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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Big Brother Forum Guidelines
ForumAdmin64650 0   Sticky Post
*"Big Brother: Over The Top" Begins Streaming September 28th (Fall Edition)
Dreamer3412 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother Over The Top Cast
Dreamer1053 0   Sticky Post
* For the First Time Ever, Fans Will Watch Everything Play out Live 24/7 Fans Will Decide Who Wins “Big Brother: Over the Top” One week free!
Dreamer1018 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother 19 Open Calls ~ Submission Deadline May 5th 2017
Dreamer185 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother 6 ~ PAIRS ~ BANNER Pic ~ Double Eviction Info + BB6 Pre-emptions
Dreamer105749 0   06/29/04 09:08 AM
*DREW and BEN have already switched
PARADISEBOY69056 32   07/11/04 05:22 AM
stacy_bb07/23/04 05:24 AM
x*IMO you could be wrong.................
SueBee07/23/04 05:46 AM
x*You would think that someone will eventually notice the ....
ItsMeBlue07/12/04 07:56 AM
x*Both Ben AND Drew are in LA
MarkSig07/11/04 03:15 PM
x*Welcome to JU! how interesting! NT
Jokerette07/12/04 09:39 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers. What exactly is a "close aquantance"? You're a friend? You are the friend of a friend? Saw them at the mall once? NT
Grins07/11/04 03:19 PM
x*I'm an extremely close friend of theres; my s/n sorta gives away my exact relationship with them. NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:43 PM
x*Well most of us have already suspected they are both in the house and switching off so your news isn't shocking to me. I just haven't ever heard of
Grins07/11/04 03:49 PM
x*Well it's all a matter of....
MarkSig07/11/04 04:01 PM
x*Thanks for the info just curious
LoriDrewFan07/11/04 05:27 PM
x*Do they have different personality traits or mannerisms that we can be looking for? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 04:37 PM
x*Thanks for the explaination. They do seem like nice guys so far. Just a bit quiet it seems. I'll look forward to seeing pics if you can find them or
Grins07/11/04 04:34 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers, MarkSig :)
Dreamer07/11/04 04:32 PM
x*You are a fraternity brother? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 03:48 PM
x*bingo NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:53 PM
x*Well, that's really stupid...
Scarlett07/11/04 09:36 AM
x*Article from Dayton Daily News
bimbolee07/11/04 07:21 AM
x*Could you post the link? That wouldn't be busting any laws NT
WWB07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Post a link if you would like. NT
Numfar07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Dayton Daily news is by subscription, I used the cache at Google, not sure if link would work. Link inside
bimbolee07/11/04 07:35 AM
x*How are they switching if one brother is back home? NT
Sizzle07/11/04 09:05 AM
x*SizzleRI ~ the interview was printed on July 6th . . Ben could have been interviewed earlier :) NT
Dreamer07/11/04 09:38 AM
x*I just got done reading all the posts during the night, and apparently, one of them has a mole on his chest, and the other doesn't. Pictures proved
Steve307/11/04 09:07 AM
x*lol this reminds me about the twin twist and how we were convinced more than one twin was switching places lol NT
Belle12/31/13 01:40 PM
x*Thanks :-) NT
WWB07/11/04 07:36 AM
x*HA! Great job! NT
Beejay07/11/04 07:19 AM
x*and didn't Holly say something about how if she had moles like (drew?) she would have them
Bilbo07/11/04 07:10 AM
Numfar07/11/04 07:02 AM
x*You should put this in New & Rumors - Excellent Work! NT
Jana07/11/04 06:37 AM
x*Great Work! NT
Trapper07/11/04 05:30 AM
x*Great work ... I was trying to get shots of the moles on Drew as well to check...
Kellassy07/11/04 05:27 AM
x*Nice call and pictures. I do notice Drew/maybe Ben wearing a lot of big sweatshirts. Drew's twin looks smaller in height and size. NT
CougarSpy07/11/04 05:27 AM
*Amanda loses it…again
WillRulz49725 7   09/01/13 12:31 PM
x*So tired of the clueless, objective averse cry babies.
mulmanster09/01/13 10:11 PM
x*Is she bi-polar? She has extremely extreme emotions!! NT
tarajo2309/01/13 05:57 PM
x*No she's not Bi-polat but she is Sociopath or even Pyschopath.
englishsoup09/01/13 08:54 PM
x*Heads must have exploded during Dick's season if this is bullying. It couldn't be a sexist thing could it? NT
Asillie09/01/13 05:52 PM
x*Amanda is a bully. Her behavior is sick and sad. She is so insecure she has to be in control. NT
katchword09/01/13 04:09 PM
x*Anyone surprised? NT
AprilSky09/01/13 01:39 PM
x*Anyone surprised?
mumof209/01/13 07:07 PM
*Big Brother 5 ~ Links to all the Twin Evidence (So far)
Dreamer44945 0   07/11/04 12:34 PM
*Amanda DOR rumor tweet
SSSSS42773 0   08/27/13 01:45 PM
*BB9 HouseGuest Myspaces
Dreamer42035 0   02/05/08 10:28 PM
*Perez Hilton tweets Ariana Grande about her brother Frankies actions..inside
MsTraci35062 0   09/01/14 04:45 PM
*Amanda gets ugly
WillRulz33293 0   08/25/13 10:06 PM
*Social media erupts over Big Brother’s “RenomRule”
Dreamer33113 8   08/19/14 05:13 AM
x*Everyone is only making a big deal out of this because of Zach. Why wasnt this a big deal when Joey, Paola or Brittany were told they were going up NT
BBFan199508/19/14 07:01 AM
x*cuz we didn't care then NT
Belle08/19/14 01:36 PM
x*lol, yep. Same reasons as production. Just the way we want something to happen. NT
crazyq08/19/14 02:52 PM
x*You're right, it is because of Zach, it's because THOUSANDS of fans were desperate & didn't want the STAR of the show to be evicted because we would
Tiger_Lilly08/19/14 01:35 PM
x*maybe because no ones actually seen the official rule book.
John33Dorian08/19/14 09:52 AM
x*My guess is because It wasnt related to TA task NT
Tamms08/19/14 08:50 AM
x*Honestly, I like Zach but he's dug his own grave, especially after he won HOH and went power crazy. TA has nothing to do with his eviction, just...
BBLover1908/19/14 09:10 AM
x*But when you watch the show they will make it like it was because of TA. even thou it was set before TA even started. NT
John33Dorian08/19/14 12:38 PM
*Former CBS employee saying Amaduh will win
katcrazee33043 0   08/24/13 01:11 PM
*howardoverby1 Amanda's dad and I had a moment to speak. All feelings aside about her. All the violence towards her family is wrong and uncalled for NT
Cindy32243 0   08/04/13 11:21 AM
*Paul WON HOH #BB18
Dreamer31417 32   09/12/16 09:56 PM
x*If true Nicorey has to be broken up. Paul and James have discussed this before feeds were down. NT
Hawkman09/13/16 02:20 PM
x*Hope it's true!! NT
FurnitureAlliance09/13/16 01:59 PM
x*The icing on this cake would be James winning the veto! NT
NavyMom201209/13/16 11:37 AM
x*Excuse me but did Julie not tell the houseguest just this last week there would be NO more double evictions for the rest of the season??? (more)
georgygirl09/13/16 11:09 AM
x*This is not a double eviction. There was an eviction last night and there will be one Thursday. NT
AZ_Cards_1109/13/16 01:16 PM
x*There will be an eviction tonite and one Wednesday nite. No show Thursday, Friday Show will be recaps of this season. NT
DaniTheWinner09/13/16 04:29 PM
x*Proof? This is it?! This could of been from any time.... NT
realitybama09/13/16 11:01 AM
x*He hasn't missed one yet this season. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:04 PM
x*If true BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! NT
fem29insd09/13/16 10:19 AM
x*MsCleo has been wrong before..Don't bank on a rumor... NT
gran92709/13/16 08:33 AM
x*Guess that puts that rumor to rest! NT
Moviegal09/13/16 07:53 PM
x*He has successfully reported every comp in advance all season. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:05 PM
x*I really hope he is wrong.
Sandybeap09/13/16 09:10 AM
x*Paul has overall played the best game. Hiccups, but at least he played from beginning to end, unlike Nicole who started after Paulie was evicted. NT
Kay1909/13/16 10:18 AM
x*This guy's been in trouble for forging hundreds of prescription drugs. He could very well be in prison and someone else took over acct. NT
debbiedu2209/13/16 09:13 AM
x*I hope this info is correct. If Paul won' HOH that's the best news. I hope what comes around goes around. NT
Sherie09/13/16 07:08 AM
x*In the name of all that is holy, please be true! NT
vortexfugue09/13/16 05:48 AM
x*Danielle Reyes: Don't play. Is this real?
Dreamer09/13/16 02:50 AM
x*Miss Cleo: yes, it's legit. I don't troll when it comes to spoilers. Me: If Miss Cleo fits, it will be legit! Now I can enjoy rest of my day! NT
09/13/16 07:03 AM
x*Miss Cleo BB spoilers DIED earlier this year. Goggle it. Someone has his Twitter account and it may or may not be TRUE. NT
dwig22209/13/16 01:56 PM
x*Miss Cleo the tv psychic died earlier this year. Miss Cleo BB is a guy named Mike. NT
Moviegal09/13/16 04:07 PM
x*Thank you MissCleo! NT
Dulcie09/13/16 02:15 AM
x*Has a source been named?
Worra09/13/16 02:15 AM
x*First off MsCleoBB is a guy, second he's alive, third it's been claimed he either is part of production or has connections in production. NT
WolfDShadow09/13/16 03:46 PM
x*good, the buhbye biotch Ni ..or Co either one kiss my ***!!!!!!! NT
stewart09/13/16 06:44 AM
x*Oh please, please be true!! NT
TiaTia77709/13/16 01:25 AM
x*This would be a huge shake up
nickomon09/13/16 02:03 AM
x*Nice my preseason pick to win made it final 3 Paul can still win this! NT
CalebFTW09/13/16 01:16 AM
x*This is the only best news since Vic was betrayed by Nicorey! NT
Optics09/12/16 11:51 PM
x*He just saved the season by avoiding a Nicorey/James final 3. NT
Kay1909/12/16 11:04 PM
x*I sure hope this is true it would make me a very happy woman NT
aceluvjay09/12/16 10:14 PM
CindiCindi09/12/16 11:28 PM
*List of racist/homophobic/sexist comments made by the BB15 Cast (w/ time)
sockruhtese31126 0   06/30/13 11:52 AM
*Robhasawebsite: Brendon & Rachel on Elissa's Game & Amanda
Dreamer29168 6   08/28/13 12:37 AM
x*I agree 100% that were just starting to see he real Amanda...
Cal08/28/13 04:17 PM
x*Like this couple, disagree with them about Evel Dick, though. NT
eibeh00708/28/13 02:20 PM
x*Thanks really enjoyed it. NT
AprilSky08/28/13 12:10 PM
x*Rob does a pretty good job, but I wouldn't waste my time on this one. Can you say 'biased'. Not like we will get a neutral opinion NT
NSGirl08/28/13 08:16 AM
x*You never get an unbiased opinion, that is what an opinion is. One side of the coin -_- NT
blabbityblahbla08/28/13 10:34 AM
x*I would never expect a neutral opinion from a HG's family member - and I can't say as though I disagreed much with anything they had to say NT
bmkmusic08/28/13 09:22 AM
*Big Brother's Paulie C. called out as a cheater by ex-fiancée's friends
Dreamer27485 11   08/14/16 01:18 AM
x*Paulie is an idiot, but this wasn't necessary. That was personal. It's between the parties involved and NOT the peanut gallery. NT
MissJamesWhine08/14/16 03:14 PM
x*Why not? Everybody else's lives are up for grabs. NT
katchword08/14/16 06:35 PM
x*What? Paulie is not a stand up guy? I'm shocked?! He treated z with such respect. Ugh NT
jcblueeyes227608/14/16 10:20 AM
x*The EX was right to dumped him fast.
McLean08/14/16 09:36 AM
x*Krista & Tiffany seem very credible - you DON'T mess with a Jersey girl bro! I'm just surprised it took them this long to speak up! NT
spikewells08/14/16 08:11 AM
x*Someone wants attention. NT
Haycole08/14/16 06:39 AM
x*Trash talking someone who cannot respond. Sounds like peeps want their 15 minutes. NT
WillRulz08/14/16 02:31 PM
x*So if she denied him then he didn't have a fiance'
16yrBBfan08/14/16 02:41 AM
x*He tarnished his own reputation. NT
laurajhuff08/14/16 07:37 PM
x*He talked trash about them on the feeds. They have every right to stand up for themselves. Paulie brought it on himself. NT
WillettDrizzle08/14/16 10:49 AM
x*The Ex-fiance "denied" the ring. As in she gave it back to Paulie's mother after Paulie left for BB. NT
Blackheart08/14/16 06:01 AM
*'Big Brother 15' exclusive: Dan Gheesling's thoughts on game being rigged
Cindy27341 0   08/26/13 07:32 PM
*Is it true that Amanda won the diamond power of veto
BBfanInGa27151 0   09/01/13 09:53 AM
*Live Feed Spoilers: HouseGuest called out on behavior
WillRulz27078 7   07/09/16 11:29 AM
x*Meh, big deal. She told him to stop and he stopped. Not like he was taking liberties honking hooters uninvited. NT
paradiddles07/10/16 08:54 PM
x*here's the problem...in the game of BB he can do pretty much anything he wants and the girls are just supposed to take it. Look at tiff, spoke up
MissJamesWhine07/11/16 08:45 AM
x*I think he's ignorant,but didn't hit anyone out of anger or maliciousness.If he's hitting his mom and nana then there are no boundaries in his home NT
grandjete07/09/16 09:55 PM
x*Frank should have been expelled there is NO Hitting allowed that include's HG's Butt's..Just Saying.. NT
MERLI07/09/16 06:33 PM
x*hes gross, disgusting, sexist pig. WHY hasnt bb done anything about him? NT
stewart07/09/16 04:26 PM
x*Maybe because BB house is for adults, not tattling children? NT
bb4peeker07/10/16 04:41 AM
x*This is not grade school
barkyface07/10/16 02:34 PM
*Jase Wirey Atwood ~ The Talent Agency ~ Got Robbed? video
Dreamer23993 15   07/10/04 12:06 AM
x*OMG..What a freak'in idiot!! LOL!!!! I got a good laugh out of that. Thank you Dreamer lol NT
amIsane07/29/04 12:45 PM
x*Yeah Yeah
ShawnM71408/05/04 07:24 PM
x*Jase doesn't live in Santa Monica . . he lives in Long Beach . .
Dreamer08/13/04 07:17 PM
x*Ahh hahahhaha! NT
mrbwiz42207/10/04 01:18 PM
x*I added some screencaps of Jase aka Zoolander :)
Dreamer07/10/04 09:27 AM
x*After watching that, I wouldn't be surprised if Jase is Bi. He said he's like his hair, "sometimes I go this way, sometimes I go that way". NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:16 AM
x*I thought exactly the same thing after Jase used his hair as an analogy to himself NT
calgal07/12/04 02:28 AM
x*Metrosexual , I think not
James1207/21/04 03:03 AM
x*I thought that they were all supposed to be from different states? Both Holly and Jase are from CA? Whaaaa? NT
BurgerBoy07/10/04 08:06 AM
x*Lori Lives in Cali as well
LoriDrewFan07/10/04 08:49 AM
x*BB used the state they grew up in I think. Will lives in NYC, but is credited as being from Tupulo MS. NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:10 AM
x*Lol.. now i have a new nickname for him...
avichaiyl07/10/04 08:04 AM
x*ROFLMAO..perfect Avi! The nicknames. Zoolander for Jase and Barbie for Holly (thanks Wild) fit these two perfectly. NT
Karen07/10/04 08:13 AM
x*Oh yeah...that really excited me...NOT! What a complete jerk. NT
Karen07/10/04 07:58 AM
x*Gah! Zoolander! Bwahahahahaha! He is so gross! NT
DooRagDuo07/10/04 08:22 AM
*Nick Uhas dating Kyle Keller??
CelebMagnet23416 6   09/18/13 05:26 PM
x*Her twitter says they're just friends. NT
ScottySayz09/18/13 10:54 PM
x*He doesn't look right in the eyes...jus sayin NT
Lark09/18/13 06:19 PM
x*Yea... figures. Chick with a dudes name.
AlcoHolocaust09/18/13 06:17 PM
x*I beg your pardon, Kyle has been my middle name since 1951 .... 62 year old female. :) NT
Theory09/18/13 06:20 PM
x*you go girl! Kyle is like Tracy or Chris or Pat - not automatically a guys name! NT
ratts09/18/13 06:34 PM
x*Andy will be upset to find out he is straight. He really liked Nick. NT
Betsy09/18/13 05:48 PM
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