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Updates: 1:21am Bobby, Bruno, and Willow said that if Diapers try to flip the votes and keep Sindy then they would pretend to go along (421 min. ago)
Willow tells Sarah that Bobby's veto is fake. NT (595 min. ago)
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*Really hope Zach and Kevin get evicted next. The two most secure HGs in the game have screwed themselves out of fear of making moves NT
shadow1230 3   04/27/15 06:22 AM
x*I want Zack and Kevin gone as well NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 06:30 AM
x*Zach should not have scorned Willow. She will get her revenge. NT
LillyNomad04/27/15 06:23 AM
x*Everyone can say what they want, I think willow has played one of the best games in there. It's not her fault other HGs screwed her over NT
shadow12304/27/15 06:26 AM
*You are not wrong, Brit. BB is a personal game. It is set-up that way. NT
WillRulz0 0   04/27/15 06:18 AM
*I'm loving this convo between Britt and God. Beth the murderous chicken! Even if he's totally making it up, it's hilarious! NT
ntua2 2   04/27/15 06:16 AM
x*Godfrey's Barnyard Tales! :) NT
WillRulz04/27/15 06:18 AM
x*Read up on life in Zimbabwe villages. The grinding poverty is widespread. Their lifestyle is, like, 50 years back. NT
LillyNomad04/27/15 06:22 AM
*I'm late on this but BB really does highlight what kind of people one doesn't like in real life. For me someone like Sarah in this house is
Jassie74 5   04/27/15 05:43 AM
x*My tastes are the opposite of yours. I really dislike testosterone alliances and like the more analytical observant types like Sarah. NT
treefrog04/27/15 06:32 AM
x*I'd give Sarah a break.she is miserable on slop for 2 weeks in a row and sees her hopeless situation despite struggling to form a strong alliance. NT
LillyNomad04/27/15 06:18 AM
x*The jocks calling the women stupid bitches to name a insult sure brings fun to the house. I dislike the douche alliances cause it's the same thing
BBFanJ04/27/15 06:15 AM
x*Yeah. Sarah is my least favorite. She is as bad if not worse then Sabrina. NT
eckomachine04/27/15 05:52 AM
x*I agree with alot of this. Sarah sucks. period. Love Pili's heart too. Kev is fun. God can be a hoot. But the horsemen? LOL NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:50 AM
*You're in Canada Godfrey, it's French. NT
Blackheart7 4   04/27/15 05:38 AM
x*Quebec is. The rest of Canada is not. NT
eckomachine04/27/15 05:56 AM
x*Parts of New Brunswick are also French. NT
sammyf04/27/15 06:08 AM
x*Well, French is our official second language, so not really. NT
ntua04/27/15 06:07 AM
x*The car is covered in a map and he was saying that the names on the hood of the car were Spanish. Brit said they were French and he wanted to argue NT
Blackheart04/27/15 06:07 AM
*I'm all for Diapers getting screwed over again NT
BBFanJ23 8   04/27/15 04:58 AM
x*Yup, they pooped themselves. Time for a diaper change. :) NT
LillyNomad04/27/15 05:12 AM
BBcbsRocks04/27/15 05:21 AM
x*I'd be ok with Zach leaving - he is a dud on feeds. I like the other 3. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:16 AM
x*Me too. Esp. since Ash has been stepping up her game. And I find Kevlar adorable. NT
Jassie04/27/15 05:21 AM
x*It's so adorable watching the ***** play her like a fool NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:25 AM
x*Wow, so aggressive. lol Yeah I don't see anything on the feeds to believe he is. Thanks though! NT
Jassie04/27/15 05:36 AM
x*LOL you're welcome but seriously I think Kevin is playing her NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 06:13 AM
x*Agreed. We see more on feeds to indicate what's going on than the 30 sec edited DR clip. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:53 AM
*Bruno & Bobby are so into taking out the Show-mances. They're in a Bro-mance. What's the difference? NT
LillyNomad37 6   04/27/15 04:55 AM
x*Bruno is using poor Bobby. Playing with his emotions. He is gonna be devastated. Weep. Weep. Sniffle. Sniffle. It is Big Brother dammit. :( NT
WillRulz04/27/15 06:20 AM
x*A bromance doesn't have cooties!! NT
banner_boy04/27/15 05:05 AM
colleenag04/27/15 05:09 AM
x*There isn't one. It's just a convenient excuse because the showmance alliance has been running the house. He's just butt hurt because Zach built
ntua04/27/15 04:59 AM
x*And Bruno has no room to talk - he considered taking a shot at Zach way back in week 3. He has always been thinking of a way to get him out NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:01 AM
x*No difference whatsoever. A strong pair is a strong pair. Bruno/Bobby, Britt/Sarah...etc They all are a pair in some way NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:57 AM
*When I went to bed, Willow and Zach were taking there first turn. Ash/Pili were supposed to be next. Can't find it in rewind. Did Kev/Pil do one NT
NSGirl108 10   04/27/15 04:08 AM
x*Sindy and Zach somehow ended up in the car after Willow was done and then Big Brother conveniently made the tire blow out so that Sindy and Zach had
ntua04/27/15 04:13 AM
x*From what I could piece together Brit and Sindy were supposed to be in the car together but Brit either had to go to the BR or got called to the DR
colleenag04/27/15 04:45 AM
x*Love it. I wish Zach would take Sindy up on her offer - I think she would be loyal if someone chose to work with her NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:48 AM
x*If Sindy stays, though, she's still gunning for Zach. She wants to work with Bruno and is lying to Zach. NT
ntua04/27/15 06:13 AM
x*Sorry i want Zach gone and no more allies NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 04:59 AM
x*I don't really care about Zach..but I want to see Pili/Kevin protected. If 1 of them has to go, I am happy to lose Zach. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:00 AM
x*I want Kevin gone along with Zach Down with the Diapers!! NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:01 AM
x*Yes, so you have said. LOL I don't think Diapers are solid - Ash already talking about her/Pil having to let boys go, etc. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:03 AM
x*LOL I sure it happens soon ! Ashs game is better if she cuts out the trash(Zach) NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:04 AM
x*AHH, so there weren't other couples. Got it. I was wondering why I couldn't find anyone else taking a turn. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:16 AM
*Brit's in trouble! :-o Zach is thinking about keeping Sindy and so is Bruno. Bruno has talked to Bobby about it and Bruno asked Willow about whether
ntua201 19   04/27/15 03:03 AM
x*No -listening to Bruno/B clip now and they dismissed the idea -were just talking hypothetically NT
HES04/27/15 03:35 AM
x*Of course Bobby would dismiss it cause she is after him. But, I think Bruno just might consider it. This is how he started last week too. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:10 AM
x*Bobby is considering it too! He thinks that Sindy is a better competitor (which she is) and that if he ever gets put up on the block against her, he
ntua04/27/15 04:18 AM
x*I know, but you need to listen to the Bobby, Bruno, Willow convo later. Bruno tries to bring it up again to Bobby & Willow, but Willow misunderstood.
ntua04/27/15 03:45 AM
x*Will go back and listen. I could see Bruno thinking this way -meanwhile Sindy def at least giving Zach food for thought w her campaigning NT
HES04/27/15 04:01 AM
x*I would love to see Sindy stay over Britt NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:17 AM
x*That would make me sad... NT
ntua04/27/15 04:44 AM
x*I want to see Sarah weakened. I hate that Willow runs to her with everything. I can tolerate Sindy more. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:49 AM
x*Not a huge fan of Sarah, either. But she has actually been good for Willow's game. Before this whole get rid of JP thing, Willow had zero allies.
ntua04/27/15 04:57 AM
x*I want to see Diapers get screwed over again they are bigger threats NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 04:51 AM
x*I don't know why people say that - they are way outnumbered and everyone is targeting them. I think the biggest threat in the house is BRUNO NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:58 AM
x*0ver comp threats like Zach and Kevin? Please NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:02 AM
x*YUP. Bruno is a comp threat PLUS he has the best social game. This is Bruno's game to lose right now. He is the most powerful in the house NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:04 AM
x*Well to be fair I want Bruno Bobby Zach and Kevin gone. NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:09 AM
x*At least you are an equal opportunist. I want Sarah & Brit gone the most - then Willow and Bobby. NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:20 AM
x*Sarah and Britt are two of the reasons I'm holding on this season and I'm liking Willow/Sara alliance Bobby can ***** off lol NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:27 AM
x*Well, he is now... Bruno was smart. BB is a marathon, not a sprint. Unlike Zach who came out of the gates charging, Bruno is peaking at the right
ntua04/27/15 05:01 AM
x*He's played smarter than Zach. Even when he 'turned on people' he never really did it so blatantly that they hated him. Zach still trusts him *DUH* NT
NSGirl04/27/15 05:07 AM
x*4 people to Brunos 3 plus I can't stand them NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:01 AM
*Hated Cindy before, started to like the new and improved Cindy, but now I wish she would just STFU and take all the damn sequester talk to jury NT
chitowngrlncali6 1   04/27/15 01:28 AM
x*agree and her voice is grating now NT
XoXoXoX04/27/15 02:29 AM
*Just watched the episode. I cracked up along with God when Pili couldn't answer his question if she was a player or a number. He's the best troll. NT
krh503824 1   04/27/15 01:24 AM
x*Still mad they didn't include the God segment w the "bring my bike to the chop shop" line to reveal he knew, &the scrambling of the CS that followed
HES04/27/15 03:37 AM
*watched the last episode while lounging in soaker tub. So how does everyone feel about Kevin's opinion of Pilar? i think its kinda mean considering he
AceRimmer172 8   04/27/15 01:03 AM
x*To be fair, it may have just been the DR prompting him to say stuff like that. I need to hear more. NT
banner_boy04/27/15 01:08 AM
x*Did you watch the feeds last night, she cried and he was like blank. NT
carol84c04/27/15 01:13 AM
x*Do you have a time for when this happened? I don't see it Bookmarked. NT
Corndogger04/27/15 01:40 AM
x*I think Kevin may be a cyborg. NT
krh503804/27/15 01:26 AM
x*lol NT
shelly88804/27/15 01:34 AM
x*Nope, I missed all of last night! So I don't know how intense/blanky that was. NT
banner_boy04/27/15 01:14 AM
x*It was pretty humiliating for her. At least I felt humiliated for her. NT
carol84c04/27/15 01:15 AM
x*I discussed it before but i thought it was kind of dark especially about the wanting total control over her. NT
SarahEva04/27/15 01:04 AM
*Willow's spot on about Kevin, who is Kevin! Does he have emotions, is he a robot... all he does is make weird noises and make out with Pili and
SarahEva103 3   04/27/15 01:01 AM
x*When was this impersonation??? NT
banner_boy04/27/15 01:07 AM
x*Don't know the exact time, about 3 hours ago or so when talking in the bedroom with Bruno/Bobby F3 she did it like 4 times. NT
SarahEva04/27/15 01:09 AM
x*Sadly I missed it while watching Silicon Valley, Last Man on Earth, and Last Week Tonight. NT
banner_boy04/27/15 01:12 AM
*Was looking for something on a past episode and found this shot of Graig doing game talk while on the toilet. wtf. uh, nice one, Graig.
banner_boy147 7   04/27/15 12:43 AM
x*The Cringa Ninja. NT
M0shPit04/27/15 01:32 AM
x*WTF?! He's taking a dump with Willow there with him? How did we miss that before? lol NT
Corndogger04/27/15 01:08 AM
x*I think it was before the feeds came on but it was on the show. NT
krh503804/27/15 01:10 AM
x*No, it was episode 3 or so, so awhile into feeds. I think bobby was hoh, he was in bathroom too. NT
banner_boy04/27/15 01:13 AM
x*Yeah, it was on feeds. He was first talking to Bobby and Willow walked in. I know of a link to it if anyone cares that much PM for it. NT
SarahEva04/27/15 01:24 AM
x*Thanks but no thanks :p NT
krh503804/27/15 01:27 AM
x*Lol don't blame ya. It was kind of funny at the time but nah. NT
SarahEva04/27/15 01:27 AM
*Do you guys think Sindy convinced Zach. Not that it makes a difference at this point. But do you think he bought it NT
carol84c59 14   04/26/15 11:17 PM
x*Zach's not that smart, plus he knows he's next up, so he's going to consider it. But once he gets resistance from Pili, he might just give up. NT
ntua04/26/15 11:25 PM
x*Over Britt though. I mean Britt is not a comp beast and he does have a friendship with her. A weird one. NT
carol84c04/26/15 11:31 PM
x*I didn't think it was weird before, but now I do. He seems to follow her around way more than she does him. Yet he claims to dislike her. NT
CassieS04/26/15 11:35 PM
x*Well he did tell JP that he didn't want to be associated with Ash for a showmance cause he wanted to keep his options open with Britt or Willow. NT
krh503804/27/15 12:19 AM
x*He clearly didn't follow that through since everyone associates them as a showmance. NT
CassieS04/27/15 12:20 AM
x*Obviously. Point being if he named Britt then he doesn't nothing her LOL NT
krh503804/27/15 01:09 AM
x*I think he was horny that night and it happen. Have you seen them talk it's like zero chemistry. He never does something sweet 4 her NT
carol84c04/27/15 12:25 AM
x*Yup.Their convos are painful to watch. Clearly they share a physical attraction and nothing else. Zach being a wet rag really doesn't help matters. NT
CassieS04/27/15 12:35 AM
x*100% NT
carol84c04/27/15 12:36 AM
x*Yep it's messed up. I don't know he also gets a kick out of her being upset. It's like every 5 min she needs to go then go have a convo with her NT
carol84c04/26/15 11:38 PM
x*I know! It's seriously love/hate... NT
ntua04/26/15 11:32 PM
x*I kind of hope so. If Bruno/Bobby/Willow plan to blindside them again. NT
shelly88804/26/15 11:20 PM
x*And Ash will probably be included in that vote. NT
chitowngrlncali04/27/15 12:02 AM
carol84c04/26/15 11:25 PM
*I cant wait for Kevin to go out in a Matt Hoffman throw HoH style NT
Bbfan601917 3   04/26/15 11:11 PM
x*JP already had the Matt moment last week. NT
Blackheart04/26/15 11:15 PM
x*That was veto NT
Bbfan601904/26/15 11:16 PM
x*Yes, that would be excellent! NT
kmjm04/26/15 11:14 PM
*Well I was hoping for some Ash + Pilar screen time but I haven't seen either of them at all in the 4 hours I've been logged on, I'm going to bed. NT
Blackheart24 4   04/26/15 11:07 PM
x*Also BB, what with giving them this 24 hour task and then letting them sleep all night? I figured we'd have someone to watch all night long. NT
Blackheart04/26/15 11:07 PM
x*they probably didn't want to pay for people on hand in case stuff broke, etc. NT
banner_boy04/26/15 11:08 PM
x*I guess triple A (Or CAA) wasn't available til morning. NT
Blackheart04/26/15 11:14 PM
x*Well, they did last night with a booze party starting at 2:30 am! This is so lame. NT
kmjm04/26/15 11:13 PM
*So Pilar wins veto does she use it on Kevin or Ashleigh NT
Bbfan601951 11   04/26/15 10:55 PM
x*She would keep Kevin. The other nite she asked Kevin if Za/Ash were on the block and they had to choose, what should they do? Kev is her #1 NT
NSGirl04/27/15 04:32 AM
x*Kevin will propose if he has to NT
Willizdabomb04/26/15 11:00 PM
x*Sorry Kev im into girls NT
Bbfan601904/26/15 11:02 PM
x*lol, I've always said Ash and pili have more chemistry with each other than they do with the guys. NT
Blackheart04/26/15 11:08 PM
x*I'd rather Ash and P had the showmance! NT
BBFanJ04/27/15 05:05 AM
x*If she thinks about the game, Ash; but Pili's not thinking about game at this moment, so Kevin. NT
ntua04/26/15 10:58 PM
x*Ya it's a DE I think Kev but a normal veto Ash NT
Bbfan601904/26/15 10:59 PM
x*Holy crap, watching Pilar in a live DE HOH or POV if she had the power would be amusing. NT
banner_boy04/26/15 11:03 PM
x*I don't think I could take it! NT
kmjm04/26/15 11:06 PM
x*gone are the days of INstant decisions. they always let them have a few moments to talk to their alliance. NT
AceRimmer04/27/15 12:57 AM
x*Ash NT
bbtisrigged04/26/15 10:55 PM
*I just had a thought. If Zach, Kev and Ash leave, who would Pilar try to work with? IMO she would be lost and confused. NT
Blackheart33 7   04/26/15 10:50 PM
x*shes lost and confused now. NT
AceRimmer04/27/15 12:59 AM
x*I think if Kev and Ash leave she's screwed. She barely talks to Zach. She would definitely try to cling to Willow. NT
shelly88804/26/15 10:55 PM
x*Maybe she'd DOR? NT
LilKsweezy04/26/15 10:52 PM
x*She'd come crawling back to Willow and I'm sure Sarah and Britt would be glad to take her in. NT
krh503804/26/15 10:51 PM
x*Godfrey he will keep Kevin girl warm NT
Bbfan601904/26/15 10:51 PM
x*Hahaha I almost said Godfrey but I think he thinks she's too stupid. NT
krh503804/26/15 10:58 PM
x*Willy NT
rando11104/26/15 10:51 PM
*ash will put up bbg i think kevin will throw it zach is prob the only one who will get rid of s and b NT
Mishanb9 2   04/26/15 10:48 PM
x*Well, it's the smart play. Right now, Sarah & Britt are the weakest competitors in the house. NT
ntua04/26/15 10:51 PM
x*No, I think he would go after the guys too. It's no "too soon" any more. NT
Blackheart04/26/15 10:51 PM
*Ya Willow did her game talk for the next month back to her old habits NT
Bbfan60195 1   04/26/15 10:38 PM
x*So is she crying or bouncing off the walls? NT
Blackheart04/26/15 10:49 PM
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