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*Welcome to Joker's Parenting!
Jokerette903 0   Sticky Post
*Oh gawd now I know why I NEVER had one of these - although this little booger is on the cute side...
Jokerette128 1   02/25/17 10:25 AM
x*It's called Meconium aspiration syndrome. Not that uncommon. Glad the little cutie is doing fine. NT
LettucePray03/08/17 04:09 PM
*I oould really use some advice. Two of my children have decided to cut me out of their lives, and I have no idea how to handle this.....
littlewop1012 5   11/15/15 10:48 PM
x*Two years later I read this - this is one forum I never went into.
Jokerette02/25/17 10:40 AM
x*I would let them go
NCMe03/09/16 02:15 PM
x*I wish I had an answer for you, littlewop. At least by telling your story, you might get some clarity or answers within yourself. It is never
GazingEyes11/16/15 07:55 AM
x*Thank you! It did help seeing it in writing. It's a very hard subject to talk about. There is no bigger heartbreak than your child telling you that
littlewop11/16/15 08:08 AM
x*I have seen it many times that as children grow up and their children grow older is when they have self-awareness. NT
GazingEyes11/16/15 08:32 AM
*I think my 17 yr old nephew may be dangerous and I dont know what to!?
robbierob5129 24   06/03/14 06:44 AM
x*Is your nephew, your Sister's only child? No other siblings? You should definitely always take initiative with the problem. Safety comes first NT
Kay1906/14/14 07:54 AM
x*He's her youngest and "only" son. She has an older daughter who's married NT
robbierob06/14/14 05:04 PM
x*Hi robbierob. I do have a perspective. But before I give it I am curious if you have any other children? NT
MsB06/04/14 02:56 PM
x*I have two daughters one is 11 and the other is adult and out on her own NT
robbierob06/04/14 04:47 PM
x*The reason I asked is because I believe raising boys and girls is very different. One of my sisters has two girls, close to my two sons ages.
MsB06/04/14 08:55 PM
x*Nothing you said has offended me at all. I just want my sister and her husband to have my nephew evaluated by a professional. In the meantime
robbierob06/05/14 08:29 AM
x*First, my best to you and your family.
Blockhead06/03/14 07:45 PM
x*I think the isolation is cultivating this behavior in him. But hes never been held accountable for his actions by his parents.
robbierob06/04/14 04:46 AM
x*I hope not to offend but have they had him tested for Autism or Sensory issues? My son is a sensory seeker, so for him he can seem rough at times and
CatsMommie06/05/14 05:52 PM
x*My sister has said that their insurance sucks and would not pay for an evaluation. My argument is that he needs to be evaluated and treated
robbierob06/06/14 03:52 AM
x*Better get it done before he turns 18, because after that, he can't be forced to do anything by his parents or anyone. NT
KWren1106/09/14 07:44 PM
x*Yeah I know, My mother called and talked to a professional about what could be done and they told her to do something before he turns 18 NT
robbierob06/11/14 05:08 PM
x*Never allow your daughter around him. Hubby is right. He is potentially a danger to everyone around him. Keep in touch with sis on the phone.
PointBeing06/03/14 05:49 PM
x*My daughter just tries to stay away from him. She doesn't like being around him at all anymore because he lunges at her... like he feel compulsed NT
robbierob06/03/14 06:34 PM
x*robbierob, Sorry about the situation. You are doing the right thing by staying away from him. What does his school say? It seems they should
Molly06/03/14 02:43 PM
x*I haven't heard about the school saying anything but friends and family as well as church friends have all said something is not right
robbierob06/03/14 06:31 PM
x*with it being your nephew and your sister not receptive to any of your comments I'm not sure there is anything you can do about him. BUT
Belle06/03/14 02:11 PM
x*Thank you for responding Belle. We are at the point now where we won't go anywhere we know that "the nephew" is
robbierob06/03/14 02:22 PM
x*that's so sad :( I'm sorry no one will listen to you :( they could get him some help before it came to that if they would listen. NT
Belle06/03/14 02:22 PM
x*I wish they would. Mental health is just as important as physical health NT
robbierob06/03/14 05:13 PM
x*I do realize this is serious, I just need advice from someone who's not as close to the situation NT
robbierob06/03/14 10:27 AM
x*Can you call Child Protective Services? He is a danger to himself as well..perhaps setting the family up with a counselor might work -
deVinePoet06/04/14 01:30 PM
x*Good idea, and you can ask to be kept anonymous. NT
KWren1106/09/14 07:46 PM
x*I personally think this would not be the right thing to do. NT
MsB06/04/14 03:03 PM
*where babies come from (as told by dr seuss)
tas1394 2   05/17/14 07:54 PM
x*Lol. NT
GazingEyes05/26/14 03:38 PM
x*I hate Dr Seuss but this was funny (and not really Dr Seuss ;) ) NT
tas05/17/14 07:54 PM
*Louis C.K Gospel...
IggysPINKTights410 1   05/07/14 03:26 PM
x*I like this Iggy NT
VelvetWind05/11/14 10:49 PM
*World's Toughest Job
Whirley295 0   04/21/14 12:40 PM
*my 4+ month-old grandson has had yeast infection in mouth almost
Jokerette1555 7   03/05/14 07:50 PM
x*Some options...
JMlover03/07/14 09:19 AM
x*wow, didn't know you had a kid, much less a grandkid, is the baby on antibiotics? Maybe needs a probiotic to even out the ph? NT
katnapper03/05/14 08:47 PM
x*Kinda don't!! This is my 'AK' (Almost-Kid) and my AGK too!
Jokerette03/05/14 10:39 PM
x*Not sure a 4mo can have yogurt. She'll need to check with the Dr. NT
Whirley03/05/14 11:20 PM
x*She's so very excited y'all gave her ideas...
Jokerette03/06/14 04:27 AM
x*My girls use Baby Orajel for teething. Don't know about yeast problem. Maybe throw out all the bottles and paci's and get new? NT
Whirley03/05/14 08:46 PM
x*THAT is a good idea... except they're short on funds and
Jokerette03/05/14 10:42 PM
*I hope all you parents are telling your children to be just like Miley an the Beibs. Both are so cute an highly intelligent-you should hang their pics
xrayspex255 0   02/16/14 11:29 AM
*Examples of bad parenting
Blockhead1301 6   02/12/14 02:32 PM
x*D'oh !! I looked at the second pic for a good 30 seconds looking for a child in it. Then I realized she was pregnant. NT
krh503812/22/15 11:06 PM
x*All but one need their asses kicked. The guy with the camera -- it was just an accident that could have happened to anyone,
Caramel02/12/14 05:10 PM
x*yup, I see it that way to. NT
bruiser02/12/14 08:06 PM
x*OMG....those were hilarious and all kinds of wrong! NT
Marley02/12/14 02:37 PM
x*some of those were funny and some were what the heck?!?!?!?! NT
Belle02/12/14 02:36 PM
x*Lol at that napkin! NT
markthespot80802/12/14 02:35 PM
*I'm being considerate of other parents as they view their kids projects today and next week....
IggysPINKTights1746 9   01/31/14 03:24 PM
x*What a bright young lady! Congrats! NT
GazingEyes02/05/14 01:48 PM
x*3rd grade?! Bravo to her!!! NT
Midi02/04/14 09:59 PM
x*Just saw this! Really really good! She's going to go FAR! NT
KWren1102/04/14 08:32 AM
x*LOL I love her! NT
Cindy02/03/14 06:08 PM
x*She is awesomesauce!!! NT
Judybug01/31/14 05:25 PM
x*She's one smart little girl!! And I agree with her :) NT
Whirley01/31/14 04:42 PM
x*Thanks! Her hypothesis was correct ...
IggysPINKTights01/31/14 04:57 PM
x*This is amazing at the what she has done! This must have taken a lot of time, thought & research! Kudos to her! NT
GazingEyes02/05/14 01:50 PM
x*Way to go Chula!!!! NT
ScienceFemme01/31/14 05:08 PM
*Give childhood back to children: if we want our offspring to have happy, productive and moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less
Whirley983 5   01/14/14 05:54 PM
x*That was a GREAT read!!! My favorite sentence: The power to quit is what makes play the most democrativ of all activities. NT
JMlover01/21/14 05:00 PM
x*The whole article just makes sense to me. NT
Whirley01/21/14 06:09 PM
x*Absolutely! NT
JMlover01/22/14 08:24 AM
x*I absolutely agree, we are depriving our children NT
tweeter01/27/14 07:12 AM
x*i agree we played more as kids and i do think play time is important. but its also pretty much a given that we are sliding down the charts
Belle01/31/14 02:41 PM
*How many Christmas gifts do you give from Santa and then from the parents? NT
a5thofbecca1692 10   12/23/13 06:33 AM
x*The boys got three gifts wrapped in red paper from Santa. The stocking was also from Santa. They got one big gift from us. NT
MsB12/24/13 06:44 AM
x*we seem to do about arf and arf NT
tas12/23/13 09:50 PM
x*several from each. we celebrate with the whole family on Xmas eve...everyone opens their gifts from/to each other. On Xmas morning we found new gifts
Guerita12/23/13 04:51 PM
x*We had one gift under the tree wrapped in different wrapping. That and a full stocking was from Santa. The rest from us, and we had them
Marley12/23/13 04:27 PM
x*I meant to clarify that's what we did for my girls. I didn't grow up believing in Santa. NT
Marley12/23/13 05:28 PM
x*Santa brought the toys. Mom got the socks and underwear. And a pretty outfit if I could afford it. NT
Twinkle12/23/13 04:13 PM
x*Toys and fun things were always from Santa. The rest are from the parents. NT
sassyflalassy12/23/13 04:26 PM
x*I never told the this is from me and these are from Santa's always this is from Santa.
IggysPINKTights12/23/13 08:01 AM
x*Yeah everything from my parents was from Santa for me too. It wasn't a holiday were I expected gifts from my parents, it was all about Santi Claws NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/23/13 04:45 PM
x*I used to do just one major gift from Santa, and then a few little ones from parents. This may vary depending on how much money you have. NT
Rayann12/23/13 06:36 AM
*Coca Cola Life
Cindy434 1   12/18/13 02:14 PM
x*Awwww NT
IggysPINKTights12/19/13 04:17 AM
*A comb got flushed. Noooobody knows who did it. I suspect the cat. In other news I learned it is pretty easy to take a toilet off, and reinstall NT
tas1318 7   12/08/13 04:43 PM
x*I bet it was that "Wasn't Me" kid. Whoever that kid is, he's always guilty. NT
krh503812/22/15 11:09 PM
x*For as long as I live I'll never forget debber's Alex toilet story.
seamus12/24/13 09:16 AM
x*How freakin' cute is that? NT
Judybug12/24/13 10:18 AM
x*Donald Duck nightlight here. :-( NT
Judybug12/24/13 09:08 AM
x*I've replaced a toilet or two!! It's not hard, just feels nasty. NT
Whirley12/08/13 06:45 PM
x*My sides are hurting from Laughing at this. Yeh, I heard CATS love to comb hair, LOL! Glad you got it fixed. NT
Molly12/08/13 05:34 PM
x*Hahahaha...sorry tas. parenting is surely an adventure NT
MsB12/08/13 05:00 PM
*Are you ready to be a Mother?
Cindy717 3   10/31/13 07:27 AM
x*LOL.....that was great! NT
Marley10/31/13 10:47 AM
x*Love that. Especially "Remove ten of the beans." It's all so close to the truth! NT
seaellare10/31/13 10:39 AM
x*That. Is. Awesome. NT
Judybug10/31/13 07:43 AM
*My son was scared of people in uniform...
a5thofbecca585 2   10/08/13 11:09 AM
x*Really great handling of a tricky situation. NT
Twinkle10/08/13 05:47 PM
x*I'm sorry for family's loss.. it's great that you took a step back and explained to him the way you did helped him to understand..great job mom NT
AngieBaby10/08/13 11:58 AM
*HA! This is the one post you never thought you'd see (ME EITHER.) 7.6 lbs born yesterday at 4 pm! Little boy
Jokerette1113 5   10/04/13 05:24 AM
x*Sounds like labor, and at 4 hours and a natural birth a pretty easy one comparatively. NT
logwell10/06/13 09:43 AM
x*18 hours! 4 hours of pushing. NT
Jokerette10/10/13 09:24 PM
x*Congrats on the new baby in your life! I have baby fever so bad but I'm trying to finish a degree before I have another. NT
a5thofbecca10/04/13 06:03 AM
x*I don't like the critters...
Jokerette10/10/13 09:26 PM
x*Please make sure you name it after the best poster on this board-XRAYSPEX NT
xrayspex10/24/13 08:28 AM
*So proud of my daughter. She is off to the Pride Parade in Austin.
Twinkle466 1   09/07/13 03:42 PM
x*I would love to see pics of the float! I bet she had a blast. NT
a5thofbecca10/04/13 06:04 AM
*7 Secrets of Highly Happy Children
Whirley327 0   08/14/13 10:17 AM
*Parents: Which is the more annoying back-to-school commercial? My School Bus Is My Limo or It's Alex, It's Lexie, It's Alexis, It's Sybil?
CubbyPuppy792 3   08/11/13 08:49 PM
x*is the lexi girl taylor from kid nation? If it is we will just have to deal with it NT
tas08/11/13 10:38 PM
x*lol NT
tweeter08/16/13 08:03 AM
x*Not a parent, but I would say My School Bus Is My Limo. lol NT
mhg7608/11/13 08:57 PM
*Hardest Job Ever
Melonie803 3   08/08/13 01:37 PM
x*wow sounds like both you and the kids are going through big adjustments. I would be surprised if the kids were not acting out in some way. Good luck
tas08/08/13 02:09 PM
x*Yes very big adjustments lol. Most come home with a newborn and things come gradually. Hubby and I joke we
Melonie08/08/13 05:32 PM
x*lol the main thing that comes gradually with a newborn is the amount of sleep you get a night. Newborns are more work in other ways NT
tas08/08/13 06:16 PM
*Do you make your children accept responsibility for their actions?
robbierob1540 7   08/01/13 08:33 AM
x*Mothers tend to believe that their kid is an angel, when deep down inside, we know they aren't. I bet she feels it's easier to coddle than to
Rayann08/01/13 09:55 AM
x*There's one thing common in all prisons....they all love their momma.
a5thofbecca08/02/13 06:06 AM
x*My niece has had some horrible BFFs. Real bad influences
frustratedposter08/25/13 07:32 AM
x*My daughter is now 30 with a masters degree. When she was around 10, I came upstairs to see her sitting outsider her own room. I asked why and she
sassyflalassy11/10/13 12:53 PM
x*she is more than willing to admit what fault was hers but it ticked at the BFF and her mother NT
robbierob08/02/13 04:42 PM
x*yes! we have been and she does have other friends. I am really beginning to feel that separation is what they need
robbierob08/01/13 10:17 AM
x*Definitely in need of a time-out. She won't have your daughter to blame if she's not around her. NT
Rayann08/02/13 05:56 AM
*I need some advice...
seaellare1725 7   07/25/13 08:36 AM
x*We talked a bit about it.
seaellare07/25/13 12:47 PM
x*When I was younger I stayed on yahoo chats and on the webcam. My parents never knew because it was usually late at night.
a5thofbecca07/25/13 09:33 AM
x*I"m with you. I wouldn't punish him either, but would talk to him. A lot. NT
Marley07/25/13 12:41 PM
x*Yeah, we've gone over snapchat and the like. I think we've got him terrified of that kind of thing lol
seaellare07/25/13 12:37 PM
x*I added the stuff about Tiff in there b/c he's devastated. Said if she comes back, they will definitely get back together. I'm close to worrying.:( NT
seaellare07/25/13 08:55 AM
x*You can usually shut down wifi to specific devices for certain time periods with your router. Not suggesting it as a punishment but as a way to keep
tas07/25/13 08:41 AM
x*I did that with my younger son's phone, but he uses the 3G on the phone for his apps then - so he was able to do everything anyways.
seaellare07/25/13 08:45 AM
*Therapy for a 3 year old?
a5thofbecca1469 5   06/18/13 11:02 AM
x*Thanks for the advise ya'll. Appointment is Thursday morning so hopefully I'll sleep good tonight. NT
a5thofbecca06/19/13 12:58 PM
x*Take a breath hun.....
deVinePoet06/19/13 10:54 AM
x*My youngest didn't have reactions like that but she does have intense reactions to things
IggysPINKTights06/18/13 11:18 AM
x*I'm so sorry you're going through that....parenting surely tugs on our heart strings! I don't have first-hand experience with it, but don't be nervous
Marley06/18/13 11:09 AM
x*Does hubby do play therapy? NT
sassyflalassy09/22/13 12:04 PM
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