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*Ready for some more happiness from Amsterdam NT
mgbaloo5163 114   03/17/15 06:00 PM
x*Well it has been fun everyone. Have a great rest of your evenings :) NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 07:00 PM
x*You too! I always have so much fun on the couch with ya'll! Thanks! NT
Karina8603/17/15 07:01 PM
x*Kim Richards is a total addict. That said, I would not have brought her to Palm Springs given their history. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:58 PM
x*OK, maybe I missed something, but why is a visit to Palm Springs a bad thing? I thought all Kyle wanted to do
agent9903/18/15 06:40 AM
x*The stolen house .. or the house thinks Kyle stole NT
CatsMommie03/18/15 07:21 AM
x*Right? Like another poster said, what's next, a visit to a meth lab LOL? NT
colleenag03/18/15 02:56 AM
x*i can see why she hates kyle NT
PointBeing03/17/15 08:45 PM
x*agreed. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:58 PM
x*same NT
Karina8603/17/15 07:01 PM
x*So many issues between them. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:56 PM
x*Beautiful home. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:46 PM
x*Nice house. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:44 PM
x*Yes it is, but with the drought in California I'm surprised at all the green grass. I guess conservation isn't for everyone. NT
agent9903/17/15 08:51 PM
x*it's gorgeous! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:45 PM
x*LOVE this house NT
L2403/17/15 06:45 PM
x*Mauricio must be raking in the dough these days. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:44 PM
x*Yes. He must be doing very well. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:51 PM
x*Brandi is just too high maintenance, Yolanda. Save your breath. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:30 PM
x*She is so delusional. She repeatedly does things that are SO wrong, the other ladies don't do anything like what Brandi does. Yolanda, it's not
L2403/17/15 06:31 PM
x*Not sure why Yo has taken on this rehab project with Brandi but she is wasting her energy. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:33 PM
x*Both her daughters are off on their own, Yo needs a girl to raise? Or she's a glutton for punishment/lost causes? NT
terlu03/17/15 09:54 PM
x*She sure is, Brandi is a lost cause, and she doesn't want to change NT
L2403/17/15 06:33 PM
x*agree w/ you both! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:35 PM
x*I don't understand how Kim expected Kyle to stand up for her when she was acting the way she was. NT
L2403/17/15 06:36 PM
x*and now we are getting the finger from Kim again...she sure likes to shake that thing in people's faces. I think I'd bite it off! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:37 PM
x*I have been watching her wag that finger in their faces for years. Surprised somebody hasn't grabbed it and snapped it backwards. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:38 PM
x*Maybe that's why Lisa smashed the glass, to keep from breaking Kim's finger, or grabbing her by the throat NT
L2403/17/15 06:40 PM
x*ha! I bet that would put an end to that! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:40 PM
x*Oh heck yeah, she's put that finger in my face only once NT
L2403/17/15 06:38 PM
x*Something is very strange about how Kim reacts about Brandi NT
L2403/17/15 06:38 PM
x*It is behavior you cannot defend. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:36 PM
x*add me to the agreement list. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:36 PM
x*Honestly I can't even stand the sound of Brandi's voice anymore NT
L2403/17/15 06:37 PM
x*me either. I really hope this is her last season. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:38 PM
x*Amen to that, and take Kim with her NT
L2403/17/15 06:39 PM
x*awww, poor little victim Brandi *rolls eyes* NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:28 PM
x*it is so annoying. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:28 PM
x*If that were her they would have put her in jail????? NT
L2403/17/15 06:29 PM
x*Her family and friends mean everything to her NT
L2403/17/15 06:28 PM
x*Poor poor pitiful Brandi. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:27 PM
x*lol, you beat me! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:28 PM
x*lol! :) NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:29 PM
x*found this of Yo and Julio...
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:22 PM
x*Good catch. Yo looks much better now. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:24 PM
x*she had a bit of the 80's hair going on, lol NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:24 PM
x*IA. She looked a lil like Belinda Carlisle from that 80's girl group! NT
colleenag03/18/15 02:46 AM
x*I thought the photo was taken in 1986. NT
firegoddess03/18/15 11:29 AM
x*She looks so young NT
L2403/17/15 06:25 PM
x*that's because he's 20 years older than her NT
PointBeing03/17/15 08:47 PM
x*I think so too NT
L2403/17/15 06:24 PM
x*She's so pretty! Julio was pretty hot stuff back in the day too! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:23 PM
x*Yes, nice looking couple. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:24 PM
x*He looks like her son. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:19 PM
x*their conversation is scintillating NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:20 PM
x*I didn't realize that booty calls were called "dates" in Amsterdam. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:16 PM
x*Brandi is a disgusting cougar who doesn't realize how pathetic she is. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:14 PM
x*Wonder how she'll feel in another 10 years when some creepy cougar is hitting on one of HER sons! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:19 PM
x*Shes such a whorebag NT
L2403/17/15 06:21 PM
x**gasp* ! My virgin eyes! LOL! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:22 PM
x*I can't believe the didn't bleep her when she said the C word NT
L2403/17/15 06:24 PM
L2403/17/15 06:22 PM
x*He'll be picking her up off the ground soon NT
L2403/17/15 06:22 PM
x*IKR? Feel bad for the kid (Max's friend) NT
colleenag03/18/15 02:44 AM
x*wouldn't surprise me! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:24 PM
x*Ewww good one. NT
sassyflalassy03/17/15 06:20 PM
x*I don't understand why ANY man would want to have anything to do with her, even for a quicky NT
L2403/17/15 06:16 PM
x*agree! I love the ladies reaction to her not joining them....especially Eileen's "YAAAAAY" hahaha NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:15 PM
x*LOL I loved that. I'm warming up to her after watching her on this show. I hated her as Ashley on Y&R. NT
firegoddess03/17/15 11:05 PM
x*She is a strong woman that's for sure, I love her. I am surprised at L. Rinna a little. I think she scared herself a little over the Kim smackdown NT
Herbsmum03/18/15 11:00 AM
x*Their going to have a much better time without her NT
L2403/17/15 06:15 PM
x*yes. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:16 PM
x*Nail on the head. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:15 PM
x*That kid looks 16 tops. I doubt he even shaves yet. NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:12 PM
x*Yo give up. Brandi just does not get it. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:08 PM
x*and AGAIN w/ the Menopause Mamas. Ugh. NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:10 PM
x*I hate that :( NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:10 PM
x*She's 41 or 42, not 20 NT
L2403/17/15 06:11 PM
x*She thinks she is 20. I think this date is 23. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:12 PM
x*Yeah, Lisa's son Max's friend. NT
L2403/17/15 06:13 PM
x*Looks like he kept her waiting a bit...had to go home and shower it off. Kim said he stayed with Brandi the previous night. NT
colleenag03/18/15 02:40 AM
x*Maybe he needed help changing his diaper. NT
firegoddess03/18/15 11:31 AM
x*But then she said No he didn't. Kim is a whackado NT
L2403/18/15 05:30 AM
x*I thnk Kim told Kyle not for Kyle to tell all the other ladies and when Kyle did Kim was like oh no he didn't because she did not want to out her
CatsMommie03/18/15 07:04 AM
x*Ohh, I thought Kim had said it first... NT
colleenag03/18/15 07:17 AM
x*Ohh, ok, I knew she said something but she starting sipping on her straw so I didn't hear it correctly. Yep, Brandi looked so, idk, sitting there
colleenag03/18/15 05:36 AM
x*Seriously, did she say what I think she said? NT
L2403/17/15 06:13 PM
x*you mean the c word? yep! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:14 PM
x*Wow! missed that. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:15 PM
x*It's coming up NT
L2403/17/15 06:16 PM
L2403/17/15 06:14 PM
x*LOL! "She's YOUR @sshole, not mine" bahaha! I love LVP! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:06 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:07 PM
x*Loved that LOL NT
L2403/17/15 06:06 PM
x*Brandi always says I did this but the other person does it more than me. She never takes responsibility. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:03 PM
x*exactly! And somehow in her head she thinks she's the victim. She is exhausting. NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:05 PM
x*When she does things it's to be mean. When other people do things it is trying to be helpful. NT
firegoddess03/17/15 11:19 PM
x*She is. I am tired and I don't have to deal with her. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:05 PM
x*But she said she was sorry lol NT
L2403/17/15 06:06 PM
x*lol! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:06 PM
x*She's obsessed with Lisa. Her tag line is a joke. She'd rather spend her life kicking a$$ then kissing it, but she cant stop with Lisa NT
L2403/17/15 06:08 PM
x*No wonder she has been enlarging her lips. lol NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:09 PM
Karina8603/17/15 06:10 PM
L2403/17/15 06:10 PM
x*Lisa and Ken really treated her like family. I think on some level she knows how badly she screwed up. NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:09 PM
x*Oh for sure, she messed up her gravy train NT
L2403/17/15 06:09 PM
x*yep. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:09 PM
x*lol. That will do it. Ha! NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:06 PM
x*Gee that's not creepy at all, hitting on your frenemy's son's friend. Ick! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:03 PM
x*She has no boundaries. NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:04 PM
x*Here! NT
L2403/17/15 06:03 PM
x*Hi :) NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:05 PM
x*;-) NT
L2403/17/15 06:05 PM
x**slides on to the couch w/ popcorn* Whooot! NT
Karina8603/17/15 06:01 PM
x*Yay! :) NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 06:01 PM
*Question for all you ladies- when you wear a wig in a hot climate such as Atlanta-dont it get all sweaty an disgusting underneath it? Do you think
xrayspex299 5   03/17/15 02:32 PM
x*Why is this just a questions for the ladies? NT
zebe8303/17/15 03:29 PM
x*The poor intern gets no respect! :( haha NT
Karina8603/17/15 04:30 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo03/17/15 04:13 PM
x*NeNe might be bald and dehydrated from wearing wigs and that explains her bad wig choices an not seeing herself properly in the mirror NT
xrayspex03/17/15 02:35 PM
x*lol! I've only worn cheap wigs in Halloween costumes & they are itchy & hot. I would hope an expensive one would be better, but who knows? I
Karina8603/17/15 04:41 PM
*'RHOBH’ Kim Richards Served Papers For Dog Attack Lawsuit
L24271 2   03/17/15 12:07 PM
x*Kim's home is in the Valley, so what's up with this? NT
JaneJane03/17/15 01:37 PM
x*" they were finally able to serve her after one of her children answered the door of her Beverly Hills home" NT
L2403/17/15 02:24 PM
*I know there are a lot of Bethenney haters here but I have always liked her. There were so many "jerk" things her ex, Jason, did that were very...
georgia9382247 1   03/16/15 09:23 PM
x*My favorite Bethenny moment was when Jason gave her that restored mannequin for her birthday. NT
PointBeing03/17/15 06:16 PM
*WTF-Nenes new wig that she wore to Phaedra house made her look like the bride of Frankenstein-Dont she look in the mirror!? NT
xrayspex801 13   03/16/15 03:41 PM
x*OMG. I cannot believe she actually wore that out. Worst than that dutch boy wig she is wearing to film all those ITMs. LOLOLOL NT
JaneJane03/17/15 04:37 AM
x*I thought when they showed her in that wig on commercials for the show that she was in costume for her Cinderella play but to wear that for real ? NT
georgia938203/16/15 09:16 PM
x*I think she looks more like...
Karina8603/16/15 03:49 PM
x*If she died it blue it would be:
cantgetenough03/16/15 04:48 PM
x*ROFL! Yes!! NT
Karina8603/16/15 04:59 PM
x*First thing I thought after OMG was troll head! NT
colleenag03/16/15 04:44 PM
x*It reminds me of mama's family:
PointBeing03/16/15 04:43 PM
x*Lol NT
colleenag03/16/15 05:14 PM
x*Bahaha! NT
Karina8603/16/15 04:59 PM
x*Lol definitely NT
AwfuLeeHandsome03/16/15 03:56 PM
x*LOL OMG!!! I'm dying NT
petite603/16/15 03:54 PM
x*OMG! YES!!!! Braaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa NT
xrayspex03/16/15 03:54 PM
x*I cannot stand her, such a victim with no accountability for her own actions. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome03/16/15 03:45 PM
*Todd- you need to run away from Kandi an her family before its to late! Take your half an ....RUN! Leave Kandi with her dildos an her mom! NT
xrayspex413 6   03/16/15 03:23 PM
x*When they were listing their pros/cons and Todd said Kandi doesn't want to deal with problems, I think that is the root of everything. She doesn't
Karina8603/16/15 03:53 PM
x*Sorry but when Kandi and Todd come on I fastforward. Too boring and staged. Another one that is working her storyline. Sick of it. NT
georgia938203/16/15 03:35 PM
x*I had to smirk when Kandi was talking about her ancestor (think it was her grandfather) who did so much for the community and was a religious
colleenag03/16/15 03:31 PM
x*LOL, that was great! NT
Karina8603/16/15 03:53 PM
x*YES! Just watched that. NT
xrayspex03/16/15 03:33 PM
x*LOL Stamp!! NT
petite603/16/15 03:30 PM
*I truly hate that white dress with the beads on top that Phaedra has been wearing in last 3 EPs! Its UGLY an GAUDY! NT
xrayspex298 5   03/16/15 03:10 PM
x*This one? I start suffocating just looking at it.
PointBeing03/16/15 04:32 PM
x*YES! Its horrid!! NT
xrayspex03/17/15 05:14 AM
x*Its gotta be one of Stassi's statement necklaces. NT
Gamecock03/16/15 04:54 PM
x*Phaedra doesn't have enough neck to make that statement. NT
PointBeing03/17/15 05:40 PM
x*LOL! So true! NT
Karina8603/17/15 05:50 PM
*So Porscha is not a Real Housewife but she is in every show. Whatever. NT
georgia9382100 1   03/15/15 09:55 PM
x*She seems to be featured more now than she was before w/ her "confessionals" or whatever they call them She's also amped up the snark in them NT
Karina8603/16/15 08:28 AM
*Brandi Glanville & Leeza Gibbons Talk Divorce, Celebrity Apprentice, And Brandi’s “Crazy” Behavior At Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion!
L24630 9   03/15/15 07:56 AM
x*Brandi is starting to look like Joan Rivers. NT
sassyflalassy03/15/15 08:57 AM
x*She does! She's a menopause mama but doesn't know it. NT
shesgg03/15/15 02:33 PM
x*Yep! And I wonder how she's gonna like it when someone just a couple of years younger than her calls her a menopause mama NT
robbierob03/16/15 04:41 AM
x*She's says it as if she's in her 20s when she's actually not that far away from menopause NT
L2403/16/15 04:54 AM
x*And she says it like it's a shameful thing that somehow makes you less of a woman. I am so over her...her schtick is hateful and ugly. NT
Karina8603/16/15 08:27 AM
x*Right, and as if it's something she will never go through, and it's knocking on her door NT
L2403/16/15 10:25 AM
x*Everything Brandi says and does is projecting. This was no different. NT
cantgetenough03/16/15 10:29 AM
x*absolutely 100% correct NT
L2403/16/15 11:26 AM
L2403/15/15 09:41 AM
*Kim and Kyle Richards Still Not Speaking Weeks After Tough Filming of 'RHOBH' Reunion Show
L241285 22   03/15/15 07:54 AM
x*At least Kyle doesn't have to listen to Kim's crap. I really don't like her at all. NT
shesgg03/15/15 04:03 PM
x*I didn't like the way Kyle handled things with Kim in the past but this time, she's really trying to be respectful. It's not fun watching Kim now NT
HumblePie03/15/15 12:56 PM
x*I don't think we know everything Kyle has been through with Kim, and that she is just tired of it NT
L2403/15/15 02:59 PM
x*Amen. As an alcoholic, I cannot thank you enough for recognizing the siblings struggle. xoxo NT
LettucePray03/16/15 07:10 PM
x*I believe this is because Kim is not sober and she doesn't want anybody around to think otherwise. NT
sassyflalassy03/15/15 09:21 AM
x*ita! NT
mgbaloo03/15/15 11:31 AM
x*Yep, that and the fact that Brandi has enabled her and done everything she can to drive a wedge between them NT
L2403/15/15 09:40 AM
x*I think a lot of this has to do with Kim's dog biting Kyles daughter. NT
georgia938203/15/15 08:44 AM
x*Maybe not the dog bite as much as the fact that Kim insists on keeping the dog when she has no control over it. NT
L2403/15/15 09:41 AM
x*Kim still has the dog? Wow! I thought I read she let Kingsley go? I thought there was a law about dogs being quarantined if they had
colleenag03/15/15 09:49 AM
x*State laws differ and the consequences. Know your own state laws about dog bites. Don't "assume". It's important. Some states have a list
LettucePray03/16/15 07:17 PM
x*Absolutely, IA! NT
colleenag03/17/15 03:28 AM
x*I don't understand this! My dog bit one person that he thought was breaking into our house & we were forced to put him down & he was a chow chow. NT
littlewop03/15/15 10:02 AM
x*how sad :( your doggy had every right to defend his space :( NT
Belle03/17/15 08:19 AM
x*I was thinking about that too. If she were not a "celebrity" she would not have gotten him back. She's an idiot and if she really loved that dog
L2403/15/15 10:22 AM
x*Wow! And Kim gets to bring hers home after 2 attacks? And I read that the attacks can come out of nowhere without provocation! Some of
colleenag03/15/15 10:16 AM
x*Heaven help her grandchildren when she has them! NT
littlewop03/15/15 11:25 AM
x*Yes! I read half of the 2014 42 dog bite/maul fatalities were children. Chills me to the bone! NT
colleenag03/15/15 11:27 AM
x*More than two. More like half a dozen. NT
JaneJane03/15/15 10:36 AM
x*She got him back..Kim Richards Welcomes Kingsley Back Into Her Home, Sister Kyle Is Reportedly ‘Furious’
L2403/15/15 09:56 AM
x*Must admit that Kingsley is one good looking dog. Too bad he's was and remains in Kim's irresponsible care. Doubt there is any hope for that dog. NT
JaneJane03/15/15 10:39 AM
x*Being that the dog is this volatile it may turn on her. NT
georgia938203/15/15 04:13 PM
* 'RHONY’ Star Sonja Morgan Dating A New 24-Year-Old: ‘I’m Just Enjoying It’
L24222 4   03/15/15 07:51 AM
x*She has hopped on the train to Patheticville. NT
sassyflalassy03/15/15 07:51 AM
x*Exactly! NT
pusssykatt03/15/15 09:39 AM
x*How old is her daughter? NT
L2403/15/15 07:54 AM
x*I think she is about 12-13? NT
sassyflalassy03/15/15 08:56 AM
*Drunk tweeting Brandi again NT
georgia938273 0   03/14/15 10:42 PM
*We need an investigative group called "Ghost Writer Busters". We could call them out on social media. Carole Raz might give us pointers. NT
georgia938261 0   03/14/15 11:38 AM
*BH first look, again Brandi using her "It was a joke" excuse. The slap was a joke. "I guess I take fun too far" Fun??
L24599 10   03/14/15 10:42 AM
x*All I know is I just can't wait to see predator/cougar Brandi throw herself at that young man --- supposedly --- a professional escort. LOL NT
JaneJane03/14/15 06:45 PM
x*Apparently he's a friend of Lisa's son Max. She saw him talking to Lisa and swooped in for the kill. NT
L2403/14/15 06:51 PM
x*And she has the creepy smile on her face all the while. She is a psycho. Lol NT
shesgg03/14/15 04:27 PM
x*I must have missed it also! NT
littlewop03/14/15 12:59 PM
x*She thinks she can do whatever she wants, then when she says she's sorry they should forgive her smh NT
L2403/14/15 01:40 PM
x*Its only a "joke" and shouldn't be taken seriously if it Kimbicile or Boozi doing it or saying it. Everyone else is taking it too far NT
robbierob03/14/15 12:50 PM
x*lol! Great names. NT
mgbaloo03/14/15 06:00 PM
x*Kimbicile. Lol NT
shesgg03/14/15 04:28 PM
x*Exactly and lol@Kimbicile NT
L2403/14/15 01:40 PM
x*Love Kimbicle...and Boozi is just as good NT
SkyBluePink03/15/15 07:39 AM
*Lisa Rinna Goes Over the Edge on RHOBH Reunion Violence Shocker: Harry Hamlin Cheating Exposed?
L24884 10   03/14/15 08:05 AM
x*Ha! That's written by Brandi's whacked out ghostwriter. Earlier story about what's really going on inside ...
JaneJane03/14/15 09:06 AM
x*Wow...I must be really lame believing they all wrote their own blogs. I wonder if Lisa R writes hers. NT
georgia938203/14/15 11:03 AM
x*It's one thing to get help writing the blog, or to have help proof reading, it's another to turn the blog over entirely to someone else. NT
JaneJane03/14/15 06:27 PM
x*Meaning, Brandi's blog reads nothing like Brandi, like many of her twitter posts, too. As I recall, Danielle Staub let a over zealous fan take over
JaneJane03/14/15 06:42 PM
x*Yes, me too! Although I was thinking Brandi's last blog, the one discussed here, was long and rather more pointed than earlier ones. NT
colleenag03/14/15 01:20 PM
x*I don't know about Lisa but I know Brandi and Teresa Guidice use ghost writers NT
L2403/14/15 11:12 AM
x*Then she needs to fire that host writer for all the misspelled words NT
robbierob03/14/15 12:51 PM
L2403/14/15 01:38 PM
x*What am I missing? I don't see a connection to this article and the reunion. NT
L2403/14/15 09:41 AM
x*We'll see. These reunions are always super hyped and rarely live up to the hype. NT
agent9903/14/15 08:38 AM
*Lisa R is lowering herself on twitter by reacting to Brandi's comments. I wish she would stop because she's giving Brandi the satisfaction
L24881 14   03/13/15 11:50 AM
x*She's just having fun with it ... I know her posts and photos are cracking me up. LMAO NT
JaneJane03/13/15 08:42 PM
x*Lisa R is having fun. I follow her on Instagram and she is so funny. NT
georgia938203/13/15 10:22 PM
x*oi @lisarinna I'm down wit all the Rinnas: Gansta Pimp Slappin' Rinna, Lead Psychologist in the Psych Ward Rinna, Soccer Mom Rinna, Wifey Rinna NT
petite603/13/15 02:54 PM
x*She's falling right into it and Brandi must be loving every minute of it, getting under peoples skin is what Brandi lives for NT
L2403/13/15 03:20 PM
x*When Brandi starts crying and acting all innocent like at the reunion,I want to barf. She is crazy and shouldn't be on the show. Same with Kim. NT
shesgg03/14/15 06:25 AM
x*I think it's kinda funny, she's letting Brandi know she doesn't really care what Brandi thinks and is NOT taking her seriously. NT
colleenag03/13/15 03:49 PM
x*Well, She certainly is having fun with it LOL NT
L2403/14/15 05:14 AM
x*Yes, exactly, and compared to stuff I see from other tweeters it's pretty harmless and not just ugly retaliation. Still, I imagine the show and
colleenag03/14/15 05:20 AM
x*But she's over doing it. IMO the best way to handle Brandi is to not give her any attention NT
L2403/13/15 04:11 PM
x*although that didn't work for Lisa V LOL She really pushes herself on Lisa V NT
L2403/13/15 04:11 PM
x*That's how I see it too. Doing a good job of making Brandi look like the lunatic that she is. NT
littlewop03/13/15 04:09 PM
x*Brandi's blog was basically ALL about the 3 different personalities of Lisa Rinna. that was pretty much the title
betrma03/13/15 11:56 AM
x*Not to mention Brandi's ghostwriter is posting similarly elsewhere on the internet and using multiple identities to harass Lisa on twitter. NT
JaneJane03/13/15 08:45 PM
x*Wow, what a PITA that must be! NT
colleenag03/14/15 04:57 AM
*Rag mag radar online is saying that one of Kim's kids has been admitted to a pyschiatric facility
L241112 15   03/13/15 08:13 AM
x*It's sad. I think that this was the thing that Kyle was so worried about that Kim was talking to Brandi about. There was a incident last summer with
dillybean03/13/15 08:52 AM
x*Brandi will most certainly use it against Kim once their "friendship" is over NT
L2403/13/15 09:05 AM
x*Hmmm....found several articles from 2013. Is this old news rehashed or a relapse???
littlewop03/13/15 08:45 AM
x*Well it was posted yesterday and it says she was admitted over the weekend. Again, I take info from this site with a grain of salt. NT
L2403/13/15 09:04 AM
x*Do you remember anything about this being on the show 2 years ago? Wonder if it's the same child. NT
littlewop03/13/15 02:59 PM
x*LOL My memory sucks NT
L2403/13/15 03:18 PM
x*They may have taped something, but didn't use the footage for the overall story. I'm not sure who the daughter is though. NT
petite603/13/15 03:09 PM
x*"she"??? i remember hearing something about this awhile ago but I thought it was her son NT
betrma03/13/15 11:54 AM
x*Didn't one daughter just get married...and the other one just started my guess would he the son too? NT
SkyBluePink03/15/15 07:45 AM
x*It doesn't say which one of her kids, (which I don't think they should) but it does say that this just happened this past weekend. I shouldn't
L2403/13/15 11:56 AM
x*i could be completely wrong, i dont even remember where I heard it from, but for some reason son sticks out in my head. Poor Kim, she's a wreck.
betrma03/13/15 12:22 PM
x*My guess would be son too...maybe that is why he was hardly ever on the show. NT
littlewop03/13/15 03:27 PM
x*Our deity is always up to date!! NT
petite603/13/15 09:13 AM
x*Just a bored minion lol NT
L2403/13/15 10:00 AM
x*That's sad, if true. I can't imagine all of Kim's children surviving mental health though. It's in their family genes according to Kathy NT
petite603/13/15 08:21 AM
*For any RHoM fans, Lisa Hochstein will finally have her baby (via a surrogate). Yay, she was my fav Miami wife. Happy for her & Lenny. NT
littlewop111 1   03/13/15 06:08 AM
x*I am happy for them too. NT
sassyflalassy03/14/15 07:53 PM
*Wow...Lisa V. Digs deep into Brandi in her blog on Bravo. That slap meant more than they showed. NT
georgia938275 0   03/12/15 10:38 PM
*Curious if there's anyone else no longer enamored with LVP or Kyle for that matter? The only one I really like these days is Yolanda. This show is
Pea1659 33   03/12/15 06:06 PM
x*Actually my favorite (it's early) is Eileen. I identify with her, our personalities are similar, she says what I think. Which is why probably....
MovingOn03/16/15 04:26 PM
x*The Kim/Kyle/Brandi cat fight is boring. I really LOVE watching Yolanda. In the beginning I didn't so much, but she "seems" to be the real deal. NT
MovingOn03/16/15 04:19 PM
x*I think everyone has different favorites, same as it is in life. I have never liked Yolanda. She seems
amIsane03/13/15 12:09 PM
x*Neutral on Kyle, love Lisa V, did not like Yolanda much before but she seems more down to earth this season. NT
sassyflalassy03/14/15 07:54 PM
x*My favorites seem to change from season to season, but LVP was always a constant. After last season I just don't see her in the same light NT
Pea03/13/15 12:13 PM
x*my 2 favorite HWs! the original FRIENDS. LOVE them together NT
betrma03/13/15 11:52 AM
x*To me, they are the most beautiful, natural looking women on the show. But I give LVP the edge. NT
colleenag03/13/15 12:30 PM
x*the thing with Yo is where others will forget the cameras are there from time to time, Yo is always playing to cameras. NT
georgia938203/13/15 11:38 AM
x*always hated kyle. LVP is only fun when she has a human pet or is being threatened with her secrets. I'm over Yo, too. No fun. LuAnn>>LVP NT
PointBeing03/13/15 09:37 AM
x*Spot on with the "human pet" analogy, her and Stassi have a lot in common. Bring on RHONY! NT
Pea03/13/15 09:59 AM
x*I don't agree that Lisa and Stassi have a lot in common at all NT
L2403/13/15 11:53 AM
x*Luann >>>> LVP NT
petite603/13/15 09:41 AM
x*I love both Luann and LVP. NT
sassyflalassy03/14/15 07:56 PM
x*I still really like LVP. I liked Yo originally & this season as well. I have never been a fan of Kyle's but I have her back with Kim this season. NT
zebe8303/13/15 08:34 AM
x*Yolanda, meh. Kyles ok Love Lisa and Love the new additions. I do feel bad about the trip she planned, though I don't know why she
L2403/13/15 05:44 AM
x*Pretty much sums up my feelings as well. NT
agent9903/13/15 07:02 AM
x*Kyle is my favorite. I'm hit and miss with Lisa, Yo is tolerable this season, I love the addition of Lisa R and Eileen. The other two bozos need to
cantgetenough03/12/15 10:15 PM
x*I liked Kyle until she revealed her true self, have always liked Lisa, and strongly dislike Yolanda but feel guilty because of her health. NT
Shar03/12/15 09:50 PM
x*I have never liked Kyle. I've always liked Lisa and still do. NT
Marceline03/12/15 09:21 PM
x*After season 2 I was over Kyle but I still love LVP. I love LIsa Rinna and Eileen. NT
georgia938203/12/15 08:33 PM
x*As long as Kyle's tresses keep shining, she'll stay lusterful! NT
petite603/12/15 06:10 PM
x*As long as she keeps doing this every night, she should be fine:
PointBeing03/13/15 09:47 AM
x*LOL blasphemy! NT
petite603/13/15 12:13 PM
x*I will keep watching Housewives til their is a murder/suicide and Bravo is forced to cancel it. NT
Dexter03/12/15 06:09 PM
x*When Taylor's husband committed suicide it was rumored that it might be murder. That didn't force Bravo to cancel. NT
georgia938203/12/15 08:36 PM
x*Im talking a hw kills another than themselves, give it time. NT
Dexter03/12/15 08:48 PM
x*And now im missing when Russels ghost use to post here :( NT
Dexter03/12/15 08:53 PM
x*this doesn't sound sane. NT
petite603/12/15 06:10 PM
Dexter03/12/15 06:12 PM
x*that's just rude!!!
petite603/12/15 06:16 PM
Dexter03/12/15 06:19 PM
x*Lol, have you heard the Elle King cover of this song? NT
Pea03/12/15 06:21 PM
x*i'll youtube it NT
Dexter03/12/15 06:22 PM
*Searched through the posts but didn't really see one that talks about Lisa R and Eileen's talk after the "glass breaking" incident...
colleenag676 13   03/12/15 02:42 PM
x*Read Lisa's blog on Bravo. She was shel shocked after it happened and was honest about Eileen calling her on it. NT
georgia938203/12/15 08:40 PM
x*Yep, glad to read she gets where Eileen was/is coming from and appreciates it. I did see Lisa R struggle with trying to explain
colleenag03/13/15 07:04 AM
x*Thanks! I forgot about to read the blogs! NT
colleenag03/12/15 08:59 PM
x*LIsa R. showed her crazy side and I doubt that was her first time, but I think Eileen will be a good stabilizer in the group. Too bad stabilizers
petite603/12/15 05:35 PM
x*while I LOVE Eileen for wanting to call kim out on her bulls**t and not just let things go, I understand Lisa's reasoning, they were in Amsterdam
betrma03/12/15 03:44 PM
x*love Eileen but if all of them are nice, nobody will watch. I want Kim and Brandi gone so bad but they are needed for the hate they generate. :( NT
shesgg03/13/15 06:39 AM
x*I would actually enjoy it more if it were the girls having fun together. Maybe a little drama but not the evilness Brandi brings. That's just
L2403/13/15 07:00 AM
x*Anybody notice Yolanda's slip asking Kim if she got a glass of champagne when she got on the gondola? Oopsies lol NT
L2403/13/15 07:57 AM
x*Lyme Brain. NT
cantgetenough03/13/15 09:57 AM
x*Yep, and she caught her slip real quick. NT
agent9903/13/15 09:22 AM
x*They would most likely be replaced by someone who is already a foe to one or more of the remaining housewives. NT
cantgetenough03/13/15 06:49 AM
x*I don't think Lisa should have smashed the glass, but I really don't think any less of her because of it. She may have broke the glass to keep
L2403/12/15 02:58 PM
x*Eileen definitely impresses me the most. I think Lisa R wanted it to have never happened. However, it did and it is hard to sweep under the rug. NT
mgbaloo03/12/15 02:50 PM
*LuAnn de Lesseps Returns To ‘RHONY’ Full-Time: ‘I’m In The Driver’s Seat’
petite6203 3   03/12/15 11:07 AM
x*Yay!! NT
L2403/12/15 11:20 AM
x* Countess LuAnn Is Ready for Her Next Real Housewives of New York Dance Single—We Should Be So Lucky
petite603/12/15 11:09 AM
x*I can't wait!!! #TeamLuLu!!! NT
petite603/12/15 11:08 AM
*Ramona looks good
L24874 16   03/11/15 04:01 PM
x* not something I expected to read. NT
PointBeing03/11/15 05:18 PM
x*LOL what were you expecting? NT
petite603/12/15 07:20 AM
x*If Vicki and Tamra had a baby NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:06 PM
x*lolol NT
colleenag03/11/15 04:28 PM
x*I like her hair, it's different from the old frumpy just hanging there hair. Lets not forget the one curler in the front NT
L2403/11/15 04:08 PM
x*lol yep that one curler was funny :) NT
colleenag03/11/15 05:40 PM
x*and the curler did nothing, her hair was so blah. I always wondered why she freaked so much when someone got her hair wet because it always
L2403/11/15 06:01 PM
x*Absolutely, I remember her hair looking rather long and stringy and thinking the same thing! But she is a pretty woman :) NT
colleenag03/11/15 06:24 PM
x*If I paid a salon to do my hair and it came out like that I would want my money back lol. And I'm sure she paid a lot for it too NT
L2403/11/15 06:26 PM
x*It looked a lot better when it just hung there. NT
PointBeing03/11/15 05:28 PM
x*I like the hair, but its like Regis Philbin in a weave. NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:10 PM
x*agreed NT
xrayspex03/11/15 04:12 PM
x*LOL you are so bad. No one better get it wet (the hair that is) NT
L2403/11/15 04:11 PM
x*Great, now im wondering if she can still self lubricate :X NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:14 PM
x*she does! Is she still with her lying cheating scummy hubby? NT
petite603/11/15 04:05 PM
x*Noooo NT
L2403/11/15 04:07 PM
*The bitch from witch mountain never ceases to amaze me NT
xrayspex2098 51   03/11/15 03:16 PM
x*LOL....good one. Also...can someone tell me how Leeza Gibbons is friends with Brandi? Leeza has gone down a few notches in my book because of that NT
georgia938203/11/15 03:51 PM
x*They worked together well on Celebrity Apprentice. So now Brandi is all like-"we are BFFs"! lol NT
xrayspex03/11/15 04:26 PM
x*Leeza said on Wendy Williams she was invited to Brandi's & had no idea RH was filming. She left after 15 minutes & said she wanted no part of it NT
silverspoons03/11/15 05:17 PM
x*I have a hard time buying that. She would have to sign waivers to even enter the party where they are being filmed. NT
jenniell03/12/15 11:36 AM
x*From what Lezza said
silverspoons03/12/15 12:50 PM
x*Except according the the tweet above Leeza G just did Brandi's podcast. NT
agent9903/12/15 03:40 PM
x*Brandi trying to get people on her side against the other ladies? I don't see Leeza playing that game. NT
L2403/12/15 02:08 PM
x*She apparently just did one of Brandi's podcasts (Brandi posted it in Twitter). I've never listened to one and don't plan to, but maybe
cantgetenough03/12/15 01:34 PM
x*UGH, okay I took one for the team, the one and ONLY time as far as Brandi's podcast. All they really talked about was Celebrity Apprentice.
L2403/12/15 04:30 PM
x*(((()))) Thanks for sitting through are my Hero-ess!! NT
Mazita03/13/15 10:13 AM
x*Thanks. You have a stronger stomach than I. :) NT
mgbaloo03/13/15 10:08 AM
x*Thank goodness the good weather is on the way so I will have better things to do :-) NT
L2403/13/15 10:10 AM
x*Enjoy the better weather. I know it has been a tough winter. NT
mgbaloo03/13/15 10:11 AM
x*OMG last month was horrible, been trapped in the house far too long NT
L2403/13/15 10:12 AM
x*I just couldn't do it. I am glad I live where it never snows. Go and do something fun outside when you can. NT
mgbaloo03/13/15 10:13 AM
x*Yeah just the sound of Brandi's voice makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up NT
L2403/13/15 10:18 AM
x*Ugh, I know! When she squeaks in that high pitch whiny voice it's like nails on a chalkboard. How anyone would hire her for a podcast is
cantgetenough03/13/15 10:25 AM
x*Eeeeek!The thought bother me. NT
mgbaloo03/13/15 10:21 AM
x*Thank you L24 for your service. I couldn't do it. Leeza probably went straight from the podcast to go file a restraining order. NT
cantgetenough03/13/15 10:06 AM
x*LOL I still can't believe I sat through that. Sometimes curiosity and boredom gets the best of me NT
L2403/13/15 10:10 AM
x* You need like the Noble Peace Prize! You just saved most of us! NT
petite603/12/15 05:31 PM
x*Who's gonna save me? LOL NT
L2403/12/15 05:52 PM
x*consider that your sacrifice! We'll turn you into a deity NT
petite603/12/15 05:56 PM
L2403/12/15 05:58 PM
x*Even the sound of Brandi's voice makes me want to impale myself NT
L2403/12/15 05:59 PM
x*LOL Noooooo don't do that. NT
petite603/12/15 06:00 PM
x*I really hope she doesn't return next season. There's all kinds of stuff on the internet questioning if Lisa and Eileen will return and I'm sure
L2403/12/15 06:03 PM
x*They could demote her status on the show and see how that goes. What were their ratings this season? NT
petite603/12/15 06:13 PM
x*Oh and of course Brandi took a few shots at Kenya, and Lisa R. She said the Reunion was crazy and how she tried to keep quiet but lost her temper.
L2403/12/15 06:06 PM
x*Thank you L24, I appreciate your time! :) lol Love your insights! NT
colleenag03/12/15 05:19 PM
x*I can't believe I sat through that NT
L2403/12/15 05:53 PM
x*was bg coherent? NT
Dexter03/12/15 05:54 PM
x*Surprisingly yes. But I think she would be on her best behavior as she seems to want to latch onto Leeza for whatever she can get out of her NT
L2403/12/15 05:57 PM
x*When Leeza trusts her, that's when she will stab her in the back. NT
sassyflalassy03/12/15 05:58 PM
x*Brandi claims they are collaborating on some sort of business venture. I'm guessing Leeza must not watch RHOBH. NT
cantgetenough03/11/15 04:28 PM
x*Brandi always has to latch onto someone for her own personal gain. Maybe she thinks there is a career change in her future with Leeza NT
L2403/11/15 05:06 PM
x*I am waiting for her to fly on her broomstick and return to Witch Mountain. NT
sassyflalassy03/11/15 04:16 PM
x*Ha! NT
mgbaloo03/11/15 04:30 PM
petite603/11/15 04:20 PM
x*lol NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:16 PM
x*Ya know Dex-I think your right about petite being uncultured-she did not even get the "witch mountain" mention. NT
xrayspex03/11/15 04:19 PM
x*She's smart, like Porsha. NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:22 PM
x*Brandi must have dirt on her. NT
cantgetenough03/11/15 04:12 PM
x*They're secret lovers. NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:24 PM
x*Yep, that's my thought. NT
L2403/11/15 04:13 PM
x*maybe she sees her past life in Brandi NT
petite603/11/15 04:02 PM
x*Brandi or Lisa V? lol NT
petite603/11/15 03:50 PM
x*Kim Richards-she was in Witch Mountain 1 & 2 NT
xrayspex03/11/15 04:10 PM
x*Tweet up above where Brandi is soliciting followers for her "BFF Leeza Gibbons" on FB and IG. NT
agent9903/11/15 03:56 PM
x*well, that's unfortunate NT
petite603/11/15 04:03 PM
x*No worries. Although Brandi says BBF, Leeza says "friendly" and limited discussion to doors opening for her and her non profit. NT
JaneJane03/13/15 02:44 AM
*Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Caught Hooking Up With 30-Year-Old Party Girl Jamie Jackson
L241324 27   03/11/15 01:13 PM
x*Woooooah, whoever does Tre's makeup needs a raise. NT
Dexter03/12/15 09:27 AM
x*I can see proactiv asking her to do a infomercial from inside the joint NT
petite603/12/15 09:41 AM
x*omg that pic of teresa on the cover! ewwwwwwww!! NT
bbluvrinva03/11/15 06:03 PM
x*IKR. To add insult to injury they pick that horrible picture of her. NT
Marceline03/11/15 08:48 PM
x*Joe looks like he lost weight, his face looks thinner. NT
agent9903/11/15 03:58 PM
x*He's looking sexier than ever. NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:07 PM
x*Surprised you didn't say he looks juicier then ever NT
L2403/11/15 04:10 PM
x*Makes me wanna bite him and suck the juices out! NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:12 PM
x*Did you take your viagra today or something NT
xrayspex03/11/15 04:13 PM
x*Trimix, doc injects it right in to my peter. NT
Dexter03/11/15 04:15 PM
L2403/11/15 04:09 PM
x*To me that looks like an old picture, he even looks younger IDK NT
L2403/11/15 04:02 PM
x*she kind of looks like Debbie Gibson NT
petite603/11/15 03:51 PM
x*Joe Giudice Reacts to Tabloid Cheating Story: "I Met This Girl Twice and Nothing Went On"
L2403/11/15 01:52 PM
x*You know the two pictures on the cover of "In Touch" seem to be the exact same pic of Joe but the woman in two different positions. It seems
mgbaloo03/11/15 01:21 PM
x*The pictures look fake to me too, Joe looks a lot younger. But we know he cheats on her when she is home, so... NT
L2403/11/15 01:26 PM
x*For some reason I can't bring up the pictures. Wasn't there a "report" a few months back that Tre gave her blessing for him to cheat? NT
cantgetenough03/11/15 01:32 PM
x*LOL yeah I think I read something like that. NT
L2403/11/15 01:51 PM
x*Im gonna say no, then she would be admitting that her life is in some way not perfect. NT
Dexter03/11/15 01:50 PM
x*I think she just meant while she was in the slammer due to his "needs". NT
cantgetenough03/11/15 02:05 PM
x*Wonder what it feels like to be the lucky woman who gets to lick his meatballs and suck down his sauce. NT
Dexter03/11/15 02:17 PM
x*khole NT
PointBeing03/11/15 03:45 PM
x*ewwwww-reading that was very repulsive NT
xrayspex03/11/15 03:19 PM
x*LOL...when I read it I thought it was one of your postings. NT
cantgetenough03/11/15 03:24 PM
x*I have WAY more class then Dexter! NT
xrayspex03/11/15 03:25 PM
colleenag03/11/15 02:32 PM
x*I mean I would not be surprised if was cheating now while Tre is away but maybe not with this woman. NT
mgbaloo03/11/15 01:31 PM
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