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*BB Alumni...what is it for? - Updated May 20/09
ForumAdmin10913 0   Sticky Post
*Jessie tours Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday, Manchester on Friday and performs at giant WEMBLEY ARENA in London in front of 12,500 fans on Saturday...
Flapjack261 1   01/27/15 01:16 PM
x*Great for him!! NT
GazingEyes01/29/15 08:41 AM
*Jessie on Feast or FIRED!!!
Flapjack965 2   01/22/15 08:34 PM
x*its nice to know that Jessie has found the perfect niche for his character. While it drove us a bit nuts in the house, i find him hilarious now. NT
AceRimmer01/29/15 09:48 AM
x*Thanks for posting! Jessie is still hilarious! Good luck to him & his Bromans Team! NT
GazingEyes01/23/15 11:07 AM
*Jessie Godderz Big Brother and Rob Strauss Amazing Race 25
realityjunkie451432 1   01/22/15 05:53 PM
x*Thanks for posting. Good luck to him! NT
GazingEyes01/23/15 11:11 AM
*Britney is a mommy again <3 Congrats on Baby #2 Brit Brit
Dani3841 8   01/16/15 10:18 AM
x*Awe. I love Brittany. I wish her all the best. NT
TrueNes01/19/15 06:37 AM
x*How adorable! I wish them the best of health and luck! NT
GazingEyes01/17/15 08:54 AM
x*Awe, so happy for her & her hubby.. here's hoping her little girl is healthy this time!! NT
AlphaDerp01/16/15 07:44 PM
x*Has Brit said what they named the baby? NT
Corndogger01/16/15 11:38 AM
x*I had no idea she was even pregnant again. Congratulations to her! NT
cantgetenough01/16/15 10:23 AM
x*we had a baby bump discussion here a couple of months ago :) NT
Belle01/16/15 10:53 AM
x*YUP. It was pretty obvious it was a bump :) NT
NSGirl01/16/15 12:16 PM
x*I remember that now that you've mentioned it but had totally forgotten she was pregnant. NT
Corndogger01/16/15 11:34 AM
*Short YouTube clip of a photo shoot Kristen did with fashion photographer and director Clif Ellis. Very hot! Link inside.
Corndogger1994 0   01/11/15 05:14 PM
*Soap Opera Network article on Jessie's big announcement (talks about Big Brother)
Flapjack2148 0   01/04/15 07:35 PM
*MAJOR Breaking News about Jessie!!! Please Retweet
Flapjack3779 4   01/02/15 09:26 AM
x*So happy for Jesse. His dream continues to be his reality through is dedication, determination and perseverance. Good for Jesse! NT
CougarSpy01/02/15 03:47 PM
x*I could have sworn I watched his funeral on TV years ago,but he keeps coming back from the dead NT
outsidedahouse01/02/15 03:13 PM
x*LOLOL Good one! NT
Mazita01/02/15 03:40 PM
x*If Jesse is smart, he is investing his earnings from the fake foolery called wrestling. He has taken his 15 minutes and made a decent showing. NT
kaper01/02/15 03:23 PM
*Ariana & Frankie Grande Answer Fan Questions for Christmas
Camlawnman1423 1   12/31/14 09:11 AM
x*They have fans????? NT
grannymama01/03/15 01:18 PM
*Excellent #edible wisdom from @drmicheleross !
Dreamer694 0   12/31/14 06:19 AM
*Merry Christmas from the Brenchels. Cool pic from Rachel inside even if it is totally non-Christmas related!
Corndogger2960 2   12/25/14 07:06 PM
x*Nice pic! I like how the sunset is glowing around them. That Rachel, she's a tough cookie standing there with her man and dog for all the world to
colleenag12/26/14 05:11 AM
x*Here's a clearer pic from Rachel that includes Benz. Tweet inside.
Corndogger12/25/14 07:15 PM
*All dressed & ready to go! @bbjordanlloyd gonna be a great night! #happyholidays
ScottySayz4555 7   12/20/14 06:11 PM
x*wow, they are such a good looking couple! hope for the best for them. NT
dollady12/28/14 11:35 AM
x*They look stunning as always! NT
debbiedu2212/20/14 07:00 PM
x*They look great!
colleenag12/20/14 06:35 PM
x*Could that be window curtains? They both do look stunning. NT
GazingEyes12/22/14 08:37 AM
x*Lol, they must be regular curtains? It just instantly reminded me of a shower curtain the way the rod went through the rings. NT
colleenag12/22/14 10:26 AM
x*Maybe JeJo like to put their tree in the bathroom. That would explain the shower curtains. NT
Corndogger12/25/14 07:07 PM
x*Still the most gorgeous couple ever. NT
pdson12/20/14 06:24 PM
*Merry Christmas from Rachel and Benz. Pic inside.
Corndogger3001 3   12/13/14 06:50 PM
x*Where's her man??? NT
Neva4getme12/16/14 09:26 AM
x*Great pic ~ love it! NT
debbiedu2212/15/14 05:21 PM
x*That's one good-looking dog! Rachel has a nice smile... NT
eibeh00712/14/14 08:23 PM
*I am so confused. Inside is an article about ED, essentially a brief biography and his recent revelation about being infected with HIV...
colleenag3991 3   12/09/14 04:01 PM
x*The girl on the show is definitely named Stephanie. It's just not the same girlfriend he lived in Denver with and was almost or engaged to at that
Lex12/10/14 02:21 PM
x*Wow, thanks for the info. I find it hard to believe that both Couples Therapy and the magazine who interviewed him allowed a different person
colleenag12/10/14 02:29 PM
x*There stopped being a nexus between entertainment and fact long ago. The ends now fully justify the means. NT
DaveG12/19/14 03:25 PM
*Jessie needs our help!
Flapjack3602 3   12/02/14 06:53 PM
x*Done! NT
GazingEyes12/04/14 08:33 PM
x*Done. NT
Vixter12/03/14 12:52 PM
x*Thanks! Don't know anything about wrestling, but voted Jessie's TheBroMans. I like the kid and am glad he is doing his dream. NT
CougarSpy12/02/14 07:09 PM
*This thursday night Chef Joe Arvin will be competing on The Taste. NT
jentaywind1744 5   12/02/14 07:55 AM
x*LOL. Poor Chef Joe. He should have told them he came up with the name for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. NT
Pumpkindrizzle12/18/14 07:01 PM
x*He did great and on a wonderful team. NT
KataGarbo12/05/14 12:21 PM
x*Joe was also on Cutthroat Kitchen a week or so ago and did a great job. NT
IceColdBeer12/02/14 09:47 AM
x*I saw him on Cutthroat Kitchen. I recognized him by that ugly white fungus on his chin. Was hard to look at him since I find that look repulsive. NT
CougarSpy12/02/14 07:12 PM
x*i hope he makes it! i like that show! NT
rapidrewind12/02/14 08:23 AM
*Happy Thanksgiving from Elissa, Brendon and Rachel. Nice face Rachel! Pic inside.
Corndogger3368 0   11/27/14 07:14 PM
*frankie grande at the abc amas tonight nice shirt
Camlawnman3501 3   11/23/14 04:16 PM
x*lol dumb NT
FurnitureAlliance11/23/14 04:18 PM
x*looks ridiculous as usual. NT
Semi11/24/14 05:14 AM
x*Is his mom still living? Maybe she should have dressed him. NT
Caramel11/24/14 09:54 AM
*Jessie set to star in a new animated television series
Flapjack2641 0   11/18/14 02:44 PM
*Jordan and Jeff Chat Originally Posted by Corndogger in the Discussion Thread.
traveler2133 1   11/17/14 06:13 PM
x*Thanks Corndogger for posting this originally and Thanks Traveler for reposting here! I enjoyed it:) NT
bbfankat11/18/14 12:30 AM
*Video of Jessie's insane Pay-Per-View match from TOKYO, JAPAN!!
Flapjack1101 0   11/10/14 09:50 PM
*OMG. Does anybody watch Cutthroat Kitchen? Just saw a preview for the episode next Sunday, and guess who's on it? Chef Joe ! NT
krh50384955 20   11/09/14 07:53 PM
x*I have to catch this on replay or something....was too hooked on Revenge to watch it Sunday night! NT
Mazita11/18/14 07:13 AM
x*It is on Demand, if your provider has it. It is titled, "Thanks But No Thanks". NT
GazingEyes11/18/14 07:31 AM
x*Ok I found it will be shown again...Wed, November 26 9|8c Thu, November 27 12a|11c NT
Mazita11/18/14 09:20 AM
x*Thanks GE...I have to check my On Demand. This is not a channel I watch so I have not noticed if I have it! NT
Mazita11/18/14 08:09 AM
x*Shoot>>not available on Mediacom! Food CH. has some clips online but I haven't seen Joe yet maybe he was not in the end so no camera time. NT
Mazita11/18/14 08:17 AM
x*He has a lot of camera time. Sorry you don't have the On Demand:(. NT
GazingEyes11/18/14 03:39 PM
x*As I posted above>> Ok I found it will be shown again...Wed, November 26 9|8c Thu, November 27 12a|11c NT
Mazita11/18/14 05:11 PM
x*cutthroat kitchen~ I love this show
beachbunny211/11/14 11:10 AM
x*WTG JOE, he was a good guy! NT
Alexis0811/10/14 11:02 PM
x*I am so happy for him too! NT
Mazita11/11/14 05:53 AM
x*I hope he keeps his hands out of his nose and pants. NT
SolitaryDParty11/10/14 05:49 PM
x*OMG! He talked about that show in the house and wanted to be on it so bad. Good goin' Joe! NT
FurnitureAlliance11/10/14 12:27 AM
x*I asked him about it last night on Twitter and he just retweeted me. I'm fan girling even though I wasn't even a Joe fan. NT
krh503811/10/14 12:13 PM
x*I always liked him NT
FurnitureAlliance11/15/14 01:51 AM
x*I didn't dislike him, I just wasn't a big fan. NT
krh503811/16/14 07:15 PM
x*Is chef Joe the same guy that is the judge on Masterchef? NT
CougarSpy11/09/14 08:29 PM
x*Not that one. The Joe from Master Chef is Lidia Bastianich's son (from Lidia's Italy). I always watch her cooking shows. NT
GazingEyes11/10/14 06:25 AM
x*Chef Joe is the Joe that was on BB14. NT
Corndogger11/09/14 08:44 PM
x*AKA feeds gold lol NT
AlphaDerp11/09/14 09:05 PM
x*Really? I have to watch that one. That is some show, too! NT
GazingEyes11/09/14 08:16 PM
*Jeff & Jordan Halloween Costumes
Dani8558 7   11/01/14 11:37 AM
x*So perfect! Thanks for sharing! NT
geminigirl12/04/14 10:26 PM
x*They are so freakin' cute!!! Love them! :) NT
debbiedu2211/02/14 06:28 PM
x*Jordan is so damn pretty NT
AlphaDerp11/02/14 05:57 PM
x*That one is cute. NT
kelly511/01/14 03:52 PM
x*Too darn cute!! NT
Mazita11/01/14 03:34 PM
x*that is awesome NT
pdson11/01/14 03:07 PM
x*I love Jeff & Jordan...I can't get enough of them :) NT
SkyBluePink11/08/14 12:40 PM
*Jessie at a Press Conference overnight in TOKYO!!! LOL Crazy!!
Flapjack2303 1   10/31/14 12:35 PM
x*Incredible! Jessie sure has made a name for himself in his field! NT
GazingEyes10/31/14 02:29 PM
*Jessie Godderz with...Arnold Schwarzenneger!!!
Flapjack1683 0   10/28/14 08:08 PM
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