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*Together For Tilly (Blog link)
ForumAdmin738 0   Sticky Post
*BB Alumni...what is it for? - Updated May 20/09
ForumAdmin9681 0   Sticky Post
*Season 8 Evel Dick hit by a car. Maybe...
Hidef10802859 4   04/19/14 02:38 PM
x*He was not in a fight. He fell off his bike. Check Twitter if you want the correct story. NT
SpinEcho04/22/14 04:14 AM
x*Must have missed that tweet about where he says he only tweets true and factual events. NT
IceColdBeer04/22/14 07:13 AM
x*Ireland thugs hate e.d.
BBnightmarez04/19/14 11:36 PM
x*Looks like he made a lot of friends in Ireland. NT
IceColdBeer04/19/14 03:30 PM
*Dr. Michele Ross: Expert: #Selfie #Addiction May Cause Mental Illness
Dreamer1319 0   04/19/14 04:33 AM
*Lawon Exum: HandsomFied Always Went GREEN....CATCH IT!!!...#GreenMask #HandsomFied
Dreamer259 0   04/19/14 04:32 AM
*Just checked twitter, no updates on Evel's "car" accident...hope he is alright...didn't go to the hospital/ see link
colleenag981 14   04/18/14 12:39 PM
x*Producers did it too him cus of his pathetic early leave from BB13
BBnightmarez04/18/14 03:17 PM
x*hope he's okay. :/ NT
Megs04/18/14 01:11 PM
x*what kind of a weirdo would post pics like that ?? desperate cry for help i'd call it/ ED go to rehab plzzzz. i hate you but dont want you to walk
AceRimmer04/18/14 12:56 PM
x*Yet he still finds time to tweet, wtf?? Btw, to the person who tweeted "Could have been a Danielle fan" *slow clap* NT
RatFloater04/18/14 12:55 PM
x*Looks more like he mouthed off to the wrong Irishman! NT
bugiardi04/18/14 12:41 PM
x*Was he wasted? I don't get how he doesn't know what happened. NT
DamnAnts04/18/14 12:43 PM
x*Concussions are no joke! he should have gone to the hospital, Probably got smashed in the face with a bottle. NT
bugiardi04/18/14 12:46 PM
x*If he got hit by a car then there would likely be other injuries too. NT
DamnAnts04/18/14 12:49 PM
x*Said he only had 2 beers. NT
colleenag04/18/14 12:44 PM
x*If it was two pints of Guinness, he might have been wasted. Strange story. Regardless, he should go hospital. NT
DamnAnts04/18/14 12:46 PM
x*"Pretty sure..."?? He doesn't know what happened? He should go to the hospital - looks awful! NT
DamnAnts04/18/14 12:40 PM
x*ITA. Head injuries are very serious. NT
colleenag04/18/14 12:41 PM
x*Yep. Look at what happened to Liam Neeson's wife. NT
GetEmDrunk04/18/14 12:48 PM
x*You are reading my mind and she didn't have half the facial wounds! NT
colleenag04/18/14 12:50 PM
* Jeff Schroeder part of Waiting for Wishes charity event last night in Nashville.
ScottySayz1265 0   04/16/14 09:06 AM
*Lydia on the Bravo show "Online Rituals of the American Male" She had pictures posted online of herself with long black hair. When the guy showed
nycszq2382 5   04/09/14 12:26 PM
x*Here's a short vid clip: Adey thinks Lydia's a long-haired brunette. Well, now she's a pixie-cut blonde.
Dreamer04/10/14 12:10 AM
BBnightmarez04/10/14 06:14 AM
x*Wow, that was cold, he wanted to leave cause she had short hair? Lol NT
rapidrewind04/10/14 05:49 AM
x*there are leg guys, boob guys, ass guys, and even hair guys, too. For example, my hubby would NEVER date a blonde, just his preference. NT
DonnaP04/11/14 11:04 AM
x*I would hope he would never date a blond because he's already married. ;) NT
bohemiangirl04/15/14 11:30 AM
*Spring Update (Britney Haynes blog)
Cindy4204 5   04/02/14 03:53 PM
x*What a blessing! Thanks for posting it, Cindy. Yay for reprieves! NT
BigGirlPanties04/06/14 04:13 PM
x*Thanks for the update Cindy. Still praying for Baby Tilly. She is such a beautiful child, just like her mom. Glad Tilly is doing well. NT
Brn2Wander04/06/14 07:30 AM
x*thanks cindy :) NT
Belle04/03/14 02:04 PM
x*Yay - what a wonderful update! I have continued to keep Britney, Tilly and her family in my prayers. <3 NT
MykaDawn77704/02/14 07:26 PM
x*God Bless Tilly! NT
FurnitureAlliance04/02/14 04:05 PM
*Natalie Lynn Cunial: A cutie patootie picture of me & my son, Atreyu ;o) #atreyu #babies #mylove #love #life #create
Dreamer2238 3   03/31/14 10:24 PM
IwantHOH04/02/14 07:18 PM
x*I agree Natalie was the best thing about BB9 NT
FurnitureAlliance04/03/14 03:22 PM
x*omg He's a carbon copy of her NT
FurnitureAlliance03/31/14 10:59 PM
*Jessie's new MUSIC VIDEO was just released on SPIKE TV!!! Yes, I said...MUSIC VIDEO!!!! LOL
Flapjack712 1   03/31/14 05:56 PM
x*Watched part of it and... have no words. NT
bbjade04/02/14 09:14 AM
*Big Brother HGs Reunite & Party It Up [PHOTOS]
FurnitureAlliance1163 0   03/31/14 02:50 PM
*A new trailer is our featuring Kristen Bitting on Treasure Kings on ReelzChannel.
DaveG1007 2   03/27/14 04:56 AM
x*Kristen seems to be a real go-getter. Isn't this the third show she's been a regular on? NT
kosmos03/28/14 03:46 PM
x*Thanks for posting. Good for her. NT
GazingEyes03/27/14 08:11 AM
*ABSOLUTELY CRAZY VIDEO of Jessie on a Tokyo, Japan PPV. He wins the match and becomes a SPIKE TV IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champ for the second time.
Flapjack769 2   03/23/14 12:16 PM
x*Good for of my most memorable BB moments was his "funeral"..that was hilarious. NT
TylenolPMSheila03/28/14 03:25 PM
x*he was such a cartoony character on bb, i'm not surprised hes doing so well in real life NT
AceRimmer03/23/14 05:33 PM
*Boogie hit with $10.5 Million Judgment
FurnitureAlliance2568 9   03/22/14 03:44 AM
x*Doesn't surprise me. He's a douchebag. NT
jaybird283103/23/14 11:13 AM
x*One from 2011: Allegations of incestuous role-playing punctuate legal back-and-forth between celebrity attorney and “Big Brother” alum
Dreamer03/23/14 02:30 AM
x*O.M.G. I never knew this about him. I really couldn't care less. I couldn't stand what he said about Erika in public on BB7 Finale night.NT
GazingEyes03/23/14 05:45 AM
x*what kind of landlord waits 8 years for rent? NT
zagger03/22/14 09:15 AM
x*Maybe they are suing for the rent for the period of the lease. I thought that restaurant closed down after a couple of years? NT
Whirley03/22/14 05:25 PM
x*Probably are suing for the full amount of the lease. I do know the restaurant was not open long at all. NT
ELPhill03/23/14 08:42 PM
x*Uncle Jerry NT
Karina8603/22/14 09:22 AM
FurnitureAlliance03/22/14 12:38 PM
x*wow NT
CaboWabo03/22/14 06:10 AM
*Rachel Reilly's New Show Reality Relapse
RealityNerd12342022 3   03/20/14 10:02 PM
x*She talks about Mike Boogies $10mill lawsuit .......
minncat04/16/14 04:00 AM
x*She is just as obnoxious as I suspected.I lasted about 15 seconds! NT
Mazita04/16/14 07:11 AM
x*yes, she's trying to hard. She should just be herself, that's enough. NT
minncat04/18/14 03:12 AM
*TMZ article about Michele: "Kaiser Ignored My Pain Placed Me On Psych Hold"
Corndogger1784 0   03/18/14 02:46 PM
*Dr. Michele Ross's latest tweet (very odd):
BBcbsRocks4443 38   03/15/14 07:13 AM
x*I said that girl was not right in the head when she was on BB. NT
TylenolPMSheila03/28/14 03:31 PM
x*maybe if she wins the veto, she can get out of Kaiser NT
CaboWabo03/22/14 06:12 AM
x*LOL she called TMZ!!
shermeli03/18/14 01:40 PM
x*Looks like she had a boob job NT
FurnitureAlliance03/18/14 01:57 PM
x*She is just reaching. She is no longer relevant and looking for a way for people to think about her again. Pathetic! NT
MykaDawn77703/18/14 11:21 AM
x*If she was under a 72 hour watch she would not have access to a computer/cell phone etc. These would be taken away. How did she tweet this? NT
GazingEyes03/16/14 05:38 AM
x*Sad, she really must not have anybody stable in her life who cares about her, she's constantly looking for strangers to help. Hope she gets care NT
AwfuLeeHandsome03/15/14 11:48 AM
x*Could be part of her illness NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:05 PM
x*She burned her bridge with her real family after BB and decided to associate with losers. Can't say the downfall was unexpected. NT
Heronimo03/15/14 01:21 PM
x*Howso? NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:05 PM
x*When she got out of the house, apparently, she was like a different person. Told her husband she was divorcing him, moving to LA, getting implants,...
Heronimo03/15/14 03:32 PM
x*Ugh. I do hope she gets the help she needs ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 03:41 PM
x*if she is having mental health issues, she's already pushed away the stable people in her life.. or they just can't deal with it anymore.. NT
AngieBaby03/15/14 11:57 AM
x*Could her husband have given them authorization to do this? NT
Corndogger03/15/14 11:25 AM
x*they don't need authorization if they feel you are a danger to yourself or to others.. no one can just "authorize" it.. can you imagine how many
AngieBaby03/15/14 11:35 AM
x*Family members can initiate the process if certain conditions are present. Varies by state. I just find it weird that Michele's been in the
Corndogger03/15/14 11:47 AM
x*you are right of course.. i hope she gets what ever help she needs.. NT
AngieBaby03/15/14 11:55 AM
x*Amen to that NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:06 PM
x*Anyone expecting to see a "Gofundme Get Out of the Pysch Ward" page? NT
SG803/15/14 10:52 AM
x*very sad but probably just a matter of time but I don't believe she is locked up she couldn't have made the post if she was :( NT
Belle03/17/14 12:37 PM
x*Without a doubt NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:50 PM
x*maybe they can help her. NT
Megs03/15/14 10:48 AM
x*Guess that means she has ins now.. Kaiser is a private facility .. NT
AngieBaby03/15/14 10:47 AM
x*Sounds to me like she's exactly where she needs to be. NT
cantgetenough03/15/14 08:01 AM
x*Shut the front door lmao NT
kathyG03/15/14 08:00 AM
x*Michelle either has the worst luck lately or she's finally getting some much needed help. NT
markthespot80803/15/14 07:51 AM
x*she needs to be in psych ward...good move on their part NT
MsRevRay03/15/14 07:40 AM
x*Oh yeah...#craycray NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 03:01 PM
x*she made the mistake of saying her pain was so bad, she wants to die. Doctors don't take that kind of talk lightly. NT
crazyq03/15/14 07:27 AM
x*Something is off though because I don't think they'd let you tweet and such when you're in a psych ward! NT
Karina8603/15/14 07:30 AM
x*I wouldn't think they'd be able to take your personal property. IDK NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:09 PM
x*They will take all and anything that they think will cause harm shoe laces sharp objects etc NT
kathyG03/15/14 02:45 PM
x*That yes but a cell phone or tablet? NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:47 PM
x*Yep cause of the battery NT
kathyG03/15/14 02:51 PM
x*Could be, in that case, she smuggled a phone in. Maybe it's confiscated by now NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 02:59 PM
x*Bingo..... the cell phone can be used to harm ones self NT
kathyG03/15/14 08:01 AM
x*she mentioned that they took away her phone for several hours. Who knows? NT
crazyq03/15/14 07:59 AM
x*Exactly what I was thinking. NT
sailingsan03/15/14 07:31 AM
*Big Brother" star GinaMarie Zimmerman who called welfare "n*insurance" on the show and got fired from her job as a result says all is now good
Camlawnman2364 5   03/09/14 12:30 PM
x*I find the term "haters" in this instance, ridiculous. I hate racism. Isn't that normal? Doesn't make me a hater. SHE'S the hater. and PS:
Jenerrific71303/15/14 08:15 PM
x*You can hate what a person did, but tweeting the hate to them is what makes them "haters". If they hate her so much, they should just avoid her. NT
FurnitureAlliance03/15/14 11:03 PM
x*OK, I didn't watch a minute of BB so I have no opinion on this. If you are a better person than her, please raise your hand. NT
DaveG03/15/14 08:31 PM
x*Since I don't go around disrespecting different races etc., yes I will raise my hand. NT
MyBestBud03/16/14 10:58 AM
x*Only in her own mind. Oh wait, she has a lot of empty space in that head of hers. NT
MyBestBud03/09/14 05:31 PM
*McCrae sighting in West Palm Beach Florida!!!
Papi4U1803 2   03/07/14 03:16 PM
x*That is so cool! I've never met a BB'er fun! NT
Karina8603/07/14 04:33 PM
x*I have but not in person. But I have met someone from The Bachelor. NT
BBAnnie03/08/14 05:45 PM
*Marcellas Reynolds ~ Oscars Best & Worst Dressed appearance!
Dreamer912 1   03/03/14 01:49 PM
x*Thanks for that! Who knew he was a fashion consultant on Fox? NT
FurnitureAlliance03/08/14 02:14 AM
*How cool is this? SPIKE TV put out a Jessie T-Shirt...and it's a BEST SELLER!!
Flapjack577 0   03/02/14 11:51 PM
*Brendon and Rachel on Jimmy Kimmel
Whirley2285 4   02/28/14 09:21 AM
x*Lmao NT
GetEmDrunk03/01/14 05:06 AM
FurnitureAlliance03/01/14 05:01 AM
x*Was going to post this, but they didn't have it online yet after I watched the show. NT
M3gabyt303/01/14 01:48 AM
x*Kimmel is a genius. NT
jaybird283102/28/14 02:03 PM
*Kristen Bitting has landed a role in a TV series. ReelzChannel's Original Reality Series TREASURE KING to Premiere 4/2.
Corndogger1351 0   02/24/14 08:56 PM
*Watching "Millionaire Matchmaker" lol thought I saw our Michele, the bisexual Sexpot.she made it to the "mixer" on the first gay lesbian millionaire
colleenag2453 6   02/14/14 03:03 PM
x*yuck, michelle, seen her on a few shows,reality whore,still trying to keep her 15 minutes of nonfame up NT
kelwin02/20/14 10:02 PM
x*That was old news, apparently she has found her Prince and is now living in LA. NT
IceColdBeer02/15/14 05:47 AM
x*My daughter is filming a show for MTV and it is all bullsh*t...she is suppose to be getting back together with her ex-boyfriend ...
kindaobsessed02/28/14 09:57 PM
x*Yes, I was watching it going "Is that our Michele?" The blonde hair kinda threw me. I also saw Sheila on MM a while back...she looked cute but
colleenag02/15/14 05:54 AM
x*Evidently Michelle was on that show last May . . .
Dreamer02/15/14 05:15 AM
x*Thank you for sharing this! Wow, never knew that about Patti! OMG! LOL so funny the terms used "pillow princess" 2 funny! NT
colleenag02/15/14 05:27 AM
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