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*Aviva is going to be on Monday's "Home & Family" show on Hallmark Channel, discussing her to discuss "Marriage Boot Camp" NT
pusssykatt40 0   01/09/15 08:33 AM
*Teresa Giudice 'Doing Great' In Prison, Family To Visit This Weekend
L24756 28   01/09/15 07:25 AM
x*Teresa is the Queen of Denial, so take it with a grain of salt how great everything is. NT
littlewop01/09/15 09:41 AM
x*Ha>>>> "Queen of Denial" should be the name of her next book...since she will most likely write one while there...LOL NT
Mazita01/09/15 10:02 AM
x*And I read that is what she told the younger girls...she was going away to write a book there. NT
Mazita01/09/15 10:03 AM
x*I wonder if her ghost writer is in there with her? NT
cantgetenough01/09/15 10:16 AM
colleenag01/09/15 11:24 AM
x*I hope so. Else she will need a translator for sure!! ;) NT
Mazita01/09/15 10:41 AM
x*they have email access? I'm surprised she is allowed visitors so quickly NT
Belle01/09/15 09:18 AM
x*You would think they might not allow visitors for a week or two to make sure the prisoner gets acclimated. NT
mgbaloo01/09/15 09:24 AM
x*I don't get why having visitors or not has anything to do with getting acclimated. It is in the girl's best interest for them to have as much
RealitySuperfan01/12/15 06:16 AM
x*I do not think the prison officials think about family when they set up their rules. It just seems that they would allow Tre
mgbaloo01/12/15 06:25 AM
x*I realize that. My son-in-law works in an all female prison as a social worker. These women, especially women like Tre that are in there
RealitySuperfan01/12/15 08:22 AM
x*Well you might be right although I am not sure all places are the same.It just seems she was not in too long before visitors. I do not
mgbaloo01/12/15 08:28 AM
x*Also I just read the younger girls might not visit? I am not sure. Does anyone know about the visit this past weekend? NT
mgbaloo01/12/15 08:37 AM
x*LOL one article says only Gia went because the younger ones "don't know she's in prison" and another article says they all went. Gotta love those
L2401/12/15 09:30 AM
x*lol. So much out there and so little to trust. I read somewhere that they went to a cheer leading competition instead, so funny. NT
mgbaloo01/12/15 09:32 AM
x* It is funny, once n a while they get one or two right. I wonder how long before her slug of a husband Joe gets tired of driving to CT NT
L2401/12/15 09:54 AM
x*Maybe week 3? I just do not see him continuing to do it. Someone else will probably bring up the girls. NT
mgbaloo01/12/15 09:57 AM
x*That's my guess too NT
L2401/12/15 10:08 AM
x*Oh, it's just business as usual for Theresa. Prison, ho hum. I'll be out soon. NT
sassyflalassy01/10/15 08:26 AM
x*I read she is complaining about the food, and wants to work in the kitchen to make it better NT
L2401/10/15 08:34 AM
x*Fabulicious Prison Food? Her new book? NT
sassyflalassy01/10/15 12:19 PM
x*Love this^^^^ LOL too funny! NT
Mazita01/10/15 02:17 PM
x*Lmao! NT
mgbaloo01/10/15 01:00 PM
colleenag01/10/15 12:22 PM
L2401/10/15 12:21 PM
x*Maybe she's special...just kidding! Love your Harper Lee quote! NT
pusssykatt01/09/15 09:43 AM
x*Thanks. There are many of Harper Lee's quotes I really like. :) NT
mgbaloo01/09/15 09:56 AM
x*I know they have that rule in place even in boarding schools etc so I'm shocked she is allowed to see them so soon NT
Belle01/09/15 09:42 AM
*'Real Housewives' star Kim Richards faces lawsuit after pit bull allegedly attacked family friend
L24461 10   01/08/15 03:06 PM
x*My daughter rescues and fosters pit bulls and the minute Kingsley came on screen you could tell it was trouble. Kim was not the alpha or head of
pusssykatt01/09/15 08:22 AM
x*I cant imagine that an 80 year old woman that Kim herself said provided "decades of friendshop" was lying low all these years hoping.....
zebe8301/09/15 07:21 AM
x* I hope the 80 year old get a nice big settlement! NT
colleenag01/08/15 03:22 PM
x*She will, but I worry Kingsly. Because Kim couldn't, or rather refused to handle him properly, I hope he doesn't get put down NT
L2401/08/15 04:04 PM
x*I believe he has a new home now. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:10 PM
x*Good!! She just would not listen to the trainer and look what happened. I blame all that on her, not Kingsley NT
L2401/08/15 04:11 PM
x*Kim Richards Sued; Her Dog Kingsley Has Attacked 5 People Including A Family Friend!
L2401/08/15 03:06 PM
x*LOL thanks for the link to this article my fav line >OK, Rambles – time to do the right thing. Re-home that dog! NT
Mazita01/09/15 07:49 AM
x*LOL @ Rambles NT
colleenag01/09/15 07:59 AM
x*LOL for sure perfect name for Kim! NT
Mazita01/09/15 10:06 AM
*Cryptic post from Andy inside...
colleenag1722 31   01/08/15 09:31 AM
x*Wonder if this is another false report
L2401/08/15 03:14 PM
x*Not buying this one. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:04 PM
x*When is someone gonna turn the bull up on the rag mags? NT
L2401/08/15 04:06 PM
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:30 PM
x*IMO, both Lisa and Eileen have had a positive fan reaction to being on the show. It seems a lot of us (at least here) are enjoying Lisa. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 03:47 PM
x*I really like both LisaR and Eileen. NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 04:30 PM
x*They are such a better fit then last years two additions NT
L2401/08/15 04:36 PM
x*That's what I feel too, a lot of people love Lisa R. I know I do. Loved her on Days as Billie. I bet this is one of the stories Andy
L2401/08/15 04:02 PM
x*I just read a bunch of the comments on RadarOnline and the majority of them agree with us. It's bogus and Lisa is loved as a new addition. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 04:06 PM
x*She's very down to earth, loyal and fun. I would love to see her reaction if Yolanda tries to talk $hit about Lisa V. I think Rinna will let her
L2401/08/15 04:10 PM
x*Absolutely! LisaR has an extended version of her conversation with Brandi at Brandi's housewarming party where she tells Brandi in no uncertain terms
colleenag01/08/15 04:27 PM
x*Good for Lisa R. Brandi needs to be told over and over again about her behavior. NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 04:30 PM
x*Love Rinna!! Brandi meet your match. She's not gonna take any crap from her OR Yo NT
L2401/08/15 04:28 PM
x*Lisa V keeps hinting in her blogs about relationships shifting in upcoming episodes. I'm thinking one has to do with Kyle and Brandi breaking up
cantgetenough01/08/15 04:14 PM
x*I don't think it will take either one of them long to figure out that Yo is not who she wants people to think she is. They are both smart cookies
L2401/08/15 04:18 PM
x*I love her, too. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:12 PM
x*I hated when she left Days. krista Allen did an okay job, but she wasn't the original Billie, Lisa was! NT
L2401/08/15 04:14 PM
x*Unlike what brain dead said, wonder if she paid Eileen the $100 NT
L2401/08/15 04:14 PM
x*All these "stories" have just that right hint of truth that I could see where people would believe them. I'm sure Lisa R admires Eileen and her
colleenag01/08/15 03:28 PM
x*Wish this one was true..
L2401/08/15 09:57 AM
x*Most of the rag mags print untruths, hype. Once in a while they get something right, but that doesn't happen very often lol NT
L2401/08/15 09:33 AM
x*Yeah the story about BG may not be true and is probably what Andy is referring to but I was interested in learning that Bella was drunk
colleenag01/08/15 11:07 AM
x*Now I am getting why you call her feaxlanda, at least with Brandi and Lisa V you know what you are getting. This is my first year watching so I am
Herbsmum01/08/15 11:19 AM
x*Well you'll have to join us during the show. We can get a little snarky, we have fun and some of them ask for it(cough Brandi) . I like Lisa R
L2401/08/15 11:37 AM
x*I think Yolanda says the right things but often her actions don't match her words. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:25 PM
x*Right, she wants everyone to think she is the voice of reason, the mature one in the group, but like I said, I think she has ideas. NT
L2401/08/15 04:26 PM
x*Could have been tickets, doesn't take many when you're young to get suspended. (not that i would know lol) NT
Dexter01/08/15 11:17 AM
x*There's been a lot about the New Jersey franchise as well so he could be referring to that, but I suspect it's EVERYTHING. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 11:16 AM
x*I wish he wouldn't leave us hanging like NT
colleenag01/08/15 09:33 AM
x*Tune in for Watch watch happens lmao NT
kathyG01/08/15 09:38 AM
x*I know lol NT
L2401/08/15 09:36 AM
*Teresa Giudice to Be Released Early from Prison. Full story with link
kathyG1326 36   01/08/15 08:16 AM
x*If she gets good time, she's got a year to f that up. NT
Dexter01/08/15 08:42 AM
x*Maybe the tables are bolted to the floor there so she will be okay :) NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 08:53 AM
x*LOL, she's probably got a lock in a sock ready to go. NT
Dexter01/08/15 09:08 AM
x*Is it bad of me that I sort of want to see what her life in prison is like? NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 09:41 AM
x*Nope. I was wondering too. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:09 PM
x*Me too! NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 04:11 PM
x*A big brother type of feed would be great. NT
Dexter01/08/15 09:52 AM
x*lol, we could have updates. NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 10:17 AM
x*No, and I'm pretty sure if BRAVO could film in there we would be seeing it! NT
colleenag01/08/15 09:50 AM
x*Theres an article out there now that she blames the Gorga's for coming on the show and making her look bad
L2401/08/15 09:48 AM
x*Maybe her cousin Kathy can bake her a cake NT
kathyG01/08/15 09:27 AM
x*good idea. Even if she cannot escape she could file her nails NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 09:40 AM
x*ROTF you read my mind NT
L2401/08/15 08:55 AM
x*I think that's a given. As long as she keeps her nose clean she will get reduced time NT
L2401/08/15 08:19 AM
x*I'm just glad she will do 90% of her time some do much less . NT
kathyG01/08/15 08:27 AM
x*I agree, if they give her too much leniency, she wont learn anything. NT
L2401/08/15 08:34 AM
x*I'm not sure that's ever the case. if prison was a deterrent more people would never do anything wrong for fear of going to prison
Belle01/08/15 09:01 AM
x*Just my 2 cents on the subject, I think some people, not all, find out real quick just how bad it is to deal with being on the wrong side of the law
colleenag01/08/15 09:09 AM
x*I usually agree with you, colleen. On this one, my gut says she comes out as clueless as ever. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:12 PM
x*You mean like you can't teach an old dog new tricks? ;-) NT
L2401/08/15 04:12 PM
x*Not if the dog is kind of thick and somewhat entitled. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:14 PM
L2401/08/15 04:15 PM
x*Oh I agree, but it certainly wont help her if she gets too much time off NT
L2401/08/15 09:04 AM
x*I just hate locking her up and making her dependent on tax payers to eat etc. I really do wish they'd revamp the prison system and stop locking
Belle01/08/15 09:06 AM
x*Bernie Madoff never physically hurt anybody but he caused suicides, including his own son's death. Ripping off banks hurts us all. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:28 PM
x*locking Bernie up doesn't bring back the loved ones. I just don't see how locking someone up helps anything. I think if you are a physical danger
Belle01/09/15 07:51 AM
x*Good point. A few towns over, they let a violent drug user out of prison early, prison over crowded and he shocked the town by
L2401/08/15 09:28 AM
x*how sad :( and what I find really sad is that's not a stand alone story that happens over and over again and instead of thinking how we can
Belle01/08/15 09:29 AM
x*We close libraries and job training and we build more prisons. I see a pattern here. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:18 PM
x*I know. The prison system really does nothing to rehabilitate these people. They just do their time while being more abused by (some) prison
L2401/08/15 09:31 AM
x*Unfortunately, in prison they learn to be better criminals. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:16 PM
x*Sadly they really do NT
L2401/08/15 04:23 PM
x*I work in mental health and I can often identify people who have spent time in prisons during my interview, even if they didn't disclose it. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:20 PM
x*Oh that's good hit her in the wallet . No reality Tv for life NT
kathyG01/08/15 09:16 AM
x*:) something along those lines. I think IMO we lock up way to many people instead of thinking of other things that would work effective to deter them
Belle01/08/15 09:18 AM
x*Electroshock her! NT
Dexter01/08/15 09:08 AM
*Teresa & Joe Giudice Fire Sale for New Jersey Mansion
pusssykatt212 0   01/07/15 12:26 PM
*As horrible as Brandy has acted...look at all the posts. That's what Bravo wants...not posts about how nice Lisa Rinni is or Kyle's pretty hair.
pusssykatt1074 42   01/07/15 12:17 PM
x*Brandi is making a tv show. The Fosters are making a commercial. NT
PointBeing01/08/15 04:42 PM
x*IA about Bravo probably loving all the controversy. Between Brandi and Teresa we haven't stopped watching the train wrecks for years now. Gold! NT
colleenag01/07/15 12:34 PM
x*OT are you staying warm Colleen? Between -25 and -30 tonight with the wind. Been starting my car all day to make sure the fluids don't freeze up NT
L2401/07/15 02:21 PM
x*Yes, thanks for asking. Same here, tonight up in the mountains should get to about -30 with windchill. We are staying home tomorrow because it won't
colleenag01/07/15 02:48 PM
x*Good for you!! Luckily I don't work so I don't have to go out. Schools are on a delay 1 1/2 to 2 hours because of the cold NT
L2401/07/15 04:50 PM
x*Yikes! Please take care and stay inside. That's just not right! NT
cantgetenough01/07/15 03:03 PM
x*What? No sympathy for me? I had to brave temps in low 70s on my way home from work tonight. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:13 PM
x*Sassy, crank up that air conditioning and by all means, get out of the sun! NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 04:16 PM
x*God bless you, can't. Thanks for the love. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:18 PM
x*OMG it's freezing here. I said I wasn't gonna leave the house all week but I have to go to the store tomorrow. We are supposed to have a
L2401/08/15 04:22 PM
x*I put a sweater on today so I feel your pain. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:30 PM
x*Lol!! NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 04:35 PM
colleenag01/08/15 04:35 PM
x*At 70? Oh Sassy. lol NT
L2401/08/15 04:31 PM
x*I hate the cold. You have to put on so many clothes, and coat and scarf and all that, then you can't move. I feel like
L2401/08/15 04:38 PM
x*And I never am warm enough or I have a wooly scraf wrapped around my face because how else do you protect it from the frigid temps and wind.
colleenag01/08/15 04:42 PM
x*It wouldn't be so bad if there were no wind, still, winter sucks lol NT
L2401/08/15 04:44 PM
x*Yep, the wind is a killer. NT
colleenag01/08/15 04:47 PM
x*Let's move to Beverly Hills lol NT
L2401/08/15 04:50 PM
x*LOL, believe it or not, visiting Hollywood and taking tours is on my bucket list. Is BH far from Hollywood? lol NT
colleenag01/08/15 04:58 PM
x*No it is not far. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 05:06 PM
x*Thank goodness for remote car starters NT
L2401/08/15 04:46 PM
x*Not to mention what it does to your skin. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 04:40 PM
x*Your not kidding, I can't live without bath and body works body butter NT
L2401/08/15 04:42 PM
x*I do not know how you all deal with it so cold. I am cold when it is 50 degrees here. Stay warm! NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 04:40 PM
x*I keep wondering why I stay here. I retired at 52 so I could move to a warmer place. NT
L2401/08/15 04:41 PM
x*You should move to a nice spot that stays warm all year. :) NT
mgbaloo01/08/15 04:42 PM
x*I know, my dog would love that too NT
L2401/08/15 04:43 PM
x*You really should. The ones who say you will miss the seasons are the people who don't like to fly. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 05:00 PM
x*I would not miss winter one bit. I would miss fall and it's beauty though. I used to fly back and forth every weekend for about 3 months for work,
L2401/08/15 05:04 PM
x*I have seasons where I live. It's mid 60's in the winter and mid 80's in the summer. Big difference! And, it rains like 3 times a year. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 05:02 PM
x*Ohh, that does sound delicious! NT
colleenag01/08/15 05:06 PM
x*Nice! NT
L2401/08/15 05:04 PM
x*Ha ha. WHen I am in the cold, I lose things. My daughter lives in Idaho. I worry the whole time on the plane that I will forget the coat. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:39 PM
L2401/08/15 04:41 PM
x*I am such a wimp. I won't swim if the water is below 82 degrees. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:38 PM
x*Thats why you are all depraved!Thats why I only watch Caroline Manzo show-I am all about family values and morality!! NT
xrayspex01/07/15 12:45 PM
x*I wouldn't go so far as depraved but ...idk. I did stop watching RHONJ. I may stop watching RHOBH after this season. If Brandi is going to continue
colleenag01/07/15 12:53 PM
x*I was only kidding! The trashier the show the more I like it-lol. I am all for trash-LOL NT
xrayspex01/07/15 12:55 PM
x*LOL ohhh. I think there was a kernel of truth in what you said though. They'll keep escalating the bad behavior if we keep tuning in. I can
colleenag01/07/15 01:02 PM
x*Sadly, it's true. And I'm guilty of it. I'm only tuning into Celebrity Apprentice, a show that I absolutely loathe, because of people like Brandi
cantgetenough01/07/15 12:44 PM
x*tsk tsk NT
xrayspex01/07/15 12:46 PM
*Brandi might win Celeb Apprentice. She knows how to tweet an everything! She is so magical. NT
xrayspex295 8   01/07/15 12:05 PM
x*LOL! She is such a physically beautiful woman its a shame she is so screwed up inside. Why hasn't she gotten the therapy she needs??? IF just for
colleenag01/08/15 04:25 AM
x*Makes you wonder, was she always like this and that is why Eddie left her...or did she become like this because he left her? NT
littlewop01/08/15 07:29 AM
x*People really don't change who they are at their core. They just adapt better ways to cope. This is who Brandi is. NT
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:55 PM
x*I'm gonna go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt that Eddie really hurt her with his cheating heart...
colleenag01/08/15 07:56 AM
x*Well, I don't think that was fair of Lisa to say. We do the best we can to lead out kids down the right path, when they are adults they make
L2401/08/15 08:19 AM
x*You know I fully get that being a parent myself. But it was telling how Brandi's mom was like "oh she just does that, says terrible things,
colleenag01/08/15 08:49 AM
x*I agree that Brandi's mother misses the mark by making excuses for her. I also agree that Lisa may have been a bit harsh in her blaming her
sassyflalassy01/08/15 04:59 PM
x*That's true, she should not brush it off, that helps no one. I would be so embarrassed if she were my daughter. NT
L2401/08/15 08:52 AM
*Brandi Glanville Responds To Yolanda Foster’s Dog Comparison; Says Kyle Richards Will Turn On Lisa Vanderpump
L24579 13   01/07/15 09:17 AM
x*The only reason she takes being compared to a dog by Yo as a compliment is because she is trying to replace her
L2401/07/15 10:25 AM
x*I'll bet LeAnn and her ex, Eddie sit around laughing at Brandi. NT
shesgg01/07/15 10:41 AM
x*I'm surprised they have not brought her to court to take those boys away from her NT
L2401/07/15 11:20 AM
x*I think Brandi would still be friends with Lisa and Ken if Feauxlanda hadn't come along and bought her allegiance NT
robbierob01/07/15 10:33 AM
x*I agree, Yolanda plants little seeds in Brandi's pea brain and then Brandi acts them out. Yolanda knows she has a little puppet.
agent9901/08/15 11:33 AM
x*Yo is going to jump from that sinking ship if she hasn't already. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 11:48 AM
x*Already comparing her to a bad dog so it can't be much longer. NT
colleenag01/08/15 12:16 PM
x*She's trying to get in good with Eileen and Lisa R so maybe she will dump Brandi soon. I hope she is prepared for the backlash of Brandi's mouth
L2401/08/15 12:32 PM
colleenag01/08/15 12:35 PM
x*LOL @ pea brain NT
L2401/08/15 11:47 AM
x*I doubt it. I think it's as simple as Brandi tripping over herself because she's a loser and a drunk. NT
JaneJane01/07/15 11:18 AM
x*I'm just saying I believe Feauxlanda was behind Brandi turning on Lisa. Brandi is responsible for what she does and says but I believe she is
robbierob01/08/15 07:13 AM
x*Brandi, ugh. And now she's crawling all over David instead of Ken! NT
colleenag01/08/15 07:23 AM
*Brandi is desperate to hold onto her job and if being the crazy bitch does that for her, then everything and anything is okay for her to do. Iho NT
shesgg108 2   01/07/15 09:13 AM
x*Once they become desperate, Bravo no longer has use for them. Just ask Aviva. NT
cantgetenough01/08/15 07:02 AM
x*I think you're right! She apparently has no confidence in being a mature responsible adult so resorts to her classless trash act "whatever makes
colleenag01/08/15 04:27 AM
*Just watched BH. I don't know why these girls keep inviting Brandi, it has to be because they have to because of Bravo and the show
L24152 3   01/07/15 08:59 AM
x*They have to invite her. That she shows up says how low class she is. My goodness she is such a lowlife drunk. NT
shesgg01/07/15 09:17 AM
x*She's a self fulfilling prophecy. NT
cantgetenough01/07/15 09:58 AM
x*Yeah that's what you get when you sign on the dotted line. She's disgusting NT
L2401/07/15 09:18 AM
*How a ‘Real Housewife’ Survives Prison: ‘I Don’t See [Teresa Giudice] Having a Cakewalk Here’
L24200 3   01/07/15 07:32 AM
x*Not a pretty picture. Just the whole hygiene, toilet, shower thing grosses me out. NT
agent9901/07/15 07:58 AM
x*Me too NT
L2401/07/15 08:35 AM
x*Ditto. Prison/Jail is no Club Fed. NT
colleenag01/08/15 04:31 AM
*Just finished watching WWHL...Brandi continues her bad behavior, throws a drink in Jeff's (Flipping Out) face after he jokes about catching an STD
colleenag2100 43   01/06/15 09:17 PM
x*It was all a PRANK. She posted on Twitter. She and Jeff are good friends. They planned it. NT
dwig22201/07/15 08:47 PM
x*Yes, I saw that she posted that, and it's probably true. I haven't heard anything from Jeff yet though. If it wasn't a prank perhaps he is
colleenag01/08/15 04:05 AM
x*I'm more interested in the PC family behind the bar, I wanted to see their reactions. NT
Dexter01/07/15 10:18 AM
x*Brandi may have thought it was a joke, but according to Andy's twitter.....
agent9901/07/15 08:00 AM
x*Because Andy didn't know about it. Brandi & Jeff set it up ahead of time. The reason she turned around so long was b/c she couldn't stop
debbiedu2201/07/15 09:17 AM
x*Did Jeff say it was a joke also? That it was a set up? NT
colleenag01/07/15 11:41 AM
x*Hubby told me about this this morning. He knows I'm a huge fan of Jeff. The way he worded it was they both knew about it. However, upon further
debbiedu2201/07/15 11:58 AM
x*Thanks for the update Debb. If it was a joke I think it was in poor taste. I do think that maybe Jeff and Brandi have been friendly with each other
colleenag01/07/15 12:21 PM
x*I suppose it could have been set up, but I still don't think they are friends, he didn't even know she had two books lol NT
L2401/07/15 12:30 PM
x*It does seem fake, but I can't see Jeffs OCD allowing him to get wine thrown at him. NT
Dexter01/07/15 12:01 PM
x*Remember the show 'Interior Therapy' where he & Jenni would stay at the house they were re-doing? Some of the houses were filthy, yet Jeff
debbiedu2201/07/15 12:08 PM
x*I never believed that they actually slept there, tbh. NT
Dexter01/07/15 12:11 PM
x*That very well could be the case. However, I've seen him eat in the filthy (that he tried to clean up) kitchens & even I couldn't do that. NT
debbiedu2201/07/15 12:46 PM
x*He usually makes Jenni or Andrew handle the dirty stuff NT
L2401/07/15 12:12 PM
x*He's been in meetings with his lawyers all morning. NT
cantgetenough01/07/15 11:50 AM
x*LOL I hope he at least files an assault report! NT
colleenag01/07/15 12:07 PM
x*ROTF or at the Doctor's for a shot NT
L2401/07/15 11:56 AM
x*I started laughing when she turned around in her chair. NT
Dexter01/07/15 10:17 AM
x*I thought it was awkward too. Not fun. Jeff should have thrown one at her real fast, now that would have been funny. NT
shesgg01/07/15 09:53 AM
x*I don't see Jeff tweeting about it being a joke. He hasn't tweeted since before the live show. I don't buy it. Once again, Brandi's "joke"
cantgetenough01/07/15 09:52 AM
x*I don't buy for one minute that it was a joke either, and I don't believe her and Jeff are "good friends" NT
L2401/07/15 10:05 AM
x*I've watched Jeff for so long now that it wouldn't surprise me that they are friends. I could totally see both of them setting this up before
debbiedu2201/07/15 10:37 AM
x*I love Jeff and have been watching him a long time too. I know he is a practical joker, and it may be true, but I'm not buying it.
L2401/07/15 11:17 AM
x*I would love to hear his take on it! C'mon, Jeff, dish! :) NT
debbiedu2201/07/15 11:33 AM
x*I could see him going along with the "joke" after the fact to spare Brandi any more public backlash. I think in reality, he's probably pretty
cantgetenough01/07/15 11:19 AM
x*Yes, that's why I don't believe they are what she calls good friends. Jeff is too clean lol NT
L2401/07/15 11:20 AM
x*Brandi's definition of "good friends" and Jeff's are probably vastly different. NT
cantgetenough01/07/15 10:24 AM
x*LOL yes that's for sure. She still wants to think that she is a "good friend" to Lisa and all the others she crapped on, because after all, she
L2401/07/15 10:26 AM
x*For those who didn't see it, here's the video. Funny how she can say whatever she wants to people, but she tells Jeff "You don't say that to people"
L2401/07/15 07:14 AM
x*I think its time for the "I see that you have a drinking problem" talk with Brandi that Kim had with Taylor. Brandi needs rehab not reality TV NT
robbierob01/07/15 06:11 AM
x*She tweeted (above) that she and Jeff are good friends, I highly doubt that. I can't see Jeff being friends with her. I can see him making fun of
L2401/07/15 06:38 AM
x*I'm just watching the show from last night and I agree with Lisa R that Brandi is definitely trying to get attention by shocking or attacking NT
robbierob01/07/15 06:44 AM
x*She does, but what kind of attention? She is such gutter trash. Brandi and Beverly Hills just don't match up NT
L2401/07/15 07:00 AM
x*Whatever kind keeps her on the show. I think Feauxlanda encourages many of her words and actions so Feaux doesn't have to get her hands dirty NT
robbierob01/07/15 07:32 AM
x*I agree and especially when it comes to Lisa, Feauxlanda is so jealous of Lisa. NT
L2401/07/15 07:49 AM
x*It was a joke. Brandi admitted it last night on twitter. NT
zebe8301/07/15 04:37 AM
x*Did she? Wow, Andy tweeted a couple times after the show that he couldn't sleep and confirmed it was more "awkward" than it looked on TV
colleenag01/07/15 06:45 AM
x*She always says that. I'm waiting for the day she does it to the wrong person NT
L2401/07/15 05:45 AM
x*Wish Andy had just fired her on the spot. NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 11:14 PM
x*That would of been so refreshing but he is perhaps her biggest enabler. I really like Andy but isn't it obvious by now he enjoys his "cash cow" and
colleenag01/07/15 03:48 AM
x*Trying to get sympathy a little too late. NT
georgia938201/06/15 10:51 PM
x*Yes, I really felt bad for Jeff when Brandi threw the wine in his face.....
Mozartist01/06/15 10:14 PM
x*I agree. We have been watching the destruction that her drinking is creating for a while now. As a person who has had family members deal with this,
dillybean01/07/15 03:26 AM
*How many times can Lisa V and Brandi have the same conversation in different settings. NT
georgia938243 0   01/06/15 08:26 PM
*Lea Black (Miami - loved her) just tweeted.....
zebe83312 4   01/06/15 07:07 PM
x*That's what I was thinking when Kim said "Brandi has grown because she admits her mistakes". Hello Kim she still does and says hurtful things
robbierob01/07/15 06:33 AM
x*In her foggy compromised mind, she does think that when she says she's sorry, and its not accepted, it's the other person with the issue. NT
L2401/07/15 06:41 AM
x*Yes! NT
L2401/07/15 05:46 AM
x*Spot on tweet. NT
zebe8301/06/15 07:09 PM
*Brandie"s little trash gem of this week ((( Finger Bang )))))) Had to turn the show off from second hand embarrassment. NT
kathyG98 2   01/06/15 07:04 PM
x*How old are her boys? Although she may not talk this way in front of them,and maybe she doesn't let them watch the show, at a certain age
L2401/07/15 05:57 AM
x*I think 7 and 11 year old Boy's NT
kathyG01/07/15 08:12 AM
*Anyone watching RHOBH? NT
zebe832262 97   01/06/15 06:06 PM
x*Another fun night everyone. I am off to sing 100 Grammies of David's on the Piano. Night! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 07:03 PM
x*Good night. Lol NT
zebe8301/06/15 07:08 PM
x*Babyface wants get away from Brandi fast. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:58 PM
x*If he has any brains he will forget this night ever happened and erase it off the TiVo. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:59 PM
x*They really need to drop Brandi. it is getting ridiculous. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:53 PM
x*I still want a death match between her & Tamara winner stays on the show. Loser gone forever NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:59 PM
x*Great idea. Can they both lose?? NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 07:01 PM
x*this is the best idea I've ever heard! NT
Karina8601/06/15 07:00 PM
x*she's like a caricature of herself NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:56 PM
x*good way to put. Yes. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:57 PM
x*It is just not believable that these women would hang around her. Other than Kim, of course. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:55 PM
x*It seems to be getting worse. She tries to get more and more attention by acting crazier and crazier. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:56 PM
x*Brandi how uncool. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:50 PM
x*She is drunk (again) and embarrassing everybody around her. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:50 PM
x*She is so embarrassing to herself. NT
lianna01/06/15 06:54 PM
x*She was slurring her words. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:52 PM
x*OMG did she just say finger b to David? I may die NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:54 PM
x*Yes! and did the hand gesture... unbelievable. NT
lianna01/06/15 06:55 PM
x*horrible. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:57 PM
x*she's just awful! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:52 PM
x*I couldn't even look at the tv after she said that. eeep NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:50 PM
x*So awkward NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:51 PM
x*It's all fine because Brandi said she is sorry. Am I in an alternate universe? NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:46 PM
x*In Kim's world. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:53 PM
x*Lisa V is the only smart one who is open about her disdain for Brandi. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:45 PM
x*Yes, you drink too much. You are an inappropriate idiot, Brandi. So Eileen is going to keep away from her. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:44 PM
x*The fridge is pretty amazing. I follow it on Twitter. Lol NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:39 PM
x*lol! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:42 PM
x*that's awesome! lol NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:40 PM
x*@yolandasfridge Not kidding. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:42 PM
x*Fridges last tweet "Thank God I got some airtime tonight. Nice to see my cousins the Grammies". Lol NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:45 PM
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:48 PM
x*I need to start following that! That's hilarious NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:47 PM
x*I like the Lisas together NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:39 PM
x**fridegasm* It's ok Lisa R, it's happened to all of us! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:39 PM
x*Stepping inside a fridge with shoes on is unforgivable.
PointBeing01/06/15 06:40 PM
x*Lmao! A new term NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:40 PM
x*I brought my barber along to Loo's last party. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:35 PM
x*Lmao!! Watch for flying Pinots NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:37 PM
x*:) NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:40 PM
x*I don't travel without my hairdresser. You never know when somebody will throw wine in your face. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:36 PM
x*The emergency pony tail no doubt. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:38 PM
x*Be prepared! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:37 PM
x*Lisa R called it Yolanda's house. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:33 PM
x*Babyface! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:30 PM
x*I didn't see anything approaching regret for doing such a nasty thing to Eileen. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:28 PM
x*Was Eileen in the middle of telling that story about Brandi's ex when she threw it? NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:32 PM
x*No. Brandi wanted her to re enact a Days of Our Lives scene. She even threw $40 across the table at Eileen. She is so inappropriate. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:34 PM
x*The thirst is real with that one. NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:36 PM
x*the whole thing was just bizarre. NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:36 PM
x*I feel it was scripted. NT
lianna01/06/15 06:45 PM
x*truly NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:38 PM
x*no it was later. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:33 PM
x*She is on WWHL tonight. I'm sure she will deny doing it. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:31 PM
x*She will blame it on somebody else. Brandi blames? NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:32 PM
x*nope! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:30 PM
x*Eileen is not the one who should feel embarrassed or humiliated. NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:28 PM
x*This is how a lot of women 'react' when assaulted. NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:30 PM
x*Vince is giving ridiculously bad advice. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:29 PM
x*You are so right. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:29 PM
x*what the heck? Why on earth did Brandi do that? NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:23 PM
x*See Sassy's answer below. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:26 PM
x*what is Brandi's problem. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:22 PM
x*crazy!! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:24 PM
x*That was pretty rude. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:23 PM
x*She is thoroughly outclassed on this show and does anything she can to remain relevant. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:24 PM
x**ding ding ding* we have a winner NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:28 PM
x*Kyle's daughters are pretty. Your turn. NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:17 PM
x*Clueless. Laundry is not difficult and should be known before 18 NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:24 PM
x*pretty spoiled...can't imagine not knowing how to do laundry by age 18...I think I was 10 when mom set me off on my own for that NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:18 PM
x*Not all moms are alike. It happens. NT
PointBeing01/06/15 06:31 PM
x*I had no idea that Yolanda's dinner parties always ended around the piano. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:15 PM
x*Oh yes. You, Karina, Loo, David & Yo singing 100 Bottles Of Beer on the wall. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:20 PM
x*David on piano. Grammies on top of that piano. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:23 PM
x*I'm on the piano. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:25 PM
x*Stretched across the top like Michelle Pfeiffer? NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:37 PM
x*bwahahaha! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:22 PM
x*Lol! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:21 PM
x*Yo must have 100 pairs of white jeans. Ohh the piano. Taylor stop singing please. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:15 PM
x*I am, I just saw the funniest tweet: If Brandi spoke her mind, she'd be speechless NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:11 PM
x*Ha ha ha! funny! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:13 PM
x*Lol NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:13 PM
x*Brandi, it is over with Lisa and Ken. Move on. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:10 PM
x*I was honestly puzzled what Brandi wanted Lisa to apologize for..sheesh, the Schaena stuff? That's like so 2 or 3 years ago! NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:12 PM
x*I still don't get why Lisa has to apologize for Scheana. Brandi needs to get a life. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:13 PM
x*And it wasn't like she was mad about it at first. She got angry later. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:13 PM
x*exactly! She's really reaching there NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:13 PM
x*So Brandi thinks you can back stab a friend and then they are going to come running back with their arms open. *smh* NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:12 PM
x*I cannot stand Yolanda. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:08 PM
x*I keep thinking that Yolanda must have some redeeming qualities...anyone with a fridge as amazing as hers can't be all bad NT
Karina8601/06/15 06:13 PM
x*Neither can I or Brandi. Ugh! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:09 PM
x*Both are odious. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:09 PM
x*Is that Garfield's friend the dog? NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:11 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:14 PM
x*I am here! NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:07 PM
x*I am! Hi zebe! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 06:06 PM
x*Tip of the hat to all the ladies. NT
zebe8301/06/15 06:12 PM
*Blind Item 01/06/15
pusssykatt375 10   01/06/15 04:28 PM
x*Sonja Morgan NT
L2401/06/15 05:11 PM
x*This sounds fishy..100,000 isn't that much money, certainly not enough to lose your dignity over! ick! NT
Karina8601/06/15 04:46 PM
x*$100K is the least of Sonja's problems. I think it is Brandi. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 06:02 PM
x*Well they both need money and they are both disgusting lol NT
L2401/06/15 06:19 PM
x*I think its Brandi too NT
SunnySunshine01/06/15 07:04 PM
x*She certainly has no boundaries. NT
L2401/07/15 05:50 AM
x*Unless you're someone like Brandi or Tamra or Melissa...shall I go on? NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 04:46 PM
x*Did either of those 3 have any dignity to begin with??? LOL NT
littlewop01/06/15 05:41 PM
x*I can't see Melissa doing that...? NT
colleenag01/06/15 04:52 PM
x*point taken. still, gah! NT
Karina8601/06/15 04:48 PM
*Joe Giudice First Ever Paid House Husband – REPLACING TERESA ON SHOW!
pusssykatt247 6   01/06/15 04:24 PM
x*I would not support this. Cannot stand Joe Giudice. He's a creepy waste of space. NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 04:48 PM
x*I would! It would nice to keep up with the girls and how they are adjusting! NT
RealitySuperfan01/07/15 05:56 AM
x*Wow, I wonder if they are even gonna continue the RHONJ...I would think the ratings would be too good to pass up? Will they film Joe visiting Ter? NT
colleenag01/06/15 04:29 PM
x*If they filmed all Joe's scenes w/ Rosie and the two of them wrangling those girls up & taking them to all their stuff, I would watch NT
Karina8601/06/15 04:47 PM
x*I liked Joe and Rosie together they made a great combo. I would watch to see Joe deal with the Girls LOL. Would be funny! NT
chirtygirl7401/07/15 06:24 AM
x*Milania will be in charge lol NT
L2401/07/15 06:35 AM
*Is tonight's episode the one where Brandi connects with Lisa's face? I don't want to watch if it isn't. NT
PointBeing209 7   01/06/15 03:17 PM
x*I think that comes later. This is the one where she throws a drink in Eileen's face. NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 03:31 PM
x*ok, guess i'll watch NT
PointBeing01/06/15 04:09 PM
x*What's the matter with her? She clearly did it for attention after seeing that smug look on her overly botoxed face. NT
sassyflalassy01/06/15 03:49 PM
x*That's a loaded question NT
L2401/06/15 04:14 PM
x*Everything Brandi does is for attention. I don't buy her scorned ex-wife act anymore. It works for the first year but after that grow up and move on.
cantgetenough01/06/15 04:02 PM
x*Yeah everyone is sick of hearing it. NT
L2401/06/15 04:14 PM
x*IIRC Eileen was saying something about "affairs" and Brandi connected it to her cheating ex...but I hope it's not just some mis-direction on BRAVO
colleenag01/06/15 04:02 PM
*Here's How Much Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Could Profit From Prison Sentence
xrayspex461 14   01/06/15 12:43 PM
x*I for one cannot wait to read the book... and I would be totally into the reality show too!! NT
RealitySuperfan01/06/15 01:29 PM
x*I sort of have a problem with someone profiting off their crime. But I know it happens. :( NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 12:49 PM
x*She is going to make millions when she gets out easily-15 months or probably even less time in jail an then tons of money making opps-see Gia, it
xrayspex01/06/15 12:59 PM
x*It is just crazy. NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 01:11 PM
x*Well, I for one would hope that she has learned her lesson, and that prison will change her, and give her the wake up call she needs
L2401/06/15 01:21 PM
x*I understand about the kids however, it still does not seem right to get so much money because you did something wrong. And I do not buy that she
mgbaloo01/06/15 01:24 PM
x*Yeah but she is paying for her crimes, if she makes money without being dishonest or stealing, I don't have a problem with that. She was a tv
L2401/06/15 01:34 PM
x*Oh I agree it is better. And I don't begrudge her any honest work. But it is the books about the crime I have a problem with. And I have a problem
mgbaloo01/06/15 01:41 PM
x*She's going to have to pay off that $417,000+ fine. Also, since the bankruptcy was thrown out due to fraud, they've still got those creditors
cantgetenough01/06/15 01:49 PM
x*Her lawyers will probably get the bulk -they doing happy dance right now. Creditors will get their money,if any, last. NT
xrayspex01/06/15 01:59 PM
x*That sounds fair! I think if it helps pay restitution then that is more positive. I still would not buy her books though,lol NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 01:57 PM
x*Me either. NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 03:34 PM
L2401/06/15 01:59 PM
x*I don't think she should be any different then Martha Stewart who is back out there making money. I also feel that
L2401/06/15 01:37 PM
*Anyone else watching the extremely modest an timid Kenya and the Mensa high intellect of Brandi on Celeb Apprentice? NT
xrayspex50 1   01/06/15 12:16 PM
x* NT
georgia938201/06/15 12:57 PM
*Former Inmate Opens Up About Danbury Prison Experience an what Tre will experience
xrayspex135 4   01/06/15 11:35 AM
x*Why would you not want to work in the kitchen? I would want that or library duties. NT
xrayspex01/06/15 11:38 AM
x*Wonder if they have cumin on the list of ingredientses. NT
Dexter01/06/15 11:42 AM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 12:09 PM
cantgetenough01/06/15 11:46 AM
*So reading more on the unnamed source it seems they do not even know hers daughters ages and had Milania as 9 and older than Gabriella who they said
CatsMommie278 8   01/06/15 10:44 AM
x*Tre has a great track record, she would never lie, Im giving her the benefit of the doubt. <3 Tre #BlessMyPrisoner #SheWasLockedUpSoWeCouldBeFree NT
Dexter01/06/15 10:54 AM
x*No one said SHE would never lie but she also did NOT give the info and if the kids ages etc are wrong really how close are they really then NT
CatsMommie01/06/15 10:59 AM
x**I* said she'd never lie, Saint Giudice stands for honesty <3 Her lawyer was wrong yesterday about her projected release date. Numbers are easy
Dexter01/06/15 11:09 AM
x*Thank you for the information, I have no desire to get into a,petty discussion on Tre. 'I' was discussing the source who could not even get who was
CatsMommie01/06/15 11:30 AM
x*They can't not know as it's all over the internet, not to mention kids at school hear and repeat what their parents say. The kids are not that
L2401/06/15 11:39 AM
x*Milina was probably the source, lol NT
Dexter01/06/15 11:45 AM
x*You're welcome! If viewers can get the kids ages correct, then that shows it was more than likely the source just made a simple mistake. NT
Dexter01/06/15 11:39 AM
colleenag01/06/15 10:45 AM
**wyndy runs in and turns over a table* then exits slowly back out of the room..... NT
wyndycty84 4   01/06/15 10:22 AM
x*Lmao! NT
mgbaloo01/06/15 12:11 PM
L2401/06/15 11:36 AM
x*Get back in here so I can pull out your hair extensions! NT
cantgetenough01/06/15 10:29 AM
colleenag01/06/15 10:33 AM
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