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*Last nights epi of RHOA was such a good one. Perfect mix of humor and drama. Girl youre wearing a track suit, bye. <3 NT
Dexter786 37   12/23/13 08:11 AM
x*i watched this again tonight and I still can't believe this ever happened. NT
petite612/23/13 08:36 PM
x*OMG!!! Nooooooo Porsha ROFL She did NOT! She has to be the dumbest HW! NT
petite612/23/13 10:56 AM
x*LOL@Cynthia and Nene giving this new girl advice. I just can't!! NT
petite612/23/13 10:49 AM
x*Isnt this episode hilarious? NT
Dexter12/23/13 11:12 AM
x*I can't believe this all just happened. It was definitely entertaining! NT
petite612/23/13 11:18 AM
x*it's so crazy that all of this is happening while lauren is away NT
Dexter12/23/13 11:21 AM
x*okay, thanks for posting...I had the best LOL. NT
petite612/23/13 11:34 AM
x*I don't feel read! NT
Karina8612/23/13 10:52 AM
x*This new girl is a mess...she's just embarrassing herself! OMG Phaedra dated him too!! NT
petite612/23/13 11:03 AM
x*LOL@Phaedra and the hearse, cutting Kandi off NT
petite612/23/13 10:46 AM
x*Ugh!! I've missed several epis this season NT
petite612/23/13 08:31 AM
x*It was only the 6th episode. Housewives >>> Life. You need to set your priorities straight. NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:38 AM
x*How did the train fit under there? NT
Karina8612/23/13 08:15 AM
x*I apologize for thinking you all were exaggerating, she sounded even dumber NT
petite612/23/13 11:13 AM
x*lol! Isn't is just so embarrassing? I can't wait until her Bravo blog is up to see how she spins it! NT
Karina8612/23/13 11:14 AM
x*you have to post it in here Kar! I'm going to forget! NT
petite612/23/13 11:19 AM
x*Porsha hasn't posted yet, but Kenya did. I can't stand Kenya, but I actually found myself nodding my head at this blog...
Karina8612/23/13 11:23 AM
x*This was a great read, but LOL@Kenya getting in her last digs at Porsha. NT
petite612/23/13 11:38 AM
x*Omg, that was so bad. I couldnt stop laughing that they told her over and over it wasnt a real train. NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:19 AM
x*best part of the epi. Girl is stupid. NT
PointBeing12/23/13 08:34 AM
x*it's such a sad stupid though, not a cute stupid. Good lord! lol! NT
Karina8612/23/13 08:35 AM
x*How does one even get through grade school without knowing that? lol! It's a good thing she's pretty! NT
Karina8612/23/13 08:27 AM
x*I have no clue, and to be black and from the south. NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:30 AM
x*I missed it, what happened? NT
petite612/23/13 08:29 AM
x*Porsha thought Harriet Tubman was a legit train engineer. NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:36 AM
Karina8612/23/13 08:40 AM
x* NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:44 AM
x*OMG Porsha is the dumbest idiot! She should be embarrassed for herself NT
petite612/23/13 08:38 AM
x*She couldn't figure out why nobody threw Mama Joyce from the train. NT
PointBeing12/23/13 08:44 AM
x*OMG you're cracking me up!!!! your recap may be better than the actual show NT
petite612/23/13 08:46 AM
Karina8612/23/13 08:44 AM
x*Lamo, I think mama joyce slept with chuck NT
Dexter12/23/13 08:44 AM
x*HAHAHA! I was so consumed with the trains, I nearly forgot about Chuck Slut! NT
Karina8612/23/13 08:46 AM
x*Nene sent Porsha to the chruch basement with a wooden train wistle and told her if she blows hard enough the train will appear. Epi ended with
Dexter12/23/13 08:43 AM
x*lol NT
PointBeing12/23/13 08:37 AM
x*She thought the underground railroad was an actual railroad and she couldn't figure out how nobody saw the train coming. NT
PointBeing12/23/13 08:36 AM
x*They went to a beautiful historic church in Savannah which happened to be one of the underground railroad stops. She was curious about the train NT
Karina8612/23/13 08:34 AM
*Wanted to wish all my friends here a very Happy Holidays and New Year!! NT
CatsMommie1813 93   12/21/13 04:16 PM
x*First, are you a Princess Warrior or Team Cryptkeeper? NT
petite612/22/13 02:17 PM
x*here is a picture of Princess Warrior at her best..
mgbaloo12/22/13 02:40 PM
x*Cryptkeepers at their best!! Lisa at her throne...
petite612/22/13 03:13 PM
x*now petite... that's just mean... what an awful picture of kim!!!!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:26 PM
x*I found another pic of your QUEEN!!!
petite612/22/13 03:32 PM
x*Lisa laughs at your lies...
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:41 PM
x*LOL Wonder woman wouldn't be part of this team if she was the last Amazon alive. I've called her, she's given her Glamazon/Princess Warriors
petite612/22/13 03:44 PM
x*She's lulling you into a false security so she can lasso you, take you aboard her invisible jet & toss you out over Kyle's house NT
Karina8612/22/13 03:45 PM
x*Kyle waiting for petite...
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:49 PM
x*LOL I can't imagine what that google search looks like NT
petite612/22/13 04:02 PM
x*it's the pantene! NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:00 PM
x*Lol. Pantene makes hair have a life of its own. NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:08 PM
shortcake12/22/13 04:22 PM
x*BAHAHA! I snorted out loud! NT
Karina8612/22/13 03:50 PM
x*leave the snorting to petite.... it's her forte!!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:54 PM
x*FYI, Miss Piggy does NOT snort like she used to. NT
petite612/22/13 04:02 PM
x*it's not good to stifle a snort or a sneeze petite... it'll give you premature wrinkles. *passes petite peppermint cream for her hoofs* NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:03 PM
petite612/22/13 04:12 PM
x*that made me lol (for real) NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:21 PM
x*Lol. NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:18 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:55 PM
x*lol! :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:51 PM
x*lmao! NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:27 PM
x*LOL that is awful! Ima gonna have nightmares! NT
Karina8612/22/13 03:18 PM
x*I hope you do!!! NT
petite612/22/13 03:33 PM
shortcake12/22/13 04:00 PM
x*That picture should have a warning attached, lol NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:19 PM
x*Lisa blocks that falsehood..
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:15 PM
x*YES!!!! (my childhood idol <3)
shortcake12/22/13 03:24 PM
x*Please, go away with that nonsense you just spoke NT
petite612/22/13 03:26 PM
x*don't be jelly.... it's very unbecoming!!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:30 PM
x*Is she Strawberry or Boysenberry? ;) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:31 PM
x*save me!!!!
petite612/22/13 03:35 PM
x*Hallucinate much? Here we are...
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:39 PM
x*except we've been working out really hardcore... so we're even hotter now, that pic was taken last year *sigh* NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:02 PM
x*craggy ole crab apple :/ NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:34 PM
x*Ick! NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:39 PM
x*:D NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:04 PM
x*Yay for us :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:25 PM
x*oh helllll NO!!! We have Wonder woman too, because she's queen superior of the Glamazons!!! NT
petite612/22/13 03:24 PM
x*Sorry, Lisa is Wonder Woman. :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:24 PM
x*wonder woman didn't have a dog attached to her hip. Sorry hunty! NT
petite612/22/13 04:14 PM
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:21 PM
x*ROFL that is ugly NT
petite612/22/13 04:31 PM
x*that is sooooooo cute~!!!! NT
Karina8612/22/13 04:22 PM
x*Oh contraire, mon frère...
Karina8612/22/13 04:19 PM
x*now yall just look ALL kinds of desperate!!! NT
petite612/22/13 04:35 PM
x*Well you passed us up on that score years ago :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:36 PM
x****Lisa has body snatched mg!!!*** NT
petite612/22/13 04:43 PM
x*Now don't start rumors. I am fine...
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:46 PM
x*Just stick with the crypt keepers and call it a day!!! NT
petite612/22/13 04:56 PM
x*Don't worry about us Team Battlestar is strong and ready to beat down the rise of the Leggo Princesses. NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:59 PM
x*Team BS sucks!!! oh, Team BS hahahahha NT
petite612/22/13 05:25 PM
x* B S: Beautiful and Sexy, thanks for the compliment! NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 06:36 PM
x*Woooooooot!!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 05:12 PM
x*bien sur ma soeur!!! (btw... karina just called petite "brother") LMFAO... poor petite!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:26 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:26 PM
x*Good one Karina! NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 04:22 PM
x*omg who put kim Richards mug over lovely miss carter's???? NT
shortcake12/22/13 04:22 PM
x*indeed!!!! NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:32 PM
x*YES!!! NT
Karina8612/22/13 03:18 PM
x*hee hee! That's cute! NT
Karina8612/22/13 02:46 PM
x*I thought you might like it :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 02:47 PM
petite612/22/13 02:46 PM
x*No maybe more like this.
mgbaloo12/22/13 02:49 PM
x*Lol accurate NT
Dexter12/22/13 02:57 PM
x* please go watch your Brit bio and suck it! NT
petite612/22/13 02:58 PM
x*how dare you!!!!!! We are glamazons!!!
petite612/22/13 02:54 PM
x*“The human brain is a complex organ with the wonderful power of enabling man to find reasons for continuing to believe whatever it is that he wants
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:00 PM
x*Cryptkeepers don't have brains!!! NT
petite612/22/13 03:05 PM
x*Don't overtax yourself :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:06 PM
shortcake12/22/13 03:37 PM
x*Happy Holidays & Happy New Years to all my fellow RHW addicts... love you guys!!! <333 :)) NT
shortcake12/22/13 09:12 AM
x*To you too shortcake!! You RH fans are the best :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 11:09 AM
x*awww... you gals always put a smile on my face, make me laugh & warm my heart (((group hug))) NT
shortcake12/22/13 01:07 PM
x*The worst shows attract the nicest people. NT
sassyflalassy12/22/13 12:14 PM
x*brilliant observation! NT
shortcake12/22/13 01:02 PM
x*They sure do :) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 12:27 PM
x*even our poor misguided petite and cant. May the New Year show them the Light that is Lisa. NT
Karina8612/22/13 12:19 PM
x*They need our care most of all ;) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 12:28 PM
x*rofl yes! NT
shortcake12/22/13 01:00 PM
x*hee hee! NT
Karina8612/22/13 12:30 PM
x*Oh yeah. Team Lisa for sure. :) NT
sassyflalassy12/22/13 12:22 PM
x*Yay! :) NT
Karina8612/22/13 12:30 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 12:28 PM
x*Back at you, shortie. NT
sassyflalassy12/22/13 11:07 AM
x*sassy <3 (the bachelor starts in a few weeks... snarkity snark snark!!) NT
shortcake12/22/13 01:10 PM
x*I actually love Juan so I am looking forward to it. NT
sassyflalassy12/22/13 06:55 PM
x*me too... he's adorable. NT
shortcake12/22/13 07:12 PM
x*Thanks! Hoping you have a fabulous New Year too! NT
liannalu12/21/13 06:58 PM
x*Same to you sweet lady NT
L2412/21/13 05:29 PM
x*Happy Holidays to you too :) NT
mgbaloo12/21/13 05:20 PM
x*You too, CatsMommie. NT
sassyflalassy12/21/13 05:17 PM
*Saving money? Under fire Teresa and Joe Giudice release cheap-looking holiday greetings card as they prepare for fraud trial (LOL)
petite6863 23   12/21/13 12:25 PM
x*Tabloids will pick on anything and everything. It's what they do. They especially love to kick people when they're down. Nothing new here. NT
cantgetenough12/22/13 07:07 AM
x*where are you?? these Walkers are all over the place tonight!!! NT
petite612/22/13 03:34 PM
x*It's ok petite, you'll never be alone! You have...
Karina8612/22/13 03:41 PM
x*why are you always bringing him in here? He ain't mine!!!!!!!!!! NT
petite612/22/13 03:48 PM
x*ewwww poor petite.... her boyfriend is fuggs & i hear that she does his manscaping, to save money so she can buy more fake bags :/ NT
shortcake12/22/13 03:47 PM
x*They make such a cute couple,lol NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 03:43 PM
x*I know they brought their legal troubles on themselves.. but I feel bad for them anyway. it's sad how mean people can be, especially at Xmas :( NT
shortcake12/22/13 09:11 AM
x*I'm not defending them
L2412/22/13 05:06 AM
x*Yes, that's what the Daily was trying to imply...they went for the cheap to take away from their legal troubles NT
petite612/22/13 02:18 PM
x*totally agree NT
shortcake12/22/13 09:08 AM
x*Looks like really really bad photoshopping. A candid photo would look better. I am surprised they paid for this. NT
liannalu12/21/13 06:28 PM
Dexter12/21/13 04:47 PM
x*Okay that scared me,lol NT
mgbaloo12/21/13 05:01 PM
x*I like it better than the Kardashians'. At least it's not a train wreck like the Kardashians...and it has the whole family in it. NT
littlewop12/21/13 02:16 PM
x*with all the $$ and media attention the Kardashians get, do you ever hear them doing any charity work, donations to child, anything at all??? NT
EightOsix12/22/13 07:15 PM
x*I think it looks cheesy because the photoshopping is not done well. NT
sassyflalassy12/21/13 02:20 PM
x*It's actually not even photoshopped its a nursery in NJ .. Could be worse and prob was on the cheaper side NT
CatsMommie12/21/13 04:15 PM
x*Yep it's a real place in Belvedere NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/21/13 04:21 PM
x*That's even worse. I was willing to attribute it to bad photoshopping but they look absurd. NT
sassyflalassy12/21/13 04:27 PM
x*The one with just the children really does look shopped, terrible photography there NT
AwfuLeeHandsome12/21/13 04:34 PM
x*Pictures of them having it done
CatsMommie12/21/13 04:15 PM
x*I think it's cute NT
L2412/21/13 12:28 PM
x*I'm LOL at the Daily's description calling it cheap smh NT
petite612/21/13 12:45 PM
*‘I know my daughter worries, but I don’t care’: Real Housewives star Vicki Gunvalson on why she’s back with Brooks Ayers despite family fears
petite6599 12   12/21/13 12:14 PM
x*He is cringe worthy and creepy, but the son in law should STFU. She is a grown woman. After my dad died my mother fell for an "opportunist" and
liannalu12/21/13 06:40 PM
x*I totally agree with you liannalu... her psycho SIL needs to STFU in a big way... the opportunist thing sucks... but if she's happy, meh whatever...
shortcake12/22/13 09:26 AM
x*That's really the bottom line. She raised her daughter and her daughter has made her own poor choices. Vicki is emotionally very needy. NT
sassyflalassy12/21/13 06:42 PM
x*I see her as very insecure in her daughter's love, although she always wants to act like they are so close. Sad. NT
liannalu12/21/13 06:54 PM
x*I think Vicki has needed to have a more adult relationship with Brianna. Brianna seems to make bad choices in love, also. I see Vicki and Brianna
sassyflalassy12/21/13 06:57 PM
x*absolutely agree 100%... Brianna likes to act like she's so much wiser & level-headed than her mom, but clearly...
shortcake12/22/13 09:17 AM
x*He makes me uncomfortable. NT
Dexter12/21/13 12:15 PM
x*Yes, he sents smarmy creepy vibes for sure. NT
liannalu12/21/13 06:56 PM
x*He's like a tapeworm that just won't let go.
PointBeing12/21/13 04:28 PM
x*::: vomit ::: NT
shortcake12/22/13 10:01 AM
x*He is sooo gross .. What a creepier NT
CatsMommie12/21/13 04:17 PM
x*Me too. He is creepy. NT
mgbaloo12/21/13 01:43 PM
*Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Another One FIRED!
pusssykatt1662 65   12/19/13 04:38 PM
x*Not investing anymore time in getting to know new characters. As far as Melissa, Teresa and Dina...not enough to like. After 5 years
agent9912/20/13 11:11 AM
x*Whoop! New members NJ! Sink or swim. NT
liannalu12/19/13 05:33 PM
x*Floaters get a lifeboat! NT
wadduptchain12/19/13 09:31 PM
x*with no oar! :) NT
mgbaloo12/20/13 05:13 AM
x*LOL Meanie! NT
shortcake12/22/13 10:07 AM
x*Whoops did I say that out loud, lol ;) NT
mgbaloo12/22/13 11:01 AM
x**thud* NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:16 PM
x*<3 Rosie! NT
shortcake12/19/13 04:50 PM
x*Teresa and Dina. I think I am done with NJ NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:40 PM
x*you say that now... but it's so trashy & addictive! NT
shortcake12/19/13 04:54 PM
x*Lol you know me too well. But if I hear Dina talk about " positive energy" and the like I will scream. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:57 PM
x*lol... when I hear her talk about her hairless cat, smelling like parmesan cheese... I swear to God... I almost BARF.. every time! NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:02 PM
x*Lol yes that too. I just do not know if I can watch her. Love my dvr. She will be on FF fast. :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:04 PM
x*I know... I watch *everything* off the dvr or on a 20 minute delay, must ffwd if needed! NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:06 PM
x*I do not know how we lived without it before. When I grew up we had no remotes, you had to get up to change the channel, lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:07 PM
x*i remember ;)) NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:15 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:16 PM
x*RadarOnline said Joe was in court on Tues. to set a trial date for the D/L thing...MINUS Tre! lol they thought that was a big deal. NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:42 PM
x*Hmmmmmm. Interesting! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:43 PM
x*And get this...they said he's had 47 license suspensions in 26 years! Omg lol!!! NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:50 PM
x*What? NT
liannalu12/19/13 05:29 PM
x*howz that even possible? NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:03 PM
x*It isn't. NT
liannalu12/19/13 05:59 PM
x*47 really does sound high. NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:12 PM
x*lol, ya think? NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:14 PM
x*Omg said he was cited AGAIN on 11/5 for careless driving in a school zone!
IrishA12/19/13 06:21 PM
x*good lord :/ NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:33 PM
x*Take away his license forever! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:24 PM
x*amen to that! NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:32 PM
x*Bad luck must just follow him around lol. He swerved into oncoming traffic in front of a cop!!! NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:25 PM
x*If we wrote this stuff people would say it is unbelievable and contrived. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:30 PM
x*For sure. NT
liannalu12/20/13 12:54 PM
x*omgwtf??? NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:27 PM
x*Yep and they also confirmed the 47 suspensions. Still hard to believe. Can you imagine his insurance? He's prolly in a risk pool lol. NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:31 PM
x*He must be in some pool by himself. It must be lonely be Joe Guidice, lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:32 PM
x*Lol well he's still got Tre. (Maybe) NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:33 PM
x*If he goes to jail, he can share the pool with some other interesting characters too. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:34 PM
x*I'm suspicious why he didn't take the plea deal. He's gotta have some tricks up his sleave...especially with that record. NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:37 PM
x*^^^'sleeve' NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:38 PM
x* that must be a big sleeve !Well I am looking forward to see how this gets resolved. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:40 PM
x*They said they checked the records. Here's the article...
IrishA12/19/13 05:08 PM
x*But he is a French model, I met him on the Internet!! NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:16 PM
x*:D NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:22 PM
x*Wow!And he kept getting it back. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:53 PM
x*Right??? He must know someone lol. NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:54 PM
x*I know I mean really. I thought if you got it suspended a certain amount of times they expel you. They do that in school,lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:55 PM
x*It's New Joisey. NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:56 PM
x*lol NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:03 PM
x*Lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:57 PM
x*And he just got busted again on 11/26! He clearly needs to hire a chauffeur! NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:51 PM
x*Really. For a DUI? Or something else? NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:53 PM
x*Wasn't DUI. Pulled over for erratic driving then cited for State Inspection Sticker and something else. NT
IrishA12/19/13 04:55 PM
x*ah okay. He probably has been stopped for every known infraction. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:58 PM
x*When I watched, Tre used to do most of the driving. Now we know why! NT
IrishA12/19/13 05:00 PM
x*You are safer with the table flipper driving. Scary thought, lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:03 PM
x*Ha!im surprised she doesnt try and roll her car in to people when cut off. NT
Dexter12/19/13 05:19 PM
x*She probably does. Could you imagine her with Road Rage! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:33 PM
x*She does have a wee temper. NT
IrishA12/19/13 05:22 PM
x*LMAO good point NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:07 PM
x*Lol. I have my daredevil side. NT
IrishA12/19/13 05:04 PM
x*How about Joe driving you on a motorcycle. Now that would be a true daredevil stunt. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:05 PM
x*like kim & kanye? :D NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:15 PM
x*I said daredevil...not death wish lol. NT
IrishA12/19/13 05:10 PM
x*rofl NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:15 PM
x*Lmao!!! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:12 PM
*Don't look now, Porsha! Kordell Stewart gets cosy with Towanda Braxton at the Grudge Match screening (hhahahha)
petite6158 1   12/19/13 12:19 PM
x*Looks like a staged photo, I hope Porsha is saying good riddance anyhow. NT
liannalu12/19/13 04:00 PM
* Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon’s outrageous $90,000 wedding registry
pusssykatt140 2   12/19/13 12:07 PM
x*omg what @ssholes! NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:18 PM
x*So pretentious. His 5th marriage and he expects someone to buy them $3,000 soup bowls as a wedding gift? NT
liannalu12/19/13 04:04 PM
*Brandi vs. Perez Hilton in twitter war
pusssykatt272 4   12/19/13 11:50 AM
x*petty useless internet bs is soooooo lame! NT
shortcake12/19/13 05:05 PM
x*I don't think Brandi is all that awesome, frankly. NT
sassyflalassy12/19/13 02:01 PM
x*Brandi just continues to spiral downward a little more each season :( NT
SkyBluePink12/21/13 11:48 AM
x*: ( and I used to. Perez is crap too. Worse and for longer, lol. NT
liannalu12/19/13 03:57 PM
*Cops SHUT DOWN Adrienne Maloof's Christmas Party!
pusssykatt206 1   12/19/13 11:41 AM
x*How embarrassing for Seth. NT
PointBeing12/20/13 05:06 PM
*Cynthia Bailey Reveals That Peter Thomas Almost Left Her Over Health Issues...
shortcake878 44   12/19/13 07:15 AM
x*What does having fibroid tumors have to do with not having sex for months? Or feeling fat? Most women don't even know they have them. I only
liannalu12/19/13 04:11 PM
x*you can have very different symptoms and Cynthia said they made her lose interest in having sex NT
petite612/19/13 04:15 PM
x*no interest in having sex with PETER? I don't blame her. NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:09 PM
x*Perhaps peri menopausal symptoms had something to do with that? Just a thought. NT
sassyflalassy12/19/13 05:06 PM
x*Good point! that could have an effect. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 05:06 PM
x*Much more likely. No interest in sex, for months, should never be attributed to fibroids. NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:03 PM
x*These women think they are never going into menopause. NT
sassyflalassy12/19/13 06:31 PM
x*i am not looking forward to that day... the hot flashes sound horrific NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:34 PM
x*My mom never had them. Well, she said she had maybe 4. NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:39 PM
x*Everyone is different. It just depends on your hormone levels and such. I think a good diet helps :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:42 PM
x*more veggies? I can do that :) NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:47 PM
x*Yeah, she's always been careful that way. NT
IrishA12/19/13 06:44 PM
x*I would lose interest too... if it meant having sex with him! NT
shortcake12/19/13 04:51 PM
x*That is what I was thinking the REAL issue was. NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:11 PM
x*I'm with you... she could do sooooo much better! NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:12 PM
x*Ha Ha Ha :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:52 PM
x*:D NT
shortcake12/19/13 04:53 PM
x*yes, I believe I have read while most do not cause pain some women do experience pain and pelvic pressure. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:16 PM
x*Like mild cramps at times... not like zero lipido. I think her disinterest stemmed from other reasons. NT
liannalu12/19/13 04:21 PM
x*you can have pain during sex and that can cause disinterest NT
petite612/19/13 04:55 PM
x*Oh well. I think being married to HIM is the cause................ NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:06 PM
x*she married him and knew what he was like, I tend to believe she had a physical health issue and Peter got scared because he's an azz NT
petite612/19/13 06:18 PM
x*For once I think we can all agree on something....Peter is a jerk face! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:19 PM
x*yes NT
liannalu12/19/13 06:21 PM
x*+ a cheating liarface NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:20 PM
x*lol, that too! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:20 PM
x**squealed in Vicki's voice* NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:21 PM
x*Woo hoooooooo!! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:23 PM
x*lol NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:28 PM
x*speaking of Vicki, is she really back with Brooks? NT
petite612/19/13 06:22 PM
x*I cant wait to see if Heather McDonald is a housewife now, I so hope so. Shes been filming with them a lot. NT
Dexter12/21/13 12:08 PM
x*Wow, that's nuts! NT
Shar12/21/13 12:06 PM
x*is she? Oh brother NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:23 PM
x* NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:30 PM
x*Lol, probably :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 06:11 PM
x*Perhaps. I just read a minority of women do get more severe pain from fibroids happens because the the tumor outgrows its blood supply. Only she
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:26 PM
x*I've heard they can be painful too.... nice of him to consider cheating on her, or leaving her in her time of need... sounds like a great guy. NT
shortcake12/19/13 04:53 PM
x*He is just an A-1 human being. Ugh NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 04:54 PM
x*for better or worse... notsomuch :'( NT
shortcake12/19/13 06:13 PM
x*what an epic @sshole... wtf does she see in him? NT
shortcake12/19/13 07:16 AM
liannalu12/19/13 06:15 PM
x*It probably had more to do with his own insecurities than hers. She lost interest in having sex with him and he probably translated that to not
petite612/19/13 11:38 AM
x*exactly! why does she keep that old man around?? NT
EightOsix12/19/13 07:33 AM
x*it defies logic... he's just yuck! NT
shortcake12/19/13 07:36 AM
*Kim and Kyle keep forgetting how mean they were to Brandi at Dana's home.
pusssykatt2954 137   12/18/13 04:56 AM
x*hmm... I'd completely forgotten about that... Very good point. NT
shortcake12/22/13 10:04 AM
x*That behavior showed me who they are. NT
Shar12/21/13 12:08 PM
x*they were super nasty... brandi seemed so tame back then! NT
shortcake12/22/13 10:05 AM
x*lol..I'm going to remain Switzerland in this battle you all have going. I think I'd be very guarded if I were friends with Lisa...
Guerita12/19/13 10:07 AM
x*i thought kim was quite the sane one, she had conflict with lisa, didnt let anyone else get involved, said how she felt, apologized and moved on. NT
betrma12/18/13 12:50 PM
x*on last show? kim was trying her hand at manipulation. thats why she coordinated the lisa bashing and making up with everyone but lisa. NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 12:53 PM
x*i thought she was quite brillant with Lisa. No manipulation needed, when she didnt like what lisa said or did, she confronted it and shut it down.
betrma12/18/13 12:57 PM
x*i didn't say that it made her a manipulator. imo, kim is a mean girl and we saw it again during that episode. NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 01:00 PM
x*I agree. NT
Shar12/21/13 12:01 PM
x*she's definitely not as innocent as I had originally assumed she was. NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:47 PM
x*There was no coordinated Lisa bashing. Kim had an issue with the way Lisa had been speaking to her of late (a valid issue, imo) and Kim took
cantgetenough12/18/13 12:57 PM
x*That's how I saw it too, and I saw that as evidence of how Kim is growing in her program. That's a big part of AA, taking personal inventory
Karina8612/18/13 01:08 PM
x*Well, now I feel guilty for laughing when she was praying by the trash can. #IrishHeathen! NT
IrishA12/18/13 02:06 PM
x*lmao! I giggled at that was weird! NT
Karina8612/18/13 02:14 PM
x*You gotta give her props for hanging with that crowd who never met a cocktail they didn't like, though. I hope she stays strong. NT
IrishA12/18/13 02:32 PM
x*Absolutely... its gotta be really hard... she said on some show that I saw, that she used to have vodka in her 7-Up cans all the time :( NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:50 PM
x*That must be tough. I still wonder what kind of pills she takes. Maybe she is just naturally loopy? NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 02:34 PM
x*she's slurry sometimes... maybe Xanax or something, for her anxiety issues NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:48 PM
x*I think xanax also. NT
sassyflalassy12/18/13 02:49 PM
x*sassy, just out of curiosity... if she's in AA.. is she still considered "clean" if she's using prescribed meds. just not "abusing" them? NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:52 PM
x*I'm not sassy, but I am an alcoholic and I can tell you what my sponsor told me: it is between the patient & their doctor to decide. I take
Karina8612/18/13 02:59 PM
x*I'm. gonna take time to say .. Good on ya. :) NT
AngieBaby12/18/13 03:51 PM
shortcake12/18/13 03:20 PM
x*((group hug))) NT
sassyflalassy12/18/13 03:22 PM
x* Thanks ladies! I love my life now and am grateful every day! NT
Karina8612/18/13 04:19 PM
x*Much love to you and Sassy NT
Dexter12/18/13 04:38 PM
x*Thanks! NT
sassyflalassy12/18/13 04:49 PM
x*(((Karina))) You are a strong woman. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 04:29 PM
x*We recommend that they not take narcotics and benzos, unless absolutely necessary. They are overprescribed and addictive.
sassyflalassy12/18/13 03:15 PM
x*I am glad that works well for both of you. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 04:47 PM
x*I always try to destigmatize necessary psych medications. Millions live better lives because of them. NT
sassyflalassy12/18/13 04:49 PM
x*thanks sassy...
shortcake12/18/13 03:24 PM
x*Correct. Xanax has a very short half life. It leaves you wanting more very soon. The antidepressants are not addictive but should not be stopped
sassyflalassy12/18/13 03:26 PM
x*That said, we understand the dangers of stopping alcohol and benzos suddenly if you are dependent. We do a taper of ativan
sassyflalassy12/18/13 03:21 PM
x*so sad... I remember watching mindy mccready have that seizure on that dr. drew rehab show, from benzo withdrawals... sooo scary :( NT
shortcake12/18/13 03:26 PM
x*Yeah, that was hard to watch. NT
sassyflalassy12/18/13 03:42 PM
x*yes, that would make sense. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 02:48 PM
x*The squirrels don't think so :D NT
IrishA12/18/13 02:39 PM
x*Ha ha. True the squirrels liked her and Carlton a lot. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 02:39 PM
x*Omg Carlton could be the Squirrel Whisperer!!! NT
IrishA12/18/13 02:40 PM
x*lmao! NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 02:47 PM
shortcake12/18/13 02:45 PM
x*Kim and Kyle are original mean girls. The real kind. It's clearly the only way they can relate to one another. They're horrible. Kim's worse sober NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 11:21 AM
x*A couple things about that. First, Kim probably doesn't even remember that night. She was high on something. Kyle was trying to protect and defend
cantgetenough12/18/13 07:14 AM
x*I believe Kim and Kyle had been making remarks about Brandi and hid her crutches before Brandi attacked. One thing about Brandi, she usually doesn't
pusssykatt12/19/13 11:23 AM
x*but in the end Kyle still became friends with Brandi and defended her stupidity, so that shows more about Kyle's character than that one incident NT
petite612/19/13 11:33 AM
x*or she wants to look good on TV :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 11:41 AM
x*No, that's Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT
petite612/19/13 12:33 PM
x*No Kyle is the one who throws her hair around and appears in Jeep commercials. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:34 PM
x*Go Kyle and your beautiful flowy hair!!!! Well, if Lisa was in a Jeep commercial she'd just run over everyone, including production NT
petite612/19/13 12:35 PM
x*Chica! NT
Dexter12/19/13 12:56 PM
x*Lol!!! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 01:25 PM
x*I hate to tell you the secret...its a wig. *shhhh* NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:38 PM
x*And not so much 'friends' as frenemies. Pretend friends lol. NT
IrishA12/19/13 11:45 AM
x*Yep, I doubt Kyle invites Brandi over when the cameras are not rolling. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 11:46 AM
x*There was a pap photo taken of them not long ago with the two of them hiking together and no bravo cameras around. NT
cantgetenough12/19/13 11:56 AM
x*Key word there is photo :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:08 PM
x*Kyle was probably plotting to push her into a ravine. NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:01 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:07 PM
x*Kim was lurking in the bushes to help bury the body. NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:09 PM
x*Lisa puts LSD in peoples wine NT
petite612/19/13 12:18 PM
x*that is a better "trip" than falling off a ravine. ;) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:21 PM
x*Lisa HATES dalmatians! NT
petite612/19/13 12:34 PM
x*Kyle poisons apples and dress like an old woman to hand them out. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 01:14 PM
x*Lisa thinks her servants are her friends and after she's introduced them to her torture chamber NT
petite612/19/13 01:18 PM
x*Kyle lures little children into her kitchen with hopes of Gingerbread but they are the ones to be baked! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 01:19 PM
x*I see nothing wrong with this method. NT
petite612/19/13 01:20 PM
x*Lol. Note to self:I am not eating at your place! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 01:20 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter12/19/13 01:16 PM
x*And not nearly as bloody bwahahaha. NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:24 PM
x*Lmao! NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:30 PM
x*We watch too much SOA and Justified. Lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:12 PM
x*is Justified on now? NT
petite612/19/13 12:19 PM
x*January 7th NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:22 PM
x*Yes!!!! I forgot how it ended, let me check the forum NT
petite612/19/13 01:16 PM
x*Be here before we know it! NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:26 PM
x*Soon! NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:21 PM
x*LOL! It's rubbing off on us. :-) NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:13 PM
x*Very true. And then GoT will be on in Spring This year should prove interesting:) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:15 PM
x*"Too much?"
IggysPINKTights12/19/13 12:13 PM
x*Lol. It is okay. I am just noting that our humor is getting quite dark probably from what we watch. But I guess it is never too much. NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:15 PM
x*We're Jokers of Anarchy lol. NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:18 PM
x*JOA!! :) NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:21 PM
x*Motorcycles still scare me, though. NT
IrishA12/19/13 12:23 PM
x*Me too. Only been on one 3 times. I feel too vulnerable on them. We can use scooters instead,lol NT
mgbaloo12/19/13 12:31 PM
x*I grant this post the most insightful of all HW's post!!! You are a champion!!! NT
petite612/18/13 09:46 AM
x*A Princess Warrior Champion second only to the greatest Princess Warrior leader of all time, the great and all mighty, petite! **The crowd roars** NT
cantgetenough12/18/13 10:01 AM
x*with disapproval. The angry mob gets ready to riot against Warrior Princess and her minions. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:36 AM
x**pitchforks in hand* heeheeeheeeeee!!! NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:53 PM
x*Kyle was mean way before the meth head comment. And I do not give Kim a pass for being on something. I am not really sure Kyle regrets it. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 07:30 AM
x*completely agree. look at the glee on their faces when they work together to be bitchy. i suppose it's good for their relationship, but they suck NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 11:23 AM
x*lmao @ it being good for their relationship... however true NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:53 PM
x*Agreed, being methed out is not an excuse to act like a bitch. NT
Dexter12/18/13 10:44 AM
x* Kim was going through changes but if Kyle was truly a mean girl, she wouldn't be trying to save and apologize for Brandi's behavior. Sometimes
petite612/18/13 06:22 AM
x*I disagree about Kyle. She is a mean girl who tries to pretend she is not. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 07:30 AM
x*Yes! NT
Shar12/21/13 12:05 PM
x*I think the real mean girl is Lisa. She takes in the weak to cover up her meanness. She's like Cruella Deville. oh, and War!!! NT
petite612/18/13 09:42 AM
x*We are ready..
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:39 AM
x*Team Cryptkeepers lack diversity, individuality and style. How sad for them. NT
cantgetenough12/18/13 10:41 AM
x*Lol. There is only one truth..ours. Team Battlestar will be triumphant. But don't worry we will accept you into the fold when you are ready. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:43 AM
x*We can only continue to show Petite love in her troubling time of need and wrong opinions. NT
Dexter12/18/13 10:46 AM
x*I try. It is hard to have so much patience. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:47 AM
x*Like Chica, Petite is lost, come back to us Chica! NT
Dexter12/18/13 10:49 AM
x*LOL poor chica. and petite. NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 12:58 PM
x*Like Chica, petite ran away from the crazy. NT
cantgetenough12/18/13 01:00 PM
x*haha petite can't run away from crazy. NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 01:01 PM
x*rofl poor petite! NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:54 PM
x*lmao!!! NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:52 AM
x*I think she's exactly the opposite. She tried to be a mean girl and was uncomfortable with it. It's not who she is. I think she jokes and kids
cantgetenough12/18/13 09:32 AM
x*in the early days, i kinda thought this too. that kyle was more real, but over the seasons she and kim have really come into focus for me. mean. NT
TwoMinutesHate12/18/13 11:24 AM
x*yep... every time kyle says something mean or ignorant, she throws in her signature fake laugh at the end... to lighten the blow NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:56 PM
x*Exactly!!! That nearly drove me crazy last season! So ironic when she accuses others of doing what she invented! NT
IrishA12/18/13 03:08 PM
x*I do not think a nice person could laugh and act like that to someone like she did to Brandi at that party. She was enjoying being mean. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:34 AM
x*Oh, but Lisa is a nice person who laughed along with Brandi at this past week's dinner? NT
cantgetenough12/18/13 10:36 AM
x*She did tell her to stop and Kim and Kyle were way meaner imo at that party. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:37 AM
x*We see what we want to see I guess. OT, how about them Niners!?!?! :) NT
cantgetenough12/18/13 10:39 AM
x*Yes, remember we will probably change our minds again,lol On the OT Colin looked good this week. Too bad about Miller's injury though. :( NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:40 AM
x*I know, but we're on a roll. Ending strong is far better than starting strong. I think we got this. Just wanted to show that we can still
cantgetenough12/18/13 10:43 AM
x*Awwww. Of course we are friends.:) Yes, we are on a roll. I am just a nervous nelly when it comes to the Niners and SF Giants. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:49 AM
x*Slightly OT, but did you laugh when Lisa shut the door on Kim because she didn't want to watch her pee? And then Kim got all bent. I was howling. NT
IrishA12/18/13 07:39 AM
x*Just look at your delinquency!!! You shall be banned!! NT
petite612/18/13 09:44 AM
x*She should be given accolades for truth telling. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:36 AM
x*Lisa saved America from having to look at Kim's bunched up panties! #SheDeservesAMedal NT
IrishA12/18/13 10:00 AM
x*I second that motion. Motion carried. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:33 AM
x*We're gonna get banned together. Solidarity! NT
IrishA12/18/13 10:38 AM
x*Power in numbers. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 10:41 AM
x*Woot! NT
shortcake12/18/13 02:56 PM
x*Yes, so funny! NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 08:04 AM
x*We're gonna need moar wine for Palm Springs Pt. III. NT
IrishA12/18/13 08:18 AM
x*I am on break as of Friday so bring on the wine,lol NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 08:26 AM
x*Yay! How long do you get? NT
IrishA12/18/13 08:35 AM
x*2 weeks. I need the break :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 08:51 AM
x*Slacker! :p NT
IggysPINKTights12/18/13 08:55 AM
x*Lol. I love being one too. :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 09:04 AM
x*For sure! Enjoy and do not go anywhere near a school! NT
IrishA12/18/13 08:55 AM
x*You got it! thanks :) NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 09:04 AM
x*That episode is where I starting really disliking Kim and Kyle. They were so mean. Again it shows how hypocritical these women are. NT
mgbaloo12/18/13 05:04 AM
*Once again Jax brags about having sex with more than 300 women..seriously! NT
EightOsix582 23   12/17/13 08:39 AM
x*Just ask the Cryptkeepers, they know him personally. NT
petite612/17/13 07:36 PM
x*I took one for the team. NT
Dexter12/18/13 10:42 AM
x*The team thanks you :-) NT
IrishA12/18/13 10:44 AM
x*I am praying that the rumor that he slept with Kirstin is true. NT
cantgetenough12/17/13 09:45 AM
Shar12/21/13 12:14 PM
x*Lol...Kristen can be #289! NT
IrishA12/17/13 11:45 AM
shortcake12/17/13 10:35 AM
x*I think it is. Watching Stassi's reaction in the next epi, and judging how Kristen reacted when she asked her, seems pretty clear...can't wait! NT
littlewop12/17/13 09:51 AM
x*Good times! NT
cantgetenough12/17/13 10:06 AM
x*lol NT
L2412/17/13 11:44 AM
x*x2 NT
shortcake12/17/13 10:35 AM
x*I don't find him the least bit attractive NT
L2412/17/13 09:23 AM
x*uck, me neither. NT
shortcake12/17/13 12:32 PM
x*Maybe a 3? That number would go up if he had a sense of humor...or half a brain...or a bit of humility. He'll probably stay a 3 lol. NT
IrishA12/17/13 11:46 AM
x*and really what woman
L2412/17/13 11:49 AM
x*lmao dumbass NT
shortcake12/17/13 12:32 PM
x*:-) NT
L2412/17/13 01:00 PM
x*yeah I was tryin not to go there lol
L2412/17/13 11:48 AM
x*He's a 5 when it comes to looks and 2 when it comes to personality, so a 3 is about right. NT
cantgetenough12/17/13 11:50 AM
x*I really can't buy the 300 women story at all NT
L2412/17/13 11:52 AM
x*I agree. Otherwise, it worries me for my gender that there were 300 willing participants. NT
cantgetenough12/17/13 11:55 AM
x*I know... wtf? his cheese factor is through the bloody roof! NT
shortcake12/17/13 12:31 PM
L2412/17/13 12:29 PM
*Vanderpump Rules
L24763 16   12/17/13 05:13 AM
x*Stassi does look much better now than when she was born. NT
petite612/17/13 08:16 PM
x*Yes money can buy beauty, but she's still ugly on the inside LOL NT
L2412/18/13 04:51 AM
x*she is delusional about her looks.. I mean she's attractive'ish? but she is such a spoiled brat! I wonder if she's really that bad irl..
shortcake12/17/13 10:31 AM
x*I actually enjoy watching Stassi. She's ridiculous, spoiled and full of herself and I would never want to associate with her in any way, but she's
cantgetenough12/17/13 09:56 AM
x*exactly how I view her! NT
shortcake12/17/13 10:29 AM
x*ITA! That's why I have to wonder how much of this show is *real*. It defies logic that someone would intentionally set themselves up for
IrishA12/17/13 06:56 AM
x*Is there any
L2412/17/13 07:50 AM
x*omg... I would die if either Stassi or Snooki were my daughter... Yuck! maybe there's something about names ending in an *I*... lol jk NT
shortcake12/17/13 10:33 AM
x*ITA! Snooki has reformed, for the most part, but she is still young. I think Stassi is the way she is because that is how her parents are also! NT
littlewop12/17/13 09:53 AM
x*I actually enjoy watching her with her son and how cute are they?
L2412/17/13 11:43 AM
x*I'm so glad I got to see Snooki on DWTS because my opinion of her has completely changed. I totally adore her now. I think she's a riot in
cantgetenough12/17/13 10:04 AM
x*Same here cant about Snookie. I only knew of her from her caricature on "South Park" and what people had written. My impression of her was
CougarSpy12/17/13 10:17 AM
x*I don't remember her from TAR Family, but I've been really slow in figuring out that some of these people are trying to make careers out of
IrishA12/17/13 08:19 AM
x*LOL yeah. She was on some
L2412/17/13 09:23 AM
x*the way she treats Jax is sick, but what is worse is how he takes it. They are not a healthy couple. NT
EightOsix12/17/13 08:37 AM
x**Toxic* NT
shortcake12/17/13 10:34 AM
*Brandi is a MESS a super duper mess of the ultimate mess, she's so messy that even mess doesn't want to be bothered and Lisa is her friend NT
petite6597 14   12/16/13 07:36 PM
x*It was painful to watch Brandi last night. NT
mgbaloo12/17/13 03:57 AM
x*Using the expression she likes to use..."She's a hot mess" NT
L2412/17/13 05:08 AM
x*It was. And not just because of Chica. NT
cantgetenough12/17/13 05:05 AM
x*That's what I thought. Her issues go far beyond discovering her dog is missing (although that is traumatic). That meltdown, though, seemed
IrishA12/17/13 06:50 AM
x*I've never known someone to project as much as she does. I think she has no idea who she is as a person. She lashes out at people for the very
cantgetenough12/17/13 10:02 AM
x*She really is crashing
L2412/17/13 07:53 AM
x*I missed the roofy comment (couldn't understand most of what she said). Do we know if she found Chica? That's only happened to me a couple of times,
IrishA12/17/13 08:22 AM
x*One of the rag sites says no. This happened on June 13 from what I read has not been found.
L2412/17/13 09:17 AM
x*She needs to assume that a family took him and he he's safe and happy. My mom's cat got out (same type of neighborhood in CA with hawks and coyotes)
cantgetenough12/17/13 10:08 AM
x*CAM, that's what I would do NT
L2412/17/13 11:38 AM
x*I'd try to do that. I'd still be a crazy person for a little while, though. NT
IrishA12/17/13 11:44 AM
x*oh no doubt NT
L2412/17/13 11:45 AM
x*Oh no :( NT
IrishA12/17/13 09:25 AM
x*if this was what Eddie was comment NT
petite612/16/13 07:43 PM
*Interesting, Brandi was scheduled to appear tonight at the Hard Rock here in Tampa, but her appearance was cancelled due to her racial remark on the
SeaMonkey204 0   12/14/13 06:15 PM
*I just watched the latest RHOBH episode. Why did people try to correct Joyce when she was saying she was bullied in school? She was explaining. NT
HumblePie24 0   12/13/13 11:57 PM
*anyone watching new bravo show "Courtney likes Texas?" NT
EightOsix66 2   12/13/13 10:28 PM
x*Courtney loves Dallas? Have no idea why I'm watching. Girl talks too much and that lace cowboy shirt dress was fugly as hell NT
PointBeing12/26/13 07:08 AM
x*have not watched, saw her on bethenny & did NOT even recognize her, she's done messed up her face with botox/fillers/whathaveyou... looking cray NT
shortcake12/27/13 01:10 PM
*This happened to Joanna today (slow news day)
petite6341 3   12/13/13 03:25 PM
x*Another school shooting today and this is news??? NT
EightOsix12/13/13 10:25 PM
x*in this forum, yes. NT
shortcake12/17/13 10:36 AM
x*It's HW news. The other story is in the News Stand forum. NT
IrishA12/14/13 09:53 AM
*The 10 second teaser for RHONY made me so excited, I love Carole and Heather so much. NT
Dexter428 15   12/13/13 02:18 PM
x*I liked Carole but after reading her book I love her. NT
georgia938212/13/13 04:38 PM
x*teaser link...
Dexter12/13/13 02:47 PM
x*Oh gosh I cannot even stand hearing Aviva's voice. Thank goodness for the mute button. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:48 PM
x*Carole is someone I would totally hang with, she is so cool! I can't wait for NY either! The only one I don't like is Adiva NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:23 PM
x*Yeah Carole seems like an interesting person and calm. I cannot stand "Adiva" either NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:24 PM
x*I remember Carole saying she was joining Housewives and treating it like an expirement to see what it was about. I like her cause she's like
Dexter12/13/13 02:31 PM
x* Yes, she is sane and watches the rest of the crazies go at it. She is sort of an animal behaviorist. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:32 PM
x*lol, good call. she really grew on me... at first, I thought she was pretentious & didn't like her very much. NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:38 PM
x*Adiva is nuts, but she drives Ramona Wild... this is a very good thing! I Love Heather & like Carol a lot... is Sonja back? Ugh.. enough already. NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:28 PM
x*Sonja tries too hard. But sometimes I like her when she & Ramona team up NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:31 PM
x*I love Sonja and Ramona...a lot better then Heather and Adiva. yuk NT
GetEmDrunk12/13/13 02:45 PM
x*I think the whole cast is returning. Maybe Sonja will share more of herself with us, lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:30 PM
x*Yup, entire cast NT
Dexter12/13/13 02:44 PM
x*oh lord... please no! NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:35 PM
x*lol! NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:31 PM
*Joyce's interview with TMZ. Brandi needs to go to rehab or do something to cover up from this embarrassment
petite6715 10   12/12/13 04:07 PM
x*Hmmm. I think people forget what "racist" means.... Brandi made fun of a stereotype. Not PC, wrong, but not racist. NT
liannalu12/13/13 09:19 PM
x*Joanna Krupa on Brandi Glanville’s Racist Comments: “Holy S**t! What Is Wrong with This Woman?!” (LOL)
petite612/12/13 04:35 PM
x*umm...those are some pretty big rocks Joanna is throwing from her glass house! NT
Karina8612/12/13 04:48 PM
x*I wonder if she's one of those girls who have to hit rock-bottom first before admitting to a problem. Hope she straightens herself out soon. NT
IrishA12/12/13 04:13 PM
x*The sad thing is, she's made drinking part of her "brand". NT
Karina8612/12/13 04:25 PM
x*Having the name Brandi...doesn't help NT
SkyBluePink12/13/13 03:30 PM
x*Does she have a business? I know nothing about these goofy women beyond what's on the show. NT
IrishA12/12/13 04:29 PM
x*Her book was titled "Drinking and Tweeting" or something like that. The next one I think has to do with drinking & dating. She's an embarrassment. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 04:33 PM
x*LOL@this title
petite612/12/13 04:31 PM
x*Lmao!!! That article is hilarious -- Eddie McTinydick LOL. NT
IrishA12/12/13 04:36 PM
*Team Princess Warriors! The Crypt Keepers or Walking Dead (AKA Team Lisa) are trying to battle us, but we know that we are the most powerful
petite64165 205   12/12/13 10:42 AM
x*Team Princess Warriors, please note it's important that we wear our glossy lipsticks and whatever highlighter/blush you choose, but be
petite612/13/13 01:20 PM
x*Team Battlestar does not need make-up. We are already looking good! lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:23 PM
x*Team Cryptkeepers suffers from delusions. That's why you're TWD NT
petite612/13/13 01:27 PM
x*NaturallyFlawlessFTW!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 01:27 PM
x*more like Naturally dead NT
petite612/13/13 01:37 PM
x*awww, it's ok petite, no need to be jealous of our natural gifts. Your lip gloss is pretty NT
Karina8612/13/13 01:40 PM
x*Well, cryptkeepers are natural sooo I'm glad you're working with the theme NT
petite612/13/13 01:46 PM
x*They are Team Naturally Walking Dead. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 01:49 PM
x*This war is going to be a bloodbath. Except, they'll end up offing themselves before we even get to them. NT
petite612/13/13 01:53 PM
x*Yeah, I'm not worried. They're 1) wrong; and 2) ugly. We got this. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 01:56 PM
x*LOL I love that I can be a mean girl!!! We need a burn book! NT
petite612/13/13 02:02 PM
x*listen miss piggy... I don't dine on the swine, but you're gonna get roasted over hot coals & served to karina who *does* love bacon... *oink!* NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:04 PM
x*Lol!!!!! NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:12 PM
x*oh no you did not bring out my hoof!!! Gurl, let me remind you
petite612/13/13 02:12 PM
x*You are one tough swine, lol. But you can put lipstick on a pig... NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:15 PM
x*lol! True dat! NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:22 PM
shortcake12/13/13 02:19 PM
petite612/13/13 02:22 PM
shortcake12/13/13 02:24 PM
x*so funny! NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:28 PM
x* LOL, you all are killing me here!! hahaha NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:27 PM
x*Lmao! Perfect. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:20 PM
x*they make the maloof hoof in piggy sizes? good to know! NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:15 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:16 PM
x*LMAO!!! NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:06 PM
x*you like it crispy right? NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:07 PM
x*Ugly... ugly??? you've lost your damn mind honey... oh it's on now!!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:01 PM
x*it wasn't a diss, cant was just saying yall are average intellectually and about a 3 which makes you ugly...okay, maybe that is bad
petite612/13/13 02:08 PM
x*They don't wear lip gloss or blush. 'Nuff said. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 02:56 PM
x*Dont need much help when youre naturally beautiful. NT
Dexter12/13/13 03:13 PM
x*guess someone doesn't agree w/your case for natural beauty....
petite612/13/13 03:21 PM
x*Ew, I hate her now. NT
Dexter12/13/13 03:23 PM
x*OMG!!! You do know that's Brit, right? NT
petite612/13/13 03:24 PM
x*Flopney. NT
Dexter12/13/13 03:26 PM
x*LOL you're so wrong for this. It's not her fault she can't dance or talk for herself anymore. You should be more empathetic! NT
petite612/13/13 03:33 PM
x*I need time. NT
Dexter12/13/13 03:34 PM
x*You must not be too angry with them. They need a lot of make-up and designer clothes even to be presentable. We need to cut them some slack. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:06 PM
x*their purses are knock-offs, they wear designer imposter perfume & apply their NYC/Wet n' Wild make-up w/ palette knives... bless their hearts :*( NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:11 PM
x*Hee Hee. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:17 PM
x*Ah yes, you are right, wise one! We must treat their precious princess-y misguided Kyle worship as one would a daft aunt at family Xmas NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:09 PM
x*Who wears the Reindeer Sweater with the flashing red nose and a Chanel bag. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:11 PM
x*Bahahaha! Perfect! Poor petite and cant, those poor poor dears. NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:12 PM
x*Petite! NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:11 PM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:12 PM
x*Agree! #TeamLisa will be victorious in the end! From the sounds of it there will be hw's far more worthy of our wrath than Classy Lisa! NT
Karina8612/13/13 02:05 PM
x*rofl. this thread has had me in stitches all day. NT
GetEmDrunk12/13/13 02:02 PM
x*lmfao me too! NT
shortcake12/13/13 02:05 PM
x*I actually think petite is Team Lisa in secret leading Lisa's foes into the abyss like a leader of the Lemmings. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:20 PM
x*I love that twist!!! NT
IrishA12/13/13 01:37 PM
x*Too much GoT and SOA. Twists are necessary in the story! NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 02:07 PM
x*I love twists. The twistier the better lol. NT
IrishA12/13/13 02:08 PM
x*LMAO! Yes!! NT
Karina8612/13/13 01:31 PM
x*OOoooooo she's a cunning tiny one! NT
shortcake12/13/13 01:28 PM
x*No, that's me trying to convince that's what Lisa is doing!!! NT
petite612/13/13 01:21 PM
x* true! NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 01:25 PM
x*You are great double agent. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:22 PM
x*Is this battle going to go all season? LOL
L2412/13/13 09:42 AM
x*Nooooo L... you mustn't do that! it's always so much more fun with you here!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:47 AM
x*I agree. Stay here L24 our side will protect you from Team Leggo I mean Warrior Princess. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:57 AM
x*I'm dying, funniest thread in a long time NT
L2412/13/13 10:03 AM
x*you can be Switzerland! you don't have to pick sides... just stay :D NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:07 AM
x*Sorry, Team Princess Warriors has colonized Switzerland!! We go International! NT
petite612/13/13 01:02 PM
L2412/13/13 08:02 PM
x*Lol!!! NT
IrishA12/13/13 01:34 PM
x*don`t pressure her!!!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 01:05 PM
L2412/13/13 08:03 PM
x*We of Team Battlestar, on the other hand, respect others' sovereignty and respect groups who remain neutral. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:05 PM
x*but you want to go to war????? NT
petite612/13/13 01:17 PM
x*Only with my enemies. We have narrowed our targets. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:20 PM
x*you are cracking me the F*ck up today! NT
shortcake12/13/13 01:29 PM
x*That's because we're classy b*tches! NT
Karina8612/13/13 01:06 PM
x*Yes, that is what I meant, lol thanks Karina. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:10 PM
x*hee hee! :) NT
Karina8612/13/13 01:13 PM
x*amen sister friend NT
shortcake12/13/13 01:06 PM
x*I agree. We probably need some balance in here. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:11 AM
x*she's a perfect fit! NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:27 AM
x*but I don't want to take sides LOL J/K you guys r cracking me up NT
L2412/13/13 09:48 AM
x*lol I know... actually, I'm ambivalent...
shortcake12/13/13 10:04 AM
L2412/13/13 10:12 AM
x*I know...
shortcake12/13/13 10:25 AM
x*I get it...I try really really hard to erase YoFo from my mind. She gives me the shivers. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 10:36 AM
x*she's an ice queen. NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:40 AM
x*sort of like this????
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:53 AM
x*send her to Narnia! NT
shortcake12/13/13 11:50 AM
x*Let Aslan deal with her. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 11:55 AM
x*Aslan <3 NT
shortcake12/13/13 11:56 AM
x*Yes, Joyce does seem fake to me. And yes she might be nice but I do not find her very interesting. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:09 AM
x*I don't quite understand the casting decision there, she doesn't fit in at all... & the way she "confronted" lisa & kept flipping her hair.. psycho NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:11 AM
x*From what I recall, they had a difficult time casting for this season. I think Cartoon and Joyce may have not been their first, second or maybe
cantgetenough12/13/13 10:14 AM
x*that makes sense... as a smart woman myself, I'd say NO too :) NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:26 AM
x*Cartoon, lol! I think I understand why sane women would not do this. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:17 AM
x*yeah that was odd NT
L2412/13/13 10:13 AM
x*ITA! And right there with you on Joyce! NT
IrishA12/13/13 10:08 AM
x*Yes! her husband's peen is probably extra small... because, she sure is trying extra hard to convince us :| NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:13 AM
x*Joyce is a little annoying and trying too hard, I'll give you that. But, I think she's harmless and hasn't set out to maliciously hurt anyone. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 10:11 AM
x*Yet! It seems like these shows make you act nastier so you get a good story-line. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:19 AM
x*You would look great in a tiara. Just sayin'... NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 09:49 AM
x*Stassi can lend you one of hers! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:52 AM
x*I think we're only half-way through the season. 6 episodes to go??? We'll hate them all before it's over. NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:45 AM
x*there will be defections on both sides before we are through, lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:14 AM
x*Oh I'm sure of that, I mean the battle here LOL NT
L2412/13/13 09:47 AM
x*Oh, no because petite and her gang of warriors will raise the white flag of surrender soon....very soon. :) NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:53 AM
x*Just in time for NY. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 09:46 AM
x*omg... don' I am soooo excited for more crazy eyes Ramona drama, also I love Heather, now if we could just boot Sonja off! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:50 AM
x*lol wtf? NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:13 AM
x*Hi Team Crypt!!! How are you today?? NT
petite612/13/13 09:23 AM
x*I'm fabulous petite, thanks for asking! had an awesome lonnnng sleep, I'm refreshed, hubs is making me breaky right now... I'll need it for strength..
shortcake12/13/13 09:26 AM
x*you've Lost. Surrender now!!! NT
petite612/13/13 09:31 AM
x*pshaw.... nevahhhh!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:34 AM
x*don't concern your self with those falsehoods. We are Team Battlestar! We are going to be victorious..
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:18 AM
x*count me in! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:19 AM
x*Yay!!!! We are the cool team :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:20 AM
x*Keep telling yourselves that. You'll be eating crow before the season ends. NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 09:28 AM
x*I'm a vegetarian :P NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:34 AM
x*It'll be served with a good Chianti...and a side of fava beans. NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:37 AM
x*i'll take the wine... but would prefer a shiraz please :D NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:40 AM
x*and for myself a good California Pinot Noir! Whenever I hear crow I picture Jon Snow,lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:48 AM
x*Mmmm pinot noir sounds good too... i'll make some fabulous appetizers. or, maybe we could just get Lisa to cater for us.. even better :) NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:54 AM
x*good idea NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:55 AM
x*And send the bill to Petite!!! NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:55 AM
x*even better idea NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:56 AM
x*done! NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:10 AM
x*Lol, I always think of 'The Crow Flies Straight' song in SoA. NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:50 AM
x*Ha Ha! We have SOA and GoT on the brain. :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:58 AM
x*What is wrong with us??? lol! NT
IrishA12/13/13 10:00 AM
x*Lol I have no idea but I love it. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:01 AM
x*I'll alert the wait staff. I'm also not crazy about beans with my crow lol. NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:46 AM
x*you're a peach... appreciate it :) NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:51 AM
x*Crow a l'Orange. lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:49 AM
x*Yum! NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:51 AM
x*if you mean cool as in cool gel ointment for those SUR TD's then yes, you are cool, hot, scratchy and itchy NT
petite612/13/13 09:26 AM
x*No, more like we areso cool we just look your way and you quiver in your Alexander McQueen Boots. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:31 AM
x*I'm rocking Rag and Bone now TYVM!!! NT
petite612/13/13 01:04 PM
x*those cheap things. *tsk tsk* NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 01:06 PM
x*careful now... we're the evil team remember...
shortcake12/13/13 09:29 AM
x*LMAO too funny NT
L2412/13/13 09:39 AM
x*:::flicker::: NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:41 AM
x*of course we are <3 NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:21 AM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:22 AM
x*only one thing tho....
shortcake12/13/13 09:27 AM
x*Oh I think in RH you can be on two opposing teams because eventually they will be on the same team again, lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:59 AM
x*Become a Princess Warrior! Duh... NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 09:29 AM
x*arghhh... hmmm... we'll see! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:30 AM
x*This is petite ... rallying her troops :-)
IrishA12/13/13 09:07 AM
x*I see, Irish woke up this morning with a Funny!! You fail to realize that Warriors=Gladiators.....
petite612/13/13 09:30 AM
x*Lol! What happened to William Wallace??? Pretty soon you'll be all the way back to the era of the Cavemen!!! NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:34 AM
x*Princess Warriors are diverse in our fighter's training, please recognize!!!! NT
petite612/13/13 09:35 AM
x*I do yoga daily... prepare for battle! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:42 AM
x*And I lift, run and cross train. Our team is ready :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:00 AM
x*Um, we're Princess Warriors. What do you think we do all day? Sit around and post nonsense on the internet? NT
cantgetenough12/13/13 10:52 AM
x*Lol! Of course not :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:53 AM
x*haaahaaa... they won't even know what hit them :D NT
shortcake12/13/13 10:33 AM
x*We are ready for combat. NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:34 AM
x*somehow I always pictured her with better fashion sense tho ;)) NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:14 AM
x*Pretty sure those are Chanel buttons on the snowmen lol. NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:23 AM
x*yup... & those look like louis vuitton gloves NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:33 AM
x*Lmao!!! Perfect :) NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 09:13 AM
x*All we need is flaming headgear! NT
IrishA12/13/13 09:22 AM
x*Hee hee! NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:55 AM
x*LOL I like it! NT
wadduptchain12/12/13 09:37 PM
x*TMZ just called The Real Housewives the new Big Brother LOL NT
petite612/12/13 04:04 PM
x*oh no, lol! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 05:20 PM
x*This is your Team Princess Warrior beef cake...
Karina8612/12/13 11:48 AM
x**** cheering crowd *** NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:15 AM
x*actually at second glance... those banana hammock guys are gross!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:36 AM
x*and Sur guys come with this video
petite612/12/13 11:53 AM
x*EWwwwwwwwwww!!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:16 AM
x*oh! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:57 AM
x*Ewww! They're just bringing us drinks, not stirring the drinks with their "straws"! Where in the world did you find this? lol! NT
Karina8612/12/13 11:57 AM
x*they need to keep their diseased pork swords in their pants! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:18 AM
x*I just googled sur guys!! NT
petite612/12/13 11:58 AM
x*LMAO! You are good! NT
Karina8612/12/13 11:59 AM
x*Ha, ha! Was that link at the top? NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:59 AM
x*LMAO! I'm enjoying the creativity from both teams. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 11:56 AM
x*lol freaking hilarious NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:22 AM
x*I am having a blast!! :) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:57 AM
x*Lol!!!! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:50 AM
x*We are Team BattleStar thank you. :) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 10:54 AM
x*Yall are NOT cool enough to be Team BattleStar...know this!!!!!!!!! NT
petite612/12/13 11:20 AM
x*Well we are. Lol NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:21 AM
x*Team Princess Warriors only refer to them as Crypt Keepers and/or The Walking Dead, anything else is UNACCEPTABLE!!! NT
petite612/12/13 11:37 AM
x*Only call these so called "Warriors with Designer Handbags" Cylons. NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:40 AM
x*Woot! Kara Thrace!!! NT
IrishA12/12/13 11:11 AM
x*I always wanted to be Starbuck :) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:17 AM
x*SO many great female characters on that show! ( can be Starbuck lol) NT
IrishA12/12/13 11:17 AM
x*Yay!!! Who do you want to be?? NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:19 AM
x*Which one liked to drink? Boomer, maybe! NT
IrishA12/12/13 11:24 AM
x*I think the Governor is more appropriate for you NT
petite612/12/13 11:27 AM
x*No, he would be an evil Cylon. I'm a good Cylon. But I will still crush you! NT
IrishA12/12/13 11:30 AM
x*Yep Boomer is a good one! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:25 AM
mgbaloo12/12/13 10:59 AM
x*No!!!!!!!!!!! This is you!!!!
petite612/12/13 11:08 AM
x*No this is you..
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:16 AM
x*Why, thank you! It's very pretty demonic looking. NT
petite612/12/13 12:40 PM
x*Yvw. I am sorry I could not find a Cylon with a Chanel bag. But no go sorry :( NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 01:08 PM
x*I just saw this!! How dare you mock Chanel!! NT
petite612/13/13 09:38 AM
x*there's more where that came from, small fry!! NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:39 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo12/13/13 10:28 AM
x*rofl NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:37 AM
x*lol! NT
Karina8612/12/13 01:10 PM
IrishA12/12/13 11:11 AM
x*I've already got my "I told you so" speech prepared! TWP FTW! NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 10:47 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 10:55 AM
x*Yes!!! Let this inspire your passion...
petite612/12/13 10:55 AM
x*Lol. You know what happened to William Wallace at the end? NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:04 AM
*Just caught up on RHOBH. Is anyone else as disgusted as I am by the mean girl act by Brandi, Yolanda, Lisa & Carlton? NT
maxine121573 58   12/11/13 06:18 PM
x*i love brandi... i can't help it, she makes me laugh. NT
shortcake12/12/13 10:24 AM
x*I know what you mean. Kind of like a 'wince/laugh' lol. Sometimes, more wince than laugh. NT
IrishA12/12/13 10:27 AM
x*I use to like Brandi. But now she seems to intentionally say things to be mean or outlandish. It seems forced and I think she is going to far. I
mgbaloo12/12/13 10:43 AM
x*She's jumped the shark. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 10:48 AM
x*I use to like Brandi too...but she has just worn out her welcome...just about NT
SkyBluePink12/13/13 03:37 PM
x*Yep. I think she was getting a lot of attention by saying what popped out of her mouth. It seems more planned now. NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 10:57 AM
x*That's how I feel. I appreciated her honesty in the beginning but now it's coming off as just being mean to get airtime NT
maxine1212/12/13 12:09 PM
x*True. But remember last season when she'd scream STFU to everyone? I lol'd every time. NT
IrishA12/12/13 11:09 AM
x*loves it. NT
shortcake12/13/13 09:44 AM
x*Lol. I have to admit I giggled. :/ NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:12 AM
x*I'm not denying that the trainwrecks, witches and hypocritical bitches are entertaining. I'm just picking sides. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 11:18 AM
x*I'm so glad we're on the same side. NT
petite612/12/13 11:19 AM
x*Me too! I would NOT want to go up against the littlest, yet fiercest, Warrior Princess of all time. That would be suicide. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 11:21 AM
x*I guess we all are. Well I also switch sides from time to time too, lol NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:19 AM
x*exactly! NT
shortcake12/12/13 10:42 AM
x*I've never tolerated Brandi well but I think Yolanda may be higher on my crap list. Lisa is just so catty it a back-handed way. NT
BettyRubble12/11/13 10:07 PM
x*Yes because Yolanda pretends to be above it all. She condemns some for their behavior but laughs when Brandi acts like a buffoon. NT
maxine1212/12/13 04:14 AM
x*Welcome to team Princess Warrior!!! We are so happy to have you join us. NT
petite612/11/13 07:29 PM
x*Yay!! Happy to be aboard! Glad I'm not alone. I get so angry watching the show! The motives of some of these women are very clear NT
maxine1212/12/13 10:00 AM
x*Our numbers are growing! Welcome new members! Be sure to take Sassy's poll several threads down the page. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 06:31 AM
x*Petite I don't know what that means! I will say I have never been a Brandi, Yolanda, Carton or Lisa. Does that make me team PW??? If so I AM iN!! NT
wadduptchain12/11/13 09:14 PM
x*Haha..your typo of Carlton's name almost makes it look like Cartoon. That's what I'm going to call her from here on out. She now has a nickname!Thx NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 10:04 AM
x*Yes, Welcome my friend!! We are almost an army now!!! NT
petite612/11/13 09:18 PM
mgbaloo12/12/13 08:43 AM
x*This is some buffoonery! NT
petite612/12/13 10:58 AM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:47 AM
x*Yay! We have rocket launchers!!! NT
IrishA12/12/13 08:46 AM
x*We have modern equipment; they have medieval weapons. :) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 08:52 AM
x*We could take them blindfolded!!! With one arm tied behind our backs!!! NT
IrishA12/12/13 08:55 AM
x*While hopping on one leg. :) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 08:56 AM
x*And twirling lol. They don't stand a chance! NT
IrishA12/12/13 09:08 AM
x*:) NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 09:33 AM
x*I came with my copy of The Art of War :) NT
wadduptchain12/11/13 09:24 PM
x*The whole "Joyce you're the host, get in the pool" bit blew my mind. She can stay out of the pool if she wants! I much prefer laying next to a pool
wadduptchain12/11/13 07:14 PM
x*I know! That was high school behavior NT
maxine1212/12/13 10:02 AM
x*Ehh. We always get in if we have a pool party. It makes everyone else feel more comfortable to dive in and be a wet mess. We also let people
liannalu12/11/13 07:36 PM
x*She's a grown woman she can make her own choices. It wasn't really a pool party.. it was 6 girls hanging out at the pool. They should have left her
wadduptchain12/11/13 09:11 PM
x*but that's not the point, she didn't want to get in and they were basically bullying her to do what they wanted. Let her do the kind of party she
petite612/11/13 07:39 PM
x*For sure, I agree with that. I still think if you host a pool party, get in. A BBQ, eat the food. New Years, drink champagne... it's the spirit. NT
liannalu12/11/13 07:42 PM
x*like a good host, she stuck with the majority. they didnt want to get in NT
GetEmDrunk12/11/13 07:45 PM
x*The ones who got in the pool were comfortable. I think Joyce was a better host by sticking with the women who may have felt more insecure. NT
cantgetenough12/12/13 06:36 AM
x*I think Joyce had the right to stay out of the pool or do what she wanted. However, I do not think she stayed out to help the insecure ones I
mgbaloo12/12/13 08:39 AM
x* swim or not to swim (while at a fab resort in our $500 bikinis)...#FirstWorldProblem NT
IrishA12/12/13 10:55 AM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo12/12/13 11:47 AM
x*yeah, why weren't the others getting in? Didn't this happen last time too w/Camille and Kyle being the only ones getting in the pool? NT
petite612/11/13 07:51 PM
x*I very rarely get into pools.. I think they're gross. I would rather enjoy the sun and drink ;) NT
wadduptchain12/11/13 09:12 PM
x*They don't want to ruin their makeup and 'dos NT
GetEmDrunk12/11/13 07:55 PM
x*That was wrong...bordered on badgering the poor girl. I never did get why they were doing it. NT
IrishA12/11/13 07:33 PM
x*It comes from passive aggressive cattiness. Middle age mean girls. Pissing and marking their spots. New girl, etc... NT
liannalu12/11/13 07:47 PM
x*Lisa, Yolanda and Carlton act like they are so above any drama but they are horribly passive aggressive! It's quite entertaining. NT
wadduptchain12/11/13 09:15 PM
x*So true! NT
maxine1212/12/13 10:04 AM
x*I think Brandi and Carlton are despicable. I think Yolanda and Lisa are not any meaner than Kyle and Kim. NT
sassyflalassy12/11/13 06:58 PM
x*Lisa is the Queen of MEAN!!!! Kyle is idiotic mean and Kim is delusional silly NT
petite612/11/13 07:41 PM
x*ughh... They have all shown their true colors. A bunch of cattiness in them. NT
liannalu12/11/13 07:39 PM
x*I agree sassy. NT
mgbaloo12/11/13 07:14 PM
x*Lisa & Yolanda laugh at the awful comments Brandi makes. If Kyle was saying those things they would admonish her. Yolanda is very condescending NT
maxine1212/11/13 07:12 PM
x*They laugh because they agree with everything Brandi says...or they would tell her to knock it off NT
SkyBluePink12/13/13 03:42 PM
x*every time she called her jacqueline, i couldn't help but lol... joyce IS fake & super annoying! i have inappropriate drunkish friends like brandi....
shortcake12/12/13 10:36 AM
*LOL @ MJ and her undergarment issues. She makes me laugh...she just needs to stay away from the butthead that is Reza! NT
Karina86321 11   12/10/13 07:06 PM
x*I still haven't watched this season, but what's going on w/diamond water girl? NT
petite612/11/13 07:30 PM
x*she is still fabulously pretentious! I can't help but love her, she's so ridiculous! NT
Karina8612/11/13 08:39 PM
x*Good! That's what I needed to know Lol. NT
petite612/11/13 08:52 PM
x*has she had work done? I don't remember her boobs that big! NT
EightOsix12/11/13 08:50 AM
x*I think she has gained some weight. NT
liannalu12/11/13 06:51 PM
x*MJ has had huge boobs every season. She is not petite. NT
sassyflalassy12/11/13 03:56 PM
x*ya, those boulders have got to weight about 20 pounds each! NT
Karina8612/11/13 04:36 PM
x*I'm still mad at Reza for how he treated Sasha, but I did giggle when he said Golnessa is the sober girl & Lochnessa is the drunk NT
Karina8612/10/13 07:57 PM
x*that was funny, often he looks as if he is reading a script though NT
EightOsix12/11/13 08:51 AM
x*Yes. I don't find him amusing, he is the worst cattiest mean girl. He delights in conflict. NT
liannalu12/11/13 06:52 PM
x*I agree NT
Karina8612/11/13 04:36 PM
*I think Cynthia has lost her mind the way she is pushing Noel to get serious about that boyfriend. At 13, she is endorsing it by inviting the boy's
sassyflalassy320 7   12/10/13 05:38 PM
x*As a middle school teacher, I find this is the norm....
jmtoad2212/10/13 06:51 PM
x*My kids went to an urban jr high. There were MANY pregnant girls in 7th & 8th grade. Senior prom: those girls had boy children in tuxes as dates. NT
onlymom12/11/13 07:43 PM
x*Yep. When my 6th grade girls get $50-$100 gifts at Christmas and Valentines (from boys) I have to wonder who pays for them. NT
liannalu12/11/13 06:55 PM
x*This is a train wreck waiting to happen. NT
sassyflalassy12/10/13 06:52 PM
x*Kids have been "dating" in middle school since forever! I wasn't allowed to, but duh, I did any way. I guess I think Cynthia would rather be in
Karina8612/10/13 06:56 PM
x*I had a boyfriend, but we couldn't "date". We just talked on the phone, LOL! There was nothing to hide. NT
liannalu12/11/13 06:57 PM
x*lol, we passed notes. "Do you like me?" "Check yes or no" hahaha! NT
Karina8612/11/13 08:38 PM
*I have always liked Brandi but the girl is jealous of Joyce NT
robbierob613 20   12/10/13 10:48 AM
x*I agree...I think up until Joyce...Brandi felt confident that compared to the others...she was the prettiest with the best she is
SkyBluePink12/10/13 11:17 AM
x*Yep. It's very transparent. NT
cantgetenough12/10/13 11:20 AM
x*Honestly it looks like Brandi is having some sort of breakdown NT
robbierob12/10/13 11:02 AM
x*When you are on a mission to get that inebriated, something is seriously wrong. I give a "pass" to college students, not 41 year old mothers. NT
cantgetenough12/10/13 11:05 AM
x*Just like I didn't think Kim should be working thru her issues on air, I don't think Brandi is mentally healthy enough to be on this show NT
robbierob12/10/13 11:10 AM
x*She doesn't look like a Joyce tho. Brandi was right about that lol NT
Guerita12/10/13 10:56 AM
x*She really doesn't...but Brandi saying it's an old ladies name...was's not like she picked her own name...we are all stuck with the
SkyBluePink12/10/13 12:02 PM
x*Brandi' s train is about to crash NT
L2412/11/13 06:01 AM
x*is that all of Joyce's hair? I may have to put her in the hair lead NT
petite612/10/13 10:53 AM
x*I still think Cousin It wins though. Joyce a close second..
mgbaloo12/10/13 10:56 AM
x*WTH is that??? NT
petite612/10/13 11:26 AM
x*Addams family tv show from 60s or 70s NT
onlymom12/11/13 07:46 PM
x*You don't know who cousin It is?? I guess you are too young. NT
mgbaloo12/10/13 11:38 AM
Karina8612/10/13 10:56 AM
x*lol, they've had 2 polls about it on WWHL. Joyce won the first round, but last night, Kyle squeaked by her and won back her title! NT
Karina8612/10/13 10:55 AM
x*Kyle only won last night because HER fans tuned in. Previously it was Joyce 59/Kyle 41; with her fans, she barely got it with Joyce 47/Kyle 53 NT
CClovesBB12/10/13 07:44 PM
x*that is funny. It is neck and neck. NT
mgbaloo12/10/13 10:56 AM
x*I think so. And Brandi does seem to have a drinking issue. NT
mgbaloo12/10/13 10:50 AM
x*I think so too. If not an alcoholic, she's certainly an alcohol abuser. NT
Karina8612/10/13 10:52 AM
x*Yes, and she uses it as an excuse to say some pretty terrible things NT
mgbaloo12/10/13 10:58 AM
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