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*‘BB 18’: Why Nicorey flipping on their final four deal is a smart play
Dreamer12923 5   09/07/16 04:45 PM
x*Of course it would be smart...doesn't mean that's what fans want. Anyone who takes Nicole to the end would win against her. James is a waste too.
09/07/16 07:00 PM
x*This woman has always seemed biased for Nicorey. She's the one who told people to give Corey the fourth care package. NT
thesilentone09/07/16 05:00 PM
x*she probably didn't get the memo she is supposed to be rooting for vic & paul only and letting that color her opinions NT
utty1409/07/16 06:02 PM
x*u tell em utty!!! NT
georgygirl09/08/16 11:55 AM
x*Nicole flipped on every alliance this season, not smart. NT
DaniTheWinner09/07/16 04:52 PM
*As Their World Churns ~ "Drive By Shouter" info.....
Dreamer8781 1   09/07/16 03:02 PM
x*Nobody care what McCrae and Christine think, they both sucked on their seasons and they are irrelevant. NT
09/07/16 08:02 PM
*New show. New experience! Big Brother: Over The Top premieres 9/28 – only on CBS All Access! Try 1 month free with code!
Dreamer3134 2   09/07/16 02:53 PM
x*This is the first I've seen the day/time for the weekly live episode mentioned. Looks like Wednesdays will be the new BB night! Works for me NT
09/08/16 02:16 PM
x*At least there wont be "fan favorites" aka players I hate. NT
CalebFTW09/08/16 03:04 AM
*Sneak Peek at Tonight's Big Brother
Dreamer2225 3   09/07/16 02:11 PM
x*Glad they're showing this tonight so that James can see what was really said when he watches this epi. NT
PSister09/07/16 04:54 PM
x*Natalie! She is a Setan Hall Grad, she has been playing all of them, not a nice person, Karma is her payback
Kjsmimi09/07/16 03:42 PM
x*happy to see Nat get a edit showing her true colors! If CBS doesn't back peddle, hopefully it will influence AFP vote, "NO MORE POOR NATALIE"! NT
09/07/16 03:10 PM
*Big Brother 18 Spoiler alert!
Dreamer4427 0   09/07/16 02:10 PM
*Derrick's Dad, Tim will be going to the BB18 Finale for James
Dreamer9785 13   09/07/16 05:41 AM
x*This makes me happy! My heart broke during family videos and he looked sad. I wanted to be his surrogate mom. Glad that Bayleigh's mom did one.
nanny_2_209/07/16 11:00 AM
x*He was probably cringing at the "we love you" said by Bayleigh's mom in front of Natalie. NT
09/07/16 12:11 PM
x*Has James family/parents ever participated in a BB event? NT
Rednecklady09/07/16 11:31 AM
x*James' adopted mom passed away and he doesn't have a close relationship with his adopted dad. NT
09/07/16 12:12 PM
x*Thank you for the info. NT
Rednecklady09/07/16 01:51 PM
x*He smells money NT
09/07/16 10:16 AM
x*Seems that way. I would love to know more about "WHAT'S THE REALITY BEHIND "BULLIES REALITY"? Somethings fishy. NT
AMK09/07/16 11:40 AM
x*This is a charitable organization...
nanny_2_209/07/16 12:40 PM
x*Appears to be very debatable. I wouldn't give them a dime tbh. NT
CindiCindi09/08/16 12:29 AM
x*I'm just saying, reading the comments does raise questions. NT
AMK09/07/16 01:03 PM
x*Well that's not suspicious. Obviously this season is going to end in Nicole/James winning. NT
805bbfan1809/07/16 10:06 AM
x*I don't know about that. It would be nice, but it would also be nice to see Victor & Paul final two. Victor is an awesome player. Got himself back
georgygirl09/07/16 11:18 AM
x*How soon we forget....I have heard both couples - Nic & Corey and James & Natalie
09/07/16 12:58 PM
*CBS All Access Bulks Up With Originals as It Prepares to Take on Hulu and Netflix Looks to quadruple its subscribers by 2020
Dreamer1291 1   09/07/16 05:20 AM
x*Wow, good for them. I can't wait for Star Trek: Discovery! Hopefully other originals worthy of the subscription price follow NT
09/07/16 02:29 PM
*Who wants to see my #HOH rooooom?! BB enthusiasts around the nation! We're casting for new houseguests! I'm looking for the fiercest competitors
Dreamer2498 0   09/07/16 12:25 AM
*BB18 Wrap Party Info
JoshGallet6166 0   09/06/16 06:32 PM
*Victor's Dad Gives His Son Encouraging Advice From The Big Easy - Read the positive words of wisdom Victor's father sent to the latest BB18 HOH
Dreamer2055 1   09/06/16 05:14 PM
x*I think I really like his parents. They seem like they would be terrific neighbors NT
TrinaE09/07/16 02:32 PM
* Are James And Natalie's Days Numbered?
Dreamer3821 0   09/06/16 04:03 PM
*Is it the beginning of the end for this budding romance, find out on the next Big Brother airing Wednesday at 8/7c.
Dreamer2828 4   09/06/16 03:03 PM
x*Natalie behavior this week
ucantseeme09/06/16 07:59 PM
x*An play them along side of James' passive aggressive behavior. NT
TrinaE09/07/16 02:33 PM
x*What romance? :) NT
WillRulz09/06/16 03:44 PM
x*It's a fauxmance NT
Dreamer09/06/16 04:03 PM
*The Power to Do Nothing At All
Dreamer9910 0   09/05/16 04:10 PM
*House of Mirrors: Rodeo Clown - Tracking James's bizarre Big Brother devolution, and out of context quotes
Dreamer7403 0   09/05/16 03:27 PM
*TV ‘Big Brother 18’ rumor: Could there be a‘Nicorey’ baby on the way?
Wildcard15609 13   09/05/16 02:53 PM
x*I wonder if they see this in UBLEY? NT
TrinaE09/07/16 02:40 PM
x*Nic's so desperately clinging to her 15minutes that I bet she'd do it on purpose. She knows what she's doing as she let's cor bang her w/no condom NT
cara1609/06/16 02:49 PM
x*Is that site trying to be as bad as Celebrity Laundry? Entire story is BS and trying to ruin Nic's reputation is disgusting. NT
Corndogger09/06/16 12:58 PM
x*I agree Corndogger NT
Dreamer09/07/16 02:55 PM
x*I agree with you!
ucantseeme09/06/16 03:15 PM
x*Child birth is not digusting. The child will have face of a rat and slither (not crawl). The secret is JAMES is the FATHER (cover for pre-game deal).
CommentCents09/06/16 01:43 PM
x*I would not be surprised as she does not use birth control and Corey never uses a condom so .... NT
ToadFarm09/06/16 12:38 PM
x*This is so wrong. Nicole might fool around, cuddle, and makeout in front of the cameras but she's a lady and would never actually do the deed. NT
georgygirl09/06/16 11:09 AM
x*HAHAHAH this is BS! I am sure that the stress of being in the house has messed with her cycle! NT
09/06/16 09:56 AM
x*The site is posting false, inaccurate information.....Nicole said she hadn't had a period in 90 days, not 80
Dreamer09/06/16 04:15 PM
x*a bunch of BS
Egamb09/06/16 08:43 AM
x*So true!!! (more follows)
georgygirl09/06/16 02:55 PM
x*Like like like! NT
geojeeping09/06/16 04:56 PM
*Love in the Time of Nominations - Deny thy alliances and refuse thy plan, or if thou will not, be sworn a nominee
Dreamer8170 0   09/05/16 12:05 AM
*Paul, Nicole and Corey think the blow up doll drone meant that they have to target Natalie....
Dreamer5601 1   09/04/16 11:42 PM
x*It would be hilarious if a HG were to voted out because of a sex doll. BB gods make it so! NT
Canucklehead09/04/16 11:51 PM
*PoV Aftermath: Red Flag on The Field
Dreamer18014 3   09/04/16 01:35 PM
x*Good Info NT
TrinaE09/04/16 04:45 PM
x*THANK YOU! I felt exactly the same last night and did research as I'm
Optics09/04/16 04:26 PM
x*Thanks for the info on the "Bullies Foundation". This is the type of thing that really gets my goat **no ref to corey :)) Many Many Reality fans.....
09/04/16 03:15 PM
*The showmances and the bromance battle for HoH this Sunday on Big Brother! Only CBS
Dreamer3562 0   09/03/16 05:33 PM
*Nicole sends 'Meech' home, mom approves of eviction choice
Dreamer10036 1   09/03/16 01:50 PM
x*"Michelle didn't go quietly...." This article understated. NT
09/03/16 06:21 PM
*Big Brother Season 18 Week 11 - Battle of the Showmances
Hawkmoon212821 0   09/03/16 07:54 AM
*Dan Gheesling: While I'm on the West Coast this weekend for #PAXWest should I swing by the Jury House and meet my "new" cousin?
Dreamer11893 3   09/03/16 02:14 AM
x*He's really Nicole's cousin.... NT
Dreamer09/03/16 01:58 PM
x*Are you sure about Nicole/Dan?
Mommytorres09/03/16 09:56 PM
x*Getting to know her? Ha ha ha
McLean09/03/16 06:39 AM
*Live Feed Spoilers: HoH questioned after noms
WillRulz15927 0   09/02/16 07:31 PM
*‘Big Brother’ Evictee Michelle On Her Exit: ‘I Was Very Surprised… Waste Of A HOH’
Dreamer6078 0   09/02/16 06:17 PM
*Fri Sep 2, 3:55p, Cam3 #BB18 production fed graphics editor’s control room video to live feeds. Prepping for noms
Dreamer3599 0   09/02/16 06:11 PM
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