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*Welcome to Odds N Ends
Jokerette2794 0   Sticky Post
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 9:
Rio41 1   11/19/17 11:08 PM
x*Oh my gosh I can't believe I don't remember this I love the parade NT
Belle11/20/17 05:40 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 8
Rio11 0   11/17/17 07:55 AM
*What You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Rio45 2   11/16/17 07:56 AM
x*very cool i love hearing the history :) NT
Belle11/16/17 01:34 PM
x*I am having difficulty envisioning a hanging Mickey Mouse balloon. NT
Rio11/16/17 02:02 PM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 6
Rio17 0   11/15/17 12:58 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 5
Rio37 1   11/14/17 04:28 AM
x*Good for them! NT
GazingEyes11/14/17 06:54 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 4
Rio68 3   11/13/17 01:32 AM
x*Wow, what a nut! They are very lucky! NT
GazingEyes11/13/17 09:36 AM
x*Lol what was the kid thinking. NT
Belle11/13/17 07:48 AM
x*Oops! NT
Rio11/13/17 01:33 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 3
Rio48 1   11/10/17 07:58 AM
x*Wow, this is amazing!! NT
GazingEyes11/10/17 08:31 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade 2
Rio46 1   11/09/17 08:37 AM
x*Wow! Did not know this! NT
GazingEyes11/09/17 10:29 AM
*Things You Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Rio131 5   11/08/17 08:50 AM
x*Interesting facts! :) For the record, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! :) NT
GazingEyes11/08/17 02:56 PM
x*wow i would love to have seen the first :) NT
Belle11/08/17 09:01 AM
x*I glanced ahead a couple days. I found the post for Friday to be funny. NT
Rio11/08/17 09:04 AM
x*do i have to wait till friday? **taps foot** NT
Belle11/08/17 09:31 AM
x*Belle you have been tapping your foot for some time now...time to change to the other could not resist!! NT
Mazita11/08/17 10:49 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Wyoming
Rio76 2   11/06/17 11:16 PM
x*wierd NT
Belle11/07/17 12:35 PM
x*Lol! Ah, the poor drunks can't make a living there! NT
GazingEyes11/07/17 12:26 PM
*Wackiest Laws By State- Wisconsin
Rio280 13   11/06/17 03:11 AM
x*It must have a great impact since WI is known for its' cheese! NT
GazingEyes11/06/17 03:05 PM
x*lol thats a high expectation. NT
Belle11/06/17 12:39 PM
x*Only one more State to go. NT
Rio11/06/17 03:25 AM
x*What will be next? NT
GazingEyes11/06/17 03:05 PM
x*Wyoming is the final State alphabetically. NT
Rio11/06/17 03:59 PM
x*Trivia about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is after that. This is from the latest Reader’s Digest. NT
Rio11/06/17 03:58 PM
x*Thanks, Rio!! Just to say in advance that I will be traveling From Nov. 14 - Mid January. I won't be able to get on a lot but will when I can.
GazingEyes11/06/17 04:06 PM
x*Have a great trip G.E.! You are going to have a lot of shows to catch up on for sure!Will miss your comments too ;0) NT
Mazita11/06/17 04:56 PM
x*Thanks, Mazita! :) NT
GazingEyes11/07/17 12:25 PM
x*Enjoy your trip and stay safe. NT
Rio11/06/17 04:17 PM
x*Yes Enjoy Yourself and Check In!! Stay Safe!! :) NT
Matzak11/06/17 04:21 PM
x*Thanks, Matzak! I will! :) NT
GazingEyes11/06/17 04:22 PM
x*Thanks! I will! NT
GazingEyes11/06/17 04:21 PM
*Wackiest Laws By State - West Virginia
Rio55 1   11/03/17 10:32 AM
x*Lol. Wonder if anyone did use a ferret. NT
GazingEyes11/03/17 03:00 PM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Washington
Rio92 3   11/02/17 08:07 AM
x*Really? I am sure though there are lots of folks attempting to find this either mythical or not creature! :) NT
GazingEyes11/02/17 11:28 AM
x*just goes to show you bigfoot exists otherwise why would they need to protect him if he didn't? NT
Belle11/02/17 11:27 AM
x*I am still waiting to see if he is captured. Or "she" :) NT
GazingEyes11/02/17 11:29 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Virginia
Rio164 3   11/01/17 08:57 AM
x*I hope they really enforce this! This is disgusting! NT
GazingEyes11/01/17 08:59 AM
x*It is so unsanitary! NT
Rio11/01/17 09:04 AM
x*It really is. I will say in NY summons are given to anyone spitting etc on subways. NT
GazingEyes11/01/17 09:06 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Vermont
Rio413 11   10/31/17 06:06 AM
x*awesome :) take that HOA :) NT
Belle10/31/17 09:09 AM
x*What does HOA stand for? (color me clueless) :) NT
GazingEyes10/31/17 09:19 AM
x*home owners associations :) NT
Matzak10/31/17 09:20 AM
x*Ah!!! Love it! :)Thanks! NT
GazingEyes10/31/17 09:23 AM
x*here in so ca you can hang em out pretty much all year long if you want. but again many live with hoa rules that it is forbidden! lol NT
Matzak10/31/17 09:25 AM
x*I love how clothes smell after being hung outside. I live in the city but have access to my own patio/terrace and I hang clothes on a rack! I
GazingEyes10/31/17 09:27 AM
x*I loved when my mom used to hang out sheets. NT
Rio10/31/17 09:59 AM
x*agree!! recently we hung em all out and the line was full!! then a windstorm came up and blew dirt on everything!! lol NT
Matzak10/31/17 09:29 AM
x*and I may add the line was a bit too close to the horse corral!! NT
Matzak10/31/17 09:31 AM
x*Ack!!! Wow, I love horses! Lucky you! NT
GazingEyes10/31/17 09:34 AM
x*Good for Vermont! Lol. A state with strong convictions! NT
GazingEyes10/31/17 09:08 AM
*I came across this bizarre fact on Facebook.
Rio73 0   10/30/17 03:53 PM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Utah
Rio123 1   10/29/17 10:32 PM
x*Great law to prevent accidents! Wonder if they enforce it? NT
GazingEyes10/30/17 08:16 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Texas
Rio169 4   10/27/17 10:00 AM
x*I love this law!! Hey, when I visit the moon, maybe I can vote remotely too:) Oh, wait, I may have to move to Texas to do this! :)
GazingEyes10/27/17 10:14 AM
x*I’m waiting on Belle’s response, too. NT
Rio10/27/17 10:15 AM
x*Me, too, Rio! NT
GazingEyes10/27/17 10:25 AM
x*lol :) i'm disappointed its not a wacky rule haha NT
Belle10/27/17 11:48 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State Tennessee
Rio115 2   10/26/17 08:00 AM
x*Lol. I guess if they are in search of money they don't want to have to pay for that privilege! Lol! NT
GazingEyes10/26/17 01:05 PM
x*hmmm okay. thats different. NT
Belle10/26/17 08:01 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - South Dakota
Rio119 2   10/25/17 08:22 AM
x*that seems like an expensive way to scare off birds NT
Belle10/25/17 09:18 AM
x*Makes sense but the distance makes me giggle. What if they are 659 feet away? NT
GazingEyes10/25/17 08:59 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - South Carolina
Rio205 5   10/24/17 05:50 AM
x*i wouldnt even know what a fly trap looks like guess i better stay out of the swamps haha NT
Belle10/24/17 09:38 AM
x*Here is an image of Venus Fly Trap! The comedy musical was about this plant and how it kept growing!
GazingEyes10/24/17 09:47 AM
x*Feed me !!! NT
Rio10/24/17 12:28 PM
x*lol. I have seen them sold in hardware stores!! always set one out next to that freshly baked apple pie!! NT
Matzak10/24/17 09:42 AM
x*Wow! NT
GazingEyes10/24/17 09:30 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Rhode Island
Rio111 2   10/22/17 10:39 PM
x*I am sure this is a highly coveted position! How dare the impersonators! Lol. NT
GazingEyes10/23/17 02:12 PM
x*lol :) i guess since you have to have a license to practice they don't want you do it w/o a license NT
Belle10/23/17 08:10 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Pennsylvania
Rio145 2   10/20/17 11:34 AM
x*yes thats wacky lol NT
Belle10/20/17 11:58 AM
x*Wow! Don't they collect them when they deliver more? NT
GazingEyes10/20/17 11:54 AM
*Wackiest Laws By State - Oregon
Rio81 1   10/19/17 08:43 AM
x*Lol! Only under 18?? I wonder how many over 18 get in serious accidents doing this? NT
GazingEyes10/19/17 08:45 AM
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