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*Real Housewives of Atlanta - Catch a sneak peek at this year's three-part sit-down, premiering April 26 at 8p ET/PT
Dreamer576 14   04/18/15 01:09 AM
x*What show is Todd working on that got picked up for a second season? NT
Gamecock04/19/15 04:23 PM
x*Hollywood Divas NT
sassyflalassy04/19/15 04:30 PM
x*what channel is that on? NT
Gamecock04/19/15 04:32 PM
x*It is on TV One but I have never watched it. Not sure if I even get that network. NT
sassyflalassy04/19/15 04:36 PM
x*Looks like I have the channel on 173! NT
sassyflalassy04/19/15 04:41 PM
x*I probably wouldnt have watched it... but it doesnt look like I have the channel anyway. NT
Gamecock04/19/15 04:47 PM
x*I never go into the three digit channels myself. NT
sassyflalassy04/19/15 04:58 PM
x*Wow! I'm starting to see the bad side of Todd. I just don't think they are going to make it. I've never liked Peter. NT
dwig22204/18/15 12:09 PM
x*I definitely don't think Todd and Kandi will stay married. Their marriage did not start well with the whole pre nup drama. Of course, Todd is going
sassyflalassy04/18/15 01:09 PM
x*Team Todd!! Don't know why he ever married her! Now she wants a baby??? What is that going to do for them??? Run Todd RUN!! NT
Mazita04/19/15 12:42 PM
x*I think Kandi showed a lack of sensitivity and true selfishness during her wedding special. I do not care for the way she lets her mother and her
sassyflalassy04/19/15 12:51 PM
x*I agree on all counts. Her mother and the way she treats Todd is one of my biggest gripes with them! NT
Mazita04/19/15 03:42 PM
x*If you watch their counseling session, it is very clear what their problems are. (at least to me) NT
sassyflalassy04/19/15 11:11 AM
x*Are they hugging at the end? w Nene included? NT
Gamecock04/18/15 07:51 AM
*I feel like all I do is harp on Brandi, but she never ceases to amaze. Her latest tweet above once again shows who she is at her core.
cantgetenough473 6   04/17/15 07:49 PM
x*I never got the impression that he was interested in her as anything but a booty call. Maybe he just had more interesting things to do. NT
sassyflalassy04/18/15 05:56 AM
x*Much like most of the men in her life NT
L2404/18/15 06:37 AM
x*I hope his super lame assistant doesn't read her tweet. NT
agent9904/17/15 07:59 PM
x*If she follows her employer's Twitter account which Brandi mentioned then I'm sure she/he will. NT
cantgetenough04/17/15 08:03 PM
x*Meh, consider the source. Who cares what that trash bag says. NT
L2404/17/15 08:05 PM
x*She's probably just mad because she couldn't have sex NT
L2404/17/15 08:08 PM
*Kim Richards ~ Watching the reunion drove her to drink . oh okay people all ready called it.
kathyG2814 48   04/17/15 04:56 AM
x*I finally got a chance to watch Part 3 last night. It made me really sad. Kim is so angry and in so much denial, doesn't want help, doesn't want
Karina8604/19/15 06:29 AM
x*Kim's anger really troubled me...if she were really sober...what the others thought...shouldn't matter to her at all...her being so defensive is
SkyBluePink04/19/15 08:22 AM
x*Exactly! I so agree! NT
Karina8604/19/15 08:44 AM
x*She's been looking old and haggard all season. When she quit drinking, she looked younger. Better. NT
shesgg04/17/15 06:15 PM
x*I really enjoyed her last season and I think she was sober. She was ditzy but funny and lite and fun. This season was like seeing a completely
cantgetenough04/17/15 06:39 PM
x*I think her sobriety has always been relative. I am not sure she has ever had an extended period of time sober of alcohol and/or
sassyflalassy04/18/15 09:31 AM
x*I agree with you. That troll guy was totally taking advantage of her. NT
shesgg04/18/15 12:58 AM
x*I call BS on the "she had to watch all 3 reunion episodes in order to blog" she never blogs! NT
georgia938204/17/15 10:42 AM
x*Sounds like this came from Brandi NT
CatsMommie04/17/15 09:06 AM
x*You KNOW the tabs are contacting Brandi for scoop. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she's dishing. NT
cantgetenough04/17/15 09:37 AM
x*Yeah, you know THAT's right. Just heard Billy Bush ask her about Yo & she was so coy~ she LOVED being asked. (Said Yo's Lymes is worsening tho) :-( NT
KatOnAHotPC04/17/15 10:45 AM
x*It's sickening, you can't google any other BH housewife, without Brandi's name popping up. Google Lisa R and the first thing that comes up is
L2404/17/15 11:03 AM
x*I love your soap box!!! NT
Mazita04/17/15 11:08 AM
L2404/17/15 11:15 AM
x*you can have one too :)
Belle04/17/15 11:11 AM
x*They contacted me but I declined because I hate gossip and it leads you to a meeting with Lucifer NT
xrayspex04/17/15 10:28 AM
x*little girls is de debil! NT
robbierob04/17/15 10:31 AM
x*Though I don't believe half of what TMZ prints, and I think she fell off the wagon long before the reunion aired or was even filmed. It's not hard
L2404/17/15 09:16 AM
x*I agree. I believe she was nowhere near the wagon prior to Weds & watching herself be awful made the distance between the wagon & Bev H. 100 miles NT
zebe8304/17/15 10:03 AM
x*I dont know if I believe this story, Kim DOESN'T blog NT
betrma04/17/15 07:57 AM
x*But honestly, if I saw on TV what a horrible person I was, I think I'd be hitting up a bar or 5 too..... NT
littlewop04/17/15 07:37 AM
x*If I was kim I would just go all out an shoot up heroin-its way more dramatic for a reality show an sure to boost up the ratings NT
xrayspex04/17/15 08:21 AM
x*I think that's a show called Intervention. NT
georgia938204/17/15 10:44 AM
x*an then I would pay the Russian mafia to kidnap Brook on her wedding day an sell her into the lucrative sex slave industry NT
xrayspex04/17/15 08:44 AM
x*Or i would stay off Tv and hide under a rock NT
kathyG04/17/15 07:41 AM
x*and kick a cop NT
L2404/17/15 07:40 AM
x*omg! Kimbicile is renaming Kingsley and throwing a partay! Here is a list of name choices
robbierob04/17/15 07:26 AM
x*You forgot Kylesfault NT
littlewop04/17/15 07:32 AM
x*or just plain Anyone'sFaultButKim's NT
robbierob04/17/15 07:35 AM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo04/17/15 07:28 AM
x*Kimbicile fell off the wagon way before this season started and she knows it! I call BS (and that doesnt stand for Brandi's $h!+) NT
robbierob04/17/15 07:01 AM
x*Honestly, the producers will have to dump her now. They will probably have to settle on the Kingsley issue.....(More Inside)
zebe8304/17/15 05:51 AM
x*I agree Bravo has used her addiction for a story line . I think they like the drunk Kim . Trainwreck = more ratings NT
kathyG04/17/15 06:17 AM
x*So now she is blaming Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna? Kyle was to blame for the dog bite. Perpetual victim. SMH NT
zebe8304/17/15 05:41 AM
x*It is so ridiculous. Kim will never get better until she stops making excuses and deal with HER problems. NT
mgbaloo04/17/15 05:42 AM
x*I just watched all of Part 3 last night. You know that Kyle was probably restrained from saying the Kingsley has bitten out people. NT
zebe8304/17/15 05:45 AM
x*Probably. I cannot believe how callous Kim was towards Alexia. I read Alexia had to take a leave from college to get healthy. NT
mgbaloo04/17/15 05:47 AM
x*Im sure that is where Kyle screamed your dog bit other people. And the producers smacked Kyle and edited it out. LOL NT
zebe8304/17/15 05:52 AM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo04/17/15 05:57 AM
x*That's why she will never get well . She won't own her sh*t always someone else's s fault . NT
kathyG04/17/15 04:57 AM
x*Exactly. Her drinking has nothing to do with the show, Kyle,Lisa or anyone else. She drinks because she's an addict, and she doesn't want to be
L2404/17/15 06:39 AM
x*Funny how she blames Lisa V for driving a wedge between her and Kyle, but not Brandi. That's crazy. She doesn't seem to care what this is doing
L2404/17/15 06:54 AM
x*Another thing . Maybe she shouldn't be on the show if it drives her to drink . Just a thought . effing excuses NT
kathyG04/17/15 04:58 AM
x*ITA with that. How much can Bravo be paying her that it's worth this BS in her life? NT
colleenag04/17/15 05:15 AM
x*Seems to be her only source of substanial income. And from what was hinted at Kyle & Maurcio (Maurice to Kim) had been supporting Kim prior to RH NT
zebe8304/17/15 05:44 AM
x*Ummm, are you forgetting her role in the blockbuster SHARKNADO 3?? Royalties on that alone should keep her in Boones Farm for at least a week! NT
littlewop04/17/15 07:36 AM
x*How dare you ( while pointing my bony finger ) Apple boones farm is the bomb NT
kathyG04/17/15 07:43 AM
x*I prefer Mad Dog 20/20:) NT
littlewop04/18/15 08:15 AM
*Set the DVR for Watch What Happens Live as I'm sure Andy will Address it. Lisa Rinna and Eileen both send nice texts. I knew they would. NT
dwig222156 2   04/16/15 03:42 PM
x*I fast forwarded past most of it but it wasn't mentioned from what I could tell NT
L2404/17/15 08:00 AM
x*It was the worst kept secret in Beverly Hills, I am sure. NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 05:00 PM
*Brandi the "author" tweets: "Real friends are their in the good times,the bad times &especially the worst times" <smh>"Their". This is an AUTHOR??? NT
KatOnAHotPC335 6   04/16/15 01:30 PM
x*she probably spells Author, "arthur" NT
betrma04/16/15 01:34 PM
x*hahahahaha! LMAO!!! NT
KatOnAHotPC04/16/15 02:25 PM
x*She has never, ever used that word correctly. It gets pointed out to her time and again and she still can't figure it out. I sure hope she isn't
cantgetenough04/16/15 01:32 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:44 PM
L2404/16/15 01:43 PM
x*I hope there much MUCH smarter than they're mom. ;-) NT
KatOnAHotPC04/16/15 01:34 PM
*Kim Richards arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Story breaking on E! What will be her excuse now? NT
junkydiva3551 66   04/16/15 11:20 AM
x*Is it bad that I couldnt wait all day to come home & read all this. I sat at work going come on 5'oclock... I gotta the comments for this... :D NT
Gamecock04/16/15 06:32 PM
x*You are only human, Game. NT
sassyflalassy04/17/15 02:46 PM
x*Well, I am betting she claims it was a one time thing, not a relapse, and she will blame it on Kyle. NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 03:02 PM
x*My money is on Lisa Rinna ruining her sobriety. NT
sneakypie04/16/15 03:18 PM
xrayspex04/17/15 05:35 AM
x*One thing is for sure. She did not relapse and she has worked hard on her sobriety for the last three years so she will be majorly insulted. NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 03:22 PM
x*She insults the intelligence of others by insisting she is sober NT
L2404/16/15 03:31 PM
x*Kyle's tweet...Kyle Richards 04:29PM, Apr 16 . @radar_online please stop with the invented , inaccurate stories
L2404/16/15 03:34 PM
x*Kyle needs to just back away...and let Kim sink or swim on her own...Kim is the ONLY one who can help Kim NT
SkyBluePink04/19/15 08:28 AM
x*How sad for her children. How sad for her. NT
sneakypie04/16/15 03:29 PM
x*2nd that. NT
Shar04/18/15 07:59 AM
x*I thought for sure she'd have been arrested for poking someone's eye out with that pointy finger of hers...LOL NT
littlewop04/16/15 02:42 PM
x*Brandi's tweet above is ALL about Kim. NT
betrma04/16/15 01:24 PM
x*Brandi's tweet above is all about Brandi making Kim's situation all about Brandi. NT
cantgetenough04/16/15 01:30 PM
x*Doesn't she always? NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 03:03 PM
x*LOL yes, a shot at Kyle? and nice spelling
L2404/16/15 01:33 PM
x*thing is when you are a "real" friend, you don't have to scream/tweet/or shout about it, you just are NT
betrma04/16/15 01:52 PM
x*IMO she used Kim for more air time. If she were a real friend she wouldn't have gone against everyone who was trying to help her. She used her to
L2404/16/15 02:29 PM
x*I agree with you. She's the one always going around saying so and so has no storyline. Without "befriending" Kim, Brandi would have no storyline.
cantgetenough04/16/15 02:53 PM
x*She is so irrelevant that it's become ridiculous that she is still on this show, or ever was on for that matter NT
L2404/16/15 03:00 PM
x*good point. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:57 PM
x*OMG sorry, I didn't even see this. Yes, a DEFINITE shot at Kyle. I feel so bad for Kyle now, but I always have. I think a lot of others do too now. NT
KatOnAHotPC04/16/15 01:39 PM
x*I really hope that she checks herself in again to rehab. I know everyone bashes her, but having a addiction and stopping it is one of the hardest
dillybean04/16/15 12:31 PM
x*I really was a fan till she showed how mean she really is. I pray she gets help and admits that she has a problem. NT
SunnySunshine04/16/15 12:45 PM
x*Yes, even sober she is mean. I think the real problem is that she does not want to be sober NT
L2404/16/15 12:46 PM
x*Post of the day. NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 03:05 PM
x*Exactly. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 12:52 PM
x*I wonder who bailed her out? She has to go to court June 10 NT
L2404/16/15 12:58 PM
x*Maybe it was Kingsley... NT
KatOnAHotPC04/16/15 04:44 PM
L2404/16/15 04:57 PM
x**giggle* NT
sassyflalassy04/16/15 04:59 PM
x*How drunk do you have to be to kick a police officer? I read she tried to kick him in the groin but missed and got his leg NT
L2404/16/15 06:22 PM
x*Maybe she couldn't kick that high. NT
firegoddess04/16/15 10:10 PM
x*Maybe one of her kids? Or does she have a lawyer? NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:10 PM
x*Very sad situation for that whole family. NT
L2404/16/15 01:14 PM
x*I don't think anyone bashes her because of her addiction, it's her terrible behavior towards everyone who tries to help her, and only want her to be
L2404/16/15 12:35 PM
x*Her behavior is part of her addiction. Addicts are great liars and deflectors. They can be really mean. I've had experience first hand dealing
dillybean04/16/15 12:42 PM
x*Her addiction enhances her mean girl behavior IMO. I feel bad for her kids NT
L2404/16/15 12:45 PM
x*and it'll all be Kyle's fault NT
betrma04/16/15 11:57 AM
x*You know she will blame the fight on the reunion airing to blame it on Kyle *sigh* NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 12:05 PM
x*best thing Kyle can do right now is to stay far away from this and Kim. Let Kim deal with this all on her own. Best thing anyone can do for her.
betrma04/16/15 12:21 PM
x*Can someone please describe why Kim is being arrested? Thanks. NT
Mozartist04/16/15 12:29 PM
x*Here it is on Fox if you can't open TMZ
L2404/16/15 12:32 PM
x*Thanks, L24! I wasn't able to open TMZ. NT
Mozartist04/16/15 01:38 PM
x*YVW, I rarely open TMZ I know it's a pain NT
L2404/16/15 01:40 PM
x*Oh. I did not know that. Next time I will use a different site. Sorry. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:41 PM
x*No no, its ok lol NT
L2404/16/15 01:42 PM
x* :) NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:43 PM
x*She was drunk and disorderly and kicked a police officer etc. See TMZ link below. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 12:30 PM
x*OMG NO! She fell off the wagon, assaulted a police officer and got arrested??? OMG that is tragic! NT
colleenag04/16/15 12:41 PM
x*It really is so sad . NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 01:42 PM
x*I agree, Kyle needs to stay away and Kim will try and blame everyone but herself NT
SunnySunshine04/16/15 12:29 PM
x*Not trying to steal Kim's thunder, but I acutally bought a BLK today. I like vitamin water. That was awful however. LOL. NT
zebe8304/16/15 11:53 AM
x*Note to self: Do not try BLK, lol NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 12:04 PM
x*She was intoxicated. NT
dwig22204/16/15 11:31 AM
x*Here is a link for TMZ on this...
mgbaloo04/16/15 11:27 AM
x*I don't know when this picture was taken but her pupils look very dilated NT
L2404/16/15 12:28 PM
x*Well I don't think anyone will be surprised about this. It couldn't have been any more obvious that she was not sober, and the more she protested...
L2404/16/15 12:14 PM
x*This was the first season I watched RHBH and I never thought Kim was sober. NT
BuddysMom04/16/15 02:09 PM
x*How sad. If there's anything good that can come from this, maybe it will be that this is her rock bottom and she will now be forced to get the
cantgetenough04/16/15 11:44 AM
x*She has to admit it first. I hope she does. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 11:58 AM
x*True, but I'm not sure her fried brain is capable of that. NT
cantgetenough04/16/15 12:02 PM
x*I am not sure either. But somehow I think she will try and find an excuse for her behavior. She does not seem ready to really get help. NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 12:04 PM
x*Oh boy! I wonder why? NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 11:22 AM
zebe8304/16/15 11:52 AM
x*;) NT
mgbaloo04/16/15 11:57 AM
*#RHOMelbourne Previews
AprilSky114 1   04/16/15 04:05 AM
x*This one doesn't interest me at all NT
L2404/16/15 01:16 PM
*I hate that I missed the party last night. Sounds like all the issues were covered. Kimbicile bullied and Braindead deflected NT
robbierob477 6   04/16/15 03:49 AM
x*Watched it in a repeat. Wonder why the subject
sneakypie04/16/15 06:18 AM
x*that was all last season. NT
georgia938204/16/15 10:23 AM
x*That probably wasn't in the script this They did address it last year at the reunion. It really bugged Lisa V that Brandi said that
dillybean04/16/15 08:26 AM
x*Thanks everyone. I really loathe Kim. She is a horrible human being&
sneakypie04/16/15 10:04 AM
x*it was the catalyst but Lisa now knows she cant trust Brandi because Brandi continues to stab Lisa in the back
robbierob04/16/15 08:26 AM
x*wasnt that last season? they already had that reunion last year NT
betrma04/16/15 08:25 AM
*Bravo and Andy being sued for another incident in Jersey HW's. Plus the Kingsley one. Andy's drama is going to keep him in court. Link inside
dillybean294 1   04/15/15 04:43 PM
x*Maybe lawsuits will get the point to Bravo that the out of control behavior is not that cool. Might just be someone trying to get a few dollars out
dillybean04/15/15 04:47 PM
*I watched Bethenny on WWHL last night and I swear I did not think I could like her even less yet she somehow managed that .. Why does Andy love her NT
CatsMommie253 5   04/15/15 01:52 PM
x*I caught that too. I stopped watching the show because of her and Jill. I don't get the popularity with her. NT
firegoddess04/15/15 03:17 PM
x*I like her because she didnt put up with any crap from kkkkrazy Koo Koo for Cocoa puffs Kelly NT
robbierob04/16/15 05:40 AM
x*I don't know but I suspect it is the same way he likes NeNe. NT
sassyflalassy04/15/15 02:55 PM
x*and Brandi. I saw it was he on so I canceled my DVR from recording it. NT
L2404/15/15 03:40 PM
x*I don't get the feeling or sense that he likes Brandi all that much. NT
cantgetenough04/15/15 03:53 PM
*Yay! Eileen is back on Days! NT
L2463 0   04/15/15 09:46 AM
*Brandi Glanville Confesses Her Plastic Surgery Mistakes on E!'s Good Work -- Watch!
L24167 0   04/15/15 07:01 AM
*A few of the RHoBH blogs are up. Eileen has Kim pegged to a T. NT
littlewop369 6   04/14/15 07:31 PM
x*Wasn't there supposed to be some big bombshell or smoking gun at the very end of tonight's show? If so, it went right over my head. NT
cantgetenough04/14/15 09:30 PM
x*The bombshell was that Kim blames Kyle's daughter for the dog bite (eye roll) NT
L2404/15/15 09:36 AM
x*We already knew that from the previews. I think there was something and for whatever reason, Bravo edited it out. Lisa even eluded to it in her
cantgetenough04/15/15 09:40 AM
x*Now that Brandi has created all sorts of animosity between Kim and Kyle, she wants to wash her hands of this matter. I hope both drunks go. NT
shesgg04/15/15 01:56 PM
x*WE could only wish. That's the only thing that comes up on google as far as the "bombshell" NT
L2404/15/15 09:42 AM
x*I think so, from Brandi, something about Kyle & a wedding maybe?? She probably couldn't get her writers to fabricate something quick enough...LOL NT
littlewop04/15/15 05:37 AM
*Did you know Bethenny was homeless??? It is just too sad for words. NT
sassyflalassy1924 72   04/14/15 06:01 PM
x*She tells everybody who will listen. Poor Fredrick having to deal with that moron. NT
shesgg04/15/15 12:19 AM
x*Can someone explain to me why Andy loves Bethenny the Harpy NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 07:00 PM
x*Bethany lost all that weight in her brain. Why would they bring that hag back? NT
shesgg04/14/15 11:43 PM
x*I wasn't watching when she was on before and I think she's boring NT
L2404/15/15 06:42 AM
x*Does it seem Bethenny came trying to start a fight with Ramona? NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:51 PM
x*Yes NT
SunnySunshine04/14/15 07:25 PM
x*Looks that way. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:53 PM
x*Yes NT
L2404/14/15 06:52 PM
x*God her voice eek NT
L2404/14/15 06:53 PM
x*Why why why is Bethenny back?? NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:48 PM
x*The show needs her just like BH needs Brandi. NT
PointBeing04/14/15 07:02 PM
x*She still thinks she is doing that awful talk show. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:49 PM
x*That's what I said. Was she always this hateful? NT
L2404/14/15 06:49 PM
x*I never cared for her but she used to be quite popular, as Donna said. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:51 PM
x*Pretty much NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:49 PM
x*Wow NT
L2404/14/15 06:51 PM
x*Sonja going after the gardener. It's such a cliche. What next? The pool guy? NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:41 PM
x*Here comes Bethenny to put a wet blanket on the evening. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:36 PM
x*Bethenny is no longer a character we can identify with ..... WE made your SkinnyGirl popular. WE rooted for your desire for a family. YAWN NT
MovingOn04/14/15 06:43 PM
x*They need to add an ignore Bethenny choice when watching NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:38 PM
x*I like Luann's new house. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:32 PM
x*she has great taste NT
PointBeing04/14/15 07:04 PM
x*I love it .. Sonja trying to put it down is nuts NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:33 PM
x*Me too. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:33 PM
x*think she will ever invite us,lol I guess not. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:34 PM
x*I wouldn't mind going to Kyle's either. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:37 PM
x*Oh yes, the home in the desert. That was beautiful. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:40 PM
x*I came upstairs did I miss anything good? NT
L2404/14/15 06:39 PM
x*Not much yet except Sonja keeps beers in her purse, lol NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:40 PM
x*And then poured it into one of Luann's beautiful wine glasses. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:41 PM
x*Classy. I hate to say I have that jacket Sonja has on. NT
L2404/14/15 06:41 PM
x*It's a nice jacket! NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:42 PM
x*Yeah but now I will see it differently lol. I don't keep beer in my purse though NT
L2404/14/15 06:43 PM
x*This lunch with Ramona, Sonja and Dorinda is hilarious. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:30 PM
x*love Dolinda NT
PointBeing04/14/15 07:04 PM
x*Sonja seems out of her mind sometimes lol NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:31 PM
x*Sometimes? NT
L2404/14/15 06:37 PM
x*Lol I was trying to be nice. Ha! NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:44 PM
x*She's just too much to me, on her fantasy island NT
L2404/14/15 06:45 PM
x*a little of Sonja is enough NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:46 PM
x*And a little Bethany is TOO much lol NT
L2404/14/15 06:47 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 07:12 PM
x*stuck in a Presidential Suite.... SIGH .... the agony NT
MovingOn04/14/15 06:29 PM
x*I like Dorinda so far. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:29 PM
x*Sonja .. Gee shut up already NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:29 PM
x*I still do not like Kristine .. Maybe it's that Brandi is one of her BFFs and I see it on her NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:22 PM
x*There are two crossover friendships between NY & BH that I don't like & don't get. I love Kyle but hate Bethenny & I love Kristin but hate Brandi. NT
cantgetenough04/15/15 03:58 PM
x*She is okay to me but I do not think I have seen her enough. But if she is BFF with Brandi something must be off about her. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:24 PM
x*The only thing that bothers me about her is that in her tag lines she always has to say she's pretty NT
L2404/14/15 06:26 PM
x*Yep, I don't like that :/ NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:26 PM
x*She needs to be homeless and off my TV NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 06:17 PM
x*and take Sonja with her NT
L2404/14/15 06:17 PM
x*Sonja..."I..I..Me..Me.. NT
L2404/14/15 06:19 PM
x*LOL, Luann is so dang tall, compared to Ramona. NT
Gamecock04/14/15 06:12 PM
x*Here we go again. Bethenny and her most recent rent-a-friend. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:08 PM
x*That girl isnt her original employee? Cant remember her name. NT
Gamecock04/14/15 06:13 PM
x*Julie. She went back home and was planning to be married, last I heard. NT
Shar04/18/15 08:14 AM
x*Luann is doing a garage sale! NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:07 PM
x*I would love to go to that one. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:07 PM
x*Poor pitiful Bethenny. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:03 PM
x*She's boring as all get out NT
L2404/14/15 06:05 PM
x*That motor mouth gives me a headache. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:05 PM
x*Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up NT
L2404/14/15 06:07 PM
x*I could do without Bethany and cray cray (Sonja) NT
L2404/14/15 06:08 PM
x*Wonder how many times they are going to flash the skinny girl stuff. I saw enough last week already NT
L2404/14/15 06:09 PM
x*Over and over again with the self promotion. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:10 PM
x*Make sure when drinking that the label shows NT
L2404/14/15 06:11 PM
x*The red bag was placed strategically on the rear seat of the SUV. NT
Gamecock04/14/15 06:14 PM
x*It's getting to be like nascar with the product advertising lol NT
L2404/14/15 06:15 PM
x*I love LuAnn NT
L2404/14/15 06:12 PM
x*It is the tone of that voice. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 06:06 PM
x*why oh why did they bring her back?? NT
L2404/14/15 06:02 PM
*Part III of the Reunion! Anybody here? NT
sassyflalassy2891 103   04/14/15 05:01 PM
x*Brandi, nobody believes you. I heard Brandi and Kim are on the outs. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:58 PM
x*Yes I read they have not been close since the reunion NT
L2404/14/15 05:59 PM
x*I did not see anything on this that should have caused a problem between them. What gives? NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 06:00 PM
x*Brandi only used Kim for more air time, she wont need her again until filming starts NT
L2404/14/15 06:01 PM
x*Kim throws stuff out there but shuts it down when the other party wants to tell their side. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:51 PM
x*Exactly. It is so frustrating. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:52 PM
x*It's starting to feel like Andy is Judge Judy -- ick NT
MovingOn04/14/15 05:48 PM
x*Gawd, I love Eileen! NT
MovingOn04/14/15 05:46 PM
x*Me too! She is outspoken without being nasty. NT
Shar04/18/15 08:17 AM
x*She is great. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:47 PM
x*Kim controlled conversations like crazy (if the editing is accurate) - what a brat! I'm so over Kim, hope she's not on next season. NT
MovingOn04/14/15 05:43 PM
x*Yeah, I wait for the day someone bucks her. And spills the beans anyway. ... Wait no I take that back...I wish for her to be off the show more. :D NT
Gamecock04/14/15 05:45 PM
x*Crazy Brandi will need a friend so I am sure she will be back. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:43 PM
x*I wish they would get rid of them both. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:44 PM
x*I'm with you NT
L2404/14/15 05:44 PM
x*I'm amazed they are showing the dog stuff since the producers are being sued. NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:40 PM
x*Why are they being sued? And who is doing the suing? NT
Gamecock04/14/15 05:42 PM
x*I did not know they are being sued. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:41 PM
x*an older woman who was a family friend of Kim's was attacked by Kingsley....
zebe8304/14/15 05:43 PM
x*WOW, interesting. Wonder what role they are saying the producers played. NT
Gamecock04/14/15 05:47 PM
x*Statutory Strict Liability
L2404/14/15 05:50 PM
x*Its a dog bite law, but it says that the producers hid evidence of the dogs violent tendencies NT
L2404/14/15 05:56 PM
x*Yep NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:58 PM
x*Brandi is so full of crap, she has been driving wedges for a long time, family or not, she loves it NT
L2404/14/15 05:53 PM
x*If Brandi wants them together, why did she go out of her way to constantly tell Kim what a bad sister Kyle is? NT
L2404/14/15 05:58 PM
x*I am gonna have to google that. NT
Gamecock04/14/15 05:50 PM
x*Kathy Hilton is an empty nester. Kyle still has young children at home. Why is it all about what Kim wants or needs?NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:37 PM
x*Because that's what the producers prefer to show us. NT
starrynite04/15/15 09:10 AM
x*I have the feeling Kathy never dealt with all the repercussions of drunk Kim. I think Kyle was there during those times. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:39 PM
x*Agree 100% and I doubt Kathy would put up with it NT
L2404/14/15 05:39 PM
x*Kim never grew up, did she? NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:41 PM
x*She lives her life in a fog NT
L2404/14/15 05:41 PM
x*I don't see how anyone can blame Kyle for being tired of the whole Kim situation. NT
L2404/14/15 05:46 PM
x*Kim has not taken responsibility for anything, ever. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:36 PM
x*Nope, anything she is wrong about is off limits NT
L2404/14/15 05:36 PM
x*Kim would throw her niece over rather than admit the dog is a problem. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:34 PM
x*Kim is an ugly person. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:35 PM
x*^ THIS I used to feel sorry for her, but now I feel manipulated. Or maybe I felt sorry for her drunk self. NT
MovingOn04/14/15 05:44 PM
x*That was a really ugly moment. She cares more about the dogs publicity than her niece. NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:37 PM
x*Very true. Hi zebe :) NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:39 PM
x*Howdy. Sassy has me in Outlook class now. NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:41 PM
x*Lol! You are getting a great education. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:42 PM
x*Lol NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:44 PM
x*He screwed up an appointment so he had to repeat. Having interns isn't as easy as it looks. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:42 PM
x*Being one isn't a picnic either. Lol NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:44 PM
x*Ask Sonja's intern for some more on that lol NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:44 PM
x*Oh we chat. NT
zebe8304/14/15 05:45 PM
x*Hmmm. Those unpaid interns are just so ungrateful for all I have done for them. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:46 PM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:43 PM
x*Its unbelievable. I somehow doubt she is the same person around Kathy as she is around Kyle NT
L2404/14/15 05:39 PM
x*she has her own set of rules and untouchables NT
L2404/14/15 05:36 PM
x*Brandi is a sloppy drunk. I can't stand sloppy drunks. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:28 PM
x*I don't like being around most drunk people NT
L2404/14/15 05:28 PM
x*Kim, you have not been sober for three years. That is all. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:20 PM
x*She protests way too much NT
L2404/14/15 05:21 PM
x*No one believes that NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:21 PM
x*Actually I do believe her. I just think she has a very schizophrenic, neurotic, nasty, negative personality which
agent9904/15/15 08:10 AM
x*The fact that she does not acknowledge the relapse speaks volumes. She doesn't think it matters. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:22 PM
x*Brandi is being really ridiculous. She is picking on Kyle for doing the same thing she did, not eating the space cake because of the kids. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:19 PM
x*Brandi is nutso. She will change the subject to avoid a direct question. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:17 PM
x*Kim Richards is a very mean person. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:10 PM
x*through and through NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:10 PM
x*Have fun live chatting! I will chime in after I've viewed on the west coast. Go Team Kyle! NT
cantgetenough04/14/15 05:09 PM
x**waves to cant* looking forward to your comments later :) NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:10 PM
x*Oh, yeah. I always add stuff with each viewing. You are never alone. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:13 PM
x*So because of her battle with Eddie, Brandi couldn't have space cake, but she can sleep around and say beautiful c@&^% on tv? NT
L2404/14/15 05:16 PM
x*And get rip roaring drunk, hit people, throw wine, etc etc etc NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:18 PM
x*Brandi probably saw her smoke pot once, and is making a big deal of it. Who cares anyway? NT
L2404/14/15 05:19 PM
x*There's a big difference between smoking a little in private w/friends, and smoking on National TV. Especially when you have young kids. blame NT
littlewop04/14/15 05:23 PM
x*I don't think smoking pot is a big deal, but untill it is legal everywhere, I can understand not wanting your kids to see it NT
L2404/14/15 05:24 PM
x*Excuse my typing I just painted my nails, why did I do that now? LOL NT
L2404/14/15 05:25 PM
x*My sentiments exactly. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:25 PM
x*I actually think alcohol is worse NT
L2404/14/15 05:26 PM
x*I agree, but alcohol is legal, while pot isn't. So I can see her want it not L24, pass me that joint...LOL NT
littlewop04/14/15 05:28 PM
x*The pot today is much stronger than the pot from back in my college days. About 30% stronger by many estimations. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:29 PM
x*It'll be legal before long NT
L2404/14/15 05:30 PM
x*LOL okay but don't bogart NT
L2404/14/15 05:28 PM
x*I haven't heard that expression in decades! NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:30 PM
x*Just talking about it is giving me the munchies...LOL NT
littlewop04/14/15 05:30 PM
x*Pass the cheetos and M & Ms please. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:31 PM
x*LOL, my daughter interrupted my viewing...but she just brought me a big bag of candy, so she's forgiven. NT
littlewop04/14/15 05:52 PM
x*Candy! We're in. The pizza just came. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:53 PM
x*Lets order pizza! NT
L2404/14/15 05:32 PM
x*God she shows no concern about her niece one bit NT
L2404/14/15 05:34 PM
x*Yeah, I'm showing my age lol NT
L2404/14/15 05:30 PM
x*I'm here NT
L2404/14/15 05:02 PM
x*Three is a party. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:03 PM
x*Woo hoo! NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:04 PM
x*Lol. I think we posted same time. Yep I am here! NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:02 PM
x*Okay I deleted the other to avoid confusion. Also shortcake said to say hi to everyone. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:03 PM
x*Hi to shortcake NT
L2404/14/15 05:03 PM
x*Where is shortcake these days? NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:02 PM
x*she is very busy but she misses us. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:04 PM
x*miss her too :-( NT
L2404/14/15 05:04 PM
L2404/14/15 05:07 PM
x*AAAAccckk lol. Very true. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:07 PM
x*Why is it ok for Kim to talk about others, but no one can bring up the very true issue of her being an addict? NT
L2404/14/15 05:09 PM
x*Brandi did not like that hug at all NT
L2404/14/15 05:11 PM
x*she shot daggers NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 05:12 PM
x*I ask myself every time. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:10 PM
x*Even sober she is mean NT
L2404/14/15 05:11 PM
x*Kim is a mean sober, Brandi is a mean drunk....awww hell, they are both vengeful bitches... NT
littlewop04/14/15 05:14 PM
x*Bitter party of two! NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 05:15 PM
*Bethenny goes after Terry D after a joke he made
CatsMommie267 3   04/14/15 02:30 PM
x*Bethany Frankle walks back Terry Debrow Rant on watch what happens live! video
L2404/15/15 09:41 AM
x*Well, somewhat deserved. Dr D should have said they're all beautiful. And I agree with Bethenny, His wife could use a bit of bulk as well.
agent9904/15/15 08:16 AM
x*I have seen Bethenny looking extremely thin and haggard, but I thought she looked really good last night on WWHL. I still hate her, but she looked
cantgetenough04/15/15 09:42 AM
*Is RHOBH's Kyle Richards's Rocky Relationship with Sister Kim on the Mend?
L24194 3   04/14/15 12:48 PM
x*I think it's an older picture as well that she just posted to recognize "Sibling Day", which is a new one on me. NT
agent9904/14/15 02:26 PM
x*Everyday is a day now .. It's hard to keep up with all of them .. LOL NT
CatsMommie04/14/15 02:30 PM
x*I think Kyle was always willing to mend their relationship, Kim not so much. That picture she posted could be old, looks older to me. NT
littlewop04/14/15 01:18 PM
*Kyle Richards & Kim Richards: The Real Reason Behind Sisters’ Feud Revealed In ‘RHOBH’ Reunion Sneak Peek [Video]
AprilSky437 7   04/14/15 07:01 AM
x*Can we please send Kimbicile, Braindead and Kingsley to a deserted island to live out thier days? NT
robbierob04/14/15 08:39 AM
x*Kingsley deserves better then that. NT
L2404/14/15 08:49 AM
x*so true! NT
robbierob04/14/15 08:51 AM
x*So all of this is because Kim is hurt that her doggy's reputation may be tarnished?? She's lucky he's still alive after he attacked 2 people. If one
littlewop04/14/15 07:45 AM
x*Yes, Alexia should not have gone into that bedroom however, Kim's nonchalant attitude about the bite is bothersome. NT
mgbaloo04/14/15 07:44 AM
x*ITA! If the dog was that unpredictable, or rather predictable as it seems Kim issued a warning, why the heck did she keep him? A good guard dog
littlewop04/14/15 07:51 AM
x*She had that trainer come in and the ignored everything he tried to show her. I do feel bad for that dog. Had he been with someone who could
L2404/14/15 08:05 AM
*I am sick of the Housewives hawking products on twitter. There, I said it. NT
sassyflalassy119 3   04/13/15 05:00 PM
x*Better there than on the shows. NT
Shar04/18/15 08:22 AM
x*Isn't that what Twitter is for? ;) NT
firegoddess04/13/15 05:12 PM
x*It certainly looks that way. NT
sassyflalassy04/14/15 03:37 PM
*Does Nene have Hollywood/actor friends? Just now watching this season. I ask because most real actors don't really care for reality stars and...
punkie187 2   04/13/15 12:48 PM
x*I do know that the news critics hated her in Cinderella on broadway and the other actors in the show did not think she can act,sing an resented her NT
xrayspex04/13/15 01:04 PM
x*Thank you :) NT
punkie04/13/15 03:17 PM
*Bravo! NeNe Leaks Gets A Huge Pay Raise To Stay On Real Housewives Of Atlanta! Get The Details HERE!
AprilSky490 10   04/12/15 07:37 AM
x*I hope this rumor is false. NT
Shar04/12/15 10:18 PM
x*Not buying it. Also, although given the green light, I think it's a coin flip if we'll ever see a single episode of "Road to Riches". NT
JaneJane04/12/15 05:54 PM
x*Why would they do that when she just walks away from every argument, even the ones she starts. She's boring lately. I hope they didn't do that. NT
shesgg04/12/15 02:54 PM
x*Can we all imagine how big her ego will be on the next season if this is true??? No watching for me if she is involved. NT
Mazita04/12/15 08:55 AM
x*It is a head scratcher, for sure. NT
sassyflalassy04/12/15 09:31 AM
x*Im not getting the decision making at all. NT
Gamecock04/12/15 09:45 AM
x*Not one but TWO shows each for Kim and NeNe. I don't get it, either. NT
sassyflalassy04/12/15 10:20 AM
x*The only good thing about this is I can ignore her twice a week ;) NT
Mazita04/12/15 10:53 AM
x*agreed NT
xrayspex04/12/15 10:41 AM
x*That is a solid couple of hours (plus repeats) we can just go out and enjoy life. NT
sassyflalassy04/12/15 11:15 AM
*Did Ken Todd have hip replacement surgery? Trying to decipher the tweets above NT
L24338 7   04/11/15 05:22 PM
x*'s his second one. He had the other hip done about a year ago. NT
georgia938204/11/15 10:14 PM
x*Thanks I was wondering what was up with Lisa's tweet! Glad it is over for them! NT
Mazita04/12/15 06:20 AM
x* Yes I thought he had one last year. Oh boy he'll be like a new man :-) NT
L2404/12/15 06:11 AM
x*Maybe he will get it on Christmas, both birthdays and their anniversary now, LOL. NT
sassyflalassy04/12/15 09:30 AM
x*LOL yes, Lisa better look out now NT
L2404/12/15 09:48 AM
x*LOL will be Woo Hoo Honey I am DUE!! NT
Mazita04/12/15 09:59 AM
x*Yes. NT
JaneJane04/11/15 05:23 PM
*BH reunion part 3 first look, after the whole Lisa/Kim text discussion, Brandi is telling Kim that Lisa is crazy and to stop. Kim goes over to hug
L24761 11   04/11/15 03:44 PM
x*Hey, Big Guy. Wanna date? NT
MovingOn04/13/15 06:21 PM
x*makes me think of the rumors I always heard about Guns and Roses fangirls. Theyd get on the tour bus, get used and then get kicked off the bus NT
robbierob04/13/15 05:01 AM
x*yes, the only difference is that those girls would probably call Brandi a menopause mama LMAO NT
L2404/13/15 06:24 AM
x*It's not "sleep" either. ;) NT
firegoddess04/12/15 10:23 PM
x*Is it what Lisa does Ken's birthday? NT
PointBeing04/12/15 10:40 PM
x*Thanks for reporting about First Look I missed it...I sure hope we can be rid of Kim and Brandi next season!! NT
Mazita04/12/15 06:26 AM
x*What is the "smoking gun" revealed in part 3 that Brandi talked about on her radio show? She said it doesn't involve her. NT
dwig22204/11/15 08:16 PM
x*I don't listen to her podcast, I can't even stand her or her voice on BH but I don't believe much that comes out of her mouth anyway. NT
L2404/12/15 06:08 AM
x*ITA!! Have to put up with her and her snarky voice on RHOBH no need to hear her anywhere else ;) NT
Mazita04/12/15 06:28 AM
x*I can't stand when she gets all screechy. NT
sassyflalassy04/12/15 09:32 AM
x*Funny how she acts like her one night stands are her decision lol NT
L2404/12/15 09:49 AM
*The Housewives say they are required to do the BRAVO blog and yet Kim only does it at the beginning of each season then stops. NT
georgia9382198 4   04/11/15 11:58 AM
x*I think Kim goes by the "never put it in writing" rule. That way she can scream "YOU'RE LYING" at everyone, and hope they don't have proof. NT
littlewop04/11/15 02:57 PM
x*I expect her at any minute to start screaming...Liar, Liar...Pants on Fire...LOL NT
SkyBluePink04/12/15 02:07 PM
x*LOL yes while she waves her finger in their face NT
L2404/11/15 03:12 PM
x**ahem* Well, she is special. The rules don't apply to her. NT
sassyflalassy04/11/15 01:09 PM
*Ramona Singer Burns Patti Stanger on WWHL: See How the Millionaire Matchmaker Responded!
L24173 0   04/11/15 11:38 AM
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