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Updates: Pilar and Kevin are definitely making out NT (89 min. ago)
Pilar is also in bed with Johnny and Kevin NT (96 min. ago)
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ForumAdmin183 0   Sticky Post
***Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting! (Edited 3/17/15)
Starr289 0   Sticky Post
*Posting Guidelines ~ UPDATED March 17, 2015
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*Why did someone post below that there was sex between Ash & Zach. I watched them and they did not even kiss! They just snuggled and whispered. NT
ScienceGirl15 5   03/29/15 02:04 AM
x*No kidding. They basically did nothing compared to Kevin and Pilar who did some kissing. No way would Ash have sex on camera with other people in
Corndogger03/29/15 02:11 AM
x*If Ash and Zach had sex the whole BB fandom would be going crazy NT
Energizerbunny03/29/15 02:09 AM
x*Wishful thinking. Someone is going to bone by the end of the week, it's inevitable. NT
AOLuser12503/29/15 02:08 AM
x*LOL I don't really see Ashleigh, Kevin, or Pilar doing that on camera. Zach maybe. NT
krh503803/29/15 02:16 AM
x*I don't see any of them having sex on camera. NT
Corndogger03/29/15 02:18 AM
*I actually really like Pilar and Kevin together. They're really cute and with all the flirting and kissing this season, dont think it'll hurt his game
annoyingg61 3   03/29/15 01:32 AM
x*The way they were cuddling and kissing in bed tonight I don't see how people can say he doesn't like her. He'll choose her over the guys if he
Corndogger03/29/15 01:48 AM
x*Kevin has come in with the intent to play the girls, he's not going to turn down some puppy love, but I think he's playing the cuddlemance card. NT
AOLuser12503/29/15 02:11 AM
x*Too early to tell, but he did pick her over cuddling with Johnny. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 01:52 AM
*I'm still wondering in whose bed Kevin and Pilar are in. NT
mokhashin11 2   03/29/15 01:15 AM
x*Pilar's, i think NT
Blackheart03/29/15 01:36 AM
x*see below NT
he200003/29/15 01:18 AM
*Brittnee wins 'Most Boring Award' from me. Brings absolutely nothing to the show, So Far. NT
AjCarl8 4   03/29/15 01:09 AM
x*apples/oranges for me- she like Ro from last season, mostly a non-player so far and she is OTB! NT
theritz03/29/15 02:05 AM
x*I find a good bit of them boring actually. NT
CassieS03/29/15 01:56 AM
x*For me Brit's a lot better than Naeha. NT
Corndogger03/29/15 01:49 AM
x*IA, but I'm gonna cut her some slack for a while since she's a have not and on the block. Maybe she'll perk up if she stays. NT
no1home03/29/15 01:29 AM
*WTH just happened? Who's sleeping with who? NT
Flav4 1   03/29/15 01:05 AM
x*Kevin with Pilar, Zach with Ashleigh. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 01:06 AM
*Imagine Bobby putting Zach up as replacement nom in his jealous tantrum. NT
mokhashin8 9   03/29/15 01:03 AM
x*Caleb( Bobby), Amber(Ash), Cody( Zach ) NT
he200003/29/15 01:05 AM
x*Yeah except I don't know if Zach has a Derrick to save his butt. NT
krh503803/29/15 01:08 AM
x*Jordan? NT
mokhashin03/29/15 01:14 AM
x*Yeah he would try but would Bobby listen to him since they're not aligned at all? NT
krh503803/29/15 01:24 AM
x*Graig and Bruno wouldn't let it happen because it would ruin the bros and the alliance. NT
rasuo03/29/15 01:46 AM
x*I would laugh....alot. NT
shelly88803/29/15 01:05 AM
x*That'd be far better than putting Ashleigh up for rejecting him. NT
krh503803/29/15 01:04 AM
x*Lol, I just said the same below. NT
Trish_8803/29/15 01:04 AM
x*That would be insane NT
PrimeThyme03/29/15 01:04 AM
*Bobby might just turn into the new Jessie and find another girl to try to get with. He's already on his second crush in 11 days. NT
krh50381 1   03/29/15 01:03 AM
x*Willow. They might have more in common they ever realised. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 01:04 AM
*Just realized this Bobby/Ashleigh/Zach/Willow situation is all VERY Dawson's Creek. NT
zolaesque0 0   03/29/15 01:00 AM
*Hope this turn of events allows Johnny to get back in the game and stop cuddlemancing his strategy away... NT
Spacefarer7 0   03/29/15 12:57 AM
*Pilar + Kevin kissing
PrimeThyme98 0   03/29/15 12:54 AM
*Really hope this doesn't hurt Kevin's game NT
CJC_201717 11   03/29/15 12:53 AM
x*I like Kevin, but he's awful at the social aspect of the game NT
AlphaDerp03/29/15 12:58 AM
x*um..everyone likes kevin right now..i dont see what you mean by he's awful? Are we watching different feeds? NT
annoyingg03/29/15 01:34 AM
x*He seems quite well liked, Johnny might be butthurt, but maybe not. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 01:01 AM
x*I'm not sure yet if this is going to hurt his game or not. Other than that he's been doing actually pretty decent being in the spot he's in. NT
CJC_201703/29/15 01:00 AM
x*How is he aweful? I don't see anything wrong with what he's doing! NT
ICBBsFuture03/29/15 01:00 AM
x*Funny, I was hoping it wouldn't hurt Pilar's and Ash's game, I couldn't care less about Zach and Kevin. NT
Blackheart03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*kevin may be this years Zach (to me) i really want to root for him but his game is so....bad! NT
shermeli03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*He's actually in a pretty good spot. Got himself off the block before the Veto even started. Just this in front of Zach idk... NT
CJC_201703/29/15 12:57 AM
x*agree kevin is ok for the moment, hope he has more game then Zach (last season) NT
shermeli03/29/15 12:59 AM
x*He has more game than Zach, but I think people are on to him.. (The whole balloon popping incident etc) NT
AlphaDerp03/29/15 01:06 AM
x*IMO that was just editing. They had 0 idea he popped the balloon. I think Sarah/B were just put off by his smoothness at the start NT
CJC_201703/29/15 01:09 AM
*poor jordan two of his alliance members ae in showmances now NT
Mishanb4 5   03/29/15 12:53 AM
x*I say they forget Jordan and Kev+Zach+Ash+Pil form an alliance and get rid of Jordan, + Chop Shop. NT
Blackheart03/29/15 12:58 AM
x*Would actually be a great play if they kept it under wraps NT
CJC_201703/29/15 01:03 AM
x*Agreed. I'd like that too NT
PrimeThyme03/29/15 12:59 AM
x*I wouldn't say Zach is in a showmance now. NT
krh503803/29/15 12:57 AM
x*oh *****...I just realized that!!! not good!! NT
ICBBsFuture03/29/15 12:57 AM
*Zach and Ash just threw their game out the window.. lol. Zach will be public enemy number one NT
AlphaDerp15 5   03/29/15 12:53 AM
x*sadly, just came back to the feeds, Ash was giving hand signals, just before the sex and never looked willing, just me here? NT
theritz03/29/15 01:01 AM
x*There was no sex. There was not even kissing! NT
ScienceGirl03/29/15 02:05 AM
x*I have nothing against Zach, but I'd laugh if Bobby gets pissed and puts him up as the replacement nom now. NT
Trish_8803/29/15 12:58 AM
x*Haha oops I guess he didn't think that one through. NT
krh503803/29/15 01:00 AM
x*why do you say that? NT
ICBBsFuture03/29/15 12:57 AM
*Thanks Canada, Johnny is likely saying right about now; perhaps, he will start campaigning for Pili to get backdoor - unlike the way he'd like...
Spacefarer34 0   03/29/15 12:52 AM
*Here's hoping Zach/Ashleigh's relationship keeps heating up. Should complicate everything most delightfully lol. NT
zolaesque6 5   03/29/15 12:51 AM
x*Bobby and Willow are going to flip. Both are already acting possessive. NT
CassieS03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*Let's hope Ashleigh has some bunny slippers so Bobby can go full on BMC NT
shelly88803/29/15 12:52 AM
x*"Ashleigh, just curious. What's your stance on bananas vis a vis pickles?" NT
zolaesque03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*For real LOL. NT
Blackheart03/29/15 12:56 AM
x*lol NT
shelly88803/29/15 12:55 AM
*Johnny is gonna be so butt hurt.. hahahaha NT
AlphaDerp5 2   03/29/15 12:51 AM
x*Johnny, Bobby and Willow. They just should align. The Bitter Betties. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 12:53 AM
x*lol NT
shelly88803/29/15 12:54 AM
*Is Johnny having a Glenn Close bunny moment off camera... NT
Spacefarer4 0   03/29/15 12:50 AM
*well I guess the k,j,s, and n alliance will be a no go....ooops...hahahaha NT
ICBBsFuture1 0   03/29/15 12:50 AM
*Kev/Pi engaging in long kisses... NT
Spacefarer19 12   03/29/15 12:48 AM
x*kissing 24/7 NT
he200003/29/15 12:51 AM
x*johnny lost his cuddlemance NT
Mishanb03/29/15 12:50 AM
x*pilar so manly NT
he200003/29/15 12:49 AM
x*Manly? She's this petite feminine little thing, nothing manly about her. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 12:51 AM
x*manly? no, but shes def the aggressor in this kissing tonight! NT
shermeli03/29/15 12:52 AM
x*it look like she raping the boy next door NT
he200003/29/15 12:58 AM
x*Most definitely! NT
no1home03/29/15 12:55 AM
x*Nothing wrong with that. NT
mokhashin03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*no judgement NT
shermeli03/29/15 12:54 AM
x*Yeah she's all innocent in the hot tub, but she's REALLY going at it in bed. NT
PrimeThyme03/29/15 12:53 AM
x*Zac/Ashleigh clearly aware of it and smirking NT
zolaesque03/29/15 12:49 AM
x*Yeah, they were both clearly watching Pil/Kev a min ago. NT
Blackheart03/29/15 12:50 AM
*Jeez Pilar, those two are going AT it. NT
zolaesque1 0   03/29/15 12:48 AM
*In whose bed is the Pilar, Kevin Johnny triangle happening? NT
mokhashin2 1   03/29/15 12:47 AM
x*I'm pretty sure Johnny left a long time ago. NT
Blackheart03/29/15 12:49 AM
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