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*Hot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives
Jokerette44617 0   Sticky Post
*When feeds came back, the HGs were speculating that the feeds must have been cut for that (ed - meaning what they were gathered for in LR) NT
490 3   10/14/16 02:55 PM
x*Kryssie said this because of something Justin did with her... some mix-up. NT
10/14/16 02:56 PM
x*They were laughing & Justin was apologizing for something. We do not know that whatever it is, is reason why feeds were cut NT
10/14/16 02:57 PM
x*The convo:
10/14/16 02:59 PM
*super long talk in the Tokyo room w/ the bs'ers + Scott and sometimes Justin. talent shows, general joking around and laughter NT
171 2   10/22/16 05:05 PM
x*BS'ers? NT
TheAnswerIs4210/22/16 05:12 PM
x*ballsmashers = alex/morgan/Shelby/whitney NT
10/22/16 05:15 PM
*WE hear rat-a-tat-tatting on the audio somewhere... almost sounds like someone walking in heels. NT
64 2   11/09/16 11:32 PM
x*it's production in the hallway behind london room. every season heels can be heard. NT
11/09/16 11:36 PM
x*Sounds like a heartbeat to me. Reminds me of how we used to hear Corey's. NT
11/09/16 11:35 PM
*Morgan is eating what looks like candies or lozenges. There are several empty wrappers in front of her. NT
154 1   10/14/16 09:33 PM
x*The wrappers by Morgan appear to be Ricola honey lemon cough drops. NT
10/14/16 09:36 PM
*Shebly is talking about LNJ and the hibachi comment, says something about jews (in reference to something LNJ said) we get fish.
233 1   10/14/16 02:44 PM
x*Fish was because of Whitney's birthday. no one wad getting yelled. They were calling out Dani's questionable hibachi grill comment NT
10/14/16 02:57 PM
*Justin again separating himself from LNC, and hanging upstairs with Shelby & Alex. NT
TheTruth444453 1   10/14/16 01:49 PM
x*Clarification - the girls joined him upstairs while he was laying there by himself. NT
10/14/16 01:52 PM
*Morgan microwaved a slice of pizza. at the stroke she licked her fingers and ate some cookie dough. Justin is making her and Alex
352 1   10/15/16 12:03 AM
x*Alex just takes some of Morgan's pizza and cancels her sandwich order. Morgan saved some wine too from Whitney's party. NT
10/15/16 12:05 AM
*Morgan, Shelby & Alex have discovered the missing Krackles. They don't hunt for them too hard. But they figure personal drawers are not off limits NT
78 1   10/14/16 11:33 PM
x***clarification*they discovered the Ks are missing out of Morgan's drawer, the LNJ left a wrapper for them, (the LNJ re-hid them under Shelbys bed) NT
myopinion10/14/16 11:40 PM
*1:21AM Neeley to Justin: You're going to be such a good dad. Justin: Yeah I'm gonna take care of my kids. They straight.
Dreamer1729 1   10/14/16 04:41 AM
x*Justin: Yeah I hope I come home to some kids. I planted some seeds before I left. NT
Dreamer10/14/16 04:42 AM
*Shane appears to be polishing Dani's toes. NT
30 1   10/12/16 03:28 PM
x*Fingernails. NT
Truthful1310/12/16 03:32 PM
*Jason says they are wild ones/the dancing seal season. Becky(BB17) would not be cast because Becky washing towels isn't exciting
394 1   09/28/16 11:24 PM
x*I think you have Scott and Shane confused lol NT
JeannieGold09/28/16 11:39 PM
*Shelby doesn't think Shane will vote Kryssie. Whitney thinks there's a possibility. Morgan thinks there's a 5% chance. . NT
MacGirl139 1   10/12/16 11:42 AM
x*Alex thinks there's a 10% possibility if Monte keeps his mouth shut. They are wishing he could be their puppet so they could control his words. NT
MacGirl10/12/16 11:43 AM
*Morgan belly crawls out to the skywalk to eavesdrop on the Shane, Monte, Scott convo, which is about nothing really. NT
MacGirl149 1   10/12/16 01:13 PM
x*Alex and Whitney are dying laughing at Morgan. Shelby comes in saying she is worried about Monte's judgement b/c of his slop recipe choices. NT
MacGirl10/12/16 01:15 PM
*Monte is explaining what they just heard by saying 4 people will go up on the block. That is not true. Jason went back outside NT
125 1   10/02/16 08:09 PM
x*Monte was saying if veto was used on one of his nominees, then 4 ppl altogether would have been OTB for the wk. NT
10/02/16 08:10 PM
*Justin starts singing about "sucking head" Camera goes to Monte who looks possibly fed up/ tired. BB calls out Justin for singing. NT
45 1   10/05/16 11:08 PM
x*Actually he was singing about eating crayfish, etc. He sang "you have to pinch the tail and suck the head" and sang "it's creole " NT
tamtlp10/05/16 11:11 PM
*Scott says to Alex & Whit that the ACP worked out perfectly. Scott said Am. can put him up, he will win veto & they can BD someone NT
70 1   10/07/16 02:35 PM
x*To clarify: Scot said that he will be OTB by Am., use veto on one of Alex's noms (not himself) so they can BD someone. NT
10/07/16 02:38 PM
*BB: What do you not understand about "Please, Wake Up"?! NT
70 1   10/08/16 05:44 PM
x*Whitney responds, "Was that a button?" NT
10/08/16 05:47 PM
*Shelby bashes Kryssie's "political-correctness." Alex says just let her talk, because she'll like you then. NT
91 1   10/09/16 07:38 PM
x*More specifically she is bashing he PC'ness for chastizing her for making a joke about people with the SCAT fetish NT
10/09/16 07:43 PM
*Shelby and Morgan are begging America to not put up Monte or Scott (who they heard Danielle asking America to nom). NT
213 1   10/09/16 07:43 PM
x*The audio 7:42:11 (no camera) sounded like Dani saying "America PLEASE pick Monte or Scott.
10/09/16 07:47 PM
*Krys about Monte: "U got a problem with ppl in this house being sexist, but UR spending everyday trying to f*ck someone else's gf" NT
60 1   10/09/16 10:52 PM
x*Neeley pulled the cover over her head and performed some heavy breathing exercises to maybe keep from responding. NT
10/09/16 10:56 PM
*Earlier...10 am BBT Transcript from after the Americas nomination ceremony they pick players for the veto comp
705 1   10/10/16 12:47 PM
x*Clarification - Shelby did make the comment about sitting on "the normal couch" before the 3rd nom reveal and thus the argument afterwards NT
10/10/16 12:53 PM
*LNJ very upset ranting about Scott and the girls in backyard. It's mostly Dani ranting. Neely says them sitting out there was
TheTruth4444336 1   10/16/16 07:39 PM
x*It was not "mostly Dani ranting." Jason and Neely were mostly speaking in this convo. NT
10/16/16 07:42 PM
*Justin goes upstairs where Scott was jamming to his music
325 1   10/16/16 08:21 PM
x*Scott was in his HoH room this entire time and possibly heard it all between Justin and Jason. They were loud. NT
10/16/16 08:24 PM
*(10:34) Dani says they (assuming DR) asked her about messing around with girls. She says she played flag-football, got drunk,
1636 1   10/16/16 11:09 PM
x*The part of "something going on"
TheTruth444410/16/16 11:11 PM
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