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*Finale Time, Stay Strong Lisa! NT
Dexter1339 79   03/10/14 05:59 PM
x*These issues with Lisa may be real but she seems almost broken so if they come to her in an aggressive way, the point falls flat. NT
HumblePie03/11/14 02:20 AM
x*I'm just now watching and only 10 mins in. Yolanda needs to go!! Can't stand that woman. NT
BettyRubble03/10/14 09:49 PM
x*Giggy even has a little spinoff show, and you know the rest of the women are jealous of a dog. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:58 PM
x*Apt quote Lisa. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:50 PM
x*good one NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:50 PM
x*Kim im pretty sure Lisa loves her son too, ya dummy. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:49 PM
x*Yolanda even worse than Brandi. NT
sassyflalassy03/10/14 06:47 PM
x*Yolanda seems to think she is above everyone. Ken was trying to talk to Mauricio
amIsane03/11/14 04:44 AM
x*she's showing her true colors and what her real agenda has been from day 1 NT
robbierob03/11/14 08:33 AM
x*She most definatly thinks she and her husband are above them all and if what they say is true, that she called them all clowns, then why did she go
L2403/11/14 04:50 AM
x*I cannot stand her! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:48 PM
x*Yes, why did BRANDI HAVE THE DAMN THING, omg lol NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:45 PM
x*To read it, maybe. NT
GetEmDrunk03/10/14 09:04 PM
x*Wtf Brandi and Yo, step back NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:43 PM
x*So Yo can walk up and get involved when the guys are talking, but Ken can't walk up to the women?! NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:46 PM
x*She has said several times on the show
amIsane03/11/14 06:33 AM
x*that was her point NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:52 PM
x*yes, her point was to be a hypocrite? lol NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:53 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:54 PM
x*Yo "Why would my husband want to talk to you?" but yet Ken and Lisa think they're better? NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:48 PM
x*LOL He doesn't even want to talk to Yo, she goes everywhere alone. btw I think she is the most phoney o them all. NT
L2403/11/14 04:40 AM
x*Ken's come back was hilarious! "If he ever shows up, maybe I"ll talk to him" LOL NT
IrishA03/10/14 06:49 PM
x*Loved that! NT
L2403/11/14 09:29 AM
x*LOL, that was pretty great! NT
amIsane03/11/14 09:25 AM
x* line of the night! Love Ken! NT
Mazita03/11/14 08:37 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:51 PM
Dexter03/10/14 06:50 PM
x*Yeah well, it's sad to me as a viewer to watch Brandi try and screw Lisa over. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:41 PM
x*Me too. Lisa is not perfect, and she has said something
amIsane03/11/14 06:43 AM
x*It's strange that anyone who backs Lisa is being manipulated by her instead of agreeing with her. NT
HumblePie03/11/14 02:13 AM
x*me too. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:42 PM
x*I despise Brandi. NT
sassyflalassy03/10/14 06:42 PM
x*Then do not go to Sur Brandi. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:30 PM
x*Lisa was stirring the pot to make a scene when pushing Brandi on Schaena and vice versa NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:36 PM
x*I think the producers have a hand in that TBH. Also, unless Lisa promised she'd fire Schaena or something, Brandi has no leg to stand on. NT
HumblePie03/10/14 06:38 PM
x*That to me was one of the more "constructed reality" moments, production put her there, imo. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:38 PM
x*I think there was a real push to crossover VR and RHBH. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:39 PM
x*EXACTLY! Go to Villa Blanca. Wtf. NT
HumblePie03/10/14 06:34 PM
x*Right, or Sur catered events. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:31 PM
x*This is about Brandi getting her story line. I do not even believe she believes what she is saying. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:32 PM
x*If she's so over it, why does she keep bringing Scheana up??? NT
IrishA03/10/14 06:38 PM
x*Scheana was not the only girl her EX was banging at the same time. I thought he had MANY GF's at same time??? NT
chirtygirl7403/10/14 07:22 PM
x*Yeah, she can't think Lisa is going to fire somebody just because of her, and when that person is contracted with Bravo, seriously wtf. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:34 PM
x*Something tells me that Brandi won't be getting an apology. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:29 PM
x*Kim is stupid. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:27 PM
x*And whiney lol. And boring. NT
IrishA03/10/14 06:28 PM
x*Go back to Witch Mountain Kim. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:29 PM
x*Aw NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:34 PM
x*See, Brandi brought it up before and Lisa defended Kyle's ass. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:21 PM
x*Kyle wants Lisa to apologize for something she didn't do lol. She's so transparent. NT
IrishA03/10/14 06:22 PM
x*Pretty much, and then they'll attack her again at the reunion for something she said she didn't do. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:23 PM
x*That reunion is going to be hard to watch I think :( NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:24 PM
x*Kyle wants to believe Lisa did it so she can be superior. I am really disliking most of this crowd. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:23 PM
x*They're all so pathetic LOL. And mad that Lisa won't get into a screaming match with them, which they were HOPING for! NT
IrishA03/10/14 06:24 PM
x*The purpose is to drag Lisa into the mud but she isn't obliging. Makes me like her more! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:27 PM
x*Yep. It was Yo and Brandi who pushed it. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:22 PM
x*Or Carlton just knows Brandi is FOS, pretty bad when your makeout buddy turns on you. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:19 PM
x*Caused they ganged up on her. I would have left. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:18 PM
x*lol vicki "on joy another bitch i gotta like" NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:15 PM
x*I think I am going to like Carleton some tonight. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:12 PM
x*LMAO @ Lisa and Ken just leaving and going to another resort, i love it NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:10 PM
x*Kyle is being so 2 faced by telling Brandi her dress is cute, blech! NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:08 PM
x*Eleanor Rigby called. She said Kyle might want to jar her face. NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:13 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:15 PM
x*I don't know who that is :/ NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:14 PM
x*Eleanor Rigby lives in a dream and waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door. Who is it for?
PointBeing03/10/14 06:19 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:20 PM
x*Beatles song lyrics..
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:16 PM
x*thanks! NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:16 PM
x*yvw :) NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:17 PM
x*Brandi is fake. Yo-yo is so annoying. She was unpleasant. Nothing pleasant about it. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:10 PM
x*If Yo thought Lisa and Ken could be dead on the side of the road then why the hell didn't she call Lisa to make sure she was ok? makes no sense. NT
Dexter03/10/14 06:12 PM
x*Yolanda likes to be indignant about something or towards someone. I really dislike her. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:14 PM
x*I question their motives too. It is all about take down Lisa season. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:07 PM
x*I just want it to end. This season made me miss Jill and Bethenny. That's how bad it is. NT
PointBeing03/10/14 06:01 PM
x*Lol now that is bad! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:03 PM
x*Just picture me giving Catelyn Stark's "let it end" speech at the Red Wedding
PointBeing03/10/14 06:08 PM
x*Lol! Makes me miss GOT. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:11 PM
x*Team Battlestar has your back Lisa! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 06:00 PM
*Lisa Vanderpump Scared of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Fallout, How Fans Will React
HumblePie231 3   03/10/14 04:51 PM
x*Team Lisa no matter what! And Kim really needs to go away. NT
BBCru0903/10/14 05:32 PM
x*Lisa is my fave, but I can see Kim's point on this. Lisa has always been very dismissive of her & now Kim can see that more clearly. NT
Karina8603/10/14 05:35 PM
x* How can you take that goofball serious? LOL NT
L2403/11/14 04:48 AM
*Andy is in Austin lol. Brandi, too. WWHL tonight from the SXSW Festival. NT
IrishA64 1   03/10/14 04:41 PM
x*I just watched Sonja perform her burlesque routine the same way I watched the True Detective finale:
PointBeing03/11/14 08:28 PM
*Teresa and Joe Giudice lay aside their legal woes to support daughters Gia and Milania in cheering competition...
petite6111 0   03/09/14 02:51 PM
*All this talk about the RHONY Morocco trip gave me the urge to re watch. Boy, was that psychic dead on. Sonja also predicted that Mario would...
GetEmDrunk1195 43   03/09/14 12:41 PM
x*I always kind of liked Mario, but I just finished re-watching last season as well as a few episodes of prior seasons and I found him to be such
cantgetenough03/10/14 12:22 PM
x*I think he's hot for a 60 year old, but the way he was with Heather is when he started losing me :/ NT
Dexter03/10/14 04:09 PM
x*Did they have a fight or something? NT
IrishA03/10/14 04:13 PM
x*Ramona and Mario or Heather and Mario? NT
Dexter03/10/14 04:16 PM
x*Did Heather and Mario fight. NT
IrishA03/10/14 04:19 PM
x*He was nasty to her when Ramona and Heather fought. They were both rude to her when she first met them. NT
Dexter03/10/14 04:21 PM
x*Heather can be annoying sometimes lol.
IrishA03/10/14 04:36 PM
x*She can be, but I love how she would just smile in Ramona's face while getting bitched at. NT
Dexter03/10/14 04:41 PM
x*Like this?
IrishA03/10/14 04:43 PM
x*ha, yup NT
Dexter03/10/14 04:45 PM
x*LOL! Yes! heeee! NT
Karina8603/10/14 04:44 PM
x*My favorite Mario moment...
IrishA03/10/14 04:53 PM
x*lmao! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:15 PM
x*One more day til "Whose Leg Is That" time!!! NT
IrishA03/10/14 05:18 PM
x*Ha ha ha ha! I cannot wait. :) NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:19 PM
x*I can't wait either! How much you wanna bet we don't see the leg until close to the end of the season! lol! NT
Karina8603/10/14 05:22 PM
x*I bet you are right. The leg gets thrown. They pan to it and fade out, lol NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:22 PM
Karina8603/10/14 05:23 PM
x*They're definitely going to make us wait.
IrishA03/10/14 05:32 PM
x*Lol! Ramona is crazy. NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:34 PM
x*IKR??? Remember when Aviva called her & Sonya white trash and she had to google it on her iPad? LOL I about died! NT
IrishA03/10/14 05:36 PM
x* Lol. And the things that come out of her mouth. Bring on the Pinot Grigio!! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:38 PM
x*And then after the read the definition, they agreed LOLOL! NT
IrishA03/10/14 05:42 PM
x*lol. So funny!! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:43 PM
x*I can't help myself, I love me some crazy Ramona :) NT
Karina8603/10/14 05:39 PM
x*She is fun and unbelievable which makes it more fun! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 05:40 PM
x*HA! That's just how I feel! lolol! NT
Karina8603/10/14 05:34 PM
x*hahaha! Awesome! NT
Karina8603/10/14 04:58 PM
x*Haha...that was quite a moment! NT
cantgetenough03/10/14 04:58 PM
x*He insulted her within 10 minutes of meeting her while he was hosting her as a guest in his home. It was beyond rude. NT
cantgetenough03/10/14 04:26 PM
x*Well, she probably won't have to see much of him this season lol. NT
IrishA03/10/14 04:38 PM
x*I don't find him attractive at all. NT
dwig22203/10/14 08:17 AM
x*He's a little bit attractive until he starts to talk. Then it gets ugly lol. NT
IrishA03/10/14 08:30 AM
x*He's probably the most attractive out of any of th RHONY hubbies, but he's such a creep. In the Moroccan eps after showing the psychic, they...
GetEmDrunk03/10/14 08:40 AM
x*I think you are right .. I can remember at first thinking wow she has a looker for a hubby but then as I got to see him on the show he became yuck to
CatsMommie03/10/14 08:57 AM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 09:09 AM
x*I forgot about that psychic! What else did she say? NT
petite603/09/14 02:31 PM
x*The psychic said that R was thinking about her husband but there was also another woman thinking about him and that R was nervous. That R does...
GetEmDrunk03/09/14 02:50 PM
x*She also said
PointBeing03/09/14 02:36 PM
x*lmao! NT
Megs03/09/14 03:24 PM
x*LOL you nut! NT
petite603/09/14 02:50 PM
x*Hahaha! NT
IrishA03/09/14 02:39 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 02:37 PM
*So disappointed that Bravo chose to put Southern Charm on the tail end of RHOBH look ahead. I live 2 hrs from Charleston
robbierob520 18   03/08/14 12:52 PM
x*I did hear they have a baby daddy problem there NT
petite603/09/14 02:32 PM
x*Yes sending Maury Povich would make for a much better show NT
robbierob03/09/14 04:27 PM
x* I saw those previews with the baby daddy test and I thought of Maury too Lol NT
petite603/09/14 04:31 PM
x*LoL! It could always be worse, I live 10 mins away from the Gypsy Sisters, and have been to the strip club the one was fired from :/ NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:04 PM
x*Most southerners are not like Honey Boo boo or Swamp People or this show NT
robbierob03/08/14 04:48 PM
x*ITA I grew up in Biloxi, MS where we had plays, symphonies, operas, etc. The south filled with historical buildings and culture. NT
Megs03/09/14 06:31 AM
x*I don't know what to think of these people...and I've never been to Charleston, but boy, is it beautiful. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 12:55 PM
x*CHarleston is beautiful but it has it's less photogenic parts too. The historic district and the beach/marshes are the most beautiful parts NT
robbierob03/08/14 01:02 PM
x*And, the people on the show just want to be reality show stars. No way does a guy who wants to run for public office show meetings with spin...
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 12:58 PM
x*I only made it through about 20 minutes. The only one I liked was that guy's dog. The rest are creepy. Especially the ex-politician. NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:06 PM
x*Well by the looks of things here, I didn't miss anything. I didn't even give it a try. NT
L2403/10/14 05:04 AM
x*Don't waste your time is my advice and I'm the queen of trash TV lol. NT
IrishA03/10/14 08:31 AM
x*sounds like good advice. :-) NT
L2403/10/14 10:54 AM
x*but, but it's cameron!! i loved her on her real world season! NT
TwoMinutesHate03/10/14 08:37 AM
x*I know, but I'm already dumb and this show would only serve to make me measurably dumber. NT
IrishA03/10/14 09:48 AM
x*every single other person on the show is a dumbass, i'll give you that much. i'm embarrassed for them. :p NT
TwoMinutesHate03/10/14 10:34 AM
x*You are not dumb! You are in Team Battlestar we all have high IQ's :) NT
mgbaloo03/10/14 10:13 AM
x*I do love my virtual IQ lol and those Vipers don't just fly themselves!!! NT
IrishA03/10/14 10:30 AM
*I'm confused about the whole Lisa and Brandi fight.
RealityQueen1690 59   03/08/14 09:48 AM
x*no you are on the same page as what really happened. Yolanda/Brandi tried to get Joyce against Lisa before the show even started. Yolanda has been
Megs03/09/14 06:30 AM
x*nope, that's what happened. Brandi was distant, so Lisa gave her more space. NT
PointBeing03/08/14 10:11 AM
x*I'll bet you 100 dollars that Lisa never even noticed Brandi's distance. lol NT
petite603/08/14 10:17 AM
x*Didn't Lisa make a comment about Brandi acting weird around her?
RealityQueen03/08/14 10:24 AM
x*Yes she did on several occasions. SHE said she showed concern and was quickly shown that her concern was not wanted so she backed off. NT
robbierob03/08/14 11:20 AM
x*and Yolanda didn't back off. That's the difference between Lisa and Yolanda...Yolanda stayed and Lisa backed off, because she did NOT have time to
petite603/09/14 02:34 PM
x*Because Brandi did not push Yo-Yo away. Joyce told Lisa that Yo-Yo and Brandi were trying to enlist her to go after Lisa at the beginning of
mgbaloo03/09/14 02:36 PM
x*I thought that was Yolanda having issues with Lisa. My point being is that Brandi turned because she was being ignored. She didn't like feeling
petite603/09/14 02:48 PM
x*I think Lisa cared for Brandi. Brandi was acting distant towards Lisa so I think Lisa backed away. NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 02:50 PM
x*I don't. Which is why I predicted this happening. Some of us saw the signs of a relationship that was doomed from the start, because it was built on
petite603/09/14 02:59 PM
x*Petite I think you're confusing RHOBH with Hannibal NT
robbierob03/09/14 03:11 PM
x*LOL Lisa=Hannibal! You are correct! NT
petite603/09/14 03:33 PM
x*Kyle has split ends! NT
robbierob03/09/14 04:14 PM
x*OMG You take that back right now!!!! She just needs a trim and all else will be fine!!! NT
petite603/09/14 04:16 PM
x*AND..... escape to witch mountain is a suck @$$ movie! NT
robbierob03/09/14 04:19 PM
x*okay, you can have that one! I never watched it, but Kyle doesn't seem like she can act her way out of a paper bag NT
petite603/09/14 04:20 PM
x*She pretended to like Brandi and Feauxlanda (the Dutch oven queen) NT
robbierob03/09/14 04:21 PM
x*Lisa pretended she liked Brandi and is now suffering the consequences. NT
petite603/09/14 04:22 PM
x*I don't think she pretended but she is suffering the consequences NT
robbierob03/09/14 04:25 PM
x*I think Lisa bonded with a woman she knew nothing about. That's not called friendship NT
petite603/09/14 04:40 PM
x*For Lisa it was. For Brandi it was an opportunity NT
robbierob03/09/14 05:16 PM
x*Yep and then Brandi jumped to Yo-yo. NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 05:40 PM
x*She jumped from Adrienne to Lisa, from Lisa to Feauxlanda, then to Kim..she already threw Kyle under the bus NT
robbierob03/09/14 05:55 PM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 03:27 PM
x*Lol Rob! NT
IrishA03/09/14 03:22 PM
x*Nah. Mgbaloo's scenario is way more accurate. #WayMore NT
IrishA03/09/14 03:05 PM
x*LOL nope. We saw this coming a mile down the line. Warriors never trusted Brandi and saw her as a lost cause, Lisa likes picking up wounded
petite603/09/14 03:36 PM
x*Than explain this!
Dexter03/09/14 04:11 PM
x*lmao! The truth is out! NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 04:57 PM
x*explain to me why the color is blue and this is a purple forum #dumbazz NT
petite603/09/14 04:15 PM
x*Cause i chose a blue theme. Purple?! So, you're not only a liar but also tacky. NT
Dexter03/09/14 04:18 PM
x*explain to me why the margins are off? NT
petite603/09/14 04:20 PM
x*Must be your computer, tacky bish. NT
Dexter03/09/14 04:24 PM
x*Thanks. I was wondering if I was watching the same show,lol NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 03:16 PM
x*you can just tell by peoples patterns. Sure Bethenny got married, but did anyone think they were going to last? Why is that? Because
petite603/09/14 03:40 PM
x*keep trying, keep trying. :) NT
mgbaloo03/09/14 04:59 PM
x*I know! lol NT
IrishA03/09/14 03:21 PM
x*Yep ! Exactly. NT
starrynite03/08/14 11:54 AM
x*more like Lisa was just tired of Brandi and just noticed anything to break away from the troll lol. She didn't notice distance til it was
petite603/08/14 10:36 AM
x*Cant multitask? Oh Hunty. Lisa was filming DWTS, RHOBH, Rules, and overseeing the running of 2 restaurants all at the same time. You tried though! NT
Dexter03/08/14 12:59 PM
x*So... selective memory on your part? lol NT
robbierob03/08/14 12:00 PM
x*I remember the first trip when Lisa tried to get Brandi to stop drinking
robbierob03/08/14 12:06 PM
x*her "painting party in the lemon grove" & cleansing parties were carefully planned. She was trying to build her portfolio as Dutch Martha Stewart. NT
PointBeing03/08/14 12:32 PM
x*The only thing Dutch Feauxlanda will be famous for will be her Dutch OVEN NT
robbierob03/09/14 03:16 PM
x*Yes, and the mentions of how she did the interior decorating for all of Mohammed's houses. NT
liannalu03/08/14 04:02 PM
x*Ahhhhh! It all becomes so clear in hindsight lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 12:41 PM
x*yup she said brandi was distant NT
PointBeing03/08/14 10:32 AM
x*I don't think it was that at all, because Yolanda tells Brandi all the time she's a filthy drunk, even on twitter lol. I think Lisa was just sick
petite603/08/14 10:03 AM
x*Rebound girl...great way to put it. Lisa thought it was an absolute hoot last year when Brandi attacked people with her directness and brutal...
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:10 AM
x*I dis agree
RealityQueen03/08/14 10:21 AM
x*Welcome to JU! NT
Judybug03/08/14 04:52 PM
x*Thank you
RealityQueen03/09/14 07:07 AM
x*I remember that from this season and every season since she's been on NT
robbierob03/08/14 11:21 AM
x*She didn't condone it as much this year which is probably why she dropped Brandi but I'm referring to last year. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:27 AM
x*Once the season ends, I forget most of it lol. It's either a curse or a gift. NT
IrishA03/08/14 10:29 AM
x*Same here... I look at it as a gift. (or deep down indifference) NT
liannalu03/08/14 04:04 PM
x*That's all that was. Lisa was upset at Kyle thought she could engage w/Brandi...Brandi probably made her realize what a true gem Kyle was lol NT
petite603/08/14 10:18 AM
x*Brandi has made a career of controversy. Lisa pushed her to straighten up her act and explore different, more mainstream avenues. Brandi rebelled. NT
JaneJane03/08/14 09:58 AM
x*I agree...I think Lisa was just trying to set Brandi on the straight & narrow path...but Brandi prefers to stay on the rocky NT
SkyBluePink03/09/14 06:44 AM
* For those who care, BRAVO is casting two new women for RHOBH next season. NT
DaveG1437 83   03/08/14 07:58 AM
x*No, really? lol NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:08 PM
x*be gone jacqueline!!! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:05 PM
x*Yes, Jacqueline (Joyce)....and Carlton did nothing for this hope they are both sent packing NT
SkyBluePink03/09/14 06:49 AM
x*Lol! I have the feeling RHBH needs a bit of a reboot. We need new arguments, lol NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:06 PM
x*agreed my fellow countess!! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:08 PM
x*We both need to open a nice bottle of wine and sing "Money Can't Buy You Class" :) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:10 PM
x*lol yes.... but it can buy great clothes & awesome wine ;) NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:37 PM
x*yes it can!! NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:49 PM
x*we win!! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:50 PM
x*Woo hoo!!!! :) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:50 PM
x*She's been such a great source of giggles for us all lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:12 PM
x*She is one of a kind. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:15 PM
x*I still DIE when I see this...
IrishA03/08/14 01:18 PM
x*bahaha! That's exactly what I had in mind when I saw the subject of your post! Excellent - one of my fave hw memories :) NT
Karina8603/08/14 03:31 PM
x*that just got a real lol from me & hubbs! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:39 PM
x*That camel obviously didn't know it was THE COUNTESS! NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:41 PM
x*the freaking nerve!!!! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:45 PM
x*the camel wrangler did
PointBeing03/08/14 01:44 PM
x*Ha ha ha ha!! NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:48 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:47 PM
x*LMAO!!! NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:46 PM
x*lol. That was an awesome trip. RHONY will always be my fave out of the HW franchises. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:29 PM
x*it's my fave! NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:40 PM
x*Lol! The camel ride!! The Moroccan trip was the best. :) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:19 PM
IrishA03/08/14 01:19 PM
x*I want to see this episode again! So fun! NT
Karina8603/08/14 03:33 PM
x*that trip, oh lord. who was it that kelly told to reenter the room? alex? when she came storming down the stairs? NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:24 PM
x*And Luann asked if there was a buffalo coming down the stairs lol. It was Alex. NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:26 PM
x*"Herman Munster" shoes, lol NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:27 PM
x*"go back in the cabinet you crawled out of!" :D NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:44 PM
x*lol. I have to watch that trip again. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:49 PM
x*My fav gif from that trip, is the same face I make when reading posts in this forum
Dexter03/08/14 01:51 PM
Karina8603/08/14 03:34 PM
x* much drama on that trip. Remember this???....
IrishA03/08/14 01:58 PM
x*I forgot about that! Ha! Good one! NT
Karina8603/08/14 03:34 PM
x*Sad seeing that, the show used to be amazing back then. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome03/08/14 02:36 PM
x*Fukc it...I'm going to itunes. Hope its available there. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 02:09 PM
x*was that before or after the psychic? NT
Dexter03/08/14 02:02 PM
shortcake03/08/14 02:01 PM
x*Lol. This is making me want to watch it so much. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:59 PM
x*The did a mini marathon of that season yesterday, but unfortunately morocco didn't air. I'm right now watching last season On Demand. Ramona is at her
cantgetenough03/08/14 02:25 PM
x*Eww. I'm sure you look cuter when you do it. That's hideous. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:53 PM
x*lol, here's hoping NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:55 PM
x*Lmao!!! Perfect. :) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:52 PM
x*Me too! Where can we find it? NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:50 PM
x*I don't know. Maybe they will have a marathon soon because the new season is starting soon. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:51 PM
x*Omg that was so mean! (lol) NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:34 PM
x*Lol. Even Louis Vuitton makes mistakes. :) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:41 PM
x*we're the coolest! *sigh* NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:46 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:48 PM
x*Haha, i need to rewatch that season NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:27 PM
x*Lol. Love it! NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:20 PM
x*please take away Brandi and Feauxlanda. After these last few epi's Skeletor and Joyce dont bother me as much as the $hit stirrers NT
robbierob03/08/14 08:02 AM
x*Keep the Lisa allies and discard the others. My best guess is Snarlton and Yo are the two being replaced. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 08:06 AM
x*I'd love to see Brandi cut loose --- that girl needs to find a real job, but can't even figure out why Kim is still a housewife --- honestly, why? NT
JaneJane03/08/14 09:52 AM
x*i still like brandi.... am i the only one left? NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:09 PM
x*I still like her. NT
liannalu03/08/14 04:07 PM
x*I got off the Brandi train after about the 2nd or 3rd episode this season. But there are moments I still like her. Not often anymore though NT
Karina8603/08/14 03:38 PM
x*Sorry her act is just getting old. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:16 PM
x*You like everyone :) NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:13 PM
x*l lovvvvve when she tells people to stfu... i rewind & we howl :D NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:48 PM
x*The first question they'll use in casting is "are you team Lisa". The No's are shown the door. Lol NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 09:49 AM
x*While I can laugh at the idea, that is not what BRAVO is interested in. NT
DaveG03/08/14 11:28 AM
x*"Are you a Lisa clown or a Kyle clown???" NT
IrishA03/08/14 09:51 AM
x*I think most of the Lisa haters hate Lisa more than they like Kyle NT
robbierob03/08/14 11:23 AM
x*Appears that way lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 11:32 AM
x*Fresh clowns for the circus. NT
IrishA03/08/14 07:59 AM
x*I think the clowns stuff is more of a dig at Lisa. I don't think David likes the idea that his wife was dissed by the Vanders NT
petite603/08/14 09:59 AM
x*Lisa knew Naomi Campbell before cell phones were invented, but David Foster wrote crappy songs for A-listers since the 70s NT
PointBeing03/08/14 10:43 AM
x*lol that still has nothing to do with David getting all personal. He also has a huge ego and is upset that Lisa is forever framed in his moment...
petite603/08/14 10:55 AM
x*I thought Feauxlanda was wife numero quatro NT
robbierob03/08/14 11:45 AM
x*Checked wiki and it's quatro. Btw, did you know he ran over Ben Vereen? NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 11:52 AM
x*Seriously? With his car? omg. NT
IrishA03/08/14 12:40 PM
x*it's worse than you can imagine NT
PointBeing03/08/14 01:08 PM
x*So he was almost Ben Flateen? NT
robbierob03/08/14 12:08 PM
x*Omg lol! NT
IrishA03/08/14 12:39 PM
x*Has he publicly stated his view on all this? NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 11:03 AM
x*he started calling them clowns NT
petite603/08/14 11:13 AM
x*Most likely Kyle since she screamed what a liar YoYo is. NT
IrishA03/08/14 10:18 AM
x*I think He's more upset at the woman that he thinks moved in on his moment (walk of fame) then dissed his wife. The only reason I see him getting
petite603/08/14 10:23 AM
x*That was directed at Carlton...if you're talking about the reunion. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:21 AM
x*Last season's reunion. NT
IrishA03/08/14 11:30 AM
x*yeah, we know. NT
petite603/08/14 07:59 AM
*Lisa ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Spoilers News Update: Stassi Schroeder Returns; Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval Friends Again
L24239 5   03/07/14 02:25 PM
x*I thought Scheana wanted her back for the drama NT
petite603/07/14 02:49 PM
x*I think she is leaving New York because they didn't agree to a yearly parade on her birthday NT
L2403/07/14 02:39 PM
x*Lol. Or to name a street after her. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:40 PM
x*That would have to be a dead end lol NT
L2403/07/14 02:41 PM
IrishA03/07/14 02:43 PM
*Bravotv tweet about the sneak peek of the RHOBH reunion show>>>
Mazita3709 163   03/07/14 09:58 AM
x*This says it all about how Lisa sees herself....
petite603/08/14 10:47 AM
x*I did lol when I saw that. I was like um... are you jesus? lol NT
Megs03/09/14 06:34 AM
x*Heee! I love that! lol NT
Karina8603/08/14 03:40 PM
x*Ha that's cute. NT
IrishA03/08/14 11:28 AM
L2403/08/14 11:25 AM
x*lol @Joyce and the Richards sisters NT
PointBeing03/08/14 10:50 AM
x*Joyce looks like the help in that pic NT
petite603/08/14 10:52 AM
x*you do realize that all this division with Lisa and Kyle fans should be more of a dislike of the "real" hypocrite's=Brandi and Feauxlanda NT
robbierob03/08/14 07:57 AM
x*I don't get the divide between the Lisa and Kyle fans. In a way, aren't they both "victims" of Brandi's evil plot? Shouldn't the divide be...
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 09:54 AM
x*I like Kyle when she is actually having fun with Lisa. Them playing is fun to watch. NT
Megs03/09/14 06:35 AM
x*Nope, Lisa + Brandi > Kyle. Lisa > Kyle. Brandi > Kyle. NT
PointBeing03/08/14 10:47 AM
x*yes they are NT
L2403/08/14 10:07 AM
x*It is on Twitter, but here on JU, there don't seem to be any Brandi fans. I would actually like to see Lisa and Kyle make up. I'm hoping
cantgetenough03/08/14 09:59 AM
x*who Lisa easily embraced. I think yolanda saw a potential relationship there, because it's the only reason I can see her inviting Lisa to this...
petite603/08/14 08:01 AM
x*did she really have a reason not to embrace her? SHe didnt trust Kyle at this point and Feaux and Brandi were telling her what she wanted to hear NT
robbierob03/08/14 08:05 AM
x*I mean Yolanda investing in their relationship. I think they had those fleeting feelings and now Yolanda is out to punish Lisa
petite603/08/14 09:31 AM
x*I saw a clip. Brandi was really looking about 10 years older. Karma, baby. NT
sassyflalassy03/07/14 07:00 PM
x*Brandi looks like she is standing on a step NT
SkyBluePink03/09/14 06:56 AM
x*Can someone explain why Brandi is suddenly discussing Scheana being in Lisa's life NOW? Especially when it's known she's friends with Pandora. NT
HumblePie03/07/14 02:19 PM
x*Obviously she is going all in, throwing in the entire kitchen sink to discredit Lisa? Will it work? Guess we'll have to wait to see ... NT
JaneJane03/07/14 04:54 PM
x*I can't wait until I get to another computer to check this out. My current computer blocks the content. :( NT
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 01:11 PM
x*Brandi has issues! NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 12:56 PM
x*I'm not watching the preview, nope, nope, nope. I figure once will be quite enough. NT
IrishA03/07/14 01:43 PM
x*Joyce talks about her husbands big penis, now I understand why she's always so peppy!
Dexter03/07/14 02:26 PM
x*you'd think she'd be worn out NT
PointBeing03/07/14 06:23 PM
x*She did that on the very first episode. I guess she wanted to establish her 'story line' lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:30 PM
x*Lmao!!! NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:26 PM
x*You have more patience than I so. I had to peak. Lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:20 PM
x*If they yell at Lisa and Ken it will just make me mad and ruin my mellow lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:31 PM
x*LIsa's definition of a friend=will you hold my train? NT
petite603/07/14 02:48 PM
x*While Kyle is the type to push you in front of a train. NT
Dexter03/07/14 03:03 PM
x*My fave Kyle moment this season was when she 1st met Joyce at the dinner party & the 1st question she asked her was what her association with the
PointBeing03/07/14 06:22 PM
x*They were at a chamber of commerce event. I would think that would be a relevant question to ask someone you just met at such an event. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 06:50 AM
x*Kyle seems to choose her "friends" by what business they can offer her and her husband NT
robbierob03/08/14 05:35 AM
x*Can you give examples of this? You can't include housewives from the show because they are all paid to act as friends on the show. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 06:46 AM
x*what was the name of Kyle's friend that was on for one season? SHe said about as much in her interviews after she left the show NT
robbierob03/08/14 07:58 AM
x* We will probably never see these women the same. We like who we like. Can you give me examples of Lisa without it being through anyone on the show?
robbierob03/08/14 07:11 AM
x*I didn't make the statement. I have no idea about these women's real friends. I just don't think that it is fair to say something like that about
cantgetenough03/08/14 07:25 AM
x*lol pretty much everything we say about these women is baseless then! We really only know what they show us. That being said, I didn't see anything
Karina8603/08/14 03:55 PM
x*The only ones who can know that are these two and we get completely different takes from each of them NT
robbierob03/08/14 07:30 AM
x*I think putting LIsa on a pedestal is where I have issues. I think most of these women aren't that far apart and Kyle gets an unfair share of
petite603/08/14 07:16 AM
x*So, basically, if you criticize Kyle, it has to be wrapped in a compliment sandwich for some to swallow. NT
PointBeing03/08/14 01:23 PM
x*You misspelled LISA. :P NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:27 PM
x*seriously I dont hate Kyle. I dont care for her double standards though. Lisa answered her question on the beach but she kept asking over and over
robbierob03/08/14 07:29 AM
x*but Lisa has done that to her as well. She didn't take Kyle's word for it about their friendship and w/ Adrienne, she instead punished her
petite603/08/14 07:33 AM
x*what question has Kyle been asked by Lisa over and over again? They obviously dont trust each other. But why does it take a GANG to confront Lisa?
robbierob03/08/14 07:49 AM
x*You just answered the question. Kyle did it front of the people Lisa claimed to love and believed in to bring it out in the open.
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 09:46 AM
x*Brandi is a whole other issue. If it weren't for her and Yolanda interfering then I think there was hope for Lisa and Kyle.
cantgetenough03/08/14 08:00 AM
x*if they were really friends of Kyle's, they wouldn't have hurt her this way for their own selfish reasons. Kyle loves Lisa, and they had to see
L2403/08/14 08:04 AM
x*I think it was pretty obvious they wanted to keep the discord between Lisa and Kyle. And, for people thinking Kyle is now friends with or getting
cantgetenough03/08/14 08:10 AM
x*Andy should ask Kyle why she didn't ask Brandi how the tabloids came to be in her house. NT
IrishA03/08/14 08:33 AM
x*Brandi and Kyle were not on friendly terms at the time. Lots of people have tabloids. Especially if your friends, cast mates or even yourself
cantgetenough03/08/14 08:45 AM
x*They sure looked friendly in Puerto Rico. Why'd they go hiking together before that? So they could plot and get their lies straight lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 09:19 AM
x*The tabloids on Brandi's table happened at the beginning of filming before Palm Springs. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 09:36 AM
x*But Brandi revealed her lie about Lisa in PR. I think most of us would like to know why Kyle is so willing to give Brandi a pass for having them
IrishA03/08/14 09:48 AM
x*I really don't understand the argument. The implication that Brandi was making was that Lisa wanted to bring them to Palm Springs
cantgetenough03/08/14 09:53 AM
x*Buying them for yourself and wanting to bring them on the trip so it's part of the storyline are two separate things. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 09:50 AM
x*Only Kyle, her sister and maybe 3 other people think Brandi didn't make all that up lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 09:57 AM
x*Carlton was there and said it didnt happen the way Brandi spun it....not even an eyewitnesses is good enough. NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:17 PM
x*Unless Carlton is literally up Lisa's ass...she can't know everything that Lisa says/does. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:21 PM
x*She was in the room, not her ass! NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:30 PM
x*Since Lisa made a cheap shot about Mauricio liking younger woman in front of Kyle right about the same time of the trip...Lisa obviously found...
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:05 AM
x*that's because Kyle heard Lisa tell Brandi how much she loved her as if nothing happened. That's all kinds of confusing. If someone is lying about
petite603/08/14 10:05 AM
x*Thank you.. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 09:53 AM
x*IA Kyle is not interested in being Brandi's bff lol NT
L2403/08/14 08:13 AM
x*Has she or Kim ever said why they were so mean to Brandi in the beginning? Did they know her from somewhere else? Or maybe they're CW fans? lol NT
IrishA03/08/14 08:15 AM
x*She also didn't believe Kyle and Kim about what Yolanda said about Lisa in London. Bottom line is the trust between those two has been broken
cantgetenough03/08/14 07:44 AM
x*Feauxlanda completely lied to Lisa's face about that one and then attacked Kyle for calling her what she really was...a Liar! NT
robbierob03/08/14 07:50 AM
x*you know it's horrible when Kyle does it. When Lisa hires her friends, it's because she's motherly and caring. NT
petite603/08/14 06:52 AM
x*The double standard when it comes to Lisa is astounding. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 06:55 AM
x*To be perfectly honest, I cannot understand how Kyle's defenders excuse her and Kim's behavior at that party towards Brandi. To me that was
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:04 PM
x*I completely agree. The worst of it is, they had no real reason to behave that way towards her that I could see. NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:09 PM
x*Exactly. When people defend Kyle and that is brought up they dismiss it. It really bothered me. I have no idea where it came from. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:11 PM
x*me neither.... kim's behaviour was disgusting. NT
shortcake03/08/14 01:33 PM
x*Yep. Alot of alcoholics have disgusting behavior when they are drinking. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:36 PM
x*Kims behavior was also disgusting when she snapped at Ken in Puerto Rico, so it makes sense why'd he question her soberly since their is a
Dexter03/08/14 01:42 PM
x*Kim and Kyle both have a nastiness to them. It is hidden but when it shows itself watch out! NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:43 PM
x*Yes, yikes. NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:45 PM
x*And they should not be excused for it. NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:36 PM
x*I don't think they're getting away with it. Kim got 2% in the 'Favorite HW' poll after that season lol. Kyle didn't get much more. NT
IrishA03/08/14 01:38 PM
x*IA. Thats why making amends is such an important part of recovery. Seems Brandi and Kim are just fine now. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:38 PM
x*I am not so sure about Brandi's drinking?? NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:40 PM
x*but Chica!?!? NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:44 PM
x* Lol,oh I forgot. Chica, and then there is Scheana at Sur and she does not have a man to back her up... poor girl :( NT
mgbaloo03/08/14 01:46 PM
x*i seriously can't even deal... poor wittle chica :'( NT
shortcake03/08/14 02:04 PM
x*It really is. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 09:47 AM
x*just when it comes to Lisa? The all have double standards. they only cry foul when it affects them personally NT
robbierob03/08/14 08:00 AM
x*I mean amongst the fans. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 08:03 AM
x*I think the fans started turning on Kyle/Kim when they saw them gang up on Brandi. Lisa hasn't ever behaved that way and still has overwhelming
IrishA03/08/14 10:23 AM
x*Kyle and Kim would gain some fans if they attacked Brandi now for all her evil ways. Lol
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:34 AM
x*"Lisa hasn't ever behaved that way" she sure did those first two seasons lol NT
petite603/08/14 10:33 AM
x*I have selective amnesia lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 10:33 AM
x*LOL dork! NT
petite603/08/14 10:39 AM
x*And I think fans have turned against Brandi now that she is no longer backing up everything Lisa does...even though her MO has always been the same NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:29 AM
x*I think they're turning on Brandi because they're tired of her whining about every.little.thing. Her whole life is one big whine lol. NT
IrishA03/08/14 10:40 AM
x*Fans are also easing up on Snarlton now that she's Lisa's new BFF. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 10:32 AM
x*Yo always enjoyed great fan support in the past as well. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:40 AM
x*Aw. I don't read their tweets or blogs. Andy's WWHL polls always favor Lisa and Ken, though. They're just likeable people. NT
IrishA03/08/14 10:35 AM
x*I don't disagree...but having another show on Bravo doesn't hurt. NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 10:39 AM
x*ditto NT
robbierob03/08/14 09:18 AM
x*or maybe she knows how to multi task better than most. NT
petite603/08/14 06:09 AM
x*yep, lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 04:03 PM
x*Kyle's definition: You cannot be more popular than me. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:59 PM
x*They basically gang bang her :/ NT
Dexter03/07/14 02:33 PM
x*We're going to need to prepare ourselves for the reunion. And by prepare...I mean a trip to the liquor store lol. Pinot Grigio FTW! NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:36 PM
x*We will stay strong and well fortified. NT
sassyflalassy03/07/14 04:15 PM
x*Just remember...
IrishA03/07/14 04:23 PM
x*I would like a nice Pouilly Fuisse, naturally. NT
sassyflalassy03/07/14 04:26 PM
x*fancy pants! NT
shortcake03/08/14 11:37 AM
x*I am going directly to the vineyard! NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:41 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter03/07/14 02:42 PM
x*Lmao! We can stomp together. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:42 PM
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:48 PM
x*That's so funny because that's what I was picturing lol NT
L2403/07/14 05:26 PM
x*gmta NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 06:49 PM
x*3 part reunion? im breaking out the hard liquor. NT
Dexter03/07/14 02:37 PM
x*Not 6 shots of tequila though NT
L2403/07/14 02:37 PM
x*We have our standards lol. 5 shots. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:41 PM
x*LOL yes NT
L2403/07/14 02:42 PM
x*I've loved peppy Kim but she's off putting when she gets angry. Though Ken never should have questioned her sobriety. Low blow. NT
HumblePie03/07/14 12:18 PM
x*I have liked her this season but she does need to learn when to let things go. I think she over compensates and just wants to be heard & respected. NT
cantgetenough03/08/14 02:20 PM
x*Everyone on the show at one point questioned her sobriety. :) NT
zebe8303/07/14 12:49 PM
x*I question her sobriety still. NT
sassyflalassy03/07/14 03:21 PM
x*But he always seems to question it as a defense mechanism when she confronts him. It's tacky. NT
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 01:09 PM
x*Ken could say the sky is blue and Kim would be offended. She just doesn't like him or Lisa. NT
IrishA03/07/14 01:44 PM
x*Well, if every cheap shot he makes has to do with her being an alcoholic, I wouldnt like him either. NT
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 01:49 PM
x*She started the series as jealous of Kyle and Lisa's friendship as could be. NT
Judybug03/07/14 02:23 PM
x*What does this have to do with Ken throwing Kim's alcoholism back in her face every chance he gets or when his wife is backed into a corner?
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 02:30 PM
x*Yeah, I meant to reply to Irish. My bad. NT
Judybug03/07/14 07:24 PM
x*It's all good :) NT
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 07:26 PM
x*Brandi said a lot worse to Kim and now they're besties :) NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:32 PM
x*when did he do that? At the reunion? NT
L2403/07/14 02:31 PM
x*No. The cheap shot he made when Kim questioned Lisa about why she lied about not being in town for her kids party...and last week. NT
GetEmDrunk03/07/14 02:33 PM
x*I don't think reminding someone who is making a big deal about missing events that they too have missed many events is a low blow - NT
justlistening03/08/14 10:54 AM
x*So . . . twice? NT
Judybug03/07/14 07:25 PM
x*Twice > Never. What number makes something uncalled for? NT
GetEmDrunk03/08/14 01:25 PM
x*Your comments in this thread made it sound like it had happened a gazillion times. I was just shocked by the rarity of the occurrence. I'm not
Judybug03/08/14 01:28 PM
x*pretty much NT
Dexter03/08/14 01:20 PM
x*She's just mad he didn't show up for her daughter's graduation party. It looked like a lot of fun lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 01:51 PM
x*I was so tired of, "You did not go to my party" Boo hoo! Ugh! NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:28 PM
x*She doesn't even know where she is half the time lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:34 PM
x*seriously, put a bell on her NT
Dexter03/07/14 02:35 PM
x*Ha ha ha! :) NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:40 PM
x*Lol, you have the best ideas. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:39 PM
x*Carolton is trying hard for a place in next season's cast. She's yucky...not entertaining at all. NT
pusssykatt03/07/14 12:09 PM
x*Holy moly!!! This is some good stuff! I wish there were some extensions flying though! NT
petite603/07/14 10:06 AM
x*Did you just say "holy moly"? my lord, you can never say hunty again. NT
Dexter03/07/14 10:59 AM
x*LOL I am not sure there won't is a 3 part reunion....Poor Lisa!! The claws are out!! NT
Mazita03/07/14 10:14 AM
x*I had to LOL@yolanda saying Lisa visited her once when she was sick. Lisa does not have time for friends unless she's filming! They need to give
petite603/07/14 10:18 AM
x*I don't think Yo-yo is anyone's friend on RH. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 10:26 AM
x*great name for her! love it! NT
EightOsix03/07/14 11:17 PM
x*I have to agree. Her Chanel collection is probably her true bestie NT
petite603/07/14 02:42 PM
x*Maybe she'll adopt you and you can inherit :) NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:46 PM
x* inherit the refrigerator too :) NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:51 PM
x*I'd actually want that before the purses lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:52 PM
x*me too! NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:53 PM
x*We can use it to hide the bodies :) NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:56 PM
x* Sort of open for viewing though. lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:58 PM
x*We'll stash them behind the organic broccoli. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:58 PM
x*Lol, good plan. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 03:01 PM
x*Nah, they are all clowns lol NT
L2403/07/14 10:27 AM
mgbaloo03/07/14 10:34 AM
L2403/07/14 11:29 AM
*Some people are so mean. lol
doxylover79279 9   03/07/14 09:38 AM
x*Hopefully, Teresa's getting a royalty. She needs all the $$$'s she can get. NT
agent9903/07/14 10:52 AM
x*WTF-they stole my design! NT
xrayspex03/07/14 09:45 AM
x*yeah didn't you say this the other day? NT
L2403/07/14 09:46 AM
xrayspex03/07/14 09:48 AM
x*the valentine was my fave NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:43 AM
x*lol and so it begins NT
L2403/07/14 09:39 AM
x*Andy should hand those out on WWHL. NT
IrishA03/07/14 09:46 AM
x*someone should give him the tank NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:47 AM
x*LOL it wouldn't surprise me NT
L2403/07/14 09:47 AM
*LOL@Joanna Krupa defending on the internet that her junk doesn't stink. She wants on BH so bad NT
L24237 11   03/07/14 05:34 AM
x*I would love to have Joanna on BH *and* Miami NT
Dexter03/07/14 11:01 AM
x*she sure would give Brandi a run for her money NT
L2403/07/14 11:29 AM
x*They can have their own show so I don't have to see either of them! The 2 of them together would be like howler monkeys NT
Karina8603/07/14 11:53 AM
x*yeah that would give me a headache NT
L2403/07/14 01:19 PM
x*She wants to leave RHM and join BH. She wears T Shirts that say "Team Leann" and hates Brandi. If fights is what Bravo wants, this is their girl
L2403/07/14 09:56 AM
x*Lisa should wear one of those t-shirts to the reunion. Ha! NT
IrishA03/07/14 01:47 PM
x*lol or team scheana NT
L2403/07/14 02:16 PM
x*I am by far not a Joanna fan, but I have to say that she is the only (or one of the few) housewives who uses twitter for good. She always posting
L2403/07/14 10:18 AM
x*who dealt that blow below the belt? Joe Francis? NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:40 AM
L2403/07/14 09:43 AM
x*none other than motor mouth Brandi Glanvile NT
L2403/07/14 09:42 AM
*RHOOC's Vicki's daughter Briana is expecting another baby boy; Briana's husband Ryan is seeking help for PTSD after outburst last season
HumblePie191 2   03/07/14 12:24 AM
x*Not saying he doesn't have PTSD but that was about him being a jerk and thinking he owned Vicki's house and controlled her and her home. After it was
CatsMommie03/07/14 06:32 AM
x*he wants to be a reality tv star NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:38 AM
*No Filming For Teresa Guidice While Under House Arrest
pusssykatt1365 53   03/06/14 12:18 PM
x*I hope if she DOES get house arrest, it's in some sh*tty apartment. Should they really be able to keep the house? Did they actually pay for it? NT
Marley03/07/14 09:48 AM
x*They can keep the house, but they can't afford to live in it. NT
Dexter03/07/14 11:19 AM
x*Some of the rumors say they have to pay $11M in restitution as part of the plea deal. Eek..she's going to have to write a lot of books. NT
IrishA03/07/14 09:55 AM
x*Maybe she can become a prostitution whore! NT
Dexter03/07/14 10:58 AM
x*They only pleaded guilty to a few of the charges (there were dozens), so they might not have to pay back anything. NT
IrishA03/07/14 11:09 AM
x*Lame, I want blood. LOL! I did read that Tre has to pay up 250k on sentencing day, but I want more. NT
Dexter03/07/14 11:19 AM
x*What's the $250K for, do you know? NT
IrishA03/07/14 11:37 AM
x*To pay for the Court ordered after sentencing after party.
Dexter03/07/14 11:51 AM
IrishA03/07/14 11:58 AM
x*Looks like a hair style from a Star Trek episode, lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 02:56 PM
x*Lol. It's one of those 'omg what was she thinking' moments. NT
IrishA03/07/14 02:59 PM
x*She has a lot of those, lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 03:00 PM
x*There you go again making me feel all sorry for her lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 03:02 PM
x*Lol, not my true purpose really. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 03:03 PM
x*I wasn't really anyways lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 03:08 PM
x**snicker* NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 03:10 PM
x*I do feel sorry for her poor, tortured hair tho. NT
IrishA03/07/14 03:12 PM
x*She needs to work with Kyle some and use some Pantene. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 03:14 PM
x*Kyle should try the bagel head look. NT
IrishA03/07/14 03:18 PM
x*She can look like Princess Leia. :) NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 04:04 PM
x*She would still try to flip it lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 04:07 PM
x*Lol. NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 04:07 PM
x*Her new nickname should be "Flipper" :) NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 04:08 PM
x*She's kinda too mean for that name. NT
IrishA03/07/14 04:12 PM
x*True. We will need some name to reflect her personality. lol NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 04:15 PM
x*omg, kill it with fire! NT
Dexter03/07/14 11:59 AM
x*That's the look she's going for at the sentencing...guarantee. NT
IrishA03/07/14 12:01 PM
x*bahahaha! That's awful! NT
Karina8603/07/14 11:59 AM
x*U don't like bagel heads? NT
IrishA03/07/14 12:01 PM
x*lol, not so much! NT
Karina8603/07/14 12:12 PM
x*It should be illegal lol. NT
IrishA03/07/14 12:14 PM
Karina8603/07/14 11:54 AM
x*what happened to them selling all their stuff to pay that off? NT
L2403/07/14 09:57 AM
x*The Skinny Prisoner Cookbook? NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 09:56 AM
x*Lol that one might actually sell. NT
IrishA03/07/14 10:21 AM
x*Lol. How about Fabajailbirdinni. NT
zebe8303/07/14 10:15 AM
x*Lol perfect! :) NT
mgbaloo03/07/14 10:23 AM
IrishA03/07/14 10:21 AM
x*okay, that's funny! NT
petite603/07/14 10:19 AM
L2403/07/14 10:17 AM
x*You have all been a wonder crowd. I will be at Giggles in Rochester next week & the Funny Bone in the Catskills the week after. Tip the waitresses! NT
zebe8303/07/14 11:55 AM
x*To her that would be like prison lol NT
L2403/07/14 09:50 AM
x*I"m going to feel cheated if she doesn't have to do prison time damnit! NT
Marley03/07/14 09:58 AM
x*Teresa hasn't been sentenced to house arrest. NT
dwig22203/07/14 04:46 AM
x*'Everyone goes through a bump in the road': Gia Giudice, 13, tweets support for parents Joe and Teresa who face prison for fraud
petite603/06/14 03:54 PM
x*She has seen too much garbage in her 13 years NT
L2403/06/14 03:56 PM
x*I think Gia will learn from it. She doesn't seem oblivious to what actually happened like Tre does. She still acts as tho they did nothing wrong. NT
doxylover7903/07/14 09:31 AM
x*There's plenty she can do w/o the show. Tweet, youtube, beg for money. That's what keeps a lot of these reality show rejects in the public eye. NT
GetEmDrunk03/06/14 02:51 PM
x*She also has fabellini lol and Milania hair care NT
L2403/06/14 03:51 PM
x*Wow, some of the comments are brutal. Site doesn't have many Tre fans. NT
IrishA03/06/14 02:31 PM
x*I don't believe in kicking somebody when they are down. NT
sassyflalassy03/06/14 02:48 PM
x*That's noble, but you have to admit they're easier to reach that way. NT
Marley03/06/14 02:59 PM
x*I think Tre could use some humbling, that's for sure. NT
sassyflalassy03/06/14 03:48 PM
*Carlton Passed out cold!
petite6941 44   03/06/14 07:17 AM
x*Ugh, taking up the time of the ambulance for over drinking, and then jokes about it. I hope no one with a real emergency wasn't waiting.
L2403/06/14 09:45 AM
x*I don't know the specifics of this, but I know when I've been transported in an ambulance (not for it was a private ambulance
Marley03/06/14 10:44 AM
x*My husband had more ambulance rides then I want to remember, and we got billed as well. I was referring more to the fact that the medical personnel
L2403/06/14 10:52 AM
x*LOL....I'm all for complaining about the HW's! NT
Marley03/06/14 10:53 AM
x*LOL, its our guilty pleasure NT
L2403/06/14 10:54 AM
x*oh no Skeletor couldnt hold her booze? If Id been there, Id probably have shaved her head while she was passed out NT
robbierob03/06/14 11:01 AM
x*Ha, Ha. NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:10 AM
x*Kyle woulda just gotten creative with a permanent ink marker lol. NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:12 AM
x*yes!! SHe couldve drawn a penis on the side of her face NT
robbierob03/06/14 11:13 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:16 AM
x*given her a mustache, lol NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:13 AM
x*That and more lol. She did have all those demons on her computer! NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:14 AM
x*Lol! Those demons on the computer seem like the makings of a low budget horror flick. NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:17 AM
x*Starring Kyle and Kim! NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:17 AM
x*where they turn into Lizards? Nah... too close to real life... NT
robbierob03/06/14 11:21 AM
x*LOL I love them, I do, I really love them, their so cute........ NT
L2403/06/14 11:36 AM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:42 AM
x*Lol! And true. NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:29 AM
x*Return to Witch Computer! NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:20 AM
L2403/06/14 11:36 AM
x*lol...or Return to B!tch Mountain NT
robbierob03/06/14 11:24 AM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:25 AM
x*Lmao look what you started! NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:29 AM
x*I am sorry.....(not really) :) NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 11:32 AM
x*or Skeletor and the battle of Blue Skull/ Gold Crown NT
robbierob03/06/14 11:58 AM
x*I can hear the trailer now..."Do they really belong together..." NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 12:03 PM
x*Damn you Kyle for calling it a Jewish Star you wiccan hater you....I can see right through your Caftan BS NT
robbierob03/06/14 12:38 PM
x*LOL too funny NT
L2403/06/14 12:12 PM
L2403/06/14 11:08 AM
x*Lmao! NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:06 AM
x*Everywhere is different.. here it's the city ambulance that transports to the hospital when 911 is called, and private from one hospital to another NT
AngieBaby03/06/14 10:51 AM
x*Ah, interesting. I wonder if someone in Carlton's dinner party called 911. NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:04 AM
x*I guess the crystals in her bra don't protect against the powers of tequila. NT
L2403/06/14 11:13 AM
x*Haha. The crystals didn't see tequila as evil. I can't even imagine 6 shots! NT
IrishA03/06/14 11:16 AM
x*The fire dept. was across the street from my last office and whenever all the ambulance bays were empty, someone would remind us not to choke or
IrishA03/06/14 10:27 AM
x*She saw the bill lol. NT
IrishA03/06/14 07:30 AM
x*amazing what some people will do to avoid paying their share of the bill NT
EightOsix03/06/14 08:27 AM
x*LOL I read that her net worth is 50mil! I had no idea lol NT
petite603/06/14 07:33 AM
x*Wow! I guess she really does not need the show, lol. Maybe her spells work, lol NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 07:34 AM
x*I was shocked when I read that lol. I wonder if her marriage helped with her net NT
petite603/06/14 09:43 AM
x*Absolutely. The hubby is the one with the money. NT
GetEmDrunk03/06/14 01:30 PM
x*Maybe. What does her husband do again? NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 09:44 AM
x*check this out, interesting...
petite603/06/14 09:47 AM
x*3 business firms no wonder. NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 09:54 AM
*Classic Tre...
Dexter325 2   03/05/14 01:33 PM
petite603/05/14 02:07 PM
x*lol! omg her reaction.. like I'm just sitting here really? NT
Megs03/05/14 01:42 PM
*Nene when Carrie Ann offers her constructive criticism on DWTS:
IrishA483 8   03/05/14 11:37 AM
x*LOL Did you see this?
petite603/05/14 02:27 PM
x*She's going to eat him for lunch. NT
cantgetenough03/05/14 03:37 PM
x*Maybe she'll surprise us. At the very least we'll get some great new 'NeNe gifs'! NT
IrishA03/05/14 03:47 PM
x*Poor poor Tony....he will have his hands full! NT
Mazita03/05/14 03:22 PM
x*LOL right on all counts! NT
Mazita03/05/14 11:45 AM
x*When Bruno gushes...
IrishA03/05/14 11:41 AM
x*When Tony tells her they have to practice...
IrishA03/05/14 11:42 AM
x*When Len says anything...
IrishA03/05/14 11:46 AM
*Teresa Giudice -- Prison WON'T Keep Her off 'Real Housewives'
pusssykatt447 19   03/05/14 10:23 AM
x*I am sure they can film them in jail, in their new attire. NT
GazingEyes03/05/14 11:07 AM
x*They can have a prison fashion show lol NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 11:10 AM
x*Orange is the new black NT
xrayspex03/05/14 04:42 PM
x*All Teresa and Joe are going to say on the show is they can't talk about it NT
L2403/05/14 10:57 AM
x*I hope she throws a party and all the HW show up in 'Free Tre!' tshirts!!! NT
IrishA03/05/14 11:01 AM
L2403/05/14 11:19 AM
x*Maybe Tre can learn to eat 50 eggs in an hour. :) NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 11:07 AM
x*I had to look that up. Watched the whole I think he died at the end. NT
IrishA03/05/14 03:48 PM
x*Are you talking about The scene in Cool Hand Luke ?? He didn't die but he looked pregnant after the last egg was eaten ;) NT
Mazita03/05/14 03:51 PM
x*Yeah, at the end of the scene he was just laying there... all lifeless like lol. NT
IrishA03/05/14 03:52 PM
x*Great film Cool Hand Luke! Love Paul Newman. Some great lines too. "What we have here is a failure to communicate" NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 07:33 AM
x*I can't believe I've never seen it. He was so cute back then! NT
IrishA03/06/14 07:41 AM
x*Adorable. Those blue eyes. :) NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 08:02 AM
x*For some reason, I always thought Cool Hand Luke was a western lol. NT
IrishA03/06/14 08:04 AM
x*lol. Maybe you are thinking of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Another great movie. Redford and Newman were both so handsome in that film. NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 08:35 AM
x*I actually saw that one lol. Loved it. I should make a list of old classics I have yet to see. I've only seen one of this year's Oscar pics, tho. NT
IrishA03/06/14 09:01 AM
x*I have seen more older classics and do not get to the theater as much now as I did in the past. NT
mgbaloo03/06/14 09:04 AM
x*She can use this as her new theme song too>>>
Mazita03/05/14 11:31 AM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 11:33 AM
*Important poll!
PointBeing476 14   03/05/14 09:43 AM
x*KIM D!!! Why the hell isnt this lovely lady in this poll! NT
xrayspex03/07/14 05:05 AM
x*she didn;t make the cut. I wanted to keep it realistic NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:32 AM
x*OMG-how dare you think that! NT
xrayspex03/07/14 09:43 AM
x*it wasn't easy NT
PointBeing03/07/14 09:46 AM
x*Didn't they already say Juicy's brother and his wife? NT
sassyflalassy03/05/14 02:57 PM
x*Yes NT
xrayspex03/07/14 05:06 AM
x*Did they? Tre's worst nightmare is for Melissa to get them, but at least they'd be making money. NT
PointBeing03/06/14 06:00 PM
x*I could honestly see a spinoff where Joey and Mel take care off the girls. And Tre and Joe are really gonna need that money now. NT
Dexter03/05/14 10:30 AM
x*Maybe someone from Juicy's family? NT
Shar03/05/14 10:25 AM
x*LOL @ Mel & "Poison" NT
L2403/05/14 10:10 AM
x*LOL @ whoever said 'no one'. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:49 AM
x*Wolves was not one of the options. NT
sassyflalassy03/05/14 02:58 PM
x*I know I laughed when I saw that. NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:57 AM
x*At least one if not both should go to jail but it aint gonna happen. NT
doxylover7903/05/14 01:01 PM
*How old is Kim Granatell? Her tweet ...umm..wth?
L24339 8   03/05/14 09:17 AM
x*It's immature, but Joe would say something just as bad about her or anyone...he's just as rude. NT
pusssykatt03/05/14 09:58 AM
x*She stopped growing mentally at age 12. NT
cantgetenough03/05/14 09:39 AM
x*Lol so true! NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:58 AM
x*seriously am I that old?? LOL I have absolutely no concept of the trash talking on twitter these grown people do. No b@lls for face to face NT
L2403/05/14 09:43 AM
x*Not only juvenile, but silly and mean-spirited. Consider the source. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:26 AM
Megs03/05/14 10:12 AM
x*I was looking at it with my mouth open. I don't know why any of these women amaze me any more, especially on twitter. I saw something stupid from
L2403/05/14 09:36 AM
x* ITA! " All of them that tweet crap are sad sorry a$$es" and think they are BIG stars!!! NT
Mazita03/05/14 09:52 AM
*Teresa & Joe Giudice Let Us Serve Prison Time Separately We Have Kids!!!
pusssykatt504 15   03/05/14 09:06 AM
x*That's so bulls**t ! Why give them any special treatment?! If they were non-celebrities this wouldn't even be an opinion. NT
tamtlp03/05/14 09:26 AM
x*maybe it should be an option though what other choices would there be dump all these kids into the system? shouldn't they attempt to work with the
Belle03/05/14 09:37 AM
x*I agree Belle NT
Brn2Wander03/09/14 05:01 AM
x*They've obtained millions of dollars illegally, I can't see how picking up roadside trash is a suffice punishment or some other form of community
Dexter03/05/14 10:23 AM
x*Please have some compassion-how will she attend charity functions with a ankle bracelet on! NT
xrayspex03/05/14 04:50 PM
x*She can go all Lindsey Lohan and wear it with a bikini. NT
sassyflalassy03/05/14 04:58 PM
liannalu03/05/14 04:45 PM
x*I think that is the problem...they WEREN'T contributing citizens. They took from the system, and should pay for it.
pusssykatt03/05/14 10:02 AM
x*It would take a wily wolf to handle Gia lol. NT
IrishA03/05/14 10:04 AM
x*i feel bad for their kids :( NT
Belle03/05/14 09:23 AM
x*me too :( NT
shortcake03/08/14 11:40 AM
x*I feel bad for the kids too, but these aren't the only children dealt a bad deal by their parents when they have to serve time. Something the parents
augie03/05/14 10:09 AM
x*it is so sad for them. :( NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 10:00 AM
x*In my best Paul Reiser voice "That's all I'm sayin'" NT
L2403/05/14 10:01 AM
x*Me, too Belle. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:29 AM
*don't tell me Danielle will replace Teresa while she is in prison NT
EightOsix52 4   03/05/14 08:39 AM
x*The irony would be delish since it was Tre who made a big fuss about Danielle's past crimes. NT
Dexter03/05/14 10:34 AM
x*One day Tre will come to dinner and slam a book down on the dinner table that talks about her past crimes! NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 01:22 PM
x*I LOVE's almost like karma...only more visible. NT
pusssykatt03/05/14 01:13 PM
x*Melissa will become the star in the absence of Tree, Caroline, & Jacq NT
PointBeing03/05/14 09:33 AM
*Teresa Giudice Releases Statement After Pleading Guilty To Fraud Charges In Federal Court
Dexter1042 38   03/04/14 05:23 PM
x*I don't feel sorry for them at all. It's too bad for the kids but Tre & Joe should have thought about their kids first. They did the crime so they
tamtlp03/05/14 09:17 AM
x*I don't feel bad for her AT ALL - she and her husband are the only ones to blame for the situation they have placed their children in NT
leslie03/05/14 05:14 AM
x*They are. And their kids probably have more sense than they do, but making the kids suffer doesn't serve any purpose that I can see. One parent
IrishA03/05/14 07:08 AM
x*ICAM I could care less about Tre and Joe as well. And LOL because we know Gia is smarter than her Mom and her uncle. But how old is Audriana her
L2403/05/14 08:37 AM
x*I think Tre got lucky (maybe) with this judge. I looked her up to see if there were any cases for precedent and from what I can tell, she's
IrishA03/05/14 08:53 AM
x*Send Joe to prison for I don't care how many years and then deport him. The girls are probably better off without him anyway. I think if Tre has to
cantgetenough03/05/14 08:49 AM
x*I guess it depends on the child, some kids adapt better then others. Do you think that Joe will be deported after he serves his time? Might be the
L2403/05/14 08:55 AM
x*I don't really understand the deportation issue. Is Teresa an American citizen? If so, wouldn't he be here legally? By being married to her? NT
cantgetenough03/05/14 09:00 AM
x*I have a friend at work that was married for a while (from Mexico). He's not a U.S. citizen yet, but he's a legal alien. So you can live here and
Marley03/05/14 10:55 AM
x*I don't think so. Is Yolanda's husband a U.S. citizen? Or her ex, Mohamed? She still had to take the test lol. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:07 AM
x*I think David Foster is. That is why he was helping Yo-Yo on the test. NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:08 AM
x*Lol I thought he was Canadian. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:09 AM
x*He was born in Canada but did he become an American citizen too like Yo. NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:13 AM
x*I figured he did but didn't see it mentioned ;) NT
Mazita03/05/14 09:26 AM
x*I bet Mohamed is, too. He's been here since he was a kid. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:16 AM
x*Google says>>David Walter Foster, OC, OBC (born November 1, 1949), is a Canadian musician, NT
Mazita03/05/14 09:12 AM
x*Oh yeah that's true wasn't she born in Paterson NJ? NT
L2403/05/14 09:02 AM
x*Eek. I don't think their girls even speak Italian. Or if they do, it's like me with Spanish: Taco, enchilada, burrito -- thassit lol. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:00 AM
L2403/05/14 09:02 AM
x*I really do not think they should make legal decisions based on whether someone has children or not. I do not like the idea of the kids being left
mgbaloo03/05/14 08:54 AM
x*I feel worse for pets than kids, at least you can explain it to them. A pet would think you've just abandoned them. NT
Dexter03/05/14 10:40 AM
x*Maybe, but I think it's pretty common at sentencing hearings. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:05 AM
x*Okay if it is common. I thought justice was blind, lol NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:09 AM
x*Supposed to be, anyway. I do think that post-verdict, judges have a lot of leeway on the final outcome. It depends upon their biases, I guess. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:13 AM
x*True, I still can't help but feel bad. Teresa should have thought of the girls when she was signing away. I can see her asking him maybe one or two
L2403/05/14 08:59 AM
x*Had she gone to trial, I could see her using the "ignorance of the law" defense. Or, trying to. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:25 AM
x*She should have been smart enough not to trust that gorilla, husband or not lol NT
L2403/05/14 09:37 AM
x*It's like she was brainwashed or something. SMH. NT
IrishA03/05/14 09:48 AM
x*lol NT
L2403/05/14 09:59 AM
x*I understand. We see those kids on TV. You can't help not feeling for them. NT
mgbaloo03/05/14 09:10 AM
x*LOL I bet she's still confused about what she's guilty of NT
petite603/04/14 07:43 PM
x*You are probably right NT
L2403/05/14 04:11 AM
x*Who knew that it would only take a Federal Court case for Tre to admit guilt for something. NT
Dexter03/04/14 05:24 PM
x*Don't be silly. She didn't write that. NT
PointBeing03/04/14 07:33 PM
x*We should send her sprinkle cookies. NT
IrishA03/04/14 05:34 PM
x*But she will throw them in the garbage. NT
mgbaloo03/04/14 05:34 PM
x*It's the thought that counts :) (Maybe not with Tre, though, lol) NT
IrishA03/04/14 05:37 PM
x*Her thoughts can't count. NT
PointBeing03/04/14 07:33 PM
*DWTS, NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani NT
Dexter350 22   03/04/14 01:24 PM
x*Isn't this show one of those most demanding for people? like 7-8 hrs of pure dance? I don't see Nene being able to handle that. NT
Megs03/04/14 06:16 PM
x*Nene is really calm and patient, so she should be fine. NT
Dexter03/05/14 10:42 AM
x*Lol! NT
IrishA03/05/14 11:04 AM
x*I know. It'll make her even more paranoid than she already is. I can't wait lol! NT
IrishA03/04/14 06:36 PM
x*She'll take a dive in an early round like Lisa NT
PointBeing03/04/14 07:30 PM
x*blech. I don't know if I'm gonna watch this season. NT
Karina8603/04/14 06:12 PM
x*She may know how to work a pole but I don't see her going far on this show lol NT
Guerita03/04/14 05:07 PM
x*They are suppose to do lifts. How is Tony going to lift Nene? :) NT
dwig22203/04/14 03:33 PM
x*NeNe will do all the lifting lol. NT
IrishA03/04/14 03:34 PM
x*another good reason not to watch it now NT
EightOsix03/04/14 01:50 PM
x*<3 Tony. Plus, Derek said that at some point in the season, they're all going to switch partners. That'll be interesting. NT
IrishA03/04/14 01:51 PM
x*And Maks got the ringer - one of the ice-dancers that won the gold medal. Of course he did lol. NT
IrishA03/04/14 01:41 PM
x*For reals? NT
IrishA03/04/14 01:25 PM
x*haha, yup. probably the worst timing ever now that she's universally hated again. whoooops NT
Dexter03/04/14 01:27 PM
x*Ha, she said there will be doctors on the set just for her. I bet she doesn't make it through the whole season. NT
IrishA03/04/14 01:40 PM
x*her head is so big.. I hope I never get that big of an ego. Success can sure go to your head. NT
Megs03/04/14 02:26 PM
x*I read somewhere today @ naughtybutnicerob that she already got shut down cz she want to be dressed in her own line of clothes LOL...tweet inside>>
Mazita03/04/14 03:08 PM
x*She sure thinks she's a whole lot more important than she is. Ugh. NT
Marley03/04/14 03:12 PM
x*lol yes more people need to shoot her down with these demands. She has to be so difficult to work with. NT
Megs03/04/14 03:10 PM
x*Carrie Ann better choose her critiques very carefully lol. NT
IrishA03/04/14 03:13 PM
x*lol omg has a contestant ever gone to task on a judge before? NT
Megs03/04/14 03:39 PM
x*I am sure we will see her wagging her big old finger and flapping her lips...Len and Bruno better watch out too! NT
Mazita03/04/14 03:45 PM
*Please dont worry Poison-us Jokers will be here for you in this very troublesome time-things can only get better NT
xrayspex73 4   03/04/14 12:26 PM
x*i <3 you. NT
shortcake03/08/14 11:43 AM
x*Poison = Joe Gorga NT
L2403/04/14 01:23 PM
x*yes-he must be very upset! NT
xrayspex03/04/14 01:28 PM
L2403/04/14 01:32 PM
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