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Winner: Kevin (9-0)
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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (178742 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (178803 min. ago)
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*Posting Guidelines ~ UPDATED March 17, 2015
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*Please do not post information that directs to illegal live streams, episodes or file hosting sites for BB Canada.
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*With the announcement of Celebrity BBUS this winter, this may be the final year for BBCan
RatFloater65 3   09/07/17 10:13 PM
x*I'd choose BBCA over BB US. NT
BAYCITY9909/11/17 10:40 AM
x*Same here. I haven't really enjoyed BBUS in years. I was about to be done with BBCan after seasons 3 and 4, but I loved 5. NT
CassieS09/19/17 08:13 PM
x*The Celeb series will be only around a month or so & likely over even before BBCA even starts NT
justin_2pac09/08/17 05:32 PM
*Woooo more BBcant! Can't wait to get feeds blocked 15 hours a day!!!!! NT
bigbrotherfan7142 5   07/20/17 06:56 PM
x*Exactly my thoughts. NT
MOP07/22/17 04:32 PM
x*lol ikr NT
KlausHeissler07/22/17 02:20 PM
x*I bet the network sabotages the season to ensure its cancellation for good NT
bigbrotherfan707/20/17 06:57 PM
x*That would be weird because BBCA is MUCH better than BBUS IMO. NT
BAYCITY9909/11/17 10:39 AM
x*I think BB US has better feeds even tho it's $5.00 a month. NT
ToadFarm09/11/17 10:47 AM
*Canadian Broadcast Announcement: BB Canada returning in 2018. Woooooooooooooooo! NT
WillRulz264 10   07/20/17 06:46 PM
x*Bb usa needs to take notes NT
chachazoom09/04/17 02:48 PM
x*YES. They. Do. NT
BAYCITY9909/11/17 10:36 AM
x*From the older Canada seasons I agree, wasn't impressed with the last 2 seasons NT
justin_2pac09/04/17 11:50 PM
x*This season has been horrible. I would be more annoyed by it if I didn't enjoy BBCan5 so much. NT
CassieS09/04/17 06:43 PM
x*I am so excited!! NT
Emma107/21/17 04:20 AM
x*Meh it wont be the same as most like the budget will be slashed by a crazy amount NT
steve201307/20/17 07:30 PM
x*You mean just like UK did when it went to CH5? Or AU did when it went to CH9? It's never the same when a new channel picks it up NT
justin_2pac09/04/17 11:53 PM
x*meh, i hope they make some major changes. then maybe i'll give a sh*t. NT
sliver01307/20/17 07:21 PM
x*so happy to hear this news!! NT
TheSorcha07/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Yay!!!! NT
CassieS07/20/17 06:52 PM
*Arisa just announced BBCAN6 is back for 2018. NT
BigBrotherFly43 0   07/20/17 06:46 PM
*1 more hour... NT
M3gabyt365 1   07/20/17 05:43 PM
x*10 minutes... NT
M3gabyt307/20/17 06:32 PM
*#YouCanAndYouWill NT
WillRulz188 4   07/19/17 05:57 PM
x*How often does it cut to something else? NT
M3gabyt307/20/17 03:11 PM
x*The live stream is creepy. I love it! NT
RatFloater07/20/17 12:19 AM
x*It is coming back. :) NT
WillRulz07/20/17 07:44 AM
x*BBCant can stay away NT
bigbrotherfan707/19/17 06:42 PM
*Is BBCAN back??
Dani256 3   07/19/17 05:52 PM
x*Wanna bet, new producers? Arisa Tweeted it too. :) NT
WillRulz07/19/17 05:54 PM
x*Insight Productions have now shared the link so probable same producers NT
steve201307/20/17 06:10 AM
x*They may be just being supportive but we shall soon see. They still produce Top Chef Canada for Corus. NT
WillRulz07/20/17 07:44 AM
*So any updates on the houseguests? Are Emily and Dillon together? What about Demika? I miss BBCAN5. Any updates on if the show is returning? NT
Jassie268 2   07/05/17 07:02 AM
x*Don't know if they are together but just saw this pic with Dillon and Emily.
nicholaspuppy07/08/17 05:43 PM
x*Demika is definitely together. No idea about Dillion and Emily haven't heard anything about them NT
Emma107/05/17 10:18 AM
*Are Kevin & Pili dating again? It looks like they've been together nonstop since the show ended. NT
hope22770 6   06/19/17 06:02 PM
x*No. Just friends. NT
Trixie0806/28/17 12:34 PM
x*I was thinking there was something going on there too. NT
jjjg06/22/17 06:27 PM
x*He said on his Twitch that they are not back together, they are best friends and she was staying with him until end of June. NT
Clare3006/20/17 02:41 PM
x*IMO they never stopped ... he was "single" for the show only NT
mebe06/20/17 12:19 PM
x*Nah, I watch poker streams, his included. Their breakup was real, she moved thousands of miles to be with him, would work gym sales, waitress
rando11106/22/17 12:48 AM
x*I was wondering the same thing NT
Emma106/20/17 08:25 AM
*Even though I liked this season, I don't even care that the show is on hiatus. They treat their live feeders like crap. Deuces! NT
MOP432 2   06/16/17 02:18 PM
x*I see two points. #1 the feeds were free, so there wasn't a lot of pressure to keep them up 24/7. #2 I think production realized there was a drop in
kaper06/17/17 08:16 PM
x*disagree -it's a pain but all the ways it's better totally outweigh that NT
HES06/16/17 09:05 PM
*Format change to make show work during the busy tv season...
ringo9747 4   06/09/17 12:25 PM
x*BB Can is canceled. Being so cheap to make and it air 3 night getting ad revenue is probably why it wasn't canceled after BB Can 3. NT
rando11106/10/17 06:34 AM
x*"We have to reinvent and try new things." "Still, we never say never for the future." - Corus Entertainment vice-president. NT
WillRulz06/13/17 08:16 AM
x*Corporate talk for "We dont want fans to riot so we'll pretend it could come back someday" NT
bigbrotherfan706/13/17 12:00 PM
x*True. Never say never is practically the same thing as saying never. I hope it returns, but I'm not holding my breath. NT
jntenzil06/14/17 07:14 AM
*Ika in her YRR interview says she would want to work w/ Cass but NOT Sindy. You know the Sindy that put up Neda for Ika. So ironic.
ringo91790 14   06/09/17 10:25 AM
x*Sindy is not a game player she was on there to make real life friends
jerry54306/11/17 08:13 AM
x*I wouldn't want to work with Sindy either. Ask JP and Neda how that worked for them. NT
krh503806/09/17 07:48 PM
x*JP was not loyal to Sindy, I never understood why ppl got mad at her for booting him when he voted to evict her too..If Neda wasn't too busy playing
Dani06/09/17 08:47 PM
x*people got mad? lol i recall we were all psyched for that blindside -one of the only good parts of that season NT
HES06/12/17 08:02 AM
x*but sindy did so in large part because ika WORKED her for 2 days prior --it was ika's persuasion. NT
HES06/09/17 06:56 PM
x*but i'm listening now &ika's totally praising sindy's game. saying she'd want to work w cass over sindy doesn't mean she doesn't respect both games NT
HES06/09/17 07:02 PM
x*Wanting to work with or not does not equal respect or disrespect to me. I'm sure very few people would want to work with Will or Dan b/c A) they'll
krh503806/19/17 06:38 PM
x*Sindy's game was great UNTIL she won that HOH. I think that's what Ika was referring to. NT
ringo906/10/17 03:11 PM
x*all 3 played horrible. NT
sliver01306/10/17 08:46 AM
x*exactly NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 07:05 PM
x*well Sindy spent her last week campaigning against Ika to anyone who would sit still long enough even though Ika wasn't otb with her NT
Poz06/09/17 03:02 PM
x*Didn't listen to the interview but my guess is probably because Sindy had ties to Bruno and Kevin whereas Cass wanted them out since week 1. NT
RatFloater06/09/17 11:33 AM
x*it's actually a really good interview. She wanted Cass around because she was fun, not much for strategy...she later compliments Sindy
petite606/09/17 11:57 AM
x*I enjoyed the interview NT
PinkAuraGirl06/09/17 01:22 PM
*got link to the ED show FYI -some great HGs are on -link
HES356 1   06/09/17 04:33 AM
x*It would have been better if they had better control of HGs popping in. It made ppl get cutoff mid convo and such. NT
ringo906/10/17 03:29 PM
*I'm late to watching this season. Anyone much different on feeds than the show edit? Also, why did everyone hate Dillon? NT
481 3   06/08/17 08:15 PM
x*1st half of the feeds were gold 2nd half was boring and repetitive
jerry54306/09/17 09:00 AM
x*Feeds were way better than the show NT
bigbrotherfan706/09/17 12:22 AM
x*Yes. The show was quite different with a lot of "fluff", not much game substance. If you watched the feeds there was more left to be desired but...
nammer06/08/17 08:51 PM
*Corus Boss Explains BBCAN Hiatus
utty141020 5   06/08/17 12:22 PM
x*So they don't want a big young audience? Ok. NT
jjjg06/08/17 08:53 PM
x*Well I hope that "big young audience" turns the TV off and they get the message! NT
marybeth06/08/17 02:00 PM
x*All tv shows have various challenges. I just figure the ratings weren't enough to keep in on during the main tv season...
ringo906/08/17 01:27 PM
x*season 2 and 4 the best sesasons of BBCAN by far
jerry54306/08/17 12:31 PM
x*Doesn't sound like there's any shot of getting it back on next year NT
utty1406/08/17 12:29 PM
*ED is doing free show tonight w some past HGs (not sure who) for those who don't mind ED and/or want to hear other HGs. time unknown but info later NT
HES125 0   06/08/17 10:59 AM
*“Big Brother Canada is on hiatus for the coming broadcast year. Further details will be announced at a later date. Global remains...
WillRulz1153 7   06/07/17 05:05 PM
x*Likely for good NT
bigbrotherfan706/07/17 06:23 PM
x*They are seeking new producers. If they were going to cancel it, they would have just canceled it and not said they remain the...
WillRulz06/07/17 06:47 PM
x*They remain the broadcaster for Big Brother and the link directs to BBUS. Hardly "proof" that they are seeking new producers or even still want to
Corndogger06/07/17 11:37 PM
x*They are not giving up the rights to Big Brother Canada and are searching for new producers. That is a fact not supposition at this time. NT
WillRulz06/08/17 07:50 AM
x*BB Canada is DONE. NT
rando11106/07/17 07:22 PM
x*Haitus is not cancelled. If it was cancelled, Corus would have just stated that it was gone for good. There is no reason for them to delay that. NT
WillRulz06/08/17 07:51 AM
x*yea i wouldnt get hopes up if hiatus is announced. i wouldnt be surprised if it comes back or vice versa. NT
KlausHeissler06/07/17 07:29 PM
*Wonder how far Ika and Demetres would have gotten if they were not a team? NT
Bobbo21676 12   06/07/17 03:20 PM
x*i think dem would have gotten far but not ika. NT
sliver01306/08/17 03:56 PM
x*Was this question asked about the other duos? I think Demika Fans acknowledge they got as far as they did because they had each other. Demetres was
Dani06/08/17 08:53 AM
x*Ika would have been long gone. Her behavior would have gotten her evicted, just like in Season 2. Dem always had to reel her in. The fact he was
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:30 PM
x*Maybe but she was a manipulator and fear of putting her on the block was real because noone wanted to be the one to do it. NT
petite606/07/17 03:32 PM
x*Ika was a great manipulator for sure but I think a big part of the fear of putting her up was that Dem would win HOH and go after them. They really
06/07/17 03:49 PM
x*that too but Dem said noone ever considered him as powerful because they always blamed Ika and too scared to confront her. But they were a great pair
petite606/07/17 03:52 PM
x*I agree a manipulator is far more dangerous than a comp. beast, but why should anyone be afraid to put the manipulator up unless she was
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:40 PM
x*in the words of William, "she was able to convince a mirror it was a table" now, that's powerful lol NT
petite606/07/17 03:48 PM
x*Only if you're a mirror. Unfortunately BBCan5 had a lot of mirrors lol. NT
Bobbo206/07/17 03:56 PM
x*Ha!!! Am I the only one that feels like Neda wasn't really feeling being there? she seemed distracted NT
petite606/07/17 04:00 PM
x*I think the immunity killed her fighting spirit. NT
06/07/17 04:05 PM
x*that's probably it. It just seemed that after her talk with Sindy and things that went on outside of the house and the abuse she received, she
petite606/07/17 04:10 PM
*Wow. Kevin might be the last BBCAN winner NT
3143 26   06/07/17 01:50 PM
x*Strangely that was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the show being canceled. BBCan just like US has had more bad winners than good. NT
RatFloater06/07/17 08:44 PM
x*Kevin deserved the win, it was like justice prevailed in the end
jerry54306/07/17 02:55 PM
x*Agree. Was rooting for him after Bruno left. NT
Bobbo206/07/17 03:14 PM
x*he keeps talking up Ika about how amazing and wonderful she is. His Ika crush has affected all his interviews NT
petite606/07/17 03:09 PM
x*For some reason I see politics in his future. NT
Bobbo206/07/17 05:53 PM
x* I think he had a huge crush on her TBH. He loved her "bad" side thought she was so sexy and always said he loved her...he was probably using his
petite606/07/17 09:32 PM
x*Don't think he had a crush at all. He saw how good she was & acknowledged it - plus he knows she has fans and plays up to them. #politics NT
NSGirl06/08/17 10:11 AM
x*Kevin for sure had a crush on her, He mentioned it all the time how he loved how badass she was. That's one of the reasons why I think Demetres is
Dani06/08/17 10:42 AM
x*Good gameplay is like beauty - in the eye of the beholder. What we consider good, others might not. There is no set rule book. Naw, no crush IMO NT
NSGirl06/08/17 11:10 AM
x*I guess my issue with Bruno more so because Neda acknowledge it was good Ika got her before she could get Ika but Bruno praised Ika game in the house
Dani06/08/17 11:23 AM
x*True but Neda has a right to seek her jury revenge to castigate Ika. That's why jury votes are still game and important NT
petite606/08/17 11:30 AM
x*I cant respect that, Dont claim your a fan of the game one sec, acknowledge Ika bested you & you are willing to award the best player but then turn
Dani06/08/17 11:35 AM
x*you definitely don't have to like that gameplay but it is part of the game. That's why how you play the jury still has consequences to your game
petite606/08/17 11:41 AM
x*what does continuously saying Ika is totally hot have to do with gameplay? NT
petite606/08/17 11:13 AM
x*lol ikr NT
KlausHeissler06/07/17 07:30 PM
x*yep lol! NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 04:57 PM
x*unfortunately. NT
Poz06/07/17 02:03 PM
x*it really is...All of their winners benefitted from a twist expect for Jillian and she won by a mistake. That's sad. NT
Dani06/07/17 02:26 PM
x*Kevin's social game with William is what saved him. Remove the secret veto from the game and he would still have won. NT
WillettDrizzle06/07/17 02:53 PM
x*that's also assuming bruno stays over kevin and we don't know that would have happened. NT
sliver01306/07/17 08:55 PM
x*since will won the regular POV he would have saved Kevin with that anyways imo. idc if people wanna argue well he said that after the game. i still
KlausHeissler06/07/17 07:31 PM
x*and he easily won HOHs/POVs, so it was hard to take him out NT
petite606/07/17 03:22 PM
x*I wouldnt call "handjobs" social game but OK, It easy for William to say what he wouldve done while having a SPOV in his backpocket. I dont care what
Dani06/07/17 03:17 PM
x*If you believe there were hand jobs I have a bridge to sell you... NT
NSGirl06/08/17 10:12 AM
x*Then Ika doesn't get credit for her social game with Demetres. NT
krh503806/07/17 09:20 PM
x*Demetres and Ika were each other number 1's by week 2, Ika didnt need to work on social game on him. William was never Kevin's number 1 so he needed
Dani06/08/17 08:14 AM
*Ika and Demetres are currently watching the best episode EVER....The DE <3
Dani10356 86   06/07/17 10:29 AM
x*if BBCAN5 was a good season then it would not be going on hiatus , ika too full of herself, too jealous of neda
jerry54306/07/17 02:48 PM
x*This post is all kinds of opinion.. but that's ok NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 04:58 PM
x*not that cut and dry. This is the only place where I come for BB feedback where I see people saying BBcan5 was a bad season NT
Poz06/07/17 03:26 PM
x*and lots of us think it was one of the best seasons NT
HES06/08/17 04:33 AM
x*maybe we care more about gameplay because it really sucked in bbcan5. NT
sliver01306/07/17 08:56 PM
x*you don't have to be good to have good ratings. Just like you don't have to be a good movie to be a blockbuster. NT
petite606/07/17 02:51 PM
x*But if you are good, you should get good ratings. How many good movies don't have good box office numbers? NT
Blockhead06/07/17 02:53 PM
x*ika couldn't put butts in the seats... pretty obvious. production chased the twitter crowd and found out they were just very vocal. NT
sliver01306/07/17 08:58 PM
x*As for good movies that don't have good numbers? they are called the Oscars! NT
petite606/07/17 02:57 PM
x*Sooooo good shows are never canceled then? and they'd cancel a ratings winner over one bad season? NT
petite606/07/17 02:56 PM
x*true, shows that fans and critics like get canned because of ratings, production cost etc... NT
Poz06/07/17 03:27 PM
x*Nothing as oblivious as Ika ***** Wong talking about Neda getting a "good edit". Ika getting the insanely positive, flattering edit she got created
Freddy7906/07/17 02:15 PM
x*Now that's funny. Ika is the one who got the good edit. Neda got a terrible edit. Ika must be delusional!! No surprise there. NT
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:32 PM
x*so much anger and venom here, jeez NT
Poz06/07/17 01:37 PM
x*the death of bbcan episode. NT
sliver01306/07/17 11:32 AM
x*Why was a particular episode the death of BBCan? Because one person was evicted? Doesn't make a ton of sense to me. NT
Bbfan5206/07/17 12:24 PM
x*it put one person front and center who couldn't puts butts in the seats instead what could have been a very intense feud. NT
sliver01306/07/17 12:27 PM
x*"Intense Feud" LOL! Let's not kid ourselves if Ika didnt take that shot at Neda in the DE, Neda wouldve gotten her next week. That DE was perfect
Dani06/08/17 08:47 AM
x*maybe, i would have like to have seen a week of it either way and many of us felt the same. NT
sliver01306/08/17 01:19 PM
x*but you got the best of Neda at the DE, Why did you and others want another week of Neda hanging out in the blue room trash talking with Jackie,
Dani06/08/17 03:31 PM
x*neda was a smart player, something the season sorely needed. NT
sliver01306/08/17 04:08 PM
x*She was an awful alliance member. She treated Ika and Sindy like crap. That isn't very smart. She pouted for Jon more than once. NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 04:27 PM
x*but this said smart player was on this season and we saw what happened to her, LOL! She got exposed for being overrated. NT
Dani06/08/17 04:18 PM
x*i think they're both valid opinions...that she's a smart player and that she's overrated. NT
sliver01306/08/17 04:24 PM
x*It was the best episode BBCAN has ever produced..It was like the BB Gods smile down on us that day, everything workout perfectly!
Dani06/07/17 11:38 AM
x*it was more like production shot their wad way too early, gameplay was dead after that episode and now the show is too. NT
sliver01306/07/17 11:53 AM
x*What show were you watching? There was definitely gameplay after the DE. The line officially being drawn between Kevin/Bruno vs Ika/Demetres. NT
Dani06/07/17 11:57 AM
x*i guess technically what happened after could be considered gameplay by some. NT
sliver01306/07/17 12:00 PM
x*I know it was different watching players play the game without a safety net as immunity but Ika avoiding the block under Dillon's HOH is prime
Dani06/07/17 12:03 PM
x*Yeah the game play by Sindy, not Ika. Sindy saved Ika's sorry a$$. Ika had nothing to do with it. Neda's game play was far superior to nasty Ika's. NT
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:20 PM
x*Sindy couldnt even save herself, she didnt save! Ika's social game with KAREN & DRE kept her off the block initially & then Ika kept herself
Dani06/07/17 03:43 PM
x*sindy made a choice between ika and neda and the ika trophy just wasn't on the same level as the neda trophy. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:00 PM
x*The Neda Trophy was for minor Hockey while the Ika trophy was a Superbowl ring, Make sense why Sindy picked the best. NT
Dani06/08/17 08:19 AM
x*because the head of a non juror is worth more than that of the greatest bbcan player there was. NT
sliver01306/08/17 03:25 PM
x*"The greatest" doesnt need twists to survive so therefore your precious Neda is disqualify from holding that title. NT
Dani06/08/17 03:29 PM
x*i think she is and i bet if the fans voted she'd be near number 1 if not number 1. NT
sliver01306/08/17 04:03 PM
x*I knew she was an overrated player in S2 and I'm glad she return to prove my point. Even with a massive twist she SUCKED! NT
Dani06/08/17 04:16 PM
x*getting flashbacks of someone on the other side defending morgan by attacking nicole. NT
sliver01306/08/17 04:27 PM
x*Screw Morgan, Nicole and Neda..they all suck..Id say screw Kevin but he's a honestly decent guy just a sucky player and terrible winner NT
Dani06/08/17 04:52 PM
x*like dani and ika but not morgan and nicole...interesting. NT
sliver01306/08/17 09:00 PM
x*Sindy made her choice about Neda from the beginning of the game after Neda accused her making her life miserable and blaming her for her depression NT
petite606/07/17 09:02 PM
x*sindy was an attention whore long before that. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:04 PM
x*I wish Neda didn't retreat, she seemed scared to play the game but It would have been fun to see her and Ika try to work together and play up their
petite606/07/17 12:41 PM
x*Ika didn't want to work with Neda. She is very jealous of Neda. Ika's game play could never, ever compare to Neda's. Ika had no strategy, just
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:27 PM
x*never...ika played like a chicken with her head cut off and is lucky she was on a season with horrible gameplay, maybe the worst. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:03 PM
x*Jealous of what? That Neda needed production asstiance and Ika didn't? lol..Neda got exposed as an overrated player by the BBCAN New Queen <3 NT
Dani06/07/17 03:47 PM
x*jealous that neda's s2 game is probably the best bbcan has to offer. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:06 PM
x*Maybe who knows, she never expressed that. She saw what Neda was trying to do and wanted to flip it to her advantage. I think people looking at
petite606/07/17 09:08 PM
x*usually or always? how she tried to downplaying neda's s2 game is how she expressed it. trying to say neda didn't know what was going on in the
sliver01306/07/17 09:20 PM
x*that week is a prime example of the stupidity that ensued. dillon getting drunk going back on his word and nominating an ally. dre getting
sliver01306/07/17 12:31 PM
x*Dillon only had 1 ally at that time and it was Karen which he never nominated so umm..& Dre didn't want Ika out she wanted Demetres gone. NT
Dani06/07/17 03:45 PM
x*dillon pulled a howie that week and got lucky it worked out better than it could have. didn't dre say ika would be following bruno out? NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:08 PM
x*She made that DR the week Demetres was HOH not when Dillon was HOH & that was the topic of discussion. Ika surviving Dillon's HOH..Jackie and Dillon
Dani06/08/17 08:28 AM
x*Empirically incorrect but I hear if someone say things enough times, they come to believe it. NT
nammer06/07/17 11:33 AM
x*audrey? NT
sliver01306/07/17 11:53 AM
x*I don't know what to have for dinner. Help ! NT
krh503806/07/17 11:28 AM
x*chili tacos. NT
sliver01306/07/17 11:34 AM
x*I wouldn't expect anything less from those two NT
Usernamejax06/07/17 10:53 AM
x*LOL what did they even do? Am I missing something? NT
petite606/07/17 10:57 AM
x*breathing lol.. figures! NT
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 05:00 PM
x*OMG...Too funny they cant even watch an episode without the nasty name-calling. NT
Dani06/07/17 11:18 AM
x*would it be better if it was petty name-calling? like OMG best ever? NT
sliver01306/07/17 11:55 AM
x*like the Jamboree in OTT, you as well as myself were staunch defenders of them so what's different here. Ika doesn't come close to that NT
Poz06/07/17 01:43 PM
x*i defended jason's game. as far as his behavior the only thing i really had a problem with was people calling him misogynist because he talked so
sliver01306/07/17 09:12 PM
x*what do you think about Britney? NT
petite606/07/17 09:13 PM
x*hated her s12 but liked her in 14 and thought she played a pretty good game. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:22 PM
x*Britney was a classic character. What about Rachel? NT
petite606/07/17 09:26 PM
x*she's alright, i like her fighting spirit but it bothered me when she started telling brendan that jeff was looking at her inappropriately while
sliver01306/07/17 09:36 PM
x*Rachel did have her crazy moments...I'm trying to see what you feel about controversial players lol. I loved her because she played hard
petite606/07/17 09:38 PM
x*Same here NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 11:12 AM
PinkAuraGirl06/07/17 04:56 PM
x*just say "Ika was against my fave, Ika got Neda before Neda could get Ika (that is, if you want to give credit to Ika for Neda's eviction)...
Poz06/07/17 06:05 PM
x*don't put words in my mouth. these are your words which tells me how you think or how you think i think and has nothing to do with reality. NT
sliver01306/07/17 09:16 PM
x*i'm just saying given your history, Ika being too nasty doesn't seem like a valid reason for why you think she's so terrible and caused the demise
Poz06/07/17 10:08 PM
x*then i think you need a history lesson but anyway...i have no problem with vulgarity, or crudeness. i think ika is actually a mean, cruel person.
sliver01306/07/17 10:51 PM
x*hmmm its really interesting you think Jason and Kyrssie have big hearts but Ika and Danielle are the mean & cruel people, Hmmm very interesting. NT
Dani06/08/17 08:56 AM
x*i said i wasn't sure about danielle. the dog issue is pretty damming especially as an animal lover and owner ... 3 dogs and 2 cats. NT
sliver01306/08/17 11:22 AM
x*I dont understand how people heard her explain that story and compare her to some evil animal abuser but its still odd you think Kryssie & jason have
Dani06/08/17 12:01 PM
x*lets not forget rubbing their armpits on pillows and stuff NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 05:03 PM
x*i think that at worst ika got off on intimidating jackie and making her cry, same with heather, same with her constant need to "get mad" at dem just
sliver01306/08/17 03:55 PM
x*Jackie was bsing! she cried to Bruno/Kevin for sympathy then to Neda. Neda wanted to use Jackie for a number. Ika didn't get mad at Dem
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 05:02 PM
x*i'm convinced...the "geeez" got me. NT
sliver01306/08/17 05:13 PM
x*Fine.. nice chatting with you NT
PinkAuraGirl06/08/17 05:18 PM
x* Ika didn't say she was coming on the show to play nice. She said she would be the villain. She owned her role, made it fun and I'm not sure who
petite606/08/17 12:15 PM
x*I wouldn't expect anything less from those pathetic, petty losers. A much better episode was when Sabrina played Ika for a fool. Good TV. NT
Blockhead06/07/17 10:40 AM
x*but you support Dan soooooo NT
petite606/07/17 10:41 AM
*Insight said They WANT to produce the show..So if theyre not the problem why doesnt Global let them go back to Slice if the issue is the ratings?
Dani360 1   06/07/17 08:40 AM
x*They are the problem. I hope after five seasons Shaw finally saw the light and decided to make the show what it was initially intended to be. Why
Corndogger06/07/17 10:55 AM
*I hope when it comes back we get a new host
jerry543420 2   06/07/17 08:19 AM
x*I like Arisa, but I agree with this. Arisa should be neutral, but instead she was pro Ika. Telling her she was the best to ever play the game
KristinAshley06/07/17 03:36 PM
x*Ika played BB like a competitive sport even when she couldn't win a HOH to save her life NT
petite606/07/17 03:39 PM
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