22704/20/14 09:56 PM
x*Oh yeah, Jen's picture was definitely the craziest meltdown b/c it wasn't even game related. NT
krh503804/20/14 10:06 PM
x*I loved it since it was week 1, when everyone is still trying to blend into the background and behave their best. Such an unexpected melt down lol NT
Chocolattunda804/20/14 10:00 PM
x*Jen's meltdown over her picture was spectacular! Was the reason I fell in love with her. Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:57 PM
x*It made me think she was a snobby stuck up bitch NT
BBFanJ04/20/14 10:17 PM
x*I loved her too lol NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:59 PM
x*It reminded me of Michelle too. From what we saw, Michelle's was wilder, but clearly there was more to Sab's than what the edit showed us. NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:56 PM
x*Is it bad I would love to see Michelle again? Hell, I would love to see anyone from BB10 come back and play bar Ollie. NT
Chocolattunda804/20/14 09:57 PM
x*That was my least favorite cast.They were probably the least diverse group.A lot of the same personalities. NT
nicki22704/20/14 10:00 PM
x*That was a great cast! NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:59 PM
x*lol yeah that was a cast of wild characters, that's for sure. NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:58 PM
x*Any video of Sabrina's meltdown? NT
CassieS04/20/14 09:54 PM
*rewatching the episode... Heather looked shaken/upset after Allison's eviction... wish we could see her convo with Neda. NT
clace10 4   04/20/14 09:53 PM
x*Heather knew Alli was a vote for her to stay... it was huge for Neda to get rid of her. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 10:06 PM
x*And Heather needs to think long and Hard about targeting Joneda if she wins HOH on Thursday she can beat Adel and Sabrina Joneda not so much NT
BBFanJ04/20/14 10:15 PM
x*Heather didn't want Allison out but voted her out cause she was outnumbered God I want Heather to win NT
BBFanJ04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*Sabs was sweet giving her a hug after that.Seemed like a genuine moment. NT
nicki22704/20/14 09:54 PM
*I still like Adel but do you think he lost some fans after tonight's episode? NT
bb_barbie6 4   04/20/14 09:51 PM
x*Probably. But they probably weren't real fans if they'd stop rooting for him because of this episode lol. I still love him :-) NT
JeannieGold04/20/14 09:59 PM
x*Probably but its kind of silly! there have many more worse things said on bb NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:58 PM
x*Yup. NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 09:52 PM
x*Oh for sure. I still love him though! <3 NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:52 PM
*I am loving the hide button right now, with all the garbage posted about Allison. She made a bad game move, but some are making it personal attacks NT
a1mamacat15 1   04/20/14 09:51 PM
x*It's always been bad. Now that she's out I can concentrate on living life so the constant defending her is coming to an end. When she gets out I hope
Megs04/20/14 10:04 PM
*What will the last day of the feeds be? 1 more week right that's it? NT
nicki22711 6   04/20/14 09:45 PM
x*2 weeks NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:45 PM
x*Have they said they're shutting the feeds down early again this year? NT
Corndogger04/20/14 09:54 PM
x*oh! did they do that last year? NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:57 PM
x*After Topaz left I stopped watching but someone on here said the last week was off of feeds completely. NT
nicki22704/20/14 10:03 PM
x*I was so upset about Topaz leaving but I watched Gary lol.. dislike everyone else NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 10:09 PM
x*I think they were. I can't remember if it was an entire week but it definitely wasn't like BBUS where we have them until around noon of finale day. NT
Corndogger04/20/14 10:04 PM
*So happy Adel got HOH and we got the BBViewer! NT
Velvetwind13 7   04/20/14 09:44 PM
x*I was so happy to see that he was HOH too. NT
CassieS04/20/14 09:48 PM
x*I'm sitting here thinking that I wish I was in the house because he's awake and I am too and we could be chilling together! Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:46 PM
x*I hope he was a chill week! NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:51 PM
x*I don't think that's possible with Adel! Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:52 PM
x*I have a lighter work schedule this week.. so I will be able to watch more during the day :) NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:54 PM
x*I'm jealous! NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:56 PM
x*Oh man BBUS is going to be torture for me this year :( I have had three 12 hr days for the past 4yrs.. I could literally watch bb anytime I wanted
Velvetwind04/20/14 10:02 PM
*Just logging in since show ended and WooHoo @ Neda winning Veto. Did BBCan change the prize (Jemmitt) again on her !?! NT
CelticChaos4 3   04/20/14 09:44 PM
x*She was probably as arrogant at Emmett with Dan LOL NT
a1mamacat04/20/14 10:04 PM
x*oh probably lol BUT she's a fan so she was probably happy about it NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 10:10 PM
x* she had it. I love that she got it anyway! NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:45 PM
*This season is reminding me so much of BB14... Arlie was Brittany in a way. F4 makes it to the end, even though Neds doesn't necessarily want that.
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan41 3   04/20/14 09:40 PM
x*Bleh I hated s14 so much, I dont even know why, I just did. I stopped watching half way through. Love this season though! And hope Neds wins too:-) NT
JeannieGold04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*really? I LOVED it NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 10:10 PM
x*I hope Heather wins cause she's my favorite no disrespect to Neda NT
BBFanJ04/20/14 10:02 PM
*Omg...Adel is cracking me up with his teddy bear dancing! Lol NT
CoyoteBB34 20   04/20/14 09:35 PM
x*Hmm it's not like he's being filmed or anything. NT
nicki22704/20/14 09:43 PM
x*what does that mean? NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:44 PM
x*I'm still amazed he's HOH lol. I have to be honest, Adel winning didn't even cross my mind as a realistic scenario. Egg on my face! NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:39 PM
x*I'm the biggest Adel fan and I never thought he'd win. As soon as someone said that it was a puzzle comp, I said "Adel's out". Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:41 PM
x*The funniest part is if he actually tried to solve the riddles I bet he would have been like, last place lol. NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:43 PM
x*I haven't watched the show yet but I have no doubt you are right. He doesn't read so good. Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:47 PM
x*He really is a sweet guy NT
Legend04/20/14 09:37 PM
x*yup, after threatening to cut off Marsha moose's head and the things he said to Heather. NT
qahe2504/20/14 09:44 PM
x*(pssst.. Marsha's not a real talking moose) NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:50 PM
x*Lmao NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:50 PM
x*He was joking with Marsha. Lol. What did he say to Heather? NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:48 PM
x*He was not joking. You can watch the episode when he was doing the task. He was very angry. NT
qahe2504/20/14 09:53 PM
x*I did watch the episode. He was kidding. Lol wow. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:54 PM
x*LOL, WOW. Whatever. Even if Adel slapped someone in the face, I guess he was just joking then. HaHa. NT
qahe2504/20/14 09:59 PM
x*Lol. He was arguing with a talking moose head. He fake threatened her with a picture. The whole thing was a joke. My god, people take everything
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:00 PM
x*Like I said, even if Adel slapped someone in the face, I guess he was just joking then. I know that. Thanks for reminding. NT
qahe2504/20/14 10:07 PM
x*That's just not true but you are free to believe what you want. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:08 PM
x*You are free to believe what you want too. Surprise surprise~ NT
qahe2504/20/14 10:13 PM
x*I don't understand the "Surprise, surprise" part. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 10:16 PM
x*That was adorable!! Jammin' with the bear :) NT
SDGirl04/20/14 09:36 PM
*Anybody have link to tonights show? It isn't on Slice yet. NT
Blackheart35 2   04/20/14 09:28 PM
x*Is there somewhere? NT
Augustkm04/20/14 09:36 PM
x*I want to know that too. NT
qahe2504/20/14 09:30 PM
*Is there an AfterDark scheduled for tonight? NT
Heloise3 2   04/20/14 09:26 PM
x*yep! :) NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan04/20/14 09:27 PM
x*Is there a stream for it? NT
Heloise04/20/14 09:29 PM
*i wonder if sabrina has plans if she's a longshot but i'd be interested to know who she'd take to F2. NT
sliver01318 9   04/20/14 09:25 PM
x*If she stays, I want a crapshoot HOH, so she can take out Neda or Jon NT
a1mamacat04/20/14 09:47 PM
x*She'll go after Adel for sure. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:49 PM
x*I think it would be so poetic if Sabrina ends up winning b/c these people thought they could beat her at the end. lol NT
Megs04/20/14 09:33 PM
x*I don't see how she CAN win...unless Canadian voting opinion has completely flipped for her, the other seat has Canada's vote and 3 of J/N/Ad/H NT
tompatrick04/20/14 09:40 PM
x*Hmm ... why's that? Making F2 from her position would be impressive. NT
dustysnemisis04/20/14 09:44 PM
x*I completely disagree with that viewpoint, and it chagrins me because the further she goes, I'm sure the more I'm gonna start hearing it. Her game
tompatrick04/20/14 10:03 PM
x*Not really if she's just dragged there because everyone can beat her. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:49 PM
x*Amen, THIS. I said it longer in my reply, but in one sentence, you sum it up pretty nicely NT
tompatrick04/20/14 10:05 PM
x*If she didn't play personally, she should want to take Adel. It's the only person she'd have a shot against. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:27 PM
*It cracks me up seeing tough guy Adel in bed with his teddy bear NT
decafjnr27 8   04/20/14 09:24 PM
x*Adel is a man with many layers lol NT
fredfred04/20/14 09:33 PM
x*he kissed his/her head lol NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:33 PM
x*Mid crazy dancing. So funny! Lol NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:34 PM
x*yep lol NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:44 PM
x*its fricken creepy, the last grown man i heard of with a teddy bear was just arrested on the skytrain for breach of his pedo orders/ nothing to do
AceRimmer04/20/14 09:27 PM
x*my bf and I have matching dogs we keep on the bed lol no biggie NT
Velvetwind04/20/14 09:37 PM
x*Ooops sorry for the top post, I just read the other posts NT
decafjnr04/20/14 09:25 PM
x*It's so cute! He's not really a tough guy. NT
CoyoteBB04/20/14 09:25 PM
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