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*Rules for JU Games (Compound Words, Either/Or, Acrophobia, etc.) **Updated 7/28/16**
KWren1110104 0   Sticky Post
*Four-Letter Words Continued - Rio wrote "Deer". NT
Rio24 2   09/23/17 03:46 PM
x*bear NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 08:42 AM
x*(Note to fearlessdiva: You're only supposed to change 1 letter, not 2 :=) NT
CatsRock09/25/17 01:53 AM
*Name 10: Reality Shows That Didn't Last NT
fearlessdiva60 6   09/22/17 06:13 PM
x*1. Average Joe NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:17 PM
x*2. Utopia NT
Rio09/22/17 06:25 PM
x*3. Celebrity Fit Club NT
Rio09/23/17 04:33 AM
x*4. My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss NT
CatsRock09/23/17 02:27 PM
x*5. Kid Nation NT
fearlessdiva09/23/17 02:50 PM
x*6. Who's Your Daddy? NT
Rio09/25/17 04:27 AM
*Geography Game Continued.- Rio wrote "Kingston". NT
Rio28 3   09/22/17 07:45 AM
x*Negril NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:20 PM
x*Laos NT
Rio09/24/17 09:10 AM
x*Sylvania NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 01:38 PM
Rio79 5   09/19/17 03:05 AM
x*1. Stewed Tomatoes Are Rarely Spicy. NT
Rio09/19/17 03:08 AM
x*2. Sixteen Terrible Actors Return Season20 NT
ennayerac09/21/17 07:54 AM
x*3. Swing The Axe Really Strongly! (^ennayerac, good one lol!) NT
CatsRock09/21/17 03:22 PM
x*4. Sharon Took A Red Scarf. NT
Rio09/23/17 03:50 PM
x*5. Start Taping All Reality Stars NT
CatsRock09/25/17 01:52 AM
*Follow the ACROS continued - Rio wrote "Zorro enjoyed siesta today" .... SAIL NT
Rio38 4   09/19/17 03:01 AM
x*Sean Almst Invited Lance .... MALT NT
Rio09/23/17 04:35 AM
x*Michael Asked Linda Today........DATE NT
CatsRock09/23/17 02:26 PM
x*Debbie and Tom eloped.... LOVE NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 01:41 PM
x*Lily Ordered Veal Entrée......MEAT NT
CatsRock09/25/17 01:49 AM
*Free Association Continued - Rio wrote "Table". NT
Rio101 7   09/19/17 02:58 AM
x*chairs NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:48 AM
x*wood NT
mellon09/19/17 08:40 PM
x*fence NT
fearlessdiva09/21/17 05:11 PM
x*Picket NT
Rio09/22/17 07:53 AM
x*white NT
mellon09/22/17 06:14 PM
x*chicken breast NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:21 PM
x*Parmigiana NT
FurnitureAlliance09/24/17 01:41 PM
*True / False Continued - True - You've never been to Chicago. NT
Rio116 8   09/17/17 03:52 AM
x*False (just airport).....Your looking forward to this football season? NT
mellon09/17/17 01:04 PM
x*Absolutely not.... You had ice cream this weekend. NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 04:44 PM
x*False.... You have a fireplace but rarely use it? NT
Rio09/17/17 06:34 PM
x*False... you like the smell of your farts NT
Bencha09/17/17 06:45 PM
x*That's gross.... You wear a Fitbit. NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 05:03 PM
x*False ... You have seasonal allergies. NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 09:08 AM
x*True.... You have a dog. NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:35 PM
x*False. :( - You've had a pet live over 15 years NT
Rio09/23/17 03:39 PM
*Compound Words #4 Continued- Rio wrote "updated". NT
Rio162 10   09/17/17 03:50 AM
x*dated kitchen NT
mellon09/17/17 01:06 PM
x*kitchen counter NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 04:44 PM
x*Counter offer NT
Rio09/17/17 06:24 PM
x*offer accepted NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 05:03 PM
x*accepted gifts NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 09:13 AM
x*gift basket NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:37 PM
x*Basket Case NT
Rio09/22/17 07:59 AM
x*case load NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 09:08 AM
x*load car NT
mellon09/22/17 06:16 PM
x*Car Lot NT
Rio09/23/17 03:34 PM
*Compound Words #3 Continued- Rio wrote "Pan Fried". NT
Rio119 8   09/17/17 03:48 AM
x*Fried Chicken NT
mellon09/17/17 01:06 PM
x*Chicken Little NT
Rio09/17/17 06:25 PM
x*Little One NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 05:04 PM
x*one hundred NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 09:14 AM
x*Hundred Dollars NT
Rio09/22/17 08:01 AM
x*Dollar Tree NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 09:09 AM
x*treehouse NT
mellon09/22/17 06:17 PM
x*House Party NT
Rio09/23/17 03:34 PM
*Compound Words #2 Continued - Rio wrote "Days Inn". NT
Rio99 6   09/17/17 03:45 AM
x*Innkeeper NT
Rio09/17/17 02:09 PM
x*keeper of the stars NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 05:06 PM
x*stars shine NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 09:15 AM
x*Shine Shoes NT
Rio09/22/17 08:03 AM
x*shoelaces NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 09:14 AM
x*Laces up NT
Rio09/23/17 03:35 PM
*Compound Words # 1 Continued - Rio wrote "General Electric". NT
Rio105 7   09/17/17 03:43 AM
x*electric bill NT
mellon09/17/17 01:08 PM
x*Bill Gates NT
Rio09/19/17 02:37 AM
x*gates closed NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:13 AM
x*Closed Gap NT
Rio09/22/17 08:04 AM
x*Gap Kids NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:09 PM
x*Kids soccer NT
mellon09/22/17 06:19 PM
x*Soccer Mom NT
Rio09/23/17 03:35 PM
*TV and TV Movie Chairs Continued - Rio wrote "Good Morning America". NT
Rio209 11   09/17/17 03:37 AM
x*American Horror Story NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:29 PM
x*American Dad NT
Rio09/17/17 07:57 PM
x*American Hustle NT
FurnitureAlliance09/17/17 08:05 PM
x*American Housewife NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 05:05 PM
x*Love American Style NT
Rio09/19/17 03:18 AM
x*Everybody Loves Raymond NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:15 AM
x*All for Love NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:41 PM
x*I Love Lucy NT
CatsRock09/21/17 03:29 PM
x*How I Met Your Mother NT
fearlessdiva09/21/17 05:16 PM
x*How To Get Away with Murder NT
Rio09/23/17 03:31 PM
x*Murder, She Wrote NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 08:49 AM
*Movie Chairs Continued - Rio wrote "Angels with Dirty Faces". NT
Rio104 7   09/17/17 03:34 AM
x*The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:31 PM
x*Green Dragon NT
Rio09/19/17 02:42 AM
x*The Green Mile NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:18 AM
x*Green Lantern NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:43 PM
x*Jack O'Lantern NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:33 PM
x*Jack Reacher - Never Go Back NT
Rio09/23/17 03:29 PM
x*Never Been Kissed NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 08:53 AM
*ABC Theme Game: Things You Don't Want in Your House NT
StarfishTwo228 14   09/17/17 12:52 AM
x*A - Ants NT
StarfishTwo09/17/17 12:53 AM
x*B - Bugs NT
Rio09/17/17 03:16 AM
x*C. Cockroach NT
mellon09/17/17 01:11 PM
x*D- dirt NT
smashgirl09/17/17 02:41 PM
x*E- Ewe NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 04:50 PM
x*F - Fire NT
Rio09/17/17 06:22 PM
x*G- garbage NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 06:16 PM
x*H - Hogs NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:21 AM
x*I - Idiots NT
Rio09/22/17 08:06 AM
x*J- Jack Daniels ^^^hahaha! NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:07 PM
x*K. Kangaroo NT
mellon09/22/17 06:23 PM
x*L- Lawn Mower NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:25 PM
x*M. Maggots NT
mellon09/22/17 06:30 PM
x*N- Necromancer NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 01:40 PM
*Name 10: Islands NT
fearlessdiva122 9   09/16/17 09:00 PM
x*1. Bermuda NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:01 PM
x*2. Azores NT
Rio09/17/17 03:19 AM
x*3. St. Lucia NT
mellon09/17/17 01:14 PM
x*4. Japan NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 04:52 PM
x*5. Madagascar NT
Rio09/19/17 02:46 AM
x*6. Dominica NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:24 AM
x*7. Fiji (^^^I pray they're ok after the hurricane hit.) NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:52 PM
x*8. Antigua NT
Rio09/23/17 03:42 PM
x*9. Hawaii NT
fearlessdiva09/24/17 08:51 AM
*ABC Theme Games - Storybook Caracters NT
Rio234 14   09/16/17 12:56 AM
x*A - Alice NT
Rio09/16/17 12:56 AM
x*B - Big Bad Wolf NT
StarfishTwo09/16/17 04:29 PM
x*C - Casper NT
Rio09/16/17 05:59 PM
x*D- Draco Malfoy NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 08:50 PM
x*E-Eragon NT
eve_dallas09/16/17 08:57 PM
x*F- Fern Arable NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 10:25 PM
x*G - Grumpy NT
Rio09/17/17 03:19 AM
x*H. Hook
mellon09/17/17 01:23 PM
x*I - Ichabod Crane NT
FurnitureAlliance09/17/17 01:45 PM
x*J- Jiminy Cricket NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 04:57 PM
x*K - Knave of Hearts NT
Rio09/19/17 02:34 AM
x*L - Little Match Girl NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:26 AM
x*M- Meg Murry NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:54 PM
x*N - Nemo NT
Rio09/23/17 03:44 PM
*ABC Theme Game: Unlikely Vacation Spots NT
StarfishTwo241 14   09/14/17 11:53 AM
x*A - Afghanistan NT
StarfishTwo09/14/17 11:53 AM
x*B - Beirut NT
CatsRock09/14/17 04:56 PM
x*C - Calcutta NT
Rio09/15/17 04:39 PM
x*D. Democratic Republic of the Congo NT
mellon09/15/17 08:04 PM
x*E - Ethiopia NT
CatsRock09/15/17 08:12 PM
x*F - Fresno NT
StarfishTwo09/16/17 04:32 PM
x*G - Greenland NT
Rio09/16/17 05:55 PM
x*H- Hell, Michigan NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 08:51 PM
x*I - Islamabad NT
Rio09/17/17 03:21 AM
x*J- Jean, Nevada NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:15 PM
x*K - Kansas NT
Rio09/19/17 02:47 AM
x*L - Lahore, Pakistan NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:35 AM
x*M- Mersin NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 03:57 PM
x*N - North Pole NT
Rio09/23/17 03:45 PM
*4-Letter Words, cont'd: Rio wrote "sted" NT
StarfishTwo489 28   09/14/17 11:22 AM
x*Stud NT
Rio09/15/17 04:41 PM
x*Stum NT
Rio09/15/17 06:27 PM
x*scum NT
mellon09/15/17 08:08 PM
x*slum NT
CatsRock09/15/17 08:11 PM
x*Slug NT
Rio09/16/17 12:28 AM
x*Slag NT
Rio09/16/17 06:05 AM
x*flag NT
CatsRock09/16/17 08:33 AM
x*flog NT
StarfishTwo09/16/17 04:34 PM
x*Frog NT
Rio09/16/17 05:56 PM
x*From NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:03 PM
x*Frow NT
Rio09/17/17 03:22 AM
x*Crow NT
mellon09/17/17 01:29 PM
x*Crew NT
Rio09/17/17 02:11 PM
x*drew NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:16 PM
x*Brew NT
Rio09/17/17 06:22 PM
x*Bred NT
Rio09/17/17 07:58 PM
x*Fred NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 06:17 PM
x*Free NT
Rio09/19/17 02:48 AM
x*tree NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:36 AM
x*Trek NT
Rio09/19/17 10:50 AM
x*Tred NT
Rio09/22/17 09:34 AM
x*tied NT
mellon09/22/17 06:20 PM
x*vied NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:22 PM
x*died NT
mellon09/22/17 06:26 PM
x*deed NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:34 PM
x*Deep NT
Rio09/23/17 04:32 AM
x*Deer NT
Rio09/23/17 03:33 PM
x**** END *** NT
Rio09/23/17 03:46 PM
*ABC Theme Game - Sports Mascots (Real or made up) NT
Rio344 16   09/13/17 01:20 PM
x*A - Astros NT
Rio09/13/17 01:20 PM
x*B. Bluejay NT
mellon09/13/17 09:06 PM
x*C - Cardinal NT
StarfishTwo09/14/17 11:12 AM
x*D - Dinger ( Colorado Rockies) NT
Rio09/15/17 04:45 PM
x*E. Eagles NT
mellon09/15/17 08:12 PM
x*F - Falcons NT
Rio09/16/17 12:53 AM
x*G - Giants NT
StarfishTwo09/16/17 04:38 PM
x*H- Hawks NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:06 PM
x*I - Iggy the Lion (Loyola Marymount) NT
Rio09/17/17 03:27 AM
x*J- Jaguars NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:17 PM
x*K - Knicks NT
Rio09/17/17 07:59 PM
x*L- Lions NT
fearlessdiva09/18/17 06:18 PM
x*M - Musketeers NT
Rio09/19/17 02:49 AM
x*N - Nighthawks NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:38 AM
x*O - Oriole NT
Rio09/22/17 06:30 PM
x*P- Pirate NT
Rio09/23/17 03:36 PM
*Celebrity Linkage Continued- Rio wrote " Dead Poet's Society - Ethan Hawke" NT
Rio215 11   09/09/17 04:50 AM
x*Reality Bytes - Ben Stiller NT
Rio09/11/17 10:11 PM
x*Hot Pursuit - Jerry Stiller NT
StarfishTwo09/13/17 07:04 AM
x*Hairspray - Ricki Lake NT
Rio09/13/17 01:08 PM
x*Inside Monkey Zetterland - Tate Donovan NT
StarfishTwo09/14/17 11:15 AM
x*Good Night, Good Luck - David Strathairn NT
Rio09/15/17 04:48 PM
x*Limbo - Kris Kristofferson NT
StarfishTwo09/17/17 12:33 AM
x*A Star Is Born - Gary Busey NT
Rio09/17/17 03:29 AM
x*Lethal Weapon - Danny Glover NT
Rio09/19/17 02:49 AM
x*Almost Christmas - Gabrielle Union NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:40 AM
x*Bring it on - Kirsten Dunst NT
Rio09/22/17 07:40 AM
x*Mona Lisa Smile - Maggie Gyllanhaal NT
Rio09/24/17 04:21 PM
*Musical Chairs Continued - Rio wrote "I'll Be You". NT
Rio323 17   09/02/17 07:59 AM
x*There You'll Be NT
fearlessdiva09/02/17 11:41 AM
x*Always Something There to Remind Me NT
fearlessdiva09/06/17 01:48 PM
x*Always On My Mind NT
Rio09/09/17 04:21 AM
x*All of My Love NT
Rio09/11/17 10:08 PM
x*I'm In Love With My Car NT
StarfishTwo09/13/17 07:14 AM
x*"In the End" NT
Rio09/15/17 05:04 PM
x*"The Perfect Way" NT
Rio09/16/17 06:28 PM
x*The Way We Were NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:31 PM
x*We Are The World NT
StarfishTwo09/17/17 12:38 AM
x*It's a Small World (Now you're singing it in your head, aren't you? Me too! lol) NT
fearlessdiva09/17/17 05:22 PM
x*Mad World NT
Rio09/17/17 08:04 PM
x*Mad About You NT
Rio09/19/17 02:55 AM
x*Something To Talk About NT
StarfishTwo09/19/17 08:43 AM
x*Talk Dirty to Me NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 04:05 PM
x*"To the moon and back" NT
Rio09/22/17 07:37 AM
x*Moon River NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:24 PM
x*River Deep, Mountain High NT
Rio09/24/17 04:22 PM
*ABC Song Lyrics Continued - Rio wrote: Z - "Zero, Saved by zero." NT
Rio247 13   09/02/17 07:55 AM
x*A- All the guys on the corner stand back and let her walk on by NT
fearlessdiva09/02/17 11:45 AM
x*B - "Baby, I love your way." NT
Rio09/06/17 02:18 PM
x*C-- Camptown ladies sing this song... NT
fearlessdiva09/06/17 06:52 PM
x*D - "Doctor, Doctor, Give me the news." NT
Rio09/09/17 04:23 AM
x*E - "Everybody Rock your body." NT
Rio09/11/17 10:21 PM
x*F - "Fight the power. Lemme hear you say." NT
Rio09/15/17 05:08 PM
x*G- Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:36 PM
x*H - Here comes the sun, Here comes the sun, I say it's all right NT
FurnitureAlliance09/17/17 08:03 PM
x*I - " In the end it doesn't even matter." NT
Rio09/19/17 02:56 AM
x*J-- Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 04:10 PM
x*K - "King of pain I will always be." NT
Rio09/22/17 07:35 AM
x*L- Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick... And think of you NT
fearlessdiva09/22/17 06:28 PM
x*M - "Maybe I'm Amazed" NT
Rio09/24/17 04:23 PM
*ABC Theme Game Continued - Rio wrote "Z - Zany Zeb Zimmer Zaps Zucchini." NT
Rio362 16   08/29/17 12:50 PM
x*I forgot to add 5-word sentences. NT
Rio08/30/17 05:27 PM
x*A - Are Any Army Ants Allowed? NT
Rio08/30/17 05:23 PM
x*B- Burdensome Betty bugged Brad's brother. NT
fearlessdiva09/01/17 02:25 PM
x*C - Carrie Caught Coughing Chad's Cold. NT
Rio09/01/17 04:21 PM
x*D- Dumb Daniel dated dumber Debbie. NT
fearlessdiva09/02/17 11:53 AM
x*E - Ellen Eyed Ella's Emerald Earrings. NT
Rio09/06/17 02:19 PM
x*F- Felicia freed Frank's frogs. NT
fearlessdiva09/06/17 06:44 PM
x*(Whoops) Felicia freed Frank's fast frogs. NT
fearlessdiva09/09/17 08:48 PM
x*G - Gary Generously Greeted Gina's Guests. NT
Rio09/09/17 04:25 AM
x*H - Heather Held Heath's Huge Hand. NT
Rio09/11/17 10:22 PM
x*I - Idiotic Ira Irritated Intelligent Iris. NT
Rio09/15/17 05:10 PM
x*J- Jeff juggled Jamie's jelly jars. NT
fearlessdiva09/16/17 09:39 PM
x*K - Kathy's Klepto Kid Kept Kite. NT
Rio09/19/17 03:10 AM
x*L- Large Larry liked little Lori. NT
fearlessdiva09/19/17 04:21 PM
x*M -Mom made me marvelous macaroni. NT
Rio09/22/17 07:31 AM
x*N - Nick Noticed No New Noises. NT
Rio09/24/17 04:25 PM

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