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*Big Brother Forum Guidelines
ForumAdmin68183 0   Sticky Post
*CBS' Big Brother 19 Cast ~ bios and pics~
Dreamer4032 0   Sticky Post
*'Big Brother Announces This Summer's New Twist: "Summer Of Temptation"
Dreamer1933 0   Sticky Post
*'Big Brother' Returns This Summer With Multiplatform Coverage - More Platforms than Ever Before
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*Celebrity Edition of Big Brother Schedule ~ Premieres Wednesday, Feb. 7th
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*Big Brother 16 Live Feeds - Sign-up now...
ForumAdmin8546 33   05/22/14 02:48 PM
x*Not available for australians
coggibird06/09/14 04:55 AM
x*I have always signed up thru Jokers..waiting for cast announcement this year NT
rodh05/29/14 10:24 AM
x*Hi from the UK
Giddeon05/26/14 06:42 PM
x*CBS does not seem to understand how math works. NT
Linenosie05/23/14 09:59 AM
x*20% savings is based on the 3 monthly payments of $9.99, not the season pass price. NT
M3gabyt305/23/14 04:36 PM
x*so glad I signed up for live feeds of new season of bb. Not a techy person, but realize-big,dark ,letters is supposed to mean ?
theritz05/25/14 12:19 AM
x*this in my face is truly offensive-big, bold , letters - I have paid for the BB live feeds- way to turn off a fan ! NT
theritz05/25/14 12:28 AM
x*What did you think they were using as the base price? The pricing makes perfect sense. Signup before June 26 and get 20% off plus bonus features,
Corndogger05/25/14 02:23 PM
x*Why do you say CBS's math is wrong? NT
Corndogger05/23/14 12:48 PM
x*Why do other bb sites want me to buy feeds from them?
BBnightmarez05/22/14 06:40 PM
x*When you click on other sites for the BB live feeds, their links go back to CBS NT
CIAO06/09/14 01:46 PM
x*CBS uses affiliate sites such as Jokers to help market the feeds. The sites get a cut which helps them pay the bills. CBS also gets buzz for the
Corndogger05/22/14 07:46 PM
x*Its not letting me enter my state, happening to anyone else? NT
oldsuzy05/22/14 05:58 PM
x*Me too. Submitted help request and got the following email...
GirlsEquipMgr05/22/14 09:17 PM
x*Now if you click on Help, it says "We are currently addressing isolated issues with updating profiles. Please attempt to sign in at a later time." NT
Blackheart05/23/14 12:13 AM
x*Smart move on CBS's part to start this a few weeks earlier than normal. Better to get the kinks out before the season starts. NT
Corndogger05/23/14 12:32 AM
x*THey seem to have gotten it fixed. I logged onto the site and I was able to enter my state and subscribe to the feeds. NT
Blackheart05/23/14 11:00 PM
x*Yeah me neither, I will wait ..... NT
Trinity05/22/14 06:15 PM
x*I'm going to wait until June 4. Nothing's available before then anyway. NT
Corndogger05/22/14 07:48 PM
x*yep. NT
crazyq05/23/14 05:33 AM
x*me either NT
letmein_6605/22/14 06:07 PM
x*All set, thank you Jokers! You're the best! NT
marybeth05/22/14 05:02 PM
x*Also, I don't see a link? NT
Corndogger05/22/14 02:55 PM
x*Just click the image. NT
DodgyStyle05/22/14 02:56 PM
x*I did that and eventually end up in the same place as going thru CBS. I don't see a coupon code though. NT
Corndogger05/22/14 02:58 PM
x*I don't believe there is one (at least not yet), but the Early Bird Special is the 20% off. NT
DodgyStyle05/22/14 03:00 PM
x*There's a field for a coupon code. I thought by clicking on the Jokers banner it would fill in the field with their code but it stayed blank. NT
Corndogger05/22/14 03:06 PM
x*no code needed, it says its for the early bird special NT
MegsMom31605/22/14 03:10 PM
x*Without the code how does Jokers credit for the referral? The link provided doesn't take you directly to the signup page. NT
Corndogger05/22/14 07:47 PM
x*Yeah, saw that and I was hoping the same :) NT
DodgyStyle05/22/14 03:07 PM
x*I don't see Australia in the list of countries mentioned. Where are you seeing them mentioned? NT
Corndogger05/22/14 02:55 PM
x*It's in the drop-down list...
ForumAdmin05/22/14 03:24 PM
x*I'm seeing a totally different looking page. NT
Corndogger05/22/14 03:31 PM
*DREW and BEN have already switched
PARADISEBOY70479 32   07/11/04 05:22 AM
stacy_bb07/23/04 05:24 AM
x*IMO you could be wrong.................
SueBee07/23/04 05:46 AM
x*You would think that someone will eventually notice the ....
ItsMeBlue07/12/04 07:56 AM
x*Both Ben AND Drew are in LA
MarkSig07/11/04 03:15 PM
x*Welcome to JU! how interesting! NT
Jokerette07/12/04 09:39 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers. What exactly is a "close aquantance"? You're a friend? You are the friend of a friend? Saw them at the mall once? NT
Grins07/11/04 03:19 PM
x*I'm an extremely close friend of theres; my s/n sorta gives away my exact relationship with them. NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:43 PM
x*Well most of us have already suspected they are both in the house and switching off so your news isn't shocking to me. I just haven't ever heard of
Grins07/11/04 03:49 PM
x*Well it's all a matter of....
MarkSig07/11/04 04:01 PM
x*Thanks for the info just curious
LoriDrewFan07/11/04 05:27 PM
x*Do they have different personality traits or mannerisms that we can be looking for? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 04:37 PM
x*Thanks for the explaination. They do seem like nice guys so far. Just a bit quiet it seems. I'll look forward to seeing pics if you can find them or
Grins07/11/04 04:34 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers, MarkSig :)
Dreamer07/11/04 04:32 PM
x*You are a fraternity brother? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 03:48 PM
x*bingo NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:53 PM
x*Well, that's really stupid...
Scarlett07/11/04 09:36 AM
x*Article from Dayton Daily News
bimbolee07/11/04 07:21 AM
x*Could you post the link? That wouldn't be busting any laws NT
WWB07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Post a link if you would like. NT
Numfar07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Dayton Daily news is by subscription, I used the cache at Google, not sure if link would work. Link inside
bimbolee07/11/04 07:35 AM
x*How are they switching if one brother is back home? NT
Sizzle07/11/04 09:05 AM
x*SizzleRI ~ the interview was printed on July 6th . . Ben could have been interviewed earlier :) NT
Dreamer07/11/04 09:38 AM
x*I just got done reading all the posts during the night, and apparently, one of them has a mole on his chest, and the other doesn't. Pictures proved
Steve307/11/04 09:07 AM
x*lol this reminds me about the twin twist and how we were convinced more than one twin was switching places lol NT
Belle12/31/13 01:40 PM
x*Thanks :-) NT
WWB07/11/04 07:36 AM
x*HA! Great job! NT
Beejay07/11/04 07:19 AM
x*and didn't Holly say something about how if she had moles like (drew?) she would have them
Bilbo07/11/04 07:10 AM
Numfar07/11/04 07:02 AM
x*You should put this in New & Rumors - Excellent Work! NT
Jana07/11/04 06:37 AM
x*Great Work! NT
Trapper07/11/04 05:30 AM
x*Great work ... I was trying to get shots of the moles on Drew as well to check...
Kellassy07/11/04 05:27 AM
x*Nice call and pictures. I do notice Drew/maybe Ben wearing a lot of big sweatshirts. Drew's twin looks smaller in height and size. NT
CougarSpy07/11/04 05:27 AM
*Paul WON HOH #BB18
Dreamer33438 32   09/12/16 09:56 PM
x*If true Nicorey has to be broken up. Paul and James have discussed this before feeds were down. NT
Hawkman09/13/16 02:20 PM
x*Hope it's true!! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/13/16 01:59 PM
x*The icing on this cake would be James winning the veto! NT
NavyMom201209/13/16 11:37 AM
x*Excuse me but did Julie not tell the houseguest just this last week there would be NO more double evictions for the rest of the season??? (more)
georgygirl09/13/16 11:09 AM
x*This is not a double eviction. There was an eviction last night and there will be one Thursday. NT
AZ_Cards_1109/13/16 01:16 PM
x*There will be an eviction tonite and one Wednesday nite. No show Thursday, Friday Show will be recaps of this season. NT
DaniTheWinner09/13/16 04:29 PM
x*Proof? This is it?! This could of been from any time.... NT
realitybama09/13/16 11:01 AM
x*He hasn't missed one yet this season. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:04 PM
x*If true BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! NT
fem29insd09/13/16 10:19 AM
x*MsCleo has been wrong before..Don't bank on a rumor... NT
gran92709/13/16 08:33 AM
x*Guess that puts that rumor to rest! NT
Moviegal09/13/16 07:53 PM
x*He has successfully reported every comp in advance all season. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:05 PM
x*I really hope he is wrong.
Sandybeap09/13/16 09:10 AM
x*Paul has overall played the best game. Hiccups, but at least he played from beginning to end, unlike Nicole who started after Paulie was evicted. NT
Kay1909/13/16 10:18 AM
x*This guy's been in trouble for forging hundreds of prescription drugs. He could very well be in prison and someone else took over acct. NT
debbiedu2209/13/16 09:13 AM
x*I hope this info is correct. If Paul won' HOH that's the best news. I hope what comes around goes around. NT
Sherie09/13/16 07:08 AM
x*In the name of all that is holy, please be true! NT
vortexfugue09/13/16 05:48 AM
x*Danielle Reyes: Don't play. Is this real?
Dreamer09/13/16 02:50 AM
x*Miss Cleo: yes, it's legit. I don't troll when it comes to spoilers. Me: If Miss Cleo fits, it will be legit! Now I can enjoy rest of my day! NT
09/13/16 07:03 AM
x*Miss Cleo BB spoilers DIED earlier this year. Goggle it. Someone has his Twitter account and it may or may not be TRUE. NT
dwig22209/13/16 01:56 PM
x*Miss Cleo the tv psychic died earlier this year. Miss Cleo BB is a guy named Mike. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:07 PM
x*Thank you MissCleo! NT
Dulcie09/13/16 02:15 AM
x*Has a source been named?
Worra09/13/16 02:15 AM
x*First off MsCleoBB is a guy, second he's alive, third it's been claimed he either is part of production or has connections in production. NT
WolfDShadow09/13/16 03:46 PM
x*good, the buhbye biotch Ni ..or Co either one kiss my ***!!!!!!! NT
stewart09/13/16 06:44 AM
x*Oh please, please be true!! NT
TiaTia77709/13/16 01:25 AM
x*This would be a huge shake up
nickomon09/13/16 02:03 AM
x*Nice my preseason pick to win made it final 3 Paul can still win this! NT
CalebFTW09/13/16 01:16 AM
x*This is the only best news since Vic was betrayed by Nicorey! NT
Optics09/12/16 11:51 PM
x*He just saved the season by avoiding a Nicorey/James final 3. NT
Kay1909/12/16 11:04 PM
x*I sure hope this is true it would make me a very happy woman NT
aceluvjay09/12/16 10:14 PM
CindiCindi09/12/16 11:28 PM
*According to the Joker's poll with 10k+ voting, the jurors would pick Xmas 7 to 2 vs Josh and 5 to 4 vs Paul.
CommentCents10064 30   09/16/17 10:31 AM
x*Yet 9,000 say Paul wins BB vs 3,000 saying Josh in same poll (even less say Christmas) weird NT
09/17/17 04:31 PM
x*Paul/Xmas Paul Paul/Josh Paul Xmas/Josh Josh IMO Xmas has no chance NT
Bjames730109/17/17 04:05 PM
x*It's just opinions. We shall wait and see. I think Paul's speech will win it or lose it for him. We shall see. NT
MissJamesWhine09/16/17 01:08 PM
x*But Paul is likely to botch his final speech in the same way he's botched his entire endgame...
garys09/16/17 04:12 PM
x*It was hilarious that jason didn't even catch the good bye messages contradiction between Paul and josh NT
bunnielebowski09/16/17 06:05 PM
x*I don't think the speech will do anything but make those jurors more bitter. NT
Caramel09/16/17 03:02 PM
x*I actually think Christmas could win the game because changing her game
debhead09/16/17 01:04 PM
x*It's only viewer speculation, not a scientific study. NT
Caramel09/16/17 12:33 PM
x*Everone with an opinion about who will win is just speculating. This reflects the "Wisdom of the Crowds". Only 7% of the respondents think she'll win.
CommentCents09/16/17 12:58 PM
x*Very interesting, thank you. NT
ToadFarm09/16/17 12:29 PM
x*Josh has a chance
Gabemack109/16/17 12:10 PM
x*Do you really think Josh knows the Jury better than Paul? Remember what Part 3 comp shows what they think the Jury would say. NT
WolfDShadow09/19/17 09:46 PM
x*Me too! I think that's his only chance, imo. NT
moeopoly09/16/17 08:36 PM
x*That doesn't sound right to me. No way Christmas wins over anyone. NT
Katriona09/16/17 11:41 AM
x*I don't understand the logic behind thinking Christmas will win either. NT
Caramel09/16/17 12:13 PM
x*According to Grodner, this is the most bitter jury she's seen in years. Josh and Paul both gave them more to be bitter about than Christmas did.
CommentCents09/16/17 01:04 PM
x*Christmas making F2 would mean that Josh won part 3 and evicted Paul. That should be enough for him to win. She annoyed some jury members too. NT
Katriona09/16/17 07:23 PM
x*Allison says that every year, no one is bitter it's just the editing to leave the viewer in suspense NT
Dani09/16/17 04:34 PM
x*That's why I said Paul's logic is off, too. These people are very bitter. NT
Caramel09/16/17 03:06 PM
x*Paul could be the BB version of Russell Hantz. Making fools of your cast members won't win votes. They must feel like the fools they appear to be. NT
kywildcat09/16/17 04:16 PM
x*Exactly. You can't make total fools of hg's, stacking a VERY bitter jury, then expect them all to say, "Great job! It's just a game. Here's your $" NT
kywildcat09/16/17 04:10 PM
x*I think both Paul and Josh and said alone to the cameras that they are taking each other, not Christmas. Maybe it's for this reason.... NT
moeopoly09/16/17 11:14 AM
x*Josh has indicated he will CUT Paul at the end ...
garys09/16/17 11:34 AM
x*Oh ok... I knew he said he would cut Paul before, but the last thing I watched he said he wanted to take him. I was like welll craaaapp.
moeopoly09/16/17 08:35 PM
x*It's what makes one think Handlers in DR are staging suspense... they all promised to pull the trigger on Paul, now look where we are, lol NT
HarleyQ09/16/17 08:52 PM
x*And this is the reason Josh wouldn't take Paul if given the chance. He knows he has no chance of winning against Paul, so the only way to increase his
Caramel09/16/17 12:24 PM
x*Pressure and paranoia can make people do foolish things like taking Paul instead of Xmas. I don't know who wins a F2 vote between Josh vs Xmas but
Blockhead09/16/17 12:28 PM
x*Actually it is. My thoughts, though, is this is how we think they will vote. Some may change minds by the time they vote. NT
GazingEyes09/16/17 10:37 AM
x*I'm still amused by the comments aired on Thursday night. I loved Marks questions exposing the flawed logic and Cody's expressions and comments
Caramel09/16/17 12:39 PM
x*I did laugh a lot watching the jury segments. I found it very entertaining, lmao! NT
GazingEyes09/17/17 12:59 PM
* It's Time We All Start Paying Attention to Cody Nickson From ‘Big Brother 19’
Dreamer9876 25   11/02/17 03:34 AM
x*My elderly cat with kidney failure has more personality than this chap. NT
MissJamesWhine11/27/17 12:36 PM
x*If you'd said Paul, I'd agree with it. NT
Jake8111/27/17 04:49 PM
x*Cody IS quite impressive! NT
Jake8111/07/17 07:08 PM
x*He is NOT. NT
Tank11/09/17 01:07 AM
satx111/10/17 10:07 PM
x*Cody is very impressive. He's got the war record and medals to prove it. And the America's Favorite vote to prove it. Most votes ever. NT
Jake8111/09/17 08:20 AM
x*By 'war record,' are you simply saying that it is recorded in the books that he attended the war, or are you saying that he has some kind of record...
NEWORDER72011/30/17 12:00 PM
x*He served honorably in 2 American wars, received medals for doing so, and was honorably discharged & thanked for his service. NT
Jake8111/30/17 02:56 PM
x*maybe he is an impressive joke? NT
FurlessBat11/09/17 08:03 AM
x*No thank you, he's the least favorite. NT
BELISIMA11/07/17 07:02 PM
x*I must admit I liked his reply to this article. NT
RatFloater11/07/17 05:04 PM
x*Reading his brother's obituary I learned that he has two sisters. I never knew that. NT
grandjete11/02/17 11:00 PM
x*Great article. Thanks! NT
Jake8111/02/17 07:10 PM
x*What a joke, lol NT
BELISIMA11/02/17 05:08 PM
x*He IS The biggest joke. He won AFP only because his girl friend asked fans to vote for him rather
Tank11/04/17 10:34 PM
x*The majority of votes were already determined before Jess even left the house NT
PinkVelvet11/04/17 10:36 PM
x*How do you mean? I thought before Jess left the house, fans were hoping for either Jason or Kevin to win AFP. Unless you mean, our votes were...
NEWORDER72011/30/17 11:54 AM
jazzy4129711/04/17 04:27 AM
x*Laughing his way to fame & stardom. NT
AskMedia11/04/17 04:44 AM
x*No way i want to pay any attention to that D-bag! eww NT
fem29insd11/02/17 01:23 PM
x*That's a hard pass ! NT
krh503811/02/17 12:22 PM
x*hehe. But Ill take a hard drink about now.:) (Hes) Just not everyones flavor. NT
Alexis0811/02/17 01:23 PM
x*King Cody!! NT
tasha5511/02/17 12:06 PM
x*King phoney NT
BELISIMA11/07/17 07:00 PM
x*Ha! He's probably the least phony HG ever NT
FurnitureAlliance11/07/17 07:40 PM
*Big Brother Moves to Fall on CBS All Access (CBS confirmed Updated)
Dani13622 24   08/02/16 08:59 AM
x*I think they're doing the same thing with the new Star Trek series.... NT
kenisgod108/03/16 07:25 AM
x*Source:The news of Big Brother 19's move to fall was first reported by Reality Blurred. Same people who speculate on all sorts of wrong
08/02/16 08:14 PM
x*CBS has confirmed. I knew there was too much smoke for there to be no fire. NT
08/04/16 10:19 AM
x*Until CBS announces this, it is total speculation on these websites' part, IMO. NT
debbiedu2208/02/16 06:51 PM
x*So this means all comps will be online on the feeds? No need to hide winners for a TV show. NT
deVinePoet08/02/16 04:45 PM
x*They will still have three original shows a week, but they are aired via streaming... like anything on Hulu and Netflix. NT
KataGarbo08/02/16 06:35 PM
x*Can we get a petition going telling cbs how much we hate this idea!!! Who's the idiot that came up with this? It sucks big time. NT
Zingbot500008/02/16 04:37 PM
x*I totally agree! What a sucky idea. Don't want to watch all the shows on the computer... I want to relax in my chair. NT
CookieMMM08/03/16 08:50 AM
x*I have an extra computer hooked up to my tv NT
binkie9408/03/16 03:25 PM
x*There are many devices that will assist in getting the video to your TV. I use a Chromecast, only cost me $25 and you just plug it right in and go NT
08/03/16 09:36 AM
x*good luck with that getting the casusals who dont pay for feeds NT
cutgr08/02/16 04:11 PM
x*So anybody who currently has live feeds and who watches the shows online... nothing will change. CBS is trying to do what Hulu and Netflix
KataGarbo08/02/16 01:27 PM
x*Deadline and Hollywood Reporter reporting on it from their CBS sources is considered confirmed. NT
WillRulz08/02/16 01:26 PM
Dreamer08/02/16 05:33 PM
x*i am so watching bb19 online i really thou hope they put this ***** on cbs TV lol they will still get ratings NT
BBnightmarez08/02/16 12:04 PM
x*So what are you saying.. only live feeds? Will there be actual shows online or just 24 hr feed of these peeps in the house? NT
RealitySuperfan08/02/16 11:38 AM
x*CBS All Access just means,If you want to watch "PAY". NT
poorbabi08/02/16 11:18 AM
x*It's like small Cappuccinos a month and anybody who now has feeds...no different. NT
KataGarbo08/02/16 06:37 PM
x*Great idea if they go this route
michaelnsync08/02/16 11:00 AM
x*There's no official word on this....
Dreamer08/02/16 09:41 AM
x*well that sucks. i've seen every epi since day 1 of s1. so is that like a ch or just on line??? NT
stewart08/02/16 09:33 AM
x*stewart, this is the news and RUMORS forum LOL NT
Dreamer08/02/16 09:42 AM
x*I keep hearing this, but also that BB TV summer show will remain on OTA CBS channels. Fall shows on All-Access may be test of fanbase. NT
08/02/16 10:48 AM
x*Only on CBS All-Access. No TV show. Not very interested here. NT
WillRulz08/02/16 09:36 AM
*Julie Chen Interview, Calls Nicole a Snake
bbrianbb1718749 23   09/16/16 10:01 AM
x*OMG! No way in hell can Maggie(BB 6) be seen as a floater! Julie must have been confused. NT
09/17/16 03:38 AM
x*Way to go Julie! I am glad to see her call it like it is and put the truth out ther about Nicole for all the world, her family and friends to see!!!
joCpcat09/16/16 08:00 PM
x*Couldn't Dr Will, Derrick or Dan be considered snakes? They weren't the most loyal house guests either.
bbkook09/16/16 06:20 PM
x*Your analysis is correct. If your male it's considered good gameplay. Total double standard. NT
jjnewboots09/17/16 08:25 PM
x*I disagree with Julie James will not win AFP Victor will win this hands down as for Nicole she IS NOT A SNAKE NT
Bjames730109/16/16 05:29 PM
x*i believe she said vic was gonna win afp NT
izzatyou09/16/16 08:41 PM
x*I don't think her calculations are correct about jury votes NT
PrincessDaytona09/16/16 02:56 PM
x*I didn't start off as a Nicole fan (I was Jozea fan, + Victor before it was cool), but I don't get why she has to be loyal when few winners are. NT
09/16/16 02:55 PM
x*Last year she said Johnny Mac was winning AFP NT
michelle09/16/16 02:14 PM
x*Fully agree with Julie, hopefully she'll be right about Paul winning and Victor getting AFP!
sammie94709/16/16 01:33 PM
x*She's a goddess NT
canadaluvsjoker09/16/16 01:16 PM
x*Although I did not agree with everything, I really enjoyed this interview. Great read! NT
primadayna09/16/16 01:11 PM
x*I agree with EVERYTHING Julie said! Smart cookie! NT
09/16/16 01:06 PM
x*James disappointed her w/his gameplay, just there for sh**s and giggles. NT
MacGirl09/16/16 12:36 PM
x*It's nice to see that Julie is finally investing personal time into the show! It makes her a better host when she has first hand knowledge and opinion
rodh09/16/16 12:13 PM
x*Excellent interview. NT
Athena2809/16/16 11:20 AM
x*Excellent interview! Kudos to Julie for being so strightforward!! NT
grandjete09/16/16 10:48 AM
x*Julie Chen is savage! LOVE IT! NT
09/16/16 10:28 AM
x*Don't you know it! The only thing I disagree with her is Derrick. Great game, terribly boring. Dr. Will is still the best, followed by Dan in second
09/16/16 10:36 AM
x*I still believed Dr Will, Dan and Evil Dick were the best BB players and disagreed with Derrick in the count
McLean09/16/16 02:03 PM
x*Evel Dick is not a good player. America's Player saved his ass multiple times. If it wasn't for that he would have been evicted instead of Dustin. NT
BBFan199509/16/16 03:10 PM
x*Wow! I didn't expect so much personal opinions from her. Interesting! NT
09/16/16 10:27 AM
x*Love Julie, she tells it like she sees it!! NT
09/16/16 10:19 AM
*Alex tweet below: What did Jason wipe on Alex's bag???
BAC3204 22   11/11/16 11:22 AM
x*Boogers.... we all saw it. It's true. Gross NT
Jlsg1011/11/16 11:50 AM
x*Morgan is still there bc of the CP. Nothing that she did on her own. NT
actionplz11/11/16 11:31 AM
x*And Alex is only gone because of a care package ;o) NT
11/11/16 09:37 PM
x*Because he's not an adult, he's still a child. Explains the basement situation as well. NT
11/11/16 09:39 PM
x*^^Exactly^^ NT
Roxy195711/11/16 11:50 AM
x*Justin is still there because of co-HOH and Jason bc of Kryssie's care package NT
elfstar8911/11/16 11:34 AM
x*She didn't say Morgan did anything on her own. Heck, Jason has doesn't anything on his own. NT
BAC11/11/16 11:32 AM
x*OH yes Jason did plenty on his own. He saved himself from the block. he planned his co-hoh perfectly while also winning the POV on his own. lol NT
actionplz11/11/16 11:37 AM
x*He's been handed 2 CP's!!! No one gets more help then Jason. NT
BAC11/11/16 11:40 AM
x*How about plastics including Scott. count how many times they were handed safety. Much more than LNJ. NT
actionplz11/11/16 11:44 AM
x*Haha, I love Alex's Twitter bio: "Just a girl who can't remember her own eviction speech." NT
11/11/16 11:31 AM
x*I christen this controversy: BB Boogergate TM. All rights reserved. NT
Ephandis11/11/16 11:26 AM
x*His boggers NT
jerrijan11/11/16 11:24 AM
x*OMG! He is such an *sshole! How the hell is this okay? If BS did this they would be dragged all over twitter. NT
BAC11/11/16 11:26 AM
x*It's gross and BB let him get away with it just like Kryssie wiping her pits on someones bed. NT
jerrijan11/11/16 11:31 AM
x*it is double standards. LNJ cant do no wrong NT
Emijo11/11/16 11:28 AM
x*Alex now being attacked on twitter - calling her an ugly bitch & racist. So pathetic. Yes, she's getting some support too but more hate NT
BAC11/11/16 11:31 AM
x*It must be by LNJ fans. Their fans ARE pathetic. And they act just like LNJ. They must love her if they're bothering to go on her Twitter. NT
11/11/16 09:39 PM
x*Best to just ignore the trolls. They will get tired of screaming into thin air. Who cares what a bunch of faceless people think? NT
WillRulz11/11/16 11:33 AM
x*Bogger NT
Emijo11/11/16 11:24 AM
x*Not surprised, if true. He is a revolting person and yet his peristent behavior is praised and condoned. SMH. NT
WillRulz11/11/16 11:24 AM
x*It's true. Was on feeds. Whitney laughed along with the rest of the Turd Herd as he did it. NT
TruthCannon11/11/16 11:30 AM
*Big Brother's Other Half
lacycatherine11623 21   09/01/04 05:06 AM
x*I captured the searched article just in case ~
Dreamer09/01/04 02:12 PM
x*Thank you, Dreamer.
Kyle09/01/04 03:24 PM
x*Is Dreamer the greatest thing since sliced bread or WHAT?! :-) NT
lacycatherine09/01/04 09:52 PM
x*"You gals weren't popular." WOW and i thought I was harsh! NT
Mltv09/01/04 01:00 PM
xrayspex09/01/04 10:17 AM
x*Wow, what is this piece of trash? NT
TangentZ09/01/04 07:36 AM
x*I was surprised to see this is a TV Guide interview. But, 'trashy' isn't in the article if you click the link.
Shereebie09/01/04 07:42 AM
x*wow! talk about unprofessional! NT
aka_aka09/01/04 07:22 AM
x*Finally, someone actually calling the twins what they really are!!! NT
lwseven09/01/04 07:18 AM
x*"trashy" "clueliss" "not-so-bright" ?? Hmmm! NT
Bilbo09/01/04 06:29 AM
x*ahem that's "cluelEss" not "clueliss" NT
Liss09/01/04 03:51 PM
x*eeep, sorry, just used to typing it that way :) NT
Bilbo09/01/04 03:52 PM
x*That is harsh, and funny too, cus the author spelled CarmeN Electra's name wrong. NT
Sunflake09/01/04 01:36 PM
x*That was intended since it was what Natalie thought her name was. NT
ktan09/01/04 01:40 PM
x*oh, I thought writers used (sic) to show that. oops. NT
Sunflake09/01/04 02:17 PM
x*When you click the link, "trashy" isn't used in the real article. NT
jettheadpb09/01/04 07:33 AM
x*The error by Joker's has been reported to TV Guide ...
klincos09/01/04 12:23 PM
x*Here's the direct link to the version that still has "trashy" in it as of this posting:
patootie09/01/04 01:28 PM
x*I went directly through tv gude dot com and looked up the article - those words are in there...its considered an "editorial" NT
birdiebogie09/01/04 08:30 AM
x*INteresting, got to the article a different way and the "trshy" is not there - must have got in trouble & old version is still on NT
birdiebogie09/01/04 09:02 AM
x*Google News still has the offending word within the search result when you search for "Cohn" and "trashy" NT
ktan09/01/04 12:50 PM
*James has the round trip ticket...? Lucky 7's theme.
Unocinco19151 20   07/31/16 07:41 AM
x*I think it's #8 - One poster said "Ocho" (#8) and "your dream destination" which most likely was a clue to the RT ticket! NT
08/04/16 10:23 AM
x*REPLY: James having LUCKY 7 rountrip ticket
Conquer7708/02/16 06:45 AM
x*Interesting theory but sticking with 8 more so since the poster with it on it also says "your dream destination". What could be more dreamy on
08/01/16 12:15 AM
x*7 is a good theory. I thought it would be 8 because of the Ocho Rio sign NT
Vtginger07/31/16 07:24 PM
x*I said that as well last week and several disagreed... I stand by it as the dream destination! NT
Tutsymae08/02/16 05:24 AM
x*Does anyone know who has envelope #8, btw?
08/01/16 12:53 AM
x*Day NT
Dulcie08/01/16 12:56 AM
x*Frank said there was another female that was supposed to come on, but talked and got bumped ... could be Amanda got bumped and Day got her place? NT
TiaTia77707/31/16 03:59 PM
x*CBS has a lifetime ban on Amanda, so nope....not her NT
spikewells07/31/16 04:06 PM
x*The numbers are only there to make it easier on Production to switch out whichever envelope they want to win. Nothing magical about the numbers. NT
DaisyChain07/31/16 02:58 PM
x*Not possible! The tickets are inside the sealed envelopes which are opened live after eviction. BB knows, but can't manipulate! NT
08/02/16 05:20 PM
x*So they call an outdoor lockdown and switch a couple envelopes while they're in there. Doubtful but possible... NT
PixieStyx08/04/16 12:08 PM
x*Interesting theory, but why not pick Amanda Zuckerman instead of Day? NT
krh503807/31/16 02:27 PM
x*James has a round trip ticket, lucky 7's themes!
Kjsmimi07/31/16 12:16 PM
x*Wow! Very interesting. Not to mention James was one of Les Moonves favorite players, (per old interview) and it was with a 7, season 17. NT
katharina446207/31/16 11:31 AM
x*Would like to know if Les STILL feels this way. He has to be disappointed with his lack of play (no play) NT
spikewells07/31/16 12:58 PM
x*I know I am! : ( NT
katharina446208/01/16 11:23 AM
x*Sooooo hope you are wrong. James is this years biggest disappointment. His next show should be Americas Biggest Loser, just saying' LOL NT
spikewells07/31/16 10:20 AM
x*vellly in-ter-es-ting!!! I hope you got it right, it makes sense to me! love James! NT
dollady07/31/16 09:48 AM
x*Wow you are probably right! very smart indeed! NT
cindyjoffrion07/31/16 09:11 AM
*I got to go to Jeff's eviction and a producer said studio audiences have been picking John as the winner for weeks.Van a close 2nd.Who knows though NT
SweeBee4129 18   07/18/15 10:48 AM
x*how did u get them i been trying ? NT
TKM80907/18/15 03:12 PM
x*Try ~ Be in the live audience for Big Brother!
Dreamer07/18/15 03:22 PM
x*Well Audrey dreamt he was the winner and she's psychic, so... NT
HES07/18/15 03:03 PM
x*Ew, I would hate that F2 NT
LeastMode07/18/15 01:10 PM
x*way to represent the bee family WOOOHOOOO happy for you! :) NT
QueenBee_107/18/15 10:53 AM
x*Hey Queen Bee_1. thank you for all your great updates! NT
Mazita07/18/15 11:01 AM
x*She has the Best updates...I feel like I never missed a thing after reading Queen Bee! NT
rodh07/18/15 03:15 PM
x*my pleasure mazita (waving my wings) NT
QueenBee_107/18/15 11:15 AM
x*Thanks! NT
SweeBee07/18/15 10:56 AM
x*Johnny Mac is the viewers favourite. He is top off every poll and Johnny Mac trends worldwide on twitter. Producers will keep him safe NT
Tywyllwch07/18/15 10:52 AM
x*They asked who we liked then asked who we really thought would win. NT
SweeBee07/18/15 11:01 AM
x*I thought of you during Thursday's live show. Hope you had fun! NT
AdamAndEvel07/18/15 10:52 AM
x*Aw, thanks! Had a BLAST! PM me for tips if you ever go :) Last eviction I went to was Aaryn's, so this was tame in comparison! NT
SweeBee07/18/15 10:54 AM
x*Oh my!Bet that was interesting NT
Tara8307/18/15 10:56 AM
x*Interesting, uncomfortable, surreal, epic! NT
SweeBee07/18/15 10:58 AM
x*Woohoo JohnnyMac NT
sword112207/18/15 10:50 AM
x*I don't want John to win. But I'm good with Vanessa winning. NT
sisterofyu07/18/15 10:49 AM
x*(high fives sister) that's who i'm pulling for :) today lol NT
QueenBee_107/18/15 12:55 PM
*Frankie Grande to Embark on U.S. Tour
Dreamer4450 17   05/28/15 07:42 PM
x*He's her HALF-brother? wow NT
MeAgain06/08/15 05:03 PM
x*Yep. Same mom. NT
FurnitureAlliance06/09/15 03:20 PM
x*He's wants $25 for his LA show. Who in their right mind is going to pay that? NT
Sickpud05/31/15 04:48 PM
x*Nobody? NT
FurnitureAlliance06/09/15 03:20 PM
x*After he showed his true colors (egomaniac) on BB I didn't care for him. Best of luck, but I can't see anyone over the age of 13 attending. NT
MissJamesWhine05/31/15 03:25 PM
x*I would have to stab my own eyes and ears out if I somehow ended up at that show. A year later and I still have this violent reaction to him. NT
qkitten05/30/15 02:38 PM
x*What exactly will he be doing?
RoadZombie05/30/15 12:17 AM
x*IKR? Talk about ego NT
FurnitureAlliance06/09/15 03:22 PM
x*I assume singing, considering the microphone in the pic. NT
TheFly05/30/15 08:36 AM
x*At first I thought this was a joke. Seriously? Who... better yet Why would anyone pay money to see this clown? NT
MovingOn05/29/15 07:51 PM
x*I never thought I'd say this but I'd rather go to a Bieber concert. NT
Caroljean196505/29/15 04:17 PM
x*LOL I'd rather be locked in an elevator for 3 days with Bieber than spend 10 mins with Frankie NT
ShortJackie05/29/15 04:57 PM
x*will florida gators zack be joining him in this tour? i dont see the dates NT
BBnightmarez05/29/15 03:26 PM
x*Who in their right mind would endure this narcissistic garbage??? NT
wwell05/29/15 01:08 PM
x*At least he'll stay away from us.
Hrozebudd05/29/15 12:39 PM
x*yuck NT
CaboWabo05/29/15 03:13 AM
utty1405/28/15 09:47 PM
*Apparently BB18 is half newbies and half returnees! Yay! This always works out so well. Oh wait.....just look at BB13. WOOF.
Dreamer12344 17   04/07/16 05:10 PM
deadman05/12/16 05:56 PM
x*And the Newbies outnumbered the Vets in the beginning of BB13. But none of them wanted first HOH to strike at the Vets. And Porsche played for
BBFanJ05/07/16 08:24 PM
x*I'd be more interested in a "Second Chances" season like Survivor did. Probably the best season of Survivor thus far. There are a handful of BB HGs wh
04/15/16 06:52 PM
x*ITA - best season of Survivor ever. That might work for BB as well, eh? NT
Jokerette05/03/16 03:51 AM
x*as long as it's not andy I'm a happy camper. LOL NT
MissJamesWhine04/13/16 01:51 PM
x*omg , I agree , hope I never have to see him on bb again NT
pinklily04/23/16 04:32 PM
x*Every year
deadman04/11/16 04:21 PM
x*Total agree with this about it probably being worst than expected NT
uvp04/11/16 04:31 PM
x*Ugh. Seriously Andy? Going with the exact same rumor that people use every year? If you want to troll fans at least be creative. NT
WillettDrizzle04/10/16 12:36 AM
x*Season 13 was actually pretty good. Certainly way better than 15. NT
Blackheart04/09/16 10:05 PM
x*13 is a frustrating season, I think its a good season, but the rigging for vets spoils it, espically the Pandora twist at 6, its taints Rachel win NT
04/10/16 03:05 AM
x*Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm in agreement with all that you said but looking back at all the seasons I've seen, BBUS9-17 and BBCAN2-4, season 13 easily
Blackheart04/11/16 07:29 AM
x*Unpopular Opinion: I loved Season 15, and yes. I'm an Aaryn fan. Though she was super competitive. Her opinion sucked. NT
BigBrotherFly04/10/16 02:47 AM
x*I'm a fan of 15, too. It was a hoot ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance05/13/16 01:27 PM
x*Except BB13 wasn't half Newbies half All stars 8 newbies and 6 returning HGS NT
BBFanJ04/09/16 08:19 PM
x*No Brenchel or Jeff and Jordan though.... good sign... NT
Digitalpotato04/08/16 09:39 PM
x*Austin from #BB17 also said according to "inside sources" #BB18 is rumored to be half newbies & half all stars. We'll see come June! NT
Dreamer04/07/16 05:11 PM
*DaVonne supposedly has the winning ticket ~
Dreamer19556 17   08/04/16 09:50 AM
x*So much for the conspiracy theorists that state these things as facts, rather than possibilities. NT
Nusa08/04/16 07:48 PM
x*well, guess this shows you can grab random facts and twist them any way you want to fit an outcome NT
zagger08/04/16 06:47 PM
x*Been saying this since tickets were picked
BeatrixKido08/04/16 05:56 PM
x*Ocho Dream Trip NT
DeDee08/04/16 04:51 PM
x*Ocho poster
tigger1208/04/16 03:48 PM
x*Da'Vonne has roundtrip ticket??
jamorrow200308/04/16 03:34 PM
x*good, she is a strong woman, and likes James, my fav NT
dollady08/04/16 03:19 PM
x*That is in line with the rest of the clues about the secret room so better than average shot she has it. NT
hoops2bugs08/04/16 01:45 PM
x*I doubt it... Why would they use the Spanish word for 8 when the the destination was Paris, France? Makes no sense. NT
all8up08/04/16 01:28 PM
x*as julie told frank, the only destination was out the door , or back into the house, no one is going to paris NT
dollady08/04/16 03:20 PM
x*How'd that "clue" work out for her? NT
all8up08/05/16 06:07 AM
x*using that logic 8th voted out could also work NT
johnnycat08/04/16 12:52 PM
x*Could be... and nice theory... but I doubt it...
SchmickSchmack08/04/16 12:36 PM
x*I agree!
joneszy08/04/16 10:50 AM
x*Oh man I really hope so, do not want her to leave. And hopefully she will get a one week immunity or be automatic HOH which would be Awesome ! NT
caressastar08/04/16 10:17 AM
x*I hope she has it. NT
BBFan199508/04/16 10:03 AM
x*That could be. That is a great clue - Ocho = 8 and "your dream destination" = RT ticket! NT
08/04/16 10:00 AM
*Jessica and Cody and the rest of the cast released for The Amazing Race!
jammin_jen4889 17   12/07/17 10:59 AM
x*Physically they're capable but mentally/emotionally it'll be interesting to see how they cope. NT
RatFloater12/13/17 11:19 AM
x*I dislike them enough not to watch Amazing Race. NT
Tank12/11/17 02:05 AM
x*I'll watch, but for the first time ever, I won't be posting with the gang. The constant posting about this one couple, as if they are God's gift to
LibraLady12/11/17 02:55 PM
x*Did you post much last season? I usually read along but dont often post. Maybe the forum will get new life this season. NT
Vixter12/11/17 03:22 PM
x*I don't think I did much, Vixter. At least not as much as I once did, when Rabbit used to host the greatest puzzles. We'd go
LibraLady12/11/17 04:55 PM
x*Yes! I remember that. You are right. Those were the good ole days. For the most part, a whole different set of posters. NT
Vixter12/11/17 06:46 PM
x*That's OK. I've never watched TAR, but I'll watch because they're on it. As I'm sure many will. That's why CBS picked them. NT
Jake8112/11/17 06:33 AM
x*Still don't see anything likable about this pair
sunkist12/10/17 12:46 PM
x*100% agree NT
FurlessBat12/11/17 04:12 AM
x*Cody has more muscle in one leg than Paul has in his whole body NT
Paulsux12/10/17 09:39 AM
x*I predict the team in blue wins! NT
RockChalkJhawk12/08/17 05:42 PM
Toasterbox12/09/17 08:27 PM
x*They're at the top of the hill! NT
FurnitureAlliance12/07/17 11:33 PM
x*What an awesome cast! NT
Bobbo212/07/17 10:41 PM
x*Winning!! NT
Jake8112/07/17 05:07 PM
x*No thanks NT
bigbrotherfan712/07/17 04:46 PM
x*Even more reason to watch the new season. Wooooooooooooooooooo! NT
WillRulz12/07/17 11:40 AM
*The CBS Cross Promotion Publicity Train. Choo choooo...
Jennerific71312757 16   09/21/14 06:01 PM
x**Methinks thou doth protest too much* NT
bb4peeker09/23/14 03:33 AM
x*Wow….that's really interesting. I love when someone can actually connect all the dots to form the big picture. NT
NJCathie09/22/14 08:12 PM
x*This kinda stuff is "normal" in entertainment. NT
Hidef108009/22/14 07:03 AM
x*You're absolutely right. For lay, non-industry types, it's still pretty unsavory. NT
Jennerific71309/22/14 08:15 AM
x*I wrote an open letter to Allison Grodner, Chris Roach, CBS & Julie Chen. It won't do anything but it sure was cathartic!
Jennerific71309/22/14 01:58 AM
x*It is not fair to the other house guests - Done with this season stopped watching BBAD and only watch the show for evections NT
renka1309/22/14 10:27 AM
x*Who cares we watch these houseguest day and night we become for a short time apart of their lives tv style
splashet200009/21/14 08:54 PM
x*If Frankie wins FP I'm done with American BB. NT
Caroljean196509/21/14 07:38 PM
x*If Frankie wins it's because people split their votes and voted for people that were not even in the running. NT
whatagirlwants09/21/14 09:37 PM
x*Don't fall for that, and let blame fall where it should fall - CBS and production, not the fans. NT
andrewf09/22/14 05:08 PM
x*At some point in the Jeff interview after Frankie was evicted, he seems to outwardly say that he was on the show to promote his sister. NT
greengoddess09/21/14 07:28 PM
hesprit09/21/14 07:27 PM
x*As soon as Julie posted the selfie pic w/ Ariana after she was in the audience it became obvious there was a Group Grande contract w/ CBS. Done! NT
PeechyGurl09/21/14 07:16 PM
x*All this information makes one not want to watch reality shows.I will hang in to see Derek win and then Im hanging up my towel on BB USA NT
eve_dallas09/21/14 07:10 PM
x*Once I found out Scooter Braun had something to do with Scorpion, I decided not to watch it. NT
BBAnnie09/21/14 06:54 PM
x*Yes, I won't be watching it either! Not that I will make any difference. LOL! NT
Lacey42409/22/14 06:42 PM
*THR: CBB to air during Olympics from Feb 7 to Feb 25 (13 eps)
jammin_jen3242 16   12/01/17 10:05 AM
x*No real info on who the celeb's will be? I swear to god they better not have Frankie as a celeb. or a BUNCH of D list celebs NT
arrevard12/03/17 05:35 PM
x*I think it's a great idea! I love watching the parts of the Olympics that interest me. This way I can watch live feeds and switch between
stargazerfromnc12/01/17 06:06 PM
x*I like BB, but this sounds like a terrible idea NT
Paulsux12/01/17 01:58 PM
x*Hmmm I'm seeing Feb 7th
MegsMom31612/01/17 10:26 AM
x*LOL I read that wrong, I missed the TAR part, sorry. NT
MegsMom31612/01/17 10:27 AM
x*It's only going to be on for two weeks???? I've never heard a whole season of ANYTHING only being on for two weeks... Also sounds pre-recorded..
moeopoly12/01/17 10:25 AM
x*No it should be live, there are going to be live feeds. Celeb BBUK airs for 3/4 weeks every day. NT
caressastar12/01/17 10:56 AM
x*Shame that they can't do it like CBBUK and air a new episode every day for those short-ass 3 weeks. I feel like all of this and all of that money...
NEWORDER72012/01/17 02:34 PM
x*They're airing it 13 nights and some of those are two hour long episodes. This is plenty. I'd rather they concentrate on BB20 than CBB. NT
Corndogger12/01/17 02:41 PM
x*Ooh, I wonder how many eps. will be 2 hrs. long. If I could have my way, every ep. would be 2 hrs :-p NT
NEWORDER72012/01/17 03:01 PM
x*Fridays and the Sunday finale are 2 hours. The rest are 1 hour shows NT
Wildcard12/02/17 04:36 AM
x*Thank you for answering my question :) NT
NEWORDER72012/03/17 11:06 PM
x*Will it be on TV or just internet? NT
waypast4012/02/17 04:52 AM
x*both NT
FurnitureAlliance12/02/17 12:47 PM
x*Look in the BB Discussion forum. Someone posted air times that they saw posted somewhere. I think Friday's are two hours long. NT
Corndogger12/01/17 03:15 PM
x*Just checked it out. Thank you for the heads up! NT
NEWORDER72012/03/17 11:09 PM
*Jase Wirey Atwood ~ The Talent Agency ~ Got Robbed? video
Dreamer24666 15   07/10/04 12:06 AM
x*OMG..What a freak'in idiot!! LOL!!!! I got a good laugh out of that. Thank you Dreamer lol NT
amIsane07/29/04 12:45 PM
x*Yeah Yeah
ShawnM71408/05/04 07:24 PM
x*Jase doesn't live in Santa Monica . . he lives in Long Beach . .
Dreamer08/13/04 07:17 PM
x*Ahh hahahhaha! NT
mrbwiz42207/10/04 01:18 PM
x*I added some screencaps of Jase aka Zoolander :)
Dreamer07/10/04 09:27 AM
x*After watching that, I wouldn't be surprised if Jase is Bi. He said he's like his hair, "sometimes I go this way, sometimes I go that way". NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:16 AM
x*I thought exactly the same thing after Jase used his hair as an analogy to himself NT
calgal07/12/04 02:28 AM
x*Metrosexual , I think not
James1207/21/04 03:03 AM
x*I thought that they were all supposed to be from different states? Both Holly and Jase are from CA? Whaaaa? NT
BurgerBoy07/10/04 08:06 AM
x*Lori Lives in Cali as well
LoriDrewFan07/10/04 08:49 AM
x*BB used the state they grew up in I think. Will lives in NYC, but is credited as being from Tupulo MS. NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:10 AM
x*Lol.. now i have a new nickname for him...
avichaiyl07/10/04 08:04 AM
x*ROFLMAO..perfect Avi! The nicknames. Zoolander for Jase and Barbie for Holly (thanks Wild) fit these two perfectly. NT
Karen07/10/04 08:13 AM
x*Oh yeah...that really excited me...NOT! What a complete jerk. NT
Karen07/10/04 07:58 AM
x*Gah! Zoolander! Bwahahahahaha! He is so gross! NT
DooRagDuo07/10/04 08:22 AM
*Entertainment Weekly: Yep, somebody else was racist on 'Big Brother'
AwfuLeeHandsome16760 15   08/08/13 10:35 AM
x*What's going on is 'group mentality.' It was started, done some more, and now, racist remarks are socially acceptable within the group. Seriously. NT
ShrewLou08/08/13 02:48 PM
x*at least she's more aware that it can come off as racist than Aaryn was. NT
staten880808/08/13 02:28 PM
x*The witchhunt continues NT
JoeTheInformed08/08/13 12:45 PM
x*Hardly and not the definition. They are reporting facts not fabricating evidence to discredit someone. NT
WillRulz08/08/13 02:32 PM
x*Amen Joe, I don't believe any of them where hoods or burn crosses. NT
curt3708/08/13 01:57 PM
x*Racists come in all shapes, sizes and often don't wear hoods. NT
WillRulz08/08/13 02:33 PM
x*LOL at the pic they chose. NT
jjjg08/08/13 11:50 AM
x*LOL LOVE The Choices Offered & That Very Unflattering Pic Of The Self-Entitled, Narcissistic Control Freak! Needed a Good Chuckle Today - Thanks! NT
TangoCat08/08/13 11:31 AM
x*It is not Yes you are Now..... You have always been racist. NT
thorn08/08/13 11:19 AM
x*I've been clicking for 45 minutes and I can't get both yeses to register. I'll just have to keep trying... NT
WhirledPeas08/08/13 11:19 AM
x*Not at all....and your poll is messed up...... NT
kenisgod108/08/13 10:42 AM
x*Not at all? Seriously? So making snarky remarks aimed at one's ethnicity is not racist?
georgygirl08/08/13 10:57 AM
x*WOW! Nice Poll... Which one to pick? NT
whatagirlwants08/08/13 10:41 AM
x*Yes or Yes NT
Dreamer08/08/13 10:52 AM
x*Good answer! They're both right ;) NT
SillyWilly08/08/13 10:55 AM
*TV Line: Big Brother's Best and Worst Winners: We Ranked All 16 Champs
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan6257 15   09/22/15 12:04 PM
x*Don’t waste the time looking. Obviously a personal preference poll for a neophyte. NT
Mikentosh09/28/15 06:36 AM
x*It's laughable especially if you have Derrick on top of the list. Derrick has no merit for his game play. Rachel should be way up on the list. NT
actionplz09/23/15 03:26 PM
x*I can live with this list.. except the order of top 3. Dr. Will will always be #1, imo. Dan 2nd, then Derrick 3rd. NT
Starr09/23/15 12:00 PM
debbie86009/23/15 07:39 AM
x*That is the worst list I've ever seen, the only one I agree with is #16 NT
Usernamejax09/23/15 05:37 AM
x*Spot on! Although I would have had Dan 2nd and Will 3rd. NT
PacificNWGirl09/22/15 10:18 PM
x*This list is laughable. Adam was high in the house, and went to prison when he got out of the house. NT
CIAO09/22/15 06:08 PM
x*terrible list made by someone who doesn't have a clue NT
utty1409/22/15 05:31 PM
x*Derrick had the weakest cast in BB history. His only real threat was Frankie and even he wasn't that much of a threat. NT
NovemberRain09/22/15 03:01 PM
x*agreed. not to mention Frankie was put on TA w/ him & given financial incentive to keep him in game. complete joke. NT
utty1409/22/15 05:32 PM
x*This list was an absolute joke. Your prototypical un-educated, facebook commenter is the type of person who wrote this list. Couldn't be more wrong NT
whitecrocodile09/22/15 01:22 PM
x*There is no right or wrong to a list like this. It's entirely subjective. NT
cantgetenough09/22/15 04:11 PM
x*there's most definitely a wrong to this and this list is wrong NT
utty1409/22/15 05:34 PM
x*What a joke. Jordan as top 7 and Derrick before Dan and Will. And i HATE Andy, but he's definitely top 6 at least NT
vivalepoire09/22/15 12:21 PM
x*I agree that Andy should have been higher. He worked hard to get there, imo. NT
GazingEyes09/22/15 12:23 PM
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