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*Actually who would wants the kids? They're a handful. Gia will end up having to corral them. Teresa's parents and Joe's mom at gong to be it.
pusssykatt200 5   10/03/14 08:16 AM
x*Joes sister and sis in law will help. His dad passed so mom will probably move in. NT
nycszq10/05/14 12:57 PM
x*Plus them kid's are used to getting what they want and when someone can't afford it that's when the problems will set in . NT
kathyG10/03/14 09:24 AM
x*IMO Milania is the only one who is a handful. Gabriella is a doll, she's always been my fav. Adrianna is young and Gia is ok imo NT
L2410/03/14 08:37 AM
x*Agree but also think Milania is like 3 kids, she is such a handful. NT
sassyflalassy10/03/14 03:31 PM
x*LOL yes she is NT
L2410/03/14 04:23 PM
*Vicki Gunvalson's ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers reveals that he's battling 'aggressive and fast-moving' stage three cancer
HumblePie166 0   10/02/14 09:43 PM
*Won't both Tre and Joe get good time also? 1 day off for every day they serve and don't get in trouble? NT
doxylover79444 11   10/02/14 03:19 PM
x*Googled it, looks like they can reduce their sentence approx 50 days per year served with 'good time' in federal prison. NT
Pea10/02/14 10:41 PM
x*not in fed do the full time. NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:12 PM
x*no parole or earlier time to get off in fed prison. at least thats what i understand. NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:03 PM
x*Federal Prison - you do the full time. NT
dwig22210/02/14 04:01 PM
x*I'm in the definite minority but I feel badly for Thersa. Don't know why but I do. NT
zebe8310/02/14 03:43 PM
x*I feel for her also. NT
SunnySunshine10/03/14 06:49 AM
x*being stupid is not a defense NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:13 PM
x*They will serve half to two-thirds of their sentence most likely. It's different than a celeb going to jail and getting released a few weeks in NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:40 PM
x*I am not sure Federal prison does that. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:20 PM
x*zebe83 I'm not sure I feel sorry for Tre but I do feel sorry for the girls, especially Gia. NT
doxylover7910/02/14 04:55 PM
x*me too. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 06:59 PM
*So who gets the kids- her brother or grandparents?? What do you think?? NT
xrayspex435 11   10/02/14 03:06 PM
x*Its staggered, word is Joe is going 2'nd so they can deport him after
Dexter10/02/14 03:13 PM
x*Ha! We missed you here! NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:23 PM
x*:) NT
Dexter10/02/14 03:24 PM
x*lol! NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 03:22 PM
x*They don't have to serve time together so one parent will always be with the kids. She goes in first and then Joe when she comes home. NT
dwig22210/02/14 03:08 PM
x*oh- but uhmmm,joe alone with the kids? yikes. NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:09 PM
x*Exactly! His mother and Teresa's parents will be doing the parenting. Joe should be on house arrest in the interim. NT
pusssykatt10/02/14 03:23 PM
x*Why not Kathy? She is younger, big house, raised decent kids..Rosie could stop by(Joe seems to get along with Rosie) NT
silverspoons10/02/14 04:53 PM
x*I wouldn't send my pet rat to be raised by Kathy! Kathy despises Teresa. She should not be in charge of raising her kids! NT
RealitySuperfan10/03/14 06:46 AM
x*they told the judge the kids would be split one could take all 4. another lie cause i know joe and melissa offered to take them. NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:19 PM
x*or maybe Dina?? She is godmother to one of them NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:07 PM
*So does this mean that Tre still can do housewives next season without Joe? When does her jail time start? Will we see Tre in house with ankle
xrayspex764 17   10/02/14 02:58 PM
x*NJ is done. Won't be a show without Tre. NT
wadduptchain10/02/14 09:52 PM
x*Her jail time starts Jan 5 2015. NT
silverspoons10/02/14 04:53 PM
x*I would be surprised if there'll be a RHONJ next year.
agent9910/02/14 03:50 PM
x*I'm so sick of hearing her act like a victim this season on the show, maybe she thought it would keep her out of jail. Judge was lenient! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:06 PM
x*If can't do the time don't do the crime. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:19 PM
x*yes!!! NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:21 PM
x*If you read through the crimes, she was actively involved. NT
pusssykatt10/03/14 08:01 AM
x*The episode where she was looking for a new house was especially telling. NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:08 PM
x*Absolutely, acting like they were going to live in a cardboard box by the side of the highway. Ugh NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:09 PM
x*I'm almost started feeling bad for her this season, then she showed her true colors while house hunting. Greedy pig. NT
Dexter10/02/14 03:17 PM
x*and shes saying her jewelry is all costume jewelry! lol NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:24 PM
x*Exactly! I really felt suckered by her after that ep. She put on such a good remorseful facade but then showed the greed still inherent in her NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:37 PM
x*She poked her nose up at a 7000 sq ft million dollar home. NT
sassyflalassy10/03/14 03:32 PM
x*She was ridiculous.... They need 3 bedrooms. Double up the girls and make them share a bathroon...*gasp!* NT
nycszq10/05/14 01:01 PM
x*I only watched the first few episodes and she did seem more muted so I did not dislike her as much. I stopped watching so I missed that episode. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:23 PM
x*I stopped after the 2nd episode of this season as well. I do believe that her family and kids are more important to her than the tv show. If she
cantgetenough10/02/14 03:28 PM
x*She is going to "write" a book about it no doubt which she will get a hefty advance of money by the publisher. NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:30 PM
*Bravo won’t comment on sentencing, but Joe & Teresa Giudice will talk with @andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens” Monday at 9 p.m NT
CatsMommie553 25   10/02/14 02:55 PM
x*Andy Cohen is such a tool! I wish they would go on there live and call him out for the ratings whore that he is! NT
RealitySuperfan10/03/14 06:48 AM
x*They need to be kissing his feet that she was making 6 figures the past few years and she gets to promote her stuff. NT
nycszq10/05/14 01:03 PM
x*Where else would a mother of four into material things make that kind of money? The Tamras and Theresas are not going to be brain surgeons. NT
sassyflalassy10/05/14 01:11 PM
x*Lol! Could you imagine?? NT
mgbaloo10/05/14 01:17 PM
x*Patient - "Im not sure it's my appendix"
Dexter10/05/14 01:20 PM
x*ROFL!!!!! NT
sassyflalassy10/05/14 03:16 PM
x*Lmao! If I saw her face before they put me under it would be like being in a horror show. NT
mgbaloo10/05/14 01:21 PM
Dexter10/05/14 01:23 PM
L2410/05/14 01:27 PM
x*Ha ha ha! NT
mgbaloo10/05/14 01:24 PM
x*Imagine this face for your surgeon..
mgbaloo10/05/14 01:26 PM
x*LOL, I'd rather let death take me. NT
Dexter10/05/14 01:29 PM
x*Teresa's arm wasn't twisted to go on the show. She's the villain, not Andy. He didn't make them break the law. NT
pusssykatt10/03/14 08:03 AM
x*I agree. Andy is just doing his job and any other network would do the same. NT
cantgetenough10/03/14 10:06 AM
x*Exactly- nobody forces any of these woman to go on this show and expose themselves an whole family NT
xrayspex10/03/14 08:53 AM
x*Andy Cohen will do anything for ratings. Count me out. NT
zebe8310/02/14 03:42 PM
x*That's for sure NT
L2410/02/14 03:48 PM
x*A show that will break all of Andys ratings- inside he is jumping for joy :) NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:10 PM
x*I thought she said she doesn't care about television shows to the judge?? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:07 PM
x*Does she get paid for WWHL? NT
silverspoons10/02/14 04:55 PM
x*I dont think so. I think people go on there for just the exposure. Example- when someone like ladygaga who gets
xrayspex10/03/14 09:06 AM
x*She said her kids mean more than the show which are you saying is not true? I am sure they now want to tell there story and Andy asked NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 03:10 PM
x*She wasn't thinking of the consequences of having to leave her kids when she was living the high life NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/02/14 03:11 PM
x*I think that is an important point. She feels sorry now but you should have not done it in the first place. It is easy to act sorry now. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:22 PM
x*Teresa Giudice must surrender by Jan. 5 NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 02:56 PM
*What does Kim D think of all this? Why oh why has she disappeared?? NT
xrayspex25 0   10/02/14 02:55 PM
*TMZ video of the Guidice's leaving court
L24171 4   10/02/14 02:54 PM
x*I'm sorry but lol @ "Teresa have you been watching Orange is the new Black? It has a lot of good lessons..." NT
Dexter10/02/14 03:08 PM
x*You mean Orange is the New "Jersey" Black. NT
GazingEyes10/02/14 04:44 PM
x*The TMZ guy yelling out comments is an idiot and that is also why so many stars end up hitting these idiots and then they sue NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 03:00 PM
x*I think that's a requirement for working at TMZ NT
L2410/02/14 03:03 PM
*Not the first female celebrity to go to jail and won't be the last.
agent99119 3   10/02/14 02:39 PM
x*Exactly there are much worse who walk away and do not even get the slap on the wrist but Joe and Tre bring fame and let others get on a high horse NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 02:54 PM
x*Read the reminder below. They are criminals. NT
pusssykatt10/02/14 03:21 PM
x*Criminals fall into categories as far as I am concerned and murderers and those who viciously attack others are to be the ones condemned far more
Brn2Wander10/03/14 02:22 PM
*A reminder of why they're going to jail.
pusssykatt290 7   10/02/14 02:37 PM
x*In the end I only really feel sorry for the kids. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 03:20 PM
x*They got off easy .. Me or you would be in jail right now and for a very long time NT
kathyG10/02/14 02:43 PM
x*When you read all they did it amazes me that not one of those loan companies checked them out BEFORE giving them the money! NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:18 PM
x*I think it was when people were re-financing their homes for double what they were worth.
pusssykatt10/03/14 08:08 AM
x*Yes- those wads of cash she an joe would have in their pocket that they bought things with an showed everyone on camera like idiots came from all
xrayspex10/03/14 08:52 AM
x*This is what I'm wondering. Was there a loan officer in on their scam? NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 03:25 PM
x*Yup- crazy how they just handed them loan after loan with falsified info- WTF?? NT
xrayspex10/02/14 03:27 PM
*Will Tree miss filming for next season ? NT
kathyG113 6   10/02/14 02:15 PM
x*Producers could start filming the season now ... she'd only miss a year and 3 months, but then there is the sticky issue of 2 years supervised. NT
JaneJane10/02/14 02:20 PM
x*Does Joe work what will they do for income ? NT
kathyG10/02/14 02:22 PM
x*Hopefully honest work. He does know how to make pizzas ... NT
JaneJane10/02/14 02:28 PM
x*I don't think Teresa will have a problem with earning the money. She can "write" a couple more books and make appearances (once she's able to)
cantgetenough10/02/14 02:31 PM
x*He will make out good in the prison kitchen . NT
kathyG10/02/14 02:30 PM
x*LOL you made me think of "Goodfellas" NT
L2410/02/14 02:32 PM
*'Real Housewives' star Teresa Giudice will serve 15 months in prison, followed by two years supervised probation and $414,588 in restitution.
JaneJane98 0   10/02/14 02:11 PM
*Marlo Hampton Thinks RHOA Cast Could Contract Ebola
pusssykatt68 0   10/02/14 02:01 PM
*I hear in Fed person they have to do the whole time NT
kathyG95 5   10/02/14 01:52 PM
x*Martha got 2 years and did 4 months then went home on house arrest .. same with the one who got 6 years for taxes ,, rapper with 6 kids NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:54 PM
x*No. Martha was sentenced to 5 months prison and 2 years supervised that included 5 months electronic monitoring. She served the entire sentence. NT
JaneJane10/02/14 02:04 PM
x*They are doing the full time just not in the jail the rest is on house arrest so still treated like in jail with thing on leg NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:55 PM
x*I think Lil Kim got time also and then sent home after maybe 3 months .. overcrowding and they were all Fed NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:57 PM
x*But at least the kids will have one of their parents NT
L2410/02/14 01:56 PM
*Kim G up there having a party on twitter .. what a joke NT
CatsMommie363 15   10/02/14 01:52 PM
x*I may be in the minority here, but I keep thinking about the kids. Milania may be ok (lol) but Gia is old enough to know whats going on
L2410/02/14 02:16 PM
x*The kids will be fine. They aren't the first kids to have parents who end up in the slammer, nor will they be the last. They have plenty
cantgetenough10/02/14 02:20 PM
x*I think its kind of been proven that NO kids whose parents end up in jail are fine. I wish Non Violent crimes with Poor parents had the same chance
CatsMommie10/02/14 03:15 PM
x*By "fine" I mean that they will survive and have a chance to grow up and become productive citizens. Where is it "proven" that NO kid ends up fine
cantgetenough10/02/14 03:25 PM
x*I understand they are not the only ones, it doesn't make it any easier for them. I wouldn't wish that on any child NT
L2410/02/14 02:21 PM
x*OMG, neither would I! But, it is what it is. The law is the same for everyone. Having a child doesn't make you exempt from punishment if you
cantgetenough10/02/14 02:24 PM
x*I didn't say they should be exempt because they have children. My heart just goes out to the kids that's all, plain and simple. The parents are
L2410/02/14 02:27 PM
x*I think it's sad that some people don't think of their kids in the decisions they make. Kids all too often pay for the things their parents do NT
L2410/02/14 02:31 PM
x*I completely agree and I DO feel for those girls. They are victims of their parents' crimes. None of this is their fault. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 02:38 PM
x*Right. They are going to pay for their parents stupidity and arrogance. I guess some people think they will never get caught, and people on TV or
L2410/02/14 02:42 PM
x*RHONJ Fans SLAM Kim Granatell For Celebrating On Twitter About Teresa Giudice Pleading Guilty!
L2410/02/14 02:05 PM
x*Says more about Kim G than anything else. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:55 PM
x*yep NT
L2410/02/14 01:55 PM
x*She IS a joke. NT
L2410/02/14 01:54 PM
x*She is crazy. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:53 PM
*15 months. NT
wadduptchain26 0   10/02/14 01:44 PM
*15 Months for Tre NT
CatsMommie149 13   10/02/14 01:44 PM
x*When does she report? Hopefully she will get to skype Andy during the reunion *fingers crossed" NT
Dexter10/02/14 02:09 PM
x*The reunion is being filmed this coming Sunday. NT
Semi10/02/14 03:10 PM
x*About what I expected. They really could not let it seem like she gets away with it because she is on TV. Joe got 41. Makes sense NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:46 PM
x*'bout what I expected as well. Wow. I can't even begin to imagine what that must feel like. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:48 PM
x*I would be scared. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:49 PM
x*She will prob serve 4 and then be let out like others have and sent home on house arrest NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:47 PM
x*Didn't I see somewhere that you have to serve at least 85% of a federal sentence? What would 85% of 15 months be? NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:51 PM
x*12.75 months or 12 months and about 22.5 days if it is a 30 day month. :) NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:56 PM
x*House arrest like that did with Martha and the rap star .. you are still serving your time just at home NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:51 PM
x*Aw, got it. I'm okay with that. 4 months in prison will still be rough. Although, the other inmates will probably worship her. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:52 PM
x*She will prob not be in Gen Pop and be in the wing with special cases ... altho thats not a picnic either I mean Jail ... NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:59 PM
x*Thats why the Judge wants hers done first then Joe will go because she will be in much less time than he will NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:48 PM
x*Yes, that seems about right. I could not see her not get any jail time but I could see some of it commuted to house arrest. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:49 PM
*Statement to the court
CatsMommie130 2   10/02/14 01:37 PM
x*such bs NT
bbluvrinva10/02/14 07:11 PM
x*1:15 PM PT -- The prosecutor has requested a 21-month sentence for Teresa. The judge has taken a short recess and they will be back shortly (TMZ). NT
debbiedu2210/02/14 01:44 PM
*Priorities In Order? Teresa Giudice Had Hairstylist & Makeup Artist On Hand Ahead Of Sentencing – ‘She Didn’t Want To Take Bad Mug Shot’
pusssykatt425 22   10/02/14 12:59 PM
x*if she went in looking terrible, she would get trashed for that as well. NT
L2410/02/14 01:41 PM
x*Unfortunately with fame comes judging. But then again she chose to be public. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:42 PM
x*15 months for teresa NT
BB201110/02/14 01:46 PM
x*Yes, that's why when I was asked to be on a RH show, I turned it down ROTF NT
L2410/02/14 01:46 PM
x*lol! :) NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:48 PM
x*I see nothing wrong her. Whoever does Teresa's hair and makeup may very well have offered to donate their services to her. I would want to look my
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:14 PM
x*I think it speaks to how out of touch she is and oblivious to what the outside world sees. Like doing a segment on the
Marley10/02/14 01:33 PM
x*That's so funny! lol NT
JaneJane10/02/14 01:45 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:39 PM
x*Yep. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:31 PM
x*I agree NT
L2410/02/14 01:30 PM
x*I agree. Sentencing day is just as important as mug shot day and photos taken today will be around for a long, long time. ;) NT
JaneJane10/02/14 01:26 PM
x*Sometimes you have no control over mug shot day so we should all be sure to look our best when we leave the house each day! NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:33 PM
x*Also, as my Mom always taught me, wear clean underwear with no holes in case you get in an accident. NT
Marley10/02/14 01:39 PM
x*Yes! This too! And, shave your legs, even if you think no one is going to notice. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:44 PM
x*shave your legs? even in winter? NT
Belle10/02/14 01:46 PM
x*I'm not saying I do it, but I should! I have nightmares sometimes that my furry legs get exposed. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 01:49 PM
L2410/02/14 01:51 PM
x*you never know. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:47 PM
x*and like Bill Cosby said, if you get in an accident, your probably going to dirty your undies anyway NT
L2410/02/14 01:40 PM
x*lol NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:41 PM
x*LMAO!!! NT
Marley10/02/14 01:37 PM
*Just curious, why is Jay Mohr's twitter feed on the real housewives discussion page? NT
Pea60 3   10/02/14 12:47 PM
x*He used to blog on Bravo about the shows NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 12:53 PM
x*That's interesting, thanks! NT
Pea10/02/14 12:58 PM
x*He's also a big HW fan NT
L2410/02/14 01:29 PM
*Judge turned down a request for "downward departure,"
CatsMommie229 10   10/02/14 12:34 PM
x*Teresa Giuduce tells judge 'I will make this right.' Judge about to deliver sentence. NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:24 PM
x*'My four daughters are my life. I don't care about the TV show.' Teresa Giudice to judge. NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:23 PM
x*I think she might really be sorry now but it is a bit too late. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:40 PM
x* Of course she wanted on the show, but I'm sure her kids are more important to her then the show ever could be. NT
L2410/02/14 01:32 PM
x*Did she really? OMG, what a liar! Btw, who is publishing (sourcing) the blow by blow? NT
JaneJane10/02/14 01:29 PM
x*Lol at her prending she was never a fame ho. NT
Dexter10/02/14 01:25 PM
x*Teresa Giudice breaks down in tears addressing judge: 'I am more sorry than anyone will ever know NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 01:11 PM
x*Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan W. Romankow is arguing that Teresa Guidice doesn't deserve any leniency NT
CatsMommie10/02/14 12:58 PM
x*I wonder what the judge will finally decide. I am curious what the defense attorney might be proposing. NT
mgbaloo10/02/14 01:07 PM
x*Amen! NT
pusssykatt10/02/14 01:01 PM
*Joe Giudice’s Attorney Begs Judge To Send Him To Rehab For ‘Alcohol Problem’ — ‘He Smells Like Alcohol’
pusssykatt176 2   10/02/14 11:52 AM
x*How about Joe go to rehab right NOW, and he'll be all clean and ready to go when he goes to prison. NT
Marley10/02/14 06:39 PM
x*Why didn't he ask for rehab after the DUI's? Also the lawyer says his client shows up smelling like booze? I hope Joe didn't drive to the office NT
silverspoons10/02/14 05:05 PM
*‘The Truth Will Come Out!’ Phaedra Parks ‘Dirty Laundry,’ Cheating Claims, To Be Exposed On ‘RHOA’
pusssykatt78 0   10/02/14 11:32 AM
*Vicki Gunvalson’s Ex Brooks Ayers Admits: I Have ‘Aggressive & Fast-Moving’ Stage 3 Cancer
pusssykatt135 1   10/02/14 11:29 AM
x*Ugh. More cancer news. NT
cantgetenough10/02/14 11:34 AM
*Excuses, Excuses! Giudices’ Lawyer Blames Bravo, Death Of Joe’s Dad For Couple’s Issues
pusssykatt73 0   10/02/14 11:28 AM
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