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*Kelly Killoren Bensimon Gets Real about the Public Judgment on Breastfeeding (VIDEO)
petite6161 1   06/14/16 03:58 PM
x*wow! She must not really have much going on right now. NT
petite606/14/16 03:58 PM
*Saw some old RHOC the last few days. Tamra&Heather
sneakypie1189 15   06/13/16 09:11 AM
x*Production was talking about Heather joining the show on one segment. They and Heather made is clear that she really didn't want to join the show,
dillybean06/15/16 12:14 PM
x*Pleather is a vengeful pos. She and Tamrot deserve each other NT
robbierob06/15/16 10:12 AM
x*Lol NT
petite606/13/16 03:35 PM
x*I happened to catch the episode where they all were in Whistler. And Gretchen was getting sort of beat up by both Tamara and Heather about
chirtygirl7406/13/16 10:45 AM
x*The two of them choose a victim&then are relentless. NT
sneakypie06/13/16 03:34 PM
x*I wonder if Shannon is going to be the next target?? It will be an interesting new season and we get a new housewife. NT
chirtygirl7406/13/16 08:21 PM
x*If they target Shannon, she will have a serious breakdown. NT
L2406/14/16 04:09 AM
x*ITA Shannon is not stable enough to take on those two! NT
chirtygirl7406/14/16 05:47 AM
x*They already skinned her alive. And have lived to feast
sneakypie06/14/16 06:09 AM
x*That's the truth NT
DeeDee06/20/16 09:47 AM
sassyflalassy06/19/16 09:30 AM
L2406/14/16 08:01 AM
x*lol with all her "healthy habits" I bet she tasted good :D NT
colleenag06/14/16 06:51 AM
x*Tamra&Heather shared the wishbone NT
sneakypie06/14/16 07:19 AM
chirtygirl7406/14/16 08:54 AM
*With all the Bethenny drama I feel we are overlooking a very controversial subject that I'd like to discuss here...May not be suitable for all viewers
colleenag1267 11   06/11/16 11:23 AM
x*I do remember my sister telling me about a friend of hers...who's uterus fell! NT
robbierob06/13/16 05:01 AM
x*omg no kidding! Sonja was worried about that too! NT
colleenag06/13/16 05:10 AM
x*electrical muscle stimulation NT
PointBeing06/11/16 03:33 PM
x*lol is that really a thing? can't wait to share with hubbs. NT
colleenag06/11/16 03:35 PM
x*used in physical therapy NT
PointBeing06/11/16 03:36 PM
x*thank you! I think i have actually had this when in physical therapy for injuries. But it didn't hurt. It was more like an ultrasound type thing NT
colleenag06/11/16 03:42 PM
x*I fast forwarded through that part. Who cares, Sonja? She is nuts. NT
dwig22206/11/16 03:11 PM
x*lol yeah, i think that's what everyone else did too. I just did a double take when I rewatched...omg so very controversial imo. LOL funny how nutty
colleenag06/11/16 03:13 PM
x*Frankly, I am a believer in letting your va jay jay age gracefully. NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 11:32 AM
x*Lmao! I'm all for just keeping it clean and healthy at this point in my life NT
colleenag06/11/16 11:39 AM
x*Agreed! Some people have too much time and money on their hands. NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 11:49 AM
*RHOC preview. Heather 's storyline. Come on! Terry workaholic!
sneakypie466 3   06/09/16 12:44 PM
x*She wants nice things? They don't come cheap. Sorry, not sorry, Heather. NT
sassyflalassy06/09/16 02:42 PM
x*This is such a fake story line. Promoter than the Tamra wants s baby. NT
sneakypie06/09/16 03:14 PM
x*I hate spell check. Phonier than last seasons Tamra wants a baby. NT
sneakypie06/09/16 03:17 PM
*So Bethenny is currently dating a married man who she got with while he was still very much with his wife (she was a friend of hers since childhood)
Dexter3337 31   06/09/16 07:24 AM
x*The more Bethenny, the worse this show is. There, I said it. NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 11:50 AM
x*I agree. What an annoying, yapping hypocrite. NT
abb41206/14/16 11:16 AM
x*My Chihuahua doesn't yap as much lol NT
L2406/14/16 12:36 PM
x*Too bad Andy didn't give her her own show. From what I've read it was pretty much come back to RHONY or nada. Beth wanted her own spin off but
colleenag06/11/16 11:54 AM
x*Carol completely lacks any entertainment value. NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 12:52 PM
x*She dull as they come until there's a boy toy to play with! NT
mylives06/13/16 03:37 PM
x*I respectfully disagree. I love that she is an author, does interesting renovations, has a gorgeous b/f and doggie and shelters cats. She seems the
colleenag06/11/16 12:59 PM
x*We had a scene with all those things, her writing a vegan cookbook, while her boyfriend cooked, and a cat and dog ran around, it wasn't
Dexter06/11/16 02:41 PM
x*If she loses this guy their goes the vegan cookbook! Only looks alive when there's a
mylives06/13/16 03:30 PM
x*Glad you found us! NT
terlu06/13/16 06:13 PM
x*Me too, thanks for the invitation, fun here! NT
mylives06/14/16 08:11 PM
x*I remember that. Remember when Carol wanted to eliminate the kitchen in her apartment remodel? That was the last time I even smiled at one of
sassyflalassy06/11/16 02:43 PM
x*I never had strong feelings one way or another, but now that she's adapted Bethenny's personality I can't stand her. NT
Dexter06/11/16 02:45 PM
x*I like those things too. But what I see on my screen is a grudge holding malcontent. :) NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 02:33 PM
x*Her behavior is mean an both of them are self obsessed. NT
mylives06/13/16 03:55 PM
x*Totally agree, myiives. NT
sassyflalassy06/13/16 05:55 PM
x* proof. Where is the link? NT
georgia938206/09/16 01:32 PM
x*I read it from one of the blogs, BI
Dexter06/09/16 02:03 PM
x*Bethenny confirmed on twitter that he's legally married as is she. But the part about the wife being a friend of Beth's that does back 20 years is
cantgetenough06/09/16 02:11 PM
x*But Bethany is such a girls girl how could miss I know everything do that! NT
mylives06/13/16 03:24 PM
x*She's a girls girl! NT
Dexter06/09/16 02:14 PM
x*Oh yeah and she tells it like it is, I call her Liar, where's the girls girl now?
mylives06/13/16 03:34 PM
x*Isn't that why she is all over Luann's jock? NT
sassyflalassy06/13/16 05:56 PM
L2406/14/16 04:08 AM
x*There's this from the NY Post
L2406/09/16 01:38 PM
x*Well there it is!!! Should we all call Bethenny a whore now? NT
robbierob06/09/16 02:13 PM
x*She's a whore slut pig!
cantgetenough06/09/16 02:25 PM
x*Maybe even a werepuppy NT
robbierob06/09/16 05:43 PM
x*WOW she is messing with her Childhood friends husband ... Thats pretty low .. I mean cheating with a married man is bad enough but a friends scummy NT
CatsMommie06/09/16 07:31 AM
x*Is that her friend that's appeared on the show a few times? NT
hope2206/10/16 07:11 AM
x*And of course she'll have all kinds of excuses why it's okay for her to do this IF (big if) it comes up at the reunion. NT
terlu06/09/16 09:08 PM
*Methenny cannot have a discussion with Luann without screeching NT
robbierob2162 22   06/08/16 06:05 PM
x*Bethanny's story was good back in the day- pre husband & kid. She had several layers..
Gamecock06/11/16 12:18 PM
x*i like her now. Couldn't stand her then. NT
PointBeing06/11/16 03:35 PM
x*Yeah, I am reverse.I cheered for her when she began her relationship & became pregnant & got married.. all that stuff.But now its just nag & bitch NT
Gamecock06/11/16 05:58 PM
x*Agree 100 %, old Bethany was fun this woman is just mean attack dog. NT
mylives06/13/16 03:43 PM
x*Bethenny got what she wanted. A big wedding&a baby&lots of publicity
sneakypie06/13/16 03:51 PM
x*So Beth & Carole wake up the next morning feeling bad about the way they behaved and want to sneak out; showing more bad behavior??? NT
terlu06/08/16 08:37 PM
x*It's pretty clear that they are icing Luann out and trying to get her to quit the show NT
robbierob06/08/16 07:03 PM
x*Looks that way as if they are running show, their treatment of LuAnne was disgusting. NT
mylives06/13/16 03:46 PM
x*Luanne and Sonja. :( The way all the women beat up on Sonja to chase Betheny around at the party to apologize...ugh. FFS, why can't Betheny...
BernieByrne06/09/16 08:35 AM
x*And now the Boss (Bethenny) is trying to ice Luann and Sonja out of going to Mexico NT
Dexter06/09/16 08:37 AM
x*The Countess will have none of that. She'll crash the trip if she has to. NT
BernieByrne06/09/16 08:41 AM
x*Oh, I hope so! NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 02:44 PM
x*lol, she totally would. NT
Dexter06/09/16 08:45 AM
x*Why are they all crawling up Bethennys butt? Good god it's sickening NT
robbierob06/08/16 06:53 PM
x*I just don't see why Andy is so invested in Bethenny. NT
sassyflalassy06/11/16 11:54 AM
x*Cuz she is tight with Andy Cohen and Andy is the boss. NT
BBAnnie06/10/16 07:44 PM
x*Luann is staying w/Sonja because she couldn't afford renting in the city for filming & half the cast didn't want scenes w/her. NT
PointBeing06/08/16 06:21 PM
x*Methenny blaming Luann for bringing this out in her? Oh Heferny. This IS who you are all on your own NT
robbierob06/08/16 06:20 PM
x*And horseface Carole needs to shut up. Luann does not give a rats a$$ what you think NT
robbierob06/08/16 06:15 PM
x*Horse face lol NT
mylives06/14/16 08:10 PM
x*Luann is staying pretty calm in spite of the hateful Methenny verbal diarrhea NT
robbierob06/08/16 06:12 PM
x*She yells at everyone. NT
zebe8306/08/16 06:11 PM
*If RHOD comes back for another season, I really hope they drop all this sh*t talk, it's every freaking episode, get some class. NT
Dexter649 6   06/07/16 01:40 PM
x*LOL true NT
colleenag06/09/16 08:02 AM
x*There is definitely a caca fixation on this franchise. NT
Shar06/07/16 04:37 PM
x*you mean literally or the standard sh!# talk all housewives do??? hahahaha NT
Gamecock06/07/16 02:31 PM
x*literally, it's too much. NT
Dexter06/07/16 02:59 PM
x*Seriously, it's beyond childish NT
L2406/08/16 05:40 AM
x*ITA! It reaches a point of just annoying hearing it over and over. I would be embarrassed. How do they drink so much? Oh my Liver and Head! NT
chirtygirl7406/07/16 07:43 PM
*"RHONJ" fixture John Karagiorgis dead of heart attack
L24297 0   06/05/16 07:17 PM
*Bethenny Frankel Drops $38,000 on Jewelry
agent99584 4   06/05/16 01:14 PM
x*Doesn't matter how much jewelry and fine clothes she drapes on. It won't cover up her $h!++y personality NT
robbierob06/08/16 05:30 AM
x*LOL money can't buy you class NT
L2406/08/16 05:39 AM
x*Elegance is earned, mah friend. NT
sassyflalassy06/08/16 02:45 PM
x*Why is she wearing what appears to be a leather jacket? NT
Gamecock06/05/16 05:49 PM
*Yolanda let go from RHOBH.....
zebe831494 9   06/03/16 03:54 PM
x*I hope this is true, and I hope at least one of the soap suds duo are gone too. NT
Shar06/07/16 12:19 PM
x*Thank god! Maybe I will be able to watch next season. ED is only a friend so maybe she will be edited out and won't have her mouthpiece LR NT
robbierob06/05/16 07:58 AM
x*Bye-Bye NT
SkyBluePink06/05/16 10:40 AM
x*I so hope they let Yo GO! NT
Mazita06/04/16 12:12 PM
x*LOLOL love those nicknames for them all! Thanks for sharing! NT
Mazita06/04/16 12:11 PM
x*LVP tweeted late yesterday the rumors aren't true. Speaking only for herself. NT
zebe8306/04/16 10:00 AM
x*That's a start, and we'll always have her fridge in our memories. NT
terlu06/03/16 08:55 PM
x*lol NT
colleenag06/04/16 02:32 AM
x*Brandi appears to confirm saying she doesn't need to turn on her tv to see Yo. NT
zebe8306/03/16 04:55 PM
*If you can believe US Weekly stories - Kathryn Edwards got the boot.
dwig222940 7   06/02/16 05:52 PM
x*I kind of liked her after her rough start, but I doubt I'll miss her. I was hoping they'd keep the same cast although I know that's not a popular
cantgetenough06/03/16 09:47 AM
x*Good. She brought nothing. Re-hire Brandi. ;) NT
BernieByrne06/03/16 09:35 AM
x*I agree...Kathryn was not a good least Brandi brings the Drama NT
SkyBluePink06/05/16 10:38 AM
x*Pointless to begin with, byyyyyyyye! NT
Dexter06/03/16 09:25 AM
x*I liked Kathryn. NT
Shar06/03/16 09:01 AM
x*you liked her hubby :p NT
petite606/03/16 10:55 AM
x*Yes, that too. :) NT
Shar06/07/16 12:14 PM
*Last nights epi of RHONY was horrible. I don't even know where to start....
Dexter4263 35   06/02/16 11:38 AM
x*I think we all need to take a chill pill... words were exchanged, remorse and a willingness to go forward. Just watched and yes, there was a lot
colleenag06/03/16 02:20 PM
x*I think Bethenny needs to take a xanax! The lot of screaming was directed mainly at 1 person, for really no reason than her living her life how
Dexter06/07/16 12:46 PM
x*But wasn't the main criticism about "Lulu" enabling Sonja? And potentially using her too? And the fact that Lulu and Carole had the huge fight
colleenag06/07/16 12:54 PM
x*No, the main criticism was about Lu being a supposed whore and a slut, as Bethenny screamed it from every room in the house. Carole was just as
Dexter06/07/16 01:05 PM
x*I am re-watching and I think what really pissed Bethenny off was LuAnn trying to take some credit for Skinny Girl. Then it devolved into
colleenag06/09/16 08:15 AM
x*I think Bethenny just used that as an excuse for a reason to start bitching, afterall Bethenny herself credited Luann for helping come up with Skinny
Dexter06/09/16 08:32 AM
x*that's what I thought!!! NT
PointBeing06/09/16 04:01 PM
x*Put it on Twitter! NT
cantgetenough06/09/16 08:55 AM
x*So Bethenny can call me a whore? lol NT
Dexter06/09/16 08:57 AM
x*very interesting! I wonder why Lu didn't mention this during the argument! NT
colleenag06/09/16 08:45 AM
x*I wondered too, maybe she forgot, it was years ago NT
Dexter06/09/16 08:52 AM
x*Or maybe it got edited out?? NT
terlu06/09/16 09:12 PM
x*I wondered that too NT
Dexter06/09/16 09:47 PM
x*I had a crazy thought that maybe it was a "joke" between them that LuAnn starting using to get undeserved attention? just a guess NT
colleenag06/10/16 03:41 AM
x*Beth is there for one reason and one reason only...air time for her brand. She knows that confrontations with the cast members is what the Bravo
cantgetenough06/07/16 01:20 PM
x*It's ironic, since she and Carole both claim to empower women. NT
Dexter06/07/16 01:23 PM
x*And they are both the first to cut them down, degrade and mock them. It's disgusting. NT
cantgetenough06/07/16 01:24 PM
x*Yup! NT
Dexter06/07/16 01:28 PM
x*I really hate Carole this season. I'm wishing Aviva was back! But not her gross dad. NT
cantgetenough06/07/16 01:40 PM
x*I don't really miss ole leg thrower, I would like Jill back though. NT
Dexter06/07/16 01:41 PM
x*Oh HELL no. NT
BBAnnie06/10/16 07:41 PM
x*lol NT
colleenag06/09/16 08:01 AM
x*Noooooo! NT
Shar06/07/16 04:39 PM
x*Thumbs up! NT
Shar06/07/16 12:22 PM
x*JMHO, but I think what Bethany put up with on her first stint of the show from LuAnn is coming to a head. LuAnn was pretty condescending towards
BBAnnie06/05/16 03:54 PM
x*The Countess loves to appear superior but the last few seasons have shown who she really is. NT
Shar06/07/16 12:17 PM
x*Agree. Also, she did her best to keep Bethenny from patching up her
sneakypie06/06/16 03:50 PM
x*Yup, that is how I remember it. Can we start calling this version the Real Slutpuppies of NYC? NT
BBAnnie06/10/16 07:42 PM
x*Bethenny is so amazing, I want her amazingness off my screen. Ramona wants everyone unhappy, because her life sucks right now NT
petite606/03/16 10:57 AM
x*I already threw in the towel. I just could not stand it anymore. NT
mgbaloo06/02/16 12:32 PM
x*It takes a lot for me to give up on these shows, but I may have to as well. There are too many of Andy's insiders in the cast. It ruins it IMO. NT
cantgetenough06/02/16 12:52 PM
x*It's time to replace the entire cast or dump the franchise. The NY women are the absolute worst. Are we suppose to actually believe that women
cantgetenough06/02/16 12:12 PM
x*It's sad. RHONY used to be my favorite one of the RH franchise. NT
BernieByrne06/02/16 12:31 PM
x*I agree with all points. Bethenny is the worst. And the Beth/Lu fight continues next episode. Ugh.
BernieByrne06/02/16 11:50 AM
x*I hope the majority of the next epi doesn't take place in the Berkshires, it's draining to watch. And IA, at this point Lu doesn't owe Bethenny
Dexter06/02/16 11:54 AM
*I really need to start watching RHONY is real time. Y'all it's soooo scripted. But I am getting a kick out of RaPleaseFindAReasonToFilmMeNa NT
robbierob519 5   06/02/16 04:49 AM
x*Wow. I think I'm switching alliances again. Luann looked exactly how Bethenny said she was...eek! Anytime you're taking advice from Ramona... NT
robbierob06/02/16 06:40 AM
x*Yeah, the flashbacks help. I side with Bethany in this fight. NT
BBAnnie06/05/16 04:01 PM
x*Yes I am having this discussion with myself. And for the record, Trout Snatch??? I love Sonja! NT
robbierob06/02/16 05:20 AM
x*Poor Jules. And Luann needs to buy a clue and listen to what Jules was trying to tell her NT
robbierob06/02/16 05:02 AM
x*Ahaha. Methenny saying she hasn't gotten one word in?? she could read "war and peace" in 15 minutes! NT
robbierob06/02/16 04:55 AM
*I don't get this fight NT
CatsMommie5520 48   06/01/16 06:16 PM
x*Beth & Carol just think they are better than everyone. That's why they stay on the show, so they can act and feel superior to everyone else.
betrma06/02/16 06:47 AM
x*You hit the nail right on the head!! NT
Mazita06/04/16 12:20 PM
x*yup NT
Dexter06/02/16 11:39 AM
x*Bethenny and Carol are like a pair of middle schoolers. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:52 PM
x*I never watched this franchise until Bethenny left. Was she like this in the beginning? NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:55 PM
x*I liked her before she left. When she teamed up with Feral Carole. I'm like ok these two are like a dog with a bone. Methenny's ego is killing me NT
robbierob06/02/16 04:39 AM
x*No Carol, Bethenny is the one that started this not Lu. Ramona is floating from group to group stirring it up. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:41 PM
x*Ramona was a busy little girl, should have spent some of that time taking her pooch for a walk. NT
terlu06/01/16 09:02 PM
x*Lol, so true! NT
Shar06/03/16 08:45 AM
x*I really just cannot stand Carol. I would rather watch Aviva. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:41 PM
x*Carol Has jumped the shark. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:45 PM
x*Her twitter feed is just so negative. Time to move on Carol. Nobody else cares. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:46 PM
x*Ramona said her Dog had nervous pooping from the fighting .. no Ramona he was pooping even before that you need to train him or not bring him NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:36 PM
x*Oh Sonja we all know you have had more than that ... NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:34 PM
x*I would be losing it over the dog pooping everywhere NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:32 PM
x*I loved Dorinda talking to her dog about doing the same in Ramona's Hampton house. NT
Shar06/03/16 08:46 AM
x*Ramona is a POS. NT
PointBeing06/01/16 06:33 PM
x*Me too! NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:32 PM
x*Very Asian of you to bring games? Did Carol say that? NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:29 PM
x*Probably because Jules makes everything either about being Asian or being Jewish, NT
BBAnnie06/05/16 03:44 PM
x*She did. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:30 PM
x*What does that even mean? NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:32 PM
x*Nerdy? Dorinda's parties are lame af NT
PointBeing06/01/16 06:37 PM
x*lol. Lisa Rinna just tweeted girls it's my haircut. That's the old Rinna I liked. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:25 PM
x*Can't stand Bethanny but I love that someone gave it to Luann so hard. NT
junkydiva06/01/16 06:24 PM
x*OMG here goes Dorinda NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:23 PM
x*I swear Dorinda is always drunk .. her moods change as the wind blows .. What did LuAnn say about her mom? She made her a cake and now she is talking
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:25 PM
x*I think Luann was sort of making fun of the fact that Dorinda said this was not a birthday celebration but there was a birthday cake. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:26 PM
x*Yes, but that was still not talking about her Mom like Dorinda said ... LOL NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:27 PM
x*Not really. I think it is sweet that Dorinda's mother still makes her a cake. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:28 PM
x*Very sweet. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:45 PM
x*So do I .. Lu was making fun of Dorinda not her Mom tho or the cake .. she was making fun of Dorinda said not a Bday party with a Bday cake there NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:30 PM
x*I would have went off like she did. Lol. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:24 PM
x*but she went off not over the Beth and Lu fight but Lu saying her mom made her a cake ... she is insane NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:26 PM
x*She throws a great hissy. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:24 PM
x*Yeah Bethenny it is Dorindas fault that you ruin her parties. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:20 PM
x*Of course NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:21 PM
x*Oh, now Bethenny is uncomfortable. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:23 PM
x*LuAnn is not getting the hint the Jules does not want to hear it she wants to deal with her dad NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:18 PM
x*Lu had to have felt a little silly watching that scene tonight. NT
terlu06/01/16 09:08 PM
x*She should feel humiliated. Jules had enough on her plate with her father's illness. IMHO, not sure why she was even there and not with her dad. NT
BBAnnie06/05/16 03:48 PM
x*Because this is Jules' big break! NT
PointBeing06/07/16 03:47 PM
x*Lol. Not at all. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:21 PM
x*I don't get why Bethenny cares about what Luann does. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:17 PM
x*I have no doubt that it's because Beth is more successful in business and she equates money to happiness, she doesn't understand how/resents that Lu
Dexter06/02/16 11:46 AM
x*I think that resentment door swings both ways. NT
Shar06/03/16 08:48 AM
x*Me either .. this is all insane NT
CatsMommie06/01/16 06:19 PM
x*Here are the mean girls, led by Carol and Dorinda. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:21 PM
*Bethenny vs LuAnn. Who wins?
PointBeing613 6   06/01/16 06:00 PM
x*holy slut shaming NT
PointBeing06/01/16 06:26 PM
x*Lu in my heart. But Bethenny will win any edit. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:01 PM
x*Bingo NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:15 PM
x*Does Lu have a chance? NT
PointBeing06/01/16 06:01 PM
x*None whatsoever. It does feel like Bethenny had this all planned. NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:11 PM
x*Bethenny has no boundaries. She needs to keep that motor mouth shut once in a while. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 06:14 PM
*Cynthia and Peter separate. They have been an odd couple from day one. I never liked him.
dwig222294 1   05/31/16 07:53 PM
x*My head would have exploded day one trying to talk to him. He is so.. my way or the highway... kind of person NT
Gamecock06/01/16 02:22 PM
*Well, last night i saw the teaser for RHOC. If anybody thought that Shannon had moved beyond David's "The Affair", think again. NT
sassyflalassy2766 25   05/30/16 06:41 AM
x*I've seen rumors and blind items that lead one to believe that Shannon will not have a good season. Everyone has pretty much moved on with Vicki,
cantgetenough05/31/16 01:52 PM
x*She's cray cray. NT
sassyflalassy05/31/16 03:25 PM
x*I do not like Shannon or David ... but Shannon makes David dead inside not that I blame Shannon for David cheating but he only stayed because of RHOC
CatsMommie05/30/16 05:24 PM
x*They sold the house for $9M. A big chunk of change, but this is far less than the $16M they started at. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 05:28 PM
x*That seems low for that house ... Did they just take anything to get out from under it? Maybe they have money issues also NT
CatsMommie05/30/16 05:34 PM
x*They just kept reducing the price over the last two plus years. That's what it sold for and I suspect there are money issues. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 05:42 PM
x*It all went to Dr.Moon, Health food stores, and Crystals NT
CatsMommie05/30/16 05:51 PM
x*I would say 30% of the average American's budget goes to those three items. NT
zebe8305/31/16 11:18 AM
x*Crazy fake Drs? Really? I don't think so NT
CatsMommie05/31/16 03:21 PM
x*True, probably more like 35% in the OC. :) NT
sassyflalassy05/31/16 03:24 PM
x*Don't forget the budget for botox, fillers, and plastic surgeries. NT
Shar06/03/16 08:51 AM
x*Other than breaking off things in her rear she needs a story line. I wonder if we will see Heathers castle. NT
zebe8305/30/16 04:49 PM
x*I read that the Crystal Cove HOA revised their rules and is not allowing filming anymore. Not sure if this was after this next season filmed. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 05:29 PM
x*If that is true, that would kill Heather. Not being able to show off that monstrosity. NT
zebe8305/31/16 11:21 AM
x*Could they block someone from filming inside their house? The outside I can see, don't want a production company in sight. NT
zebe8305/31/16 11:17 AM
x*I think their issue was the huge trucks in the neighborhood. I used to live down the block from the first house Vanilla Ice remodeled for the Vanilla
sassyflalassy05/31/16 03:27 PM
x*Looking at Sassy dropping Vanillia Ices name. #bigtime. :) NT
zebe8305/31/16 06:35 PM
x*Haha, I have mentioned I used to live down the block from him many times when I want to brag. :) NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 02:45 PM
x*didn't he live in texas? I was thinking he was from my area? NT
Belle06/01/16 02:50 PM
x*He has lived in Wellington FL for at least 11 years. I moved out of neighborhood about 4 years ago but I think he is still there. He does a lot of
sassyflalassy06/01/16 02:58 PM
x*cool :) NT
Belle06/01/16 02:58 PM
x*Ice Ice Baby. NT
sassyflalassy06/01/16 03:00 PM
x*:). You are the best! NT
zebe8306/01/16 06:12 PM
x*Lord help us all! ATleast there won't be any Crooks this season NT
robbierob05/30/16 11:13 AM
x*Oh great (not) NT
L2405/30/16 10:07 AM
*Tamra being herself......
zebe831098 8   05/28/16 02:33 PM
x*She has chosen reality tv over her daughter. That's all one needs to know about Tamra. NT
cantgetenough05/31/16 01:53 PM
x*Tamra just wants to have a normal family life. With camera's, drinking, fighting...who would t want to hang out with a mom like Tamra NT
robbierob05/29/16 05:45 PM
x*Exactly! I give her daughter tons of credit for staying away from this mess, some other HW kids haven't fared so well after the exposure. NT
terlu05/29/16 07:10 PM
x*Please don't forget baptisms in hotel swimming pools complete with change of clothes and a glam squad. NT
zebe8305/29/16 06:54 PM
x*and new boobs. NT
Shar05/30/16 11:23 AM
x*Isn't that how ALL baptisms are?? Wonder what she'll gin up this season for screen time? NT
terlu05/29/16 07:12 PM
x**sigh* You guys just don't understand the OC. Tamra is just a regular gal in the OC. (not) NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 06:34 AM
x*Poor misunderstood Tamms. ;) NT
terlu05/30/16 07:28 PM
*T on the street is that Bethenny was/is really pissed at Sonja/Lu because they dared to try and hold out for more money at the start of the season.
Dexter1089 9   05/28/16 02:29 PM
x*What exactly does "T on the street" mean? NT
Gamecock05/31/16 02:33 PM
x*talk, word, gossip, tea, etc NT
Dexter05/31/16 02:57 PM
x*K thx, I thought it was some secret word that I was unaware of. NT
Gamecock05/31/16 03:02 PM
x*This sounds very plausible to me. Bethenny is a horrible person. NT
cantgetenough05/31/16 01:56 PM
x*Sorry...not buying it. The fact that it was on page 6 a few months ago, when it happened. Sonya knew B would call her out but she still did it. NT
georgia938205/29/16 03:04 PM
x*Sonja was iced out more than Lu, but this does sound plausible. NT
Shar05/29/16 07:41 AM
x*Funny how all these self proclaimed "strong women" fell in line with Methennys commands NT
robbierob05/29/16 06:08 AM
x*That sounds legit to me. I wondered why Lu was a target of Bethenny this season. NT
zebe8305/28/16 02:38 PM
x*B is pissed at Lu because Lu is always trying to take credit for Skinny Girl in social media. NT
georgia938205/29/16 03:06 PM
*I been watching the NJ reruns and I forgot how Mellisas Joe gets my loins hot an bothered NT
xrayspex1972 18   05/26/16 03:09 PM
x*I'm all about Dorinda's John, I want him to lay on top of me, dripping his sweat in my mouth while I run my fingers through his back hair. NT
Dexter05/26/16 03:59 PM
x*? this post is in the wrong place. NT
colleenag05/26/16 04:07 PM
x*im talking to x about sexy housewives men. wouldn't mind pouring some red sauce on juicy joe and bobbing for his meatballs. NT
Dexter05/26/16 04:17 PM
x*umm, whatcha calling "red sauce"? you got some roma tomatoes going on? NT
colleenag05/26/16 04:19 PM
x*LMAOffff NT
Gamecock05/26/16 04:02 PM
x*ewwwwwe lol NT
Gamecock05/26/16 03:55 PM
x*These guys are all kinds of funny! NT
sassyflalassy05/27/16 02:55 PM
x*Weirdos....I'm a Brooks kind of girl myself. NT
georgia938205/27/16 07:03 PM
x*Juicy Joe & his mumbling is my kinda man. I really like it when he stands in a field & calls me names. Then gets me thrown in prison. Fun Guy!! NT
Gamecock05/28/16 02:36 PM
x*lol, and omg. i had forgotten all about that, 'here comes my wife, the cnt' NT
Dexter05/28/16 02:40 PM
x*Him on on top, his dry skin pressing down on you, as he shouts out hallmark greeting card messages and the dates of his last doctors appointment. NT
Dexter05/28/16 11:18 AM
x*ROFL!!!!!! NT
sassyflalassy05/28/16 12:45 PM
x*Got a thing for Southern guys with faux cancer, georgia? NT
sassyflalassy05/28/16 04:57 AM
x*LOL...I thought this game was pick the most repulsive " house husband " and turn it around. NT
georgia938205/28/16 08:10 AM
x*LOL! You showed you can hang with the big kahunas, X-ray and Dexter, hahaha. NT
sassyflalassy05/28/16 09:47 AM
x*No one has mentioned Slade NT
robbierob05/29/16 05:50 PM
x*Seriously! He is the Adonis of HouseHusbandry. I hear casts from other cities are lusting after SlimySlade! NT
terlu05/29/16 07:16 PM
x*Any discussion of repulsive house husbands must include Slade Smiley. It's practically the law. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 06:35 AM
*Yolanda Foster alimony
mylives1329 8   05/25/16 09:24 PM
x*What really got me was the fact Yolanda net worth is 45 million and
mylives05/29/16 04:02 AM
x*It is a head scratcher that either of these two are discussing alimony after only four years, given their individual wealth. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 06:39 AM
x*She did sign a prenup. NT
robbierob05/26/16 05:37 PM
x*Is her money from earnings from modeling or from her previous divorce settlement? NT
Gamecock05/26/16 01:33 PM
x*Divorce settlement NT
mylives05/29/16 04:06 AM
x*I'm sure she was racking in the big bucks for child support also. NT
littlewop05/29/16 11:22 AM
x*Has she only been married twice?? Of course I had never heard of her until now that she got on The Housewives show. NT
Mazita05/26/16 01:49 PM
x*LOL he must love that being in the press. Not too good for his extra huge ego NT
L2405/26/16 03:20 AM
*I find John so gross NT
CatsMommie5907 48   05/25/16 06:38 PM
x*Amen! Dorinda deserves better. I was excited for her addition to the cast but now...meh. NT
BBAnnie05/30/16 06:52 PM
x*My theory she's been drunk for three years wait till she sobers up this guy is disgusting!!! NT
mylives05/29/16 04:14 AM
x*ROFL, mylives. NT
sassyflalassy05/30/16 06:39 AM
x*blame dorinda for why does this odorous "peter Principle" blue collar dude have more airtime than most of the housewives? NT
colleenag05/26/16 01:54 PM
x*If he takes time from Bethenny, I will live with it. NT
sassyflalassy05/28/16 12:46 PM
x*and that's saying a lot lol NT
L2405/28/16 03:07 PM
x*Wouldn't it be great if he moved in with Lu and Sonja? It'd be like Laverne and Shirley and he could be squiggy NT
robbierob05/28/16 03:05 PM
x*You have a gift for the absurd, robbie. NT
sassyflalassy05/29/16 10:31 AM
Shar05/29/16 07:44 AM
L2405/28/16 03:07 PM
x*I will admit it. I have deleted RHONY from my dvr. I just couldn't anymore. I am down to the OC and BH. If Lisa is gone I think BH will go too
mgbaloo05/26/16 01:52 PM
x*Really? Funny I thought Carole's s/l was very cute with the dog and adoption/kitten.
colleenag05/26/16 03:09 PM
x*Hate Carol and Bethenny! Reason for quit watching. Do miss Sonya,Ramona and Luanne though. NT
Matzak04/10/17 10:26 AM
x*I just sort of tired of the whole lot of them. It has been boring me to death. NT
mgbaloo05/26/16 04:28 PM
x*lol u need a jolt NT
colleenag05/26/16 04:30 PM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo05/26/16 04:32 PM
x*LVP as much as I love her cannot temp me to watch ED or LR. Tried to watch the last episode and had to cut it off when ED started to talk NT
robbierob05/26/16 03:06 PM
x*I have had my fill of those two also. NT
Shar05/27/16 01:53 PM
x*You and me both. Back to basics for us, mg. NT
sassyflalassy05/26/16 02:53 PM
x*I'm with you both NT
L2405/26/16 03:57 PM
x*Another one for the OC party. NT
mgbaloo05/26/16 04:27 PM
x*yes. I even like Vicki's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I crack up when she does it to Heather NT
L2405/26/16 06:29 PM
x*Just how much talk of door knobs and million dollars in cabinets can we take? Vicki says it all....Zzzzzzzzzzz NT
sassyflalassy05/27/16 02:56 PM
x*Now I'm anxious for it to start lol NT
L2405/27/16 05:32 PM
x*We will have fun watching the OC :) NT
mgbaloo05/26/16 02:59 PM
x*So obnoxious! NT
mylives05/25/16 09:28 PM
x*I am over Dorinda and he yelling and crying she needs to not drink also NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 07:02 PM
x*Me too. I think she's a little insecure about John, and part of her knows they are right about him. She's clearly uncomfortable with PDA, is it
L2405/26/16 03:17 AM
x*Please no more shots of Ramona eating...she has the worst eating manners. NT
pusssykatt05/25/16 06:54 PM
x*IKR?!!!!!??? NT
KatOnAHotPC05/28/16 08:21 AM
x*Do you watch Southern Charm? Have you ever seen Cam eat? Just awful. NT
Shar05/27/16 01:54 PM
x*She should go to Golden Corral with Eddie Judge. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:55 PM
x*lol NT
chirtygirl7405/25/16 07:43 PM
x*Ramona won't eat there the chairs are uncomfortable and they hide food by the dumpsters NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:56 PM
x*I went there once and was totally grossed out by the other customers. Lol NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:57 PM
x*This season is dreadful. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:45 PM
x*I think John sold the story to page 6 .. John the hero .. LOL NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:46 PM
x*I missed that part. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:52 PM
x*Yeah it was the story of him throwing Ramona out but he was a hero and people cheered .. LOL NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:58 PM
x*I do too NT
L2405/25/16 06:41 PM
x*I have no idea why she is with him .. I am with Ramona on the John needs to go bandwagon NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:45 PM
x*Sorry I'm late. I think Luanne's fiancé is handsome. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:40 PM
x*Me too. NT
Shar05/27/16 01:56 PM
x*This is bad but not sure why he is with her tho .. lol NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:46 PM
x*I think Lu is pretty. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:51 PM
x*She is but she is also like Sonja and has the whole Countess .. I find her funny but he seemed really normal NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:55 PM
x*Yeah normal may not be good in this case. Lol. NT
zebe8305/25/16 06:56 PM
x*Yes he is NT
CatsMommie05/25/16 06:44 PM
*The Real Housewives of New Jersey are Back! (Trailer)
Dexter205 0   05/24/16 10:12 AM
*The Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 11 Trailer Reveals Fights, a Newcomer and a Dune Buggy Accident: Watch!
Dexter208 0   05/23/16 04:37 PM
*Bethenny named producer for the next season of RHNY. Maybe Sonja will come out with a cartoon to produce.
dwig222903 8   05/23/16 12:02 PM
x*Its become the Bethenny show. don't they see everything she has had a hand in has been cancelled? NT
Matzak05/23/16 04:36 PM
x*Idk if I believe this only because she's an "uncredited" producer, she's exactly the type that would demand credit, even if only vanity. NT
Dexter05/23/16 03:09 PM
x*But she's also the type that would want to sneak around planning everything behind the scenes unseen. omg im conflicted!!! NT
Dexter05/23/16 03:11 PM
x*I am not particularly interested in this season of RHONY. I definitely don't think that is a step in the right direction. Andy just loves motor
sassyflalassy05/23/16 03:06 PM
x*I agree, if this turns out to be true I probably won't bother watching. NT
terlu05/23/16 05:03 PM
x*She is sort of a female version of Andy. NT
dwig22205/23/16 04:25 PM
x*I think you are on to something. NT
sassyflalassy05/23/16 04:43 PM
x*Noooooooooooooooooooo NT
Gamecock05/23/16 02:09 PM
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