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Updates: (10:20) Josh says on Day 30 if BB asked him to come back, he'd say no - but by Day 60 he says he'd return, but not back to back. (1 min. ago)
Maven lights out in rose room. Jason looks passed out in money room while Josh/Kevin/Mark talk about uniqueness of current HGs. NT (4 min. ago)
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*Big Brother Forum Guidelines
ForumAdmin66742 0   Sticky Post
*CBS' Big Brother 19 Cast ~ bios and pics~
Dreamer2560 0   Sticky Post
*'Big Brother Announces This Summer's New Twist: "Summer Of Temptation"
Dreamer1165 0   Sticky Post
*'Big Brother' Returns This Summer With Multiplatform Coverage - More Platforms than Ever Before
Dreamer1841 0   Sticky Post
*Golden Power of Veto from Big Brother 3 by marqueemarc
Dreamer755 0   04/18/03 08:52 PM
*BB ~Josh on the Road ~Executive Producer~Erika Landin
Dreamer2023 1   09/07/03 03:15 PM
x*Josh on the Road . . 2001
Dreamer09/07/03 03:39 PM
*BB4 Wrap Party Pictures . . . .65 total in this post :)
Dreamer16527 9   09/30/03 12:33 PM
x*lol some of those look so forced (smiles) and some look like
VeronicaLodge10/02/03 09:15 AM
x*Who's the black chic with Jayson?
JJA09/30/03 11:37 PM
x*Yes the mystery girl is Rachel True . . .. :)
Dreamer10/01/03 02:16 PM
x*I watch her every week on UPN
SheilaVee10/03/03 03:46 PM
x*Who is the mystery girl
MsFootball10/01/03 12:57 PM
x*Thank you Dreamer! ;-) NT
Trapper09/30/03 04:22 PM
x*YVW :) NT
Dreamer09/30/03 09:52 PM
x*Excellent! Thankyou! ;-D NT
Tano09/30/03 02:48 PM
x*Michelle looks like she is wearing the same top that Alison wore on finale night NT
Katherine09/30/03 12:59 PM
*Hello Everybody...I hope my little post finds you all doing well. Now I just have one question...
DanaBB44151 11   12/05/03 11:30 AM
x*wow never knew she posted here.....blast from the past NT
Belle10/01/15 12:31 PM
x*Indeed, quiet a blast from the distant past. NT
Blockhead10/01/15 12:34 PM
x*Hi Dana
ClowdzNDSky12/05/03 06:36 PM
x*alright, here we go. . .
bbfan4life12/05/03 07:36 PM
x*..."in the game"... dont forget that part. :P NT
Sarah12/06/03 07:55 AM
x*well this is a first... i got a HG mad at me :) NT
bbfan4life12/05/03 02:20 PM
x*Congratulations. NT
Phantom12/05/03 04:30 PM
x*Just be glad it wasn't Shannon - - you'd never be able to brush your teeth without fear again. NT
Winston_Smith12/05/03 02:23 PM
x*Hey Dana ! You are taking it all on with the right outlook , but on alot of posts ? I suggest ya just roll with it . If it pisses ya off ? >
Empress12/05/03 12:51 PM
x*Looking forward to the chat!! So far all the chats with BB4 Houseguests have been a blast!! :):) NT
DressageRider12/05/03 11:50 AM
x*I'll be there for sure! I think that's a great attitude Dana..kudos to you! NT
strkaholic12/05/03 11:43 AM
*Big Brother 6 ~ PAIRS ~ BANNER Pic ~ Double Eviction Info + BB6 Pre-emptions
Dreamer105779 0   06/29/04 09:08 AM
*Jase Wirey Atwood ~ The Talent Agency ~ Got Robbed? video
Dreamer24144 15   07/10/04 12:06 AM
x*OMG..What a freak'in idiot!! LOL!!!! I got a good laugh out of that. Thank you Dreamer lol NT
amIsane07/29/04 12:45 PM
x*Yeah Yeah
ShawnM71408/05/04 07:24 PM
x*Jase doesn't live in Santa Monica . . he lives in Long Beach . .
Dreamer08/13/04 07:17 PM
x*Ahh hahahhaha! NT
mrbwiz42207/10/04 01:18 PM
x*I added some screencaps of Jase aka Zoolander :)
Dreamer07/10/04 09:27 AM
x*After watching that, I wouldn't be surprised if Jase is Bi. He said he's like his hair, "sometimes I go this way, sometimes I go that way". NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:16 AM
x*I thought exactly the same thing after Jase used his hair as an analogy to himself NT
calgal07/12/04 02:28 AM
x*Metrosexual , I think not
James1207/21/04 03:03 AM
x*I thought that they were all supposed to be from different states? Both Holly and Jase are from CA? Whaaaa? NT
BurgerBoy07/10/04 08:06 AM
x*Lori Lives in Cali as well
LoriDrewFan07/10/04 08:49 AM
x*BB used the state they grew up in I think. Will lives in NYC, but is credited as being from Tupulo MS. NT
Sunflake07/10/04 08:10 AM
x*Lol.. now i have a new nickname for him...
avichaiyl07/10/04 08:04 AM
x*ROFLMAO..perfect Avi! The nicknames. Zoolander for Jase and Barbie for Holly (thanks Wild) fit these two perfectly. NT
Karen07/10/04 08:13 AM
x*Oh yeah...that really excited me...NOT! What a complete jerk. NT
Karen07/10/04 07:58 AM
x*Gah! Zoolander! Bwahahahahaha! He is so gross! NT
DooRagDuo07/10/04 08:22 AM
*DREW and BEN have already switched
PARADISEBOY69368 32   07/11/04 05:22 AM
stacy_bb07/23/04 05:24 AM
x*IMO you could be wrong.................
SueBee07/23/04 05:46 AM
x*You would think that someone will eventually notice the ....
ItsMeBlue07/12/04 07:56 AM
x*Both Ben AND Drew are in LA
MarkSig07/11/04 03:15 PM
x*Welcome to JU! how interesting! NT
Ette07/12/04 09:39 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers. What exactly is a "close aquantance"? You're a friend? You are the friend of a friend? Saw them at the mall once? NT
Grins07/11/04 03:19 PM
x*I'm an extremely close friend of theres; my s/n sorta gives away my exact relationship with them. NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:43 PM
x*Well most of us have already suspected they are both in the house and switching off so your news isn't shocking to me. I just haven't ever heard of
Grins07/11/04 03:49 PM
x*Well it's all a matter of....
MarkSig07/11/04 04:01 PM
x*Thanks for the info just curious
LoriDrewFan07/11/04 05:27 PM
x*Do they have different personality traits or mannerisms that we can be looking for? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 04:37 PM
x*Thanks for the explaination. They do seem like nice guys so far. Just a bit quiet it seems. I'll look forward to seeing pics if you can find them or
Grins07/11/04 04:34 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers, MarkSig :)
Dreamer07/11/04 04:32 PM
x*You are a fraternity brother? NT
Winston_Smith07/11/04 03:48 PM
x*bingo NT
MarkSig07/11/04 03:53 PM
x*Well, that's really stupid...
Scarlett07/11/04 09:36 AM
x*Article from Dayton Daily News
bimbolee07/11/04 07:21 AM
x*Could you post the link? That wouldn't be busting any laws NT
WWB07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Post a link if you would like. NT
Numfar07/11/04 07:31 AM
x*Dayton Daily news is by subscription, I used the cache at Google, not sure if link would work. Link inside
bimbolee07/11/04 07:35 AM
x*How are they switching if one brother is back home? NT
Sizzle07/11/04 09:05 AM
x*SizzleRI ~ the interview was printed on July 6th . . Ben could have been interviewed earlier :) NT
Dreamer07/11/04 09:38 AM
x*I just got done reading all the posts during the night, and apparently, one of them has a mole on his chest, and the other doesn't. Pictures proved
Steve307/11/04 09:07 AM
x*lol this reminds me about the twin twist and how we were convinced more than one twin was switching places lol NT
Belle12/31/13 01:40 PM
x*Thanks :-) NT
WWB07/11/04 07:36 AM
x*HA! Great job! NT
Beejay07/11/04 07:19 AM
x*and didn't Holly say something about how if she had moles like (drew?) she would have them
Bilbo07/11/04 07:10 AM
Numfar07/11/04 07:02 AM
x*You should put this in New & Rumors - Excellent Work! NT
Jana07/11/04 06:37 AM
x*Great Work! NT
Trapper07/11/04 05:30 AM
x*Great work ... I was trying to get shots of the moles on Drew as well to check...
Kellassy07/11/04 05:27 AM
x*Nice call and pictures. I do notice Drew/maybe Ben wearing a lot of big sweatshirts. Drew's twin looks smaller in height and size. NT
CougarSpy07/11/04 05:27 AM
*Maxim's Hometown Hotties ~ Diane ~ 2004 Semifinalist
Dreamer17818 6   07/11/04 12:01 PM
x*Maxim's Hometown Hotties ~ Lindsey~
Dreamer07/11/04 12:04 PM
x*Well, Diane had two tattoos)back and ankle) and Lindsey has none. DIane has belly button ring, Lindsay doesn't... NT
amhlawyer07/12/04 01:49 AM
x*Lindsey looks better in a bikini... And wears thongs 6 DAYS OF THE WEEK?!? Wow. NT
BB_So_Exciting07/11/04 09:01 PM
x*another slight but can be noticed difference is that lindsey says she doesn't drink...
jmtoad2207/11/04 10:04 PM
x*Good catch. Diane is drinking red wine. NT
Grins07/11/04 10:08 PM
x*Sounds like Lindsey is the tamer of the two. NT
Grins07/11/04 12:06 PM
*Big Brother 5 ~ Links to all the Twin Evidence (So far)
Dreamer44955 0   07/11/04 12:34 PM
*Lori Daze
lacycatherine2562 0   07/25/04 08:19 PM
*BB5's Yoga Guru Booted
lacycatherine1784 0   07/28/04 03:51 AM
*BB5's Non-Jolly Holly
ktan5879 3   08/03/04 12:36 AM
x*Wow!! I WAS a big Holly fan until reading that. I can't believe she blames Jase for getting kicked out.
Nantucket08/03/04 04:29 AM
x*It WAS Jase's fault
ClowdzNDSky08/03/04 09:28 AM
x*I thought it was a good interview
efilon08/03/04 05:00 AM
*Mother: 'No stopping' Diane
ktan2036 0   08/03/04 11:12 AM
*Alabama gets double exposure on TV's 'BB5'
lacycatherine1858 0   08/03/04 02:37 PM
*'Big Brother' bombshell: The twin-sister switcheroo
ktan4232 0   08/04/04 06:54 PM
*Twins Are In, But the 'Big Brother' House Is Scott-Free
lacycatherine922 0   08/06/04 04:43 AM
*Shadyside man doesn't regret 'Big Brother' experience
ktan2048 0   08/06/04 11:00 AM
*Twin sisters twist 'Big Brother'
ktan1207 0   08/06/04 11:07 AM
*Area twins hoodwink `Big Brother' housemates
ktan1947 0   08/06/04 11:11 AM
*The Lunk Flunks
lacycatherine2186 0   08/06/04 05:06 PM
*Pittsburgher Evicted From Big Brother
ClowdzNDSky2460 1   08/06/04 09:20 PM
x*S: "I knew I could do it better" than Alison from BB4 - check that ego buddy - she made the final 2! NT
rosebud5208/07/04 10:13 AM
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